Links 05/05/2022: Messenger-GTK 0.7.0, FreeBSD Has Sixth RC, and Fedora GNU/Linux 36 Final is GO

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Make Use Of4 Innovative Technologies That Helped Spread Linux

        Linux is a great operating system, but it didn’t get where it was just by itself. Some technologies made it easier for users to discover and share the new system with others.

        Here we discuss some of these technologies and their impact on the growth of Linux.

      • GamingOnLinuxAn interview with Aaron Honeycutt from System76

        It’s time for a fresh interview. Today I have Aaron Honeycutt from System76, makers of Linux distribution Pop!_OS and various hardware, who talked a little about their work.

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      • Videoelementary OS 7, SteamOS ISO, and Unity is still alive! – Linux and open source news – Invidious
      • VideoLubuntu 22.04 LTS overview | Welcome to the Next Universe. – Invidious

        In this video, I am going to show an overview of Lubuntu 22.04 LTS and some of the applications pre-installed.

      • BSDNow 453: TwinCat/BSD Hypervisor

        Building Your Own FreeBSD-based NAS, Writing a device driver for Unix V6, EC2: What Colin Percival’s been up to, Beckhoff releases TwinCAT/BSD Hypervisor, Writing a NetBSD kernel module, and more.

      • VideoA First Look At Ubuntu Unity 22.04 (Yes, Unity Lives!) – Invidious

        Even though I’ve never been a “desktop environment” user, I’m often asked which desktop environment is my favorite? Well, if I had to choose one that I thought fit my workflow the best, it would be the old Unity Desktop. And despite Ubuntu dropping Unity a few years ago, Unity still sees some development. And there is even an Ubuntu Unity flavor.

      • VideoNew Official Arch Linux Installer Is Almost Perfect! – Invidious

        The official arch installer has been reworked multiple times and it’s finally at the point where it’s almost perfect, it has some issues still but it’s almost at the point where even I have nothing to complain about.

      • Full Circle Magazine: Full Circle Weekly News #259

        Release of the GNU Coreutils 9.1 set of core system utilities:


        LXQt 1.1 User Environment Released:


        Rsync 3.2.4 Released:


        Celestial shuns snaps:


        The SDL developers have canceled the default Wayland switch in the 2.0.22 release:


        New versions of Box86 and Box64 emulators that allow you to run x86 games on ARM systems:



        Release of the QEMU 7.0 emulator:


        PPA proposed for Ubuntu to improve Wayland support in Qt:


        Movement to include proprietary firmware in the Debian distribution:


        Git 2.36 source control released:


        oVirt 4.5.0 Virtualization Infrastructure Management System Release:


        New versions of OpenWrt 21.02.3 and 19.07.10:


        Ubuntu 22.04 LTS distribution release:


        Valve has released Proton 7.0-2, for running Windows games on Linux:


        Release of OpenBSD 7.1:


        Summary ofresults of the election of the leader of the Debian project:


        New release of the Silero speech synthesis system:


        Release of KDE Gear 22.04:


      • VideoHow to install Shotcut video editor on Debian 11 – Invidious

        In this video, we are looking at how to install Shotcut video editor on Debian 11.

    • Applications

      • kde-inotify-survey

        I’ve finally gotten annoyed enough with inotify failing randomly, because of resource exhaustion, that I’ve built a tiny app to deal with it.

        Introducing kde-inotify-survey.

      • Mitubo 0.9: multiple concurrent video downloads

        It will never stop surprising me how easy it is to implement big new features in a QML application! The assumption here is that the C++ part of the application should be well-written: objects should not be overloaded with unrelated functionalities just because it seems faster to code them that way, but one should rather design classes so that each exposes one functionality, and then QML and javascript act as the glue which binds all the parts together.

        In a way, QML stands to C++ classes like the POSIX shell stands to command-line tools: a simple language which allows concatenating small units of functionality together to build a powerful program.

      • Adriaan de GrootVM (VM ( … | [bobulate]

        You can’t cross the same river twice, but can you boot the same laptop twice (at the same time)? Yes indeed, with the magic of VM’s and weird passthrough setups. I have a Slimbook with openSUSE and FreeBSD installed on it. Most of the time I use openSUSE – there’s suspend and resume and wifi things that need tweaking under FreeBSD. I’ve written about FreeBSD on Slimbook before. But with some magic, I can boot the laptop into openSUSE and them boot it again simultaneously into FreeBSD. Probably I can also mess things up royally, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


        VirtualBox raw disk access can be used to do amazingly dangerous things to your drive, but also to do cool tricks.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to Install osTicket on Debian 11

        osTicket is a free and open-source support ticket system written in PHP.  It comes with a simple and intuitive web interface used to manage, organize, track and archive all support ticket requests in your company.

      • ID RootHow To Install Foxit PDF Reader on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Foxit PDF Reader on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Foxit PDF Reader is a free multi-platform PDF reader for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Besides free versions, Foxit it also provides premium versions with many features, but for common demand, we can use the free version.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Foxit PDF Reader on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • Ubuntu HandbookHow to Install Sublime Text 4 in Ubuntu 22.04 [in different ways] | UbuntuHandbook

        For those want to install the Sublime Text code editor, here’s the step by step how to guide for Ubuntu 22.04 in 3 different ways.

      • Make Use OfHow to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        The IP address of most devices today is generated by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. A DHCP server assigns a dynamic IP address to your device when it’s connected to a network. Thus, you have the chance to change this IP address from time to time.

        On the other hand, a static IP refers to a fixed, immutable address, different from dynamic IPs. You can set static IP settings in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in three different ways. Here’s how to get started.

      • ID RootHow To Install Grafana on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Grafana on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Grafana is web-based analytics and interactive visualization program that runs on a variety of platforms. Grafana running data analytics, pulling up metrics that make sense of the massive amount of data & to monitor our apps with the help of cool customizable dashboards. It connects with every possible data source, commonly referred to as databases such as Graphite, Prometheus, Influx DB, ElasticSearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many more.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Grafana monitoring tool on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • How to Set Up SSH Passwordless Login (Step-by-Step Tutorial) | strongDM

        SSH is one of the best ways to handle tasks such as automated backups, file synchronization, and remote server access and management. SSH passwordless login is an SSH authentication method that employs a pair of public and private keys for asymmetric encryption. The public key resides on the server, and only a client that presents the private key can connect.

      • The Definitive Guide to FIDO2 Web Authentication
      • How to View SSH Logs?
      • TechRepublicHow to use KDE Plasma’s Konsole SSH plugin | TechRepublic

        That’s why you’ll find a good amount of GUI tools on the market to help you manage those connections. One such tool is hidden away in plain sight, within the confines of KDE’s Konsole application.

        For those who don’t know, Konsole is KDE’s default terminal window application. It’s one of the more flexible and powerful terminal applications on the Linux market and it has a rather pleasant, SSH-centric surprise for you … an SSH Manager plugin.

      • How to save the terminal output to file in Linux | FOSS Linux

        Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) allow us to accomplish daily tasks by interacting with windows and icons, and they come in handy for many tasks. However, several users find it better to input text commands into the PC directly rather than dealing with windows and icons for more efficiency and flexibility. This is done via terminals.

        Terminals, alias consoles, or command lines are used to enter and transcribe data from a PC system. They also allow us to carry out and automate tasks on a PC without implementing a GUI.

        The terminal is the heart of any Linux system. Every program that runs in Linux runs under a terminal command line. This ranges from massive programs like web browsers to simple ones like text editors. Due to this, using the terminal confidently is a vital step in understanding how the Linux operating system works.

        Also, if you are a DevOP, mainly a backend one, you inevitably need to do something on a Linux terminal rather than the Graphical User interface. One palpable complication is that the terminal is not visual-friendly, especially when checking out some vast standard output. As such, you must be keen.

      • Red HatHow to install an open source tool for creating machine learning pipelines | Red Hat Developer

        Create an open source machine learning environment quickly with Pachyderm, JupyterHub, and Ceph Nano on Open Data Hub.

      • How to install OnlyOffice suite on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS | FOSS Linux

        Most operating systems come with a pre-installed office suite like Office 365 on Microsoft Windows and LibreOffice on most Linux distros. LibreOffice offers features and functionality close to MS Office and comes up with new features and improvements with every update.

        Having said that, other alternatives are a lot more secure and easy to use and may be specifically suited for your work. This article will discuss OnlyOffice, its features, and how to install it on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

      • OpenSource.comExperiment with containers and pods on your own computer

        In the TV show Battlestar Galactica, the titular mega-ship didn’t actually do a whole lot. It served as a stalwart haven for its crew, a central point of contact for strategy and orchestration, and a safe place for resource management. However, the Caprican Vipers, one-person self-contained space vessels, went out to deal with evil Cylons and other space-borne dangers. They never just send one or two Vipers out, either. They sent lots of them. Many redundant ships with essentially the same capabilities and purpose, but thanks to their great agility and number, they always managed to handle whatever problem threatened the Battlestar each week.

        If you think you’re sensing a developing analogy, you’re right. The modern “cloud” is big and hulking, an amalgamation of lots of infrastructure spread over a great distance. It has great power, but you’d be wasting much of its capability if you treated it like a regular computer. When you want to handle lots of data from millions of input sources, it’s actually more efficient to bundle up your solution (whether that takes the form of an application, website, database, server, or something else) and send out tiny images of that solution to deal with clusters of data. These, of course, would be containers, and they’re the workforce of the cloud. They’re the little solution factories you send out to handle service requests, and because you can spawn as many as you need based on the requests coming in at any given time, they’re theoretically inexhaustible.

      • How to share files with Samba

        This is my samba setup in which I have a server and the server root is shared with other clients on my local network. I have used this setup in Debian Bullseye and Debian Bookworm/testing.

    • Games

    • Distributions

      • SUSE/OpenSUSE

        • SUSE’s Corporate BlogSUSE Manager 4.3 Public Beta is out! | SUSE Communities

          It’s been a year since the last SUSE Manager Public Beta, so it is time for a new beta program! Those of you that are part of the Uyuni community, which is our open source upstream project, might have alreay seen our continuous code improvement landing on the Uyuni Github project but now is the time to see and test them with SUSE Manager.

        • Call for Volunteers to 2022 openSUSE Asia Summit

          The openSUSE.Asia Summit is an annual openSUSE Asian conference, attended by contributors and enthusiasts from all over Asia. The event focuses primarily on the openSUSE distribution and community, its applications for personal and enterprise use, and open source culture. Since 2014, openSUSE.Asia Summit events had been held offline and thus, a great opportunity for the community to meet.

      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

        • Red HatBuild a customized developer portal to manage APIs | Red Hat Developer

          It has become popular to manage developer tasks and to share APIs both internally and externally through a graphical interface on a web portal. To let you manage and share your APIs through a convenient portal of your design, Red Hat 3scale API Management provides a highly customizable developer portal. You can customize the look and feel of the portal to match your use cases and branding. Administrators can customize the developer portal using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web tools. A successful portal makes it easier for developers to consume an API, helping them turn concepts into working applications quickly.

        • Fedora Linux 36 Final is GO

          The Fedora Linux 36 Final RC5 compose[1] is GO and will be shipped live on Tuesday, 10 May 2022. For more information please check the Go/No-Go meeting minutes[2] or log[3].

        • Red Hat OfficialSecurity recommendations for SAP HANA on RHEL [Ed: Red Hat presents proprietary software as something that can be secure]

          SAP HANA is SAP’s in-memory database (DB) that has been around since 2010. It is used as the backbone of their main applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Business Warehouse (BW), or as a standalone application since it incorporates many features that are useful for Big Data and analytics.

          There are other databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MaxDB and Sybase) on which SAP applications can run, but starting in 2027 customers wishing to maintain regular support will have to migrate to the new ERP suite, SAP S/4HANA. The suite only runs on SAP HANA, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is one of two supported platforms for the database.

          Enforcing. The policies are active and enforced.

          Permissive. The system uses the policies but it does not deny access to the targets, it just writes the approval and denial messages in the system logs (this mode is normally used to test policies before rolling them out to production).


        • Enterprisers Project5 AI adoption mistakes to avoid

          Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be invaluable assets to business success. By implementing AI, businesses can automate hours’ worth of manual labor sifting through data to enable smarter and faster business decisions. However, automation and AI do not remove the need for human responsibility.

          It’s important to follow best practices to ensure AI helps versus hurts your business. Here are five mistakes to avoid in leveraging AI to meet company goals.

        • Enterprisers ProjectMIT Sloan CIO Symposium preview: Digital ecosystems and the future of business

          If organizations have learned anything in the shift to hybrid work, it’s that people want choice. They want to decide for themselves when and where they work, how they collaborate with others, and to build a schedule that matches their energy and productivity cycles throughout the week.

          As business conferences begin to welcome back in-person attendees again, they’ll have to take this new reality into account. Offering a blend of remote, in-person, and hybrid attendance options opens up a huge opportunity, said Allan Tate, executive chair of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium: it enables conferences to optimize each of those experiences and deliver more value to attendees.

        • Fedora ProjectTaking farther strides now – An Outreachy Blog about Revamping Meetbot Logs – Fedora Community Blog

          I cannot help but feel a little nostalgic while writing this last blog post about my Outreachy internship. This post marks the end of my three-month internship where I worked with the community members to revamp the web application housing IRC meeting logs and summaries. I cannot believe how the time flew by – from applying, to getting selected, to contributing, and finally ending the journey. So today, I would be summarising my overall experience of this beautiful journey and will introduce the people who have helped me throughout the way.

      • Debian Family

        • Make Use OfPrivacy-Focused Distro Tails 5.0 Released for Linux Paranoids

          The security-focused Tails live Linux distribution has announced the availability of version 5.0 of the system. It brings with it some major changes to apps, including a new PGP app, Kleopatra.

        • Nala

          Nala is a front-end for libapt-pkg. Specifically we interface using the python-apt api. Especially for newer users it can be hard to understand what apt is trying to do when installing or upgrading. We aim to solve this by not showing some redundant messages, formatting the packages better, and using color to show specifically what will happen with a package during install, removal, or an upgrade.

        • Bits from Debian: Google Platinum Sponsor of DebConf22

          We are very pleased to announce that Google has committed to support DebConf22 as a Platinum sponsor. This is the third year in a row that Google is sponsoring The Debian Conference with the higher tier!

          Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world, providing a wide range of Internet-related services and products as online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

      • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

        • Linux MintLinux Mint Monthly News – April 2022 – The Linux Mint Blog

          The mutter rebase for Cinnamon 5.4 is now well on its way and is getting more and more stable.

          Work started on the Linux Mint 21 base. The repositories are ready and so are the docker images. A first pre-ALPHA ISO was built to identify potential issues and we’re now patching software and looking for and fixing regressions. We usually work on new features first, and then work on the base and bugs near the end of the development cycle when we put it all together on the new base. But this time, we did the opposite. I wanted us to be confronted to some of the new libraries and upstream changes so we could have a clear view of any challenges ahead and plan accordingly when it comes to prioritizing or postponing work on some of the new features.

          The new upgrade tool took some time to develop but it was worth the wait. Our major upgrades weren’t flexible enough and they were too complicated. This is a fantastic addition for us, I’m really happy we worked on this. The tool is passing a final test today and should be officially announced in LMDE tomorrow.

        • UbuntuThe Operator Day Industry Panel Discussion at Kubecon EU 2022 | Ubuntu

          Find out who the panelists are for the Industry Panel discussion during Operator Day on May 16th. During this virtual session industry thought leaders will discuss the latest trends and developments about Kubernetes and Operators.

