Links 08/07/2022: Godot 3.5 RC 6 and DebConf22

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    • Graphics Stack

      • CollaboraIntroducing the r600/NIR back-end

        Even though the hardware served by the r600 driver is ageing, it is still in wide use, and high-end cards from that generation will still deliver good performance for mid-range gaming. When the drivers were originally implemented, TGSI was the dominating intermediate representation (IR) used by the shader compilers in Mesa. Several years back, NIR (new intermediate representation) was introduced, which has since been adopted by most drivers in Mesa. Among other things, NIR allows adding hardware specific opcodes that make it easy to transform the shader code to something that can easily be translated into hardware specific assembly. (To learn more about the features of NIR, take a look at Jason Ekstrand’s excellent blog post.)

        With that in mind, and the general sentiment that I should learn something about NIR, I got the idea to implement a NIR back-end for the r600 hardware while I was at XDC 2018. At that time, the driver created non-optimized assembly from the TGSI, which was then optimized by SB, an optimizer that was added in 2013 to the r600 driver. This optimizer has quite a few quirks; it does not work for compute or tessellation shaders, or shaders that use images or atomic operations. On top of that, it has some bugs that are difficult to fix because the code base is not well documented and difficult to understand.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • OSTechNixMove A Running Process From One Terminal To Another Without Closing It

        Let us say, you are running a task in a remote server via a SSH session from your local system.

        When you started the task, you didn’t know that the remote job would take long time to complete. You just want to leave the running job on the remote server itself, and close the SSH session without terminating the remote job, and then re-attach it to the SSH session later or at the next day.

        Of course, you can start the job in screen or tmux session, and detach from the screen session without exiting the remote job, and exit SSH session.

        But if you forgot to start the screen session in the first place, there is no way to reattach to the running process later. Once you closed the SSH session, the running processes will also be closed on the remote system.

        So, what would you do in such situation? Worry not! Here is where Reptyr command comes in help.

      • ID RootHow To Install Flask on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Flask on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Flask is a Python framework that is used to design and test different web applications based on the Python programming language. If you are a beginner, then Flask is the best platform for you through which you can learn how to maintain and develop different web applications in a scalable, secure way.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Flask framework on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • ID RootHow To Install LXDE Desktop on Fedora 36 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install LXDE Desktop on Fedora 36. For those of you who didn’t know, LXDE, or Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, is a free desktop environment known for being lightweight, fast, and energy-efficient. The LXDE Desktop is designed specifically for use with older hardware and/or mobile devices with lower than average processing power. It is based on the GTK libraries, which power the GNOME Desktop.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the LXDE Desktop Environment on a Fedora 36.

      • UbuntuInstall Gazebo for ROS 2 in under a minute | Ubuntu

        Recently, we announced the beta release of the Gazebo snap to help you install Gazebo for ROS 2. The gazebo snap is easy to install on dozens of Linux distributions and comes bundled with all the dependencies and the ROS 2 integration. It is currently supporting Gazebo Citadel and thus ROS 2 Foxy.

        For the sake of clarity, when talking about Gazebo we are referring to the “new” Gazebo (formerly Ignition Gazebo).

        Let’s see how to install Gazebo for ROS 2 using the Gazebo snap!

      • Make Use OfThe 12 Best Vim Plugins to Improve Your Workflow

        Vim is a widely used terminal editor in the Linux world and like many other Linux applications, it runs on Unix, Windows, and macOS too.

        One of the things people love most about Vim is that it is highly customizable and extensible via plugins. Finding the right plugins for your workflow will greatly improve your productivity on Linux.

        Here’s a selection of the 12 best Vim plugins that will enhance your workflow on Linux.

      • Red Hat OfficialHow to manage Apache web servers using Jinja2 templates and filters | Enable Sysadmin

        Jinja2 templates are files that use variables to include static values and dynamic values. One powerful thing about a template is that you can have a basic data file but use variables to generate values dynamically based on the destination host. Ansible processes templates using Jinja2, a templating language for Python.

      • How to Install and Set up a Django Web Framework on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – LinuxWizardry

        Django is a free and open-source Python web framework. With Django, you can build dynamic web applications written in Python easier and faster. It offers a wide range of features for creating better Python-based web applications.

        It is a popular full-stack framework known for its security, development speed, and scalability. Some popular websites built with Django are YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, DropBox, Pinterest, Mozilla Firefox, BitBucket, etc.

        This tutorial will explain how to install the Django web framework on Ubuntu 22.04 system. We will also discuss how you can create and run a simple Django application.

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      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • DedoimedoKubuntu upgrade – from 21.10 to 22.04 – Smooth as silk

          This is a pretty short article, but then, it’s only got positives. My Kubuntu 21.10 upgrade (to 22.04) was the smoothest Linux version bump I’ve ever done so far. Quite a few of those had gone neatly, but this was the neatest of them all. The process was quick, error-free, all of my programs were correctly carried over and/or reconfigured, including third-party stuff, and there are no side effects whatsoever. The system works phenomenally well (excluding inherent problems in the system’s design itself, but that’s another story).

          I have to say I’m thoroughly pleased, and the last time this happened with Linux was … quite a while back. If anything, this makes me feel happier and more confident that similar endeavors in the future ought to be equally simple. One can only hope of course, because regressions are never far from Linux everyday affairs. But today, we won, big time. Anyway, let’s bring this brief yet sweet report to its end. The upgrade gets a top score. 100%. And we’re done.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Kali LinuxKali Linux in Linode’s Cloud | Kali Linux Blog

      A few months ago, Linode reached out to us asking “What would be needed in order to get Kali added to Linode?”. We explained to them how all the build-scripts that we used to create Kali are public, and what their different options and configurations mean. They went away and came back shortly with an image for us to try out! After a bit of testing, we can now say “Kali is in Linode… (Twice)”!

    • Debian Family

      • DebConf22 Cheese and Wine Party

        In less than two days we will be in Prizren to start DebCamp and DebConf22 \o/

        This C&W is the 18th official DebConf Cheese and Wine party. The first C&W was improvised in Helsinki during DebConf 5, in the so-called “French” room. Cheese and Wine parties are now a tradition for DebConf.

    • Devices/Embedded

      • The Next PlatformNow Comes The Hard Part, AMD: Software

        From the moment the first rumors surfaced that AMD was thinking about acquiring FPGA maker Xilinx, we thought this deal was as much about software as it was about hardware.

        We like that strange quantum state between hardware and software where the programmable gates in FPGAs, but that was not as important. Access to a whole set of new embedded customers was pretty important, too. But the Xilinx deal was really about the software, and the skills that Xilinx has built up over the decades crafting very precise dataflows and algorithms to solve problems where latency and locality matter.

        After the Financial Analyst Day presentations last month, we have been mulling the one by Victor Peng, formerly chief executive officer at Xilinx and now president of the Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group at AMD.

      • HackadayESP32 Powers Fresh Take On An IoT Geiger Counter

        Over the years we’ve covered many projects aimed at detecting elevated radiation levels, and a fair number of them have been Internet connected in some way. But as they are often built around the Soviet-era SBM-20 Geiger–Müller tube, these devices have generally adhered to a fairly conservative design. With the current situation in Europe heightening concerns over potential radiation exposure, [g3gg0] thought it was a good a time as any to revisit the idea of an Internet-connected Geiger counter using more modern components.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • DietPi Released a New Version 8.6

        The July 2nd, 2022 release of DietPi v8.6 comes with a new image for Quartz64, new software options Prometheus Node Exporter, Tailscale, Rclone and ZeroTier. It has updated Amiberry packages, new PiVPN and HAProxy features, and more.

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Leftovers

    • HackadayLoRa Helps With Remote Water Tank Level Sensing

      [Renzo Mischianti]’s friend has to keep a water tank topped up. Problem is, the tank itself is 1.5 km away, so its water level isn’t typically known. There’s no electricity available there either — whichever monitoring solution is to be used, it has to be low-power and self-sufficient. To help with that, [Renzo] is working on a self-contained automation project, with a solar-powered sensor that communicates over LoRa, and a controller that receives the water level readings and powers the water pump when needed.

