The World Wide Web is Not (or No Longer) a Censorship Circumvention Mechanism for Controversial Literature and Authors

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Censorship Shared Across Literature and Web
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: There’s a tendency to believe that the Web (or the Net) fosters free speech; it’s a convenient but dangerous delusion

THE annual awareness campaign called Banned Books Week is about as old as myself and in spite of books sales decreasing the campaign is highly relevant, maybe more relevant than ever.

“Having been subjected to many censorship attempts of various types over the years (there are still several attempts in effect; letters from lawyers, ban by the EPO’s management and so on), I think I’m qualified to speak on this issue, based on personal experiences.”Book burnings or obstruction of publication persist in the digital age. The methods vary somewhat, but there are at least half a dozen ways to censor or suppress certain writings on the Web, as I explain in the video above. It’s actually rather disturbing that in spite of the term “inter” (meaning across or short for international) in Internet we’re hardly enjoying a global Net. TechDirt wrote about this yesterday and several days ago we wrote about books getting canceled, as explained by the 'first' NSA whistleblower.

Having been subjected to many censorship attempts of various types over the years (there are still several attempts in effect; letters from lawyers, ban by the EPO’s management and so on), I think I’m qualified to speak on this issue, based on personal experiences. Commonplace perceptions on this subject are based on untrue premises, boosted by media conglomerates and social control media (both are focused around censorship themselves, though they don’t characterise it as such).

Gone With the Boris: British Enabler of Corrupt EPO Regime

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EPO's UK reps
New changes

Both replaced

Iancu, Moss, No Moss!, Boss, 'The f***ing president'
So long

Summary: The British Prime Minister has been replaced, the Queen has died, but the political party did not change; so why did the above happen?

Human Resources at the European Patent Office (EPO): Another Crisis in the Making

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HR Crisis at EPO
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Human Resources at the second-largest institution in Europe has been run by a stubborn mule without any Human Resources skills; as it turns out, there’s a crisis brewing there (internally) as well

The Central Staff Committee (CSC) of the EPO has spread around a publication about “[p]rioritisation of HR requests,” arguing that “HR [is] Drowning in work,” resulting in anxiety. This typically results in an exodus of those most capable of doing the job. The EPO is going to lose not only a lot of highly skilled examiners; even administration-level staff will flee and whatever replaces or fill the gap/vacuum lacks the experience and skills. This assures further deterioration of the Office’s operations.

The CSC promises “to follow up the issues with senior management.” Here is the letter to staff:

Zentraler Personalausschuss
Central Staff Committee
Le Comité Central du Personnel


Human Resources:

Drowning in work

Dear Colleagues,

In July, our colleagues in HR posted a cry for help1 on the Intranet, asking staff to “be patient” as they were “experiencing a large volume of incoming requests and enquiries” and needed “time to process the requests received”.

Since then, many colleagues have received individual emails informing them that the processing of their requests to HR would be delayed.

This announcement made obvious that our colleagues in HR have been brought to a point where they are no longer able to respond to telephone calls or emails in an appropriate amount of time2.

Considering the current Office policy of only filling up to 50% of vacated posts outside DG 1, severe understaffing is a major factor in the problems currently experienced in HR, coinciding with overly complex procedures and regulations. The recent reforms and related portals do not take into consideration the impact on our HR colleagues, they are implemented in a hurry, and instead of alleviating work pressure, they aggravate workload.

With the reform of the education allowance, the administration promised a simpler scheme that is easy to understand and administer, the feedback received so far from both staff and HR colleagues proves this assertion wrong. We are concerned both for the wellbeing of our HR colleagues and for staff members who are not currently receiving the service they are entitled to when contacting HR.

Over the past months we have met with several HR teams and collected their concerns regarding staffing and IT tools. Instead of enjoying proper working conditions, the workload is piling up, service is delayed and all the conditions for health problems are met. Nevertheless, our HR colleagues continue to strive for quality support.

Some staff have been recruited recently but it is far from making up for the many departures the team is facing. External recruitment, as opposed to the current practice of internal transfers amounting to “robbing Peter to pay Paul”3, could be the solution to the staffing problem but management so far refuses to consider this.

Following the intranet announcement, we recently again met some HR colleagues to reaffirm our support and our determination to follow up with senior management.

The Central Staff Committee

1 “Prioritisation of your HR requests” of 1 July 2022
2 See also the results of the EPO Staff Engagement Survey 2022, e.g. slide 26.
3 “Déshabiller Pierre pour habiller Paul.”

As noted in the video at the top, the EPO’s site has been mostly dead lately and there are profound changes in the Bulgarian and British delegations. Maybe it’s a bit of a mystery, at least temporarily, why all this happened. Maybe insiders can enlighten and tell us?

Links 08/09/2022: KDE Gear 22.08.1 and Charmed Kubeflow 1.6

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Server

      • Kubernetes Now Within Reach For Mid-Size Companies

        For years, Kubernetes shined in big organizations supporting vast container-based deployments. With the staff to support large DevOps initiatives, enterprises have seen increased scalability, improved fault tolerance and better reliability by using Kubernetes in their container-based strategy. However, it’s not been as easy for smaller companies to hop on the Kubernetes bandwagon.

    • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Kernel Space

      • LWNCrash recovery for user-space block drivers [LWN.net]

        A new user-space block driver mechanism entered the kernel during the 6.0 merge window. This subsystem, called “ublk”, uses io_uring to communicate with user-space drivers, resulting in some impressive performance numbers. Ublk has a lot of interesting potential, but the current use cases for it are not entirely clear. The recently posted crash-recovery mechanism for ublk makes it clear, though, that those use cases do exist.

        If an in-kernel block driver crashes, it is likely to bring down the entire kernel with it. Putting those drivers into user space can, theoretically, result in a more robust system, since the kernel can now survive a driver crash. With ublk as found in the 6.0 kernel, though, a driver crash will result in the associated devices disappearing and all outstanding I/O requests failing.

      • LWNToward a better definition for i_version [LWN.net]

        Filesystems maintain a lot of metadata about the files they hold; most of this metadata is for consumption by user space. Some metadata, though, stays buried within the filesystem and is not visible outside of the kernel. One such piece of metadata is the file version count, known as i_version. Current efforts to change how i_version is managed — and to make it visible to user space — have engendered a debate on what i_version actually means and what its behavior should be.

      • LWNUshering out strlcpy() [LWN.net]

        With all of the complex problems that must be solved in the kernel, one might think that copying a string would draw little attention. Even with the hazards that C strings present, simply moving some bytes should not be all that hard. But string-copy functions have been a frequent subject of debate over the years, with different variants being in fashion at times. Now it seems that the BSD-derived strlcpy() function may finally be on its way out of the kernel.

      • LWNDebian to vote on its firmware path

        Dealing with the non-free firmware that is increasingly needed to install Debian has been a hot topic for the distribution over the past few months. The problem goes back further still, of course, but Steve McIntyre re-raised the issue in April, which resulted in a predictable lengthy discussion thread on the debian-devel mailing list. Now McIntyre has proposed a general resolution (GR) with the intent of resolving how to give users a way to install the distribution on their hardware while trying to avoid trampling on the “100% free” guarantee in the Debian Social Contract. Finding the right balance is going to be tricky as is shown by the multiple GR options that have been proposed in the discussion.

      • Coreboot (Official)[GSoC] Optimize Erase Function Selection, wrap-up – coreboot

        GSoC 2022 coding period is about to come to an end this week. It has been an enriching 12 weeks of reading old code, designing algorithms and structures, coding, testing, and hanging out over IRC! I’d like to take this opportunity to present my work and details on how it has impacted Flashrom. 🙂

        You can find the complete list of commits I made during GSoC with this gerrit query. Some of the patches aren’t currently merged and are under review. In any case, you are most welcome to join the review (which will likely be very helpful for me).

      • Bootlin at Linux Plumbers conference 2022 – Bootlin’s blog

        Next week, almost the entire Bootlin team will be at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe in Dublin, see our previous blog post on this topic. We will give four talks at this event, on a variety of Linux kernel and embedded Linux topics.

        During the same week, also in Dublin albeit in a different location, will take place the Linux Plumbers conference. Bootlin engineer Miquèl Raynal will give a talk at Linux Plumbers, as part of the IoTs a 4-Letter Word micro-conference. Miquèl’s talk will discuss Linux IEEE 802.15.4 MLME improvements, as Miquèl has been working for several months on bringing improvements to the 802.15.4 stack in the Linux kernel.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Linux HandbookCommon Networking Port Numbers in Linux

        While using a computer or smartphone, we use various hardware ports such as 3.5mm for audio, HDMI, Type-c, etc. which are used to communicate with hardware peripherals.

        Similarly, networking ports serve the same purpose by enabling us to access various networking services on a single computer. So even if you are an IT student or want to start a carrier in networks, ports are considered one of the most basic and foundational terms.

        So through this article, I will walk you through some basics of networking ports, the range of ports, and some of the most common ports to get started with.

      • H2S Media2 ways to Install LibreCAD on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Linux

        With the free CAD software “LibreCAD” you can create precise technical drawings, design plans or sections, and views of components. The 2D vector graphics program offers a variety of tools for drawing points, lines, circles, curves, ellipses, and other geometric shapes from which you can construct your two-dimensional models. If necessary, you can position drawing objects on different layers (layers) or group selected elements.

        The freeware offers numerous, different options to construct even elaborate 2D outlines. Via the selection menu on the left side, you can bring straight lines, arcs, ellipses, function graphs, or simple dots to the virtual drawing board.

        For a better overview, color outlines and vary the line thickness or stroke shape as needed. To save time, it is best to use the various options and the “Modify” category. Useful functions such as “Mirror”, “Scale” or “Rotate” are hidden here.

      • OSNoteHow to Install XWiki with Nginx Reverse Proxy on Ubuntu – OSNote

        XWiki is an easy, compact, and efficient wiki platform that enables you to tailor the wiki to fit unique requirements. It is implemented in Java & operates on JBoss or Tomcat-based servlet containers. XWiki is an easy and intuitive online frontend that allows you to generate and organize data from every gadget or search engine. WYSIWYG edit, OpenDocument-based file import/export, tagging, version control, sophisticated wiki syntax, comprehensive search capability, and much more are just a few of the tools included. We’ll demonstrate how to set up XWiki on Ubuntu 20.04 throughout this guide.

      • Trend OceansHow to Allow, Block, and Reject USB Drives to Protect Your System from Malicious USB – TREND OCEANS

        It’s necessary to take extra measures to prevent any kind of mishap. For that reason, we usually close the ports and services. In addition, we also implement firewall rules to block connections.

