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SUEPO Will Challenge Retribution Against Staff That Went on Strike to Protest Illegalities at the EPO

Posted in Europe, Patents at 8:50 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: António Campinos continues scoring own goals by proving that he’s just another Benoît Battistelli; even industrial actions are treated no better than they’re treated somewhere like China

THE utterly corrupt EPO management, which is infested with friends of Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos (not managers who are actually qualified for their jobs), is resorting to what it knows best. It’s seeking to retaliate and punish people whom it perceives to be “enemies” because they expose the real abuses or try to make it more widely known. Madame Bergot became notorious for such tactics, compensating for her insecurities (unfit for the job) by becoming a vicious and merciless bully.

“Those people want the stakeholders to blindly accept or believe that Battistelli is long gone and the issues are mostly resolved. That’s a lie.”“On 15 December 2020,” SUEPO explains, “1448 staff members participated in the strike called by SUEPO. The January salary slips now reflect the deductions at the amount of 1/20th for half a day or a full day of strike.”

Just like Battistelli/Bergot. All over again…

Nothing has changed!

“Many colleagues (as well as SUEPO) are of the opinion that a deduction of 1/20th is unjustified,” SUEPO continues. “In the past they have challenged such a deduction and are most likely contemplating challenging it anew. The matter is now in front of the Tribunal.”

SUEPO on unrestSo the crooked management is now looking to discourage and disparage those who are fed up. It’s making “lists” of people…

Welcome to McCarthyism, imported by Europe.

“In an open letter to Mr Campinos,” they then note, “SUEPO has requested a confirmation by 23 February 2021 that the outcome of the judgment will apply to all staff who went on strike since the new strike regulations were put in place, namely since 1 July 2013. In the absence of such a confirmation, we will provide you with instructions on how to secure your rights.”

Those people want the stakeholders to blindly accept or believe that Battistelli is long gone and the issues are mostly resolved. That’s a lie. The situation is almost indistinguishable and the latest survey shows that things have gotten yet worse.

The above video discusses the following letter, which we saw this morning (we have sources and we tend to see most things in circulation).

su21002cl – 0.3.1 – 0.3.2


To: President president@epo.org
Mr António Campinos, President of the EPO
ISAR–Room 1081

Extending benefit of challenge of deduction of 1/20th for half days or days of strike to all staff

Dear Mr Campinos,

On 15 December 2020, staff members participated in a strike called by SUEPO.

The monthly salary of those colleagues who participated in said strike action was reduced by 1/20th for the half day or full day of strike. Many of the affected colleagues (as well as SUEPO) are of the opinion that a deduction of 1/20th is unjustified. In the past they have challenged such a deduction and are most likely contemplating challenging it anew.

As you announced in the Communiqué of 3 September 2019, the Appeals Committee already gave a majority opinion in favour of deductions of 1/20th but also gave a solid minority opinion against them. The matter is now in front of the Tribunal1.

In order to limit the burden for the administration, the Appeals Committee and the Tribunal, SUEPO requests that, as some of your predecessors used to do, confirm, e.g. with a publication in the intranet, that the outcome of the judgment will apply to all staff who went on strike since the new strike regulations were put in place, namely since 1 July 2013.

We kindly ask your confirmation to be received or published until 23 February 2021 latest.

In the absence of such a confirmation, to secure their rights, many staff members affected would be forced to file their individual request for review, possibly followed by individual internal appeals and ILOAT complaints or applications to intervene.

SUEPO would much prefer avoiding such a scenario.

We trust you agree, and look forward to a positive answer to our request.

Yours sincerely,

Joachim Michels, Chairman of SUEPO Central
Cc: Ms Nellie Simon, VP4

1 “Internal appeals against strike regulations” CSC paper of 13 September 2019 (sc19121cp)

Well done, Mr. Michels (et al). The union of the EPO’s staff is doing a very fine job and those people deserve strong support from those who still believe that Europe stands for justice.

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