    • Hardware

      • HackadayBadges Of 2022: BornHack

        While the rest of the world’s hacker camps shut their doors through the pandemic there was one which managed through a combination of careful planning and strict observation of social distancing to keep going. The Danish hacker community gather every August for BornHack, a small and laid-back event in a forest on the isle of Fyn that has us coming back for more every year. They always have an interesting badge thanks to the designs of [Thomas Flummer], and this year looks to be no exception as they’ve dropped some details of the upcoming badge.

      • HackadayRetrotechtacular: 1990s CD Mastering Fit For A King

        Before it was transformed into an ephemeral stream of ones and zeroes, music used to have a physical form of some kind. From wax cylinders to vinyl discs to tapes of various sizes in different housings and eventually to compact discs, each new medium was marketed as a technological leap over the previous formats, each of which justified incrementally more money to acquire.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Counter PunchThe Wrinkle: Abortion Rights, Vaccine Passports, and Bodily Autonomy

        That wrinkle is the dominant leftist attitude toward the mandatory covid vaccination policies, an attitude that is based, I think, on a strange and increasingly common epistemological stance—an inability, or stubborn refusal, to think things through honestly and consistently, considering all the arguments without pre-ordained conclusion.

    • Entrapment (Microsoft GitHub)

      • Bryan LundukeMicrosoft’s growing control of Linux

        It has recently come out that the creator of systemd (Lennart Poettering — who also created Pulse Audio), has begun working for Microsoft.

        And this is hardly the first Linux developer to join Microsoft (either as part of an acquisition, like GitHub, or otherwise). Nor is this likely to be the last Linux developer to join up… as Microsoft currently has 645 open Linux related positions.

        Want to control a piece of technology? Find the people working on said technology… and put them on your payroll. Does this give you nearly total control over that technology?

        Yes. Yes, it does.

        Microsoft controls: The largest open source code hosting on Earth, a large portion of Linux conferences, The Linux Foundation, the Open Source Initiative, and prominent Linux developers.

      • LinuxiacLennart Poettering, the Systemd Creator, Goes to Work at Microsoft

        Lennart Poettering, the creator of crucial Linux components such as systemd and PulseAudio, has left Red Hat to pursue careers at Microsoft.

    • Security

      • LWNSecurity updates for Friday [LWN.net]

        Security updates have been issued by Fedora (direnv, golang-github-mattn-colorable, matrix-synapse, pypy3.7, pypy3.8, and pypy3.9), Oracle (squid), SUSE (curl, openssl-1_1, pcre, python-ipython, resource-agents, and rsyslog), and Ubuntu (nss, php7.2, and vim).

      • Bruce SchneierApple’s Lockdown Mode [Ed: Apple itself attacks people on behalf of nation states; funny how NSA Schneier suddenly pretends not to know about Snowden's leaks]

        Apple has introduced lockdown mode for high-risk users who are concerned about nation-state attacks. It trades reduced functionality for increased security in a very interesting way.

      • ZDNetThis ‘evasive’ new Linux malware creates a backdoor to steal passwords and more [Ed: Microsoft ZDNet trying very hard to associate Linux with "backdoor" (something that Windows actually has; it's intentional) because you can install some malware on Linux; this is propaganda and FUD from a Microsoft-funded lying rag]

        A newly uncovered form of Linux malware creates a backdoor into infected machines and servers, allowing cyber criminals to secretly steal sensitive information while also maintaining persistence on the network.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Counter PunchThe Nuclear Superpowers and True Self-Interest

        First, there is the dark paradox of having the weapons at the ready on hair-trigger precisely so that they will never be used. It is already a kind of miracle that we have been able to make it through decades of nuclear confrontation without making a fatal mistake (though the catalog of known near-misses is profoundly sobering); how much longer can our good fortune last? As the delivery vehicles move from supersonic to hypersonic, windows of decision become ever smaller and opportunities for misinterpretation ever larger.

      • Counter PunchThe Beasts of Nuclear Proliferation

        This insane hypocrisy underlines such arrangements as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.  Central to the document is the discouragement of non-nuclear weapons states from weaponizing nuclear technology as long as members of the nuclear club pursue “good-faith” disarmament negotiations. While it is true to say that the NPT probably prevented a speedier, less infectious spread of the nuclear virus, it remains a constipated regime of imperfections that has merely delayed proliferation.

      • Counter PunchThe Illusion of Military Dominance

        Like all military strategies they sound convincing enough on paper, even alluring. What red-blooded American, or Russian, would walk away from dominance? But in the concrete, these theories fail to deliver, and we could quite likely end up with escalation disaster. Escalation Dominance has already failed given that Russia invaded Ukraine and took a substantial step up the escalation ladder, with perhaps more to come.

    • Environment

      • Counter PunchHeat and Drought Bake the World. Thank Climate Change

        And yet European calefaction broke records, as every new heat wave seems to do at this early stage of the climate collapse. Catalonia, Spain, hit 109 degrees, one of its hottest temps ever, while 104-degree temperatures in France were, according to the Washington Post June 2, “the earliest the country has hit that high a temperature in recorded history.”

      • Counter PunchThe Prequel

        The upshot: The ruling said the EPA overreached its authority given to it under the 1970 Clean Air Act by trying to control pollutants vomited skyward by electric power plants. Overreach is a favorite conservative pejorative for doing the right thing.

      • Energy

        • The NationBlack Lung Is Still Killing America’s Coal Miners

          American coal miners are used to getting bad news, whether it’s of a buddy’s injury, an accident at their mine, a dip in coal prices, or word of yet another politician ignoring their needs. The profession—which still plays a complicated role in the nation’s economy, history, politics, and cultural imagination—remains incredibly dangerous, even as safety technologies have advanced and the number of jobs in the industry dwindles. The coal miners I’ve met through my coverage of the ongoing Warrior Met strike in Brookwood, Ala., and at labor events around the country are accustomed to disappointment, so when they do get a win, it’s a cause for celebration.

        • DeSmogVast Majority of Financial Institutions Have No Policies Restricting Oil and Gas Expansion

          This means that more than 96% of the 369 financial institutions tracked have no such restrictions at all.

      • Wildlife/Nature

        • Counter PunchA Bird Flu Depopulation Method So Cruel, Veterinarians Yell Foul

          As the AVMA prepares for its annual meeting in Philadelphia, an “Our Honor,” campaign has launched to highlight the use of wide scale killing of birds through suffocation and heatstroke and how it contradicts the veterinarian oath to prevent and relieve of animal suffering.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Counter PunchThe Dems Doing Their Duty of Keeping the People Off the Streets

        “The Scale of the Crimes” and “The Meagerness of the Reaction”

      • Counter PunchRoaming Charges: Knocked Out and Re-Loaded

        + The rightwing can’t decide where to pin the blame for the Highland Park slaughter: the NRA decried “gun-free” cities, Laura Ingraham pointed her puritanical finger at recreational pot, Tucker Carlson excoriated men-hating single-mothers and Marjorie Taylor Greene asserted that it was a plot hatched by a cabal of LGBTQ Democrats to bludgeon Republicans into supporting gun control, a scheme, which–with all due respect for Marge–seems far beyond their current level of competency.

      • Counter PunchThe Story of Line 3

        But, the story of Line 3 is not that of “safety standards” and “operating capabilities.” Instead, it is the story of Honor the Earth and the Anishinaabe’s resistance against Line 3. It is the story of ‘manoomin,’ and Turtle Island again being attacked by the “Black Snake.” And it is the story of the MPUC’s failure to honor treaty rights and protect the Earth. Line 3 was not a failure of the State of Minnesota but rather the logical consequence of a settler-colonial political system determined to destroy the Earth and any potential for Native sovereignty. Enbridge knew it would face a fight, as with the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL. But, this time, it came prepared. It assembled the Northern Lights Taskforce, “brought jobs to Minnesota,” and pursued every legal and illegal option available to nullify resistance to Line 3. Enbridge wielded its power to its advantage, and it won. But, that doesn’t mean that the resistance failed.