        SELinux or AppArmor have been enforced, but sometimes it is also necessary to block the USB port, which can also be used as a means to inject something malicious into the system.

        For instance, you are in charge of a computer lab, and you are solely responsible for managing the laboratory. There may be thousands of users may be accessing the system for educational and research purposes.

      • TecAdminHow to Check Tomcat Version on Linux – TecAdmin

        Tomcat installation provides an shell script version.sh for the Linux-based systems and version.bat for Windows systems. This script provides detailed information about the Tomcat version and other details. This quick blog post will help you to find the Tomcat version installed on your system.

      • HowTo ForgeCreate a Image Hosting Website with Chevereto-Free on Ubuntu 22.04

        Chevereto is a free and open-source image hosting and sharing software that allows you to host your own image hosting server on the web. It is a self-hosted, multipurpose, multi-user, and full-featured image hosting solution that allows you to create responsive image hosting websites. It offers many features, including multiple languages, bulk image importation, social media integration, multiple servers and more.

        In this post, we will show you how to install the Chevereto image hosting solution on Ubuntu 22.04.

      • VituxHow to use chroot on Debian 11 – VITUX

        At times, when we want to experiment with something new, we always prefer to run it on a virtual machine or in a sandbox environment so that it cannot cause any damage to our original machine or its important files. The chroot command allows us to run commands and programs in a safe environment by creating an alternate root directory for them. Therefore, we will be talking about the method of using this command on Debian 11.

      • HowTo ForgeLinux pstree Command Tutorial for Beginners (8 Examples)

        Since every process (except the very first one) in a Linux system has a parent, it sometimes makes things easier to understand if all processes are displayed in a tree structure. You’ll be glad to know there exists a command line utility – dubbed pstree – that displays a tree of processes.

        In this tutorial, we will discuss the basics of the pstree command using some easy-to-understand examples. But before we do that, it’s worth mentioning that all examples here have been tested on an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS machine.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • 9to5LinuxKDE Gear 22.08 Gets First Point Release to Further Improve Your Favorite KDE Apps

          KDE Gear 22.08.1 is here just three weeks after KDE Gear 22.08, which introduced numerous new features and enhancements, to fix various issues and also improve a few of the existing functionality of various KDE apps.

          For example, it updates the Dolphin file manager so that it won’t prompt you with the “User canceled action” dialog when canceling an operation before confirming the action or completing it.

        • KDE Gear 22.08.1 – KDE Community

          Over 120 individual programs plus dozens of programmer libraries and feature plugins are released simultaneously as part of KDE Gear.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • OMG UbuntuGTK MPD Client ‘Ymuse’ Adds Album Art & Seek Support

          Last month the client received a notable update in the shape of Ymuse 0.21. This adds support for embedded album artwork, a new seek function, and an official Flatpak build available from Flathub.

          While older versions of the player could display album art saved as an image file named ‘cover’ in the album directory it couldn’t load album artwork embedded in an audio file itself, which is what’s new here. Additionally, the developer has added a new album art image size setting, ideal for fine-tuning a layout that works for you.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • SUSE/OpenSUSE

      • Tumbleweed Ends Continuous Streak, Keeps Rolling

        Snapshot 20220829 broke the streak, but this week continued to fast forward with several snapshots and package updates.

        Before highlighting those snapshots,GNOME 43 might need some love before making it into a Tumbleweed snapshot. Please read the tweet below and chat with the team on https://matrix.to/#/#gnome:opensuse.org if you are interested.

        The @gnome 43 release candidate is packaged up in @openSUSE’s GNOME:Next, which is our unstable branch. The extensions haven’t been tested. Looking for people to test.

    • Red Hat / IBM

    • Debian Family

      • Thorsten Alteholz: My Debian Activities in August 2022

        This month I accepted 375 and rejected 25 packages. The overall number of packages that got accepted was 386.

        I also had a closer look at the RM-bugs. All in all I addressed about 90 of them and either simply removed the package or added a moreinfo tag. In total I spent 13 hours for this task.

        Anyway, if you want to have your RM-bug processed in a timely manner, please have a look at the removal page and check whether the created dak command is really what you wanted. It would also help if you check the reverse dependencies and write a comment whether they are important or can be ignored or also file a new bug for them. Each removal must have one bug!

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • DebugPointLinux Mint 21 Review: Still Fresh and Easiest Distro to Try

        Linux Mint 21 arrived on July 31, 2022, with two years of updates after its predecessor Linux Mint 20 Ulyana. Two years is a long time in software. A lot has happened since then. Although Linux Mint 21 Vanessa is based on Ubuntu 22.04 at its core, it’s still different.

        Mint devs diverged away from the certain decisions of Ubuntu for the benefit of its users. In that sense, Linux Mint still “just works” for everyone, for almost all hardware, to this very day.

        In this review article, I will discuss how Linux Mint 21 performed in two bare metal test setups (details below), a benchmark against Ubuntu 22.04 LTS GNOME and some user feedback.

      • UbuntuCharmed Kubeflow 1.6 is now available from Canonical | Ubuntu [Ed: New release, but outsourced to Microsoft]

        Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announces today the release of Charmed Kubeflow 1.6, an end-to-end MLOps platform with optimised complex model training capabilities. Charmed Kubeflow is Canonical’s enterprise-ready distribution of Kubeflow, an open-source machine learning toolkit designed for use with Kubernetes.

        Charmed Kubeflow 1.6 follows the same release cadence as the Kubeflow upstream project. This latest version follows the Kubeflow roadmap and comes with performance enhancements and more advanced model training capabilities.

      • Silicon AngleCanonical adds new data processing and model tracking features to Charmed Kubeflow MLOps platform – SiliconANGLE

        Canonical adds new data processing and model tracking features to Charmed Kubeflow MLOps platform

    • Devices/Embedded

      • CNX SoftwareRadxa CM5 – A Rockchip RK3588S module (somewhat) compatible with Raspberry Pi CM4 – CNX Software

        Radxa has been working on the ROCK 5 Compute Module (aka Radxa CM5) system-on-module compatible with Raspberry Pi CM4, but based on the more powerful Rockchip RK3588S octa-core Cortex-A76/A55 SoC.

        Just like the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, it comes in a 55 x 40mm form factor, but instead of just two high-density 100-pin board-to-board connectors, the module includes three to cater for the additional I/Os from the Rockchip processor, just like they did for the Radxa CM3 equipped with a Rockchip RK3566 processor.

      • CNX SoftwareFanless rugged controller offers 2.5GbE networking, 5G cellular, 9-36V wide power input – CNX Software

        ARBOR ARES-1980 is a fanless rugged industrial controller powered by an Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake Core processor with 9-36V wide power input, 2.5GbE, optional 4G/5G cellular and/or WiFi connectivity, and designed for factory automation.

        The embedded computer also comes with two PoE-capable Gigabit Ethernet ports, support for NVMe and SATA storage, eight digital outputs, eight digital inputs, several serial ports compatible with RS232, RS422, and/or RS485, and more.

      • EIN PresswireMontaVista Software Launches MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) 4.0 – EIN Presswire

        MontaVista launches CGX 4.0, based on the Yocto Project 4.0 LTS release and 5.10 LTS kernel, providing commercially supported Linux for all embedded programs.

      • Android container for Linux devices

        RT-RK, a leading embedded software development house with the background in digital TV, Android TV, and infotainment systems, announced today its novel concept of virtualization enabling Android applications to run on Linux.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • Linuxiac10 Best Self-Hosted Apps for Your Raspberry Pi

        This article provides you with the best and most popular applications by categories that you can self-host on your Raspberry Pi device.

        Instead of renting services from a cloud provider, for example, self-hosting involves installing, running, and maintaining the hardware locally and administering the software application. The main advantage is that the user has complete control over their data.

        Nowadays, self-hosting web-facing services and applications is a popular hobby among open-source software enthusiasts. Raspberry Pi is one of the best platforms to accomplish this. But, before we go any further, let us address an important question.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Web Browsers

      • Mozilla

        • MozillaHacks.Mozilla.Org: The 100% Markdown Expedition [Ed: So far in Mozilla we've been seeing the 100% Microsoft GitHub (proprietary!) expedition. Mozilla outsourcing its documentation to Microsoft is worse than tragedy; it's a betrayal]

          In June 2021, we decided to start converting the source code for MDN web docs from HTML into a format that would be easier for us to work with. The goal was to get 100% of our manually-written documentation converted to Markdown, and we really had a mountain of source code to climb for this particular expedition.

          In this post, we’ll describe why we decided to migrate to Markdown, and the steps you can take that will help us on our mission.

    • SaaS/Back End/Databases

      • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL: PostgreSQL 15 Beta 4 Released!

        The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces that the fourth beta release of PostgreSQL 15 is now available for download. This release contains previews of all features that will be available when PostgreSQL 15 is made generally available, though some details of the release can change during the beta period.

        You can find information about all of the PostgreSQL 15 features and changes in the release notes:


        In the spirit of the open source PostgreSQL community, we strongly encourage you to test the new features of PostgreSQL 15 on your systems to help us eliminate bugs or other issues that may exist. While we do not advise you to run PostgreSQL 15 Beta 4 in production environments, we encourage you to find ways to run your typical application workloads against this beta release.

    • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

      • Document FoundationLibreOffice 7.3.6 Community has been released – The Document Foundation Blog

        LibreOffice 7.3.6 Community, the sixth minor release of the LibreOffice 7.3 family for Windows, macOS (for Apple and Intel silicon) and Linux, targeted at personal productivity users, is available for download from https://www.libreoffice.org/download/. The LibreOffice 7.3 family offers the highest level of compatibility in the office suite market segment, starting with native support for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) – beating proprietary formats in the areas of security and robustness – to superior support for DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files.

    • Programming/Development

      • KDABChoosing a CPU – KDAB

        When building an embedded systems product, among your earliest decisions is the choice of hardware. More specifically, on what CPU should you base your design? Today’s system-on-chip processors have a huge array of resources to contribute to your solution: multiple cores and on-board DSPs, graphics engines and display controllers, peripheral support and connectivity interfaces, and more. Because a new hardware platform entails a costly investment in hardware engineering, electrical design, and software development – as well as being the basis for future product spin-offs – it makes sense to consider your hardware selection wisely.

