Links 26/05/2022: KStars 3.5.9 and Chrome 103 Beta

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      • Finding the secret ingredient at Embedded and Kernel Recipes

        The City of Lights is shinning brightly again to welcome the community for a full week of engaging talks. After a two-year hiatus, the Embedded Recipes and Kernel Recipes conferences are back offering the latest embedded open source and Linux kernel developments!


        Both conferences will be held in person at the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation, part of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. While both events are now sold out, all the presentations will be live-streamed throughout the week. Stay tuned for links to view the stream!

    • Applications

      • LiliputingPlex HTPC turns your TV-connected PC into a media center (again) – Liliputing

        Plex has actually been releasing test builds of its HTPC app for a little over a year, but the software now appears to be out of beta. The new Plex HTPC app is also now available for Linux (previous builds had been Mac and Windows only), and the Plex desktop app (which doesn’t have a TV-sized interface) is also now available for Linux. Right now the Linux apps are only available as Snap packages, but Plex is also working on Flatpak builds which should allow them to be installed on more GNU/Linux distributions.

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      • New Blog Config

        As promised, on this post I’m going to explain how I’ve configured this blog using hugo, asciidoctor and the papermod theme, how I publish it using nginx, how I’ve integrated the remark42 comment system and how I’ve automated its publication using gitea and json2file-go.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install RGP Paper Maker on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install RGP Paper Maker on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

      • I failed to run nvidia-settings under my fresh kubuntu 20.04 installation
      • Make Use OfUnderstanding Capabilities in Linux System Programming

        Capabilities allow the evaluation of some important system privileges in a separate thread different from the current process. This way, you don’t need to run a program as root for it to access certain parts of the system.

        As a solution arising from needs, section 25 of POSIX.1e is about this issue. The development of the privileges defined in that section and more has been completed with the release of Linux kernel version 2.6.26. Here’s everything you need to know about capabilities in the Linux kernel.

      • Make Use OfLinux Signal Generation and Handling Explained

        The signaling mechanism in the Linux kernel allows running applications to asynchronously notify the system when a new event occurs. Because of its nature, this signaling mechanism is generally known as software interrupts. Just like hardware interrupts, signals interrupt an application’s normal flow, and it’s unpredictable when an application will receive a signal.

        Let’s dive deep into the signaling mechanism in Linux and understand what goes on behind the scenes.

      • How To Actually Change DNS Servers on Debian Bullseye

        I wanted to enable OpenNIC name servers to be able to find sites on their different top level domains. So I searched for how to do it.

        Oh my… Let’s just say I didn’t actually find what I was looking for. At all.

        The two guides I found both proposed the same solution: install resolvconf and add your preferred name servers to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head

        First of all: what? If there is already a system installed that determines the DNS servers used, then why should another system be needed?

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        • KStars v3.5.9 Released

          KStars v3.5.9 is released on 2022.05.26 for MacOS, Linux, and Windows. It’s a bi-monthly bugfix release with a couple of exciting features.

        • KDE does Google Summer of Code 2022

          Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global, online program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development. Like every year, KDE applies and aims to integrate more and more developers. This year, KDE’s participation in GSoC kicks off with nine fascinating projects.


          Suhaas Joshi will work on permission management for Flatpak and Snap applications in Discover. This will allow you to change the permissions granted to an application (e.g. file system, network, and so on) and also make it easier to review them. It is the continuation of his work during the Season of KDE where he implemented the display of Flatpak applications permissions on Discover.

          This year we have two projects to improve digiKam. The first one is from Quoc Hung Tran who will work on a new plugin to process Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This will allow to extract text from images and store the output inside the EXIF data or within a separate file. The plugin will also be used to organize scanned text images with contents.

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    • BSD

      • TechTargetIXsystems aims for the enterprise with latest OS updates

        IXsystems made major updates to the software for both its NAS and scale-out, hyper-converged operating system, aiming to position itself with other mainstream enterprise storage vendors.

        The vendor upgraded TrueNAS Core and Enterprise editions to version 13.0 with a performance improvement claim of up to 20% and a reduction in system restart and failover times. TrueNAS Scale, the hyper-converged infrastructure version of the software released in October 2021, received its first update, which allows for more complex deployments. The updates for TrueNAS Core, Enterprise and Scale are available at no cost.


        The last major update, 12.0, saw the merging of FreeNAS and TrueNAS into a single storage OS and a name change to Core, the community or free version, and Enterprise, the highly available, paid version.

        Version 13.0 brings the operating system, FreeBSD, from 12.0 to 13.0 and enhances performance up to 20%, which includes an improvement to scheduling threads, according to Morgan Littlewood, senior vice president of product management and business development at IXsystems.

        By updating OpenZFS, an open source file system, to 2.1, the vendor reduced startup and failover times for high-availability systems by more than 80%, Littlewood said.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • ZDNetCentOS Linux lives on in the new AlmaLinux 9 | ZDNet

        If you knew your way around Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) not so long ago, but you didn’t want to pay Red Hat’s support fees, you’d run CentOS Linux, an RHEL clone. Then Red Hat decided in 2020 that they’d no longer release CentOS Linux as a standalone distribution. Instead, CentOS Stream would work as a beta for RHEL.

      • Business WireAlmaLinux 9, Popular CentOS Alternative, Available Now | Business Wire

        AlmaLinux OS Foundation, the nonprofit that stewards the community owned and governed open source CentOS replacement AlmaLinux, today announced AlmaLinux 9, is now available for immediate download. The newest version of the popular CentOS alternative features functionality to make it easier to automate and deploy at scale, networking enhancements for cloud and edge and is more secure and faster by design via higher grade encryption and SELinux speed improvements. Based on Kernel 5.14, AlmaLinux 9 is the first release of AlmaLinux that stems from CentOS Stream through RHEL. AlmaLinux are proud contributors to CentOS Stream.

      • Red HatWhat’s new in Ansible Automation Platform 2.2 | Red Hat Developer

        Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a Red Hat offering based on Ansible that allows you to configure your systems via code, and version 2.2 is now generally available. Whether you want to install a framework, deploy an application, or tweak some network settings, Ansible Automation Platform is the easiest way to get the job done.

      • Red Hat Open Sources StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform

        Red Hat has announced the availability of Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes as an open source project: StackRox. The StackRox project aims to help simplify DevSecOps by integrating security capabilities within the development and deployment lifecycle, effectively shifting application security “to the left” in software creation.

    • Debian Family

      • NeowinLinux Mint Debian Edition 5 upgrades are now possible with the graphical Upgrade Tool

        The Linux Mint team has announced the stable version of the new Upgrade Tool which allows users of Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 4 to upgrade to LMDE 5 more simply. While this is currently only available for LMDE, the Linux Mint team is working to allow upgrades from Linux Mint 20.3 to 21.0 after that version has been released.

    • Devices/Embedded

      • Simplifying Arm deployments with SMARC Computer-on-Module

        congatec has announced its SMARC Computer-on-Modules based on NXP i.MX8 M Plus processor technology has achieved SystemReady IR certification within the Arm driven Cassini project. The project strives to overcome the barriers of Arm deployments by delivering a comprehensive and secure ecosystem of standards while providing a cloud-native software experience similar to an app store with easy download, install and run routines with just a few clicks. By employing software that enables hardware diversity and delivers powerful security APIs and certification, OEMs benefit from lowered development effort and time to market as they can now port and deploy their applications to the whole Cassini certified Arm ecosystem. Hardware with Cassini SystemReady IR certified bootloader is validated to run unmodified ISO images of Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE and Debian operating systems, making native software installation a simple executable task. Together with the company’s OS build services and build environment expertise on the basis of the Yocto project, OEMs not only gain instant entry but also efficient customisation services for applications based on its SMARC module conga-SMX8-Plus with NXP i.MX 8M Plus processor.

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • The Register UKBefore the web there was a hypertext service. Gopher’s back • The Register

      Gopher is a point-and-click internet protocol that predates Tim Berners-Lee’s WorldWideWeb. Although the web has almost totally replaced it, Gopherspace still exists. The snag is that, just as modern web browsers are removing FTP support, they long ago got rid of Gopher support.

      But all is not lost. Firefox users can re-enable it with a choice of extensions, including Overbite and Underbite. Chrome users could try Burrow. Rather than full gopher browsers, these direct Gopher links through public Gopher-to-Web proxies.

      Saying that, though, there is even a modern dedicated Gopher browser. It’s called Gophie, and as it’s a Java app, it runs on all the main platforms. Also worth a look is Castor, a modern Rust-based client for Gopher, Gemini and Finger.

    • Open source in the UK: Why it must continue to rise  – TechNative

      Organisations across the world have woken up to the value of open source software

      They recognise that non-proprietary forms of code can be both cost-effective and efficient. Interestingly, Red Hat’s recent report highlighted that 82% of IT decision makers are more likely to choose a vendor that contributes to the open source community. 

    • About The Standards Question In The OpenUK Survey [Ed: Now that the board of OSI has been ‘stacked’ by OpenUK, as explained by an insider a month ago. OSI became a marketing and cash register of private corporations, looking for openwashing and outsourcing ventures.]

      There is a question about “standards” in the OpenUK survey this time around. Why is it there?

      The UK is an important contributor to global standards. Many international standards were initiated in the UK, and UK experts are significant contributors in many standards developing organizations (SDOs). But how strong is the connection to Open Source?

      Despite statements implying a connection, standards are essentially orthogonal to Open Source and treating them as inherently related leads to serious misunderstandings. For example, the word “open” itself is understood differently in each. In standards parlance, an “open standard” is one whose development was open to all without discrimination, while to Open Source contributors, “open” means the deliverable may be freely enjoyed by all (used, studied, improved, shared, monetised).

    • Update on Niepce

      Here we go, when I started that project in 2006, I had plenty of ideas. I still have, but everything else is in the way, including me.

      Since there have been some amazing apps, like RawTherapee, Darktable, and possibly some other I miss, apps fullfilling some of the uses I envisioned for Niepce back then. Not to mention a few other apps that did just disappear ; that’s life, it’s hard to find maintainers or keep being motivated.

    • Web Browsers

      • Chromium

        • GoogleChrome 103 Beta: Early Navigation Hints, a Host of Completed Origin Trials, and More

          Unless otherwise noted, changes described below apply to the newest Chrome beta channel release for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Learn more about the features listed here through the provided links or from the list on ChromeStatus.com. Chrome 103 is beta as of May 26, 2022. You can download the latest on Google.com for desktop or on Google Play Store on Android.

    • Content Management Systems (CMS)

      • Hubert Figuière: New Again

        Old is new again. Apparently my blog was broken following a PHP upgrade on the server. tl;dr PHP 8 broke things and code had to be changed. I don’t do PHP so I had to guess (I can read it, patch it, but it’s a lot of tries).

        Anyway I decided to bite the bullet and use a generator. I use Hugo in other places, but I decided to try Zola. I the past I have used Jekyll but ended up having a bad experience with the Ruby install.

    • GNU Projects

      • Space Telecoms

        A real-time GNU Radio decoder has been used to receive and store telemetry almost every day over the course of 10 months.

    • Programming/Development

      • Eclipse Foundation and the Adoptium Working Group Launch the Adoptium Marketplace — ADTmag

        The Eclipse Foundation and the Adoptium Working Group today announced a new marketplace for Java SE TCK-certified and AQAvit quality-tested binaries. The Adoptium Marketplace, now officially open for business, was created to provide working group members with what Eclipse Foundation executive director Mike Milinkovich describes as “a vendor-neutral home where they can promote Java SE runtimes that meet specific quality assurance criteria.”

      • Rust

        • Concluding the events of last November [Ed: Rust is collapsing from within and is still issuing face-saving PR, just as people who resigned warned would happen...]

          With the moderators’ resignation in November, we (Josh Gould and Khionu Sybiern) had the mantle of the Moderation Team offered to us, and we caught up to speed on what lead up to this conflict. Their resignation became a catalyst, and we commited with the rest of the project leadership to do our best to solve the issues present and going forward.

  • Leftovers

    • David RevoyGeekfaeries 2022

      I’ll do signing sessions all the week-end, a talk about my FLOSS tools in the ‘Pôle Hacking’ room, and a Krita live painting tribute to Terry Pratchett with Pouhiou in the ‘Mind Palace’ room. I can’t wait!

    • Knights of the Crystallion, by Bill Williams

      A game released in 1990 for the Amiga, which managed to persistently haunt some non-trivial volume of my brain across all the subsequent decades. Today I dug it out again and finally completed it. To complete the exorcism, I will now tell you about it.

    • Science

      • gerikson: Re: Arguments against the metric system

        Societies before the current capitalist orders have measured. Measurement is central to everything from construction, to trade, to medicine… Every society benefits from accurate, reproducible measurements. Even in the future non-capitalist utopia, we still need measurements to ensure clean water, medicine, and the daily allowance of <strike>gruel</strike> nutricious energy slurry.


        uld. SI is not normative in that way.

        During history, coherent systems based on the meter have included [cgs] (centimetre-gramme-second), [MTS] (metre-tonne-second), and the ultimate victor, MKS-A (meter-kilogram-second-Ampere).

        Of course people adopt measurements that are “closest” to what they want to measure. We use *centi*meters for stuff like boxes, *milli*meters for small stuff, *deci*liters for food-related volumes, *hecto*liters for wine production, *hect*ares for land area, *kilo*meters for distance. So in each case, the meter is subdivided or extended into terms that fit the measurement domain.

      • Radio’s Ramp-Up With Hybrid Radio May Happen Faster Than You Think.

        (First in a series) It’s been 15 years since BMW became the first automaker to offer factory-installed HD Radio as an option across all its models. Today there are 85 million cars on the road with HD receivers. In November 2020, Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz S-Class became the first auto brand to implement Xperi’s DTS AutoStage. But the auto industry ramp-up for hybrid radio, on a global scale, will occur far faster than the adoption did for HD Radio.

      • Drones Can Automatically Track Targets in The Forest

        Austrian researchers have built an AI-powered drone that can follow moving things through thick forest. So much for retreating to the woods and surviving off the land if the robots ever attack.

      • For computer science in classrooms, the earlier the better | UCI News | UCI

        Legislators packed into the School of Education’s Digital Learning Lab listened intently to Miranda Parker, a postdoctoral scholar who will become a San Diego State University assistant professor of computer science in the fall. After she described UCI-developed software that allows young learners to create and learn scientific concepts, the first question she received from a taxpayer protector is predictable.

