Links 03/09/2022: Encrypted Audio and Video Calls With Kaidan

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • VideoDoes GNOME Really Want To Destroy Theming? – Invidious

        Even today I still here people saying that GNOME wants to destroy theming or you can’t theme Libadwaita so let’s actually look at the facts and see what it’s like

      • VideoIs it Time to Retire the OTB [OldTechBloke] Channel? – Invidious

        This is my first video upload for three months and during that time I’ve received many messages and comments asking about my health, what’s happening with the channel, and yes, implying that possibly I may be thinking the channel has reached the end of its natural life. Well in this video I will be answering those questions as well as giving an update on my biking experiences over the last few months and, of course, touching on Linux in the process.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Make Use OfHow to Install and Use Homebrew on Linux

        Homebrew is a free and open-source package manager for Linux and macOS. Although different Linux distros ship with their own package managers, such as APT, DNF, Pacman, etc., to facilitate software installation, you’ll want Homebrew on your system if you wish to install programs that aren’t available in the default Linux distro repositories.

        Let’s check out Homebrew and the steps to install and use it on Linux.

      • OMG UbuntuHow to Make Console Your Default Terminal App on Ubuntu – OMG! Ubuntu!

        Ubuntu developers have decided not to make GNOME’s Console the default terminal emulator in the upcoming Ubuntu 22.10 release, but that doesn’t meant you can’t.

        Console is billed as a “simple user-friendly terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop” and, by all accounts, that’s exactly what it is. Functionally speaking, it’s not as avanced as GNOME Terminal, which is the VTE Ubuntu and most Linux distros that ship the GNOME desktop environment use.

        But honestly? Speaking as a Linux user who uses the terminal daily for package management, system monitoring, and playing around with awesome command line tools like ncdu, mapscii, and musikcube, I’m yet to encounter anything Console can’t do.

      • ELinuxExclude ai1wm-backup folder from Softaculous backups | Linux Webhosting blog

        For WordPress websites that use both Softaculous backups and AllInOne Migration plugin backups, Softaculous backups include the .wpress files created by the ai1wm plugin and therefore this will significantly increase the size of Softaculous backup files. To exclude ai1wm-backup folder from Softaculous backups SSH into your server and navigate to the following path:

      • ELinuxHow to move email accounts from G-Suite to cPanel | Linux Webhosting blog CPanel / WHM

        In this guide I will be using IMAPSync tool to move emails from G-Suite to cPanel.

      • ELinuxHow to Create Secure Passwords from the Terminal | Linux Webhosting blog

        Studies on passwords show that people are still using the same passwords even through several years.The worst passwords are the same. This is a danger in our security, sooner or later we could be hacked. Take a look of the summary of the worst passwords from Wikipedia.

      • ELinuxHow to enable comodo WAF modsecurity in cpanel for free

        Login to WHM > ModSecurity™ Vendors and under “OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set V3.0” click on the “+ install” link and to add a third-party rule set click on “Add Vendor” button.

      • ELinuxHow to create bulk email accounts in cpanel server

        Here is how to bulk create email accounts in cPanel under a single domain name.

      • MakeTech EasierHow to Hide the Top Bar and Side Panel in Ubuntu – Make Tech Easier

        You decided to try Ubuntu 22.04 and the Gnome desktop environment that comes with it. You feel, though, that Gnome’s top bar and side panel are always in the way and would prefer your apps to take up the whole screen. Learn how to hide the top bar and side panel in Ubuntu 22.04.

      • ELinuxHow to stop xmlrpc ddos attack on wordpress in cpanel and whm

        xmlrpc.com is a WordPress file that was intended to be used for API’s but lately it’s more and more used as a way for hackers to brute-force WordPress installations.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • Encrypted Audio and Video Calls – Kaidan

          Kaidan will receive a grant by NLnet for adding encrypted audio and video calls.

          The calls will be end-to-end encrypted and authenticated via OMEMO. Furthermore, Kaidan will support small group calls. We strive for interoperability between Kaidan and other XMPP apps supporting calls. In order to achieve that, we will implement a large number of XEPs (XMPP Extension Protocols). They make it possible to have a modern call experience.

          Calls have become more widespread over the past few years in free XMPP chat apps. Especially, grants by NLnet made that possible. The development speed and interoperability between different apps have increased. Such an intense development often results in improved specifications. But sometimes the development overtakes the standardization. In that case, the standardization needs to catch up what has already been implemented.

          We have to handle that circumstance with group calls and invitations to calls at the moment. There are some adjustments that are not yet official. To make calls from Kaidan to other apps already supporting them, we have to base our work on those changes. If those unofficial adjustments are being modified later to become official, we will need to modify Kaidan as well. But we see the evolution of calls in XMPP as a huge progress and are ready for adaption!

        • GSOC Update 3

          These last few weeks have been a good learning experience with Krita as I try to implement a node visitor and save context classes. First we want to create a saveContext class for svg called KisScalableVectorGraphicsSaveContext that will be used to save to the file when visiting all nodes. This class is fairly cookie cutter and takes a KoStore to use to write to a specified file. The real work will happen in our node visitor class KisScalableVectorGraphicsSaveVisitor. Most of this right now includes some template visit functions like visit(KisPaintLayer *layer) that just calls saveLayer(KisLayer *layer) to save the specific type of layer. One small quirk here was when trying to find out where vector layers are processed. After experimenting with the ora plugin I found out this would be visited under the group layer function visit(KisGroupLayer *layer) so I similar for the svg plugin.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Beta NewsChinese-made deepin 20.7 Linux distro is ready to replace Windows 11 on your PC

      Once of the most beautiful and user-friendly operating systems is a Linux distribution from China called deepin. If you are dissatisfied with Windows 11 or macOS, and you are intrigued by Linux, deepin can be a great choice if you highly value beauty and well-designed user interfaces.

      The newest version of that operating system, deepin 20.7, is now ready to be downloaded, and it is chock-full of bug fixes and new features such as improved Grand Search with Google integration and an enhanced Mail app with new calendar functionality. Yes, this looks to be the best version of deepin yet!

      “In deepin 20.7, we have developed and integrated a great number of practical functions based on the community users’ feedback, synchronized with the upstream kernel version, fixed underlying vulnerabilities, upgraded the Stable kernel to V5.15.45, added the HWE 5.18 kernel to be compatible with more devices, and further improved system compatibility and security,” explains the development team.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Programming/Development

      • Linux Links8 Top Free and Open Source Kotlin Web Frameworks – LinuxLinks

        One of the types of software that’s important for a web developer is the web framework. A framework “is a code library that makes a developer’s life easier when building reliable, scalable, and maintainable web applications” by providing reusable code or extensions for common operations. By saving development time, developers can concentrate on application logic rather than mundane elements.

        A web framework offers the developer a choice about how to solve a specific problem. By using a framework, a developer lets the framework control portions of their application. While it’s perfectly possible to code a web application without using a framework, it’s more practical to use one.

        Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference. Kotlin is a more modern version of Java. It adopts functional ideas such as immutability and first-class functions, out of the box, and it is also object oriented.

      • Barry KaulerBaCon 4.5.1pre and utilities now compile in OE
      • Bozhidar BatsovSetting up Emacs for OCaml Development – (think)

        I’ve promised you articles about OCaml and here they come! The first order of business when learning a new programming language is to setup Emacs for effective programming in it.

      • More recursive definitions
      • Perl / Raku

        • PerlDeath: A Terminal Experience | Saif [blogs.perl.org]

          A program being executed, self terminating on encountering an non-viable condition is a typical scenario in Perl programs. The death sentence can deliver information about the departed application to the user as justification and demand appropriate resolution for the subsequent reincarnation.

          Now I know my code fails more often than it succeeds, and it is for this reason I am planning an alternative wake for the programmed parting of my future terminal applications. As a once-in-a-run-time event, death might be more elaborately delivered, something to be celebrated. The last words of a dying application softens the developers ensuing grief, while encouraging resuscitation with an appropriately delivered injection of code.

    • Standards/Consortia

      • Jim NielsenValidating HTML – Jim Nielsen’s Blog

        To bluntly answer the question: I validate, but only when I encounter a perplexing cross-browser issue I can’t seem to solve.

        In those cases, I’ll copy the one-off HTML document I’m dealing with and paste it into the W3C’s browser-based markup validation service to check for any errors I can’t seem to spot.

        While that service is useful for manually validating individual documents, it’s not particularly practical for systematically validating HTML as part of an automated software development pipeline.

        That said, a while back I discovered the W3C Nu HTML Checker which also validates HTML. It has a HTTP API which you can leverage to automate the process of validating multiple HTML documents.

        I wrote a little script to interface with the API and check the HTML files output by my static site generator, but it kept returning 503 errors on many of the files.

  • Leftovers

    • Security

      • Ruben SchadeRubenerd: Hyundai’s AES key was lifted from an example

        The Register’s Thomas Claburn reported on a blog post by greenluigi1 where they investigate the feasibility of modifying the car’s In-Vehicle Infotainment system. It’s well written with clear steps and screenshots; I love reading through someone’s thought process when it comes to this stuff.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Internet Freedom FoundationComments on the consultation paper on the need for a new framework for governing telecommunications in India

        On July 23, 2022, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) released a consultation paper on the need for a new framework for governing telecommunications in India. Read our response engaging with specific issues such as internet shutdowns, net neutrality, and an overhaul of the surveillance framework contained in the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885.


        The paper has been divided into 10 sections related to issues such as simplifying the regulatory framework, spectrum management, right of way, insolvency, and the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF). The paper also indicates a need for a new law and a simplified regulatory framework. A bulleted summary of the paper highlighting its main suggestions may be accessed here. While the paper discusses certain essential issues which have to be addressed in this overhaul, it conspicuously misses certain important points.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • Sirius Cybernetics

        Recently, I read about people who use the EV charging stations, but not for charging the batteries of their electric cars, just as a parking spot.

      • The dog and the typewriter.

        In the days after the cannery shut down, I had returned home. I found a typewriter. I made text together with it every day, and I felt as one with it.

        One day it stopped stamping letters when I pressed its keys. I had fear that it would never again be as it was before. I wondered what to do, and thought to ask someone for help. A dog of mine came by, and spoke to me.