          Our panelists are not only thought leaders in various areas of cloud-native technologies, but also work at leading industry organisations. Their practical experience of the challenges to smooth operations in an enterprise setting while moving towards Kubernetes will fuel a lively discussion.

    • Devices/Embedded

      • CNX SoftwareBadger 2040 is a programmable E-Ink display powered by Raspberry Pi RP2040 – CNX Software

        Pimoroni Badger 2040 is a Raspberry Pi RP2040 board equipped with a 2.9-inch black and white E-Ink display with 296 x 128 resolution and programmable with C/C++, MicroPython, or CircuitPython.

        The board is not just an ePaper badge, as it also comes with five buttons, and expansion capability through a Qwiic/STEMMA QT connector plus some pads with UART, I2C, interrupt, and power signals.

      • Open Hardware/Modding

        • Gunnar WolfGunnar Wolf• Using a RPi as a display adapter

          Almost ten months ago, I mentioned on this blog I bought an ARM laptop, which is now my main machine while away from home — a Lenovo Yoga C630 13Q50. Yes, yes, I am still not as much away from home as I used to before, as this pandemic is still somewhat of a thing, but I do move more.

        • PurismWhy I Support Purism, A Tech Company that Respects Digital Rights

          I started working with personal computers over 40 years ago, back when an IBM desktop computer with 64KB of RAM and two 360KB floppy disks cost almost CAD$10,000. I bought the first Macintosh computer sold in Canada from the Hudson’s Bay Company in Montreal. I bought the first iPhone in Buffalo on the day the phone came out, brought it back to Canada, and spent hours entering code to unlock the phone so I could use it in Canada. I joined Facebook in its early days when someone on the platform had to invite you to join. I joined Twitter shortly after it went online. I was an enthusiastic supporter of these products and services with all the optimism that being young allows.

          Now, all these years later, I have abandoned all these platforms. I regard them as deeply harmful to our society. As a father of 6 children, who now range in age from 11 to 29, I feel a responsibility to protect them and other people from the harms caused by big tech, which is why I became involved with Purism as both Chairperson of the Board of Directors and as a customer.

        • ArduinoThis gyroscopic stabilizer aims to reduce boat roll in waves | Arduino Blog

          Boats are notorious for their constant swaying back and forth when set adrift on a body of water, leading to sea sickness for those unlucky sufferers and forcing items to be securely stored to prevent them from moving around unintentionally. So, as part of their course in electrical engineering, Kaden Werner and Alex Morin partnered together to create a control system that could effectively eliminate watercraft roll through the use of angular momentum.

          Similar to how the International Space Station maintains its orientation, the team’s scaled prototype system relies on a rotating flywheel that generates large amounts of angular momentum in a certain axis. A brushless DC motor and driver are responsible for spinning up the circular mass, while a servo motor on one side rotates the cradle to the desired angle. All of this is done with an Arduino Uno that monitors the boat’s current orientation by taking measurements from an IMU.

      • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • Content Management Systems (CMS)

        • The Month in WordPress – April 2022 – WordPress News

          This past month saw a lot of preparation work for WordPress 6.0, due to release on 24 May 2022. This major release brings exciting improvements – read on to find out more about the latest happenings in the WordPress project.

      • FSFE

        • FSFE Youth Hacking 4 Freedom: radio silence

          It looks like the FSFE donors and volunteers have been duped into supporting child labor.


          To be considered for the prize, the participants are told that they must publish all their code under a free software license: in other words, they must give up all rights to any future payment. This doesn’t happen in any other industry, certainly not with children.

      • FSF

        • GNU Projects

          • Messenger-GTK 0.7.0 released

            We are pleased to announce the release of the Messenger-GTK application.

            The application is a convergent GTK messaging application using the GNUnet Messenger service. The goal is to provide private and secure communication between any group of devices. The interface is also designed in a way to scale down to mobile and small screen devices like phones or tablets.

      • Programming/Development

        • QtQt Speech coming to Qt 6.4

          Over the last couple of months we have ported the text-to-speech functionality in the Qt Speech module over to Qt 6, and it will be part of the Qt 6.4 release later in 2022.

        • OpenSource.comBoost the power of C with these open source libraries | Opensource.com

          The GLib Object System (GObject) is a library providing a flexible and extensible object-oriented framework for C. In this article, I demonstrate using the 2.4 version of the library.


          I hope my examples show how the GObject and libsoup projects give C a very real boost. Libraries like these extend C in a literal sense, and by doing so they make C more approachable. They do a lot of work for you, so you can turn your attention to inventing amazing applications in the simple, direct, and timeless C language.

          GObject and libsoup do a lot of work for you, so you can turn your attention to inventing amazing applications in C.

  • Leftovers

    • Intro to Yee Diagrams

      For those who can’t see, imagine having a bunch of marbles laid out orderly, in neat rows and columns. The rows indicate a political position (guns, let’s say) and the columns another (drugs, let’s say).

      We might have a hundred such marbles, ten by ten.

      Each marble represents the winner of an election in a land where the population was centered around that position. So the top-left marble is from a world where people love guns but hate drugs, and the population as a whole vote accordingly (Yee used a Gaussian spread centere on the marble in his simulations).

    • What is horror good for?

      The horror non-fiction I’ve been reading so far has been closely tied to horror fiction as a genre, either as philosophy or as literary analysis. But I have a few works of “collapsology” on my to-read list. This might be the truest form of non-fiction horror, with an opportunity to feel both the empathetic and alienated perspectives. I’ll see when I get to them.

    • the gdbeatles

      Can’t remember if I mentioned, but once upon a time I created a fictional, Beatles-centric song spoof band called “the gdbeatles” for coworkers of a couple software teams I was on – you know, just to keep those naturally occurring software development suicidal tendencies at bay…. :-)

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • MakeTech EasierIntuit Forced to Pay $141M for Deceiving TurboTax Customers

          Tax time is always stressful – you sit down at your computer and just want to get it done! It makes it easy to just take the first easy, cheap method you find when Googling. This is behind the agreement between Intuit and multiple states for Intuit to pay $141M to TurboTax customers who were deceived by advertisements promising “free.”

        • TechRadarBrowser wars: Has Microsoft Edge completely lost its way?

          Microsoft Edge’s user numbers appear to have stagnated

        • Help Net SecurityPhishers exploit Google’s SMTP Relay service to deliver spoofed emails

          Phishers are exploiting a flaw in Google’s SMTP relay service to send malicious emails spoofing popular brands. Avanan researcher Jeremy Fuchs says that starting in April 2022, they have seen a massive uptick of these SMTP relay service exploit attacks in the wild, as threat actors use this service to spoof other Gmail tenants.

        • Security

          • Daniel StenbergMeeting the Cyber Safety Review Board

            Three Open Source hackers were invited to this meeting with the CSRB and I was one of them.


            On April 21 2022, I joined the video meeting together with an OpenSSL and a Tomcat contributor and several members of the board. (I am not naming any names of participants in this post because I have not asked for permission nor do I think the names are important here.)

            For about an hour we talked to the board how we develop Open Source, how we take on security problems and how we work on making sure we do things as securely as we can. It was striking how similarly the three of us looked at the issues and how we work in our project, despite our projects all being different and having our own specifics.

          • LWNSecurity updates for Thursday

            Security updates have been issued by Debian (firefox-esr), Fedora (firefox, java-1.8.0-openjdk, java-11-openjdk, java-17-openjdk, java-latest-openjdk, recutils, suricata, and zchunk), Oracle (firefox and kernel), Red Hat (firefox), Scientific Linux (firefox), Slackware (mozilla, openssl, and seamonkey), SUSE (apache2-mod_auth_mellon, libvirt, and pgadmin4), and Ubuntu (dpdk, mysql-5.7, networkd-dispatcher, openssl, openssl1.0, sqlite3, and twisted).

          • Linux JournalPrimer to Container Security

            Containers are considered to be a standard way of deploying these microservices to the cloud. Containers are better than virtual machines in almost all ways except security, which may be the main barrier to their widespread adoption.

            This article will provide a better understanding of container security and available techniques to secure them.

            A Linux container can be defined as a process or a set of processes running in the userspace that is/are isolated from the rest of the system by different kernel tools.

            Containers are great alternatives to virtual machines (VMs). Even though containers and virtual machines provide the same isolation benefits, they differ in the way that containers provide operating system virtualization instead of hardware. This makes them lightweight, faster to start, and consumes less memory.

          • USCERTCisco Releases Security Updates for Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software | CISA

            Cisco has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software. An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system.

          • Privacy/Surveillance

            • CERT-In Guidelines on Cybersecurity: An Explainer

              On April 28, 2022, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) issued fresh directions (No. 20(3)/2022-CERT-In) under section 70B of the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 in relation to the information security practices, procedure, prevention, response, and reporting of cyber incidents. Issued without public consultations, these directions raise serious concerns related to state sponsored surveillance and data retention beyond need or purpose. Therefore, we call on CERT-In to recall these directions.

            • AccessNowPolicy brief: What’s wrong with Jordan’s data protection law and how to fix it – Access Now

              Jordan currently has no data protection law. As a consequence, both the government and industry in Jordan have collected and exploited people’s personal data on an industrial scale, with little to no respect for individuals’ privacy. That includes government and U.N. agencies’ use of iris-scanning technologies to collect the biometric data of millions, and internet service providers’ routine exploitation of people’s personal information, often without their knowledge or consent.

              Fortunately, Jordan’s parliament is currently discussing passing a new data protection law. However, the draft legislation needs more work to meet global standards. We’ve prepared a new policy brief, How to strengthen Jordan’s data protection law, to guide lawmakers and ensure the law protects Jordanians’ fundamental human rights.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Professor Gets Hit By A Chair in the Face

        Believe it or not, that dude who’s gotten hit by a chair in the face is a professor. His name is Amir Hetsroni. I was watching him on camera when a flying chair got into the frame and hit his face. He was not talking lije a professor, just made some crappy comments about the local people who live in Ashdod.

      • May 5th, 2022: The Elphinstone Bridge Shooting

        On the narrow sidewalk of the bridge from my hospital to my hostel, the press of bodies is usually tottering somewhere near overwhelming. It only thins out early in the day and late at night which is why I was surprised and grateful to find it quite a few steps removed from overwhelming on this afternoon. This in no matter affected the urgency that this city seemed to infect everyone with and in front of me, a mother was pushing her child to stop playing and hurry along.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • On Politics

        Let’s break this down from a psychological perspective. The political spectrum is often placed on the liberal/conservative axis (at least in the U.S.), but that’s too simplistic.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • I’m stopping to update this gemlog

        Everything is in the title… I will not update this gemlog any more, or only very occasionally. However, *everything* is in the title, and it doesn’t say that I’m stopping to update my capsule! Gemini is great, I just need to change my workflow.

      • nnix.io Scuttlebutt Service

        Scuttlebutt is a protocol for offline decentralized communities. It’s really cool. If you want to see what a social network requiring only intermittent connectivity to the internet might look like, jump in!

      • BBCInternet shutdowns and restrictions on the rise in Africa
      • Public KnowledgeInternet Service Providers Drop California Net Neutrality Lawsuit, But Nationwide Rules Still Needed – Public Knowledge

        Last night, broadband providers suing California over its popular net neutrality law officially dropped their suit. Their action follows a refusal by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear the court’s decision in ACA Connects v. Bonta, rejecting yet another attempt by broadband providers to overturn California’s net neutrality law. Earlier this year, the court issued its opinion and determined the California consumer protection law could go into effect. Public Knowledge and other consumer groups filed an amicus brief in this case last year.

    • Monopolies

      • Google and Apple hide $40 price hike of phones behind the environment. – BaronHK’s Rants

        Google and Apple got rid of chargers and charging cables included with new phone, and said it was to help protect the environment.

        They said that since most people already had millions and millions of fast charging cables and charging boxes, that you really didn’t need one included with every phone anymore because you probably had one already.

        When I unboxed my Google Pixel 6 it didn’t come with a charger, but I did have one left over from a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

        When I went to use it, I found out that it only operated in the slowest charging mode. If you were actually using the phone, the battery still ticked down (albeit more slowly) because “fast charger” standards had managed to change again in the last year.

        My laptop’s USB-C port was the only thing I had that would charge the phone quickly.

      • Copyrights

        • Public Domain ReviewPetrified Waters: The Artificial Grottoes of the Renaissance and Beyond – The Public Domain Review

          Idling alongside the waters of artificial grottoes, visitors found themselves in lush, otherworldly settings, where art and nature, pleasure and peril, and humans and nymphs could, for a time, coexist. Laura Tradii spelunks through the handmade caves of the Italian Renaissance and their reception abroad, illuminating how these curious spaces transformed across the centuries.

Ubuntu LoCo Council Gone Loco or Just Cracked

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Ubuntu LoCo Council

Summary: The Ubuntu LoCo Council site appears to have suffered a security breach today (screenshot is minutes old)

Dictatorships Prefer Other Dictatorships

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Video download link | md5sum d25fe49bbbb43df2892ce50689187bae
Dictatorship of Patent Maximalists
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The EPO’s official Web site spreads disinformation while EPO money is funneled into the world’s “market leaders” in disinformation (the Vladimir Putin ‘fan club’)

THE EPO‘s first puff piece in nearly a week (warning: epo.org link) should not distract us from EPO scandals. While the EPO’s site has turned into a propaganda machine which glorifies Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos the workers of the EPO grow increasingly dissatisfied and flirt complete/temporary work stoppage (or considerable slowdown month after month). They didn’t join the EPO to grant illegal European software patents (some of them privately explain that this particular aspect disturbs them deeply) and they thought the EPO would let them research patents, not become semi-automated rubber-stamping operators.

“The EPO is fooling nobody except some politicians with agenda and corporate “contributions”.”The video above takes stock of the final part of the Belarus-centric series, in particular its last part, published just minutes before making the video. The “yellow” or shallow puff pieces from the EPO, along with UPC lies, are also remarked on. The EPO is fooling nobody except some politicians with agenda and corporate “contributions”. To make matters worse, the EPO’s official Web site is routinely being misused to disseminate disinformation. It harms the EU, too.

[Meme] Whose Digital Sovereignty?

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Don't tell them about the contract

Would be a shame... If stakeholders found out

Summary: The EPO’s “IT” services have been outsourced to a satellite state of Russia; the EPO’s stakeholders should be concerned

From Belarus With Love — Part XIV: It Probably Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time…

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Series parts:

  1. From Belarus With Love — Part I: Schizophrenic EPO Policy
  2. From Belarus With Love — Part II: “Techwashing” an Autocratic Regime?
  3. From Belarus With Love — Part III: Apps From the Dictatorship
  4. From Belarus With Love — Part IV: “Software from Minsk” via Gilching and Rijswijk
  5. From Belarus With Love — Part V: From Start-Up to Success Story…
  6. From Belarus With Love — Part VI: “Big Daddy” Hammers the Opposition…
  7. From Belarus With Love — Part VII: The Post-Election Crackdown
  8. From Belarus With Love — Part VIII: “Seoul in the Centre of Pyongyang”
  9. From Belarus With Love — Part IX: The End of “Peaceful Coexistence”?
  10. From Belarus With Love — Part X: From “High-Tech Hub” to “No-Go Zone”
  11. From Belarus With Love — Part XI: SaM’s Management Remains Suspiciously Silent
  12. From Belarus With Love — Part XII: Alexander Deev’s “Provocative” Comments
  13. From Belarus With Love — Part XIII: Marat Ebzeev Tries to Defuse the Situation
  14. YOU ARE HERE ☞ It Probably Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time…

Child of the Carnation Revolution and Belarus
Does the tantrum-prone “Child of the Carnation Revolution" intend to review the EPO’s Belarusian “outsourcing” arrangements or will he allow the organisation to remain a surreptitious fellow-traveller of post-Soviet despots like Lukashenko and Putin?