        “How much does it cost?”

        “It’s free,” Parker answered, “and we’re also working to make professional development materials available free online as well.”

        You could almost hear a “Wie bitte?” drop, because the 14-member delegation that came to the Digital Learning Lab for fact-finding mission on May 4 did not hail from Washington, D.C., or Sacramento, but from Munich, Germany.

    • Linux Foundation

      • Linux Foundation’s Site/BlogYour Path to More Knowledge and Opportunities [Ed: LF increasingly transitions into a diploma mill scam-like corporation, disguised as non-profit to support ‘Linux’ (it helps spread FUD against it)]

        I confess I am a lifelong learner – addicted to learning about new things and gaining new skills. So, when I started at The Linux Foundation, I was excited to see the depth and breadth of the training we offer (and employees have access to the catalog, so you should work here). It is truly impressive. And it makes sense. After all, the LF mission is to create the greatest shared technology investment in history by enabling open source collaboration across companies, developers, and users. Training is a necessary part of that.

    • Security

      • Bleeping ComputerBPFDoor malware uses Solaris vulnerability to get root privileges [Ed: Microsoft-connected sites obsess over privilege escalation while CISA discloses dozens of actively-exploited holes in Microsoft stuff in less than 2 days; nice deflection?]

        New research into the inner workings of the stealthy BPFdoor malware for Linux and Solaris reveals that the threat actor behind it leveraged an old vulnerability to achieve persistence on targeted systems.

      • Bleeping ComputerCISA adds 41 vulnerabilities to list of bugs used in cyberattacks [Ed: So many of these are in fact Microsoft! Watch how Microsoft-connected sites are spinning this!]
      • CSONew Linux-based ransomware targets VMware servers [Ed: This does nothing to explain how the ransomware gets there in the first place. The net impact is, proprietary software is affected. Also, the vast majority of ransomware is Windows, not Linux, but media helps manipulate perceptions.]

        Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered some new Linux-based ransomware that’s being used to attack VMware ESXi servers, a bare-metal hypervisor for creating and running several virtual machines (VMs) that share the same hard drive storage. Called Cheerscrypt, the bad app is following in the footsteps of other ransomware programs—such as LockBit, Hive and RansomEXX—that have found ESXi an efficient way to infect many computers at once with malicious payloads.

      • Google Cloud to Offer Security-Vetted Open Source Software [Ed: Google's priority is not real security but remote access by US authorities and their partners, so for the media to play along with the narrative Google disseminates PR money]
      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • TiVo aims to bridge CTV and linear for marketers [Ed: TiVo as surveillance capitalism company]
        • New York TimesThe Era of Borderless Data Is Ending

          Every time we send an email, tap an Instagram ad or swipe our credit cards, we create a piece of digital data.

          The information pings around the world at the speed of a click, becoming a kind of borderless currency that underpins the digital economy. Largely unregulated, the flow of bits and bytes helped fuel the rise of transnational megacompanies like Google and Amazon and reshaped global communications, commerce, entertainment and media.

    • Defence/Aggression

    • Finance

      • The Register UKFoxconn factory fiasco could leave Wisconsinites on the hook for $300m

        For five years, Foxconn promised and spectacularly failed to build a much-hyped sprawling factory near Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. Now, the area’s leaders may be saddled with $300 million in bond repayments that the Taiwanese iPhone maker had promised to repay.

        According to the Wall Street Journal, Foxconn agreed to pay $36 million annually across a 20-year term to pay for the surrounding infrastructure supporting the now-abandoned 3,000-acre site. Those payments are scheduled to start next tax year, and local leaders told the newspaper they’re counting on Foxconn’s cash to maintain the site while they try to attract another occupant.

      • The Register UKNvidia stock falls as China lockdown, Russia hit outlook • The Register

        Nvidia exceeded market expectations and on Wednesday reported record first-quarter fiscal 2023 revenue of $8.29 billion, an increase of 46 percent from a year ago and eight percent from the previous quarter.

        Nonetheless the GPU goliath’s stock slipped by more than nine percent in after-hours trading amid remarks by CFO Colette Kress regarding the business’s financial outlook, and plans to slow hiring and limit expenses. Nvidia stock subsequently recovered a little, and was trading down about seven percent at time of publication.

        Kress said non-GAAP operating expenses in the three months to May 1 increased 35 percent from a year ago to $1.6 billion, and were “driven by employee growth, compensation-related costs and engineering development costs.”

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Acknowledging the Impact of Social Injustice

        We pause to pay respects to the families and communities who have suffered the immeasurable loss of loved ones, as 10 people in Buffalo, New York lost their lives to yet another act of senseless gun violence and racism over the weekend. Together we stand with the Buffalo community, as well as the communities and families impacted by recent shootings, including those at an Orange County, California church and a Houston, Texas flea market. We acknowledge the impact of these acts on our community here in Bellevue, Washington, and we stand with our students and families who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

    • Monopolies

Links 26/05/2022: AlmaLinux OS 9.0, MooseX::Extended for Perl Introduced

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    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Things You Never Knew Your Chromebook Could Do

        Chrome OS began its life as a humble, barebones browser-based operating system. The Google OS-powered Chromebooks were designed to offer lightning-fast web browsing but not much else. Over the years, however, Chrome OS has matured into a complete desktop operating system in its own right (via Google). Chromebooks might not be as feature-packed or flexible as Windows or macOS machines, but their minimalist approach is their strength. Chrome OS has always been lean, uncluttered, and intuitive. But today’s Chromebooks are robust and capable while balancing minimalism with functionality; it’s how they evolved into a practical alternative to Windows and macOS, both of which have dominated the desktop market for decades.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • VideoLinuxFX “Fixes” Data Leak (Now Even Easier To Compromise!) – Invidious

        LinuxFX, a Windows 11 clone, has always seemed a bit “shady” to me. .A couple of days ago, an article was published detailing how unbelievably easier it was to access all of the data in LinuxFX’s user database. It was so easy to access that it’s hard to really take this distro seriously anymore. And now it gets worse. They “fixed” the previous issue…by making it even easier to compromise the database!

    • Applications

      • OMG UbuntuPlex Desktop App Debuts on Linux as a Snap – OMG! Ubuntu!

        Plex fans may be interested to hear that an official Plex Desktop app for Linux is now available to install from the Snap Store.

        Alongside the debut of its Linux desktop app (more on that in a second) is a ‘buttery smooth’ TV mode in Plex HTPC (pictured above) with a powerful playback engine and a UI that scales up to 10 feet.

        In a blog post the company describes this addition to Plex HTPC as “…the true spiritual successor to [Plex Media Player] TV mode,” referencing its much-loved (but old) ‘Plex Meda Player’ tool some users weren’t keen to move on from.

        Designed for the big-screen, Plex HTPC includes a compliment of features centred around a home theatre setup, including remote controller/gamepad support, input mapping, refresh rate switching, multi-channel audio, and more.

        It’s easy to forget how ubiquitous “local” home theatre set-ups were prior to the ‘on demand streaming’ era. In a world where most of what we watch or listen to is hosted on “cloud” servers (and thus readily available across devices) the need for dedicated PC-based setups like Plex feels narrower — but it’s clearly not non-existent.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • TechRepublicHow to set a static IP address on Debian server | TechRepublic

        Debian is one of the most reliable operating systems on the planet. Its slower release cycle means each iteration gets plenty of attention before each release. And Debian isn’t just for desktops. In fact, Debian has been deployed as a server for years.

        The one thing many new admins might find with deploying Debian as a server is that setting an IP address isn’t exactly as intuitive as other distributions. RHEL-based Linux distributions have the nmtui ncurses tools for configuring network connections, and Ubuntu-based distributions have netplan. With Debian, setting a static IP address is a bit more old-school, so I’m going to show you how it’s done.

      • TechRadarBuild your own search engine with YaCy

        Mainstream search engines like Google are pretty good at what they do, but many people choose not to use them because of privacy concerns. Then there are those who are concerned about content falling through the cracks just because the creator hasn’t followed the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO).

        YaCy (opens in new tab), an open source distributed search engine, works pretty much like its mainstream peers, but doesn’t suffer from any of their ills. YaCy uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, so every user running an instance of the search engine joins in the effort to index the internet. The index is distributed and redundant across all YaCy users.

      • Building a cheap, slow & less powerful Home NAS (network attached storage)

        I want to build a home NAS and I do not want any branded NAS-solutions like Synology etc.

        The last time I actually built a computer was before cell-phones existed, so I am completely lost when I look at motherboard- and CPU-specs now; and therefore need help.

        I want to use Openmediavault for this.

      • VideoHow to install Ultramarine Linux 36 – Invidious

        In this video, I am going to show how to install Ultramarine Linux 36.

      • 10 Useful Things After Installing Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        Welcome Ubuntu 22.04 and congratulations to the user community in every country! And now this is the traditional what to do after installing Jammy Jellyfish we’d love to present to everybody. We hope this helps you a lot!

      • MakeTech Easier7 Useful Cron Alternatives For Linux – Make Tech Easier

        For those who are familiar with the Unix system, you will also be familiar with the cron application that allows you to schedule and automate tasks to run on their own. We even have tutorials that show you how to get started with cron and crontabs. However, cron is not perfect, as it requires your system to be running 24 hours a day. If you have a habit of turning off your computer at night, and a cron job is scheduled in the sleeping hours, the task won’t be executed. Luckily, there are several cron alternatives that can do a better job than cron. Let’s check them out.

      • ID RootHow To Install WordPress on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install WordPress on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, WordPress is one of the most popular website-building tools. It is open-source CMS and works well with almost any web hosting service, making it one of the easiest to install and use for building any type of website.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the WordPress content management systems on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • ID RootHow To Set Static IP Address on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to set a static IP address on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, After installing Ubuntu 22.04 the default network interface comes two main options. You can either obtain an IP address automatically with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), or configure the system to use a static IP address, which never changes.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Zoom on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • H2S MediaHow to use Google Two-Factor Authentication with Ubuntu 22.04

        Secure your system’s sudo login by installing and enabling a two-factor authentication tool called Google Authenticator PAM module on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish.

        Although our accounts are protected with username and password login methods, however, to add an extra layer of protection we can use 2FA (Two-factor authentication method). This ensures without the supply of an additional security code the user won’t be able to log in.

      • HowTo GeekHow to Let Linux Scripts Detect They’re Running in Virtual Machines

        Virtual machines try really hard to convince their operating systems that they’re running on physical hardware. So can you tell from the Linux command line if the computer is physical or virtual?

      • Linux CapableHow to Install qBittorrent on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        qBittorrent is a cross-platform free and open-source BitTorrent client. The following tutorial will show you how to install the desktop GUI or the headless server versions using the latest PPA version on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

      • How To Reset Root Password On RHEL 9 | Tips On UNIX

        This step-by-step tutorial will be helpful for beginners to reset root password on RHEL 9 and Fedora systems.

        Note:- Below mentioned steps are officially tested on RHEL 9 and Fedora 36 servers.

      • How to Encrypt Full Disk While Installing Ubuntu 22.04 [Ed: Updated, but not new]

        Linux distributions have done a great job to get additional protection by bringing full disk encryption and being the market leader.

        Ubuntu also is bundled with numerous features and disk encryption is one of them. Enabling full disk encryption is crucial for those who want to secure their private data at any cost even if your device is stolen as it requires you to enter the passcode at each boot.

      • How to Update Kernel in Linux Mint 20

        The Kernel is one of the most important parts of a Linux distribution. That’s why many people wonder how to have a newer version. Today, you will learn in this post how to update kernel in Linux Mint.

      • TechRepublicHow to install fail2ban on Ubuntu Server 22.04: Jammy Jellyfish | TechRepublic

        Jack Wallen walks you through the process of installing fail2ban on Ubuntu Server 22.04 to prevent malicious login attempts.

        Fail2ban is one of the first things you should install on your new Linux server deployments. Once deployed, fail2ban works to prevent malicious and brute force login attacks and can be used to monitor protocols such as HTTP, SSH and FTP.

        If fail2ban detects a malicious login attempt, it will automatically block the offending IP address, so whoever is attempting the attack will be prevented from gaining access.

        I’m going to walk you through the process of installing fail2ban on the latest release of Ubuntu Server (22.04, also known as Jammy Jellyfish).

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • KDE Frameworks – Part 3 – KDAB

          Every sizable project has a ‘utils’ file or folder that contains functionality that is needed more than once but too small to be a library. KDE is no different, except we want to share our ‘utils’ folder across hundreds of projects. This is where the KCoreAddons framework comes into play. The name comes from the fact that it consists of addons to QtCore, extending existing functionality from it or implementing things that are missing. Let’s look at what it offers.

        • Example Projects

          In the face of a growing feature set in any project, getting started becomes harder and harder for new users. This problem is common for many software applications, and LabPlot is no exception. To overcome this problem we’re investing more resources into creating documentation in general, and introductory articles in particular.

          We’re also working on a set of short videos that introduce LabPlot’s wide range of core features and aspects.

          Finally, in our effort to make LabPlot more accessible for everybody, in our latest release, we added a set of example projects that are installed together with the application and that will provide you with a way to see how certain things can be implemented in LabPlot, as well as help you explore the available feature set and learn more about it.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • MusicDir: Download music as if it were alpine packages.

      Instead of packaging copyright-encumbered music, though, I’m only packaging music which is available under a creative commons license. If you want to take back the creative commons, start supporting it with your ears! I guess you could also produce CC-licensed music if you like.

      MusicDir is a project to create and package music downloaded from the internet using alpine build scripts.
      If you’ve ever contributed to alpine linux packaging, you may find the process rewarding.
      If you haven’t contributed to alpine linux packaging, but want to, this might be a good project to get your feet wet in? Though I certainly don’t have the greatest documentation at the current time.

    • Barry KaulerEasyOS without container support

      I have implemented this in woofQ; however, have not “burnt the bridges” — there is a global variable, to choose whether to have containers or not, in woofQ when Easy is being built. The variable is “EOS_SUPPORT_CONTAINERS”, and it is set in file ‘build-choices’.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • AlmaLinux 9.0 Release Notes

        These are the release notes for AlmaLinux OS 9.0 for x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le and s390x architectures, codename Emerald Puma.