      • ZEILRVC Wordo: TUNED
    • Politics

      • Nosegay

        Not a 1450s-ish English contraction of nose (meaning nose) and gay (meaning bringing joy), to make something which brings your nose joy which is clearly preposterous; not a word commonly used in bridal shops… but a sodding mountweazel if ever I saw one.

    • Technical

      • Late Night updates

        I work as the QA lead for the Vivaldi web browser. Being a small team I also have an additional role where I am responsible for much of the release process for our desktop browser, including version daily versions to a small external (volunteer) testing group, weekly public “snapshots” (sort of like beta releases for the upcoming version), and major and minor updates to our stable version.

      • How i alias git to manage my home directory (for dotfiles)

        I am writing this on the first Saturday of September 2022 but the solution described is in use since exactly two years ago already.

      • Roll and move

        Moving one marker along a track like Snakes and Ladders is basically a way to keep track of the sum of those moves. As a race game, that’s not fun, becomes just luck. But if that is combined with stuff you do outside of the track, like being far ahead (or far behind) or having passed/not passed certain thresholds, that might be interesting. Pondering about an idea where the movement track is central and looks like the main part of the game (to get the classic nostalgic roll-and-move feel) but there’s actually other things going on on the side (on cards or on smaller player boards) which is where the skill is actually hiding. Just green hat brainstorming but something like “winner has the most sets when anyone reaches the end” or “winner has the most sets when last person reaches the end”.

        There’s also variants in this category where there there is a random race but you don’t have your permanently own central markers, instead you bet on them or auction for them etc.

      • Managing a fleet of NixOS Part 2 – A KISS design

        Let’s continue my series trying to design a NixOS fleet management.


        The mechanism is so simple, it could be adapted to many cases, like using GitHub or any data source instead of a central server. I will personally use this with my laptop as a central system to manage remote servers, which is funny as my goal is to use a server to manage workstations :-)

      • Sneakernet in a Free, Developed Society

        Regardless, the coolness of the very idea of sneakernet is incredible. I just want to use one. For something! I don’t even know what, just something. When I talk about “sneakernet” in this post I don’t mean the occasional file moved on a USB thumb drive between friends once in a while (even though that technically counts). I’m thinking about organised sneakernets between several actors, be they individuals or organisations.

        But is there an actually useful purpose of sneakernets in democratic countries in the developed world?

        Suppose that you aren’t persecuted or part of a criminal network. Which actual use do you have for a sneakernet then? It’s super simple to set up a server with sftp or file upload and download through https. That’s also a lot faster and less costly than posting microSD cards to each other.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • More Brainless Content Please

          A good chunk of people complaining about the world dumbing with YouTube click-bait no doubt saw the kind of nonsense I watch and thought ‘the BBC showed much more enlightening and informative content than this modern drivel’. This comparison doesn’t work.

          We shouldn’t compare these videos to television, but to radio. Lots of us have large sections of the day where we sit in our little box-houses, clicking through spreadsheets, doing the dishes, and broadly doing jobs which machines can almost but not-quite perform. It’d be nice to spend this time learning a language, or how to perform quadratic equations, but the tasks demand just enough mental attention to prohibit any serious thinking, so we don’t do serious thinking. I like Space Feather, Shaun, and anything related to Computerphile. Other people like Joe Rogan, or rants about what Jordan Peterson thinks about frogs, or why Jordan Peterson’s opinions on frogs don’t work.

        • Early Internet

          I mourn the escapism of early internet. True and fun eureka moments in a environment which had no motives to provide information, except enthusiasm for sharing. A community waiting to be found, an outlet for conversation more specific than could have ever been had in near geography. A place where we could all grow together.

        • New Year 2023: Making the game fun

          I discovered a tiny gemini game full of nice ideas I feel like stea… *cough* reimplementing in 2023cards (yes, that’s the short name of this project from now on). The game in question is Astrobotany [1].

      • Programming

        • The slacker’s guide to managing dotfiles

          In the past I was using Git for managing dotfiles, and it worked pretty well. Main advantages of this solution were a possibility of syncing settings between devices and an ability to easily experiment with different configurations in separate branches (let’s say switch your code editor to emacs and switch back by just changing a branch if emacs didn’t appeal to you).

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

Jim Zemlin’s Salary More Than Doubled in Just 5 Years (From $500,000 to $1,150,000 in Six Years), Unlike Linus Torvalds’

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Disclosures of the Linux Foundation in 2014

Salaries of the Linux Foundation in 2014


Disclosures of the Linux Foundation in 2015

Salaries of the Linux Foundation in 2015


Disclosures of the Linux Foundation in 2016

Salaries of the Linux Foundation in 2016


Disclosures of the Linux Foundation in 2017

Salaries of the Linux Foundation in 2017


Disclosures of the Linux Foundation in 2018

Salaries of the Linux Foundation in 2018


Disclosures of the Linux Foundation in 2019

Salaries of the Linux Foundation in 2019

Summary: In 2019 Jim Zemlin gave himself a salary of $1,150,000 (bonus included) compared to $500,000 6 years earlier (before kicking the community out of the Board and Directors and enlisting several board members who are full-time Microsoft employees, instead); is the real goal of the Linux Foundation mostly lining the pockets of executives who don’t even use Linux and abuse Linus (creator of Linux)?

Linus Torvalds spanked

The Privacy Problem Associated With All Mobile Phones (Even ‘Dumb’ Ones) is Worse Than Snowden Put It

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Video download link | md5sum ffeb8228626c617dc460346bbdfcd48c
Worse Than Snowden Put It
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Edward Snowden’s sensational impact turns 10 next year (in summer); for some reason many people still think privacy and ownership [sic] of a mobile phone aren’t inherently incompatible

THE fantasy of mobile phones that respect freedom is nothing short of fantasy. They do a lot more harm, at the very least to privacy, than whatever “good”. As long as they’re connected to a network (carrier), they’re beyond redemption and it doesn’t matter what network carriers say. You simply cannot trust them.

The video goes through about half of this old video (about 3 years old). It’s Snowden at the Rogan show. Snowden is far too polite; he’s trying not to admonish or offend the many listeners/viewers the vast majority of whom have a mobile phone, sometimes even a “smart” (a lot more sensors and signals) so-called ‘phone’ — i.e. one in which benefits are asymmetrically in favour of surveillance companies, not the person who bought the darn thing.

“Well, an encrypted device should not be carried around, certainly not while connected to a network. Under the guise of “Librem” or “Purism” or “Freedom(Phone)” a lot of ambitious (or dishonest) people have pushed false promises.”Quit listening to companies that claim to have resolved this issue; it’s infeasible. I’ve given a thought to this issue for 2 decades already. It cannot be done and hasn’t been doable for decades. Yesterday TechDirt published Encrypted Phone Provider Calls It Quits After Failing To Persuade Middlemen To Roll Their Own Device Management Systems; this is related to the topic, but not quite the same. There are many aspects which imperil the prospects, including physical access to the device, back doors in the baseband OS, and so on. “Over the past few years,” it says, “international law enforcement has been cracking down on encrypted device purveyors. We’re not just talking about regular device encryption, which has been mainstream for several years now. These would be specialized manufacturers that appear to cater to those seeking more protection than the major providers offer — services that ensure almost no communications/data originating from these phones can be obtained from third-party services.”

Well, an encrypted device should not be carried around, certainly not while connected to a network. Under the guise of “Librem” or “Purism” or “Freedom(Phone)” a lot of ambitious (or dishonest) people have pushed false promises. In the wake of Snowden’s NSA leaks several companies made proclamations and announcements (e.g. Blackphone) and where are they now? There are ways to communicate securely and anonymously. Mobile devices like “smart” phones aren’t among the options.

Links 03/09/2022: grep 3.8 and Games, General News

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to install Monit on Arch Linux – NextGenTips

        In this tutorial, we will be learning how to install Monit on Arch Linux.

        Monit is a small open-source utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations.

        With Monit, systems status can be viewed directly from the command line, or via the native HTTP(s) webserver. It is able to do automatic maintenance, repair, and run meaningful causal actions in error situations.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install PyCharm IDE on Fedora 36 Linux – LinuxCapable

        PyCharm is a robust Python integrated development environment (IDE) that is popular among Python developers. It has many essential tools, such as code analysis, debugging, and integration. It also has a command line interface, which makes it easy to use. PyCharm connects to databases, creates virtual environments, and manages your version control system (Git). It is an effective development tool with many Python developers’ essential features. However, it is important to note that PyCharm is not free software, and there is a cost associated with using it, depending on the version. Nevertheless, it is still worth considering if you are looking for a powerful Python IDE. Thanks to its wide range of features, PyCharm can help you be more productive in your Python development projects.

        The following tutorial will teach you how to install PyCharm on Fedora 36 Linux with options for Community, Professional, or Educational using the third-party repository by phracek/PyCharm or alternative third-party installation managers Flatpak and Snapcraft using the command line terminal.

      • ID RootHow To Install PyCharm on Fedora 36 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install PyCharm on Fedora 36. For those of you who didn’t know, PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) used in computer programming, specifically for the Python programming language. The Community Edition is released under the Apache License, and there is also an educational version, as well as a Professional Edition with extra features (released under a subscription-funded proprietary license).

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the PyCharm IDE on a Fedora 36.

      • ELinuxInstall CXS on clean CentOS | Linux Webhosting blog

        ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cxs) is a tool which performs an active scanning of files as they are uploaded to the server. CXS Should only work on a cPanel/WHM server per the product’s requirements. However, you can still install it on a ‘clean’ CentOS machine as long as the required perl libraries are provided.

        We’ve created an easy list of “copy & paste” actions for your convenience.

      • ELinuxAllow a cPanel server to run a VHOST from multiple IP addresses | Linux Webhosting blog

        Every once in a while a hosting provider has to change an IP address for a single user or even an entire server on the fly. If you’ll try do this the usual way, by changing the IP address in WHM you can expect downtime ranging from several minutes to several hours until the DNS cache is cleared.

        While cPanel does not officially allow accounts to have more than one IP address, there is no such restriction for Apache. So the solution is to override the default cPanel configurations with your own.