Summary: The EPO‘s President António Campinos, who is a lot less popular (among his own people) than Lukashenko and Putin, will likely regret statements he made on behalf of the EPO (as they expose the EPO’s double standards or hypocrisy)

The EPO’s decision to farm out the development of its in-house software to the “outsourcing heaven” of Belarus probably seemed like a good idea back in the day.

Such a proposal would have been music to the ears of an enthusiastic New Public Management (NPM) “cost-cutter” like Benoît Battistelli.

“Campinos is unlikely to care where the EPO’s software is developed as long as “the price is right”. So it’s not really surprising that he never bothered to review the “outsourcing” arrangements put in place during the Battistelli era.”Battistelli’s successor Campinos is also known to have form when it comes to “outsourcing” IT services. This is shown quite clearly by his track record at the EUIPO.

Campinos is unlikely to care where the EPO’s software is developed as long as “the price is right”. So it’s not really surprising that he never bothered to review the “outsourcing” arrangements put in place during the Battistelli era.

A decade or so ago, the “competitive rates” offered by the “residents” of the Belarus Hi-Tech Park would have sufficed to make “a compelling business case” for such outsourcing.

But circumstances have changed dramatically since then.

“At this point, apologists for the EPO are likely to ask why the organisation’s relationship with a Belarus software development company should be considered problematic.”Against the backdrop of recent events – in particular, Russia’s “special military operation” against the Ukraine – the EPO’s Belarusian “outsourcing” arrangement is beginning to look like a very imprudent and risky undertaking.

At this point, apologists for the EPO are likely to ask why the organisation’s relationship with a Belarus software development company should be considered problematic.

The short answer here is that Belarus is a country ruled by an autocratic despot whose regime “lacks any democratic legitimacy”.

Just in case there’s any doubt about it, we’re talking here about a regime that has been repeatedly condemned by the EU for “serious human rights violations” and “the violent repression of civil society, democratic opposition and journalists”.

It is generally recognised that since Lukashenko was first elected in 1994, the quality of democratic governance in Belarus has been in continuous decline. Lukashenko consolidated and extended his powers by means of a number of controversial constitutional “reforms” in 1996, which effectively subordinated the parliament and the judiciary to his rule.

Belarus vs democracy
Belarus and its inexorable descent into autocracy under Lukashenko.
Source: www.dw.com

Political opponents have been known to vanish without trace, some of them reportedly abducted and murdered by a special military unit; the media and civil society are subjected to ongoing harassment; civic protest is suppressed. In short, the country’s reputation as “Europe’s last dictatorship” seems to be well-deserved.

Ever since Lukashenko came to power in 1994, his regime has been criticised for human rights violations and electoral fraud on a regular basis. Criticism has come both from the EU and from the USA, as well as from international bodies such as the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations. And harsh words of criticism have invariably been accompanied by deeds in the form of sanctions targeting government officials as well as business people and companies with close links to the regime.

As far back as 1998, the EU imposed visa bans on senior Belarus officials after a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Since then sanctions have been imposed at regular intervals due to electoral fraud and human rights violations.

“It is generally recognised that since Lukashenko was first elected in 1994, the quality of democratic governance in Belarus has been in continuous decline.”When the original EPO outsourcing contracts with SaM Solutions were concluded a decade or more ago, Lukashenko was in the process of “techwashing” his autocratic regime. His strategy in those days was to rebrand himself as a “reformer” who was leading his country into the new millennium by successfully transforming a backward post-Soviet “basket case” into a modern hi-tech pro-business utopia for foreign investors.

However, the rigged Presidential election of 2020 and the subsequent brutal crackdown against opposition protestors dispelled those illusions and led to Belarus being ostracised as a “rogue state” by most democratic countries, in particular those of the European Union.

“When the original EPO outsourcing contracts with SaM Solutions were concluded a decade or more ago, Lukashenko was in the process of “techwashing” his autocratic regime.”In October 2020, the European Council – the body which defines the EU’s overall political direction and priorities – imposed sanctions on Belarus for “repression and election falsification”.

Less than a year later, in June 2021, the European Council imposed further sanctions in response to what it described as “the escalation of serious human rights violations in Belarus and the violent repression of civil society, democratic opposition and journalists”. The trigger on this occasion was “the forced landing of a Ryanair flight in Minsk on 23 May 2021 and the related detention of journalist Raman Pratasevich and Sofia Sapega”.

Undeterred by EU and US disapproval of his actions, Lukashenko proceeded to further tighten his grip on power in February of this year by means of a new constitutional amendment which, amongst other things, granted him lifelong immunity from prosecution.

“Ukrainian military intelligence recently claimed that in the autumn of 2020 the Russian authorities had drawn up plans to launch a full-scale military invasion of Belarus in the event that Lukashenko could not manage to suppress the opposition protests using his own resources.”In the meantime, the Belarus regime has been playing an active part in Russia’s ongoing “special military operation” against the Ukraine. The constitutional amendment of February 2022, which was passed shortly after the Russian offensive had started, effectively permits Russian troops and nuclear weapons to be stationed in Belarus.

It is worth recalling here that, since 1999, Belarus has been part of a supranational political union with Russia – the so-called “Union State”. Under the terms of this “union”, Belarus formally retains its independence. However, in reality, the agreement makes Belarus subordinate to its larger and more powerful neighbour.

Ukrainian military intelligence recently claimed that in the autumn of 2020 the Russian authorities had drawn up plans to launch a full-scale military invasion of Belarus in the event that Lukashenko could not manage to suppress the opposition protests using his own resources.

Belarus partnership with Russia
Since 1999 Belarus has been in close political partnership with Russia – as part of the so-called “Union State”.

All of this makes it legitimate to ask the question as to whether it is appropriate for Europe’s second largest international organisation to be “outsourcing” the development of its in-house software to a company based in a country which is effectively a vassal of Putin’s Russia.

“The EPO’s outsourcing “partnership” with SaM is a matter for concern on many levels.”As far as can be determined, the senior management of SaM Solutions – is “loyal” to the Belarus regime. In any event, it has never made any identifiable efforts to publicly distance itself from Lukashenko and his despotic style of governance.

The clearest indication of SaM’s loyalty to the regime is the fact that its management made no effort to relocate operations in the wake of the brutal crackdown of 2020. The company remains a “resident” of the Belarus Hi-Tech Park and its main “delivery center” is still located in Minsk.

The EPO’s outsourcing “partnership” with SaM is a matter for concern on many levels.

“Unfortunately, the EPO’s reliance on Microsoft for its recent “cloud migration” project suggests that the organisation’s management doesn’t take issues like IT security and “digital sovereignty” very seriously.”Leaving aside the ethical and political questions which such an arrangement raises, it is clear that it also involves serious security risks for the organisation’s IT systems.

Unfortunately, the EPO’s reliance on Microsoft for its recent “cloud migration” project suggests that the organisation’s management doesn't take issues like IT security and "digital sovereignty" very seriously.

Even more worryingly, the organisation’s governing body – the Administrative Council – appears to be asleep at the wheel and has shown itself to be completely incapable of exercising effective oversight when it comes to such matters.

Belarus human rights violations
EPO management appears to have no qualms about outsourcing the development of its in-house software to a company based in a “rogue state” which has been condemned by the EU for “serious human rights violations” and “the violent repression of civil society, democratic opposition and journalists”.

The facts on the ground – as reported in the present series – show that the EPO’s Belarusian “outsourcing” arrangement needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.

“The facts on the ground – as reported in the present series – show that the EPO’s Belarusian “outsourcing” arrangement needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.”However, it’s by no means certain that the potty-mouthed and tantrum-prone "Child of the Carnation Revolution" will be capable of “walking the walk” on this one.

Based on his performance to date, Campinos seems far more likely to continue “talking the talk” for public consumption, while permitting the EPO to remain a surreptitious fellow-traveller of post-Soviet despots like Lukashenko and Putin.

António Campinos Racing Towards Zero Percent (Popularity/Approval Rates), a Lot Lower Than Lukashenko

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Video download link | md5sum 27a28c7f6bb410e335840a2f5dd9cd44
Campinos is Likely Finished
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Mr. “F” (António ‘F.’ Campinos) doesn’t give an “F”, but his own staff and EPO stakeholders have no faith in him; now that examiners engage in industrial action it’ll drag down his Office, which will fail to fake its supposed ‘success’ (measured in terms of fake patents granted en masse, irrespective of quality and compliance with the EPC)

THE SIGNS of the EPO‘s rot are impossible to hide anymore. It was really bad under Benoît Battistelli and stakeholders are noticing that it’s just as bad if not worse under António Campinos. The media’s apathy is the problem; it is intentionally not covering the EPO situation and blunders.

In the video above I show some of the comments here. The comments are quite revealing and the UPC too gets blasted, along with the EPO (for violating the EPC). The Kluwer Patent Blog is crawling at a pace just 3 posts in one month (we mentioned this slowdown earlier this year), but this latest article (“Deepening social tensions and an ‘extremely hostile’ president at the EPO”) got SUEPO’s attention. “Translations are available in German and French,” they say…

Where’s the French and German media? Too busy writing about celebrities?

“It’s going to be mayhem for Mr. “F” as 2 years ago only 3% of the respondents said they could trust him.”The article in question explains that António ‘F.’ Campinos is throwing F bombs at staff. This shows that he’s desperate and sees no other way forward. “The EPO staff survey is extended until Sunday, May 8, at 5 pm,” according to SUEPO (EPO union), so there’s another 72 (or so) hours for staff to participate, even staff that’s not a member of SUEPO.

“In a letter dated April 28, 2022, the Office exceptionally agrees to authorize the sending of mass emails regarding the Technologia Staff Survey organized by SUEPO with the assistance of the CSC,” SUEPO wrote. “For this reason, the closing of the survey will be postponed until Sunday, May 8 at 5 pm.”

It’s going to be mayhem for Mr. “F” as 2 years ago only 3% of the respondents said they could trust him. Has he sunk to 0% even faster than Battistelli? You can f***ing bet on it, but let’s see how many respondents are included in this survey.

F for Fake: “You will never have such a nice person being the fake President for the next fifty fake years. So you wake up and make agreements with me, or you never will for your fake life.”

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Jorge Campinos

Summary: The EPO’s "F" President António Campinos would have made his fake socialist father very proud

Fake ‘studies’:


Links 05/05/2022: LibreOffice 7.3.3 and Distrobox for Ubuntu

Posted in News Roundup at 10:52 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

    • Server

      • ZDNetKubernetes 1.24 Stargazer: An exceptional release with two major changes

        Kubernetes, everyone’s favorite container orchestrator, in its latest release, Kubernetes 1.24 Stargazer, has made two major changes: The developers dropped support for the Docker Engine container runtime and added supply chain security via Sigstore.

        First, don’t start hyperventilating because Dockershim has been deprecated. While Dockershim enabled you to use the Docker containerd runtime within Kubernetes, it was never designed to be embedded inside Kubernetes. Further, it’s incompatible with Kubernetes’ Container Runtime Interface (CRI). The fix was for dockershim to bridge the gap between Docker’s containerd and CRI.

      • The Register UKDockershim deprecated with release of Kubernetes 1.24

        The day has come. At long last Dockershim is dead.

        The removal was one of several notable changes that came with today’s Kubernetes 1.24 release. The shift on Dockershim has broad albeit well-documented implications for those running Kubernetes in production, James Laverack, lead solutions engineer for the release, told The Register.

        The news shouldn’t, however, come as a surprise, he noted. Dockershim was deprecated with Kubernetes 1.20 in late 2020.

      • Kubernetes 1.24: Volume Expansion Now A Stable Feature

        Volume expansion was introduced as a alpha feature in Kubernetes 1.8 and it went beta in 1.11 and with Kubernetes 1.24 we are excited to announce general availability(GA) of volume expansion.

        This feature allows Kubernetes users to simply edit their PersistentVolumeClaim objects and specify new size in PVC Spec and Kubernetes will automatically expand the volume using storage backend and also expand the underlying file system in-use by the Pod without requiring any downtime at all if possible.

      • Kubernetes has standardised on sigstore in a landmark move [Ed: Kubrnetes pushing monopolies, centralisation and lockdown disguised as fake "security"]

        Kubernetes has standardised on the Linux Foundation’s free software signing service, “sigstore”, to protect against supply chain attacks. sigstore, first released in March 2021, includes a number of signing, verification and provenance techniques that let developers securely sign software artifacts such as release files, container images and binaries with signatures stored in a tamper-proof public log. The service is free to use and designed to help prevent what are increasingly regular and sophisticated upstream software supply chain attacks.

        sigstore’s founders include Red Hat, Google and Purdue University. Its adoption by Kubernetes — one of the world’s most active open source communities, with close to six million developers (a huge number given that CNCF data from December 2021 suggests that there are 6.8 million cloud native developers in total)– is a significant vote of trust in the standard for verifying software components. (nb The Linux Foundation hosts both sigstore and Kubernetes, as well as Linux, Node.js and a host of other ubiquitous critical software projects.)

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Applications

      • Linux Links4 Best Free and Open Source CNC Software

        CNC (also known as numerical control or computer numerical control) is the automated control of machining tools (such as milling machines, lathes, 3d printers, laser cutters, plasma cutters, robot arms, hexapods) by means of a computer.

        A CNC machine processes a piece of material (metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, or composite) to meet specifications by following coded programmed instructions and without a manual operator directly controlling the machining operation.

        In modern CNC systems, the design of a mechanical part and its manufacturing program are highly automated. The part’s mechanical dimensions are defined using CAD software and then translated into manufacturing directives by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

      • Best 9 Latex Editors for Windows 11 and Linux (2022 Selection)
      • TorCongestion Control Arrives in Tor 0.4.7-stable!

        Tor has released, the first stable Tor release with support for congestion control. Congestion control will eliminate the speed limit of current Tor, as well as reduce latency by minimizing queue lengths at relays. It will result in significant performance improvements in Tor, as well as increased utilization of our network capacity. In order for users to experience these benefits, we need Exit relay operators to upgrade as soon as possible. This post covers a bit of congestion control history, describes technical details, and contains important information for all relay and onion service operators.

        Congestion Control is an adaptive property of distributed networks, whereby a network and its endpoints operate such that utilization is maximized, while minimizing a constraint property, and ensuring fairness between connections. When this optimization problem is solved, the optimal outcome is that all connections transmit an equal fraction of the bandwidth of the slowest router in their shared path, for every path through the network.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to Make Your Own Music on Linux with Ardour

        Ardour is a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful audio recording and processing tool for Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, and Windows. Ardour is a freeware application that comes with its own set of built-in features to record and organize sound. As a sophisticated tool, Ardour requires a little bit of experience with recording and processing sound.

        Ardour’s main feature is its status as a professional digital audio workstation (DAW) that works on Linux while still being cross-platform overall. It’s the standard in the industry and it’s used by thousands of people every day.

        This is because it’s stable, flexible, and modular with a massive community behind it whenever you need help. It’s open-source, so everyone can modify it to their own needs. This means you can customize it to your liking, whether you work on one or ten tracks.

      • UNIX CopHow to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04

        Google Chrome is for many the best web browser and I think it is for its speed, stability, synchronization with Google and the large number of extensions that we can install. So many users ask how to install it on Linux, especially if they come from Windows.

        So let’s quickly install it on our system.

      • How to Install LEMP Stack Nginx, MySQL, PHP on Ubuntu 22.04

        How to Install LEMP Stack Nginx, MySQL, PHP on Ubuntu 22.04. In this guide you will learn how to install Nginx, MySQL 8.0 and PHP 8.1.