      • AlmaLinux 9 Now Available! – AlmaLinux OS Blog

        AlmaLinux OS 9.0 is based on upstream kernel version 5.14 and contains enhancements around cloud and container development and improvements to the web console (cockpit). This release also delivers enhancements for security and compliance, including additional security profiles, greatly improved SELinux performance and user authentication logs. Other various updates include Python 3.9, GCC 11 and the latest versions of LLVM, Rust and Go compilers to make modernizing the applications faster and easier. You can read more about it by checking out the Release Notes.

      • LinuxiacAlmaLinux 9 Is Now Available for Download, This Is What’s New

        One week after RHEL 9, based on Kernel 5.14, AlmaLinux 9 (Emerald Puma) is the first release of AlmaLinux that stems from CentOS Stream through RHEL.

        AlmaLinux has emerged as a popular replacement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s free version since CentOS’s entry into the “stream.” AlmaLinux 9 (Emerald Puma) is the OS’s fifth stable release, proving the AlmaLinux Foundation’s commitment to delivering on its promises.

        The distro has millions of downloads from a network of over 200 mirrors worldwide and powers projects by US government agencies, the defense sector, CERN particle accelerators, business applications across a wide range of enterprises, and software development at GitLab and the web hosting industry.

      • 9to5LinuxAlmaLinux 9 Officially Released, Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

        Powered by Linux 5.14 LTS kernel series and based on and fully compatible with the recently-released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 operating system, AlmaLinux 9 is here as the first release of AlmaLinux that stems from CentOS Stream through RHEL.

        AlmaLinux 9 introduces new functionality that makes it easier to automate and deploy at scale, networking enhancements for cloud and edge through the addition of more performance metrics in Web Cockpit, access to information to identify bottlenecks, the ability to apply kernel live patching inside Web Cockpit, and much more.

      • PhoronixAlmaLinux 9.0 Released As Community, Free Alternative To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0
      • Red Hat OfficialCustomer success stories: Red Hat helps scale automation efforts, 2022 Red Hat Innovation Awards, and more

        In this month’s customer success highlights, you’ll learn how Red Hat solutions and services helped three organizations achieve their goals in three very different types of digital transformation projects.

      • Red Hat OfficialReplacing batch data with real-time streams processing

        The extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data is one of the most common processes used in enterprise organizations to deal with large amounts of data. It is a very effective method for preparing batch data for analysis, often requiring days from data capture to business insights. However, modern digital experiences delivered by enterprise organizations today put ETL and batch processing at risk, since it fails to deliver actionable results in minutes.

      • Enterprisers ProjectIT leadership: 5 essential soft skills

        People sometimes view technical jobs as entirely different from core business roles, assuming that tech and IT employees are squarely focused on hard skills whereas other employees are more focused on soft skills. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially in today’s changed work environment.

        In addition to changes brought on by automation, the Great Resignation has left many IT leaders scrambling to change their leadership and management approach in order to retain employees and foster a more positive workplace – one that affirms employees’ desires for a different way of working and living, removed from a culture of burnout and stress. And while this emphasis on soft skills has penetrated the general workplace conversation, tech has lagged behind for too long. It’s time for IT and tech leaders to jump in and further engage with their employees and team members.

        While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this, IT leaders must become more people-oriented and focus on increasing emotional intelligence. Here are five soft skills every IT leader should sharpen to improve communication and decision-making and enhance team productivity.

      • Enterprisers ProjectHybrid work: 4 ways to strengthen teams and boost productivity

        Many businesses, however, are not reinstating business as usual. Instead, they’re going the hybrid work route, where employees will work both on-site and remote. While this appears to be the present and future of work, hybrid also presents its fair share of challenges – most notably, cultivating a cohesive environment that fosters teamwork.

        As companies shift to hybrid work, we need to redefine teamwork to ensure every employee is happy and productive, whether they’re in the office or remote. Here are four ways to promote better teamwork in a hybrid world.

      • Red Hat OfficialWhich RHEL versions and architectures are supported as client systems managed by Red Hat Satellite server?

        We’ve recently updated the Knowledge Base article documenting the RHEL versions and architectures supported by Red Hat Satellite server.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • UbuntuHow are we improving Firefox snap performance? Part 1 | Ubuntu

        Ubuntu Desktop aims to deliver an open source operating system, available to everyone that just works for whatever they need. With Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, we believe we’ve come closer than ever to achieving that goal. However, as always, there are still a number of areas we want to improve to deliver the highest quality user experience. One of those areas is our default browser, Firefox, which transitioned to being distributed as a snap with Ubuntu 21.10.

        To understand this decision, I want to focus on the ‘just works’ part of my opening statement. The Firefox snap offers a number of benefits to daily users of Ubuntu as well as a range of other Linux distributions. It improves security, delivers cross-release compatibility and shortens the time for improvements from Mozilla to get into the hands of users.

        Currently, that decision has trade-offs when it comes to performance, most notably in Firefox’s first launch after a system reboot. A part of this is due to the inherent nature of sandboxing, however we feel there is still significant opportunity to improve start-up times across the board. We want to share the results of some of those investigations today, as well as highlight some recent meaningful changes in this area

        This is an ongoing journey, and this blog article will be the first in a series as we update you on our progress.

        Ultimately, the real test will be how you, the user, experience these updates as they land. At the end of this post, we’ve put together some tools to help you keep track of the snap performance on your own machines. If you still have questions you can also join us tomorrow for our monthly Ubuntu Desktop Team Indaba, where this topic will be our main focus.

      • Lubuntu Kinetic Kudu 22.10 Artwork Contest – Lubuntu

        The Lubuntu Team is pleased to announce we are running a Kinetic Kudu artwork competition, giving you, our community, the chance to submit, and get your favorite wallpapers for both the desktop and the greeter/login screen (SDDM) included in the Lubuntu 22.10 release.

      • UbuntuCharmed Ceph and Hybrid Clouds at Cephalocon 2022

        In just a few weeks Cephalocon will be held in Portland at the Oregon Convention Center, as well as online for those unable to travel. After a pandemic induced hiatus, this will be the first gathering of Ceph developers and users in 3 years.

        Among the attendees, you will be able to meet the Canonical team, and be able to discuss the benefits of using Charmed Ceph for all of your storage needs, in private clouds, stand-alone, and cloud-adjacent settings.

    • Devices/Embedded

      • First camera samples from the PinePhone Pro revealed

        So far, cameras on Linux phones have been known for their extremely basic results. Lacking good sensors, premium optics, and most importantly good post-processing capabilities, the PinePhone’s, extremely basic sensor cannot often offer the shots one would expect. Even on the Librem 5, which uses a somewhat better Samsung sensor, users often need heavy manual configurations to get basic shots.

        However, the PinePhone Pro will include a respectable Sony IMX258 sensor, not unlike that used on many older Android devices, including the LG G6. This model in particular is one of the few Sonys with a working driver in the mainline kernel.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

    • Programming/Development

      • MedevelAimybox: an open-source voice assistant SDK

        Aimybox is an open source voice assistant SDK, provided by Just AI, a compny specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding.

        Aimybox offers a ready to use UI that enables you to create your own voice assistant and embed it into any application or device like robots or Raspberry Pi.

      • Perl / Raku

        • Introducing MooseX::Extended for Perl [Ed: It ought to delete GitHub. Improper hosting choice.]

          If you’re waiting for the Corinna OOP project to land in the Perl core, you’ll have to wait. Paul Evans will start working on the implementation after Perl version 5.36 is released. However, it’s a lot of work and it’s not clear that if it will be ready by 5.38 and even then, it will be experimental. You’ve a couple of years to wait.

          To bridge the gap, I’ve released MooseX::Extended . It’s not really “Corinna-lite” because the way Moose works and the way Corinna works aren’t quite compatible, but it will make your Moose code easier to write.

      • Python

        • InfoWorld9 nifty libraries for profiling Python code | InfoWorld

          Every programming language has two kinds of speed: speed of development, and speed of execution. Python has always favored writing fast versus running fast. Although Python code is almost always fast enough for the task, sometimes it isn’t. In those cases, you need to find out where and why it lags, and do something about it.

          A well-respected adage of software development, and engineering generally, is “Measure, don’t guess.” With software, it’s easy to assume what’s wrong, but never a good idea to do so. Statistics about actual program performance are always your best first tool in the pursuit of making applications faster.

  • Leftovers

    • Metric paper

      Metric paper sizes were chosen to avoid this by using an aspect ration of √2/1 (≈ 1.41). When you cut a sheet of A4 paper in half (across its shortest dimension), you get two A5 sheets of paper, which have the exact same ratio between side lengths as the A4 sheet you started with. This greatly simplifies digital zine distribution; you can post a PDF that uses the standard A4 paper size, and anybody who wants to print and distribute your zine has the option of either printing this version, printing two pages per sheet to save paper, or — if they want to make a proper zine — shrinking and “imposing” the pages before folding and stapling. (This is another place where “everybody else uses it” is a good reason to adopt the metric system: print-ready material like zines would only need to be designed for a single size.)

    • So many books, so little time

      There is an incredible, almost infinite, number of books out there. When choosing what to read, it is not possible to look at each and every book.

    • modern times by jacques rancière

      the basic idea is that ‘there is no one modern times, only a plurality of them’ and ‘this interlacing, and these clashes of temporalities’ is at the same time ‘a conflict over the distribution of life forms’ (x)

    • Pseudo-Open Source

      • Openwashing

        • Linux Foundation’s Site/BlogOpen Mainframe Project Announces Major Technical Milestone with Zowe’s Longer Term Support V2 Release [Ed: Openwashing of IBM's cash cows]

          The Open Mainframe Project announced today that Zowe, an open source software framework for the mainframe that strengthens integration with modern enterprise applications, marks a major technical milestone with the Long Term Support (LTS) V2 release. The second version, which comes 2 years after the first LTS release, will offer vendors and customers product stability, security, interoperability as well as easy installation and upgraded features.

    • Security

      • LWNSecurity updates for Thursday [LWN.net]

        Security updates have been issued by Debian (chromium, dpkg, filezilla, irssi, puma, and python-django), Fedora (firefox, ignition, and pcre2), Mageia (cockpit, firefox/thunderbird, openldap, supertux, unrar, and vim), Oracle (firefox and thunderbird), Red Hat (rh-varnish6-varnish), SUSE (cups, fribidi, kernel-firmware, redis, and wpa_supplicant), and Ubuntu (dpkg, logrotate, and subversion).

      • The Benefits of Bug Bounty Programs

        With even the European Union stepping in to incentivize hackers through bug bounties, we’re creating a safer, better online environment. Alongside organizations and consumers maintaining regular security deployments and keeping software up-to-date, bug bounties can be a valuable tool in ensuring a safer, better world for all users.

      • CISADrupal Releases Security Updates | CISA

        Drupal has released security updates to address a vulnerability that does not affect Drupal core but may affect some contributed projects or custom code on Drupal sites. Exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected website.

      • CISACitrix Releases Security Updates for ADC and Gateway | CISA

        Citrix has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in ADC and Gateway. An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to cause a denial-of-service condition.

      • CISAKeysight N6854A Geolocation server and N6841A RF Sensor software [Ed: Severity 9.8 out of 10!]
      • TechRadarDevelopers tell users not to launch this top Linux distro over security fears | TechRadar [Ed: TAILS told users to wait until a patch is available before using it, just to keep safer. If Microsoft was equally honest, it would tell Windows users to never ever boot their machines. Ever. But Microsoft doesn't care about security; quite the contrary. And TAILS is used for many precarious things.]

        Developers of the popular Tails Linux distribution (opens in new tab) have warned users to abstain from the OS until the next version is released, if they use it for entering, or accessing, sensitive information (opens in new tab).

        “We recommend that you stop using Tails until the release of 5.1 (May 31) if you use Tor Browser for sensitive information (passwords, private messages, personal information, etc.),” the warning reads.

        The announcement comes days after the Pwn2Own 2022 Vancouver event, where contestants successfully exploited two zero-days found in the Firefox JavaScrip engine. If the two vulnerabilities, tracked as CVE-2022-1802 and CVE-2022-1529, are abused successfully, they could allow threat actors to access information submitted to legitimate sites via the Tor browser on targeted endpoints (opens in new tab).

      • Port SwiggerTails users warned not to launch bundled Tor Browser until security fix is released

        Critical vulnerability has been fixed upstream, but Tails dev team ‘doesn’t have the capacity to publish an emergency release earlier’

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • Creating a gemini markdown based Vimwiki style notes system in Vim

        I created a notes system which uses gemini markdown in Vim. It operates in a similar way to vimwiki, but without any plugins. Now, when I change the working directory of Vim using :cd ~/my/directory, and open up or create the index.gmi (the start page for the notebook), I can write, create headings and lists as normal with # and *, and when I create a new link with “=> my-new-note.gmi Note description”, and I place the cursor over my-new-note.gmi and hit gf, the document is created automatically, the link is created, and I can start writing in the new document.

      • Pushing Gemini

        Gemini has an intentionally limiting feature set. It can feel as if it’s not possible to do certain things. I believe that’s merely a consequence of being new. There’s been a lot of time to figure out how to solve problems in HTML, and there’s many resources and tools for overcoming them already made.

        With time, Gemini users will have developed their own ways of working around these challenges. This page is me experimenting new ways of tackling those. I hope by sharing it will help others as well.

      • New Lagrange Fontpack: W95FA

        I’ve packaged W95FA for the Lagrange gemini browser as a bit of fun.

    • Monopolies

      • Copyrights

        • Public Domain Review*Portrait of Charlotte du Val d’Ognes* (1801) – The Public Domain Review

          Our attention is initially drawn to the light, which clings to the contours of a woman thought to be Marie Joséphine Charlotte du Val d’Ognes, fuzzing the borders of flesh, fichu, and the muslin of her neoclassical dress. In the midst of creation, the artist meets our gaze: are we the model or a mere distraction? Yet her dark irises seem to blend into the matte wall. Instead of holding eye contact, our concentration strays to a frame within the frame — the scene encased by a broken windowpane. In the foreground, the artist’s fingers fold her material over a drawing portfolio, adding a sense of depth to a two-dimensional surface, while the cracked glass opens this studio to the evening air. For art historian Amelia Rauser, du Val d’Ognes becomes “animated by her own sensibility, a living statue pulsing with vitalist energy”. And indeed, juxtaposed with the couple at the painting’s vanishing point — heads canted in amorous engagement — it seems as if the artist’s solo absorption illuminates this artwork, her unseen canvas a spotlight bringing the world into focus.