      • Qt 5.15.6 Opensource released
        Hi all,
        we have released Qt 5.15.6 opensource today:
          *   release note: https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtreleasenotes.git/about/qt/5.15.6/release-note.md
          *   source packages in download.qt.io:
             *   https://download.qt.io/official_releases/qt/5.15/5.15.6/
             *   https://download.qt.io/official_releases/QtForPython/pyside2/PySide2-5.15.6-src/
          *   Git: clone the release with the tag v5.15.6-lts-lgpl
        Best regards
        Tarja Sundqvist
        Release manager
      • Python

        • LWNPython multi-level break and continue [LWN.net]

          A fairly lengthy discussion of whether there should be a way to break out of (or continue) more than one level of nested loops in Python recently took place in the Ideas category of the language’s discussion forum. The idea is attractive, at least in an abstract sense—some other languages support jumping out of multiple loops at once—but it seems unlikely to go anywhere for Python. The barrier to new features is fairly high, for sure, but there is also a need for proponents to provide real-world examples that demonstrate their advantages. That, too, is a difficult bar to clear, as was seen in the discussion.

  • Leftovers

    • Pseudo-Open Source

    • Security

      • Dark ReadingNext-Gen Linux Malware Takes Over Devices With Unique Tool Set [Ed: It’s not Linux that welcomes that malware; the malware gets there by other means and once installed it can do anything it wants. Not an OS issue. You can drive your car off a cliff. That doesn’t mean the car is not safe. FOSSlife Team FOSSLifepromotes this shallow puff.]
      • Cyber Security Headlines: CISA incident reporting, Linux-focused IoT malware, Albania cuts ties over cyberattack [Ed: The issue isn't Linux itself; they're misplacing the blame, just like Microsoft wants them to (Microsoft does this too)]
      • LWNSecurity updates for Thursday [LWN.net]

        Security updates have been issued by Debian (libgoogle-gson-java), Fedora (autotrace, insight, and open-vm-tools), Oracle (open-vm-tools), Red Hat (open-vm-tools, openvswitch2.13, openvswitch2.15, openvswitch2.16, openvswitch2.17, ovirt-host, and rh-nodejs14-nodejs and rh-nodejs14-nodejs-nodemon), Scientific Linux (open-vm-tools), Slackware (python3), SUSE (clamav, gdk-pixbuf, gpg2, icu, ImageMagick, java-1_8_0-ibm, libyajl, mariadb, udisks2, webkit2gtk3, and yast2-samba-provision), and Ubuntu (dnsmasq).

      • Internet Freedom Foundation#PrivacyOfThePeople: The flight is about to take off…. with your luggage and data!

        On August 08, 2022, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (“CBITC”) under the Ministry of Finance recently notified the Passenger Name Record Information Regulations, 2022 (“Regulations”) under the Customs Act, 1962. As per the Regulations, all registered airlines will have to mandatorily provide details of all international passengers, flying to or from India, to the Customs department. The details to be shared include a total of 19 passenger data points listed under ‘Annexure-II’ of the Regulations, several of which fall under the category of personal data as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Such over-broad sharing of personal data and non-personal data, i.e., at scale, raises several privacy concerns, especially given the recent withdrawal of the draft Data Protection Bill (“DPB”), 2021.

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • AccessNowWhy data minimisation matters for safe data transfers and more – Access Now

          Data flows with trust are critical, not only for a free and open internet, but also for realising human rights online. But none of these benefits can be achieved without robust and comprehensive data protection, data security, privacy safeguards, and human rights frameworks that protect people’s information. In the last decade, governments around the world have made progress in protecting personal data – yet remaining gaps are preventing people from being able to fully exercise their data protection and privacy rights.

          When it comes to protecting personal data, the largest outstanding gap relates to data harvesting. This currently underpins the digital economic model, despite the misgivings of many civil society representatives, academics, and regulators about its economical and social benefits or even its legality. Most tech companies and many governments take a “collect it all” approach, which is directly at odds with basic data protection principles such as data minimisation and purpose limitation. To be sustainable, the digital economy requires that public and private organisations alike move from data harvesting to data detoxing; prioritising quality over quantity.

        • Biometric UpdateSkeptics of World Bank’s ID4D want more transparency and harm reduction for digital IDs

          Dozens of civil society organizations and individual human rights advocates say digital ID programs “regularly” erode human rights. Signatories to an open letter are urging global organizations including the World Bank to stop activities that promote unsafe digital ID models.

          They say there is “mounting evidence” that harms are not the exception to the rule. “Many” digital ID systems are “arbitrarily de-linked from legal status,” according to the letter.

        • Facebook Engineers Don’t Know Where They Keep Your Data

          Facebook’s stonewalling has been revealing on its own, providing variations on the same theme: It has amassed so much data on so many billions of people and organized it so confusingly that full transparency is impossible on a technical level. In the March 2022 hearing, Zarashaw and Steven Elia, a software engineering manager, described Facebook as a data-processing apparatus so complex that it defies understanding from within. The hearing amounted to two high-ranking engineers at one of the most powerful and resource-flush engineering outfits in history describing their product as an unknowable machine.

          The special master at times seemed in disbelief, as when he questioned the engineers over whether any documentation existed for a particular Facebook subsystem. “Someone must have a diagram that says this is where this data is stored,” he said, according to the transcript. Zarashaw responded: “We have a somewhat strange engineering culture compared to most where we don’t generate a lot of artifacts during the engineering process. Effectively the code is its own design document often.” He quickly added, “For what it’s worth, this is terrifying to me when I first joined as well.”

    • Censorship/Free Speech

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • Daniel Stenberghttp://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http://

        As it took off, got an amazing attention and I received many different comments and replies, I felt a need to elaborate a little. To add some meat to this.

        Is this string really a legitimate URL? What is a URL? How is it parsed?


    • Monopolies

  • Gemini* and Gopher

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

Links 08/09/2022: Akka Becomes Proprietary

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Matt RickardTwo Approaches to Prompt Engineering

        Two approaches to generating well-crafted prompts that output great images with large language models.

      • Jim NielsenGenerating an EPUB File in the Browser

        I originally planned on having the “Export to EPUB” functionality be a serverless function (hosted on Netlify) because I assumed generating an EPUB from HTML would be work that I could only do on the server. I tried using epub-gen, which is built to work with Node, but quickly found a problem: generating an ebook sometimes took longer than 10 seconds, which (at the time) was the limit for executing a lambda function.

      • James BrownSSH MITM at Best Western

        I’m currently staying in a Best Western hotel in Eureka, CA, avoiding the Bay Area heat wave, and I noticed something remarkable: the hotel’s free WiFi network performs automatic man-in-the-middle interception of all SSH traffic. I’ve literally never seen this before on public WiFi… Check it out: [...]

      • Chen HuiJingSo your designer wants stuff to overlap

        Throughout these 9 years, I have encountered quite a good number of designs that involve overlapping elements.

        Keep in mind that everything on the web is boxes, quadrilateral boxes (i.e. having 4 straight sides), to be precise. Boxes stacked atop boxes next to boxes nested within boxes.

      • Matt RickardPerformance Comes Last

        Of course, for low-level libraries, performance often is the product. But, even then, protocols don’t always win because of performance (working code is often better than a draft by a standards committee).

      • ButtondownNew Post: Safety and Liveness Properties

        One I had to implement recently was an open-ended interval. A start integer could be defined, or an end integer, or both. If only a start was defined, then the interval contains all numbers ≥ the starting point, and similarly with the end point. So the invariants were: [...]

      • Linux BuzzHow To Use Variables in Bash Script (Simple Guide)

        In this guide, we will cover how to use variables in bash script.

      • H2S MediaHow to install Yarn on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Linux

        Yarn is an open-source package manager and an alternative to the NPM package manager for the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment. It was developed by Facebook in collaboration with Google, Tilde, and Expo Dev. As compared to NPM, Yarn can install packages from the local cache to speed up the process, binds versions strongly, uses a checksum to ensure data integrity, and can install packages in parallel. Well, Yarn is an NPM-compatible package manager, hence we can manage npm packages using it as well.

        The yarn was developed to solve consistency, security, and performance problems with large codebases.

      • Red Hat OfficialAutomate network testing with this open source Linux tool | Enable Sysadmin

        TCP/IP networking is a complex topic, and it gets really tricky when you are trying to nail down issues with performance or troubleshoot a problem. It helps to have tools that can probe your system and confirm your suspicions or—better yet—that there are no problems.

    • Games

      • HackadayHow To Be A Stinkin’ Chess Cheat — Sockfish

        [James Stanley] enjoys chess, isn’t terribly good at it, and has some dubious scruples. At least, that’s the setup for building Sockfish, a shoe-to-Pi interface to let you cheat at chess. We’re pretty sure only the first point is true, but the build is impressive all the same. It’s a pair of 3D printed shoe inserts, with two pressure-sensitive inputs on each insert, coupled with a vibration motor in each. Tap out your opponent’s moves during the game, and the Stockfish software will buzz instructions back to you. Just follow the instructions, and you too can be a chess master.

      • uni MichiganLibrarian combines loves of comics, games

        The path has led Carter to his current position as video game archivist for the Computer and Video Game Archive and comics librarian — something that combines two childhood loves into a fulfilling career.

      • Game Emulation via Neural Network

        I made a playable Pokémon overworld. It looks (mostly) like a normal video game, and you can try it in your web browser here: A screenshot of the playable demo, showing controls overlaid on a rendered game overworld.

        Although this looks like a video game, I did not write any game code. This program is actually a neural network mimicking a video game.

      • Boiling SteamSteam Deck: Huge Presence at the Tokyo Games Show 2022 – Boiling Steam

        The Tokyo Games Show 2022 is just around the corner, as it is planned to open its doors on the 15th of September 2022 for 4 days. We had already known that Valve and its partner KOMODO were going to be there, but what remained to be see was in what capacity.

      • The VergeSony says Microsoft’s Call of Duty offer was ‘inadequate on many levels’ – The Verge

        Sony has labeled Microsoft’s offer to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation “inadequate on many levels.” Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer revealed to The Verge last week that the company is committed to keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation for “several more years” beyond the existing marketing deal Sony has with Activision. Sony isn’t impressed, though, just as Microsoft is in the middle of trying to get its $68.7 billion Activision Blizzard deal approved by regulators.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

      • 9to5LinuxLibreOffice 7.3.6 Is Now Available for Download, 50 Bugs Fixed

        Arriving one and a half months after LibreOffice 7.3.5, the LibreOffice 7.3.6 point release is here to address more bugs and further improve compatibility with proprietary document formats of the MS Office suite, such as DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files.

        The next and last point release of the LibreOffice 7.3 office suite series will be LibreOffice 7.3.7, which is currently scheduled for early November 2022. After that, users will be recommended to upgrade their installations to the LibreOffice 7.4 office suite series.