        You will also install some common PHP extensions and adjust the PHP configurations. Finally you will secure your setup with Let’s Encrypt SSL and configure HTTPS redirection.

        This setup is tested on Google cloud, so it will work on all cloud hosting services like AWS, Azure or any VPS or any dedicated servers running Ubuntu 22.04.

      • Red Hat OfficialHow to access remote systems using SSH | Enable Sysadmin

        The SSH tool allows you to log in and run commands on a remote machine just as if you were sitting in front of it.

      • How to write a good commit message

        If you have started your journey to become an experienced developer, you already know that you have to describe what you have done when you change the code and submit it to be merged in the master branch. In git and many other source code management systems, this description is called a commit message.

        The commit message has a title, and can have a detailed description. You should separate the description from the title by adding a blank line after the title.

      • Managing OpenBSD installed packages declaratively

        Instead of running many pkg_add or pkg_delete commands to manage my packages, now I can use a configuration file (allowing includes) to define which package should be installed, and the installed but not listed packages should be removed.

        After using NixOS too long, it’s a must have for me to manage packages this way.

      • TechRepublicHow to install the NordLayer VPN client on Linux and connect it to a virtual network | TechRepublic

        If you’re looking to employ a solid VPN service for remote workers, NordLayer VPN is an outstanding option. Find out how to install and use the client on both Ubuntu Desktop and Fedora 36.

      • nixCraftA cautionary tale about locking Linux & FreeBSD user accounts

        Like every other solo developer and sysadmin, I do stuff using ssh. Some stuff is automated using scripts, and others require ssh login. For example, one of my scripts logs into my Linux and FreeBSD server using public ssh keys and does a particular type of work for me.

      • VideoHow to install OpenTTD on Debian 11 – Invidious

        In this video, we are looking at how to install OpenTTD on Debian 11.

      • nixCraftHow to make disk image with dd on Linux or Unix
      • Understanding the /etc/shells file
      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install Jump Force Mugen 3 on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install Jump Force Mugen 3 on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

        This tutorial will only work on Chromebooks with an Intel or AMD CPU (with Linux Apps Support) and not those with an ARM64 architecture CPU.

    • Games

      • HackadayBringing Zelda Classic To The Browser

        Finding a device or app that isn’t a web browser doesn’t seem easy. These days, it is either connected to the web (looking at you ESP32) or is just a web browser pretending to be something else (a la electron, PWAs, or React Native). So, of course, it is on us to create more and more exciting things to browse. [Connor Clark] is one of those people, and he brought Zelda Classic to the browser.

      • GamingOnLinuxMedia center and entertainment hub Kodi adds Steam Deck controls support

        Kodi (originally XBMC), is a free and open source media center and entertainment hub, and the latest release up on Flathub adds in support for the Steam Deck controller.

      • GamingOnLinuxSteam Deck hits 2,500 games Verified or Playable

        Another big milestone has been hit for the Steam Deck from Valve. There’s now at least 2,500 games that have been through Deck Verified to be classed as either fully Verified or Playable.

      • GamingOnLinuxFree and popular precision-platformer ‘Janosik’ gets a big upgrade

        Love some retro action-platformer to fill your time? Janosik quite a popular one, likely because it’s free, and it just got a big upgrade.

      • GamingOnLinuxLinux gaming overlay MangoHud has a new release

        MangoHud is something that Valve use on the Steam Deck, specifically for the performance HUD that shows various details like FPS, frame timing, temperatures and more. It just had a new release with plenty of changes.

      • GamingOnLinuxHoloISO brings Valve’s SteamOS 3 from the Steam Deck to everyone

        While Valve has yet to actually release a proper iso for SteamOS 3 used on the Steam Deck, others have been taking it into their own hands to provide, like with the new HoloISO.

    • Distributions

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        • Data SwampHow to contribute to the OpenBSD project

          You like OpenBSD? Then, I’m quite sure you can contribute to it! Let me explain the many ways your skills can be used to improve the project and contribute back.

        • Undeadlypkg_add(1) speedup

          In -current, the performance of pkg_add(1) has been greatly enhanced by the enabling of caching by default: [...]

        • UndeadlyParallel IP forwarding activated

          Following much development and testing, parallel IP forwarding has been enabled in -current. The most recent of the relevant commits are: [...]

      • SUSE/OpenSUSE

        • openSUSE.Asia Virtual Summit 2022

          The openSUSE.Asia Summit is an annual openSUSE Asian conference, attended by contributors and enthusiasts from all over Asia. The event focuses primarily on the openSUSE distribution and community, its applications for personal and enterprise use, and open source culture. Since 2014, openSUSE.Asia Summit events had been held offline and thus, a great opportunity for the community to meet.

          However, due to COVID-19, the summit was canceled in 2020.In 2021,the online summit was organized by the team India.

        • Ish SookunA local mirror for openSUSE users in Mauritius

          When I attended the openSUSE Asia Summit in 2019, I my friends in Indonesia about their experience in setting up the mirror for Indonesian users.

          Earlier this year, when Luboš Kocman visited Mauritius, we spoke about it again.

          Then, a few weeks ago, I heard from cloud.mu, who were willing to sponsor a server for mirror purposes. That was just perfect timing. I had started discussions with an ISP but then cloud.mu was not just willing to provide the server & bandwidth resources but their speed to deploy and assist was even more commendable.

          Once the server was ready, the next step was to contact openSUSE admins to update the DNS records for opensuse.mu. I sent my request to the openSUSE Board for the purchase the domain a long time ago. Until now I used to run a small blog for openSUSE tips & tutorials on opensuse.mu. The domain is owned by SUSE and mananged by the openSUSE admins, i.e the Heroes team.

      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

        • TechRepublicAlmaLinux 9 beta has arrived, and it means business | TechRepublic

          Since its inception, AlmaLinux has very quickly risen to become one of the best drop-in replacements for both CentOS Stream and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Of course, being based on RHEL, AlmaLinux benefits from a fairly high bar set by the Red Hat pedigree. And although on the surface there aren’t any user-facing features that will blow anyone’s mind out of the Linux water, AlmaLinux 9 still manages to seriously impress … even as a beta.

        • LinuxiacFedora 36 Release Has Been Delayed for the Second Time

          Due to some last-minute bugs discovered, Fedora Linux 36 has been postponed again with a new release date of May 10.

          The postponement of Fedora’s release is not something new that can surprise the devotees of this popular Linux distro. Many feel like Fedora is always late, but this is a misinterpretation of the process.

          Remember that rather than building software exclusively under the authority of the Fedora developers, they integrate thousands of components generated and maintained throughout the vast open source world, and getting everything aligned and polished is a significant effort.

          As a result, this makes adhering to a rigid calendar-based release schedule extremely challenging.

        • Red Hat OfficialWhat’s new on the Red Hat Customer Portal
      • Debian Family

        • [Old] LWNDebian decides to allow secret votes

          The Debian project has been voting on a general resolution that would allow secret voting on future issues. The results have been posted in unofficial form, and the winner was “proposal B”: “Hide identities of Developers casting a particular vote and allow verification”. One might think that closes the discussion, but Debian project leader candidate Felix Lechner is questioning the election and calling for it to be redone — something that the Debian constitution lacks provisions for.

        • GamingOnLinuxThe deb-get tool helps Ubuntu (and derivative distro) fans grab extra apps

          While there’s plenty of software available out of the box for Ubuntu (and all the derivatives), some developers only provide .deb downloads from their websites – that’s where deb-get comes in.

        • 9to5LinuxDebian GNU/Linux 11 Users Get a Massive Linux Kernel Security Update, Patch Now

          The Debian Project announced this week a massive Linux kernel security update for its Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating system series to address 19 security vulnerabilities discovered by various security researchers in the upstream Linux 5.10 LTS kernel, which may lead to a privilege escalation, denial of service or information leaks.

        • Xebian – A Blend of Debian and Goodness of Xfce [Review]

          A review of Xebian Linux Distribution which brings the Debian rolling release with lightweight Xfce desktop environment – together.

        • Its FOSSTails 5.0 Release is Based on Debian 11 With a New “Kleopatra” Tool

          Tails is a popular Linux distribution that focuses on protecting against censorship and surveillance. It is one of the privacy-focused Linux distributions.

          Without worrying about exposing your information, you can use it anywhere using a USB stick and get your work done.

          Its latest release, Tails 5.0, utilizes Debian 11 (Bullseye) as its base. So, you should expect all the improvements in Debian 11 in Tails 5.0.

        • Norbert PreiningNorbert Preining: KDE Gears 22.04 and Plasma 5.24.5 for Debian

          I have updated my OBS builds to contain the new KDE Gears 22.04 as well as the last point release of KDE Plasma 5.24.5.

          As usual, the packages are provided via my OBS builds. If you have used my packages till now, then you only need to change the apps2112 line to read apps2204. To give full details, I repeat (and update) instructions for all here: First of all, you need to add my OBS key say in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/obs-npreining.asc and add a file /etc/apt/sources.lists.d/obs-npreining-kde.list, containing the following lines, replacing the DISTRIBUTION part with one of Debian_11 (for Bullseye), Debian_Testing, or Debian_Unstable…

        • Incidental Canary Capabilities

          A large amount of vulnerabilities are addressed in the latest upgrade of Debian Bullseye.

          When I migrated my server I took the opportunity to split my setup into two servers: one for running public services and one for keeping my files and backups.

          The reason I didn’t separate them from the beginning was because for a very long time I didn’t even have any public facing services. Then I tried a few things out and just as every temporary thing in IT they became permanent.

          Apart from improved data security my new setup incidentally provides another opportunity in that I can now try new upgrades on my file server before subjecting my services to possible long disruptions. I’m very grateful to my past self for that.

      • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

        • Its FOSSRed Hat vs Ubuntu: What’s the Difference?

          Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Ubuntu are two of the most popular Linux distributions in the open-source world.

          Of course, they are different and commercially successful, but in what aspects? Who uses Ubuntu? And, should you consider using Red Hat Enterprise Linux for anything?

          Let’s explore the differences in this article. Here, I present a detailed breakdown that may help you choose one for your use case.

        • Michel Alexandre SalimDistrobox for Ubuntu (and soon, Debian!) :: Pensées de Michel — Personal thoughts and musings

          I’ve been a fan of distrobox for a while – it really makes it easy to experiment with different Linux distributions, and also to do packaging work for different distributions regardless of what’s running on the physical machine.

          It’s not only ridiculously flexible, compared to the Toolbx project that inspires it – the latter requires specially modified containers – but it also just consists of Bash scripts, with a simple installation script. Perfect for getting to grips with the idiosyncracies of a different distribution’s packaging methodologies!

          As such, I’ve decided to use this for my first Debian package on the road to hopefully becoming a Debian Maintainer or even a full-fledged DD. Will probably branch out to C and Python packages after this – which will then be useful at work for getting our open source projects packaged for a wider audience.

          The Ubuntu PPA is now ready to use; it is also uploaded to Debian Mentors and I’ll work on finding a mentor to review and sponsor its upload.

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • Libre Art Weekly-ish recap — 4 May 2022

        The most interesting thing going on with GIMP right now is the work by new contributor NikC and Jehan. They recently added CMYK JPEGs exporting and have three more related patches in the pipeline: correct CMYK TIFFs loading, CMYK TIFFs exporting, and a rewrite of the CMYK color selector to use the babl library.

        Please note that instead of using the preferred CMYK profile the CMYK JPEG exporter will use whatever softproofing profile you told GIMP to use (not sure why you would want two different CMYK profiles, but not using the preferred profile seems like an omission anyway).

      • Events

        • PostgreSQLPGConf.be : Speakers and schedule online

          PGConf.be 2022 will be held in Haasrode, Leuven, about 25km from Brussels.

          The conference will take place on May 19th, 2022. Registrations are open until May 12th, after that you can still register, but you will have to provide your own food.

      • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

        • Document FoundationLibreOffice 7.3.3 Community available for download

          LibreOffice 7.3.3 Community, the third minor release of the LibreOffice 7.3 family, targeted at technology enthusiasts and power users, is available for download from https://www.libreoffice.org/download/. In addition to the LibreOffice website, starting from tomorrow it will be possible to download LibreOffice from SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/libreoffice/files/libreoffice/stable/.

        • 9to5LinuxLibreOffice 7.3.3 Office Suite Is Now Available for Download with 88 Bug Fixes

          LibreOffice 7.3.3 is here five weeks after LibreOffice 7.3.2 as the third minor release of the LibreOffice 7.3 family to address more bugs and further improve interoperability with proprietary document formats. A total of 88 bugs were fixed in this update, as you can see from the RC1 and RC2 changelogs.

          These bug fixes strengthen the LibreOffice 7.3 office suite to provide users with better stability and reliability, as well as to offer them the highest level of compatibility with proprietary document formats from the MS Office office suite.

      • Programming/Development

        • DEV CommunityOOP a software development mass psychosis

          For 30+ years, software developers have been taught a mantra that over time has turned into more or less the declaration of faith required to believe in to be able to land a job as a software developer, and this mantra is as follows.

          “Object Oriented Programming is a good thing”

          When in fact 30+ years of history has taught us the exact opposite. For instance …

        • Python

          • The PyScript project develops a platform for executing Python scripts in a web browser

            The project PyScript, which allows you to integrate Python handlers into web pages and create interactive web applications in Python. Applications are given access to the DOM and an interface for bidirectional interaction with JavaScript objects. The web application development logic is preserved, and the differences come down to the possibility of using the Python language instead of JavaScrpt. The PyScript sources are distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.

            Unlike the Brython project , which compiles Python code to JavaScript, PyScript uses Pyodide , a browser-side port of CPython compiled to WebAssembly, to execute Python code. Using Pyodide allows you to achieve full compatibility with Python 3 and use all the features of the language and library, including for scientific computing, such as numpy, pandas and scikit-learn. From the PyScript side, a layer is provided for integrating Python code with JavaScript, inserting code into web pages, importing modules, organizing I / O, and solving other related tasks. The project provides a set of widgets (buttons, text blocks, etc.) for creating a web interface in Python.

        • Rust

  • Leftovers

    • The NationGladys Bentley
    • The NationDon’t Fear a Red Planet: The Story of the World’s Only Native Comic Shop

      On June 4, 2017, nearly 200 people descended on a quiet block in Albuquerque, N.M. While the Jir Project, a band from Cochiti Pueblo, played in the shade, visitors from across the state poured into Red Planet Books and Comics, which claims to be the only Native comic book store in the world. Outside, artists exhibited their work and signed books, and inside, comic fans browsed the graphic novels, children’s books, and nonfiction works—mostly by Indigenous creators. The store’s founder, Lee Francis IV, a member of the Laguna Pueblo, hadn’t expected such a turnout and said that he sold nearly all the books shop had. The warm, festival-like atmosphere and scores of fans had welcomed the bookstore to the community.

    • HackadayFlip Book Animations On The Inside Of 3D Prints

      We’ve all seen 3D printed zoetropes, and drawn flip book animations in the corner of notebooks. The shifting, fluid shape of the layers forming on a 3D printer is satisfying. And we all know the joy of hidden, nested objects.

    • The NationAn Intimate History of Hong Kong

      For about a year, international news headlines were dominated by mentions of Hong Kong and the massive protests that unfolded all across the city against a now-shelved extradition bill and for universal suffrage. Then the pandemic hit, and the Hong Kong government introduced a new set of national security laws that criminalized most forms of dissent, and the city all but disappeared from public consciousness. Karen Cheung, who is a veteran Hong Kong-based journalist, found herself not reporting on the movement, as such, but writing moving personal op-eds and essays for major international papers about what it was like to come out, consistently, day after day, to scream at a government you did not vote for, against policies you never wanted.