        • Public Domain ReviewFearful Symmetry: Inkblot Books (1859–1915) – The Public Domain Review

          “Sometimes we see a cloud that’s dragonish, / A vapor sometime like a bear or lion”, says Shakespeare’s Mark Antony in a moment of lamentation. He is describing pareidolia: the tendency to hallucinate faces or patterns in meaningless shapes. This seemingly widespread ability has long been a wellspring for visual artists. The Renaissance polymath Leon Battista Alberti went so far as to suggest that imitative art began when the ancients made minor changes to veined marble or knotted wood, bringing out a figure that was already partially present to their eyes. A parallel process underlies divinatory rituals: searching for images formed in tea leaves, spilt milk, or the distortions of a crystal ball. From the mid-nineteenth to early-twentieth centuries, a microgenre of books appeared at the convergence of these two traditions. Marrying accidental artistry — the kind, for example, employed by Victor Hugo in his suggestive use of stains — to divinatory claims, inkblot books were part bestiary, part parlor-game séance, cataloging those creatures that seemed to crawl out of the inkwell with the slightest encouragement.

Links 26/05/2022: Kernel Events and Systemd-Free GNU/Linux Distributions

Posted in News Roundup at 9:13 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • The Linux Link Tech Show Episode 955
      • BSD Now 456: FreeBSD 13.1

        FreeBSD 13.1 is released, Unix command line conventions over time, Branching for NetBSD 10, Microbhyve, Own your Calendar and Contacts with OpenBSD, the PSARC case for ZFS, and more

      • Jupiter BroadcastingLinux Action News 242

        The controversial Intel code now shipping in Linux, why F-Droid is getting more attractive for developers, and the rumor that could change the industry.

    • Kernel Space

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Linux HintHow to change Raspberry Pi DNS Settings

        Domain Name System commonly referred as DNS is a decentralized naming system that automatically translates your internet address to a numeric machine address which your system uses. It’s a simple internet phonebook used to access online information using the domain names and translates them to IP addresses so as to enable the browser to load the internet resources.

        In this tutorial, you will get to know how you can change DNS settings on Raspberry Pi and use the device as a DNS server.

      • Linux HintComplete Guide to Access Raspberry Pi Remotely Using Dataplicity

        Dataplicity is an online platform that allows you to control your Raspberry Pi device. It works similar to an SSH connection, but it doesn’t require any complex setup or third-party tool to manage the Raspberry Pi. It only needs a browser and a good internet connection to access your device with or without the Firewall option easily.

        In this tutorial, we will show you how you can access and control your Raspberry Pi through Dataplicity.

      • Linux HintHow to Check Dependencies of a Package in Ubuntu 22.04

        In Linux operating systems, especially for Ubuntu users, the package installation from the apt command is very popular because it’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any complex installation method. The command will install the package with the required dependencies most of the time. However, in some cases, you may encounter package dependencies error which may be a hectic task for some people to find out the dependencies information needed to install a package.

        This article is a detailed guideline on checking the dependencies of a package in Ubuntu 22.04.

      • How to Fix umount target is busy in Linux
      • Red Hat OfficialHow to boot, shut down, and suspend your system from the Linux command line | Enable Sysadmin

        Learn how to schedule timed shutdowns and reboots with systemd and to hibernate your system with systemctl.

      • Linux HintA Complete Guide to Install Gitea on Ubuntu 22.04

        Gitea is a top notch open-source self-hosted Git server similar to GitLab written in the Go language. However, it is more straightforward, lightweight and easy to configure as compared to GitLab. It includes various features such as notification, repository file editor, user management and much more.

        The tutorial provides the simple guidelines to install Gitea on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

      • Linux HintA complete guide to install and use Gnome Shell Extensions on Ubuntu 22.04

        Gnome shell is a popular next-generation graphical shell for the Linux operating system that includes a set of core interface options such as windows switching, launching applications and view notifications. To extend the Gnome desktop experience, the Gnome shell provides several extensions that you can easily install on your operating system.

        In this tutorial, we will assist you with how you can install Gnome shell extensions on Ubuntu 22.04.

      • Linux HintHow to Install and Setup PhotoPrism on Raspberry Pi

        PhotoPrism is a self-hosted platform that helps you manage and organize your photos on a private server. It keeps your photos saved by storing them in your home folder only. It works similar to Google Photos but includes additional features such as identifying duplicate photos, removing noise from the images, securing photo-sharing and much more.

        In this article, you will find the method to set up PhotoPrism on Raspberry Pi.

      • Linux HintHow to Install Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS on Raspberry Pi 4

        Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS is the latest Ubuntu series released on April 21, 2022 that has long term support till 2032. It includes cloud images for Amazon Web services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. All these services are incorporated with the advanced security updates. The latest series further includes the OpenSSL 3.0 that makes the cryptography more purposeful and secure. Having the advantage of running the Ubuntu server on all platforms, it would be fair enough to say that this operating system will be an ideal fit for your Raspberry Pi device.

        This tutorial will provide you with the quick approach to install Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS on Raspberry Pi 4.

      • TecAdminHow To Install Apache Solr 9.0 on Fedora 36/35 – TecAdmin

        Apache Solr is an open-source search platform written on Java. Solr provides full-text search, spell suggestions, custom document ordering and ranking, Snippet generation, and highlighting.

        This tutorial will help you to install Apache Solr 9.0 on Fedora 36/35/34/33/32 Linux systems.

    • Games

      • TechdirtValve Gets ‘Right To Repair/Mod’ Right With The Steam Deck

        We’ve talked a great deal about the public’s right to repair the tech they own and how right to repair has finally started to shift in favor of the consumer as of late. In tech in general, and specifically in the video gaming hardware space, manufacturers have long fought to make it impossible for the public to repair their own gear. Or mod that gear, as well. And this isn’t just a Nintendo thing, though that’s likely the first name that leapt into your mind. Sony, Microsoft, ASUS, and HTC all lobbied heavily to prevent DIY repairs or mods.

      • Geeky GadgetsSteam Deck replacement parts now in stock at iFixit

        Those of you lucky enough to own a Valve Steam Deck may be pleased to know that if you should damage your handheld console in anyway, you can now purchase Steam Deck replacement parts directly from iFixit. Everything is available from case to motherboard and instructions on how to fit and replace parts are provided by the engineers at iFixit providing a difficulty score for each component together with individual steps and the time you will need to set aside to replace the damaged component.

      • We’re finally ready to ESCape from F5

        After an extended period of time, we’re finally ready to announce for testing the game Chewy: ESC From F5. This quirky game features the protagonist Chewy as he tries to outwit the evil Borks.. escaping from their high security zone, F5, will just be the start of his adventure.

        So if any of you have the game and are willing to test it out, we’ll welcome any feedback. You will need a daily development build. As always, please submit the bug reports to our issue tracker. Please note that the ScummVM version does have one obvious limitation, though.. the music used by the game is in a custom format we’ve been unable to properly support yet. So only sound effects and speech currently work.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Ubuntu PitTop 15 Best Systemd-Free Linux Distributions in 2022

      If you’re not aware of a systemd, let me explain this a little. The systemd or the system daemon is a sort tool or application that runs automatically in the system’s background on many Linux distributions to improve the performance. There are many applications that require a daemon to maintain all the functions active. But, there has been a demand for the systemd-free Linux distributions for a long while. Many experts and users say that having a system daemon might slow down your system a little, or it could divert us from the original purpose of using Linux, which is making things simple and making the entire system efficien

    • Best Hosting For Linux Servers (2022) [Ed: Smacks of webspam for "hostadvice"]
    • New Releases

      • The Register UKImpressive lightweight Linux Alpine releases 3.16 • The Register

        Version 3.16.0 of Alpine Linux is out – one of the most significant of the many lightweight distros.

        Version 3.16.0 is worth a look, especially if you want to broaden your skills.

        Alpine is interesting because it’s not just another me-too distro. It bucks a lot of the trends in modern Linux, and while it’s not the easiest to set up, it’s a great deal easier to get it working than it was a few releases ago.

        The version number sounds like a small step, but its version numbering is a little different, too. Alpine Linux 3.0.0 came out way back in 2014, meaning that the number after the first decimal is a significant step. The project describes this as “the first in the 3.16 stable series”, meaning that soon 3.16.1 will appear, then 3.16.2 and so on.

        This version has better support for NVMe disks, and includes a new script to make it easier to install a desktop. The installation program, while remaining extremely minimal, now adds user accounts, including readable names, and can import SSH keys for them too.

    • PCLinuxOS/Mageia/Mandriva/OpenMandriva Family

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • Linux Shell TipsRHEL 9 Released – Download DVD ISO Images for Free

        To all the Linux lovers and enthusiasts in the RHEL community, the developers behind this reputable Linux OS distribution have officially released RHEL 9 Stable.

        RHEL 9 Stable release addresses both production stability and development agility issues to mirror a prime performance spectrum. CentOS Stream footprints are evident in the buildup of this highly anticipated RHEL 9 release due to its powerful capabilities that make the application development experience easier.

      • Make Use OfWhat’s New in Fedora 36? Everything You Need to Know

        The Fedora Project has finally released the latest version of the distro: Fedora 36. Here’s a list of all the new features and improvements in the OS.

        two women using fedora 36
        The Fedora Project has released its latest offering in the form of Fedora 36, and it’s already gaining quite a momentum, thanks to a bunch of solid features. From an updated desktop environment to new tools and drivers, a lot is going on in this new release.

        So continue reading if you’re as interested as us to find out what’s new in Fedora 36.

    • Devices/Embedded

      • UbuntuEmbedded Linux development on Ubuntu – Part I | Ubuntu

        Throughout this series, we will discuss the key challenges of traditional software distribution mechanisms for embedded Linux devices. We will understand why legacy development and update approaches do not suit the Internet-of-Things (IoT) world and assess how Ubuntu simplifies and secures embedded Linux development.

        Although you don’t need prerequisite knowledge to follow this series, we recommend you have a basic understanding of the role played by Linux in the embedded portion of the compute spectrum. If you are new to the space and just getting started from scratch, get an intro to embedded Linux or delve into the official guide to Linux for embedded applications.

      • Linux GizmosDepthVista combines RGB and 3D Time of Flight depth cameras

        Last week, e-con Systems launched the DepthVista camera which contains both an RGB and a Time of Flight (ToF) depth camera with a range of up to six meters. According to the company, the DepthVista can measure the distance from itself to a target object with an accuracy of < 1% depending on environmental conditions.

        The RGB camera integrated on the DepthVista is the AR0234CS CMOS digital image sensor (1/2.6-inch) from onsemi which is optimized for capturing high definition images for fast-moving objects. On the other hand, the 3D camera implemented seems to be the See3CAM_2TOF_5CUG from e-con itself.

      • CNX SoftwareRockchip RK3588 CPU module exposes more I/Os through four board-to-board connectors – CNX Software

        We’ve already seen several Rockchip RK3588 modules with Firefly Core-3588J, Turing RK1, and Banana Pi RK3588_CV1, all with an edge connector to insertion into the carrier board. Rongpin RD-RK3588 system-on-module is a little different with four board-to-board connectors that enable a slightly more compact design, and should expose more I/Os than say a 314-pin MXM edge connector.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • Meet Bittle, an Advanced Open-Source Robot Dog by Petoi – The DIY Life

        This is Bittle, a ready-to-run advanced open-source robot dog by Petoi that is based on the OpenCat robotic pet framework.

        If you’ve ever wanted to explore building your own robotic quadruped, but have felt overwhelmed by the amount of information and options available or have been at a loss with where to start, then Bittle is the perfect product for you. So in this review, we’ll take a look at what Bittle is, how it works and what it can be used for.

      • ArduinoRemote indoor air quality monitoring with the Arduino Nicla Sense ME and Nano 33 IoT | Arduino Blog

        Most air quality-sensing devices integrate their sensors into the same enclosure as the display, which can make getting an accurate reading tough since the viewer is directly next to the unit and could potentially skew the values. This is why one element14 community member Enrique Albertos created his own portable air quality monitor that separates the sensing module from the screen.

        His system uses one Nicla Sense ME to gather air quality information about the surrounding environment with its onboard BME688 gas sensor. It is highly capable too, as it can quantify pressure, humidity, temperature, VOCs, VSCs, and various other harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. From here, the Nicla Sense ME sends its data over Bluetooth to an awaiting Nano 33 IoT board. The Nano is connected to a 1.8” TFT screen, which shows several pages of information that are cycled through by pressing one of the buttons at the bottom of the device.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Web Browsers

      • Re: Technology for the Ageing

        I’m closing in on 60. My hearing and vision are still quite good. I wear glasses since almost 50 years, but with them, I am able to see far and near — without them I can see very close, about 10 cm (4 inches) from my nose. That is really helpful in a lot of situations, I am even able to see on said high dpi mini-screens! Yay.

        However, I’m already at a complete loss with web/GUI interfaces, which do not have buttons for things — as ~stacksmith phrases it. I have ranted about this aspect elsewhere…

    • Programming/Development

      • Red HatExperiment with the OpenShift API Management Developer Sandbox | Red Hat Developer

        Red Hat OpenShift API Management is a hosted, managed service that helps developers update, deploy, and scale cloud-native, integrated applications. OpenShift API Management is an add-on product to our managed Red Hat OpenShift cloud.

        Until recently, to try out OpenShift API Management, you needed access to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated or Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. But now we are excited to announce the availability of the Red Hat OpenShift API Management Developer Sandbox environment. In this article, you’ll learn about three things you can do today in this environment by following along with our sandbox activity.

      • SUSE’s Corporate BlogWhy Devs and ISVs Need to Rethink their Base Container Image Strategy  | SUSE Communities

        In a world where stability, agility and security compliances are hot topics, it is important to decide the base image for the applications (current and new ones). In this blog I will talk about the most widely used images by application developers, introducing Suse BCI, its registry and their multiple features. I will finish with a hands-on using the images and performing some buildings.