      • Set Static Routes via an Interface/IP on CentOS/Ubuntu – kifarunix.com

        In this tutorial, you will learn how to set static routes via an interface/IP on CentOS/Ubuntu systems. In a network, a route is a path between networks. Routes through which a packet, in a packet-switching network, uses to travel from one network to the other is decided by a router in a specific network. So, how can one set static routes via an interface/IP on CentOS/Ubuntu systems?

      • ELinuxcPanel – Preventing users from downloading / restoring accounts | Linux Webhosting blog

        As hosting providers, you sometimes have to deal with huge account backups (over 100GB per account for example). JetBackup will make your life easier backing up these huge accounts, however restoring them is not always something we want to do.

      • ELinuxCL PHPSelector – Allow per user php.ini changes | Linux Webhosting blog

        PHP Selector is a CloudLinux component integrated on top of CageFS.
        It allows each user to select a unique PHP version and modules based the user’s needs. PHP Selector requires an active account and CageFS to be enabled.

        A cPanel user is allowed to change php.ini settings from his cPanel GUI. However the changes are limited to what CloudLinux permits by default.

        You can easily edit Cloudlinux’s settings file and add any needed settings.

        Make sure that the user has a cagefs enabled cPanel account.
        Login to the server via SSH as root user and edit the following file: “/etc/cl.selector/php.conf”

    • Games

      • GamingOnLinuxA genre is born: Horde games

        Vampire Survivors entered Steam Early Access in December 2021, and was described by the developer as “a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements.” The game skyrocketed to success almost immediately, and at time of writing has over 100,000 Steam reviews and an Overwhelmingly Positive rating.

      • GamingOnLinuxThis great bundle of Native Linux games will tease your brain

        Want some games that will test your brain and perhaps help you learn a little in the process? The Level Up and Learn: Programming Games bundle from Humble Bundle will do just that.

      • GamingOnLinuxMove over Wordle, I’m all about Farmbound now

        Is the hype of Wordle over yet? Okay good. Need something new to try each day? Why not take a little look over at Farmbound.

      • GamingOnLinux[I] Doesn’t Exist: AI Breathes New Life Into Text Adventures

        [I] Doesn’t Exist is an up-and coming text-based game by LUAL Games that will combine old-school adventuring with modern design, most notably a narrative AI that promises to smooth out the player experience. We caught up with the developers at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, Germany to see how this ambitious project is progressing.

      • GamingOnLinuxStellaris: Toxoids Species Pack coming with a free update on September 20

        Paradox Interactive has announced some more goodies coming for Stellaris with the Toxoids Species Pack and a free update landing on September 20th.

      • GamingOnLinuxSplitgate development is over, as the devs move onto their next game

        Splitgate, the first-person shooter with portals, is no longer getting actively developed as the developer has seemingly given up with it to move onto a new game.

      • GamingOnLinuxdbrand reveal the full details of Project Killswitch for Steam Deck

        After waiting quite some time, Project Killswitch from dbrand for the Steam Deck is finally coming but there’s been a few changes and it seems not everyone is happy with it.

      • GamingOnLinuxSteam Deck Client Beta updated with Mode Shift support in Steam Input

        Valve continues tweaking and improving the Steam Deck software both the Steam Client and SteamOS. A new Beta is available with more improvements to Steam Input. This is available for anyone in the Beta or Preview update channels. You can change it in Settings >System >Steam Update Channel.

      • GamingOnLinuxGet a free copy of Immortal Redneck during The GOG Sale Finale

        The GOG Sale Finale is on and another game is being given away. This time it’s Immortal Redneck, a pretty good FPS set in Egypt with rogue-lite elements. The giveaway will last until Monday, September 5th, 1 PM UTC. To claim it, you need to be logged in on GOG and scroll down the homepage to find the banner.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • 9to5LinuxdigiKam 7.8 Open-Source Digital Photo Manager Released with New Camera Support, More

          digiKam 7.8 is here about two and a half months after digiKam 7.7. It’s based on KDE Frameworks 5.96 and features an updated internal RAW processor based on libraw 2022-07-14, which adds support for new cameras like Canon EOS R3, Canon EOS R7, Canon EOS R10, Fujifilm X-H2S, Fujifilm X-T30 II, Olympus System OM-1, Leica M11, Sony A7-IV, DJI Mavic 3, and Nikon Z9.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • BSD

      • UndeadlyOpenBSD may soon gain further memory protections: immutable userland mappings

        My next attempt is to lock memory mappings. The current working name is mimmutable(void *addr, size_t len). This identifies all current mapped memory in a region, and tags the mappings. Such mappings can never be unmapped. No new mmap can be done on top of the mappings. And the permissions cannot be changed. Other than that, the underlying storage memory works fine, it is just the mapping that is locked.

      • Undeadlyps(1) gains support for tree-like display of processes

        This (great, convenience) feature was previously unavailable in the base system, but could be found in ports such as pstree(1).

    • Arch Family

      • 9to5LinuxFirst Arch Linux ISO Powered by Linux Kernel 5.19 Is Now Available for Download

        Arch Linux’s September 2022 ISO release is out now for those who want to deploy the lightweight and powerful GNU/Linux distribution on new computers. Arch Linux devs release a new ISO image every month, but the September 2022 snapshot is special because it ships with Linux kernel 5.19 by default.

        Linux kernel 5.19 brings new features like support for AMD’s Secure Nested Paging feature, support for ZSTD-compressed firmware files, initial support for Loongson’s “LoongArch” RISC ISA CPU architecture, support for the ARM Scalable Matrix Extension (SME), as well as new and improved security features.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • GNU Projects

      • GNUgrep 3.8 released [stable]
        This is to announce grep-3.8, a stable release.
        Special thanks to Carlo Arenas for adding PCRE2 support
        and to Paul Eggert for his many fine changes.
        There have been 104 commits by 6 people in the 55 weeks since 3.7.
        See the NEWS below for a brief summary.
        Thanks to everyone who has contributed!
        The following people contributed changes to this release:
          Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón (2)
          Helge Kreutzmann (1)
          Jim Meyering (27)
          Ondřej Fiala (1)
          Paul Eggert (71)
          Ulrich Eckhardt (2)
        Jim [on behalf of the grep maintainers]
        Here is the GNU grep home page:
        For a summary of changes and contributors, see:
        or run this command from a git-cloned grep directory:
          git shortlog v3.7..v3.8
        To summarize the 432 gnulib-related changes, run these commands
        from a git-cloned grep directory:
          git checkout v3.8
          git submodule summary v3.7
        Here are the compressed sources:
          https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/grep/grep-3.8.tar.gz   (2.8MB)
          https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/grep/grep-3.8.tar.xz   (1.7MB)
        Here are the GPG detached signatures:
        Use a mirror for higher download bandwidth:
        Here are the SHA1 and SHA256 checksums:
        eb3bf741fefb2d64e67d9ea6d74c723ea0efddb6  grep-3.8.tar.gz
        jeYKUWnAwf3YFwvZO72ldbh7/Pp95jGbi9YNwgvi+5c  grep-3.8.tar.gz
        6d0d32cabaf44efac9e1d2c449eb041525c54b2e  grep-3.8.tar.xz
        SY18wbT7CBkE2HND/rtzR1z3ceQk+35hQa/2YBOrw4I  grep-3.8.tar.xz
        Each SHA256 checksum is base64 encoded, preferred over the much
        longer hexadecimal encoding that most checksum tools default to.
        Use a .sig file to verify that the corresponding file (without the
        .sig suffix) is intact.  First, be sure to download both the .sig file
        and the corresponding tarball.  Then, run a command like this:
          gpg --verify grep-3.8.tar.gz.sig
        The signature should match the fingerprint of the following key:
          pub   rsa4096/0x7FD9FCCB000BEEEE 2010-06-14 [SCEA]
                Key fingerprint = 155D 3FC5 00C8 3448 6D1E  EA67 7FD9 FCCB 000B EEEE
          uid   Jim Meyering <jim@meyering.net>
        If that command fails because you don't have the required public key,
        or that public key has expired, try the following commands to retrieve
        or refresh it, and then rerun the 'gpg --verify' command.
          gpg --locate-external-key jim@meyering.net
          gpg --recv-keys 7FD9FCCB000BEEEE
          wget -q -O- 'https://savannah.gnu.org/project/release-gpgkeys.php?group=grep&download=1' | gpg --import -
        As a last resort to find the key, you can try the official GNU
          wget -q https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-keyring.gpg
          gpg --keyring gnu-keyring.gpg --verify grep-3.8.tar.gz.sig
        This release was bootstrapped with the following tools:
          Autoconf 2.72a.55-bc66c
          Automake 1.16i
          Gnulib v0.1-5279-g19435dc207
        * Noteworthy changes in release 3.8 (2022-09-02) [stable]
        ** Changes in behavior
          The -P option is now based on PCRE2 instead of the older PCRE,
          thanks to code contributed by Carlo Arenas.
          The egrep and fgrep commands, which have been deprecated since
          release 2.5.3 (2007), now warn that they are obsolescent and should
          be replaced by grep -E and grep -F.
          The confusing GREP_COLOR environment variable is now obsolescent.
          Instead of GREP_COLOR='xxx', use GREP_COLORS='mt=xxx'.  grep now
          warns if GREP_COLOR is used and is not overridden by GREP_COLORS.
          Also, grep now treats GREP_COLOR like GREP_COLORS by silently
          ignoring it if it attempts to inject ANSI terminal escapes.
          Regular expressions with stray backslashes now cause warnings, as
          their unspecified behavior can lead to unexpected results.
          For example, '\a' and 'a' are not always equivalent
          <https://bugs.gnu.org/39678>.  Similarly, regular expressions or
          subexpressions that start with a repetition operator now also cause
          warnings due to their unspecified behavior; for example, *a(+b|{1}c)
          now has three reasons to warn.  The warnings are intended as a
          transition aid; they are likely to be errors in future releases.
          Regular expressions like [:space:] are now errors even if
          POSIXLY_CORRECT is set, since POSIX now allows the GNU behavior.
        ** Bug fixes
          In locales using UTF-8 encoding, the regular expression '.' no
          longer sometimes fails to match Unicode characters U+D400 through
          U+D7FF (some Hangul Syllables, and Hangul Jamo Extended-B) and
          Unicode characters U+108000 through U+10FFFF (half of Supplemental
          Private Use Area plane B).
          [bug introduced in grep 3.4]
          The -s option no longer suppresses "binary file matches" messages.
          [Bug#51860 introduced in grep 3.5]
        ** Documentation improvements
          The manual now covers unspecified behavior in patterns like \x, (+),
          and range expressions outside the POSIX locale.
  • Leftovers

    • Hackaday3D Printing A Prosthetic-Compatible Golf Club

      Relearning an old sport, or starting a new one, can be challenging for amputees. Besides the obvious physical aspects, custom prosthetics or adaptors might need to be made and fitted, which can be very expensive. With the power of 3D printing and some machining, [Ian Davis] was able to build a custom prosthetic golf club to get a quadruple amputee back on the greens.