  • Leftovers

    • Björn WärmedalRubik’s Cube to the Rescue

      It took me two hours to solve it the first time, following a thorough tutorial on youtube. Every time I missed a step or messed something up I started from the beginning. Subsequently I was already very good at the first two steps after solving it just that one time.

      After solving it once and learning the notation I searched for a written instruction. Pretty much anyone will do of course. The steps are the same, even though I’m sure there are several ways to solve each step.

    • Bert HubertImproved Galileo Time to First Fix

      Earlier I wrote a little bit about the High Accuracy Service (HAS), whereby the Galileo satellites themselves provide properly equipped receivers (not your phone) with near-realtime updates that can be used to achieve very good accuracy. I also wrote a series on OSNMA, the rather special Galileo message authentication protocol.

      Recently three further new features have appeared that can be received by the hardware already found in the billions of phones that support Galileo. The goal is to get you to a ‘fix’ of time and place faster and more robustly. To do so, Galileo satellites now deploy some rather clever maths and tricks.

    • Chris HannahMicro Posts

      After some tweaking (which I will go into more technical detail in a later post), I’ve managed to add support for micro posts here on this blog.

      Essentially, they’re posts without a title. But they’re usually the length of a tweet. So think more of a status update, or a small link, than a blog post.

    • Counter PunchOcean City, Cities in the Ocean

      Those were glorious days of youth.  Luxuriating for hours in the waves during the day. Going out on the boardwalk at night with friends. My parents would coordinate our vacations so several families would be down there at once.  Playing spies on a secret mission, a big thing in the James Bond-Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1960s.  Grabbing free fudge from the tray outside Copper Kettle Fudge until driven away by store managers.

    • The NationA Champion’s Evolution
    • HackadayImprove CD Sound By Shaving?

      We always enjoy the odd things that people do to try to get better audio reproduction. Exotic cables, special amplifiers, and higher resolution digitization come to mind.  Most of this is dubious, at best, but [Techmoan] brings up something we must have missed back in the day: shaving CDs with a gadget that was marketed as the “CD Sound Improver.” The theory is that bad CD reproduction comes from light scatter of the laser. The solution, according to the maker of this vintage equipment, is to cut a 36-degree bevel to act as a light trap. You can see the gadget in the video below.

    • Education

      • [Old] Crypto Museum

        The main goal of Crypto Museum is to preserve history. This is done by collecting, restoring and describing historical cipher machines – such as the well-known Enigma machine – spy radio sets, intercept receivers and and other spy-related stuff. For a detailed explanation of why we do this, please read our mission statement. Many of the items described on this website are part of the Crypto Museum collection, but some have only crossed our path briefly, or are impossible to obtain. Whenever possible, we have tried to describe the equipment to the best of our abilities.

      • [Old] The Ultimate Glossary of Newsroom Terms

        We all know what news is, and most know how it affects our lives — but how many of us know the inner workings of a newsroom?

        Well, before we can begin to understand those inner workings, it helps to know the industry-lingo. Chances are, these are words you’ve heard before, but have never officially defined. Some examples are easy to guess from context clues, but it’s much more beneficial to have a concrete definition, rather than an “almost correct” interpretation.

        Whether you’re a curious citizen, an aspiring journalist, or you just accidentally ended up on our post, we built this glossary of journalism terms to bring you up-to-speed with the people inside the newsroom. We even asked current reporters and editors to help, so you may see some of their wisdom sprinkled throughout.

      • [Old] Great Works in Computer Science
    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Limiting Toxic Technology

        In regard to social media use, the only winning move is to not play!

        There are advantages to using services like Twitter or Facebook, but overall social media is a toxic environment. I still want to follow some people, or find out about cool technologies, but drastic changes in my usage patterns are needed.

      • Army schoolhouses dive into new social media trainings

        All these factors have inspired innovators across the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command to take a hard look at how the service teaches soldiers to navigate the social media space, both personally and operationally.

      • Common DreamsUSDA Report Shows How Covid Relief Helped Slash Food Insecurity in 2021

        The agency’s annual report on food security showed that about 1 in 10 homes—or 13.5 million households—did not have enough food in 2021. Overall food insecurity remained the same from 2020 to 2021, and grew worse for women and older Americans living alone, but among families with children, there was a sharp drop in 2021.

      • TruthOutCOVID Boosters Are Critical, But Using Only Animal Data Is a Needless Gamble
      • Common DreamsOver Half a Million Back Call to ‘End the Threat of Pebble Mine for Good’ to Save Bristol Bay

        “We’ve done our part; it’s now up to the EPA to finally finish the job and defend Bristol Bay from the threat of Pebble Mine.”

      • TechdirtDEA Continues To Be The QAnon Of Drug Enforcement, Pretends Colorful Fentanyl Is Dealers Trying To Kill Children

        Some DEA agent field-tested sidewalk chalk and managed to arrive at this conclusion…

      • TechdirtLaw Firm, Families Send Texas School Districts C&D Over ‘God’ Posters

        This keeps getting better and better. We have been discussing a Texas law requiring that a school district display any posters that are donated by outside parties, so long as they follow a couple of defined rules. Those rules are that the posters can display no words beyond “In God We Trust”, that it must include an image of the American flag directly below the text, and that the Texas state flag must be displayed on the poster as well. These simplistic instructions were designed to keep anyone that wasn’t a religious conservative from screwing with school districts via creative means. That goal was not achieved, however, as some people began immediately screwing with them by donating posters following all those rules… but putting the required text in Arabic and/or including rainbow coloring in the letters.

      • The NationTomorrow’s Orthodoxy

        The idea of an “avant-garde” tends to inspire complex emotions, oscillating between excitement at its glamour and scorn at its pretensions. The term carries an association of being daring, experimental, unconventional; the main body of practice or opinion that it is in “advance” of is usually figured as a monolith of dull orthodoxy. But the label also easily attracts a lightly ironical coating, in which those so designated are held to be exhibiting an excess of self-consciousness or even self-congratulation, pluming themselves on innovations that others suspect are merely willful or modish. An avant-garde likes to present itself as insurgent and radical, yet the logic of the metaphor suggests that a new group will soon be coming along to replace it. Today’s avant-garde is always liable to congeal into tomorrow’s orthodoxy.

    • Proprietary

      • EFFVICTORY: Slack Offers Retention Settings to Free Workspaces

        Since 2018, we have urged Slack to recognize its higher-risk users and take more steps to protect them. While Slack is intended for use in white-collar office environments, its free version has proven useful for abortion rights activists, get-out-the-vote phone banking organizers, unions, and other political organizing and activism activities.

      • Akka is moving away from Open Source

        According to today’s announcement, Lightbend is changing Akka’s licensing to “Business Source License (BSL)”. This is not an Open Source, or a Free Software license. This is a proprietary license.

      • Jeff GeerlingHow to download an MP4 from YouTube, every time

        I use yt-dlp to download videos off YouTube quite frequently. I’ll use the videos as reference, and I often use it to grab the VOD for one of my livestreams, since there’s no simpler way (I’m not going to dig through the bowel’s of YouTube’s UI to try to download one of my own videos…).

    • Security

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • New York TimesTikTok Browser Can Track Users’ Keystrokes, According to New Research

          The research from Felix Krause, a privacy researcher and former Google engineer, did not show how TikTok used the capability, which is embedded within the in-app browser that pops up when someone clicks an outside link. But Mr. Krause said the development was concerning because it showed TikTok had built in functionality to track users’ online habits if it chose to do so.

          Collecting information on what people type on their phones while visiting outside websites, which can reveal credit card numbers and passwords, is often a feature of malware and other hacking tools. While major technology companies might use such trackers as they test new software, it is not common for them to release a major commercial app with the feature, whether or not it is enabled, researchers said.

        • Computer WorldIs Apple preparing its big idea for digital health?

          As this year’s iPhone and Apple Watch launch approaches, it is always good sport to read through the pre-event hype. But one topic that doesn’t appear much discussed is how Apple may be setting the scene for platform proliferation for its smartwatch.

        • BBCOur brain changes hugely during adolescence. New research shows how we can use this transformation to help teens achieve their potential.

          It is only within the past two decades or so that scientists have been able to chart the neural changes across this core period of development, and decode the mysteries of the teenage brain.

          These exciting new insights not only help explain why teens feel and act the way they do. They also show that some of the traits that adults tend to find difficult or baffling in teenagers can be turned into a strength, and used to acquire skills and insights at a time when the brain is still malleable.

        • EFFFTC Sues Location Data Broker

          Kochava’s data can easily be linked to identifiable people.

        • EFFEFF to Ninth Circuit: Social Media Content Moderation is Not “State Action”

          To ensure that the state action doctrine does not nullify social media platforms’ First Amendment rights, we recently filed two amicus briefs in the Ninth Circuit in Huber v. Biden and O’Handley v. Weber. Both briefs argued that these conditions were not met, and the courts should not hold the platforms liable under a state action theory.  

    • Defence/Aggression

      • The EconomistHow to prevent a crisis at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, according to a Fukushima veteran

        The possible threats range from minor to catastrophic. Given the robust nature of the ZNPP design, which is similar to that of Western reactors—and different from the RBMK-type reactors at Chernobyl—there is little chance of a significant accident. The newer Soviet-designed VVER reactors shut down if cooling water is lost, unlike the RBMK, which accelerates fission reaction. For the VVER reactors, there is no graphite to burn. They have a robust containment (unlike the RBMK, the VVER has five feet of heavily reinforced concrete), and the spent nuclear fuel pools are located inside the containment. At Fukushima, there were also explosions; however, they were not like the Chernobyl explosions. They were caused by a byproduct of the accident (hydrogen) and did not occur in the reactor; Chernobyl was a reactor explosion.

      • BBCHow is a thief taking thousands from London gym-goers?

        The similarities in each of the cases appear striking – female victims who have put their belongings in a locker in a popular chain of gyms, only to return and discover their phones and cards have been taken. A number of high-value purchases have been made, at the same shops. The thief also treats themselves to a fast-food meal.

      • GannettExtremist ‘Boogaloo Bois’ back on Facebook since Mar-a-Lago raid, as anger toward feds mounts

        Accounts, pages and groups connected to the violent extremist movement the “Boogaloo Bois” are resurfacing on Facebook, despite the platform vowing to remove references to the movement more than two years ago.

      • Associated PressElected officials, police chiefs on leaked Oath Keepers list

        The Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism pored over more than 38,000 names on leaked Oath Keepers membership lists and identified more than 370 people it believes currently work in law enforcement agencies — including as police chiefs and sheriffs — and more than 100 people who are currently members of the military.

        It also identified more than 80 people who were running for or served in public office as of early August. The membership information was compiled into a database published by the transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets.