      • Red HatFilter unwanted notifications in Cryostat 2.1 | Red Hat Developer

        Cryostat has always issued notifications when monitoring Java applications with Java Flight Recorder (JFK). Version 2.1 of Cryostat has a new implementation and interface for notifications that increases the amount of information offered, enhances the user’s control over what is displayed, and improves Cryostat performance.

      • OpenSource.comWrite C applications using Vely on Linux | Opensource.com

        Vely is a tool for writing web and command-line applications in C. Vely combines high performance and the low footprint associated with C programming with ease of use and improved safety reminiscent of languages like PHP. It’s free and open source software, and licensed under GPLv3 and LGPL 3 for libraries, so you can even build commercial software with it.

        Vely works on major Linux distributions and processor architectures. You can use webservers, such as Apache, Nginx, or others, and databases such as MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

        You can use Vely for web applications, command-line programs, as middleware, database applications, services software, data integration, IoT (Internet of Things), and anywhere else. It’s well suited for the cloud, works easily in a container, and, due to low resource requirements, it’s also a good choice when memory and processing power are at a premium.

      • OpenSource.comDocument your source code with Doxygen on Linux | Opensource.com

        When trying to familiarize yourself with someone else’s project, you usually appreciate the comments left behind that help you understand the meaning of their code. In the same way, whenever you are programming, whether for yourself or for others, it is good practice to comment your own code. All programming languages offer a special syntax to mark a word, a line, or a whole section as a comment. Those areas are then ignored by the compiler or interpreter when the source code is processed.

        Comments don’t take the place of documentation, but there is a way to use your comments to produce documentation easily. Meet Doxygen, an open source tool for generating HTML or LaTeX documentation based on comments in the code. Doxygen enables you to provide a comprehensive overview of the structure of your code without additional effort. While Doxygen is mainly used to document C++, you can use it for many other languages, like C, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Java, Python, and more.

  • Leftovers

    • Education

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Common DreamsNurse From Liberia Holds ‘Clap for Pharma Profits’ Protest at Davos

        Public health advocates on Wednesday applauded an African nurse who came up with a novel way to protest pharmaceutical industry profiteering during the Covid-19 pandemic—by sardonically clapping for Big Pharma executives attending the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

        “If I wanted to earn what Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla made last year, I would have to work every single day until 6100 A.D.”

      • Common DreamsIn Davos, UNAIDS Chief Condemns Clear ‘Racism’ of Global Vaccine Apartheid

        The head of the United Nations program on HIV and AIDS on Tuesday delivered a sharp rebuke of racism firmly embedded in global policies including those that ensured stark inequality in access to life-saving Covid-19 vaccines.

        UNAIDS executive director Winnie Byanyima began her remarks at a session entitled “The Journey towards Racial Equity” at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, with a reference to the two-year anniversary of the police killing of unarmed Black man George Floyd in Minneapolis and the mass shooting by a white supremacist earlier this month in Buffalo, New York.

      • Common Dreams‘Too Little, Too Late,’ Campaigners Say as Pfizer Pledges Lower Vaccine Costs for Poor Nations

        Public health campaigners responded with a mixture of skepticism and outrage to Pfizer’s vow Wednesday to sell 23 of its patent-protected medicines and vaccines—including its publicly funded coronavirus shot and pill—to lower-income countries at a not-for-profit price.

        “Pfizer has calculated that this move will ease the heat generated by its appalling conduct over the last two years.”

    • Security

      • Bruce SchneierMalware-Infested Smart Card Reader [Ed: Microsoft Windows TCO]

        Brian Krebs has an interesting story of a smart ID card reader with a malware-infested Windows driver, and US government employees who inadvertently buy and use them.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Vote Out These Death-Dealing, NRA-Enthralled Republicans—Now

        President Biden is right. “For God’s Sake,” and our children’s sake, we must do something about gun violence in America. And we must do it now.

      • Common Dreams‘Ted Cruz, F-ck You!’: Anger Erupts at Gun-Loving GOP After Mass Slaughter in Texas

        Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, was among those who refused to hide his fury at the right-wing lawmakers whose allegiance to the powerful gun lobby has allowed mass killings like the one in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday to continue.

        On Twitter Wednesday, Guttenberg railed against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who took $300,000 in donations from the gun lobby during his last Senate race, after the senator said he was “fervently lifting up in prayer” the victims of the shooting.

      • Common Dreams‘You’ll Learn Why’: GOP Lawmaker Threatens Biden If Democrats Try to Take Away Guns

        Republican state Rep. Randy Fine of Florida on Wednesday openly threatened President Joe Biden in the wake of the deadly massacre in Uvalde, Texas by saying the man who “claims to be our president” tries to mobilize the political will to impose gun control restrictions in the United States.

        “I have news for the embarrassment that claims to be our President — try to take our guns and you’ll learn why the Second Amendment was written in the first place,” tweeted Fine less than a day after at least 19 students and two teachers were slaughtered by a gunman in Texas.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | The Urgent Peace Those Who Support Ukraine Must Demand

        In 1943, progressives had a moral duty to dismiss calls for a negotiated settlement with Hitler. Cutting a deal with the Nazis to end the carnage would have been unforgivable. Civilized people had only one option: to keep fighting until Allied troops stood over Hitler’s Berlin bunker. Today, by contrast, it would be a grave error to aim for a final military victory over Russia and to dismiss those of us calling for an immediate negotiated peace.

      • Common Dreams‘Inaction Is Bought’: Here Are the Receipts on NRA’s Purchase of GOP

        In the wake of the harrowing massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, progressive stalwart Nina Turner focused her ire on the right-wing lawmakers who take money from the National Rifle Association and argued that solutions to gun violence and other injustices plaguing the U.S. will continue to prove elusive until the role of big money in politics is confronted.

        “The issue is money in politics,” Turner, a former Ohio state senator and co-chair of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) 2020 presidential campaign, wrote on social media. “They’re allowing children to die because of the gun lobby. They’re allowing the planet to die because of Big Oil. They’re allowing people to go without healthcare and die because of the insurance lobby.”

      • Common Dreams‘This Is on You!’ Beto Interrupts Abbott Press Conference on Texas Massacre

        Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke on Wednesday interrupted a press conference led by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, and other top officials, walking up to the stage and accusing the state leaders of “doing nothing and offering us nothing” in the wake of the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

        “This is on you, until you choose to do something,” O’Rourke said as security attempted to escort him away from the stage.

      • Common DreamsLe Monde Editorial Says America ‘Exceptional’ at One ‘Bloody’ Thing: Mass Shootings

        An editorial published Wednesday by French daily newspaper Le Monde weighs in on the latest mass shooting in the U.S., pointing to America’s familiar “cycle of despair” and directing specific blame at a Republican Party whose singular credo is “more and more guns.”

        Published hours after the massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, in which a gunman shot dead 19 children and two teachers, the editorial states, “If there is any American exceptionalism, it is to tolerate the fact that schools in the United States are regularly transformed into bloody shooting ranges.”

      • Common DreamsAOC Blasts Democratic Leaders for Boosting ‘Pro-NRA Incumbent’ Henry Cuellar

        In the wake of the horrific massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted her party’s leadership for supporting an incumbent in the state whose record and policy positions earned him an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association.

        “On the day of a mass shooting and weeks after news of [the Supreme Court's impending decision to overturn Roe v. Wade], Democratic Party leadership rallied for a pro-NRA, anti-choice incumbent under investigation in a close primary. Robocalls, fundraisers, all of it,” Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) wrote in a series of tweets.

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • Common DreamsScientists to BlackRock Vice Chairman: New Fossil Fuel Development ‘Incompatible’ With 1.5°C

          As BlackRock held its annual general meeting on Wednesday, 22 climate scientists and academics sent an open letter to a top leader at the world’s largest asset manager, calling for action to align the firm’s business with the Paris agreement’s 1.5°C goal for this century.

          “Mr. Hildebrand, you and BlackRock face a choice.”

        • Common DreamsUN Chief to New College Grads: To Help Save the Planet, ‘Don’t Work for Climate Wreckers’

          The head of the United Nations on Tuesday implored a new class of Seton Hall University graduates—and college graduates the world over—not to spend their professional lives working for corporate “climate wreckers” whose business models are dependent on the continued degradation and warming of the planet.

          “As graduates, you hold the cards,” U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said in a commencement address at the New Jersey university. “Your talent is in demand from multinational companies and big financial institutions. But you will have plenty of opportunities to choose from thanks to the excellence of your graduation.

        • Counter PunchBlowback to G7 Ban on Russian Oil?

          – G7 to ban Russian oil – Who buys Russian oil and what will the impact be? – Effect on Global South? – EU oil companies readying ruble payments to Moscow despite sanctions – Loophole in sanctions? – A survivor’s account of escaping from Mariupol and what we can learn

        • Common Dreams‘Resounding Victory’: Court Rules Exxon Must Face Trial Over Climate Lies

          The Massachusetts high court on Tuesday rejected ExxonMobil’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the state, meaning the biggest oil giant in the U.S. must stand trial for allegations that it lied to the public about the climate emergency and the fossil fuel industry’s role in driving it.

          “Exxon’s repeated attempts to stonewall our lawsuit have been baseless.”

    • Finance

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Common Dreams‘This Fight Isn’t Over,’ Says Cisneros as Cuellar Declares Victory in Razor-Close Primary

        Clinging to a lead of fewer than 180 votes, nine-term Rep. Henry Cuellar declared victory early Wednesday in the closely watched Democratic primary runoff for Texas’ 28th Congressional District as Jessica Cisneros, his progressive challenger, said the contest remained too close to officially call.

        Cuellar, an anti-abortion Democrat with ties to the fossil fuel industry, currently leads Cisneros by a reported margin of 22,694 votes to 22,517, less than a percentage point.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | The Billionaire Bombardment of Democracy

        The richest person in America tweeted last week that Democrats have “become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican.”

      • Counter PunchThe Flubbed Police Investigation Into Boris Johnson’s Partygate

        The UK’s rightwing media can’t resist depicting BoJo Johnson as the country’s great political escapologist, someone who has taken the definition of a Teflon politician to new heights (though “depths” is the more accurate characterization). The individual with the supposed gift of being able to rewrite an adverse political script with an instantaneous finger click.

        Last week the Metropolitan police announced that BoJo would face only one fine for his Partygate transgressions at the prime ministerial No. 10 Downing Street residence during the Covid lockdown.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Counter PunchOnly Mass Protest Can Save Abortion Rights

        These misleaders justify their advance capitulation to a “post-Roe America” with six basic interrelated narratives. Below I list and criticize each these appeasement narratives.

        +1. “A judgement reversing Roe is inevitable. Look at the Court’s composition. Look at Sam Alito’s draft decision backed by four other justices. There’s nothing really that can be done to stop it.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | The 200 So-Called ‘Pro-Life’ Republicans Who Voted to Let Babies Starve

        My 8-month-old daughter, Jayde, was born with a growth restriction. She weighs just 13 pounds—no more than a 3-month-old. She sees a pediatric nutritionist and eats a specialized formula that provides 30 calories per ounce in hopes of getting her on the elusive growth curve.

      • Counter PunchDoing It for Themselves: the Mutiny in the Women’s Movement

        It was refreshing to find, however belatedly, that abuse could be resisted, that there were laws against it and that there was community support in the effort. Nothing was more affirming to the individual than to find she was not alone and that it was not her lot in life to risk humiliation every time she stepped out of the house. The learning curve is long but always empowering.

        The movement grew and was championed by an ever-growing army of psychologists, journalists, lawyers, doctors, academia and gender scholars. So it has been an unpleasant experience to discover that after decades of being encouraged to learn to trust their instincts in recognising red flags of abuse, to speak up, take action and use the legal process – women are now being told to stop.

      • Common DreamsFaith Leaders Call for Federal Election Monitors in Georgia to Protect Black Voters

        A group of faith leaders in Georgia on Wednesday asked the U.S. Justice Department to send federal election monitors to the state to help ensure that Black voters are able to cast their ballots in November’s midterm elections.

        “Extremists in Georgia have constructed a completely false narrative designed to minimize and invalidate African-American voters.”

      • TechdirtGovernment Lawyer Facing Sanctions For Lying About A Jail Search He Swore He Had Nothing To Do With

        Cops lie. Cops lie so often it’s hardly even news at this point. The only people left to be shocked by these revelations are the increasingly small segment of the population who’ve actually considered, at some point in their lives, the purchase of a fainting couch.

      • TruthOutTwo Years After Police Murder of George Floyd, Activists Fight an Uphill Battle
      • Counter PunchCulture Wars Defend the Minority of the Opulent From the Majority

        The latter in particular is conspicuous for its intimate ties to an associated conspiratorial mentality that sees the world in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them,’ and alleges ‘our’ way of life to be under siege from an endless parade of what H.L Mencken once referred to as ‘hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.’ The function of mostly imaginary hobgoblins, he noted, was to provide a means with which rulers might menace the populace, who, thus alarmed, would be ’clamorous to be led to safety.’

        Historian Charles Tilly describes this kind of politics as that associated with official protection rackets. In exploring the business models of empire-builders, he noted that rulers often ‘resembled racketeers: at a price, they offered protection against evils that they themselves would otherwise inflict, or at least allow to be inflicted.’ The endless parade of imaginary hobgoblins was necessary to the proper functioning of the business model; as long as they could be found or invented, the panicked clamour for national security would override and neutralise dispassionate judgement.

      • SCP-3125 and Radical Social Change

        And if this is beginning to sound a little familiar to you, you’re not alone. The description of SCP-3125′s demise, to me, smacks of the contradiction/synthesis of dialectical materialism. And indeed, our capitalistic, racist, imperialist, patriarchical, cisheteronormative society is EXACTLY this kind of ideological system, sustaining itself largely by convincing us all that it’s inevitable and unkillable. “This is the only way things can be,” we are told, in words echoing Red’s, “because this is just human nature.” And yet, the system runs counter to everything that seems good and right and just and *human*. So it has to be killed. But how do you kill an idea?

Links 26/05/2022: DuckDuckGo Increasingly Exposed as Microsoft Proxy

Posted in News Roundup at 5:20 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Neowin[Older] Chinese government to dump Windows in favor of Linux

      It has happened in other regions before and it’s happening again in China: the government has ordered the dumping of Windows in favor of Linux, among other things. This time, though, the reasoning is a bit different. According to Bloomberg, Beijing has ordered government offices and state-backed firms to replace foreign-branded PCs and their associated operating systems with alternatives that can be domestically maintained.