    • Counter PunchPlay It Again:  On the Riches of Repeating Bass Lines

      The reverie of Dexter Gordon’s “As Time Goes By” expands soulfully: Augustine’s distension animi…

    • Science

      • HackadayFixing A Hot Shop, With Science

        We know that pretty much everybody in the Northern hemisphere has had a hellish summer, and there’s little room for sympathy when someone busts out with, “Oh yeah? You think THAT’s hot? Well, lemme tell you…” But you’ve got to pity someone who lives in north Texas and has a steel Quonset hut for a shop. That’s got to be just stupidly hot.

      • HackadayHackaday Prize 2022: A Cooler For Your Footwear

        Sweaty feet can be uncomfortable, and the smell generated in one’s shoes isn’t much to admire, either. In an effort to help solve this issue, [Revoxdyna] has created a cooler for one’s feet that should help out in hot conditions.

    • Hardware

      • Computer WorldDecline in PC and tablet shipments will continue through 2023, says IDC

        Global shipments of PCs and tablets are in steep decline, but will pick up again in 2024, according to a new study by IDC.

        Shipments of traditional PCs are forecast to decline 12.8% to 305.3 million units in 2022, while IDC expects tablet shipments will fall 6.8% to 156.8 million. The combined market for PCs and tablets will decline by 2.6% in 2023 before returning to growth in 2024, according to IDC.

      • HackadayOops! All Analog Sticks

        Knowing his friend is a first-person shooter enthusiast, [Solderking] came up with a unique modified XBox controller as a gift. Tongue in cheek, you could argue that this controller is fully analog, as all of the buttons have been removed and replaced with analog sticks — each stick emulating four different buttons with its four different directions.

      • HackadayCutting The Grass With Frickin’ Lasers

        We techie types are quite often much more comfortable in front of a keyboard knocking out code, than out in the yard splitting logs for winter, and even the little jobs like cutting the grass are sometimes just too much like hard manual labour for our liking. The obvious solution is a robot mower, but they’re kinda boring, with their low-tech spinning metal blades. What we need is a big frickin’ laser. YouTuber [rctestflight] has been experimenting with using a 40W blue diode laser module to cut the weeds, (Video, embedded below) and it sort of works, albeit in a rather dangerous fashion.

      • HackadayMagnetic Gearbox Can Go Fast But Not Hard

        3D printed gearboxes are great for experimental designs, but due to roughness and inaccuracies in the printed surfaces, they can wear quickly and be rather noisy. As a possible alternative, [Resetman] is experimenting with magnetic 3D printed gearboxes that work without physical contact between the rotating wheels, and can also be “geared” for different ratios in some interesting ways.

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Jackson, Mississippi Has Been Paralyzed by Racism, Classism, and the Worsening Climate Crisis

        Jackson, the state capital of Mississippi, has a population of over 150,000 people, more than 80% of whom are African American. Mississippi is the poorest state in the country. Jackson residents, already under a water boil notice for over a month, have now had no running water for days, to drink, to bathe in, or to flush toilets. The Pearl River flooded following record rainfall, overwhelming the city’s water treatment plant. On Sunday, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba urged city residents, “If you are capable of getting out now, get out now.” Jackson has been paralyzed by the confluence of racism, classism, and the worsening climate crisis.

    • Proprietary

      • The VergeGoogle expands Play Store billing alternatives to many countries

        Google has quietly expanded its “User Choice Billing” pilot to let more developers of non-gaming Android apps offer third-party payment options as alternatives to Google Play’s. Developers will see their service fees of 15 to 30 percent reduced by 4 percent when users select a new third-party billing option, which the developer — not Google — must support in case of customer issues. The news was first reported by 9to5Google.

      • The HillMichigan police investigating voting machine sold on eBay

        Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced on Thursday that the state government is working with police to investigate a possible illegal selling of a voter assist terminal.

      • The State of MichiganStatement from Secretary Benson on alleged illegal attempt to sell voter assist terminal

        “We are actively working with law enforcement to investigate allegations of an illegal attempt to sell a voter assist terminal acquired in Michigan. Voter assist terminals are not used to tabulate ballots, but are typically used by voters with disabilities who need assistance marking their ballot privately at polling places.

      • The EconomistThe tech winners and losers of the pandemic

        Look beyond the boom and bust of consumer tech, though, and you see the real successes. The market for the infrastructure technology that underpins people’s daily lives, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity and digital payments, is thriving. The cloud-computing industry is expected to grow to almost $500bn this year, up from $243bn in 2019. Amazon’s cloud offering, the largest in the world, is still growing at 33% each year. It accounted for three-quarters of the firm’s operating income over the past 12 months, and is propping up the tech giant’s ailing e-commerce business. Its closest rivals are the cloud services of Microsoft and Google. Their annual sales are growing by 40% and 36%, respectively.

      • TechRadar[Repeat] Dodgy Microsoft Azure update knocks Ubuntu VMs offline

        According to a statement from Microsoft, the issues began after Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) VM users installed an update called “systemd version 237-3ubuntu10.54″.

        After installing the update, the impacted users began experiencing domain name system (DNS) errors.

      • Hindustan TimesGoogle allows this app in Play Store, year after banning it over Capitol riots

        Tech giant Google has allowed social media network Park back into its Play Store, this a year after it banned the platform in the wake of 2021 Capitol violence.

        The tech giant had pulled down the app popular with American conservatives days after the violent attack on the seat of US government on January 6 last year, alleging the platform allowed content that could incite more violence, AFP reported.

      • The HillParler app available again in Google Play Store

        The social media platform Parler is available again for users to download from the Google Play Store a year and a half after the app was removed, the company said Friday.

        Parler, which boasts its limited content moderation measures, was banned from the app store since January 2021 over a lack of moderation on posts that were deemed to incite violence around the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

    • Security

      • Integrity/Availability/Authenticity

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • [Old] NewsweekCIA spying on Assange “illegally” swept up US lawyers, journalists: Lawsuit

          The suit – filed on behalf of four Americans who visited Assange – seeks damages personally from then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo for violating the plaintiffs’ Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. The suit also seeks damages against a Spanish security firm contracted to protect the embassy, and its CEO, alleging that they abused their position to illegally spy on visitors and passed on the surveillance data they collected to the CIA, which is also named a defendant in the suit.

          Legal experts, including a former senior intelligence official, told Newsweek that the allegations in the lawsuit, if proven, show the CIA crossed lines drawn to protect American citizens from surveillance by overzealous intelligence agencies.

        • [Old] EFFGeek Squad’s Relationship with FBI Is Cozier Than We Thought

          EFF filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit last year to learn more about how the FBI uses Geek Squad employees to flag illegal material when people pay Best Buy to repair their computers. The relationship potentially circumvents computer owners’ Fourth Amendment rights.

          The documents released to EFF show that Best Buy officials have enjoyed a particularly close relationship with the agency for at least 10 years. For example, an FBI memo from September 2008 details how Best Buy hosted a meeting of the agency’s “Cyber Working Group” at the company’s Kentucky repair facility.

        • [Old] CNETFBI paid Geek Squad staff to be informants, documents show

          Agents paid managers in the retailer’s device repair unit to pass along information about illegal content discovered on customers’ devices, according to documents posted online by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The digital rights group sued the FBI for the documents last year after the bureau denied a Freedom of Information Act request.

          The EFF filed the lawsuit to learn the extent to which the agency trains and directs Best Buy Geek Squad employees to conduct warrantless searches of customers’ devices during maintenance. The EFF said it was concerned that use of repair technicians to root out evidence of criminal behavior circumvents people’s constitutional rights.

        • TechdirtEncrypted Phone Provider Calls It Quits After Failing To Persuade Middlemen To Roll Their Own Device Management Systems

          Over the past few years, international law enforcement has been cracking down on encrypted device purveyors. We’re not just talking about regular device encryption, which has been mainstream for several years now. These would be specialized manufacturers that appear to cater to those seeking more protection than the major providers offer — services that ensure almost no communications/data originating from these phones can be obtained from third-party services.

        • TechdirtGun Detection AI The Latest Tech To Make Schools Less Safe

          We’re just going to keep getting kids killed in America. We’ll never stop throwing money in the direction of the problem, but not directly at the problem. Nothing gets safer. It just gets more budget line items.

      • Confidentiality

        • [Old] A New Future for GnuPG

          For many years our work was mainly financed by donations and smaller projects. Now we have reached a point where we can benefit from a continuous revenue stream to maintain and extend the software without asking for donations or grants. This is quite a new experience to us and I am actually a bit proud to lead one of the few self-sustaining free software projects who had not to sacrifice the goals of the movement.

    • Defence/Aggression

    • Transparency/Investigative Reporting

      • NPRBYU says it has no proof that the fan banned over racist slurs said them

        McBride said BYU Athletics staffers have been combing through the school’s video recordings of the match to find anyone responsible.

        “However, we have been unable to find any evidence of that person using slurs in the match,” he said.

        Similarly, BYU Police Lt. George Besendorfer told the Tribune that his agency did not find proof that the man yelled slurs, after reviewing video records.

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • Common DreamsGreen Groups Want Ruling on Wyoming Fossil Fuel Leases to Embolden Biden

          “We are pleased to see this well-reasoned order in such an important case,” the groups—which were represented by Earthjustice and the Western Environmental Law Center (WELC), and defended the administration’s postponements and leasing pause—said in a statement.