      • TruthOutReport: Oath Keepers Include Hundreds of Lawmakers, Police Officers & Military
      • New Indian ExpressLocals demolish madrasa in Assam’s Goalpara alleging ‘jihadi activities’ in its premises

        The madrasa located in Pakhiura Char under Matia police station and the residence adjacent to it was allegedly used for jihadi activities by two Bangladeshi nationals, who are currently absconding, the police said.

        The use of the madrasa premises for anti-national activity came to light following the arrest of one Jalaluddin Sheikh, a cleric of the madrasa.

      • EuractiveErdoğan threatens Greek islands with invasion ‘at night

        Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on Greece to stop “militarising” Greek islands neighbouring Turkey and warned that Turkish military forces could come “at night”.

      • FirstpostAnti-Hindu rampage in UK: Muslim gangs terrorising Hindus, vandalising property after India’s T20 win over Pakistan

        Leicestershire Police said it was treating chants made by the men and related violence as ‘hate crimes’. Police have put in place special stop and search and dispersal measure in neighbourhoods of Belgrave, Rushey Mead and Spinney Hills, among others.

        Also, dispersal powers under Sections 34 and 35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 have been authorised by Chief Superintendent Adam Slonecki which allow officers to return anyone under the age of 16 to their home address.

      • IndiaFollowing Violence in Wake of India-Pak Cricket Match, Police Impose Special Measures in UK’s Leicester

        Leicestershire Police said it was treating chants made by the men and related violence as ‘hate crimes’. Police have put in place special stop and search and dispersal measure in neighbourhoods of Belgrave, Rushey Mead and Spinney Hills, among others.

      • ITVViolent unrest in Leicester forces local authorities and community leaders into emergency meeting

        Tensions have been building between Hindus and Muslims since the Pakistan versus India cricket match on Sunday last week. It resulted in a further disorder this week which police are currently investigating.

      • Reach PLCPolice impose special measures in Leicester following violence in wake of cricket match

        Dispersal powers under Sections 34 and 35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 have been authorised by Chief Superintendent Adam Slonecki and they allow officers to return anyone under the age of 16 to their home address. Notices can be issued for a period of up to 48 hours and anyone found breaching a notice is liable to be arrested and face further action.

        Powers have also been granted by a senior officer under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, which allow officers to stop and search anyone in a specific area without needing to have reasonable grounds. The orders have been in place since 8pm today (Tuesday, September 6) and will remain effective until 6am tomorrow (Wednesday, September 7).

        The temporary measures were introduced in response to the continuing tensions following a cricket match between India and Pakistan last weekend. A number of men were filmed making offensive statements about Pakistan amid scenes of violence in the Belgrave area of the city on Sunday, August 28.

      • BBCLeicester disorder: Dozens stopped and searched as police granted extra powers

        “Despite requests into the community this small minority persisted which resulted in my team using their powers.”

      • The HillViolent extremist movement ‘boogaloo bois’ reemerges on Facebook: report

        The boogaloo movement appears to “see this moment as a growth opportunity for their movement” and hopes to “capitalize on the wave of far-right anger at the FBI,” the report said.

      • ScheerpostThe US Keeps Betting on Cuba Surrendering Out of Hunger and Desperation
      • ScheerpostBiden, Like Trump, Breaks International Law, Violating UN Neutrality By Blocking Countries
      • MeduzaErdogan calls weapons supplied to Ukraine ‘scrap metal’ — Meduza

        Turkish president Recep Erdogan and Serbian president Alexander Buchich condemned Western policy toward Russia at a press conference in Belgrade. Erdogan called the West’s actions “provocation on all sides” and arms sent to Ukraine “trash,” according to Turkish news agency Anadolu.

      • MeduzaThe post-Kadyrov mirage North Caucasus analyst Harold Chambers connects rumors about Chechnya’s dictator getting a new job to a years-long conflict between Grozny and Russia’s security elites — Meduza
      • MeduzaKherson occupation authorities planning for annexation referendum on November 4 — Meduza

        The Russian-backed occupation authorities in Ukraine’s Kherson region reported Wednesday that they will prepare to hold referendums on the territory’s incorporation into Russia on November 4, when Russia celebrates Unity Day.

      • MeduzaNovosibirsk students offered debt forgiveness for military service — Meduza

        Students at the Novosibirsk State Technical University have reportedly been offered tuition debt forgiveness in exchange for joining the Russian military as researchers. The local news outlet Taiga.Info, which has obtained a copy of the message, wrote that students in years 2–4 were also told that one of the school administrators would be willing to “provide additional support by talking to professors who cause problems for students [who agree to the deal].”

      • MeduzaRussian government removes all mention of the war in Ukraine from ‘patriotic’ curriculum — Meduza

        Russia’s Education Ministry has removed all references to Ukraine and the “special military operation” from the curriculum for its “patriotic” lesson series, Conversations About What’s Important, after a slew of complaints from parents and teachers. The original lesson plans and supplementary materials were removed from the ministry’s website on September 5, and an updated version was uploaded on September 7.

      • Common Dreams‘Playing With Fire’: IAEA Issues Urgent Warning After Visit to Ukraine Nuclear Plant

        “The hits that this facility has received and that I could personally see and assess together with my experts is simply unacceptable,” said IAEA Director-General Rafael Mariano Grossi. “We are playing with fire.”

      • Pro PublicaElkhart Police Officer Pleads Guilty After Beating Handcuffed Man

        The plea agreement calls for Cory Newland to be sentenced to 15 months in prison for his role in the incident, in which he and fellow officer Joshua Titus were seen on a security camera video beating Mario Guerrero Ledesma while the man was handcuffed to a chair in a detention area at the city police station.

      • Counter PunchSino-American Relations: Breaking The Gordian Knot

        There are regular items in the New York Times regarding U.S. concerns over the cooperative arrangements between China and the Solomon Islands, which has suspended visits by U.S. and other foreign military vessels.  In recent months, the United States has sent military and diplomatic officials—including Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman—to the Solomon Islands to ensure that the U.S. Navy could continue to project power in the Asian-Pacific region.  This is a classic example of “thinking in the past” in view of the intense battles fought in Guadalcanal, the country’s main island, exactly 80 years ago.  U.S. preoccupation with the Solomons in 2022 seems bizarre.

      • Counter PunchNuclear Reactors and Weapons Electrify a Warzone

        Shrouding the risks of reactor meltdowns in a cloud of grim apprehension are the thinly veiled threats of attacks using nuclear weapons. Major news services repeatedly showcase nuclear weapons threats hinted at by Russian authorities, while NATO’s and the United States’ long-standing threat of nuclear first-use — and its stationing of U.S. nuclear bombs in five European NATO states — doesn’t warrant mentioning. The risk of nuclear weapons attacks is said to be as high as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but this is due as much to NATO’s threatening “Strategic Concept” declaration of June 29 as to anything President Vladimir Putin of Russia has said.

      • Counter PunchThe Harlot’s Score: Blood Money and the LIV Golf Tournament

        The claws of management also go deeper than logo approvals.  Tight rein is maintained over player interviews relating to an “event or league activity”.  Participation in the tournament also comes with the proselytising proviso: recruited golfers will, in turn, recruit other golfers for the tournament.  Players must agree to “where requested, assist the League Operator in seeking to persuade players to enter into multiyear player participation agreements with the League Operator.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | What Happened in Afghanistan Isn’t Staying in Afghanistan

        Last August, the U.S. ended its 20-year occupation of Afghanistan with a massive military withdrawal. From the outset, the White House promoted a rosy narrative as President Biden claimed it was the ‘greatest airlift in history, an Englishman, with Boris Johnson’s approval, evacuated 200 Afghan cats and dogs. Meanwhile countless Afghan men and especially women—who had risked their lives to be police and army officers, judges, translators, reporters, peacebuilders, and human rights advocates, were left behind.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Banks Have Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands

        “My cousins last night spent Ukraine’s independence day sleeping in a bomb shelter. Citibank, this is what you are enabling. The blood of innocent Ukrainians, it’s on your hands.”

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Nuclear Alarm Bells at Zaporizhzhia

        The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Mariano Grossi, has referred to the perilous situation around Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant—caught up in a war zone—as “playing with fire.” The IAEA report just released that covers the visit, calls for “a nuclear safety and security protection zone” around the plant and that “shelling on site and in its vicinity should be stopped immediately.”

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • The EconomistThe future of [cryptocurrency] is at stake in Ethereum’s switch

          [Cryptocurrency] is in need of good news, for the past year has been a torrid one. A handful of dodgy deposit-taking ventures have gone bust, wiping out savings; a [cryptocurrency] hedge fund has blown up; a stablecoin was revealed to be anything but stable. The total market capitalisation of [cryptocurrency] has crashed to around $1trn, about $2trn lower than it was this time last year. Ethereum’s improvements would not unpick any of this destruction. But, by reducing its environmental impact and highlighting the potential for future improvements, it would suggest that [cryptocurrency] has a brighter future than many now appreciate.

        • Eesti RahvusringhäälingEstonia buys 10 more electric trains

          Under the terms of a contract signed in 2020, Estonia had the option of purchasing 10 more trains. The money will come from the EU’s modernization fund.

          The first six trains will start arriving in 2024, and the following 10 between 2026-2027, said Indrek Gailan, head of the transport development and investment department of the Ministry of Economy and Communications (MKM).

        • No Sun, No Wind, Now What? Renewable Energy Storage

          I’ve been hesitating to do a video about energy storage because in all honesty it doesn’t sound particularly captivating, unless possibly you are yourself energy waiting to be stored. But I changed my mind when I learned the technical term for a cloudy and windless day. Dunkelflaute. That’s a German compound noun: dunkel means “dark” and “flaute” means “lull”. So basically I made an entire video just to have an excuse to tell you this. But while you’re here we might as well talk about the problem with dunkelflaute…

          The renewable energy source that currently makes the largest contribution to electricity production is hydropower with about 16%. Wind and solar together contribute about 9%. But this is electric energy only. If you include heating and transport in the energy needs, then all renewables together make it to only 11%. That’s right: We still use fossil fuels for more than 80% of our entire energy production.

        • India TimesA year on, El Salvador’s bitcoin experiment is stumbling

          A year after El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal tender, the area where the world’s first cryptocurrency city was meant to be built – a circular metropolis powered by a volcano – is still dense jungle.

          President Nayib Bukele had promised that “Bitcoin City” would be a tax haven for crypto investors and miners equipped with an airport, residential and commercial areas, and a central plaza designed to look like a bitcoin symbol from the sky.