      As such, China is set to replace almost 50 million PCs in central government agencies alone. It is important to note that this process will obviously not be completed in one fell swoop but is intended to be carried out in a staggered manner over a period of two years, according to unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

    • Applications

      • Its FOSSPlex Desktop Player is Now Available for Linux

        In fact, it is also one of the best media server software for Linux.

        Yes, the media server was already available for Linux, and we also had a tutorial covering the installation steps.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Linux HandbookHow to Kill a Process in Linux Command Line

        It has been an awesome day on your Linux system, and suddenly a process starts to slow down the whole computer. It is not that important, and you want to stop its execution.

      • Make Use OfA Beginner’s Guide to Pamac in Manjaro Linux

        Pamac is the default graphical package manager on Manjaro Linux. Learning how to manage packages using Pamac is essential for every Manjaro user.

        Manjaro Linux has become well-known as a version of Arch Linux that’s easier to install and use. Part of this reputation stems from your ability to use Manjaro with a complete lack of command-line knowledge. There are graphical apps to install Manjaro itself and to install software. That’s where Pamac comes in.

        Pamac is the default graphical app for installing software in various versions of Manjaro. While it’s not hard to use, not every component is intuitive to a newcomer, so let’s dive in.

      • UNIX CopHow to install Rust on CentOS 9 Stream

        Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to install Rust on CentOS 9 Stream. This is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

        Rust is an Open-Source and multipurpose programming language that was initially created by Mozilla, but has gradually gained much popularity worldwide.

        Fans of this language say that it is possible that in time it could be a very solid alternative to C or C++ if it is not already.

      • How to Install FFmpeg on Ubuntu 22.04 – Cloudbooklet

        How to Install FFmpeg on Ubuntu 22.04. FFmpeg is an open-source collection of great tools for audio and video processing to record, convert and stream.

        This tutorial covers the steps required to install FFmpeg on Ubuntu 22.04. You will also learn how to use the ffmpeg command line tool to convert audio, add text to video and many more.

        This tutorial is tested on Google Cloud for automatic image and video processing.

      • TecAdminHow to Install Apache Solr 9.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 – TecAdmin

        Apache Solr is an open-source search platform written on Java. Solr provides full-text search, spell suggestions, custom document ordering and ranking, Snippet generation, and highlighting.

        This tutorial will help you to install Apache Solr 9.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish systems.

    • Games

      • GamingOnLinuxThe Cities: Skylines – Colossal Collection Bundle is up and an awesome deal

        Want to complete your Cities: Skylines collection or get started with pretty much everything you need? Check out the new Cities: Skylines – Colossal Collection Bundle. Looks to be a pretty great deal overall for a game you can easily spend absolutely thousands of hours in.

      • GamingOnLinuxThe Battle of Polytopia gets a huge diplomacy update

        The Battle of Polytopia, a very highly rated turn-based strategy game that hopped over from mobile to PC back in 2020 is still expanding with a whole new diplomacy mechanic. Now you don’t have to just expand and wage war, you can actually do a little more in the game and strategize with others.

      • GamingOnLinuxSuper Animal Royale gets Steam Deck support

        There’s a Battle Royale for everything now of course and Super Animal Royale puts 64 furry things in an arena and makes them fight until the end. Oh, it also now has Steam Deck support.

      • GamingOnLinuxKulebra and the Souls of Limbo gets a fresh demo and relaunched Kickstarter

        Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo is a thoroughly wonderful looking 3D adventure about a dead snake that wakes up in Limbo. Their first Kickstarter back in 2021 didn’t do well but they’ve relaunched with a new demo.

      • GamingOnLinuxPixel-art people-sim Tiny Life adds gamepad support, works on Steam Deck too

        It’s like The Sims but pixel-art and comes from an indie developer, what’s not to love about this? Tiny Life has you take care of a family, build up their home and try not to kill them. First mentioned here back in January, the developer has been steadily working away on it.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Programming/Development

      • Self-hosted GIT alternative

        Frequently in Gemini, I see mentions of GIT, dislike of github, and alternatives such as Gitea, GitLab and others. At work I use git and we use github for hosting the companies repositories. I have even taught introduction to git classes at a previous employer to encourage the switchover from SVN to Git. I even managed a company hosted instance of GitLab.

      • How does Scheme keep getting worse?

        So glad I stopped using Scheme and moved to Common Lisp. Looks like the R7RS-large committee has fragmented, and now they are rewriting the R7RS-small spec that THEY ALREADY STANDARDIZED, only this time they’re adding in features that will be impossible to implement for almost all current Scheme implementations, so it’s looking more and more likely that there will only ever be one or two conformant R7RS-large implementations. Still no hint of anything useful for actual programming like… well anything that has to do with interfacing with the outside world.

      • In praise of git-request-pull

        I’m a big enemy of Github monoculture, but I feel like many of the alternatives for project collaboration and communication are somewhat lacking. Using services like Gitea[0] or Gitlab[1] provide a familiar Github-like experience, but inherit a lot of its downsides, including requiring account creation to submit patches and being enormously complex pieces of software that are challenging to self-host. Git-send-email[2] requires somewhat arduous IMAP setup and can be fiddly to get right the first few times. It often requires a custom email client to set up a proper workflow.v

      • Linux Links3 Top Free and Open Source D Web Frameworks

        A web framework offers the developer a choice about how to solve a specific problem. By using a framework, a developer lets the framework control portions of their application. While it’s perfectly possible to code a web application without using a framework, it’s more practical to use one.

        D is a general-purpose systems programming language with a C-like syntax that compiles to native code. It is statically typed and supports both automatic (garbage collected) and manual memory management. D programs are structured as modules that can be compiled separately and linked with external libraries to create native libraries or executables.

        Here’s our recommendations. We only feature open source software.

      • HackadaySWO: An ARM Printf By Any Other Name

        I’ll confess. Although printf-style debugging has a bad rep, I find myself turning to it on occasion. Sure, printf is expensive and brings in a lot of code, but if you have the space and time to use it while debugging you can always remove it before you are finished. However, what if you don’t have an output device or you are using it for something else? If you are using most modern ARM chips, you have another option — a dedicated output channel that is used for several things, including debugging output. I decided I wanted to try that on the Blackpill running mbed, and found out it isn’t as easy as you might think. But it is possible, and when you are done reading, you’ll be able to do it, too.

      • Perl / Raku

        • PerlWhat happened to Perl 7? | Perl Steering Council [blogs.perl.org]

          With Perl 5.36.0 just around the corner, we thought that this is a good time to clarify plans for the future of the Perl programming language. We realised that the future was hammered out in a number of steps, across several months. This meant that there hasn’t been a single statement we could refer people to. This post is to fill that gap.

          Two years ago Perl 7 was announced. A key idea for Perl 7 was to significantly reduce the boilerplate needed at the top of your code, by enabling a lot of widely used modules / pragmas, but this would have come at the price of breaking some backwards compatibility. This would have meant that some existing code wouldn’t have worked without modification.

          This prompted a lot of heated discussions: some thought this was a great idea, and some thought it a terrible idea to throw away one of Perl’s key strengths. Ultimately this led to a discussion about who had the right to make this decision, now that Larry is no longer involved in Perl (and hasn’t been for about 20 years). The end result of all those discussions was a new governance structure.

  • Leftovers

    • HackadayGolf Club Shooter Is Your Ballistic Friend On The Green

      Golf is a sport that has always enjoyed a good gadget or eight. Whether it’s something to measure the wind, or the latest putter guaranteed to save your game, golf enthusiasts have always flocked to such toys. [Nick O’Hara] has something that might just be a little too exciting for the golf set, though, in the form of his golf club launcher.

    • HackadayHackaday Prize 2022: Upcycling Acrylic Scraps

      Living and working in a remote rain forest may sound idyllic to those currently stuck in bland suburbia, and to be sure it does have plenty of perks. One of the downsides, though, is getting new materials and equipment to that remote location. For that reason, [Digital Naturalism Laboratories], also known as [Dinalab], has to reuse or recycle as much as they can, including their scraps of acrylic leftover from their laser cutter.

    • The NationThe Walter Tevis Renaissance

      Gin, bourbon, valium, weed, horse racing, nine-ball, poker, pills, petroleum, chess, sex, television, losing, winning—the novels of Walter Tevis are queasy with addictions big and little. Most are hazardous. Some are deadly. A few seem nice enough, but nice is usually booby-trapped somehow, so that a character can’t enjoy, say, a game of pool without going on a bender a page later. These are novels without rising or falling action; they move to the jerkier rhythms of recovery and relapse. When an addiction is fed, life levitates along; when starved, nothing can ease the pain except feeding some other addiction. Often there’s no escape, since Tevis makes even non-addictions seem addictive. Depression is addiction to misery. Civilization is addiction to resources. Genius is addiction to whatever you’re a genius at. Life is addiction to food, water, and pleasure that eventually comes to a cold-turkey close. You wonder what he would have said about OxyContin or the iPhone—or, for that matter, The Queen’s Gambit, the Netflix miniseries adapted from his 1983 novel.

    • The NationThe Ardor of Tessa Hadley

      The moment when everything changes is just like every other moment, more or less, in the world of Free Love, Tessa Hadley’s latest novel. Phyllis Fischer and her husband, Roger, a civil servant in the Foreign Office, are getting ready to go to a party across the street from their house in their placid London suburb. Before they leave, she asks her husband’s opinion about which earrings she should wear while she puts his cuff links into his dress shirt. “There was a lot to be said for these companionable married exchanges: low-voiced and sensible, friendly, worn into their groove, each partner attuned through long familiarity to the needs of the other,” Phyllis thinks. When they arrive, they make the usual small talk with the usual people. But suddenly Phyllis walks out, putting on her coat and walking across the road as if she had forgotten something at home. She tears a page out of her diary and writes a brief note, which says she needs to get away for a few days, and tells Roger not to look for her. Her daughter will find it later that night. Meanwhile, she goes toward the train to London, toward Nicky Knight, the young lover whom she has seen a handful of times. “She really had no idea then, that she wasn’t coming back,” our narrator tells us.

    • Inventing Daylight

      Being color blind is pretty weird. Everyday, typical, “normal” people see colors I can’t imagine. When co-workers or friends find out, it’s often an exercise in personal boundaries with plenty of pointing to various colors and asking what I see. But being colorblind is kind of useful. It’s helped me appreciate the colors I can accurately experience. And I often find myself wondering how the colors that exist in our daily lives came to be. How do you invent a color you can’t see? Today’s Tedium is looking at the Switzer brothers, how they manufactured fluorescents, and the outsized influence of DayGlo.

    • critique of everyday life by henri lefebvre
    • My favorite Paschal hymnography

      The troparion is woven throughout the season before Pentecost. We replace the usual beginning of our prayers with the Paschal troparion even. It’s the cornerstone of the season, and maybe even a short explanation of we believe as Christians.

    • Science

    • Hardware

      • HackadayA Nicely Accurate PCB Drill Press You Can Build Yourself

        Making PCBs isn’t always just about getting nice copper traces on a lovely fiberglass board. There’s often lots of drilling to be done! This PCB drill press from [w_k_fay] should help you do just that with the finesse and accuracy of a pro.

      • HackadayBuild A Prop For A TV Premiere? Stranger Things Have Happened

        Some guys get all the breaks. [Guy Dupont] had the honor of building a working, interactive wall-mount landline phone for the red carpet premiere of a certain TV show. The phone was to be an Easter egg inside an 80s-style pizzeria set. About every two minutes the phone would ring, and anyone brave enough to answer would be greeted with either a fake pizza order, an old answering machine message, or a clip from The Show That Cannot Be Mentioned.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • NPRMore cyclists are being killed by cars. Advocates say U.S. streets are the problem

        But amid a sharp increase in fatalities and serious injuries among cyclists hit by cars and trucks, some cycling advocates say there’s often a disconnect between efforts to encourage more biking and ensuring the safety of bicyclists who are using streets that are primarily designed to move cars and trucks through city neighborhoods and urban centers quickly.

        Our roads have not always been built to prioritize cars, because the first vehicles to use the nation’s streets weren’t automobiles; they were carriages and bikes. In fact, the League of American Bicyclists has been around since 1880, long before cars.

        “We lobbied Congress at the end of that century to get the first paved roads in the United States,” says Bill Nesper, the League’s executive director, who adds that it wasn’t until after World War II that our streets became so car centric.

      • WBEZ RadioHow to make biking better in Chicago, according to 200 cyclists

        WBEZ recently asked Chicagoans to tell us what they wanted to know about biking in the city and what unanswered questions they had for City Hall transportation officials. Questions from nearly 200 cyclists poured in.

        When will there be more protected lanes? Why don’t the police enforce the law when it comes to cars parking in bike lanes? How can I encourage cars to stay a safe distance away without pi**ing them off?

        We didn’t just field questions — we posed them to the official at City Hall who is responsible for the city’s bike network. Read his responses here.

    • Proprietary

    • Security

      • Light Blue TouchpaperData ordering attacks | Light Blue Touchpaper

        Most deep neural networks are trained by stochastic gradient descent. Now “stochastic” is a fancy Greek word for “random”; it means that the training data are fed into the model in random order.

        So what happens if the bad guys can cause the order to be not random? You guessed it—all bets are off. Suppose for example a company or a country wanted to have a v, but still be able to pretend that its training was actually fair. Well, they could assemble a set of financial data that was representative of the whole population, but start the model’s training on ten rich men and ten poor women drawn from that set ­ then let initialisation bias do the rest of the work.

      • Bleeping ComputerFTC fines Twitter $150M for using 2FA info for targeted advertising [Ed: "2FA" is very often just fake security; there are many technical issues with it as well, set aside privacy issue]
      • Beta NewsWarning: You should stop using Tails Linux NOW! [Ed: Brian Fagioli with another idiotic clickbait like Microsoft media operatives I saw hours ago; lots of actively exploited holes in Microsoft products are revealed by the dozens each day by CISA, so a distraction is sorely needed]
      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • Counter PunchThe Threat to Privacy in the Post-Roe Era: How Your Cellphone Could Be Used Against You

          If people want to travel incognito to an abortion clinic, according to well-meaning advice, they need to plan their trip the way a CIA operative might – and get a burner phone. As a cybersecurity and privacy researcher, I know that wouldn’t be good enough to guarantee privacy.