      • Counter PunchHow Alito Cherrypicked History in Dobbs

        But for Alito, the 19th century looks like the true golden age: “In 1803, the British Parliament made abortion a crime at all stages of pregnancy and authorized the imposition of severe punishment.”

      • Counter PunchThe Breakdown of Legitimacy: A Good and Necessary Thing

        In such exciting times do we live! Having spent much time trying to de-mystify capitalist institutions, I know how hard it can be be to cut through the ideological blinders. These are imposed, after all, by the regular educational process even before kids start descending into their self-selected social media tunnels.

      • Counter PunchBlack Sufferance / Insufferable Whites: An Interview with Reverend Dr. James Henry Harris
      • ScheerpostHow Far to the Left Will Boric Want to go?

        President Gabriel Boric is confident that his Tax Reform will find the broadest support in the National Congress.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Counter PunchAgainst; Not Trusting Men Again

        I sat in a room full of American lawyers when they handed the judgment down. Phone lit up with messages, notifications, tweets, and re-tweets. Is this what a day that changes the world looks like now? I had read the articles about the dangers of ‘juristocracy’[5] but it is no less shocking. If not for the presence of literal, fleshy Americans around me, I wonder how this news would hit. There is less distance between here and Kharkiv than Washington, but this feels closer to what happened at the Capitol last year. I wonder if this Transatlantic fixation is part emigrant mentality, to be drawn to worlds I know we’ve passed through before.

      • The NationHow the Supreme Court Became the Extreme Court

        In 1992, fundamentalist Christians who wished to see theocratic law imposed on the rest of the country were stabbed in the back by a conservative Supreme Court. In Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, the court ruled, 5-4, to affirm the right to abortion before fetal viability as recognized in Roe v. Wade. The court placed significant new restrictions on reproductive rights, but it didn’t overturn Roe. All five justices who voted to affirm Roe were appointed by Republican presidents. Indeed, the 1992 court comprised eight justices appointed by Republicans. Only Byron White—who was nominated by John F. Kennedy—was appointed by a Democrat, and he joined the dissent against Casey and Roe.1

      • ScheerpostThe Feds Are Using Terrorism Charges Against Water Protectors

        A federal court sentenced Jessica Reznicek to eight years in prison for taking nonviolent direct action to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Her story is a sign of Big Oil’s desperation, according t…

      • Public KnowledgeRemembering Sherwin Siy a Year Later – Public Knowledge

        We continue to remember our friend and colleague Sherwin Siy. Please join us for an anniversary memorial to share our stories and memories of Sherwin with his family, close friends, and colleagues.

    • Monopolies

      • Patents

        • EPO provides insights into plant patenting practices [Ed: EPO committed serious crimes this past week, so it has been busy bombarding the Web site with such cruft, to deflect and distract the public from all the illegal things it is doing. EPO is desperate to change the subject, in order for the corruption to carry on and be seen as "old news".]
  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • SpellBinding: AILRSYV Wordo: SNOWS
      • identity – a brief reflection

        I’m not sure, but I’m putting forward a tentative thesis that the “problem” with establishing my identity was mainly due to being very open to ideas and constantly looking for other ways.

      • being passive

        I’m quite a passive person, especially with things that I don’t have much of an opinion with. Sometimes people gets frustrated of me not giving them answers on simple things such as what to have in lunch, if I should get this or that, etc etc. In a way it is kind of irresponsible, but in a way people just care too much about it for me.

    • Politics

      • don’t weep for fascists

        It’s hard to see this as anything more than laundering the reputation of a far right, nationalist, atrocity denier. In lieu of a more coherent piece, I’ll point towards some good sources on why Abe is not someone to be mourned.

    • Technical

      • Science

        • HackadayTrying Out A 3D Printed Microscope Lens Adapter

          If you want to take pictures of tiny things close up, you need a macro lens. Or a microscope. [Nicholas Sherlock] thought “Why not both?” He designed a 3D-printed microscope lens adapter that you can find on Thingiverse. Recently, [Micael Widell] tried it out with a microscope lens and you can see the results in the video below.

        • Humans in space, part 1: NASA and Old Space

          This is the first part of what i intend to be a three-post series about the costs of space exploration, and some of the related politics. In the second part, i’ll write about ‘New Space’, and Musk / SpaceX and Bezos / Blue Origin in particular. In the third part, i’ll write about why i think human space exploration is actually A Good Thing – why non-human missions are insufficient, and why i feel we should prioritising human landing and exploration of Mars over settlement of lunar space, as represented by NASA’s Artemis program[a]. (Spoiler: space travel is not primarily about raw distance, but about the energy needed to deal with gravity wells.)

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Dynamic Gemtext with dgmi

          dgmi is a simple tool I threw together that provides PHP-like functionality for gemini. It’s basically gemtext but with inline CGI, so you get the convenience of gemtext with the power of CGI.

      • Programming

        • Common Lisp Anaphoric IF

          Anaphoric conditional constructs (usually implemented as macros in languages that have real macros, i.e. Lisps), allow us to test some condition, and refer to it as ‘it’ within the rest of the expression.

        • unicode
        • A lockless buffering technique for Microcontrollers

          I had a little sniff around Rust the other day. What interested me is RTIC, a real-time interrupt-driven concurrency framework for Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers. I’m not a Rust programmer, but it sounded pretty cool.

          I had previously written a buffering DAC in C. The idea is that a Raspberry Pi is a master that produces audio and sends data via SPI to an STM32 MCU (microcontroller). The MCU buffers the data, transmitting it at a fixed rate. It sends a block/unblock signal to the Pi when it is ready to receive data.

        • Github Proxy and Jewish Texts Updates

          You can now view issues and comments on issues from the AuraGem Github Proxy. The next thing that I will be working on is the ability to see and download Github Releases from a repo.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

Article Ideas for EPO Parrots

Posted in Europe, Patents at 9:50 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

EPO noise machine: Cruft every day, even recycled news! Pretending to obey EC; Pretending to obey EPC; Puff piece for litigation lobbyists (SACEPO); Lobby update: List of bribes officials who relish and revel in impunity; Microsoft Windows only!! And our work sucks anyway; Things to read so as to not pay attention to real news, e.g. collapse of quality and strikes, industrial actions etc.
Screenshot annotated. Front page of epo.org only a few minutes ago…

Summary: As just noted in a cartoon, the media isn’t performing its most basic duties; instead it helps Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos distract from their crimes, along with Team UPC’s illegal actions*
* Meanwhile, the Team UPC-funded Juve has decided to save face by mentioning EPO unrest — something it has refused to do for years! “Translations are available in German, French and Dutch,” SUEPO notes. These issues should be covered every day in all European media, including media that’s not specific to patents, but money is being fed off the palm of EPO management (and Team UPC) to spread lies and cover up corruption. Why does the media refuse to hold Europe’s second-largest institution accountable when all the essential information is out there, up for grabs?

[Meme] EPO Cartoon: I AM Here to Help Cover Up Crimes

Posted in Europe, Patents at 9:22 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

More on this soon (in the form of a video)

EPO Media Control IAM/And the main thing is that it should look as if it's independent.
“Captured Media”
The French caption can be translated as follows: “And the main thing is that it should look as if it’s independent.” (IAM, EPO media operatives and spies)

Summary: The EPO‘s distraction machine has been working overtime every day for the past 10 days*
* Even today, as already seen here (warning: epo.org link; one of many though it’s not even the end of the working day yet). EPO management committed some serious crimes such as bribery this past week (in order to cover up prior crimes), so it has been busy bombarding the Web site (for media parrots or “media partners”) with such cruft, quite obviously to help deflect and distract the public from all the illegal things it is constantly doing. The EPO is desperate to change the subject, in order for the corruption to just carry on and be seen as “old news”.

