Pedophile Working as the Engineer of Bill Gates Initially Reported by Google

Posted in Bill Gates, Google, Microsoft at 1:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The NCMEC Report

NCMEC Report

Summary: Mr. Jones, who also had a Microsoft account (MSN), was initially reported by Google — not Microsoft — as future parts will show in more detail

IT IS important for us to explain to readers, even if at the expense of an offender’s privacy, what happened years prior to the Epstein-Gates scandals. Microsoft already had an appalling reputation when it comes to mishandling pedophilia (there’s lots of information about that around the Web), as people often told us — people associated with groups that combat crimes against children. As recently as two years years ago Bing was accused of disseminating child pornography and even nudging searchers in that direction. There’s also the issue of lack of oversight (e.g. people soliciting sex with children in online chats controlled by Microsoft).

Some key parts from the first installment from Seattle’s Police Department:

NCMEC: MSN address

Formality (facsimile):


Incident report:

2013 NCMEC

Google’s role:


We’re still deciding, patiently, what can be released and when. Determining the nature of public disclosure is important as we don’t wish to compromise the release of future installments from Seattle’s Police Department.

Teaser: Coup Against Richard Stallman Was Followed by Enhanced Outsourcing of GNU Projects to Microsoft

Posted in GNU/Linux, Microsoft at 12:38 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

This was a year and a half earlier:

Matt Lee on Gitlab

Summary: Projects that are part of the GNU Project are being outsourced to the very company that’s viciously attacking the GPL (copyleft), both directly and indirectly; the extent of this problem is being studied

Techrights is preparing a report about who diverted GNU projects’ traffic to Microsoft (and roughly when it began). As one person noted (the tip which got this research rolling): “If you want to know why https://gnu.org/software/flex/flex.html redirects directly to GitHub, it’s courtesy of our good friend Mr. Matt “Call it Linux” Lee (who lost his temper and abruptly blocked me for merely defending Stallman):

www/software/flex flex.html

From: Matt Lee
Subject: www/software/flex flex.html
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2019 11:30:29 -0500 (EST)

CVSROOT: /web/www
Module name: www
Changes by: Matt Lee <mattl> 19/12/03 11:30:29

Modified files:
software/flex : flex.html

Log message:
Not a GNU-project, and not subject to GNU Kind Communications
Guidelines. Redirecting the webpages to the Wikipedia article which links to
the relevant websites, source, etc plus explains the situation.



Index: flex.html
RCS file: /web/www/www/software/flex/flex.html,v
retrieving revision 1.10
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -u -b -r1.10 -r1.11
— flex.html 20 Jun 2017 19:38:43 -0000 1.10
+++ flex.html 3 Dec 2019 16:30:28 -0000 1.11
@@ -1,24 +1,6 @@


-Flex (The Fast Lexical Analyzer)
-Flex is a fast lexical analyser generator. It is a tool for generating
-programs that perform pattern-matching on text. Flex is a free (but
-non-GNU) implementation of the original Unix lex program.
-The project repository is now hosted at github: <a
-Releases can be found at <a


Stay tuned as a report on this (and more projects) is on the way. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Research is ongoing.

European Patents on Life (GMO) That Only Enrich Lawyers, Facilitating the War on Genetics and Generics (Access to Medicines)

Posted in Europe, Patents at 12:21 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

“The Murphy patents sought to cover genetically modified mice containing chimeric human-mouse antibody genes and the human antibodies made using such mice.”

Mouse left right: I'm just going to grant this patent. Hmmm... OK. Maybe not a great decision.

Summary: Last week’s lesson, as noted in [1] (below) and already mentioned last week in our short post about the Supreme Court’s outcome, may show that EPO-granted patents lead to frivolous patent lawsuits, not innovation

  1. Kymab wins UK court case against Regeneron’s patent claims

    Kymab has announced that the Supreme Court of the UK has held that all of the claims of two patents owned by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals that were asserted against Kymab are invalid. The patents in question are EP(UK) 1 360 287 and EP(UK) 2 264 163, otherwise known as the ‘Murphy patents’.

    The Murphy patents sought to cover genetically modified mice containing chimeric human-mouse antibody genes and the human antibodies made using such mice. The European Patent Office (EPO) had previously upheld them but had not considered evidence that was available to the UK courts.

    The UK court’s decision upholds the February 2016 decision of the High Court trial judge, Mr Justice Henry Carr to revoke the claims and reverses the Appeal Court’s determination that they were valid.

    A five-member panel of the Supreme Court heard arguments on the 11 and 12 of February 2020. It was held that the relevant claims of the Murphy patents were invalid for insufficiency because they did not enable the ordinary skilled person to work the claimed invention across the breadth of the claims, in line with established jurisprudence of the UK courts and EPO. The Supreme Court noted that Kymab’s ability to create transgenic mice with the entire human antibody variable region depended upon Kymab’s own inventions made separately after the priority date of the Murphy patents.

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