Gemini Milestones and Growth

Posted in Site News at 5:46 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: People used to mock or describe gemini:// as another case of pure hype that’s going nowhere and some insiders of ours dismissed it as irrelevant; what we’re seeing so far this year, however, suggests otherwise

Earlier this year we set up our own Gemini capsule, creating an extensive set of tools that are Free software (AGPLv3, to be published later this year) in our self-hosted Git server. The investment (time and effort) paid off and exceeded our expectations. Within a couple of months we’ve grown from 0 to 100,000 (page requests) and the capsule is very easy to manage/maintain. It’s also self-hosted and runs on 5 volts.

Please bear in mind, when (or if) watching the video above, that I got very distracted while recording this, first due to a network disconnection (our messed up home hub/router) and then drilling in a nearly home, which became more audible even in the video (in spite of noise cancellation thresholds). I never redo videos, so a distracted self is better than nothing.

Anyway, as for the video itself, it shows the mailing list, whose archive is lightly moderated to improve the s/n ratio (there were trolls, posers, disruptors and time wasters there before). It explains that Gemini space (Internet over Gemini protocol) enjoys rapid growth in terms of the number of software tools, number of lurkers in the list, number of developers, number of page requests, number of capsules (more than 1,000 known ones) and so on. The software known as “Lupa” is configured to limit itself to 10,000 pages (at most, strictly) per capsule, but one could run it for oneself with other configurations/thresholds because it is Free/libre software. At the moment is knows about roughly 300,000 pages in a growing number of languages.

In terms of our traffic, we’ve recorded 8,406 total requests so far today and 1,024 known hosts (number of unique users) in the Techrights capsule, which is probably the largest capsule on the Internet. Breakdown by date (all this data will be deleted in 3 days, as usual):

   4310 2021-04-01
   1041 2021-04-02
   1053 2021-04-03
   1237 2021-04-04
   6358 2021-04-05
   1063 2021-04-06
   1237 2021-04-07
   1213 2021-04-08
   1249 2021-04-09
   1177 2021-04-10
   8505 2021-04-11
   5080 2021-04-12
   1307 2021-04-13
   1153 2021-04-14
   1574 2021-04-15
   1501 2021-04-16
   1931 2021-04-17
   3075 2021-04-18
   1971 2021-04-19
   3840 2021-04-20
   2437 2021-04-21
  17608 2021-04-22
  12623 2021-04-23
   2102 2021-04-24
   1315 2021-04-25
   3221 2021-04-26
   8406 2021-04-27

Total: 97,587 pages.

People used to mock Gemini and even said it was just a “love letter” to Gopher. But it’s a lot better than Gopher and there are many geeks who now participate in advancing it. Some even abandon the Web in favour of Gemini!

University of Minnesota Has Destroyed Itself (or Its Reputation) by Trying to Destroy Linux and the Credibility of Linux

Posted in Deception, FUD, GNU/Linux at 4:34 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: The blunder that has become a cautionary tale serves to show that 1) Free software projects do catch bugs (there is some assessment of the impact of commits; multiple parties or companies can spot and report vandalism) and 2) there are severe consequences for vandals, even collective punishment in the case of the Linux Foundation (so much for “inclusiveness”)

THE FUD campaign against Free software was supposed to badmouth the development process by taking on the Linux kernel, perhaps the best known project (or most publicised at least). Not many people have heard of the University of Minnesota before; it’s not exactly known for anything in particular, especially in the area of Computer Science. You’d struggle to name any major accomplishment in computing originating from the University of Minnesota. We’ve captured every article we could lay our hands on, in almost chronological order (and it’s still updating, there’s ongoing progress and things unfold further).

“Let it become a cautionary tale.”So now, a few weeks down the line, fame at last for the University of Minnesota! Fame or infamy? Probably the latter.

The University of Minnesota should have issued an apology, not the concern trolls who actively sabotaged the kernel and wasted a lot of time in the process. The University of Minnesota seems to be incapable of handling this situation. Anything it says at this stage only keeps it in the headlines for another day or even another week. Sooner or later its postgraduate programme will become synonymous with saboteurs, even if thinly disguised as “research” (as if it’s a catch-all excuse, even when you interject defects into billions of computers, some of which responsible for critical services).

Liberate by TrumpThe video above discusses the chronology of things and the ramifications. The lessons to be learned from this blunder of the University of Minnesota is that a university needs ethics committees to assess the viability and impact of so-called ‘research’, especially when so-called researchers are de facto vandals.

What are people’s thoughts on this? Well, so far we’ve seen not a single person defending what the University of Minnesota did. In fact, any publicity the students got (like people accessing their papers) — assuming there’s benefit to any sort of attention — is massively outweight by the collective harm done to the reputation of the University of Minnesota. Let it become a cautionary tale. When the patches aren’t just binaries but are visible in the form of code (visible to many parties) bugs become shallower. And moreover you see who’s responsible for them.

It's just a bug! And bugs on the rise

Video errata: While checking the output (one take, no scripting) I noticed a glaring error; for some strange reason, maybe a Freudian slip, I said that the annual salary of Greg K-H is a hundred thousand dollars per year. I meant to say something completely different and it’s important to correct this (even if the slip of the tongue was purely accidental). The IRS filing for 2018, back when he was relatively new in this employer, suggests almost $400,000 a year inclusive of everything (latest available filing says it has increased since):

Greg K-H's salary

IRC Proceedings: Monday, April 26, 2021

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:12 am by Needs Sunlight

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