The Three Microsoft Stooges

Posted in Debian, Free/Libre Software, GNOME, Hardware, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat at 7:32 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The unmasked musketeers of Redmond/Red Hat/GNOME

Matthew Garrett, Lennart Poettering, and Miguel de Icaza
Matthew Garrett (top): I kill your booting (must ask Microsoft for consent); Lennart Poettering (right): I kill your processes without your consent. Miguel de Icaza (left): I kill your desktop and help my friend Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley get sex without consent (and almost kill women)

ORLY??? If only someone warned you... oh, wait
A secured Windows monopoly surprises nobody in Techrights

Summary: Techrights was right about ‘secure’ boot; its sole purpose it to take away computer users’ security [1, 2]

“It is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something, When His Salary Depends on His Not Understanding It” –Upton Sinclair

OSI Blog: Composed by Microsoft, Promoting Microsoft’s Proprietary Software Again

Posted in Microsoft, OSI at 6:59 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Recent: In the Latest OSI Tax Filing (From the IRS), Filed 13 Months Ago, Only 4% of the Revenue Comes From Members (People, Not Corporations) and $252,702 Goes to Microsoft Projects (Propping Up Proprietary Software Monopoly)

Background: Meet the People Behind ClearlyDefined (Mostly or Clearly ‘Microsoft Proxy’), Where Most of the OSI’s Budget Nowadays Goes and Flows

One year after Microsoft 'bought' OSI, same year GitHub bought; openwashed; reduce autonomy of; cancer grows too; front group
Microsoft had it all planned. And now the OSI is technically dead, just like its elections (the corporations run everything).

Summary: The OSI’s new (renovated) blog is still authored by full-time Microsoft employees, pushing proprietary software (GitHub) that the FSF and even SFC openly condemned. Today’s OSI is a Microsoft-funded front group of Microsoft and it cannot fulfil the mission of the real (original) OSI because it is thoroughly bribed, corrupted from the inside, and thus fundamentally defunct, just like the “Open Source” brand (DRM).

Linux Foundation Spreads Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) Disguised as ‘Open Source’

Posted in Deception, DRM, GNU/Linux at 6:31 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Also recent: The Linux Foundation Has Just Released “A Guide to Enterprise Open Source”, Made Using Proprietary Software on Proprietary Operating System | The Linux Foundation is in No Position to Lecture or Write About Open Source Software (OSS), Which It’s Consistently Rejecting

Linux Foundation DRM
Is “LF DRM” a formal group yet?

Summary: The Linux Foundation is being called out on its embrace of DRM by Microsoft-connected podcasters today; what sort of example do Jim Zemlin and fellow imposters set? (They reject Open Source and Linux, but they misuse these brands)

Links 08/07/2022: End of Borisnaro (Johnson), Shinzo Abe Assassinated

Posted in News Roundup at 6:05 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • OpenSource.comMeet Free Software Foundation Executive Director Zoë Kooyman | Opensource.com

      The Free Software Foundation (FSF) started promoting the idea of sharing code way back in 1985, and since then it’s defended the rights of computer users and developers. The FSF says that the terms “open” and “closed” are not effective words when classifying software, and instead considers programs either freedom-respecting (“free” or “libre”) or freedom-trampling (“non-free” or “proprietary”). Whatever terminology you use, the imperative is that computers must belong, part and parcel, to the users, and not to the corporations that owns the software the computers run. This is why the GNU Project, and the Linux kernel, Freedesktop.org, and so many other open source projects are so important.

      Recently, the FSF has acquired a new executive director, Zoë Kooyman. I met Zoë in 2019 at an All Things Open conference. She wasn’t yet the executive director of the FSF at that time, of course, but was managing their growing list of major events, including LibrePlanet. I was captivated by her energy and sincerity as she introduced me to a seemingly nonstop roster of people creating the freedom-respecting software I used on a daily basis. I had stumbled into an FSF meetup and ended up hanging out with the people who were actively defining the way I lived my digital life.

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Matthew Garrettmjg59 | Lenovo shipping new laptops that only boot Windows by default

        I finally managed to get hold of a Thinkpad Z13 to examine a functional implementation of Microsoft’s Pluton security co-processor. Trying to boot Linux from a USB stick failed out of the box for no obvious reason, but after further examination the cause became clear – the firmware defaults to not trusting bootloaders or drivers signed with the Microsoft 3rd Party UEFI CA key. This means that given the default firmware configuration, nothing other than Windows will boot. It also means that you won’t be able to boot from any third-party external peripherals that are plugged in via Thunderbolt.

      • GamingOnLinuxSlimbook ready up their AMD Ryzen 5700U powered KDE Slimbook 4 laptop

        In the market for some new hardware? Hardware vendor Slimbook has announced the KDE Slimbook 4 with a powerful new AMD Ryzen processor. Continuing to support the KDE team as one of the “Patrons of KDE”, buying from Slimbook supports KDE development too.

    • Games

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Linux LinksBest Free and Open Source Alternatives to Apple Xcode

      Mac OS X is Apple’s proprietary operating system for its line of Macintosh computers. Its interface, known as Aqua, is highly polished and built on top of a BSD derivative (Darwin). There’s a whole raft of proprietary applications that are developed by Apple for their operating software. This software is not available for Linux and there’s no prospect of that position changing.

      Xcode provides developers a unified workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging. It supports source code for many programming languages including Swift, C, C++, Python, Ruby and more.

      Xcode is proprietary software that is available for download without charge. We recommend the best free and open source alternatives to Xcode.

    • Programming/Development

      • Andrew HutchingsDrag soldering through-hole pins

        Following on from my video drag soldering a QFP chip, I decided to record a demonstration of drag soldering through-hole pins on a RAMesses Gary board.

      • Enterprisers Project3 essentials for a low- and no-code application development strategy

        More is being asked of information technology departments than ever before, even as budgets fail to keep up. Adopting no-code and low-code development can be difficult, but the payoff is worth it. It democratizes the ability to build business applications by empowering more employees – not just tech developers – to problem-solve.

      • Jim NielsenThe Unlocked Possibilities of the :has() Selector – Jim Nielsen’s Blog

        Traditionally, I’ve had to rely on JavaScript to add and remove classes for styling concerns. Something happened in the DOM? Add a class over here and over there so I can style different elements throughout the tree. But with :has() that goes away. No more reliance on JavaScript (or duplicating state in the form of a class, more on that in a moment).

        A great illustration of this idea is usage of the :checked pseudo-class. Today, you might style something different in the UI depending on whether a checkbox is checked. To do this with pure CSS, you’re required to structure your markup in such a way that you can target elements with CSS based on that state. For example, leveraging the adjacent sibling selector.

      • Ruben SchadeMy first dev job, and using double pound

        I learned a lot from Peter. He was the one who introduced me to Perl, the programming language that still fits me better than any I’ve learned before or since. His dry sense of humour and wit had a lasting impact on mine. It’s also hard to describe, but he had a specific lateral way of thinking that I’ve rarely encountered in industry since.


        He had a few reasons for doing this. Config files often have their own comments, so prefacing yours with a double pound makes them easier to disambiguate.

      • Raspberry PiA pair programming approach for engaging girls in the Computing classroom: Study results

        Today we share the second report in our series of findings from the Gender Balance in Computing research programme, which we’ve been running as part of the National Centre for Computing Education and with various partners. In this £2.4 million research programme, funded by the Department for Education in England, we aim to identify ways to encourage more female learners to engage with Computing and choose to study it further.

      • HackadayA Mostly Fair Deal For All With A Raspberry Pi

        To be a professional card dealer takes considerable skill, something that not everybody might even have the dexterity to acquire. Fortunately even for the most ham-fisted of dealers there’s a solution, in the form of the Dave-O-matic, [David Stern]’s automated card dealer using a Raspberry Pi 4 with a camera and pattern recognition.