        • MeduzaG7 countries agree to impose price cap on Russian oil — Meduza

          G7 finance ministers announced that they have agreed to implement a price cap on Russian oil in an effort to inhibit Russia’s ability to finance its war against Ukraine. The level at which the prices will be capped has not yet been determined; the bloc’s official statement said the ceiling will be “set at a level based on a range of technical inputs.”

        • MeduzaUkraine accuses Russia of ‘distorting’ facts as IAEA mission wraps up first day of nuclear plant inspections — Meduza

          A mission from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) examined the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant’s emergency systems, its diesel generators, and the shields around its power units, IAEA and delegation leader Director General Rafael Grossi reported on Friday. According to Grossi, the “physical integrity” of the plant has been violated multiple times, but it wasn’t clear whether the damage was intentional or accidental.

      • Overpopulation

        • [Old] Dawn MediaPopulation and security

          IT is a nightmare scenario that is fast unfolding. Yet the threat that population explosion presents to national security is missing from our policy discourse. Aside from a fleeting reference to population management, there is not enough recognition of the gravity of the problem in the recently launched integrated National Security Policy (NSP). There is no clear strategy on how to deal with the exponential population growth that continues to have a destabilising effect on our society.

        • Population growth (annual %) – Pakistan
  • Finance

  • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

    • [Old] Op Ed: MC5 and the Sound of Freedom

      At the shows in the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, JC Crawford, the official MC of the MC5, would introduce the band. His words speak to us in our deeply troubled time: “Brothers and sisters, I want to hear some revolution out there, I want to hear some revolution. The time has come for each and every one of you to decide whether you are gonna be the problem, or whether you are gonna be the solution. You must choose, brothers, you must choose. It takes five seconds. Five seconds of decision. Five seconds to realize your purpose here on the planet. It takes five seconds to realize that it’s time to move. It’s time to get down with it. Brothers and sisters, it’s time to testify, and I want to know — are you ready to testify? Are you ready? I give you a testimonial, THE MC5!”

    • RNZNew Zealand democracy on ‘shaky foundations’: Electoral law ripe for change

      Regardless, overseas voting changes are temporary. Allan is waiting for the findings of a panel of six experts reviewing the entire electoral system – apart from online voting and alternatives to MMP – before making such a move permanent.

    • VarietyAnalysis: Why Netflix Initially Struggled in Indonesia

      The state claimed the carrier’s decision was a commercial one, rather than a political one. But that seemed scarcely credible when the government was simultaneously moving to appease more conservative elements in society through content controls and to expand its taxation of the growing digital economy. Ministers were also explicitly calling for foreign digital companies to work through local partner companies.

    • Copenhagen PostEU approves visa ban on Russian citizens

      During an official EU meeting in Prague it has been decided that Russians will no longer be able to freely visit Europe for holiday as long as the War in Ukraine continues.

    • RTLClimate activists target UK parliament

      Members of climate activist group Extinction Rebellion on Friday glued themselves to the Speaker’s chair in the UK House of Commons, calling for a “Citizens’ Assembly” to help shape environmental policy.

    • RTLAfrican countries to stand by 1.5C target at climate talks talks

      The talks “reiterated the need to further accelerate climate action on all fronts, namely in adaptation, loss and damage, climate finance, and adopting more ambitious mitigation measures to keep the 1.5-degree target within reach,” Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, who will chair the COP27, said in a statement.

      African countries are among the nations that are least to blame for the fossil-fuel gases that stoke global warming, accounting for less than four percent of global emissions of carbon dioxide.

      But they are also among the countries that are most exposed to climate impacts, such as worsening drought, floods and cyclones.

    • NBCAnti-trans stalkers at Kiwi Farms are chasing one victim around the world. Their list of targets is growing.

      Clara Sorrenti and those supporting her are hoping to open up Kiwi Farms to debilitating virtual attacks by demanding Cloudflare, one of its internet security service vendors, drop the site. Cloudflare has so far refused to budge.

    • The NationFlorida Keys
    • The NationBiden’s Return to Form

      For much of the past year and a half, the folksy, feisty Joe Biden from the campaign trail seemed to have been replaced by a wooden stage prop. For months, as his popularity plummeted, nothing seemed to go right for the now-president. The man who told Trump to shut up during a live debate, who cried with affecting sincerity when he talked about his son Beau, looked worn, strained. When he spoke, it was the gaffes rather than the substance that made the headlines.

    • Democracy NowHistorian of Radical Right: Biden Is Correct, Trump Poses Existential Threat to Future of Democracy

      In a primetime address Thursday, President Biden warned Donald Trump and his radical supporters are threatening the foundations of the republic. Biden said, “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal,” and that MAGA Republicans present a “clear and present danger to our democracy,” referring to Trump’s campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again.” We speak with Nancy MacLean, author and Duke University historian, who says Biden’s speech was a “wake-up call” for the nation and mainstream media. “He was absolutely right, in my opinion, that the Trump wing of the party and the MAGA Republicans have jumped the rails of constitutional democracy, of the factual universe and of representative democracy.”

    • Common DreamsOpinion | More Money, More Problems (for Our Democracy and Our Planet)

      Young people—as revealed in poll after poll and conversation after conversation—despair of our democracy. Older people share some of that despair; until it happened, it was impossible for many of us to imagine American citizens trying to stage a coup. And yet, despite months of inaction, legislative packages now passing through Congress give those of us in college a glimmer of hope for a Washington that works for change, one that we’ve rarely seen in our lifetimes.

    • TruthOutTrump Falsely Claims Biden’s Speech Threatened His Loyalists With Military Force
    • ScheerpostMedea Benjamin & Jodie Evans: What Killed America’s Peace Movement?

      On this week’s “Scheer Intelligence, Robert Scheer is joined by CODEPINK founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, rare voices of conscience confronting the bipartisan warmongers.

    • TruthOutRon DeSantis Exploited Parkland Grief to Take Over a School Board, Critics Say
    • TruthOutTrump Brags Mar-a-Lago Search Improved His Polling — It Didn’t
    • Common DreamsOpinion | Lock Him Up—and Let Him Run

      An important debate has been playing out in recent days on The Bulwark, a national website to which I have been contributing since early June. It came down to this question: Should Donald Trump be tried at the ballot box, or in a court of law?

    • Common DreamsHillary Clinton Under Fire for Supportive Remarks of Far-Right PM Contender in Italy

      Italy is scheduled to hold its general election on September 25, and “polls are led by Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia, part of a right-wing coalition widely expected to secure a majority of seats,” historian David Broder, Jacobin’s Europe editor, explained Friday. “With her own party backed by around one-quarter of voters, Meloni looks likely to become prime minister.”

    • Common DreamsHouse Dems Voice ‘Grave and Urgent Concerns’ Over Chilean Plebiscite Misinformation

      “Continued inaction could abet interference in this historic referendum.”

    • Common Dreams‘Where Did the Classified Content Go?’ Dozens of Empty Folders Seized From Trump Home

      “Where did the classified content go?” asked Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), voicing a sentiment also expressed by reporters and watchdogs in response to the inventory, which indicates that the FBI retrieved from Mar-a-Lago 18 documents marked “top secret,” 54 marked “secret,” and 48 empty folders with “classified” banners.

    • The DissenterHow We Talk About ‘the Left’—Plus, Right-Wing Media Response To Trump Raid
    • MeduzaUnited Russia shrinks its supporter database by 15 million — Meduza

      United Russia has cleansed its supporter database in preparation for the 2024 presidential election. The party removed about 15 million people, says RBC, citing sources within the party.

    • Counter PunchChile’s Choice: Approve a New Constitution or Stick with Pinochet’s Legacy?

      The composition of the 155 popularly elected delegates to the convention — half of them women — further cemented the sense that their efforts would be approved. As I was told again and again on a recent visit to Chile, the delegates “look like us, like the real country.”

    • Telex (Hungary)New US Ambassador to Hungary welcomed only by lower ranking official
  • Censorship/Free Speech

    • Hollywood Reporter100 Years Ago: How Hollywood’s Early Self-Censorship Battles Shaped the MPA

      Pressures from social reformers during an “era of scandal” led the industry to self-regulate by creating the organization in 1922 and paving the way for a Production Code that impacted film content and satisfied many anti-Hollywood activists for nearly two decades.

    • QuilletteSalman Rushdie and the Islamic Punishment for Blasphemy

      This article attempts to summarize the development of the Islamic punishment for blasphemy in Muslim thought and life. Several essential primary sources of Islam are examined in this regard, including the Qur’an; the sunna (practice) of Muhammad, the messenger of Islam, as presented in early Muslim narratives and the traditions attributed to him; and Islamic Law. I also describe writings by later Muslim authorities that both explained the theological reasons for the prohibition against blasphemy, and sharpened the application of the punishment meted out to offenders. When these sources are taken together, it may be said that all of them reflect the extreme veneration that Muslims exhibit toward Muhammad.

    • Dawn MediaDid the PTA illegally block YouTube during Imran Khan’s speech?

      Apart from hundreds of social media users complaining about being unable to access YouTube, independent internet watchdog Netblocks ran network analysis tests in Pakistan through users which showed that YouTube was working for only 38 per cent of users who ran the test. This means that YouTube was accessible on only a few networks and not on others.

      Because the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has not made any public comments to the media or on its website regarding the outage, we have to evaluate the available evidence to determine how the censorship of YouTube over a short span of time panned out.

    • TechdirtThe Supreme Court Already Explained Why California’s Age Appropriate Design Code Is Unconstitutional

      In July of 1995, Time Magazine published one of its most regrettable stories ever. The cover just read “CYBERPORN” with the subhead reading: “EXCLUSIVE A new study shows how pervasive and wild it really is. Can we protect our kids—and free speech?” The author of that piece, Philip Elmer-Dewitt later admitted that it was his “worst” story “by far.”

  • Freedom of Information / Freedom of the Press

    • Common DreamsShireen Abu Akleh’s Niece Decries Biden’s Failure to Hold Israel Accountable

      “Most importantly, he isn’t upholding the values that he continues to preach.”

    • The NationWhat Happens When a School Tries to Silence Queer Voices?

      Republicans are attacking the right to be safely queer in public at all levels of government. One of the key fronts in this assault against LGBTQ rights is in the schools. Conservatives are censoring teachers and students across the country, making it difficult for schools to be safe havens for queer youth. Florida recently passed a bill dubbed “Don’t Say Gay,” which bans the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in some elementary school grades and constrains it through the 12th grade. Other states are now pushing for similar legislation.