    • Counter PunchHaymarket, and the Last Address of August Spies

      It is October , 1887, Chicago. Through the courthouse windows August Spies, defendant, watches The great leaves slicing down, down, through the still air And ponders hanging. He is used to making speeches: knows how to drag words over the friction of truth Until it sparks, sweeps him away with a flame of fury, And sets the crowd on fire. Is this now different? Death sits in the Courtroom. He can hear a branch striking the courthouse bricks Or perhaps it was a stone. He shivers.

      Then, after swiftly scanning his notes,_ His Arbeiter-Zeitung articles: Strikes, police attacks on carpenters, Railroad workers, streetcar walkouts, Steel workers, the deaths –Dynamite! He spots brave black Lucy, wife Of co-defendant Albert Parsons Sitting on a back bench, and her words ring in his ears: “It is the only voice which tyranny has ever understood!” He rises to his feet.

    • Science

      • NBCAmerica’s largest cave figures discovered in Alabama

        Simek is the lead author of a research paper on the carvings published Tuesday in the journal Antiquity. It describes five of the largest figures found on the cave ceiling by a photographic study that originally aimed to record the cave’s carvings in case they became damaged or invisible.

        Four of the figures seem to be people wearing regalia, while the fifth is a coiled snake, possibly a diamondback rattlesnake.

      • New archaeological findings reveal prehistoric civilization in Tibet

        The Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China has unveiled new archaeological discoveries, offering some insights into the prehistoric civilization on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, also known as “the roof of the world.”

        The 46 findings were released during an event held in the capital city of Lhasa in early April. Dingqiong cave, located at an altitude of 5,000 meters in Zhongba County, Shigatse City, is considered one of the most significant discoveries from the Neolithic Age.

      • Royal Society UKAsymptotic burnout and homeostatic awakening: a possible solution to the Fermi paradox?

        We have outlined a hypothesis that planetary civilizations, virtually connected by their dataomes, may grow along trajectories toward asymptotic burnout. As burnout approaches, civilizations may attain the cognitive horizon to understand their trajectory and affect a reprioritization towards homeostasis. Either outcome—homeostatic awakening or civilization collapse—would be consistent with the observed absence of Type III civilizations.

      • Matt RickardCorrelation vs. Causation

        Correlation does not imply causation. A phrase that seemingly refutes most casual-non-causal statistical observations. The divorce rate in Maine had a 99.26% correlation with the per capita consumption of margarine from 2000-2009. Surely eating margarine doesn’t cause divorces.

        But is there a more specific reasoning other than correlation does not imply causation? Here are a few reasons why we might observe two correlated data that are not causal.

    • Education

      • QuilletteAcademic Exile, Two Years On

        So, I entered graduate school with progressive political views, but a naïvely optimistic understanding of how academia functions. At the same time, my enthusiasm was tempered by the speeches and writings of several prominent scholars who argued that academia’s leftwing political bias was starting to menace its own self-conceived mission. My prior experiences in the humanities had taught me that political bias could be a problem. When applying for graduate school, mentors even warned me that my keen interest in evolutionary psychology was potentially self-destructive. However, I remained galvanized by the potential of the university as an institute of knowledge, discovery, and learning. The dire warnings I was reading simply did not match my experience as an undergraduate in psychology. It would take only two years of graduate school for me to realize that the alarmists were right.

        Just as a man may not recognize that he is in a prison until he tries to break free, a scholar may not understand the taboos that confine him until he transgresses them. I saw the prison, but I did not really feel it until I tried to escape. Academia is much more pleasant than a literal prison, of course, and anybody in a position to complain about the encroachment of political biases on scholarship has lived a charmed life. Nevertheless, academia has become an intellectual prison, and many of the incarcerated professors were therefore compelled to live a dual existence. In public, they either endorsed the prevailing dogmas about race and sex or they kept their thoughts to themselves. In private, they could be more candid, and would sometimes even complain about the more extreme beliefs of their colleagues and pundits who would write about science in the prestige media.

    • Hardware

      • New ScientistWatch a swarm of drones navigate a forest without crashing

        A new navigation system enables a swarm of 10 lightweight drones to fly together without crashing into one another or obstacles, even in challenging places such as forests.

        Drones can compute their location and find a path to follow using a panoply of sensors, which can be expensive and unwieldy. Shrinking down a drone often involves getting rid of key components, impacting its ability to travel safely.

        Xin Zhou at Zhejiang University in China and his colleagues have developed a new method that reduces the size and hardware requirements of a drone while keeping its computing nous.

      • HackadayHealing Wounds With The Power Of Electricity

        Once upon a time, even a simple cut or scrape could be a death sentence. Before germ theory and today’s scientific understanding of medicine, infections ran rampant and took many lives.

      • HackadayA (Nearly All) New Commodore 64

        The Commodore 64 remains one of the most influential of the 8-bit home computers four decades after its launch, so not surprisingly there is a huge enthusiast community surrounding it. With so many produced over the years it was available one might think that there would be no shortage of surviving specimens, but sadly time and component failure have taken their toll and the classic micro is not always the most reliable kid on the block. Thus a cottage industry has sprung up supplying C64 parts, leading [The Retro Shack] to have a go at making a new one entirely from scratch.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • BBCUber loses $5.9bn as Asia investment values fall

          The firm said almost all of the loss was a result of the fall in the value of investments in businesses including two Asian ride-hailing giants – China’s Didi and South East Asia’s Grab.

        • VarietyTwitter Kicks In With Fox Sports for Exclusive World Cup Content, Announces Deals With E!, Condé Nast, WNBA and More

          Twitter’s biggest news was a new partnership with Fox Sports, which will produce and distribute exclusive content on the platform for all matches in the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (Nov. 21-Dec. 18) and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 (July 20-Aug. 20, 2023) tournaments. The company also announced new and expanded deals with E! News, the WNBA, Condé Nast, Essence and Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Revolt for the expanded lineup of newly announced programming (all available for marketers to buy against).

        • IT WireCybersecurity skills shortage creates extra cyber risks for Australian, New Zealand organisations: Fortinet [iophk: Windows TCO]

          In Australia and New Zealand, 52% of organisations have experienced one to four security breaches in the last 12 months and 18% have experienced five or more breaches in that time, according to the 2022 cyber skills gap report from security firm Fortinet.

        • IT WireNSW transport authority suffers second network attack [iophk: Windows TCO]

          Asked for his take on the second attack, seasoned ransomware threat researcher Brett Callow, who works for the security firm Emsisoft, said: “Transport for NSW was previously breached as a result of using a vulnerable file transfer appliance, and the data stolen in that incident is still available online.

        • Riccardo Padovani: Why you should contribute to GitLab [Ed: Better contribute to equivalents that do not push proprietary "premiums" to users of GitLab]

          Contributing to any open-source project is a great way to spend a few hours each month. I started more than 10 years ago, and it has ultimately shaped my career in ways I couldn’t have imagined!

        • TechdirtIntuit To Pay $141 Million To Millions Of Customers For Its ‘Free To File’ Bullshit

          We have a whole series of posts going back several years about Intuit, maker of TurboTax software, and its bullshit and misleading practices for fooling the public into thinking they can file taxes for free under the government’s free-to-file program only to deceptively convince them to pay for services instead. The highlights are that the company has people go through the full tax prepwork after luring them in with promises of free services only to claim they don’t qualify for free filing, and that the company does everything it can to actually hide the options for free filing, and then siphons fees from low-income taxpayers and military veterans. Just great people all around.

        • Pro PublicaIntuit Will Pay Millions to Customers Tricked Into Paying for TurboTax

          Millions of Americans will receive money from Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, as part of a $141 million settlement between the Silicon Valley company and all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

          The company will send up to $90 apiece to more than 4 million people who paid for TurboTax software even though they were eligible to receive it for free.

        • The Register UKTurboTax to pay $141m to settle claims it scammed millions of people

          Intuit will cough up $141 million in settlement costs and has promised to not make any misleading claims about its supposedly free tax-filing software, prosecutors in the US announced on Wednesday.

          Attorneys General Letitia James in New York and Herbert Slatery III 1in Tennessee led efforts to sue Intuit for allegedly scamming taxpayers with false advertising. All 50 US states plus the District of Columbia joined the lawsuit, and accused the tech giant of luring people into using its TurboTax software on the false pretense it would be free.

        • Pseudo-Open Source

          • Openwashing

            • Microsoft Open Source 3D Movie Maker [Ed: Using ancient, useless stuff for openwashing (not new things)]

              Microsoft has open -sourced 3D Movie Maker, a program that allows kids to create movies by placing 3D characters and props in pre-configured environments, as well as adding sound effects, music, and dialogue. The code is written in C++ and published under the MIT license. The program was developed in 1995, but remains in demand by enthusiasts who continue to publish films in 3mm format, as well as develop mods and expansions with the implementation of new scenes, characters and props.

        • Security

          • The Register UKUS Cyber Command shored up nine nations’ defenses last year [Ed: Microsoft Windows TCO or broken windows]
          • The Register UKBeijing-backed gang looted IP around the world for years, claims Cybereason> [Ed: Microsoft Windows TCO]

            Infosec outfit Cybereason says it’s discovered a multi-year – and very successful – Chinese effort to steal intellectual property.

            The company has named the campaign “Operation CuckooBees” and attributed it, with a high degree of confidence, to a Beijing-backed advanced persistent threat-slinger going by Winnti – aka APT 41, BARIUM, and Blackfly.

            Whatever the group is called, it uses several strains of malware and is happy to construct complex chains of activity. In the attack Cybereason claims to have spotted, Winnti starts by finding what Cybereason has described as “a popular ERP solution” that had “multiple vulnerabilities, some known and some that were unknown at the time of the exploitation.”

            Once ERP was compromised, Winnti sought out a file named gthread-3.6.dll, which can be found in the VMware Tools folder. The DLL was used to inject other payloads into svchost.exe, with installation of a webshell and credential dumping tools high on the crims’ to-do list.

          • Cisco has released a free antivirus package, ClamAV 0.105 – LinuxStoney

            Cisco has introduced a major new release of the free antivirus package ClamAV 0.105.0 and has also published patch releases of ClamAV 0.104.3 and 0.103.6 with vulnerabilities and bug fixes. Recall that the project passed into the hands of Cisco in 2013 after the purchase of Sourcefire, which develops ClamAV and Snort. The project code is distributed under the GPLv2 license.

          • Privacy/Surveillance

            • EFFDigital Security and Privacy Tips for Those Involved in Abortion Access

              Those targeted by anti-abortion laws can, if they choose, take steps to better protect their privacy and security. Though there is no one-size-fits-all digital security solution, some likely risks are clear. One set of concerns involves law enforcement and state actors, who may have expensive and sophisticated surveillance technology at their disposal, as well as warrants and subpoenas. Because of this, using non-technical approaches in combination with technical ones may be more effective at protecting yourself. Private actors in states with “bounty laws” may also try to enlist a court’s subpoena power (to seek information associated with your ISP address, for example, or other data that might be collected by the services you use). But it may still be easier to protect yourself from this “private surveillance” using technical approaches. This guide will cover some of each. 

              Developing risk awareness and a routine of keeping your data private and secure takes practice. Whether the concern is over digital surveillance, like tracking what websites you’ve visited, or attempts to obtain personal communications using the courts, it’s good to begin by thinking at a high level about ways you can improve your overall security and keep your online activities private. Then, as you come to understand the potential scope of risks you may face, you can narrow in on the tools and techniques that are the best fit for your concerns. Here are some high-level tips to help you get started. We recommend pairing them with some specific guides we’ve highlighted here. To be clear, it is virtually impossible to devise a perfect security strategy—but good practices can help.

            • Site36EU agency awaits requests for new maritime rescue drone

              The Maritime Safety Agency EMSA has signed a four-year contract for new drone flights. But operational locations are still unclear because required flight permits and approvals are causing problems.

            • ViceData Broker Is Selling Location Data of People Who Visit Abortion Clinics

              The company selling the data is SafeGraph. SafeGraph ultimately obtains location data from ordinary apps installed on peoples’ phones. Often app developers install code, called software development kits (SDKs), into their apps that sends users’ location data to companies in exchange for the developer receiving payment. Sometimes app users don’t know that their phone—be that via a prayer app, or a weather app—is collecting and sending location data to third parties, let alone some of the more dangerous use cases that Motherboard has reported on, including transferring data to U.S. military contractors. Planned Parenthood is not the organization performing the data collection nor benefiting from it financially.

              SafeGraph then repackages that location data and other data into various products. On Tuesday Motherboard reported that the CDC bought $420,000 worth of SafeGraph data for a laundry list of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 use cases. Google banned SafeGraph from the Google Play Store in June.

            • The QuintIndia Tells VPN Providers, Crypto Exchanges To Keep User Data for 5 Years

              The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has directed Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers, crypto exchanges, and other service providers to maintain customer records for at least five years.

              The body, which operates under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, added that service providers will have to hand over user information within a specified timeline, if it orders them to do so.

              The new directions will be applicable from late June, it said.

            • Tech TimesVPN Companies In India Ordered To Collect, Store, Hand Over User Data

              The new order comes from the country’s Computer Emergency Response Team, otherwise called CERT-in. According to CNET, this policy is likely to make using VPNs more difficult there. But it’s not just VPN companies covered by this new directive: it also includes data centers and cloud service providers.

              As for the type of user data that these companies are ordered to store for at least half a decade, it includes customer names, validated IP and home addresses, personal usage patterns, and all other information that could be used to identify people. Anybody who doesn’t comply with the law will serve up to a year of prison time.

            • CNETIndia Orders VPN Companies to Collect and Hand Over User Data

              The body, under the country’s Ministry of Electronics and IT, announced Thursday that VPNs in the country will have to keep customer names, validated physical and IP addresses, usage patterns and other forms of personally identifiable information. As first reported by Entrackr, those who don’t comply could potentially face up to a year in prison under the governing law cited in the new directive.

              The directive isn’t limited to VPN providers. Data centers and cloud service providers are both listed under the same provision. The companies will have to keep customer information even after the customer has canceled their subscription or account. And, in all case, CERT-in will require the companies to report on their users’ “unauthorized access to social media accounts.”

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Counter PunchSingapore’s Death Penalty Mimics That of Its Former Colonial Master

        Many of these colonies, while professing to be “anti-colonial” or even “post-colonial” have retained the death penalty after independence from the UK. To quote the Death Penalty Project:

        Singapore is one such former British colony retaining the death penalty. Last week it executed man– Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam, a Malaysian national with learning difficulties– for attempting to smuggle 3 tablespoons of heroin in 2009, when he was aged 21. Nagaenthran was sentenced to death the following year, and spent more than a decade on death row before his execution.

      • Common DreamsEU Proposed Russian Oil Blockade Aimed at ‘Deflating Putin’s War Chest’

        The European Commission announced Wednesday a proposed phaseout of all Russian oil imports over a six-month period as part of a fresh package of sanctions to make President Vladimir Putin “pay a high price for his brutal aggression” in Ukraine.

        The announcement came as climate campaigners continue to urge the U.S. and E.U. to respond to the invasion with policies and investments that boost renewable energy—a strategy that would address both the planetary crisis of global heating and Europe’s heavy reliance on Russian fuels.