      • Wildlife/Nature

      • Overpopulation

        • CNNWater is in short supply. Markets should pay attention

          Markets are taking note. The S&P Global Water Index, which tracks 50 companies from around the world that are involved in water utilities, infrastructure, equipment and materials, has outperformed the S&P Global Broad Market Index by more than 3 percentage points per year since its beginning in late 2001. So far this year, the Global Water Index return has been nearly 5 percentage points higher than the S&P Global BMI.

    • Finance

      • The ConversationCost of living: four ways to stop banks and companies using complex maths against you

        The cost of living crisis is dominating headlines at the moment. With so much conflicting information flying around, it can be hard to work out what is the best way to look after your household finances.

        Banks, energy providers and shops will often try to blind you with big numbers and confusing mathematical terms – often preying on people’s fear of mathematics. However, even if you count yourself as a numberphobe, there are a few very simple steps you can take to use maths in your favour and save some money.

      • The NationColleges Are in Debt, but Students Pay for It

        In the summer of 2019, construction workers broke ground on a $10 million capital improvement project at Holyoke Community College. By 2024, the 7,000 students enrolled at the two-year college in western Massachusetts will get to enjoy renovated academic buildings that have needed maintenance for years. That seems only fair, considering that those students will be paying 37 percent of that $10 million. This story was produced for StudentNation, a program of the Nation Fund for Independent Journalism, which is dedicated to highlighting the best of student journalism. For more Student Nation, check out our archive or learn more about the program here. StudentNation is made possible through generous funding from The Puffin Foundation. If you’re a student and you have an article idea, please send pitches and questions to [email protected].

      • The Gray ZoneZelensky rings New York Stock Exchange bell as Euro dips below dollar
      • Common DreamsSunrise Movement and CWA Announce ‘Visionary’ Union Agreement

        “Onward to combat the existential crisis of our time, while standing up for workers and good jobs everywhere.”

      • Counter PunchAmerica: The Land of Inequality

        In January 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that in 2020, there were 37.2 million people in poverty, approximately 3.3 million more than in 2019 – that’s an official poverty rate of 11.4 percent, up 1.0 percentage point from 10.5 percent in 2019.  The “poverty threshold” for a four-person family in 2020 was $26,496.

      • Counter PunchCan Employee Ownership Help Save Capitalism from Itself?

        Johnny’s is not some outlier. There are about 6,500 ESOPs with about 14 million employees and $1.4 trillion in assets. About 95% are closely held companies like Johnny’s, and while ESOPs can own any percentage of company stock, most will end up being 100% employee owned. ESOPs are created by companies, which fund them out of pre-tax profits (not employee money), often to buy out a retiring owner (like Johnny). There are significant tax benefits for doing so. Shares are held in a trust and allocated to at least all employees who work full-tie for a year.

      • Common DreamsAOC, Gillibrand Denounce Starbucks for ‘Firing Union Leaders All Over the Country’

        “We are writing to express our dismay around the firings of Austin Locke and Joselyn Chuquillanqui, two Starbucks partners who were also union leaders at their stores,” the New York lawmakers wrote in a letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and the rest of the company’s management.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • Librarians fight censorship as attacks grow around state

        Librarians across Michigan have a lot on their minds as Banned Book Week approaches on Sept. 18.

        This past election cycle, residents in Michigan’s Jamestown Township in Ottawa County, southwest of Grand Rapids, found themselves embroiled in a debate about whether its library should be defunded because it refused to remove LGBTQ books from its shelves. The result? Residents turned down the library’s millage request, setting off a debate about First Amendment rights versus parental rights.

      • VOA NewsTaliban Claim Media Reform as Journalists Decry Censorship

        In practice, experts say, the so-called reforms amount to extensive censorship of a seriously weakened Afghan media. Among other restrictions, the Taliban have ordered female anchors to wear facemasks and headscarves when presenting TV programs.

      • Dhole MomentsHobbies Don’t Need to be Policed

        However, there is a contingent of furries (predominantly from Europe) that have a large and jagged stick up their butt about how other people enjoy fursuiting.

        Eurofurence recently sent out a survey asking how their attendees feel about policing other people’s engagement with the fursuiting hobby.

      • AIMDigital India Needs Internet, not Internet Shutdowns

        Jammu and Kashmir alone has witnessed 411 internet shutdowns since 2012, with the longest one lasting 552 days. This was in the months following the abrogation of Article 370 in the state.

        The stats are alarming to begin with, given India is the largest democracy in the world. While most of the time, the reasons cited for the internet ban has been national security, now, the government is banning the internet to stop candidates from cheating!

      • FirstpostPakistan’s Lal Masjid imparts ‘beheading’ training to girls, expert weighs in on root cause

        In a video doing the rounds on social media, a teacher is seen demonstrating to young girls wearing burqa how to hold and use a sword to behead people.

        Through this exercise, the girls are being taught that those who ‘insult’ the Prophet will have only one punishment, and that will be decapitation. Girls, dressed in pink, can be heard raising slogans and glorifying decapitation.

      • Christian PostChristian Youth Corps Member murdered by Muslim men wielding machetes in targeted attack

        Members of the NYSC have been targeted in violent crimes in various parts of Nigeria, but in Awudu’s case the killers somehow reportedly locked the doors of the other corps members before slaughtering him with machetes and leaving him for dead.

      • ABCAlleged Salman Rushdie attacker appears in court in attempted murder case

        Hadi Matar, 24, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree attempted murder and assault charges in connection with the attack Aug. 12 at the Chautauqua Institution where he allegedly stabbed the 75-year-old Rushdie about a dozen times in front of a crowd that had gathered for a lecture.

      • TechdirtFurther Thoughts On Cloudflare And Infrastructure Moderation

        I rather expected that not everyone would agree with the points I raised in my recent post on Cloudflare and my thinking regarding both Cloudflare’s statement of principles on content moderation at the infrastructure layer and, secondly, its decision to block Kiwi Farms. That turned out to be an accurate expectation. It has also resulted in some thoughtful critiques, most of which I think misrepresent what I actually believe, to the point that it’s obvious that I was not clear enough in the original post. Therefore, we get a follow-up post (how exciting).

    • Freedom of Information / Freedom of the Press

      • Common DreamsRejecting Israeli Report on Journalist’s Killing, Senator Demands Independent US Probe

        A report released by Israel over Labor Day weekend, said the Maryland Democrat, contradicted investigations conducted by the United Nations, The New York Times, The Washington Post, other news outlets, and human rigts groups shortly after Abu Akleh’s fatal shooting in the West Bank in May.

      • Democracy NowNiece of Palestinian American Shireen Abu Akleh, Killed by Israel, Wants Biden Mtg. & Indep. Inquiry

        The Israeli army has admitted for the first time that Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was likely fatally shot by an Israeli soldier during an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank in May. The conclusion to the internal investigation comes after months of outrage from Abu Akleh’s family and human rights activists at Israel’s initial claim that the bullet came from Palestinian fire. The U.S. responded by saying it will pressure Israel to reexamine its rules of engagement. Abu Akleh’s family says it’s not enough, and is demanding a meeting with President Biden. “Real accountability includes holding the soldier who killed Shireen accountable … and changing the entire policy that continues to perpetuate violence against Palestinians,” says Shireen Abu Akleh’s niece, Lina Abu Akleh.

      • TruthOutNiece of Palestinian American Journalist Killed by Israel Asks to Meet Biden
    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Frontpage MagazineEleven Christian Churches ‘Catch Fire’ Over Two Weeks in Egypt

        Left completely unreported in the Western press, however, is that, all throughout the month of August—particularly within the dates of an important religious season, when churches were especially packed—a total of eleven Coptic churches in Egypt “caught fire.” Two (Imbaba and Minya) were major, some were minor, and some were caught early enough to prevent serious damage, thanks to heightened vigilance among the Christians themselves. A list of the eleven follows: [...]

      • Counter PunchWill Gavin Newsom Finally Help California’s Farmworkers?

        Ingrid Vilorio, a fast food worker at Jack in the Box was at the historic Labor Day signing. “It was a battle of Goliath versus David and we just had our voice to ensure that AB257 became a reality.”

      • The NationCriminalized for Being Pregnant

        The organization National Advocates for Pregnant Women has defended the rights of pregnant and parenting people for more than two decades, providing legal services for individuals who have been criminalized as a result of pregnancy, including for a stillbirth, miscarriage, or abortion. Typically, the nonprofit’s clients are women who are disproportionately targeted by surveillance—women who are low-income, of color, and those who use drugs or alcohol. On June 23, NAPW released a toolkit titled “Confronting Pregnancy Criminalization,” a guide for law enforcement officials, defense attorneys, medical examiners, hospital staff, and legislators—all professionals who make decisions that can lead to a criminal investigation—on how to minimize this harm. The next day, the Supreme Court announced its decision in Dobbs, revoking the constitutional right to abortion. With Roe overturned, there will be even more opportunities for the state to scrutinize pregnancy outcomes. Afsha Malik, NAPW’s research and program associate, is a coauthor of the report.1

      • TruthOutOcasio-Cortez Says Men Must Speak Up in Fight for Abortion Rights
      • Counter PunchSupreme Court’s Selective Reading of US History Ignored 19th-Century Women’s Support for ‘Voluntary Motherhood’

        Alito argued in the opinion that abortion has always been a serious crime, but there were no laws about abortion at all in Colonial America. Beginning in the 19th century, most states barred it only after “quickening,” when a pregnant woman can first feel the fetus move, typically around the fourth to sixth month of pregnancy.

      • Common DreamsOpinion | Not Having Access to Paid Leave Has Profoundly Affected My Life—Congress Must Change That

        The United States is one of the only countries in the world that does not guarantee any form of paid leave for its workers. It’s certainly impacted me: 13 years ago I was working at an auto parts company as an assistant manager, and was already struggling with my work to find time off. One day, in the middle of work, I received a call that so many of us dread: It was my father’s doctor, and my father needed open heart surgery.

      • Common Dreams‘Miserable Little Weasel’: Omar Blasts Cruz Over GOP Plan to Kill Student Debt Relief

        The Texas Republican is one of many GOP officials exploring a potential legal challenge to Biden’s student debt relief plan, which is popular with voters—including those without debt and those who have paid off their debt—and could benefit more than 40 million borrowers across the U.S.

      • Counter PunchA Short History of the Tyranny of the Supreme Court

        This renegade court is anything but finished doing its mischief. Affirmative action may be next on the chopping block. Gerrymandering, long an ignoble tradition in American political life, could become unconstrained if the Supremes decide to exempt such practices from state court judicial review. And who knows what they are likely to rule when every election not won by the Republican Party may be liable to a lawsuit.