      • Java

        • Geeks For GeeksWhen to use Rope over StringBuilder in Java?

          They are mainly used by text editors to store and manipulate large strings. It provides different string operations such as append, insert and delete in a faster and more efficient way. Ropes work more efficiently on large strings. Ropes do not require any extra memory nor any large contiguous memory areas.

  • Leftovers

    • ABC‘Minions’ movie makes history as new trend causes havoc for theater owners

      The movie premiere also created a stir due to a TikTok trend called “Gentleminions,” a call for moviegoers to attend the film in formalwear and get rambunctious whenever the minions appear onscreen. The trend led to dozens of teens dressed in formalwear moshing and creating disturbances at theaters across the U.K.

    • The case for null in design systems

      Humans tend to have an aversion to empty spaces. Consider awkward silences during a conversation or too much negative space on a website. Our discomfort tends to push us to fill a void, which isn’t always the best solution. But sometimes the absence of content is exactly what’s right, which is something we see in our work building design systems for federal agencies.

    • The NationGoogle
    • Science

      • uni CambridgeThe Fields Medals 2022: Maryna Viazovska

        Maryna Viazovska, a mathematician at the EPFL in Switzerland, has won one of this year’s Fields Medals at the International Congress of Mathematicians. The Fields Medal is one of the most prestigious prizes in mathematics. It is awarded every four years “to recognise outstanding mathematical achievement for existing work and for the promise of future achievement”. Up to four mathematicians up to the age of 40 are awarded a Fields Medal each time.

    • Education

      • The NationHow Masks Changed My School Experience

        After one year of online learning in eighth grade, I chose blended learning for my freshman year at Beacon High School in New York City. For one day a week, I would be learning in-person, and the rest of the week my classes were held remotely. Eventually, I learned that it didn’t really make sense to go in at all, since my teachers would have to teach through Zoom for the other students that were still taking the classes online.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Common Dreams‘Just the Beginning’: Appeals Court Affirms Pesticide Giants Liable for Dicamba Drift

        The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit in St. Louis ruled that chemical giants Monsanto—acquired by Bayer AG in 2018—and BASF are liable for damage to Bill Bader’s peach groves caused by dicamba, leaving in place a $15 million judgment for nonpunitive damages.

      • NBCParents sue TikTok over deaths of two girls after ‘blackout challenge’

        The children’s parents are represented by the Social Media Victims Law Center, a law firm that “works to hold social media companies legally accountable for the harm they inflict on vulnerable users,” according to their website. The law firm did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

        The complaint said that the platform’s algorithm failed to properly warn users and their parents and that it intentionally pushed an “unacceptably dangerous video” on the girls’ “For You” pages, which show users videos they may like based on their previous interactions with the app.

      • The VergeThe TikTok ‘blackout challenge’ has now allegedly killed seven kids

        TikTok is facing multiple lawsuits from parents who say their children died of strangulation attempting the “blackout challenge,” after the app showed them videos of other people trying it. One suit filed against the company in June alleges that at least seven specific children died last year while attempting the challenge, which the complaint says “encourages users to choke themselves with belts, purse strings, or anything similar until passing out.” All the children who reportedly died were under 15 years old.

      • Eesti RahvusringhäälingStudy: Number of ticks, tick-borne pathogens on rise in Estonia

        The number of ticks as well as the diversity and spread of ticke-borne pathogens in Estonia have all increased significantly over the past ten years, it appears from the results of a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health Development (TAI).

      • Common Dreams‘This Will Save Lives’: California Answers Insulin Crisis With Plan to Make Its Own

        “Nothing epitomizes market failure more than the cost of insulin.”

      • Common DreamsSurging Prices Amid Ukraine War Have Pushed 71 Million People Worldwide Into Poverty

        Just four months after President Vladimir Putin began the war in Ukraine, more than 71 million people around the world have fallen into poverty as food exports from the two countries—which together export nearly a quarter of the world’s wheat, 14% of corn, and more than 50% of sunflower oil—have plummeted.

      • HackadayThe Benefits Of Displacement Ventilation

        The world has been shaken to its core by a respiratory virus pandemic. Humanity has been raiding the toolbox for every possible weapon in the fight, whether that be masks, vaccinations, or advanced antiviral treatments.

    • Security

      • Diffoscopediffoscope 218 released

        The diffoscope maintainers are pleased to announce the release of diffoscope version 218. This version includes the following changes:

        * Improve output of Markdown and reStructuredText to use code blocks with

        syntax highlighting. (Closes: reproducible-builds/diffoscope#306)

      • Troy HuntTroy Hunt: Welcoming the Polish Government to Have I Been Pwned

        Continuing the rollout of Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) to national governments around the world, today I’m very happy to welcome Poland to the service! The Polish CSIRT GOV is now the 34th onboard the service and has free and open access to APIs allowing them to query their government domains.

        Seeing the ongoing uptake of governments using HIBP to do useful things in the wake of data breaches is enormously fulfilling and I look forward to welcoming many more national CSIRTs in the future.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • VOA NewsNigerian Officials Search for Escaped Prisoners

        Nigerian security forces continue searching for hundreds of inmates who escaped following a Tuesday attack on an Abuja prison. The Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) has claimed responsibility for the jailbreak and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has criticized the intelligence service for failing to stop it.

      • Pro PublicaThe City Where Investigations of Police Take So Long, Officers Kill Again Before Reviews Are Done

        But that night, Foster was riding alone, swerving in and out of traffic lanes without a bike light, and caught the attention of officer Ryan McMahon, who pursued Foster in his car. Foster hit the brakes, and McMahon ordered him to “come over and sit in front of my car,” according to the officer’s deposition in a civil rights lawsuit filed by Foster’s family.

      • TechdirtJury Says Texas City Must Pay Woman $60k After Cops Destroyed Her Home To Apprehend A Suspect

        Bucking a trend set by two separate Appeals Courts (Ninth and Tenth), a federal court in Texas has said it is actually a violation of rights when cops destroy an innocent person’s home to effect an arrest. What’s more, a jury has backed up that decision with actual compensation. (h/t The Honest Courtesan)

      • TechdirtCanada’s Federal Police Have Been Using Powerful Malware To Snoop On People’s Communications

        The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) — Canada’s federal Dudley Do-Whatevers — is again belatedly admitting it has access to powerful surveillance tech its supposed oversight seems unaware the RCMP possessed.

      • Foreign PolicyTaliban Wage War Over Coal in Northern Afghanistan

        The Taliban have become hypersensitive to any threats, he said. “They focus on consolidating power by monopolizing resources, squashing perceived threats, and preempting future threats. When it comes to Balkhab, the group has made monopoly over resources a red line.”

      • The HillTrump, son removed from social media firm’s board weeks before federal subpoenas

        Former President Trump and his son were among six board members removed from the board of Trump’s social media company weeks before it was hit with federal subpoenas, according to state records.

        Florida state business records showed Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and the four others were removed as board members of the Trump Media and Technology Group on June 8, based on a filing with the state’s Division of Corporations. Roughly three weeks later, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a grand jury in Manhattan subpoenaed the company.

      • The Nation“Hell on Earth” Used to Just Be a Figure of Speech

        In recent weeks, a newly emboldened right-wing Supreme Court struck down a more than century-old New York law restricting the carrying of concealed weapons and a nearly 50-year-old precedent on abortion. Meanwhile, the January 6th Committee has been laying out in graphic televised detail how our last president tried to subvert the 2020 election. Inflation, of course, continues to run riot; gas prices have soared to record levels; the brutal war in Ukraine proceeds neverendingly; the Biden administration looks increasingly hapless; and the president himself ever older and less on target. In sum, our world seems to be in headline-making disorder, while our fate here in this country—thank you, (in)justices Alito and Thomas, not to speak of The Donald and crew!—remains remarkably up for grabs by the worst of us all.