      • The NationFinally a Change of Strategy in the Push for Brittney Griner’s Freedom

        For two months, the response of the sports world to basketball star Brittney Griner’s disappearance and then jailing in a Russian prison for allegedly possessing hashish oil has been near silence. For two months, we heard that the State Department was going to handle it. For two months, we heard that we were going to let the Russian justice system run its course, despite the shredded political amicability between the Putin regime and the United States. For two months, we heard from the WNBA that it was respecting the wishes of Griner’s family and staying quiet. For two months, we’ve seen most of the sports world, which would have been holding daily candlelight vigils if Tom Brady were facing years in a Russian labor camp, seem blasé about the whole affair. For two months, people have been begging the league to stop telling its players not to comment, that we needed to raise up Griner’s name and not stick our heads in the sand. For two months, the argument has been that without pressure, the US government would have Griner’s freedom low on its priority list. Now, with Griner’s trial on May 19 looming, at long last there’s been a change in strategy. There is finally a modicum of hope.

      • Counter PunchWar, Peace and Ukraine

        Just knowing that so many simple, common people are suffering so terribly is appalling. I was lucky in life, just months too young to get caught up in World War Two, then drafted in 1951 but sent not to Korea but, by pure luck,  to war-damaged yet peaceful Germany, then living for 38 years in East Germany, which never sent troops into combat anywhere. Yet I have always hated war emotionally, even when I felt sadly that taking up and using arms was sometimes necessary against severe oppression, in the US Civil War, in Spain 1936-1939, against Hitler, against invaders in Vietnam.

        But now, like so many others, I am sickened at what I see on my TV screen from Kharkiv, Mariupol – and from earlier attacks along the borders of the regions, or republics, of Donetsk and Luhansk.

      • MeduzaRussia’s maybe-mobilization The Kremlin’s spokesman calls it ’nonsense,’ but speculation is mounting that Putin is poised to expand the war against Ukraine

        Vladimir Putin may announce Russia’s full military mobilization at this year’s Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9, according to multiple state officials and media analysts in Europe and the United States. Only mobilization, in their view, would permit the Russian army to replenish its reserves and break the current stalemate in Ukraine. On May 4, however, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called this speculation “untrue” and “nonsense.” Meduza has assembled a timeline of statements made about mobilization in Russia, noting who said what and when they said it.

      • MeduzaStrength in numbers What would Finland and Sweden joining NATO mean for Russia? Meduza asks political scientist Kirill Shamiev.

        According to media reports, both Finland and Sweden are set to join NATO as early as this summer. If these two countries become part of the alliance, the total length of the borders Russia shares with NATO member states will double. To find out what Finland and Sweden’s NATO accession could mean for the alliance and for the Kremlin, Meduza turned to Kirill Shamiev, a political scientist specializing in civil-military relations. 

      • Meduza‘For Russia, Crimea is just a military base’ Meduza’s interview with Tamila Tasheva, Ukraine’s new Presidential Representative in Crimea

        The office of the Permanent Representative of the Ukrainian President in Crimea has been around since 1992. Before 2014, the agency’s main job was to make sure the Crimean authorities were adhering to the Ukrainian Constitution. Now, of course, its role has changed; its current main purpose is to maintain contact between Ukraine and residents of Crimea, providing services such as document assistance and consulting. Meduza spoke with the current Representative, Tamila Tasheva, about the agency’s work, Crimea’s history and future, and whether the sanctions that followed the Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea have been effective.

      • Meduza‘Grandpa, did you kill people?’ Meduza reports from the ground in the Donbas, the war’s current epicenter

        On the evening of April 18, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Russia’s assault on the Donbas had begun. Several days later, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russia plans to “establish complete control over the Donbas.” Meduza special correspondent Lilia Yapparova traveled to Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, and other parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to get a better understanding of how the war’s pivotal battle is playing out — and how it looks through the eyes of Donbas residents.

      • MeduzaUkrainian civilians evacuated after weeks of hiding in Azovstal steel plant

        On the evening of May 3, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine Osnat Lubrani announced that evacuees from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol had successfully made it to Zaporizhzhia. The operation to rescue the civilians, who spent weeks hiding in the plant without basic necessities, was a high priority for Ukraine’s leadership; on May 1, Ukrainian officials referred to it as a great success that they had achieved in cooperation with the UN and the International Red Cross. Organizing the evacuation entailed UN Secretary General António Guterres speaking with the Presidents of both Ukraine and Russia; eventually, according to the Ukrainian side, Russia agreed to a ceasefire.

      • Thanks, Dad: Russian general visits frontlines to pin a medal on his own son, who commanded attacks against Sumy and Chernihiv

        In late March, the commander of Russia’s Central Military District, Colonel General Alexander Lapin, awarded his son Denis, the commander of the 1st Guards Tank Regiment, with a medal for courage and valor during the war in Ukraine. Journalists at BBC Russia described the ceremony in an investigative report published on May 4.

      • TruthOutChomsky: US Is Prioritizing Its Jockeying With Russia, Not Ukrainians’ Lives
      • Site36EU Parliament approves: New Europol Regulation on the home straight

        The EU police agency gets a new legal basis after six years. The expansion of its powers is hardly matched by new possibilities for supervision. A parliamentary control group even proves to be a driver for the expansion of an already powerful agency.

      • ABCOath Keeper from NC pleads guilty to seditious conspiracy

        A North Carolina man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to conspiring with other members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group to forcefully halt the peaceful transfer of power after President Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory.

      • ABCNigerian president says hostages being used as human shields

        The conflict over access to land and water has further worsened the sectarian division between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation with its 206 million people deeply divided along religious lines.

        Those armed groups are now working with the jihadi extremists who have been waging a 10-year insurgency in the country’s northeast, according to the Nigerian military.

      • CBNFulani Extremists Kill 3, Burn Church Site in Latest Attack on Christians in Nigeria – Villagers Say Gov’t Doing Nothing

        The Fulani herdsmen, also known as the Fulani militia, are often radical Muslims who target Christians in their relentless attacks on villages across the West African country.

        They were early adopters of Islam, participating in holy wars, or jihads, in the 16th century that established them as a dominant social and economic force in Western Africa, according to WorldWatch Monitor.

        As CBN News has reported for the last several years, Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian.

      • DNA IndiaCommunal clash in Jodhpur over hoisting the Islamic flag, several injured

        Before Eid 2022, two communities indulged in stone-pelting late on Monday night in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, near the Jalori gate. According to a report in Zee News, a dispute arose between two groups over the issue of hoisting the Islamic flag on the statue of a freedom fighter, which escalated to stone-pelting. Many people have been injured in the process.

      • India TimesRioting in Jodhpur over flag; Net off, curfew imposed

        Areas within the jurisdiction of 10 police stations in the desert city spent the day of the festival under a curfew and a mobile [Internet] ban as the Ashok Gehlot government scurried to douse the flames in Rajasthan’s latest communal flashpoint. By evening, the police had arrested 97 suspects for the violence that had started around midnight on Monday. “Adequate forces have been deployed in the main areas as well as the narrow lanes of the violence-affected zones of Jodhpur,” said minister of state for home Rajendra Singh Yadav, part of a four-member team deputed by CM Gehlot to oversee the administration’s effort to restore normalcy.

      • Dawn MediaCommunal clashes mar Eid celebrations in India’s Jodhpur city

        According to Indian publication Scroll.in, the fresh round of clashes first erupted on Monday night as “members of the Hindu and Muslim communities threw stones at each other over hoisting of a religious flag in the Jalori Gate area”.

      • ANI NewsJodhpur again reports stone-pelting by groups

        On Monday, a dispute started over replacing one community’s religious flag at Balmukand Bissa at the Jalori Gate intersection circle with that of another. People from the other community objected to this move, which resulted in clashes.

      • NPRBurundian peacekeepers in Somalia killed by Islamic extremists, African Union says

        The African Union says a number of Burundian peacekeepers were killed in Tuesday’s attack by Islamic extremist rebels who targeted a remote military base in Somalia.

        The African Union condemned the attack and paid “tribute to the Burundian peacekeepers who lost their lives helping to bring peace and stability to Somalia,” in a statement issued Wednesday.

      • ABCWrongfully convicted Thomas Raynard James, imprisoned for over 30 years, speaks out

        “Once I saw the evidence and reviewed the case, it was pretty clear that a mistake had occurred, and I was pretty flabbergasted that he submitted that many appeals and they didn’t see the same thing… when you hear that it’s just mistaken identity due to a name. How can somebody be wrongfully convicted just based on having the same name?” Figgers told ABC News.

    • Environment

      • VoxTime is running out for Biden’s EPA to act on climate

        That process requires sifting through tens of thousands of public comments and amassing enough scientific evidence to justify the regulation. The Obama EPA showed what happens when an administration gets around to finalizing these rules too late in a term; the climate rules finalized in his last two years were reversed by Trump and the courts because they were either still in draft form or not yet implemented.

        All this becomes much easier if Biden gets a second term, but given his polling numbers, there’s no guarantees. Addressing climate change can’t wait out another decade of policy reversals by presidents from opposing parties. So Biden’s got to get as much done as permanently as he can while Democrats still hold power.

        That’s why, 15 months into the Biden administration, the EPA is at an extremely important turning point — especially if Biden is serious about his goal of halving US pollution from peak levels in the next eight years. The agency needs to finalize as much as possible by the end of 2022, and needs to do so carefully, allowing it to mount the strongest defense possible in conservative-tilting courts.

      • TruthOutAmericans Would Be More Likely to Vote for Democrats If They Pass a Climate Bill
      • Counter PunchLet’s Re-house Climate Displaced Families Everywhere

        To make matter worse, only the tiniest portions have been dedicated to anything linked to solving climate displacement. The world’s governments continue to spend minuscule proportions of their national budgets on climate displacement if anything at all. When they do allocate funds all too often the most costly of all possible plans are selected, much to the joy of the well-connected contractors who will haul in most of that. The world’s climate-displaced persons are already suffering and this is only going to get worse, much worse.

        Though many rightly look to the UN for climate displacement salvation, this has not and will not come. The vital role of the UN’s IPCC and many other engagements in the climate change field are indispensable to our understanding and then tackling climate change, but in practical terms, the UN has lagged far behind on concrete initiatives addressing climate displacement and thus far done virtually nothing concrete to assist climate displaced persons. The total number of UNHCR staff, for instance, dedicated to this issue can probably be counted on one hand, with few of those with any field experience working with climate-displaced communities. With some notable exceptions, private donors have equally failed thus far to put their money into projects designed to assist what is by far the largest group of displaced people across the world. Most international organizations ostensibly working on climate displacement issues have done little to nothing of real consequence to support actual climate displaced people, and tend to take highly academic approaches to these real-world issues, holding meeting after meeting and issuing report after report with little actual impact on the people forced by climate to leave their homes forever.

      • Energy

        • Counter PunchThe Establishment’s Obsession With Nuclear Power Just Won’t Die

          This is absolutely the right time for a new Energy Strategy. Unfortunately, we’ve got absolutely the wrong politicians in charge of it. In the UK, the combination of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak all but guarantees that the new Energy Security Strategy will fail on most counts.

          Careless Johnson and callous Sunak is a devastating double-act – with the inconsequential figure of Kwasi Kwarteng (UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) lurking around to pick up the pieces.

        • The HillNewsom moves to regulate [cryptocurrency] industry in California

          Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed an executive order Wednesday that aims to set up a regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry.

          The statement says California is the first state “to begin creating a comprehensive and harmonized framework for responsible web3 technology to thrive.”

        • The RevelatorOil and Gas Industry Tries to Hold Public Schools Hostage
      • Wildlife/Nature

        • NPRCondors are soaring again over Northern California’s coastal redwoods

          The birds can live for 60 years and fly vast distances in search of carrion, so their range could extend into several states.

          Federal and local fish and wildlife agencies are involved in the restoration project headed by the Yurok tribe, which traditionally has considered the California condor a sacred animal and has been working for years to return the species to the tribe’s ancestral territory.

      • Overpopulation

        • Counter PunchWe Are Toast: Montana’s Extreme Drought

          Having chaired the Governor’s Drought Task Force back in the 80s and early 90s, it’s grim business to hear the damage reports come in. River and reservoir levels dropping, wells going dry, crops desiccated, wildlife driven onto the last remaining green fields, and destruction of dewatered aquatic ecosystems.

          Extreme drought’s effects are widespread, as are the economic and environmental damages. When there’s minimal snowpack and little precipitation the entire cycle of use and recharge is disrupted. The “use” goes on— irrigators continue to dewater rivers, even going so far as to bulldoze stream beds into their own diversion dams to funnel what’s left of our world-famous trout streams into inefficient, unlined ditches. The fish, of course, follow the water; they have no choice. And when the rivers are finally so low there’s no more water for diversion, those fish die in the ditches.

    • Finance

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Blame Profit-Hungry Corporations Milking Consumers for Inflation

        The problem with our so-called “free market” is that it’s not free for you and me. It’s largely controlled by monopolies, which are free to inflate prices just because they can, without worrying that consumers will be able to flee to cheaper sellers. In turn, this market punch lets the noncompetitive gougers gleefully extract unwarranted monopoly profits. It’s a phenomenon that corporatists euphemistically label “pricing power.”

      • Common DreamsJD Vance, Backed by Trump and Billionaire Cash, Wins GOP Senate Primary in Ohio

        J.D. Vance, a venture capitalist who garnered national acclaim with his book Hillbilly Elegy, won the Republican U.S. Senate primary in Ohio on Tuesday, riding an endorsement from former President Donald Trump and a large infusion of campaign cash from billionaire Peter Thiel.

        Having decisively beaten Republican rival Josh Mandel, a fervent Trump loyalist who vied unsuccessfully for the former president’s backing, Vance will face off against Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) in November, a key race in the fight for control of the closely divided Senate.

      • Counter PunchHere’s Where I Get Kicked Off Twitter

        Beasley implores billionaires to dig deep into their pockets (which are very deep indeed) to help reduce world hunger.  Beasley called out Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk by name during his interview with Becky Anderson of CNN’s Connect the World on October 26, 2022.  Beasley said he was making a “one-time” appeal for $6 billion which would save the lives of 42 million people in 43 nations in Africa, the Middle East, and Central America who otherwise would starve to death.  Beasley said that six billion dollars is what Musk made in a single day from appreciation of his Tesla stock.[1]  Six billion dollars is a huge sum, but only 2% of Musk’s $300 billion fortune.

        Beasley heard from Musk a few days later.  On October 31, 2021, Musk tweeted to Beasley that “if WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it.”

      • Counter Punch“Debt Shaming” Has Dampened Democracy

        New York State’s recently passed $220 billion budget has me thinking about the broad acceptance of the idea that the wealthy are best equipped to make the decisions that are supposed to benefit the public at large. The state decided that it was a wise decision to give $650 million to the billionaire owners of the Buffalo Bills while turning a blind eye to the crumbling infrastructure, lack of decent housing, and struggling education system in cities like Buffalo. We have now reached the stage of capitalism where corporate-dominated governments are more willing to invest public dollars into entertainment than in the public good.

        Last month I attended a “debtors assembly” in Washington, D.C., hosted by The Debt Collective. It was the first time I publicly acknowledged how much student debt I carry – along with millions of other people. I am not alone and I have no reason to be ashamed. Not only was it liberating, but it got me thinking: what would municipal, state, and even federal budgets look like if we elect people who have had to decide between medication and student loan payments? Furthermore, what kind of talented and compassionate people would run for office if not forced into the shadows under the stigma and shame of medical, consumer or student debt?

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Biden Could Set Millions of Debt-Ridden Americans Free With the Stroke of a Pen

        President Biden campaigned on a promise to help relieve student debt. Now, after over a year of punting on the issue, he says he’s finally thinking about doing it.