  • Civil Rights/Policing

    • Common DreamsFirst NYC ‘Just Cause’ Lawsuit Targets Starbucks for Union-Busting

      “As we approach Labor Day, it’s important to remember that workers are the backbone of our city and deserve the right to organize.”

    • Teen VogueStarbucks Fired Workers for Unionizing, But Workers Are Fighting Back

      Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), it is illegal to fire workers for organizing a union. In response to losing our jobs, we filed unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB, alleging that we were fired in response to our union activity. To date, the NLRB has issued an official complaint against Starbucks on behalf of the seven of us who were fired in Memphis, and a Federal District Court Judge recently ruled that Starbucks must reinstate us.

      We are fighting to get our jobs back and fighting for the right to organize. We love our job at Starbucks and find joy in making our customers’ days. Starbucks claims to be a different kind of company – one that does everything “through the lens of humanity.” Starbucks’s mission and values include “challenging the status quo” and treating each other with “dignity and respect.” We do not believe that Starbucks has been living up to its mission and values and we are working to change that. In fact, since the return of interim CEO Howard Schultz, we’ve felt Starbucks has doubled down on efforts to stamp out unionization across the country.

    • Mexico News DailySchool relents, allows indigenous student to attend despite his long hair

      On Thursday, staff at the Secundaria Número 4 Ricardo Flores Magón school in Tijuana said that Acoyani, a 12-year-old student whose dark, braided hair reached all the way down his back, wouldn’t be allowed to continue attending classes. The reasons they gave were that he could be confused for a girl or that his long hair might encourage other male students to come to school with long hair.

    • The NationAutocracy and Anti-Abortion Go Hand in Hand

      One of the more disingenuous arguments for overturning Roe v. Wade (1973) was the claim that it would take the contested social issue of abortion out of the hands of unelected courts and give it to the democratically elected Congress and state legislatures. When Roe was rescinded by the Dobbs decision in June, right-wing columnist Katie Pavlich wrote in The Hill, “Abortion law being returned to the states by the Supreme Court allows Americans to have more of a say and additional opportunities to engage in the democratic process. The overturning of Roe is not only a win for life, but for the restoration of the U.S. Constitution and democracy.”1

    • Site36Human rights violations in Malta: Frontex Fundamental Rights Officer criticises own air surveillance

      An emergency at sea in May this year shows how Maltese authorities lets unseaworthy boats pass unrescued so that refugees are taken on board much later by neighbouring Italy or drown. Frontex’s acting Fundamental Rights Officer has clearer words for this than his predecessor.

    • FAIRIvey Camille Manybeads Tso on Indigenous Resistance, Alex Vitale on the End of Policing
    • TechdirtAppeals Court: No Immunity For School Cop Who Assaulted A Student Over Perceived Disrespect

      Putting cops in schools is still a bad idea. It turns regular disciplinary problems — ones handled for decades by administrators, teachers, and parents — into police matters, subjecting students to the whims of armed officers who have been trained to react with violence to nearly any misbehavior.

    • ScheerpostU.S. Approval of Labor Unions at Highest Point Since 1965

      71% of Americans now approve of labor unions and 40% of union members say their membership is “extremely important.”

    • TruthOutBiden Is Still Issuing Calls to Increase Police Funding
    • TruthOutAmazon Loses Bid to Overturn Union’s Historic Win in New York
    • Common Dreams‘Great Day for Labor’: NLRB Rejects Amazon Attempt to Overturn Union Win

      In a new filing, the NLRB officer who presided over weeks of virtual hearings on Amazon’s election objections concluded that the corporation’s protests against the union’s landmark victory “should be overruled in their entirety.”

    • Common DreamsOpinion | Behind the Rise in Union Support—And the Challenge Ahead

      Reports of the biggest rise in public support for unions in a half century is an encouraging response to the chokehold the policies of neoliberalism have held over U.S. workers for decades that led to a staggering inequality, the weakening of unions, and facilitated the ascendancy of the right.

    • Pro PublicaIllinois Choate Mental Health Center Abuse Allegations Continue

      A 24-year-old man with developmental disabilities, Reichard was accustomed to workers at the state-run residential facility telling him what to do. But this time he didn’t obey.

    • Pro PublicaChoate Mental Health Center’s History of Abuse Allegations

      “What I am presently seeing occur at Choate and hearing occur at other facilities concerns me more than it has my entire career,” Barry Smoot, a decades-long IDHS employee, wrote to Illinois Department of Human Services Secretary Grace Hou on May 26, 2021. Among the recommendations he wanted to make: that cameras be installed inside the facility.

    • Common Dreams‘Honor Her Memory… by Fighting Like Hell’: Barbara Ehrenreich Dies at 81

      Her death was announced on Twitter by her son, Ben Ehrenreich, and daughter, Rosa Brooks.

  • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

    • Remembering Barbara Ehrenreich

      For more than 40 years, Barbara kept our IPS family learning and laughing. As a staff member in the 1980s, she shared an office with longtime IPS Director John Cavanagh and gave him an education in feminism. In between writing books and essays, she pulled together progressive women leaders in a working group that published A National Agenda for Change: Toward Economic Justice for Women in 1985. John still keeps a copy in his office.

    • Broadband BreakfastFCC Commits Additional $800 Million From Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

      The announcement means the FCC has committed over $6 billion from the $9.2-billion fund, which initially announced winners under a different-look commission in December 2020, but which was scrutinized over the past year-and-a-half due to claims that the winning bids would go to areas that don’t need the connectivity promised. Under new Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, the FCC has been purging the fund of what it sees as potential wasteful spending and provided those winning bidders with opportunities to let go of those bids.

    • Linux On MobileLINMOB.net – Re-Evaluating Priorities

      That’s not the only thing. With increased stress levels, I really need to reduce my social media use, as it simply does not make me feel better overall and also likely eats an uncomfortably large amount of time.

  • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

    • TechdirtUbisoft Backtracks After Backlash To Make DLC Permanently Downloadable Despite Server Shutdown

      You may recall that a few weeks back we discussed Ubisoft’s decision to shutdown game servers for several titles, including major AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3. While server shutdowns are the norm after some period of time, as is the loss of certain online gaming features, notable in Ubisoft’s announcement was that anyone who bought the PC DLC for those games was simply going to lose all that bought DLC. Making matters worse, updated versions of the game on PC are available for purchase and include all that DLC, making it so that Ubisoft was tacitly telling gamers to just go buy the content all over again.

    • TechdirtCloud-Based Smart Home Gadgets Keep Getting Bricked Because You No Longer Own What You Buy

      We’ve noted more times than I can count how you no longer really own the things you buy. Whether it’s smart home hardware, or routers that become useless paperweights when the manufacturer implodes, or post-purchase firmware updates that actively make your device less useful, you simply never know if the product you bought yesterday will be the same product you think you own tomorrow.

  • Monopolies

    • Copyrights

      • The VergePSA: Bandcamp Friday is back

        Bandcamp is bringing back its Bandcamp Fridays promotion where it waives its cut of any money you spend buying music from artists or their labels on its marketplace. Historically, the company ran the promotion on the first Friday of every month, and that appears to be the case this time around, too. According to its update page, it has Bandcamp Fridays scheduled for September 2nd, October 7th, November 4th, and December 2nd.

      • Torrent FreakGoogle Removes YouTube Rippers from UK Search Results

        Google has removed several popular YouTube rippers from its UK search results. The company took this action following a notice from local music group BPI, which pointed out that local ISPs are required to block the sites due to a High Court order. In response, Google voluntarily took the same action.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

Edward Snowden on Mass Surveillance in the Mobile Era

Posted in Apple, Google, Videos at 3:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 3cd922855afa2541fdcb540e1a08653a
Snowden on Mobile
Credit: Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You

Summary: This 2019 chat is worth reproducing here as WebM; it is still very much relevant and explains that bulk surveillance has only gotten worse since 2013

If more people understood how “smart” phones work and what they actually do, would they still pay for them?

IRC Proceedings: Friday, September 02, 2022

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:34 am by Needs Sunlight

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Links 03/09/2022: digiKam 7.8.0, Deepin 20.7, and Arti 1.0.0 Released

Posted in News Roundup at 2:29 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Distro Videos

    • Graphics Stack

      • Ricardo GarcíaGeek Blight – VK_EXT_mesh_shader finally released

        Vulkan 1.3.226 was released yesterday and it finally includes the cross-vendor VK_EXT_mesh_shader extension. This has definitely been an important moment for me. As part of my job at Igalia and our collaboration with Valve, I had the chance to work reviewing this extension in depth and writing thousands of CTS tests for it. You’ll notice I’m listed as one of the extension contributors. Hopefully, the new tests will be released to the public soon as part of the open source VK-GL-CTS Khronos project.


        Both Timur and myself have submitted a couple of talks to XDC 2022 which have been accepted and will give you a primer on mesh shading as well as some more information on the RADV implementation. Do not miss the event at Minneapolis or enjoy it remotely while it’s being livestreamed in October.

    • Applications

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • LinuxOpSysDig Command in Linux – Usage + Examples

        Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system that stores critical domain name information. The DNS resource records also contain other information related to the records. If you have configuration or connectivity issues with a DNS server, then use the dig command to query DNS records.

      • UNIX CopHow to get and change PDF metadata on Linux using the terminal

        Hello, friends. In this post, I will show you How to get and change PDF metadata on Linux using the terminal. So, you can quickly use it for a specific case or several files. You can even include it in scripts.

      • uni TorontoUsing systemd timers to run things frequently (some early notes)

        If you’re satisfied with running something no more often than once a minute, /etc/cron.d entries are the easiest approach and what I use. But today I wound up wanting to run something more frequently. While there are various ways to do this with various degrees of hackery, it seemed like a good time to try out systemd timer units.

      • Linux CapableHow to Install mpv Media Player on Linux Mint 21 LTS

        MPV is a highly versatile media player that supports various video and audio codecs. It has comprehensive playback, audio, and video control options, as well as support for different input URL types for reading input from a variety of sources other than disk files. MPV is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and BSD operating systems and is often used to play YouTube videos or be a client for streaming services such as Twitch.tv. Thanks to its wide range of features and compatibility with many different operating systems, MPV has become one of the most popular media players available today.