      • Common DreamsLee, Pocan File Amendment to Slash $100 Billion From US Military Budget

        The proposed amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2023 were introduced days after lawmakers on the House and Senate Armed Services Committees—both controlled by Democrats—voted to pile $37 billion and $45 billion, respectively, onto Biden’s March request for $813 billion in military spending.

      • TruthOutCongress Members Propose Slashing Military Budget by $100 Billion
      • ScheerpostLee, Pocan File Amendment to Slash $100 Billion From US Military Budget

        “For far too long, this country has put profits ahead of its people,” said Rep. Barbara Lee. “Nowhere is that more apparent than in our Pentagon topline budget.”

      • Common DreamsWeapons Industry’s $10 Million Investment in Congress Could Yield 450,000% Return

        “Congress should prioritize the true, urgent human needs of everyday people.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | America’s $1.4 Trillion So-Called “National Security” Budget Makes Us Less Safe—Not More

        This March, when the Biden administration presented a staggering $813 billion proposal for “national defense,” it was hard to imagine a budget that could go significantly higher or be more generous to the denizens of the military-industrial complex. After all, that request represented far more than peak spending in the Korean or Vietnam War years, and well over $100 billion more than at the height of the Cold War.

      • Common DreamsSlamming Their Profits From ‘Weapons of War,’ House Panel Asks Gun CEOs to Testify

        In letters to the chief executives of Daniel Defense, Smith & Wesson Brands, and Sturm, Ruger, and Company, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) noted that the committee she leads is examining “the role of the firearms industry in the gun violence epidemic, including with respect to the sale and marketing of assault weapons and the broad civil immunity that has been unfairly granted to manufacturers.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | 15 Years of Failed Experiments: Myths and Facts about the Israeli Siege on Gaza

        15 years have passed since Israel imposed a total siege on the Gaza Strip, subjecting nearly two million Palestinians to one of the longest and most cruel politically-motivated blockades in history.

      • Counter Punch15 Years of Failed Experiments: Myths and Facts About the Israeli Siege on Gaza

        It is widely understood that Israel has imposed the siege as a response to the Hamas takeover of the Strip, following a brief and violent confrontation between the two main Palestinian political rivals, Hamas, which currently rules Gaza, and Fatah, which dominates the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank.

      • Common DreamsHouse Dems Call for Suspension of Aid if Brazilian Military Attempts Election Coup

        Brasilwire’s Brian Mier first reported that Reps. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.), Albio Sires (D-N.J.), Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), Susan Wild (D-Pa.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), and Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2023 which, if approved, would require the secretary of state “to review actions by Brazilian armed forces related to that country’s October 2022 presidential elections and to consider such actions under statutory guardrails on U.S. security assistance.”

      • The NationBiden’s NATO Summit Divides the World Into Hostile Camps

        NATO’s defensive role was once largely limited to the European heartland, a legacy of its origins as a Cold War foil to the Soviet military presence in Eastern Europe. After 9/11, however, its reach was extended to Afghanistan, under the assertion that a treaty member, the United States, had come under armed attack from a hostile party and so warranted support from other alliance members in accordance with their treaty obligations. Over the years, NATO also acquired new members in the Baltic Sea area and Eastern Europe, advancing its defense perimeter all the way to Russia’s borders and inflaming tensions with Moscow. Now, the alliance is about to undertake its most ambitious expansion of all: extending its strategic reach to Asia and the Pacific in an ambitious, US-led campaign to curb China’s rise.

      • Counter PunchUkraine Reconstruction, Peace and Justice

        Rebuilding Ukraine during the fighting adds further complexity to the relation between peace and justice. Those who favor peace point to ending the fighting as soon as possible. “Priority number one remains ending the war, because without the war ending, the suffering will definitely continue,” said a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) representative in Ukraine. Those who insist on justice first, say that human rights and humanitarian violators must held accountable immediately. “No peace without justice,” they advocate.

      • MeduzaThe banker’s dilemma How Elvira Nabiullina and her team have tried to save Russia’s economy amid war and sanctions — Meduza

        In the aftermath of Moscow’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine, experts warned that Western sanctions might tank the ruble, threaten the Russian state’s capacity to pay public employees, and cripple the national economy. So far, however, the financial system is holding out. Russia has avoided a run on its banks, and the ruble now trades for more dollars and euros than at any time since 2015. This relative stability is largely the result of the policies pursued by Elvira Nabiullina, the chairwoman of Russia’s Central Bank, which now operates in wartime conditions. Meduza examines how Nabiullina and her deputies have managed Western sanctions, and what moral dilemmas the Central Bank’s leadership faces while the Kremlin wages a full-scale war against Ukraine.

      • Counter PunchLetter From Crimea: Yalta, Putin and the Cossacks

        I knew that at times the Cossacks, best imagined as dashing soldiers on horseback and living astride the Don River, had bailed out various tsars from Ottoman encroachments along Russia’s southern borders. Later, however, I learned that the independence of the Cossack nation became a threat to the established order in Moscow, and that after World War I Joseph Stalin—to use a more modern expression—ethnically cleansed Russia of many Cossacks, scattering them to the Soviet winds.

      • TruthOutTwenty Years Later, It Is Still Time to Dismantle the War on Terror
      • Counter PunchThe Highland Park Shooting and American Fascism Now

        “Dad, did you hear about Highland Park?” That was an ominous beginning. She continued: “There was a shooting during the 4th of July Parade. A bunch of people were killed.”

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • Michael West MediaAlbo sends howitzers to Ukraine but still no sighting of ScoMo’s Aussie coal ship – Michael West

          Is Albo auditioning for membership of NATO? His Labor government may be more competent than the Coalition on foreign affairs but little has changed on government secrecy, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese even stepping up weapons traffic to Ukraine while keeping mum on coal.

          “Today we are announcing an additional $100 million in military-technical assistance. In total, we have already provided $390 million,” Albanese said this week on his tour to meet President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi. “We are also additionally providing 14 armoured personnel carriers and 20 “Bushmaster” – armoured vehicles. Thus, the total number of “Bushmasters” was 60″.

        • Democracy NowGlobal South Is Facing a “Complete Energy Crisis” from Oil to Natural Gas Amid Ukraine War & Pandemic

          Protests over fuel shortages are unfolding around the world — in Sri Lanka, Ghana, Peru, Ecuador and elsewhere — over high gas prices. We look at the impact of rising fuel costs on countries in the Global South with Antoine Halff, former chief oil analyst at the International Energy Agency, now at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. He contextualizes the fuel shortage as part of a greater global energy crisis created in part by dependency of nations like Sri Lanka on imports and the imbalance in supply and demand resulting from COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

        • TruthOutSri Lanka Is “Grinding to a Halt” Amid Austerity, Prompting Mass Protests
        • Common Dreams‘A Hopeful Day’: Ottawa Endorses Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

          The Canadian capital joins more than 50 local governments, 1,300 groups, and 150,000 individuals—from youth to grandparents to scientists—who support the initiative, which calls for ending all new fossil fuel exploration and production; phasing out existing production in line with the Paris agreement’s 1.5°C goal; and “a peaceful and just transition.”

        • DeSmogThis ‘Gas Wizard’ Forecaster Peddles More Than Price Advice

          The former Liberal MP is known as ‘Gas Buddy Dan’ or the ‘Gas Wizard,’ a level-headed media persona who offers gas price forecasts and expert commentary on price changes in gasoline and the impacts they’ll have on consumers.

      • Wildlife/Nature

    • Finance

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Counter PunchTime for a Convention of the People, by the People and for the People

        Truth: government exists to protect life and liberty. But the lie embraced was government is willing to kill everyone because: “better dead than red.” This is the same view embraced by Hitler when he sent 12-year-old children to the front (by then their front yards) to die in a “total war” to defend Nazism no matter the nihilism of total destruction.