      • TruthOut$50K Student Loan Cancellation Overwhelmingly Benefits Poorest Borrowers
      • Counter PunchAnother Raid of Deutsche Bank, Another Dead Whistleblower

        The raid comes just four days after the body of Valentin (Val) Broeksmit, 46, was discovered at about 7 a.m. Monday at Woodrow Wilson High School in El Sereno, just outside of Los Angeles. Val Broeksmit was the son of William Broeksmit who was found hanged in his London home on January 26, 2014. The senior Boreksmit was a senior executive at Deutsche Bank involved in assessing risk on the bank’s balance sheet. (See our report: Documents Emerge in Senate Hearing from William Broeksmit, Deutsche Exec Alleged to Have Hanged Himself in January.)

        According to a profile of Val Broeksmit written by David Enrich in the New York Times on October 1, 2019, the younger Broeksmit had obtained “a cache of confidential bank documents” left by his father that provided a “tantalizing” look into the internal workings of Deutsche Bank. Val Broeksmit was sharing the documents with the FBI.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • HungaryJustice Minister Judit Varga initiates modification of Hungary’s Fundamental Law
      • HungarySzijjártó: Despite the extended deadline, Hungary does not support the EU’s new sanction package
      • Common DreamsProgressive Champion Nina Turner Falls to Establishment Incumbent Shontel Brown

        Rep. Shontel Brown, an establishment incumbent whose campaign was boosted by torrents of super PAC spending, handily defeated progressive champion Nina Turner on Tuesday in the Democratic primary for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District.

        Outside organizations spent heavily on Brown’s behalf in the U.S. House race, a rematch of a heated special election that drew national attention less than a year ago. Tuesday’s contest wasn’t nearly as close as last year’s: Brown prevailed this time around with just over 66% of the vote.

      • Common Dreams‘All of These Guys Belong in Prison’: CIA Torture Described in Vivid Detail by Psychologist

        One of the psychologists paid tens of millions of dollars by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to oversee the interrogation of prisoners in the so-called War on Terror provided new details on Monday about the torture of a Guantánamo Bay detainee at CIA “black site” in Thailand.

        “Imagine the hell Mr. Nashiri experienced outside of that box that made him prefer being inside it.”

      • TruthOutProgressive Leader Nina Turner Loses Ohio Election to Establishment Incumbent
      • TruthOutTrump’s Influence Was on Display in Ohio Primaries as JD Vance Cleaned Up
      • Counter PunchLula’s Victory at the UN, Victory of Civilization

        “The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee reported on Thursday (28) that former President Lula (PT) was not guaranteed a fair trial, privacy, with political rights violated in Operation Lava Jato.

        The commission also considered that the ‘procedural violations’ of Lava Jato made ‘arbitrary the ban on Lula to run for president’. With this, the UN understood that there was a violation of the former president’s political rights, including the right to run for elections.”

      • Counter PunchKatie Taylor and Amanda Serrano Make History

        Katie Taylor’s career is almost unbelievable. In 2001, she competed in the first officially sanctioned women’s boxing match in Ireland. In 2012, she brought a gold medal home from the Olympic Games in London. In 2016, she turned pro and by 2019 she had five world titles. Further still, she spearheaded a renaissance in women’s boxing in Ireland and the United Kingdom, ushering in a new era.

        Taylor went into the fight on Saturday with a record of 20-0-0 with 6 knockouts. Serrano had a record of 42-1-1 with 30 knockouts. I predicted a draw in the lead-up to the fight and, though Taylor edged a victory on the cards, a draw would not have been an unjust outcome. In any case, the bout will likely be fight of the year. It is a fight that will go down in history as one of the greats, context aside.

      • Counter PunchPrimaries Test the Violent Dishonesty of the Right

        The crowd was whipped into a frenzy, the Big Lie about the election was red meat—it was their main course.

        Mandel described the work of the deep state, they weren’t coming after Trump and Flynn. Trump and Flynn were just caught in the middle, “the deep state is coming after all of us!”

      • Democracy NowProgressive Champion Nina Turner Loses Ohio Primary Race After Dem Party “Set Out to Destroy” Her

        The Trump-backed candidate J.D. Vance won the Ohio Republican Senate primary on Tuesday, while former Bernie Sanders presidential campaign co-chair Nina Turner lost the Democratic primary election for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District after massive outside spending and attacks by super PACs. We speak with Andrew Perez of The Lever about what Ohio’s elections mean for the future of the Democratic Party if it actively suppresses candidates like Turner who are critical of the establishment. Given that a majority Democratic Congress and sitting Democratic president have not delivered on campaign promises such as canceling student debt, protecting Roe v. Wade and passing Build Back Better, the party will be in jeopardy in the upcoming elections, says Perez.

      • The NationIt’s Time for Democrats to Do More Than Vote-Shaming

        Top Democratic leaders, who have failed to deliver on their promises on everything from climate action to student debt, didn’t seem prepared for Monday night’s bombshell report that the Supreme Court is preparing to revoke abortion rights nationwide. The ruling would strike down nearly half a century of judicial precedent, in the latest escalation of the GOP’s decades-long assault on reproductive rights. The next morning, New York Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, tweeted: “Democrats: We’re angry and hurt, I know. But it’s not about filibuster, size of the court or what the Senate hasn’t passed. It’s about Republicans, not us. We can save our freedoms. But, it’s November, stupid.” Despite their forceful rhetoric, not to mention their control of the House, Senate, and presidency, Democrats say it’s up to voters to vote even harder.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | The Democrats’ Secret Sauce for Winning the Midterms

        The beginning of May before midterm elections marks the start of primary season and six months of fall campaigning. The conventional view this year is Democrats will be clobbered in November. Why? Because midterms are usually referendums on a president’s performance, and Biden’s approval ratings are in the cellar.

      • Robert ReichThe Democrat’s Secret Sauce to Win the Midterm elections

        But the conventional view doesn’t account for the Trump factor, which gives Democrats a fighting chance of keeping one or both chambers.

      • TechdirtMusk, Twitter, Why The First Amendment Can’t Resolve Content Moderation (Part I)

        “Twitter has become the de facto town square,” proclaims Elon Musk. “So, it’s really important that people have both the reality and the perception that they’re able to speak freely within the bounds of the law.” When pressed by TED’s Chris Anderson, he hedged: “I’m not saying that I have all the answers here.” Now, after buying Twitter, his position is less clear: “I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law.” Does he mean either position literally?

      • India TimesWhite House to boost support for quantum technology while boosting cybersecurity

        The White House on Wednesday will announce a slate of measures to support quantum technology in the United States while laying out steps to boost cybersecurity to defend against the next generation of supercomputers.

        The U.S. and other nations are in a race to develop quantum technology, which could fuel advances in artificial intelligence, materials science and chemistry. Quantum computers, a main focus of the effort, can operate millions of times faster than today’s advanced supercomputers.

        Unlike a classic computer, which performs calculations one at a time, a quantum computer can perform many calculations at the same time.

      • VoxRevisiting the Christian fantasy novels that shaped decades of conservative hysteria

        That rhetoric might sound like sheer fantasy, but it’s increasingly becoming the dominant worldview of many right-wing US conservatives, especially white evangelicals. It’s also the literal plot of two novels by Christian fantasy author Frank Peretti, This Present Darkness (1986) and its sequel Piercing the Darkness (1989). Although not household names to many, these are very likely two of the most culturally influential novels in recent history.

      • The NationHow Democrats Can Win Over Rural America

        We need a new way forward that goes beyond the tired traditional campaign playbook. One of the primary lessons of how we won is through a new type of campaigning. It is on the campaign trail that we can and will build movements that shift our culture toward a more respectful, inclusive, and just path.

      • Eesti RahvusringhäälingEstonia expels pro-Kremlin hate-speech individual

        “For years, Esakov has publicly incited national hatred, spread Kremlin propaganda, collaborated with Kremlin propaganda channels, been one of the leaders of the immortal route, justified Russian aggression in Ukraine, participated in smuggling in eastern Ukraine,” Kapo added.

    • Misinformation/Disinformation

      • YLERussian [astroturfer] factory sets sights on Finnish news outlets, editors

        A total of four Finnish media outlets were mentioned in the Telegram messages.

        In addition to [YLE], the news outlets included the publications Keskisuomalainen and Etelä-Saimaa, as well as the Selkokeskus service, which provides news in easily understandable Finnish.

      • Counter PunchWhat Spin Doctors Do

        The top ten firms employing rafts of spin-doctors are companies, for which most of us have probably never heard of, namely: Edelman, Weber Shandwick, BCW, FleishmanHillard, Ketchum, Brunswick, MSL, BlueFocus, Real Chemistry, (and my personal favorite) Hill+Knowlton. They are ready to give the pathologies of capitalism a nice face.

        These propaganda companies – euphemistically re-labeled “PR firms” – employ thousands of communication experts. These firms seek to achieve what PR’s Godfather, the aforementioned Edward Bernays, had set out for them to do when he said:

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • TechdirtMusk, Twitter, Bluesky & The Future Of Content Moderation (Part II)

        In Part I, we explained why the First Amendment doesn’t get Musk to where he seemingly wants to be: If Twitter were truly, legally the “town square” (i.e., public forum) he wants it to be, it couldn’t do certain things Musk wants (cracking down on spam, authenticating users, banning things equivalent to “shouting fire in a crowded theatre,” etc.). Twitter also couldn’t do the things it clearly needs to do to continue to attract the critical mass of users that make the site worth buying, let alone attract those—eight times as many Americans—who don’t use Twitter every day. 

      • Debian Community News: Jonathan Cohen, Charles Fussell & Debian embezzlement

        Less than a week later and a greedy lawyer, Jonathan Cohen, a partner at Charles Fussell in London, has started formally harassing the volunteers. The WIPO UDRP arbitration service is the weapon in use. You can see Cohen’s vendetta in the WIPO database.

        Earlier this year a ruling from the ADR Forum confirmed that these attacks on volunteers are harassment and abuse of the UDRP. Rather than respecting that verdict, the lawyers have simply gone to a different UDRP arbitrator, WIPO, hoping to get another knife into the volunteers.

        The Google employees in Debian are currently searching for young women in Kosovo to work for free as volunteers at DebConf22. Most of these women earn less in a month than Jonathan Cohen is being paid for one hour writing harassment and defamation of volunteers.

      • The PrintDark tale of China’s sci-fi industry — how to remain on the right side of CCP’s censorship

        With a growing crackdown on creative expression that doesn’t align with Xi and the CCP’s worldview, the sci-fi industry is seeking ways to tell stories without getting censored.

        The Beijing central government has backed some aspects of the sci-fi genre, mainly the thematic focus on AI and the future of technology which aligns with the CCP’s agenda to ensure China’s rejuvenation.

      • VOA NewsCensorship of Hollywood Blockbuster Films Intensifies in China

        China is stepping up censorship of U.S. films as producers make movies with an eye toward pleasing Beijing yet without isolating the global audience, industry insiders say.

        The roughly 25-year-old practice of cutting scenes that don’t conform to Communist Party ideals from Hollywood movies has expanded.

      • RAIR FoundationSweden: Muslim Mob Charges From Mosque Attempting to Assassinate Islam-Critical Politician (Video)

        Paludan, a citizen of Denmark and Sweden, says he has the right to carry out the demonstration but acknowledges that it is a risky, even life-threatening, plan. Not only must Paludan face threats to his life by Muslims living in Sweden, but police do not want to risk their own safety protecting him: [...]

      • NPRDave Chappelle was physically attacked in the middle of his performance in LA

        Dave Chappelle was apparently unharmed after an audience member rushed the stage and physically attacked the comedian in the middle of his performance in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

    • Freedom of Information/Freedom of the Press

      • IT WireABC unlikely to decide news presenter’s fate before election is done

        The ABC appears unlikely to publicise any decision it makes about the future of news presenter Fauziah Ibrahim — who has disappeared from public view after she was outed for hosting public Twitter lists on her personal account of those she categorised as Labor Trolls and Lobotomised Shitheads — before the federal election is over.

      • The EconomistWhy oligarchs love European data-protection laws

        In theory I should be grateful rather than annoyed. The incessant pop-ups are the result of regulation introduced by the European Union in 2018 to protect the privacy of citizens online. The clunkily named General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was hailed by privacy advocates as an “incredible breakthrough” for ordinary people in the face of predatory tech giants.

        After learning how GDPR is used in practice, however, I am neither grateful nor annoyed: I’m terrified. Over the past four years resourceful London lawyers have sharpened the legislation into a weapon against journalists and anyone else who wants to subject their rich clients to scrutiny.

      • The EconomistPress freedom is under attack. It needs defenders

        How can defenders of press freedom fight back? An easy place to start would be for liberal governments to scrap archaic laws that criminalise defamation, which are still surprisingly common. They should also curb bogus lawsuits, as the European Commission is currently contemplating. Next, independent media need to find new sources of funding. Charities can chip in, as can crowdfunding and rich proprietors who care about free speech. Public broadcasters can play a useful role, but only if they have enough safeguards to be truly independent.

        In more repressive places the task is harder, but technology can help. Where reporting on the ground is too risky, satellite imagery and big data sets allow journalists to pull together stor­ies from afar. Free countries should offer them asylum, and a safe place to keep working. Where censorship is tight, citizens can use virtual private networks to access blocked content and online tools to capture webpages before they are censored.

        Journalists in free countries can help those in autocracies. Cross-border collaborations have exposed scandals such as Pegasus and the Panama Papers. The Washington Post’s cloud-based publishing system allowed Apple Daily, a beleaguered pro-democracy tabloid in Hong Kong, to keep publishing for longer than it otherwise could have.

      • Don’t Extradite AssangeJournalists launch a manifesto in Brazil against the extradition of Julian Assange on World Press Freedom Day

        On 3 May 2022, World Press Freedom Day, journalists around the world make it their duty to pay tribute to Julian Assange. Through his struggle, determination and example, Assange hasbeen instrumental to advancing knowledge and protecting the right to information around the world.

      • Don’t Extradite AssangeHacking Justice – Cinema Film Screening and Q&A
    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • The NationKathy Boudin’s Remarkable Journey

        I met Kathy Boudin in the visiting room at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in the 1990s. Her lawyer, the legendary defense attorney Len Weinglass, was working on her clemency petition and wanted me to write a letter assuring the Clemency Board that if it granted her petition, I would offer employment at the organization I led (the Osborne Association, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming prisons for the people who live in them, work in them, and visit them). I said I could offer Kathy a job only if I spoke with her directly to understand the work she wanted to do. Although Kathy’s parents and mine were friends—and we had many friends in common, and our kids went to the same summer camp—I had never met her.

      • TruthOutStarbucks Announces Wage Raises — But Only for Stores That Aren’t Unionizing
      • Common Dreams‘Smells… Illegal’: Starbucks CEO Says Unionized Workers Will Be Excluded From Wage Hikes

        Starbucks’ billionaire CEO Howard Schultz announced during a quarterly earnings call on Tuesday that the coffee giant will soon be raising wages and improving benefits for employees across the United States—except for the workers at dozens of stores who have voted to unionize or filed for a union election in recent months.

        “We do not have the same freedom to make these improvements at locations that have a union or where union organizing is underway,” Schultz told Starbucks shareholders Tuesday, noting that management must bargain with unionized locations over wage and benefit changes.

      • Common DreamsAttack on Abortion Rights Is Assault on Women’s Economic Security: Experts

        As the U.S. Supreme Court’s right-wing majority appears poised to overturn landmark decisions protecting reproductive rights, researchers are sounding the alarm about how looming abortion bans threaten to undo decades of economic gains made by women, with especially devastating consequences for those who are low-income workers.

        “Reproductive and gender justice are central to bodily autonomy and economic security.”