          Using a maps app to plan a route, sending terms to a search engine and chatting online are ways that people actively share their personal data. But mobile devices share far more data than just what their users say or type. They share information with the network about whom people contacted, when they did so, how long the communication lasted and what type of device was used. The devices must do so in order to connect a phone call or send an email.

        • CNNShe thought a dark moment in her past was forgotten. Then she scanned her face online

          But with a few clicks of a mouse, PimEyes brought back a real-life nightmare that occurred nearly two decades ago. She has since tried and failed to get all of the explicit photos removed from PimEyes’ search results, despite the site saying it would scrub images of Scarlett from results. As of this week, sexually explicit images of Scarlett could still be found via PimEyes.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Meduza‘He said he was fine — but what else would a brother tell his sister?’ Dmytro Kozatsky, whose photos gave the world a window into Azovstal, is now in Russian captivity. His sister told Meduza his story.

        Dmytro Kozatsky is a soldier from Ukraine’s Azov regiment and the photographer behind a now-famous collection of photos showing the defenders of the besieged Azovstal steel plant. On May 16, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces ordered the commanders of the units in Azovstal to “save the lives of the personnel” there. Four days later, on May 20, Kozatsky reported that he had surrendered. Meduza spoke to his sister, Darya Yurchenko, about why Kozatsky originally decided to join Azov, his life during the siege, and his family’s main concerns at the moment.

      • Meduza‘Azovstal’s eyes and voice’ The soldier who documented the siege of Azovstal from the inside

        On May 20, Azov regiment member and Mariupol defender Dmytro Kozatsky posted two farewell photos on social media as he left the Azovstal steel plant, where he had been living under siege for over two months.

      • Counter PunchUkraine’s War Crimes Trials: Legal But Not Necessarily Wise

        But nonetheless, conducting a war crimes trial during active hostilities, and by a civilian court, is not normal. Nor may it be wise.

        As an expert on the law of war – that is, the set of international legal protocols and conventions that set out the rules of what is allowed during conflicts – I am concerned that trying a prisoner of war in such circumstances is problematic for several reasons. Further, it could set a disturbing precedent. While the Ukrainian trial may well have been conducted under due process of law, the same may not be true if Russia decides to follow suit.

      • Counter PunchNew York Times Repudiates Drive for “Decisive Military Victory” in Ukraine, Calls for Peace Negotiations.

        Now on May 19, “THE EDITORIAL BOARD,” the full Magisterium of the Times, has moved from hints to a clarion call for a change in direction in an editorial uninformatively titled, “The War Is Getting Complicated, and America Isn’t Ready.”  From atop the Opinion page the Editorial Board has declared that “total victory” over Russia is not possible and that Ukraine will have to negotiate a peace in a way that reflects a “realistic assessment” and the “limits” of U.S. commitment.  The Times serves as one the main shapers of public opinion for the Elite and so its pronouncements are not to be taken lightly.

        Ukrainians will have to adjust to US “limits” and make sacrifices for newfound U.S. realism

      • Counter PunchThe Ukraine War’s Collateral Damage

        Any major war will, of course, inflict immense harm on the environment and Ukraine’s no exception. Although far from over, the fighting there has already resulted in widespread habitat and farmland destruction, while attacks on fuel-storage facilities (crucial targets for both sides) and the wartime consumption of fossil fuels have already released colossal amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. But however detrimental they may be, those should be thought of as relatively minor injuries when compared to the long-term catastrophic damage sure to be caused by the collapse of global efforts to slow the pace of global warming.

        Mind you, even before Russia invaded Ukraine, the possibility of preventing the world’s temperature from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above its pre-industrial average seemed to be slipping away. After all, as a recent study by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made clear, without a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions, global temperatures are likely to exceed that target long before this century ends — with terrifying consequences. “In concrete terms,” as U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres pointed out when releasing the report, “this means major cities under water, unprecedented heat waves, terrifying storms, widespread water shortages, and the extinction of one million species of plants and animals.”

      • Pro PublicaDaniel Taylor’s $14M Wrongful Conviction Settlement: Inside His Decadeslong Fight to Prove His Innocence

        When guards first brought Daniel Taylor into a room at the Stateville Correctional Center outside Chicago, we were strangers. It was 2001. I was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. He was an inmate serving a life sentence.

        He had written to me earlier. His was one of the dozen or so letters I’d get from inmates each month — each in an envelope red-stamped with a note saying they were from an inmate at the Illinois Department of Corrections, as if to warn me about their contents. But his letter stood out. He had been convicted of a 1992 double murder, he wrote, but he had records that showed he was in a police station holding cell when the murders were committed.

      • MeduzaZaporizhzhia and Kherson residents to be given Russian citizenship through a simplified procedure

        Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an executive order facilitating a simplified process by which residents of Ukraine’s Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions will be given Russian citizenship. The document was published on the Russian government’s official legal information portal.

      • Meduza‘Chaos like we’ve never seen before’: An interview with Valentina Melnikova, who helps soldiers and their relatives navigate Russia’s military bureaucracy

        Since the start of the war, the Russian government has repeatedly violated even the most basic rights of Russian soldiers. Those who don’t want to join the war have been forced to sign contracts and sent into battle against their will. Meanwhile, families have been given little to no information about the fates of their missing husbands and sons — nor, often, have they been given their dead loved ones’ bodies. With the official system either overwhelmed by the sheer number of victims or invested in remaining opaque, the task of helping relatives get answers has fallen to human rights lawyers. Meduza spoke to Soldiers’ Mothers Committee Executive Secretary Valentina Melnikova about the new role the organization has taken on since February 24.

      • Meduza‘He dedicated his youth to Ukraine’: Meduza’s interview with the wives and mothers of three Azov soldiers who defended Mariupol to the end

        Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant was under continuous siege by Russian troops from early March until May 17. The last place unoccupied by Russian troops in the city, the plant was completely cut off from the outside world. Ukrainians managed to defend it up until May 16, when the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces ordered the commanders of the units in Azovstal to “save the lives of the personnel.” The soldiers (the majority of whom belong to the Azov regiment, which was using the plant as a base) laid down their weapons and surrendered. Meduza spoke to the wives of two of the Azov soldiers who were taken prisoner, and to the mother of one who died, about what it was like to follow the siege from afar as their loved ones were under siege inside the plant.

      • Counter PunchCODEPINK Denounces Deportation of Electoral Observer in Colombia

        Ms. Mattson’s passport was seized and she was forced to wait in the terminal overnight before being placed on a plane the morning of Monday, May 23. In the deportation documents, Colombian migration authorities mistakenly identified her as a citizen of Argentina, despite her U.S. passport. The U.S. Embassy in Bogota was unable or unwilling to help Ms. Mattson with this ordeal, although a U.S. official characterized the retention of her passport as irregular.

        Ms. Mattson visited Colombia in the Spring of 2021 as part of a human rights delegation to investigate state violence against peaceful protestors. On this recent occasion, she was invited by Colombia’s Permanent Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CPDH), the country’s most prestigious human rights organization, to be an electoral observer.

      • Counter PunchHuman Rights Activist Deported from Colombia in Runup to High Stakes Election

        Although Mattson resides in Mexico and first flown there, her tribulations did not end there. She was then held in Mexico without passport or phone while immigration waited for the first available flight to the US, because she is a US citizen. Only when Mattson exited the plane in the US were her phone and passport returned to her.

        Colombian authorities falsely claimed that Mattson “represents a risk to the security of the State.” When contacted, the US embassy refused to aid her on the bogus grounds that they do not get involved when someone is accused of being a security risk.

      • MeduzaYou can’t end wars with antiwar movements, but you can hasten the end Croatian-Bosnian human rights activist Igor Blazhevich recalls his own personal reconciliation with Serbs and explains the merits of activism against armed aggression

        According to the Kremlin-controlled media, the overwhelming majority of Russians support the war against Ukraine. There is no mass movement against the invasion, the state’s propagandists argue, and yet the authorities tirelessly track down and prosecute ordinary people for criticizing the “special operation” on social media and at small protests with banners that read, “No to the war!” But can these statements against the invasion change anything? Are they worth the risks? What’s the point of such actions if the war continues regardless? Maria Sereda at the Greenhouse of Social Technologies (Teplitsa) discussed these questions with Croatian-Bosnian human rights activist Igor Blazhevich, who’s assisted with deliveries of humanitarian aid to conflict zones and helped found the charity group People in Need. With Teplitsa’s kind permission, Meduza republishes Blazhevich’s remarks in full.

      • TruthOutNBA Coach Steve Kerr Slams McConnell and GOP Over Inaction on Shootings
      • The NationThe Arms Industry Is At It Again. Imagine That.

        These are good times to be an arms maker. Not only are tens of billions of dollars in new military spending headed for the coffers of this country’s largest weapons contractors, but they’re being praised as defenders of freedom and democracy, thanks to their role in arming Ukraine to fight the Russians. The last time the industry gained such a sterling reputation was during World War II when it was lauded as the “arsenal of democracy” for fueling the fight against fascism.

      • ScheerpostArsenal of Autocracy? The Major Weapons Makers Cash in Worldwide, Not Just Ukraine

        Our largest weapons-making corporations are on a run for our money that on a planet that hardly needed one more war.

      • ScheerpostKatrina vanden Heuvel: We Need a Real Debate About the Ukraine War

        Katrina vanden Heuvel explores what it would take to bring the war in Ukraine to an end.

      • DeSmogOil and Gas Industry Seized on War in Ukraine to Water Down Climate Policy, Report Shows

        While Russia dropped missiles on Kyiv and laid siege to the port of Mariupol in late February, the oil and gas industry took advantage of the war in Ukraine to spread misinformation about the causes of the energy crisis in order to apply political pressure and pursue a longstanding wish list of policy changes, according to new research. 

        Energy prices soared in the aftermath of the Russian invasion. In response, the oil and gas industry waged a concerted influence campaign that blamed the Biden administration’s climate policies for undermining American energy independence and for causing a spike in prices, according to a report from InfluenceMap, a corporate watchdog group. Across an array of platforms, the industry and its allies framed more drilling and looser regulation as a solution to these problems, and advocated for policies that had tenuous connections to the global energy crisis but were nonetheless favorable to the fossil fuel industry.

      • ScheerpostNew York Times Repudiates Drive For ‘Decisive Military Victory’ in Ukraine

        Ukraine must negotiate based on a “realistic assessment” and “limits” to U.S./NATO commitment, says NYT.

      • JURISTUS appeals court: Civil War amnesty law does not protect officials who supported January 6 insurrection

        Under the clause, politicians who have engaged in “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States or “given aid or comfort” to insurrectionists are barred from running for Congress. Cawthorn argued that the Amnesty Act of 1872 repealed the clause and protects him. At the trial court level, a federal judge agreed and dismissed the challenge to Cawthorn.

        However, Judge Toby Heytens wrote for the Fourth Circuit that “the 1872 Amnesty Act removed the Fourteenth Amendment’s eligibility bar only for those whose constitutionally wrongful acts occurred before its enactment… the 1872 Amnesty Act does not categorically exempt all future rebels and insurrectionists.”

      • TruthOutProposals to Arm Teachers Are a Horrific Response to Gun Violence
      • TruthOutAOC Rebukes Democrats for Support of Pro-NRA, Anti-Abortion Henry Cuellar
      • ScheerpostAfter Kids Killed in Texas, Dems Declare ‘Pass Gun Safety Legislation Now’

        Jessica Corbett reports on how progressive Democrats responded to Tuesday’s massacre in Uvalde, Texas.

      • The NationRuben Gallego’s Fury Over Uvalde Is Exactly Why He Must Challenge Sinema

        The rote responses of most congressional Republicans to the murder Tuesday of 19 Texas schoolchildren and two of their teachers were so wrenchingly vapid, so grotesquely lacking in any sense of urgency, that Representative Ruben Gallego could not take it any longer. The Arizona Democrat read a statement from Republican Senator Ted Cruz in which the Texan claimed those who demanded action to avert future school shootings were “politicizing” the tragedy. And he responded appropriately.

      • Democracy NowParkland HS Victim’s Father, Manuel Oliver, to Parents of Uvalde Elem. Victims: Fight for Gun Control

        We speak with Manuel Oliver, co-founder of the gun reform group Change the Ref, about Tuesday’s mass shooting at an elementary school that left 19 children and two adults dead in Uvalde, Texas. Oliver is the father of Joaquin, one of the 17 students killed in the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He encourages those closely affected by Tuesday’s shooting to channel their grief into action on gun control, and calls on celebrities to commit to the fight.

      • Democracy NowSen. Chris Murphy, Whose District Includes Sandy Hook, Begs to Pass Gun Control Laws: “What Are We Doing?”

        Hours after Tuesday’s mass shooting that killed at least 19 students and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy passionately addressed Republicans on the Senate floor in a call for action on gun control. “I’m here on this floor to beg, to literally get down on my hands and knees and beg my colleagues: Find a path forward here,” said Murphy. “Work with us to find a way to pass laws that make this less likely.”

      • Democracy NowNRA to Hold “Republican Pep Rally” in Houston with Trump, Days After 21 Killed in Texas Mass Shooting

        The National Rifle Association still plans to host its annual meeting Friday in Houston, Texas, despite Tuesday’s mass shooting at an elementary school that left 19 children and two adults dead in the state. More than 55,000 people are set to attend and hear speeches by former President Trump and Republican Texas lawmakers including Governor Greg Abbott and Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. Michael Spies, senior staff writer at The Trace, says the NRA convention will serve as a “Republican pep rally” to uphold “an absolutist vision of the Second Amendment,” and argues the Republican Party’s devotion to unrestricted gun access goes beyond the NRA, whose power he says is slowly weakening. “The machine works on autopilot now,” says Spies, who also discusses a pending Supreme Court case which could do away with a New York law requiring gun owners to hold a permit to carry concealed guns.