      • Counter PunchDoes Sparing the Rod Really Spoil the Child?

        “He’s bad because no one’s correcting it.”

      • Counter PunchClear the Smokescreen from Immigration Policy

        For now, Tommy Esquivel, who came to the U.S. from Guatemala when he was nine years old, will continue his studies in community college. But without the kind of protections that DACA can offer, he will face significant challenges, unable to get a Social Security number that would allow him to work legally, and confined to a precarious, deportable status as an undocumented individual.

      • MeduzaRussian lawmakers introduce bill to ban information about ‘childfree’ lifestyle among minors — Meduza

        Russian State Duma deputies have introduced a bill that would ban media that “promotes the voluntary refusal to have children” among minors.

      • Common DreamsTrump Says GOP Gov. Candidate Would Rule Massachusetts ‘With an Iron Fist’

        “Geoff is a proven fighter who successfully pushes back on the ultraliberal extremists,” Trump said during a Monday night tele-rally. “He’ll rule your state with an iron fist, and he’ll do what has to be done.”

      • ShadowproofProtest Song Of The Week: ‘Odana’ By Mali Obomsawin

        Indigenous bassist, composer, and bandleader Mali Obomsawin recently left the folk trio, Lula Wiles. With Lula Wiles, she wasn’t afraid to compose politically explicit tunes and to speak out on indigenous issues while on stage.

      • TechdirtVirginia Court Rejects Prior Restraint, Says Old Law Used In Attempt To Ban Books Is Unconstitutional

        Called it!

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • TechdirtCan We Save A Truly Global Internet?

        As we’ve been noting for years now, the global internet is at risk. China walled off its part of the internet early on, and other authoritarian regimes followed suit, with Russia and Iran taking the lead. But, at the same time, we’ve seen other regimes start to layer on their own regulatory regimes that effectively cut off other parts of the world, including the EU, which seems to believe its writing rules for the global internet, but may only be hastening the further fragmentation of the internet.

      • TechdirtJoin Us For Our 25th Anniversary Party This Friday!

        As you know, Techdirt recently marked its 25th anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a special online party this Friday, September 9th at 11am PT / 2pm ET, where you can mix and mingle with Techdirt staff and other fans, and get the inside story on the history of the blog from Mike Masnick. Attendance is free for anyone with an active Crystal Ball, Watercooler, or Behind The Curtain membership from our Insider Shop, or the equivalent levels via our Patreon. You can also show us some extra support by buying a one-time ticket for $100.

      • TechdirtConnecticut Gives Frontier A Wrist Slap For Years Of Bullshit Fees

        For decades, federal regulators have turned a blind eye while your cable and broadband provider rips you off with a bevy of misleading fees. The fees usually come with nonsensical names like “regulatory recovery fee” or “internet cost recovery surcharge,” and are tacked below the line post sale, letting cable and broadband providers covertly jack up the advertised price of sale.

    • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

      • India TimesNetflix looks to control cloud computing costs with AWS: WSJ

        The streaming giant is also hiring more junior staff, paring back its real-estate footprint and reducing the number of copies of data and content it stores around the world, the report said.

        The company, which is struggling with lost subscribers and increased competition from companies including Walt Disney Co and Apple Inc, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    • Monopolies

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Technical

      • Programming

        • Writing Go code

          Hex Populate remains an interesting project, mainly for two reasons: 1. It’s my first and only real Go project. 2. It’s an online application without a web user interface.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It’s like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

Links 08/09/2022: Qubes OS Summit and Free Software Directory Meetings

Posted in News Roundup at 3:44 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • The TLLTS PodcastThe Linux Link Tech Show Episode 970
      • Linux in the Ham ShackLHS Episode #480: The Great Baofeng Caper | Linux in the Ham Shack

        Hello and welcome to Episode #480 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this short-topics episode, the hosts discuss the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, smuggling handy talkies into New Zealand, Route 66 on the Air, some ins and outs of sudo, Organic Maps and much more. Thanks for listening and have a great week.

      • FLOSS Weekly 697: The Life of Brian – Brian Behlendorf on the Open Source Security Foundation, IPSF and More

        Doc Searls and Simon Phipps talk with Brian Behlendorf, one of the original authors of Apache, about his new gig at the Open Source Security Foundation, plus the many challenges of decentralization. As well as the challenges of getting governments to care about open source. Another great discussion on FLOSS Weekly.

      • E49: Momento, the World’s Fastest Cache

        Daniela Miao is Cofounder of Momento, the serverless cache that automatically optimizes, scales, and manages your cache for you. Momento works with open source caching engine Pelikan which was created at Twitter.

        Daniela is joined in this episode by Yao Yue, a Principal Software Engineer at Twitter who is a core part of Twitter’s Pelikan Caching team. Today, Momento provides a SaaS service on top of Pelikan in an Open Core model.

        In this episode, we discuss launching a company on top of an open source project started by a team outside of the founders, messaging and positioning for technical companies, team building, and much more!

      • VideoUnity Is Becoming An Official Ubuntu Flavor!! – Invidious

        Even though Ubuntu and Canonical dropped Unity years ago it still has it’s fans and very shortly Ubuntu Unity is going to become an official flavor of Ubuntu, but the maintainer is the most interesting part.

    • Applications

      • Its FOSSKomikku: A Free and Open-Source Manga Reader for Linux – It’s FOSS

        Love reading comic books? There are plenty of comic book readers available for Linux.

        But what about something tailored for Japanese comic books (Manga)?

        I think I came across the perfect app suitable for reading Manga, organizing them, and downloading them for offline use as well. The app I discovered recently is called Kommiku.

        Let me mention the key highlights of this app and help you get started with it on Linux.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install Mugen 0.1.0 on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install Mugen 0.1.0 on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

      • VideoHow to install the Brave Browser on Pop!_OS 22.04 – Invidious

        In this video, we are looking at how to install the Brave Browser on Pop!_OS 22.04.

      • Trend OceansZellij: A Terminal Workspace to Super Charge Your Productivity – TREND OCEANS

        I’m wondering what terminal workspace you are using: tmux, screen, or terminator? Or you are not using any of them because of their complexity for beginners, although they are not that complicated.

        If you’re wondering why to use terminal workspace programs like tmux and screen, you might not be aware of the fact how much they can improve your productivity

      • Linux Shell TipsHow to Install Node.JS and NPM on Alpine Linux

        Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform Javascript runtime environment, which was built on Google’s V8 Engine and developed using C++, it is an asynchronous server-side scripting language that executes JavaScript outside a web browser to develop scalable network applications.

        It allows developers to build data-intensive and high-traffic backend applications such as chat apps and microservices. Notable companies that use Node.JS include GoDaddy, Netflix, Linked, Uber, PayPal, and Twitter just to mention a few.

      • UNIX CopHow to check if your computer uses UEFI or BIOS

        There are novice users who do not always know well the computer to use. Or even when you want to support other computers that you don’t know, getting information about it is quite useful. That is why, today, you will learn how to check if your computer uses UEFI or BIOS.

        As we all know, UEFI is a firmware written in C, and it was created with the purpose of being a replacement for BIOS and to provide computers with a more modern way to access their most basic functions.

        It also provides other very interesting features, which make any PC a much more useful and faster device. Therefore, it is implemented by many motherboards nowadays.

        The detail is that on Linux the implementation took a little longer and at the beginning it was a bit more tortuous. Fortunately, it is a thing of the past. But it is always good to know if the system is in UEFI or BIOS.

        This is for technical support purposes and to know even more about the device you are using, especially when it is not your own.

      • CNX SoftwareHow to check TDP (PL1 and PL2 power limits) in Windows and Linux – CNX Software

        A TDP (Thermal Design Power) value in Watts will usually be provided for Intel and AMD processors to help manufacturers design an appropriate thermal solution for a given processor, and it’s often used to estimate power consumption by consumers.

        But TDP is also often configurable, and manufacturers may decide to increase to decrease the value for higher performance or lower power consumption, so we’ll show you how to check the TDP value, or more exactly PL1 and PL2 power limits in both Windows 11 and Linux (Ubuntu 22.04). Note that TDP is being replaced by PBP (Processor Base Power) in newer processors, with PL1 (Long Duration) corresponding to BPB, and PL2 (Short Duration) to Maximum Turbo Power (MTP), at least on Intel chips.

    • Games

      • GamingOnLinuxThe 2K Megahits Bundle is a great looking deal

        2K have plenty of good games under their belt and they have a new 2K Megahits Bundle with some top games and some classics included together. Going over each game I’ll list the Steam Deck Verified rating plus either Native Linux status or ProtonDB ranking so you’ve got the full picture.

      • GamingOnLinuxValve overhauls the Steam Store with new categories, hubs and filtering

        Previously available in Steam Labs, some of the biggest changes to the Steam Store in years are now live for everyone.

      • GamingOnLinuxThe Zachtronics Solitaire Collection is out now

        They will be missed and this is technically now actually their last game, with the The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection officially out now with Linux support.

      • GamingOnLinuxComedy point and lick adventure Nine Noir Lives is out now

        Take on the detective role in Nine Noir Lives, a new “point and lick” comedy adventure game out now. Created by Silvernode Games, a small indie team from South Africa and is their first major project.

      • GamingOnLinuxNarrative adventure ‘I Was a Teenage Exocolonist’ out with Linux support

        I Was a Teenage Exocolonist seems like a hard game to pin to a genre. It’s a blending of a narrative adventure with RPG elements, deck-building and much more. It sure does look pretty too, love the colour scheme they went for on this one.

      • GamingOnLinuxA new Steam Deck Beta fixes various bugs causing crashes

        Valve continues rolling out smaller updates to the Steam Deck Beta, with another update out now fixing some crashing issues. This update is available in the Steam Deck Beta and Preview channels, which you can opt into through Settings >System and then select either via Steam Update Channel.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • Linux HintWhat Can I Do with My Raspberry Pi 3?

        There are a million ways to use Raspberry Pi 3 for different applications or projects as it is just like a computer. Although it is not a very powerful device as compared to the Pi 4, it can still be used for various projects. Moreover, for the people who want to get along with programming, especially Python and to learn how to use a Linux based system then the Raspberry Pi 3 is the best choice for them. So, if you are looking for types of interesting projects or devices that you can create using Raspberry Pi 3 and use them in your daily life then read this guide.

      • peppe8oCapacitive Touch Sensor and Raspberry PI: TTP223 Wiring and Python Code

        Capacitive touch sensor (TTP223) and Raspberry PI can keep a touch input in order to make your program run only on user request. Differently from Switch Buttons, they are a bit more expensive, but they assure better reliability and accuracy

        This tutorial will show you how to use a capacitive touch sensor (TTP223) with Raspberry PI and Python.