      • Common DreamsCisneros Calls on Democratic Leaders to End Support for Cuellar Over Anti-Abortion Stance

        Progressive congressional candidate Jessica Cisneros urged the House Democratic leadership on Wednesday to withdraw its support for incumbent Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar over his continued opposition to abortion rights as the U.S. Supreme Court’s right-wing majority appears set to overturn Roe v. Wade.

        “I hope Democratic Party leadership won’t stand in the way of delivering for South Texans.”

      • Common DreamsBiden Rebuked for ‘Openly Praising War Profiteering’ at Lockheed Martin

        While reproductive rights advocates across the U.S. Tuesday called on the Democratic Party to do everything in its power to codify abortion rights into federal law, President Joe Biden called on Congress to approve more military aid for Ukraine after visiting a Lockheed Martin facility to praise its supply of weaponry.

        Biden headed to Troy, Alabama to visit the factory where 600 workers have the capacity to produce more than 2,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles per year, applauding the facility for helping to defend “freedom and democracy itself” in Ukraine.

      • Counter PunchMen’s Voices Urgently Needed to Defend Reproductive Rights

        Men must understand that denying access to safe abortion is a form of gender-based violence. Controlling women’s reproductive choices is state-sponsored control over a woman’s body. If we speak out against all other forms of violence against women, we should speak out against this form of violence, too.

        Nevertheless, for many men who believe in gender equality, myself included, there’s been little of a consistent, sustained, male prochoice effort. We heard the maxim, “women’s bodies; women’s choices” and vigorously nodded. Then, many of us backed off from actively working to protect Roe, believing we could always reengage if circumstances became dire—if Roe was being threatened, right? Well, what the hell are we waiting for?

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Nine Practical Things You Can Do Now to Defend Abortion Rights and Help Women

        For the past seven years, I have been working to make abortion accessible across the country.

      • TruthOutNew York and Minnesota Are Poised to Join California as Abortion Safe Havens
      • TruthOutGorsuch, Kavanaugh & Barrett “Lied to the US Senate” About Respecting “Roe”
      • Democracy NowDark Money: How the Supreme Court’s 6-3 Anti-Choice, Conservative Majority Was Shaped

        What role did dark money play in the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade? We speak with reporter Andrew Perez about how conservative anti-abortion groups and right-wing extremists have funneled millions of dollars into promoting politicians and Supreme Court justices to ultimately curtail reproductive rights. A dark money network led by the Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo has spent at least $10 million promoting each of President Trump’s picks for the Supreme Court and another $10 million blocking Merrick Garland’s nomination in 2016, says Perez, senior editor and investigative reporter at The Lever.

      • Pro PublicaIn a Post-Roe America, Expect More Births in a Country Where Maternal Mortality Continues to Rise

        If the U.S. Supreme Court does as its leaked draft opinion says and strikes down Roe v. Wade, researchers expect that in the following year, roughly 75,000 people who want, but can’t get, abortions will give birth instead.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Of Barbarians, Breeders, and the Men of the New Old Order

        I cannot imagine what it is like to be a woman in the United States of America today. If I feel the blow of Samuel Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe v Wade in the pit of my stomach—and I do—I can only try to imagine how it must feel to have one’s own body assaulted, occupied, colonized in this way.

      • Counter PunchHow Roe v. Wade Changed the Lives of American Women

        The U.S. Supreme Court granted women an essential degree of reproductive freedom on on Jan. 22, 1973, by supporting the right to terminate a pregnancy under specific conditions.

        As a sociologist who studies women, work and families, I’ve closely examined how the landmark ruling affected women’s educational and occupational opportunities over the past 45 years.

      • The NationYes, We Will Fight for Roe. But We Are Also Mourning.

        “Hard is what we do,” new Emily’s List president Laphonza Butler told the hundreds of supporters gathered at the group’s annual gala—the first in three years thanks to Covid. It was supposed to be a celebration for this organization devoted to electing pro-choice Democratic women—of surviving Covid, of Butler’s new role, and of our first female vice president, Kamala Harris, the night’s keynote speaker. But after news leaked the night before that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade and crush abortion rights any day now, it also became a wake.

      • Democracy NowReproductive Justice Is Racial Justice: Abortion Doctor & Activist Facing Deportation Vow to Fight On

        As the leaked opinion showing the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade sparks protests across the United States, we speak to an abortion doctor and a reproductive rights activist facing deportation about what is next. “We will keep fighting for us to have abortions that are safe, legal and accessible to everyone, no matter where you are, no matter where you’re coming from and no matter what your income,” says community organizer Alejandra Pablos, noting the decision could have particularly disastrous effects on already vulnerable undocumented immigrants and border communities in Arizona. “People should be able to access abortion care as part of the general healthcare that a pregnant person or any other person would seek,” says gynecologist Dr. DeShawn Taylor about how criminalizing abortion affects medical professionals in the field, especially her clinic Desert Star Family Planning, one of the only abortion clinics in Arizona.

      • The NationThe Fate of Abortion Rights Rests Not in D.C. but in the Statehouses

        When the draft opinion of the Supreme Court’s anticipated 5-4 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade leaked Monday night, Democratic members of the US Senate, along with challengers to Republican senators, rushed to call for the codification of abortion rights. US Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) immediately announced, “If the Senate is going to legislate from the bench and turn back the clock 50 years on #RoeVWade, then the Senate needs to pass my Women’s Health Protection Act, and if we need to eliminate the filibuster to get it done, we should do that too.” Pennsylvania Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, a leading contender for the Democratic US Senate nomination in that state, declared, “Let’s be clear: The right to an abortion is sacred. Democrats have to act quickly—get rid of the filibuster to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act + finally codify Roe into law. We cannot afford to wait.”

      • TruthOutAnti-Abortion Groups Funneled Millions in Dark Money to Shape Supreme Court
      • TruthOutBiden Blasts Supreme Court Over “Roe” Draft Opinion Dismantling Abortion Rights
      • Site36European Court of Justice: Controls at the Schengen borders may not be extended arbitrarily

        Some EU members still control their internal borders excessively. However, exceeding the time limit of six months is incompatible with the Schengen Borders Code. Governments and the EU Commission must now react.

      • TechdirtSurprising Absolutely No One, Kansas Law Enforcement Can’t Accurately Track Forfeitures

        Cops love laws when they’re using them against people, no matter how esoteric or misunderstood (by cops) the laws are. When laws are applied to them, they’re far less concerned about being law-abiding.

      • Common DreamsWith Roe Under Threat, Sale of Location Data on Abortion Clinic Patients Raises Alarm

        A location data firm said Wednesday that it would no longer sell information about people who visit abortion clinics after reporting on the company’s sales raised alarm, but privacy advocates warned that strict regulation is needed to protect patients from such sales—particularly in light of news that abortion rights are likely to be rolled back by the U.S. Supreme Court.

        Vice reported Tuesday that data firm SafeGraph has sold sets of aggregated location data regarding people who have visited abortion clinics including Planned Parenthood, showing where patients travel from, how much time they spend at the healthcare centers, and where they go afterwards.

      • Common DreamsJustices ‘Frankly Lied Under Oath’ About Respecting Roe, Says Jayapal

        Rep. Pramila Jayapal said Wednesday that the leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court is on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade must be met with nationwide mobilizations as well legislative action to protect reproductive rights.

        Jayapal (D-Wash.), chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, offered that strategy in an interview with MSNBC in which she called the Justice Samuel Alito-authored draft “terrifying.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Abortion Rights Are a Labor Issue

        At this very moment, protestors are gathering in cities across the country to decry the Supreme Court’s looming decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that established a person’s constitutional right to have an abortion. 

      • Common Dreams‘Evening, Ladies… Where You Headed?’: Viral Video Previews Dystopian Post-Roe Future

        A brief video released as the right-wing U.S Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade and GOP lawmakers plot a nationwide six-week abortion ban has been viewed over half a million times on Twitter since Monday, when Justice Samuel Alito’s draft majority opinion leaked.

        MeidasTouch, a self-described “pro-democracy, next-generation super PAC,” is responsible for the one-minute video, which takes inspiration from The Handmaid’s Tale—a famous novel by Margaret Atwood that’s been turned into an award-winning television series.

      • Common DreamsAbortion Providers Fearful But Resolute as They Ready for Post-Roe World

        Following this week’s bombshell leak of a U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion signifying the likely reversal of Roe v. Wade, abortion providers said they are fearful yet resolute as they prepare to navigate an uncertain looming legal landscape where simply doing their job could carry profound risks.

        “We’re past a red alert moment. The house is burning right now. I feel exhausted and fucking angry.”

      • TechdirtData Brokers Selling Location Data Of Americans Who Visit Abortion Clinics

        With the leaked Supreme Court ruling indicating the court is poised to effectively overturn Roe V. Wade, you can expect a new wave of worry about the weaponization and abuse of consumer location data, as states increasingly seek to criminalize abortion — and those aiding others seeking such services.

      • India TimesIndian stand on Tibet has changed since 2014, claims Tibetan govt in exile

        Central Tibetan Administration president Penpa Tsering, on Friday said that India has changed its stance over Tibet since 2014 by not repeating that Tibet is a part of China. Talking to reporters in Washington, Tsering said that contrary to the belief of many people, that Jawaharlal Nehru made a blunder by recognizing China’s sovereignty over Tibet, India’s first Prime Minister did what was best for his country. “I don’t blame only Pandit Nehru for doing that. We understand that the national interest comes first for every nation and he did what he thought was best for India at that time,” Tsering said, news agency PTI quoted.

      • Indian ExpressTibet issue: Nehru did what he thought was best for India, says Penpa Tsering

        “With the benefit of hindsight, now many think that Pandit Nehru made a blunder. In fact, he trusted China so much that when China invaded India in 1962, some believe that he was so hurt that it’s one of the reasons for his death,” he said.

        However, Penpa Tsering told reporters that things changed in India since 2014.

      • ABCTulsa Race Massacre survivors lawsuit to move forward

        Fletcher is the oldest living survivor of the destruction that ensued when white mobs attacked the prominent Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Incensed crowds flooded the streets of what is often referred to as Black Wall Street, killing the prosperous neighborhood’s Black residents and demolishing their homes over two days.

        Fletcher said she and her family never returned to Tulsa after they fled the night of May 31, 1921. Her home had been ravaged by fire, leaving her and hundreds of others without any of their possessions and livelihoods.

      • NDTVTaliban Tells Driving Teachers To Stop Issuing Licenses To Women: Report

        Taliban officials in Afghanistan’s most progressive city have told driving instructors to stop issuing licences to women, professionals from the sector told AFP.

        While Afghanistan is a deeply conservative, patriarchal country, it is not uncommon for women to drive in larger cities — particularly Herat in the northwest, which has long been considered liberal by Afghan standards.

      • duvaRPegasus said to dismiss employee for drinking rakı on Islamic holy night and posting its photo

        Freight worker’s union Nakliyat-İş has announced that Turkish private airline company Pegasus had fired one of its employees after they drank rakı with other company employees on “Kadir Gecesi” (a night considered holy by Muslims) and shared a photo of the dinner on social media.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • TechdirtWho Needs SOPA: Judge Orders Every US ISP To Block Entire Websites Accused Of Enabling Piracy

        Almost exactly a decade ago, a few months after the US Congress rejected the site blocking setup of the SOPA copyright bill, which would enable copyright holders to force ISPs to block access entirely to websites deemed as being dedicated to “piracy,” we wrote a post about how it wasn’t even clear SOPA was needed when courts were willing to issue such blocking orders already. That was in a case around counterfeiting, where Louis Vuitton sought, and obtained, an order from a judge that demanded that domain registrars and ICANN effectively wipe certain website domains off the internet entirely.

    • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

      • Hollywood ReporterNetflix Hit With Shareholder Lawsuit After Disclosing Subscriber Loss

        In a complaint filed Tuesday in California federal court, investors sued the streamer for being overly optimistic about its business prospects by misleading them about losing subscribers. “As a result of Defendants’ wrongful acts and omissions, and the precipitous decline in the market value of the Company’s securities, Plaintiff and other Class members have suffered significant losses and damages,” reads the complaint.

      • HackadayTPM Module Too Expensive? DIY Your Own Easily!

        Since Windows 11 has announced its TPM module requirement, the prices for previously abundant and underappreciated TPM add-on boards for PC motherboards have skyrocketed. We’ve been getting chips and soldering them onto boards of our own design, instead – and [viktor]’s project is one more example of that. [Viktor] has checked online marketplace listings for a TPM module for his Gigabyte AORUS GAMING 3 motherboard, and found out they started at around 150EUR – which is almost as much as the motherboard itself costs. So, as any self-respecting hacker, he went the DIY way, and it went with hardly a hitch.

    • Monopolies

      • Patents

        • Common DreamsCandlelit Vigil Will Press Biden to Deliver Covid-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver

          To mark the anniversary of the Biden administration’s support for an Indian and South African proposal to temporarily waive patent protections on lifesaving Covid-19 vaccines and treatments, activists on Wednesday geared up for a candlelit vigil outside the White House to urge President Joe Biden to do more to deliver the waiver and press Congress to increase funding for global inoculation efforts.

          Following sustained international activist pressure, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced the Biden administration’s support for a Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) waiver at the World Trade Organization (WTO) last May 5.

      • Copyrights

        • Torrent FreakRIAA & Rightscorp Defeat Renewed ‘False & Fraudulent’ Piracy Notice Claims

          The RIAA and anti-piracy partner Rightscorp have successfully countered allegations that they sent ‘false and fraudulent’ piracy notices. A New Jersey federal court dismissed the renewed counterclaims of Internet provider RCN, which failed to show that it was financially hurt by any incorrect or incomplete DMCA notices.

        • Torrent FreakAnimeKisa.tv Shuts Down, Says That Pirates Don’t Like to Pay or View Ads

          A popular anime piracy site has thrown in the towel after issues with its funding mechanism could not be resolved. AnimeKisa had been receiving up to 20 million visits per month but its users preferred not to view lots of ads. The site switched to a donation model but when users failed to donate, the site was forced to switch itself off.

        • Creative CommonsEight case studies show opportunities, challenges, and needs of low-capacity and non-Western cultural heritage institutions

          The aim of the open call was to help generate a more global, inclusive, and equitable picture and understanding of open GLAM, highlighting the needs and expectations of a variety of communities and institutions from diverse regions and backgrounds. Eight successful case studies were selected, and in this blog post, we are pleased to share key highlights from each of them.

        • Creative CommonsOpen Minds Podcast: Damien Riehl & Noah Rubin of All The Music
        • EFFThe EU’s Copyright Directive Is Still About Filters, But EU’s Top Court Limits Its Use

          Under Article 17 of the EU’s controversial Copyright Directive, large tech companies must ensure that infringing content is not available on their platforms or they could be held liable for it. Given that legal risk, platforms will inevitably rely on error-prone upload filters that undermine lawful online speech – as Poland pointed out in the legal challenge that led to the judgment.

          The Court acknowledged that Article 17’s obligation to review content constitutes a de facto requirement to use automatic recognition and filtering tools, and held that such mechanisms would indeed constitute an interference with users’ freedom of expression rights. However, as with last year’s opinion of the Court of Justice’s Advocate General, the judges concluded that the safeguards provided by Article 17 were adequate. Because those safeguards include an obligation to ensure the availability of lawful uploads, an automated system that cannot “distinguish adequately between unlawful content and lawful content” won’t pass muster under EU law.

          The Court also highlighted the responsibility of rightsholders to provide platforms with “undoubtedly relevant and necessary information” of an unlawful use of copyrighted material. Platform providers cannot be forced to “generally monitor” user content to check the legality of content; that also means that they cannot be required to conduct an “independent assessment” of the content. If a platform ends up removing lawful content, users can invoke the Directive’s “complaint and redress” mechanisms.

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