      • Democracy Now“We Can’t Go On Like This”: 21 Killed in Elementary School Massacre; Texans Demand Gun Control

        Nineteen children and two teachers were shot dead at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday by an 18-year-old who had earlier shot and critically wounded his grandmother. The gunman was shot and killed by law enforcement. The attack was the deadliest school shooting since the massacre in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, in 2012 and comes just 10 days after an 18-year-old self-described white supremacist attacked a grocery store in the heart of Buffalo’s African American community. We go to Austin to speak with Nicole Golden, executive director of Texas Gun Sense, who says Texas lawmakers have widely opposed gun violence prevention legislation supported by the majority of Texas voters. She also denounces Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s recommendation to arm teachers.

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • Counter PunchJapan Plan to Dump Tritium-Contaminated Water into the Pacific Comes With Big Risks

          At the present time, over a million tonnes of tritium-contaminated water are being held in about a thousand tanks at the site of the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power station in Japan. This is being added to at the rate of ~300 tonnes a day from the water being pumped to keep cool the melted nuclear fuels from the three destroyed reactors at Fukushima. Therefore new tanks are having to be built each week to cope with the influx.

          These problems constitute a sharp reminder to the world’s media that the nuclear disaster at Fukushima did not end in 2011 and is continuing with no end in sight.

        • HackadayGeothermal System Is A Real Gold Mine

          What do you get when Pacific Northwest National Laboratories takes over what was once the largest and deepest gold mine in North America? The answer might be enough energy to power 10,000,000 homes. The enhanced geothermal systems project includes the lab and several partners from academia and industry and aims to test sending fluids down boreholes so the Earth can heat them up. Hot fluids, of course, can easily create electricity.

        • DeSmogGas Utility Sends Kid-Friendly Activity Books to Oregon Schools

          Oregon gas utility NW Natural offered free activity booklets in English and Spanish to schools in its service territory last year. The booklets target kids as young as kindergarten with games and puzzles that position fossil gas as a clean source of energy. The utility claims the materials relate to safety, and as a result, the company is trying to get ratepayers to cover the costs of the campaign. But a coalition of environmental groups opposing the move argue that the school booklet initiative was instead a propaganda campaign aimed at influencing children. 

          Last year, NW Natural, Oregon’s largest gas utility, sent emails and print mailers to schools in its service territory, offering free gas-related activity booklets for children, according to testimony filed with the state Public Utility Commission (PUC) in April by environmental groups, including the Coalition of Communities of Color and Climate Solutions. The groups are represented by lawyers from Earthjustice and the Green Energy Institute at Lewis & Clark Law School. 

        • uni MichiganAnn Arbor for Public Power hosts festival to rally support for public power

          Community members gathered at Burns Park Sunday evening to attend a public power festival hosted by Ann Arbor for Public Power (A2P2), a non-profit organization advocating for the city to municipalize its energy utility and replace DTE Energy, the private utility company currently serving Ann Arbor, with a publicly owned energy utility. The Sunday festival featured live music, educational booths and speeches from guest speakers.

        • The NationFossil Fuels Are a Threat to National Security

          How much more unpredictability must the American people endure as a result of our reliance on fossil fuels before we finally cut ties with Big Oil and build a stable, affordable clean-energy economy? It seems like President Biden is out of options, given the intransigence of the fossil fuel–friendly Congress. But he has one: use his authority as president to invoke the Defense Production Act to dramatically scale up production of clean energy, while simultaneously protecting national security.

      • Wildlife/Nature

        • New York TimesWhy Trillium Have Become the Poster Child for Endangered Native Plants

          The report revealed that 32 percent of our native trillium species or varieties are threatened with extinction, thanks to human development, predation by white-tailed deer and feral hogs, competition from invasive plants and more.

          Trillium erectum, also known as the wake robin, red trillium or stinking Benjamin, holds its flowers above its green leaves on short stalks called pedicels. Credit…Margaret Roach

          The plight of any native species is cause for concern, but with trillium there is another layer — almost an emotional factor. Their distinctive, early flowers charm us, making them a kind of poster plant for other species in trouble, ambassadors for an interest in growing and conserving natives. Botanists often refer to them as “charismatic” flora.

        • The RevelatorHow the Media Stokes Needless Fears About Sharks
        • Common DreamsGoldman Prize Awarded to Activists Who Showed Nature’s ‘Amazing Capability to Regenerate’

          Campaigners who have stopped illegal gold mining in Ecuador, shut down a toxic oil drilling site in Los Angeles, pushed Australia’s largest banks to stop funding coal projects, and held a powerful fossil fuel company to account for disastrous oil spills in Nigeria are among the recipients of the Goldman Environmental Prize for 2022, which is being awarded Wednesday.

          The award ceremony is being held virtually in light of the pandemic and will honor seven grassroots campaigners representing each of the world’s six inhabited continents, with each winner awarded $200,000.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • EFFPlatform Liability Trends Around the Globe: Taxonomy and Tools of Intermediary Liability

        The web of global intermediary liability laws has grown increasingly vast and complex as policymakers around the world move to adopt stricter legal frameworks for platform regulation. To help detangle things, we offer an overview of different approaches to intermediary liability. We also present a version of Daphne Keller’s intermediary liability toolbox, which contains the typical components of an intermediary liability law as well as the various regulatory dials and knobs that enable lawmakers to calibrate its effect.

        Liability itself can be distinguished on the basis of remedy: monetary and non-monetary liability. Monetary liability results in awards of compensatory damages to the claimant, while non-monetary liability results in orders that require the intermediary to take steps against wrongful activities undertaken through the use of their services (usually in the form of injunctions to do or refrain from doing something). 

        Monetary remedies are obtained after establishing an intermediary’s liability—which ranges from strict, fault-based, knowledge-based, and court adjudicated-liability to total immunity. Various configurations along this spectrum continue to emerge, as regulators experiment with regulatory dials and knobs to craft legislation tailored toward specific contexts.

      • TechdirtVirginia Attorney, Congressional Hopeful File Doomed Lawsuit Against Barnes & Noble Over ‘Obscene’ Books

        Two political figures determined to play to the base no matter what it costs them have filed lawsuits against book retailer Barnes & Noble, claiming (one specific Virginia Beach store, along with a Virginia Beach school) the company is marketing “obscene” books to kids.

      • TechdirtVery, Very Little Of ‘Content Moderation’ Has Anything To Do With Politics

        It’s truly amazing how focused people are, in discussions on content moderation, on the claims that “content moderation is censorship” and that it’s primarily “suppressing” political speech. That’s not how it works at all. Honestly, the origins of most content moderation efforts were around two major things: (1) spam prevention and (2) copyright infringement. Over time, that’s expanded, but the major categories of content moderation have little to nothing to do with “viewpoint” discrimination, no matter what Texas seems to think.

    • Freedom of Information / Freedom of the Press

      • Don’t Extradite AssangeCheck out Stella Assange’s latest interviews

        The full video is also available to watch here.

      • The NationHow the Western Media Missed the Story of Shireen Abu Akleh’s Death

        Western newsrooms generally love martyrs—men or women whom they can market to their readers as perfect victims. Shireen Abu Akleh, though not one to turn the other cheek, certainly fit that profile: a 51-year-old Palestinian Christian woman with an American passport who was killed while wearing a clearly marked press vest. Even so, because of who killed her, Abu Akleh’s very public death and “perfect victimhood” was up for debate.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • The NationThe Most Important Recent Labor Victory You Never Read About

        Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico—Since the massive General Motors plant opened here in 1996, the workers have been represented by the 86-year-old Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM). On February 1 and 2 of this year, all that changed when a majority of GM’s 6400 workers voted to be represented by the Independent Union of Auto Industry Workers (SINTTIA). Before then, union elections at the plant were essentially a farce.

      • The NationThe Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder
      • TechdirtMinneapolis Pays $1.5 Million Settlement To Man Who Accidentally Shot At Cops During George Floyd Protests

        Following the murder of unarmed black man George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, the streets of the city erupted in protest. Police responded accordingly. Which is to say indifferently. Rather than rein in the violence that had triggered the protests, many officers felt they needed to make protesters pay for their ungrateful response to racial bias and police violence.

      • TechdirtHertz Still Refuses To Drop Prosecutions Despite Being Sued For Bogus Theft Reports

        Hertz has dug its own hole. And it insists it hasn’t hit the bottom yet. The shovels will continue to be deployed until the litigation ends. This isn’t going to work out well for Hertz, but the company seems to have retreated deep into denial following lawsuits over its bogus theft allegations.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • URI encoding

        I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole of URI (Uniform Resource Indentifier) encoding and decoding, and why not publish my results here so I at least have a place I know where I can look it up again. And who knows? Maybe someone else will find this useful.

    • Monopolies

      • Copyrights

        • Torrent FreakBlizzard: No Piracy Filters? That’s Evidence of Intentional Infringement

          A recent DMCA notice sent by Blizzard to Github demands the takedown of an avatar depicting the gaming company’s character ‘Chef Nomi’. While legally sound up to this point, Blizzard’s notice goes on to inform the coding platform that its failure to deploy piracy filtering technologies is “evidence of intentional facilitation of copyright infringement.” In Github’s case? Not even close.

        • Torrent FreakFrance is Fighting Piracy and Keeping it Alive at the Same Time

          This week, France’s national anti-piracy agency Arcom spoke at the Cannes film festival. The public heard that France is serious about fighting online piracy and that new blocking powers will help to crack down on infringing services. What wasn’t mentioned, is that French law prohibits streaming services from showing recent movies, which arguably keeps piracy relevant at the same time.

        • TechdirtFan’s Rare Recordings Of Lost Beatles’ Performances Can’t Be Heard, Because Copyright Ruins Everything

          There’s a story in the Daily Mail that underlines why it is important for people to make copies. It concerns the re-surfacing of rare recordings of the Beatles:

EPO Celebrates Software Patents Again, Dubbing Them ‘Hey Hi’ (AI) and ’4IR’

Posted in Europe, Patents at 4:46 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 626e5d157b9303c3eacb5b3f87c31f40
EPO Not Worth It
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The ludicrous state of the EPO is demonstrated by yesterday’s puff piece about “four million” (merely requests for monopoly in Europe; most come from outside Europe) and L’Oréal, which claims to have “invented” something that was already done in the 1990s if not the 1980s

THE EPO‘s tyranny has taken its toll. The quality of patents being granted — as per “targets” — is really bad, many of these are invalid software patents, and António Campinos — clueless in almost every domain — name-drops buzzwords, just like his predecessor, friend, and appointer Benoît Battistelli. Campinos described himself as a “nomad” this year; in a sense he’s correct, having leaped from banking to trademarks and even to patents, despite a total lack of experience. Like Battistelli, he’s a jack of no trades and master of nothing. He is a successful imposter.

“Not only does the EPO boast and brag about attracting a pile of rubbish; it also rubberstamps a lot of this rubbish.”Europe will pay the cost for this nepotism and kakistocracy. In the video above I explain the latest spin or twist on software patents. I also explain what that means to prices of products, having just noticed this L’Oréal puff piece (warning: epo.org link). Very simple face recognition — or even crude analysis of tones — gets spun as “Hey Hi” (AI) and in turn the meaningless junk, “4IR”, citing the pseudoscience called “economics”. This is what a press release looks like when complete fools with no background in science write it, celebrating numbers rather than actual science or something truly meaningful.

Today, the European Publication Server reached a new milestone as the EPO published EP 4 000 000. The application from L’Oréal, one of the top ten French applicants in the 2021 Patent Index, concerns an image recognition method in which artificial intelligence (AI) is trained to recognise skin tone, helping customers match their skin tone to cosmetic products.

EP 4 000 000 is just one of a growing number of applications involving fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies, a trend observed in several EPO Chief Economist Unit studies. Over the past decade, 4IR innovation such as AI has also spread into domains that are not traditionally regarded as digital, for example, the cosmetics sector.

So now the EPO wants to give software patent to the “cosmetics sector”; aside from the fact that there’s ample prior art, this is in effect mathematics or the branch of statistics. But this one gets slanted as “cosmetics”, so we’re meant to think it’s innovative and unprecedented, just like hundreds of thousands of US patents covering something “in a car” or “over the Internet” or “using a phone”.

What L’Oréal claims to have ‘innovated’ has lots of prior art, going back to the time I was a kid. Back then computational resources were more limited and colour depth was lower, often requiring alternative (highly specialised) output devices if not printing (plotting/blending). Not only does the EPO boast and brag about attracting a pile of rubbish; it also rubberstamps a lot of this rubbish.

[Meme] EPO’s Monkey Business: Lowering the Patent Examination Bar

Posted in Europe, Patents at 4:29 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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If 'closest prior art' not the same, then grant patent

Summary: As we shall show in a moment, EPO President António Campinos has lowered the quality of patents and applications; sooner or later he might outsource the job to ‘livestock’

IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:53 am by Needs Sunlight

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Heads of Patent Offices Are Immune to Coronavirus

Posted in Europe, Microsoft, Patents at 1:00 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

No Masks, Microsoft Vidal (Kathi Vidal)? COVID “minimiser” or “denier”?

New temporary backup option to help ease transition to DOCX
Microsoft’s ‘turn’ [1, 2] to run the Office? And impose DOCX on everybody? It is a proprietary format of proprietary software (Microsoft Office). “OOXML is not actually used by Microsoft Office,” an associate explains, and “no one actually uses [it], not even Microsoft itself, [so] implying that OOXML is in use or that DOCX is a single format is misleading at best”; the Office (USPTO) pushes people into Microsoft Office — a sordid array of Microsoft vendor lock-in.

Summary: The overconfident chiefs of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and EPO might love speaking about COVID-19 (in relation to patents), but they do not take it seriously themselves

“Just got an e-mail linking to this big long blog from Microsoft Vidal,” a reader has told us. “They’re trying to make it look like she “hit the ground running,” as they say in America. Running the world, calling in IP [sic] people from around the world to her table. Everybody is wearing masks, except Microsoft Vidal and the man opposite her. Maybe he’s from China, and it’s an adversary/power-type thing.”

We’re long noticed the same from António Campinos (chronic mask rejection; we did a couple of memes about it earlier this week). Maybe there’s nothing to it, but here we go…

Just getting started

Blog by Kathi Vidal, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO

USPTO meeting
On World IP [sic] Day on April 26, Director Vidal met with representatives from the World Intellectual Property Organization, including Director General Daren Tang and Deputy Director Lisa Jorgenson (Photo by Jay Premack/USPTO)

So much confidence! “World IP [sic] Day” is a PR ploy.

EPO queen
We know who runs the show (Team Battistelli)

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