        In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install mpv Media Player on Linux Mint 21 LTS using three different methods using the command line terminal.

      • LinuxiacHow to Set Up Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP with Docker Compose

        This guide shows you how to set up your LEMP (Nginx, MariaDB, PHP) stack easily and quickly using Docker Compose.

        When it comes to application development, containers are now the standard approach. They are popular among software developers due to their flexibility and portability.

        The LEMP stack is an open-source solution used to develop web applications. It is an acronym representing Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP. In addition, it is widely popular and well-supported among the Open Source community.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install J-Stars Victory Vs Mugen on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install J-Stars Victory Vs Mugen on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

      • ID RootHow To Install Thunderbird on Linux Mint 21 – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Thunderbird on Linux Mint 21. For those of you who didn’t know, Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client developed by Mozilla Foundation. It offers support for multiple email accounts, a personal address book, and built-in search tools to help you find messages quickly. This application can also be used as a chat client, RSS, and news client app.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of a Thunderbird on Linux Mint 21 (Vanessa).

      • PXE boot netboot.xyz on a Mikrotik router – Major Hayden

        The first RFCs for PXE, or preboot execution environment, showed up in June 1981 and it’s still a popular tool today. It enables computers to boot up and download some software that runs early in the boot process.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • Bryan LundukeMake Linux look like IRIX from an SGI workstation

        From the late 1980s through the early 2000s, Silicon Graphics, inc. (or just SGI as they were typically called) produced the IRIX operating system for their line of high performance, multi-media workstations.

        IRIX was (really is) pretty darn cool. Based on UNIX System V (plus BSD extensions), IRIX is where OpenGL was created. Along with the XFS file system. High performance, and highly scalable (up to 1024 processors).

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • Its FOSS8 Exciting New Features in the Upcoming KDE 5.26 Release

          KDE Plasma, the popular desktop environment, has been receiving some major updates and tons of fixes over the last five months.

          The previous release—Plasma 5.25—saw many new features and improvements, especially to the user interface and experience, and the next release sounds even more exciting.


          Just like the last release, Plasma 5.26 brings in numerous refinements and how you interact with the UI. You will find subtle changes, and tweaks to give more information to the users while interacting/searching for things on KDE Plasma 5.26.

          For instance, the Settings pages for “Format” and “Language” pages have now been merged to give you a cleaner look and get rid of some usual bugs associated with it.

        • Nate GrahamThis week in KDE: day color – Adventures in Linux and KDE

          We’re getting close to the Plasma 5.26 beta and plenty of features have landed before the soft feature freeze–the point at which new features need discussion before being merge-able. Many are mentioned below! But now, the idea is to focus on bugfixing and UI polish for the next six weeks before the final release of Plasma 5.26, and assistance is greatly appreciated. If you’re a developer who’s excited about Plasma, the time to fix bugs is now! Which bugs? These bugs! Pick a bug and fix it!


          On System Settings’ Night Color page, you can now set a day color in addition to a night color for maximum flexibility…

        • digiKam – digiKam 7.8.0 is released

          After three months of active maintenance and another bug triage, the digiKam team is proud to present version 7.8.0 of its open source digital photo manager. See below the list of most important features coming with this release.


          Rendez-vous in a few months for the new major digiKam 8.0.0 release.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • DebugPointGNOME Web 43 Looks Beautiful with Adwaita Tab View

          GNOME Web 43 Tab View looks awesome and its going to change your workflow.

          Our beloved GNOME Web (Epiphany) becoming more and more intuitive in every passing day – thanks to the developers.

          Recently, it has been ported to GTK4, libadwaita which brings the nice looks overall and some cool new features. All of these changes arriving on GNOME 43 release due in a few weeks.


          In my opinion, the most cool feature of GNOME Web 43 is the Tab view.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • T2 22.9 “TOP SECRET” – The Open System Development Environment

      Today T2 SDE Linux 22.9 was released. Another major milestone update with latest and greatest GCC, LLVM / Clang, X.org, Mesa3D, Glibc and more. Improved security, as well as SMART and whole-program LTO optimizations.

      As technology snapshot a pre-built binary ISO is relased for high-performance x86-64-v3, and of course all other architectures, including: alpha, arc, arm, arm64, avr32, hppa, ia64, m68k, mipsel, mips64, nios2, ppc, ppc64-32, ppc64le, riscv, riscv64, s390x, sparc, sparc64, superh x86, x86-64 and x32 can be rolling release updated thru the scripted build system from source – optimized for the native system.

      There were 1450 changesets with 2378 lines of commit messages. Approximately 1918 packages got updates, 122 issues fixed, 1918 packages or features added and 47 removed. Around 15 improvements have been committed.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Programming/Development

      • RlangA proposal for capping exploding electricity spot market prices without subsidies or supply reduction | R-bloggers

        At the EEX, German baseload electricity futures for the year 2023 trade at a price of 950 Euro / MWh and peak load futures at 1275 Euro / MWh. Future prices for France are even higher. (Prices were looked up on 2022-08-28).

      • HarshvardhanUp and Running with R Markdown
      • Rlang23 New books added to Big Book of R | R-bloggers

        Today we have another huge addition of books to the library, now consisting at 350 R programming books! Thanks to Gary and Abraham for the additions!

      • Stacey on IoTWhen is TinyML too much?

        When it comes to machine learning (ML), sometimes every problem looks like it needs a neural net, when in fact it just needs some statistics. This is especially true when it comes to running algorithms on microcontrollers and for industrial use cases such as predictive maintenance, according to Bernard Burg, director of AI and data science at Infineon.

        I focus a lot on using machine learning at the edge — specifically the idea of running machine learning models on microcontrollers, known as TinyML — because there are clear benefits for the IoT. By analyzing incoming data where that data is created, engineers can reduce latency, lower bandwidth costs, and increase privacy while also saving on energy consumption. But one doesn’t always need TinyML. Sometimes using linear regression or anomaly detection will do.

      • Rlangpkgdown and GDPR – How to host a pkgdown site in Germany | R-bloggers

        pkgdown is a great tool for generating a website with documentation for an R package.

        Unfortunately, pkgdown uses CDNs (content delivery networks) like Cloudflare to embed often used JavaScript libraries into the generated website.

      • RlangHow a Local Community Produced the First Nation-wide R useR Group | R-bloggers

        The R Consortium recently interviewed Szilard Pafka with the Real Data Science USA R Group (formerly known as the Los Angeles R User Group). The former Los Angeles R useR Group had been based in Los Angeles for more than 10 years, but after organizer Szilard moved to Texas, he kept the group going and even expanded!

      • PowerDNSSharing data between threads in PowerDNS Recursor | PowerDNS Blog

        This is the third part of a series of blog posts we are publishing, mostly around recent developments with respect to PowerDNS Recursor. The first blog post was Refreshing Of Almost Expired Records: Keeping The Cache Hot, the second Probing DoT Support of Authoritative Servers: Just Try It.

        In PowerDNS Recursor the actual resolving is done using mthreads: a lightweight cooperative thread switching mechanism. This allows us to write the resolving code in a straightforward manner, we can program it as if we are resolving in a synchronous way. The mthreads abstraction takes care of running another mthread when the resolving process for a particular query has to wait for incoming data from the network. Mthreads are mapped to Posix threads, the thread abstraction the C++ runtime provides. Typically a handful of Posix threads run many mthreads, one for each query in-progress. Mthread switching happens only at specific points in the resolving process, basically whenever I/O is done.

      • Lee Yingtong LiGamma regression in Stata and statsmodels

        Generalised linear models with a gamma distribution and log link are frequently used to model non-negative right-skewed continuous data, such as costs [1].

      • Perl / Raku

      • Python

        • How to Use the String join() Method in Python – Pi My Life Up

          The join method makes it easy to combine multiple strings stored within an iterable such as tuples, lists, sets, and dictionaries. In addition, you can set characters to be used as a separator, such as a space or a dash.

          There are many more methods that you can use to manipulate strings within Python. For example, you can use the split method to split a string based on a specified separator.

          The tutorial below will touch on the syntax of the join method and the various iterables you can use with join. For example, we will touch on using a join with a list, dictionary, set, or tuple.

        • Didier StevensUpdate: jpegdump.py Version 0.0.10 | Didier Stevens

          This update to jpegdump.py, my tool to analyze JPEG images, brings 2 small changes:

          Data between segments can be selected with suffix d. Like this: -s 10d

          This means: select the data between segments 9 and 10.

      • Java

        • OpenSource.comInfuse your awk scripts with Groovy | Opensource.com

          Recently I wrote a series on using Groovy scripts to clean up the tags in my music files. I developed a framework that recognized the structure of my music directory and used it to iterate over the content files. In the final article of that series, I separated this framework into a utility class that my scripts could use to process the content files.

          This separate framework reminded me a lot of the way awk works. For those of you unfamiliar with awk, you might benefit from Opensource.com’s eBook, A practical guide to learning awk.

          I have used awk extensively since 1984, when our little company bought its first “real” computer, which ran System V Unix. For me, awk was a revelation: It had associative memory— think arrays indexed by strings instead of numbers. It had regular expressions built in, seemed designed to deal with data, especially in columns, and was compact and easy to learn. Finally, it was designed to work in Unix pipelines, reading its data from standard input or files and writing to output, with no ceremony required to do so—data just appeared in the input stream.

          To say that awk has been an essential part of my day-to-day computing toolkit is an understatement. And yet there are a few things about how I use awk that leave me unsatisfied.

          Probably the main issue is that awk is good at dealing with data presented in delimited fields but curiously not good at handling comma-separated-value files, which can have field delimiters embedded within a field, provided that the field is quoted. Also, regular expressions have moved on since awk was invented, and needing to remember two sets of regular expression syntax rules is not conducive to bug-free code. One set of such rules is bad enough.

    • Standards/Consortia

  • Leftovers

    • TediumStar Trek, Free Willy: Animatronic Whales in Movies

      Since the day I visited the Denver Museum of Natural History and saw a giant whale skeleton, I’ve been fascinated by whales. There’s just something inherently fascinating about whales that captures the imagination. There’s also a natural beauty to them that is hard to define. Similarly, robots and animatronics have always been a subject of fascination for me as well. When I read an article in an old art magazine from the 90s highlighting depicting whales in art, it got me thinking about animatronic whales and how they might change the world for the better–not to mention having a fascinating history. In today’s Tedium, we’re bringing you one whale of a tale about animatronics and art in the cerulean world.

    • Fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkein – Experiences in the community

      Now unless you have been living under a rock cave, I am sure you know who Mr. Tolkein is. Apparently, the gentleman passed away on 2nd September 1973 at the sprightly age of 80. And this gives fans like me to talk about fantasy, fantasy authors, and the love-hate relationship we have with them. For a matter of record, I am currently reading Babylon Steel by Gaie Sebold. Now while I won’t go into many details (I never like to, if I enjoy a book, I would want the book to be mysterious rather than give praise, simply so that the next person enjoys it as much as I did without having any expectations.) Now this book has plenty of sex so wouldn’t recommend it for teenagers but more perhaps to mature audiences, although for the life of me couldn’t find any rating on the book.

    • Jim NielsenStats Page

      I came across Brian Baking’s “Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs” which led me to Luke Harris’ stats page which motivated me to finally make something similar of my own.

      I’ve written previously about enumerating the external and internal links on my blog. I’ve also written previously about graphing my blogging goals. All of these are different forms of representing stats about my blog, so really this was an exercise in making all these disparate statistical representations accessible in one central place: my /about page.

    • Hardware

      • CNX SoftwareIntel Loihi 2 high-efficiency neuromorphic chip works with the Lava open-source framework – CNX Software

        Loihi is said to consume far less than 1 watt of power compared to the tens to hundreds of watts that standard CPU and GPU solutions consume, so this type of neuromorphic AI accelerator may eventually bring the power of datacenter hardware to robots, autonomous vehicles, and so on, and deliver similar performance at much lower power consumption and latency since the processing can be done on the device itself. Lower-end neuromorphic chips will leverage SNN’s efficiency in battery-powered sensors with built-in AI instead.

      • uni TorontoWe now have some 1U servers with U.2 NVMe SSDs and they’re okay

        Back in early 2021 I wrote about my impressions of NVMe versus SATA (or SAS) SSDs for basic servers. At that point I didn’t expect us to get NVMe based servers any time soon, especially for servers not focused on fast storage. Well, times change, and we now have a number of 1U servers with U.2 NVMe drives. These aren’t really “basic” servers in our usual sense; instead they tend to be pretty powerful compute servers. But they’re still 1U servers and in theory there’s nothing to stop people from having lower end ones with NVMe SSDs. Our experiences with these servers have been positive, in that everything works as we expect and basically how things would be if these were SATA SSDs instead.

        (Obviously the U.2 NVMe drives are a lot faster and have lower latency, but these servers mostly don’t put any real stress on their storage.)

        We didn’t get these servers with NVMe disks instead of SATA (or SAS) disks because we had some attraction to NVMe; if anything, we prefer SATA SSDs to U.2 NVMe SSDs because it’s much easier to get spares and replacements (SATA SSDs are commodity items; U.2 NVMe SSDs are more expensive and harder to find). Instead, we got these servers with U.2 NVMe drives because that’s the configuration they really wanted to come in. All of these servers have four hot swap drive bays (taking their own proprietary drive carriers), although we normally only use two (for a mirrored pair of system disks), and we opted to get them with four U.2 NVMe drives each in order to build up a pool of spares.

      • uni TorontoZFS DVA offsets are in 512-byte blocks on disk but zdb misleads you about them

        That is to say, when zdb prints ZFS DVAs it is not showing you the actual on-disk representation, or a lightly decoded version of it; instead the offset is silently converted from its on-disk form of 512-byte blocks to a version in bytes. I think that this is also true of other pieces of ZFS code that print DVAs as part of diagnostics, kernel messages, and so on. Based on lightly reading the code, I believe that the size of the DVA is also recorded on disk in 512-byte blocks, because zdb and other things use a similar C macro (DVA_GET_ASIZE()) when printing it.

    • Security

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • Patrick BreyerClear lines against chat control: Liberals’ paper puts German Interior Minister Faeser on the spot – Patrick Breyer

          Screening chat messages, scanning private photos: For the German ministries led by the liberal FDP, the plans for chat control by the EU Commission crosses “red lines” in many places. An internal document shows that the federal government is not united on the issue.

          The FDP-led federal ministries are apparently putting internal pressure on the federal government, because the EU Commission’s plans for chat control go too far for them. This becomes clear from a list of “red lines” that the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Digital Affairs have sent to the SPD-led Ministry of the Interior, according to Tagesspiegel Background. (We publish the list in full text.)

          Chat control refers to plans by the EU Commission to combat the spread of recordings of sexualised violence against children. The Commission presented a draft in May which demands far-reaching obligations for tech companies. Among other things, they are to automatically recognise known and previously unknown depictions of sexualised violence against children, even in private chats. The plans have been met with scathing criticism, including warnings from the EU data protection authorities of unnecessary mass surveillance.

          The German government also criticised the planned measures. In a letter, it badgered the EU Commission with more than 60 questions, some of them very pointed, including the importance of encrypted communication or the error rates to be expected when recognising such images. Now a letter shows that the critical attitude within the German government is apparently not consistent. As Tagesspiegel Background reports, in the letter the ministries of justice and digital affairs address the ministry of the interior (BMI) led by SPD minister Nancy Faeser, the ministry in charge of the matter.

        • Stacey on IoTIoT news of the week for Sept. 2, 2022 – Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis

          Carriers aren’t the only source of location data: While cell phone carriers do track a users location and will share it with law enforcement when presented with a warrant, not every cop needs to get one. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has discovered that police agencies across the country have contracted with a company called Fog Data Sciences to buy location information gathered from 250 million devices. The location data is often gathered from applications that people download onto their phones. Those app developers then take the location data and sell it to data brokers and companies like Fog Data. The EFF says Fog Data lets law enforcement subscribe to a service that lays out the location of these devices on a map that officers can use to see what devices are in the vicinity of a crime or follow specific devices as they roam about a city. Officers don’t need a warrant for this, although some do get one. This is terrifying and should be clearly disclosed to users. It probably should also be illegal or at least inadmissible in court. (EFF) — Stacey Higginbotham

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Light Blue TouchpaperExtremeBB: Supporting Large-Scale Research into Misogyny and Online Extremism | Light Blue Touchpaper

        Online anonymous platforms such as forums enable freedom of speech, but also facilitate misogyny, extremism, and political polarisation.


        Far-right extremism has been associated with a growing number of mass killings, overtaking Islamist terrorism in about 2018. Examples include the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting (2012), the riots in Charlottesville (2017), the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting (2018), the Christchurch mosque shootings (2019), the US Capitol riots (January 2021), and recently the Buffalo shooting (May 2022). Misogyny has been explicitly linked with terror attacks including the Isla Vista killings (2014), the Toronto Van attack (2018), the Hanau shootings (early 2020), and most recently, the Plymouth shooting in the UK (August 2021).

    • Environment

    • Finance

      • Business InsiderAmazon’s Jeff Bezos on Profits, Failure, Succession, Big Bets

        What really matters is, companies that don’t continue to experiment, companies that don’t embrace failure, they eventually get in a desperate position where the only thing they can do is a Hail Mary bet at the very end of their corporate existence.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Michael GeistWhy Have So Many Cabinet Members Still Not Spoken Out on Stopping Government Funding for an Anti-Semite? – Michael Geist

        Earlier this week, Liberal MP Anthony Housefather called on all 338 Members of Parliament to say something about the need to combat anti-semitism and to express concern about the government’s funding of an anti-semite as part of its anti-hate program. At that point, there were few MPs who had spoken publicly, leaving the issue largely to Jewish MPs to express concern. As I noted in a post reflecting on the issue, the message in the silence is that anti-semitism is a Jewish problem, not a broader societal concern. While I realize there is something performative about issuing a statement via tweet, elected officials do this all the time as a signal of their priorities or interests and to amplify their message.

        Yet days later, the message has not been amplified and it would appear that the issue is not a priority. As of last night, I could find that only 1/3 of the cabinet has said anything about this issue in the weeks since it emerged: 11 cabinet ministers by tweet or retweet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in two press conferences, and Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez in a statement provided in response to a journalist query (but, to date, no actual statement has been publicly released).

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • I should have culled those photos

        I’m feeling a bit more at ease today with regards to web browsers.


        A small step, but probably cathartic and long overdue. I have so many photos from the last… almost 20 years? Crikey, how old am I now :X I found pictures of people who are no longer in my life, for sad reasons as well as reasons I’m very thankful for. I found pictures of the person I used to be, who I’m gladly not anymore. It’s really nice to be 15kg heavier, stronger and more at ease with life*.

      • Diachronic Operations

        This series is thought provoking in a way that I have only other encountered in one other novel: Seveneves. Incidentally, that is also a Neal Stephenson book. This guy is good. There are also heavy elements of humor within; I laughed out loud several times at the audacity of some of the characters and their situations throughout time (intentionally being vague here, avoiding spoilers). If you want details with the spoilers, see the bottom of this post.

      • Drunking Ramblings – Tech, Social and Whatnot

        Like, we’d expect people to have develop good communication skills amid the boom of mobile phones, email and later on social media and intant messaging. But no. I’ve seen way too many people who expect others to instantly understnat what they are thinking.

    • Technical

      • How to host a local front-end for Reddit / YouTube / Twitter on NixOS

        I’m not a consumer of proprietary social networks, but sometimes I have to access content hosted there, and in that case I prefer to use a front-end reimplementation of the service.

        These front-ends are network services that acts as a proxy to the proprietary service, and offer a different interface (usually cleaner) and also remove tracking / ads.

        In your web browser, you can use the extension Privacy Redirect to automatically be redirected to such front-ends. But even better, you can host them locally instead of using public instances that may be unresponsive, on NixOS it’s super easy.

        We are going to see how to deploy them on NixOS.

      • A little bit of ricing

        Yesterday I wrote on my blog about setting up `powerline` in bash, vim, and tmux. This is the only amount of “rice” I have in my computer, and it was actually prompted (hehe) by adding `starship` to the terminal of my work computer.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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