      • VarietySnapchat Parent Taps Secret Service Director James Murray as Chief Security Officer

        James Murray is retiring as director of the U.S. Secret Service after a 27-year career with the agency to take a position with Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, as chief security officer.

        Murray will join Snap after his term with the Secret Service ends July 30, 2022. He will report directly to CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel.

      • The VergeIt’s looking more like Elon Musk could bail on buying Twitter

        The Washington Post reports that Elon Musk’s $44 billion deal to buy Twitter is “in peril,” based on three anonymous sources who told the paper that the billionaire’s camp has “stopped engaging in certain discussions around funding” for the agreement. Musk isn’t going it alone in his attempt to buy Twitter, with others like Larry Ellison, the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, Fidelity, the [cryptocurrency] exchange Binance, and the state investment firm of Qatar among those pitching in a few billion as a part of the effort.

      • The HillDemocrats seek to boost media literacy for students, veterans with two new bills

        The proposal is co-sponsored by Sens. Tina Smith (D-Minn.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.). The Veterans Online Information and Cybersecurity Empowerment Act would provide $20 million over three years for the Department of Veterans Affairs to administer a grant program to teach veterans media literacy skills. The program would also teach veterans cybersecurity best practices to identify disinformation and help them avoid online scams and [cracking].

      • The NationHow Many Battalions Does the Left Have in New York State?

        Just last week, Governor Kathy Hochul and her running mate steamrolled their opposition, easily winning the Democratic primaries for governor and lieutenant governor in New York. Hochul captured 68 percent of the vote and Antonio Delgado, her recent pick for lieutenant governor, won 61 percent, finishing far ahead of rivals on the left and right. While the most conservative Democrats ran the furthest behind, it was an anemic showing for the progressive ticket, which has failed once more to win a statewide election.

      • TechdirtThe Dumb Right Wing Push To Ban TikTok Misses The Bigger Picture

        Last week FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr made headlines by sending a letter to Apple and Google demanding they ban TikTok. Journalists couldn’t be bothered to mention the FCC has no authority over app stores or social media, the letter had no legal backing, or that Carr (a captured regulator largely loyal to AT&T) has no credibility on consumer privacy issues and was largely just publicity hunting.

      • Buzz FeedTikTok Shops Are Lousy With Counterfeit Products

        Iman Hamid, a lawyer and author in London, was browsing TikTok in January when she came across a NYX lip gloss being sold on a livestream for just £3.99 (about $5) — almost half of the product’s original price. Thinking this was a good deal, she purchased the lip color — but once it arrived, she said she realized the discount was too good to be true.

        In a video she posted on TikTok in June, Hamid swatches the lip gloss she purchased on TikTok and compares it to the same color she bought at Superdrug to compare. The colors are starkly different and she says the texture didn’t match up. […]

        Several commenters on Hamid’s TikTok video shared their experiences of purchasing what they believed to be a fake product from TikTok. “Same happened to me with mascara,” one person said. Another warned, “if the price is too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true.”

        “It’s shocking to me to see how many people have actually gone through the same problem,” Hamid told BuzzFeed News.

      • Democracy Now“Left Internationalism in the Heart of Empire”: Aziz Rana & Darryl Li on Building a New Foreign Policy

        We host a conversation about “Left Internationalism in the Heart of Empire,” which is the focus of an essay by Cornell University law professor Aziz Rana in Dissent magazine. Rana argues for the creation of a “transnational infrastructure of left forces across the world” and says movements of the left need “clear alternatives to the hardest questions” of foreign policy crises, such as the Russian war in Ukraine. We also speak with Darryl Li, professor at the University of Chicago, who is one of many scholars who published a response to Rana’s piece in the new issue of Dissent that highlights the importance of a nuanced and solution-oriented critical analysis of U.S. foreign policy.

      • Democracy Now“The Inevitable Has Happened”: Boris Johnson to Resign as PM After Mounting Scandals, Resignations

        U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday following a wave of departures from his government, including senior Cabinet members. The party will choose a new leader and the country’s next prime minister in the coming days. In the past week, 59 members of Parliament have resigned from the government, and on Wednesday night, a group of Cabinet members went to 10 Downing Street to urge Johnson to step down. This week’s resignations came as Johnson faced increasing criticism for promoting a member of the Conservative Party who was accused of sexual misconduct. “This was one lie too far,” says Priya Gopal, English professor at the University of Cambridge. Gopal says Johnson’s resignation “was more or less inevitable” and the next prime minister is “likely to be a very serious Brexiteering ideologue.”

      • The NationBoris Johnson’s Downfall Also Marks Brexit’s Final Act

        As the ethical lapses kept piling up, Boris Johnson, who studied classics at Oxford university’s Balliol College, reached for the moral code of the Iliad. “He thinks in classical terms,” one MP told the London Times. “For him there is no greater honour in resigning than being killed…. if you are going to die, go down fighting.”

      • TruthOutJohnson’s Downfall Presents Rare Opportunity for Massive Political Reset in UK
      • TruthOutBoris Johnson Announces Resignation, But Could Remain Prime Minister for Months
      • Common DreamsUK Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns Amid Relentless Scandal

        As the Associated Press summarized, “Johnson, 58, managed to remain in power for almost three years, despite allegations that he was too close to party donors, that he protected supporters from bullying and corruption allegations, and that he misled Parliament and was dishonest to the public about government office parties that broke pandemic lockdown rules.”

      • Democracy NowSri Lanka Is “Grinding to a Halt” Amid Fuel Shortage, Inflation & Austerity, Prompting Mass Protests

        Fuel shortages in Sri Lanka have triggered a wave of protests calling for the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. This comes as Sri Lanka’s government has forced the closure of all schools and announced plans to cut electricity by up to three hours a day, as well as stop printing currency to quell inflation. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka is also facing a dire shortage of food and medicine, and doctors say the country’s entire health system could collapse. “There is no discussion on the part of the government on how we as Sri Lankans are going to come out of this crisis,” says Ahilan Kadirgamar, political economist and senior lecturer at the University of Jaffna, who explains how the government’s doubling down on austerity measures has devastated the working class.

      • FAIRMedia Support ‘Self-Determination’ for US Allies, Not Enemies

        Article 1 of the UN Charter says that one of the purposes of the UN is “to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples.” However, what “self-determination” means in specific international legal cases is far from a settled debate. Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute explains that

      • TruthOutPoll Reveals Gov. Greg Abbott’s Lead Over Beto O’Rourke May Be Shrinking
      • The NationGinni and Clarence Thomas
      • Counter PunchAn Ugly New Era of States Rights

        A few states are already rushing to attack contraception too, with officials in Idaho and Louisiana pushing to ban IUDs, the morning after pill, and other common birth control methods. Hardline lawmakers are also likely to ban methods of conception, including in-vitro fertilization, or IVF.

      • Counter PunchThe Ethiopian/Eritrean American Vote in Georgia

        With the Senate majority and now the possibility of somehow restoring abortion rights at stake, the race is attracting national attention and record-breaking amounts of money. With the Senate majority and now the possibility of somehow restoring abortion rights at stake, the race is attracting national attention and record-breaking amounts of money.

      • Counter PunchNoam Chomsky and the United Nations Warn of Collapse

        As for confirmation of those haunting feelings that something’s not right, a recent UN report discusses prominent risks of “global collapse”: UN 2022 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction, aka: GAR2022 d/d May 2022, more on this later.

      • Counter PunchBiden, The Lame Duck
      • Misinformation/Disinformation

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • Meduza‘We won’t be destroyed. And we won’t be silenced’: A guide to the most important anti-war initiatives in Russia and abroad — Meduza
      • TechdirtRussia’s Other War – Against A Free And Open Internet

        Ten years ago, Techdirt was one of the few sites to be following closely some obscure but important machinations at the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to create a top-down regulatory scheme for the Internet. The fact that the two main proponents of this move were Russia and China gives an idea of the underlying intentions. Had the plan succeeded, it would have granted governments greater control over the parts of the Internet within their borders, including domain names, ISPs, traffic management etc. Fortunately, the final 2012 treaty was something of a damp squib, since many key players, including the US and EU countries, refused to sign.

        Ten years ago, Techdirt was one of the few sites to be following closely some obscure but important machinations at the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to create a top-down regulatory scheme for the Internet. The fact that the two main proponents of this move were Russia and China gives an idea of the underlying intentions. Had the plan succeeded, it would have granted governments greater control over the parts of the Internet within their borders, including domain names, ISPs, traffic management etc. Fortunately, the final 2012 treaty was something of a damp squib, since many key players, including the US and EU countries, refused to sign.

      • MeduzaHow Moscow lost the Gogol Center The rise and fall of Russia’s premier avant-garde theater — Meduza

        On June 29, Moscow’s Culture Department dismissed the heads of three theaters. Among them were the leaders of Gogol Center, Alexey Agranovich and director Alexey Kabeshev. Both are associates of the venue’s founder, well-known director Kirill Serebrennikov. After nine years of successful work, the theater will change not only its management, but also its name: it will now be known as the Gogol Drama Theater. And it will be headed by Anton Yakovlev and Alexander Bocharnikov, who have no relationship with the previous leadership. For Meduza, theater critic Anton Khitrov explains what the Gogol Center meant to its audience and what its closure means for the Russian theater world.

    • Freedom of Information / Freedom of the Press

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Robert ReichThe Secret to the GOP’s Assault on Your Rights

        This is not a battle of left vs. right. It is a battle between democracy and autocracy.

      • QuilletteMale Bodies Don’t Belong in Female Football

        Or maybe it was just force of habit—the reflex to not say anything lest one get labelled a bigot. And if you’re not going to say something, best to condition yourself not to think it in the first place. (Biological females consistently score higher than males on agreeableness in the Big-Five personality model. But that’s a digression for another day.)

      • ABCHow The Supreme Court Could Turbocharge Gerrymandering — Just In Time for 2024

        Last week, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case Moore v. Harper in the coming fall term. In that case, Republican legislators in North Carolina are asking the court to overturn the state Supreme Court’s decision to throw out their gerrymandered congressional map and impose one of the court’s own.

      • Teen VogueAbortion “Bounty” Laws in States Like Texas and Oklahoma: How They Work

        The threat of civil litigation and criminal charges imposed on care providers and others puts pregnant patients at risk for negative health outcomes and also complicates the role of physicians in providing potentially lifesaving care.

        With other states following Texas’s example, we want to explain how “bounty” laws work, where they’ve been implemented, and how you can find care.

      • TruthOutGOP Lawmakers Consider Next Moves on Abortion, Including Nationwide Bans
      • TruthOutMontana Abortion Clinics Restrict Pill Access for Out-of-State Patients
      • Counter PunchPro-Life: Really?

        The ‘Rehumanize International’ movement opposes abortion, capital punishment, police brutality, torture and war. One may agree or disagree with any of their positions, but at least there seems to be a consistency in that organization’s viewpoints that is lacking in most of the ‘pro-life’ arguments this writer has heard.

      • Telex (Hungary)Hungary’s current family policy draws a dividing line between the “deserving” and the “undeserving”

        “I want to reach a comprehensive agreement with the women of Hungary. I think it is important for them to let us know – and for us to understand – what they want,” said the Prime Minister four years ago, articulating his point of departure for demographic policy. But just what sort of impact have the state’s childbearing incentives – which in terms of GDP is high even globally – had, and what demographics are considered worthy of receiving support?

      • Counter PunchThe Supreme Court is Threatening America and the Planet

        Judges are usually trained in law. They are not Justices. Justice is an ideal of virtue rarely apparent in human beings. To be just is beautiful and perfect, but extremely difficult. So calling judges Justices gives them the illusion they are much better than they are. It elevates them to heights they don’t deserve.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • TechdirtFCC Takes Another Baby Step Toward Addressing U.S. Robocall Hell

        Americans received 4.4 billion robocalls in June. It never quite stops being weird how we’ve had to effectively stop using a core voice communications platform because it’s been hijacked by scammers and debt collectors. As we’ve noted numerous times, there are several reasons why our nationwide robocall hell never quite seems to end despite new announcements promising to tackle the problem every 6 months:

      • TechdirtAustralia’s Upside Down Internet Liability Policy Shows How Section 230 Enables More Free Speech

        It’s no secret to long term Techdirt readers that Australia truly is the upside down when it comes to internet laws and policy. We’ve discussed in the past things like Australia’s news link tax (they hate when you call it a tax, and insist it’s just a “bargaining code,” but the bargaining is to force internet companies to pay for linking to news, so it’s a tax), and its laws that can force companies to break their encryption. Or how about their plans to outlaw anonymity? But what’s been most stunning is their completely upside down view of intermediary liability. In Australia, not only can you sue intermediaries for someone else’s speech, the courts regularly happily side with absolutely ridiculous claims against those intermediaries.

    • Monopolies

      • India TimesEU antitrust regulators probing tech group AOM’s video licensing policy

        EU antitrust regulators are investigating the video licensing policy of the Alliance for Open Media (AOM), whose members include Alphabet unit Google, Amazon, Apple and Meta, the European Commission said on Thursday.

        The investigation is the latest to hit the tech industry, which will be subject to tough new rules in Europe next year that could force companies to change their core business models and do more to tackle illegal content on their platforms.

      • Copyrights

        • TechdirtMeta Sues Scraping Firms; Is It Really Protecting Users? Or Protecting Meta?

          For many years we’ve written stories regarding various lawsuits over scraping the web. Without the ability to scrape the web, we’d have no search engines, no Internet Archive, and lots of other stuff wouldn’t work right either. However, more importantly, the ability to scrape the web should result in a better overall internet, potentially reversing the trend of consolidation and internet giants that silo off your info. Most often, we’ve talked about this in the context of Facebook’s case over a decade ago against Power.com. That involved a company that was trying to build a single dashboard for multiple social media companies, allowing users to log into a single interface to see content from, and post content to, multiple platforms at once. In that case Facebook relied on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (the CFAA), and the courts sided with Facebook, saying that because Facebook had sent Power a cease-and-desist letter, that made the access (even with the approval of the users themselves!) somehow “unauthorized.”

        • Torrent FreakLaLiga & Serie A Win New Pirate IPTV Blocking Orders Against ISPs

          Two top-tier European football leagues have been successful in their latest bids to have pirate IPTV services blocked by internet service providers. Following applications filed this year by LaLiga and a Serie A rightsholder in Malta, three local ISPs have been ordered to block IP addresses and servers on demand. Yet again in an IPTV blocking case, a secret agreement lies behind the scenes.

        • Torrent FreakGreece Prosecutes Owner of American VPN Service Over Fraudulent User Transactions

          The founder of Florida-based VPN company TorGuard is listed as the prime suspect in a Greek fraud case. The authorities hold Ben Van Pelt personally responsible for roughly €2,000 in attempted fraudulent transactions carried out by an anonymous user of the service. Van Pelt’s legal team say the incredible allegations and a potential five-year prison sentence are hard to justify.

        • Torrent FreakBitTorrent ‘Copyright Trolls’ Given Green Light By Finland’s Supreme Court

          A decision handed down by Finland’s Supreme Court states that ISPs can be compelled to hand over subscribers’ personal details to rightsholders, if those subscribers are suspected of piracy. The decision, which overrules the opinion of a lower court, essentially gives so-called ‘copyright trolls’ a green light to press ahead with cash settlement demands on a scale of their choosing.

        • Patrick BreyerDigital Services Act no game-changer: Industry and government interests prevailed

          Today, one day ahead of the final approval, the European Parliament debated the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) establishing new rules for online platforms.

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