      • PurismShape Shifting Computer, Powered by Convergence – Purism

        The Librem 5 is the first mobile computer with a truly convergent OS. Convergence means having the same OS across multiple hardware platforms with apps that adapt to their hardware. The Librem 5 uses the same convergent PureOS as our Librem 14 laptop and Mini PCs, with the same adaptive applications that make the Librem 5 more than merely a phone, it’s a mobile computer in your pocket that can shape shift into a laptop, tablet, desktop, or even a server.

      • Linux HintWhat Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Arduino

        Arduino is an electronic platform with a diverse number of development boards available to communicate between real and programming worlds. It allows students, beginners, teachers, and engineers to design academic and real time projects to solve modern problems. Apart from Arduino’s vast scope it has some limitations also. Nothing is 100% perfect in this world! Like every electronic gadget Arduino has also some restrictions to work with.

        Arduino is designed to make the microcontroller world more accessible. It is based upon ATmega AVR microcontrollers. Arduino platforms consist of circuit boards like UNO, normally referring to microcontrollers and the development part known as IDE. Using IDE, Arduino boards can be programmed using C++ language.

      • Linux HintWhat Programming Language Does Arduino Use

        Multiple programming languages are used to communicate between electronic devices. Programming languages are a precise way of communication between a machine and a programmer. Arduino is a platform that controls a microcontroller using a program. To write these programs a user-friendly language known as Arduino programming language is used.

      • Linux HintHow to Turn on Raspberry Pi After Shutdown?

        To turn on and off a device there are always some specific ways and the same is in the case of Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, the one thing that is different in Raspberry Pi than a regular size computer is that it doesn’t come with a power button. To turn on Raspberry Pi you simply must plug in the power supply, and it will turn on. If you are interested to know about ways by which you can turn on the Raspberry Pi other than plugging in the Type-C port, then read this guide.

      • Linux HintHow to Power Raspberry Pi 4?

        Providing adequate power to the Raspberry Pi is necessary as it ensures its proper functionality. To power up a device there are multiple methods that can be used based on ease of the user. If you have recently bought a Raspberry Pi 4 and are wondering how to power it up effectively then read this guide as it will explain various ways to power up the Raspberry Pi 4.

      • Linux HintHow to Install GUI to Raspberry Pi OS Lite Version

        Although the Raspberry Pi does have a GUI version that you can install on your device quite easily from the Raspberry Pi Imager. However, it does include the lite version designed especially for users who only need to use the Raspberry Pi terminal.
        If you have already installed the Raspberry Pi OS lite version on your device and changed your mind about needing a GUI for your system. So, instead of installing the OS again, you can use the command-line tool to install a desktop environment according to your choice.

        In this article, we will show you how you can install GUI to your Raspberry Pi OS lite version so that you can perform your tasks with ease.

      • Linux HintHow to Power Multiple Raspberry Pi

        Powering your Raspberry Pi device with a suitable power supply is extremely important for increasing your performance efficiency. The reason is if the exact power isn’t provided to your device, it won’t be able to work efficiently and reduce your working speed on your device.
        The Raspberry Pi operates on 5V/3A provided through a C-Type port and works efficiently if the device gets the exact power supply. Although supplying the power to the Raspberry Pi device through your mobile charger may work in a few cases, it’s better to acquire an official charger for your device.

        Powering a single Raspberry Pi is pretty simple; however, if you want to work on multiple Raspberry Pi devices, you should need a high-capacity power supply option to power them up efficiently.

      • Linux HintHow to Use Raspberry Pi for Earning a Profit

        Raspberry Pi is a valuable device that opens various opportunities for users, from creating a personal web server to creating a home automation system. Although the device isn’t powerful enough to replace your desktop computer, it has an advantage over the expensive desktop environment that you can use this device as a source of earning through different methods.

        If you don’t know how you can make money with Raspberry Pi, follow our article, where we will provide you with several ways that you can try on your device to make the most out of it.

      • Linux HintWhat Age is Raspberry Pi Suitable For?

        Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer board initially designed for teaching purposes; however, as time passed, it emerged as an efficient machine for projects like home automation, web servers, and more. This device is an ideal choice for people of all ages; however, due to its open circuit layout and the presence of GPIO pins, the user should need to use it carefully.

        Someone may not consider this device a kid toy because of its sensitivity and should not be given to kids who don’t know about it. There is an age limit for the kids to use this device for developing school projects, and this article is presented to inform you about the minimum age requirement for using this device.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Events

      • Qubes OS Summit: History from organizer’s perspective | Qubes OS

        The next Qubes OS Summit 2022 edition is upcoming. This year it will be held in Berlin from September 9th to 11th in hybrid format, in person and live-streamed for remote access. More details here. Don’t miss the event and more importantly how it started. In the article the history and organizer’s perspective of the event will be described.

    • FSF

    • Programming/Development

      • [Old] Smalltalk-72 Instruction Manual [PDF]

        The Small talk system described here was designed in the summer of 1972 and first conversed haltingly with a user late that fall. It was released for more general use at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARe) in spring 1973 when the first “Interim Dynabook” (a name for the current working version of a small computer system) became available.

      • Pete WardenWhy isn’t there more training on the edge?

        One of the most frequent questions I get asked from people exploring machine learning beyond cloud and desktop machines is “What about training?”. If you look around at the popular frameworks and use cases of edge ML, most of them seem focused on inference. It isn’t obvious why this is the case though, so I decided to collect my notes in a post here, so I can have something to refer to when this comes up (and organize my own thoughts too!).

      • Hillel WayneSafety And Liveness Properties

        Each system has a set of behaviors, each behavior being a possible timeline of events and states. The system also has properties we want to be true. A correct system, then, is one where every behavior preserves every property.

      • Terence EdenWho is the author “JC Shakespeare”?

        Knowledge graphs are tricky beasts to create. Trying to extract semantic metadata from documents is a gargantuan task. Mix them together and you have a recipe for disaster.

        While yak-shaving for my MSc, I found an interesting looking research paper authored by one JC Shakespeare.

      • Linux HintRedis GEODIST

        Redis starts supporting geospatial data types from version 3.2.0. This is one of the unique features that Redis offers over the other data stores. The geospatial data structure can hold coordinates of a given location. With the rich set of operations, it is possible to query locations and their coordinates based on different criteria.

      • Linux HintScala Boolean

        Boolean expressions are very well-known and widely used in different programming languages to perform different comparisons among different values. A Boolean expression can have only two values, i.e., true or false. You can modify your output messages or result according to their two values. Within the Scala programming language, you can use Boolean expressions in different statements with different inputs to check for certain comparisons. This guide will explain how to use Boolean expressions in Scala programming.

      • Linux HintScala Partial Function

        The partial function is a very rare type of function. This is described as the function that could not return a value for each parameter specified to it. It provides values for only a certain set of inputs, not all of them. In simple words, we can say that the partial function only returned the value for the dataset defined in scala. The partial function uses case statements that have been encapsulated inside the curly braces. The scala partial function is preferable while doing the logical conditions. Moreover, the partial function provides many other functions which are explained and executed in the specified scala files.

      • C++/ObjC++: switch to gnu++17 as the default standard

        rG36bb6d5d4673 (2017-12) switched Clang’s default C++ dialect from gnu++98 to gnu++14. I think it is perhaps time to switch to gnu++17 now. This will match GCC, which from 11 onward defaults to gnu++17.

        I have noticed that Apple’s DriverKit (⚙ D121911 [Clang] Add DriverKit support) has defaulted to C++17. If we land it, the next major release 16.0.0 will have the change.

      • Tim BrayHello, Ruler

        Hey, look what’s been open-sourced: AWS Event Ruler! Check out the announcement blog. I built v1.0 of this Java library while I was at AWS, and wrote about it in Filtering Lessons. Tl;dr: It offers APIs for declaring pattern-matching Rules, as many as you like, then for presenting data records called Events and finding out which Rules each Event matches, very quickly. It’s in production in multiple Amazon (not just AWS) services, notably EventBridge. Also see: Content-based Filtering.

      • Python

        • EarthlyHow Classes and Objects Work in Python

          Procedural programming works fine for simple and smaller projects. But as you start working on larger applications, it’s important to organize code better. Object-oriented programming lets you group related data and functions logically. It also facilitates code reuse and lets you add functionality on top of existing code.

        • Linux HintPandas Not In

          The “pandas” is the library of “Python”. We can create a DataFrame in “pandas”. After creating a DataFrame in “pandas”, we then apply some functions to this DataFrame for doing the work which we want to do. We can also check some data in the DataFrame whether the data is present in the DataFrame or not. For checking the data in a DataFrame, we can utilize the “Not In” filter in “pandas”. This will check that specific data in the DataFrame which we have mentioned in the code and return the result. In this guide, we will discuss how to apply the “Not In” filter on a single column as well as on multiple columns in the “pandas” DataFrame. We now move to the codes of “pandas” where we will check some values in different columns of the DataFrame.

        • Linux HintPandas Melt()

          A panda is a Python-appropriated statistical framework. Before the invention of pandas, the bulk of researchers used Python for information mugging and preparation before switching to a more special dialect, such as “R”, for the balance of their process. Pandas offered Series, which provide a ranking layout, and dataframes, which has a tabulated layout. These two new types of objects are for storing information that facilitates analytical operations and eliminates the need to transfer tools. Pandas “melt()” function is used to describe a dataframe object that is produced in a specific manner with one or more columns acting as identifiers change in Dataset format from extensive to lengthy. Merely two columns are configurable and values, while the other columns are all regarded as values and unpivoted to the row axis. When Python supports explanatory data, you use this function.

          The dataframe’s columns, each of which can contain an integer, a floating-point number, or a string, are represented at the column level because it contains numerous indices, it, therefore, defaults to considering the nonvalue. Consequently, we melt the information using this column level. The variable name is a representation of the specific variable name that is used to melt columns. This adaptable typically comprises a scalar value and has the default value of non because it uses the variable used in that specific column to melt the dataframe.

        • Linux HintPandas Groupby Apply

          The most popular python library for data manipulation and analysis is pandas. Data analysis frequently requires the data to be divided into groups to execute different operations on each group. The split-apply-combine strategy is used by the GroupBy function in Pandas. This involves separating an object, using functions on the object, and combining the results. In this post to manipulate grouped data in a variety of ways, the groupby function will be used. One of the commonly used methods used for data preprocessing is the apply() method. Applying a function to every item in a Series of pandas, and to every dataframe’s column or row in pandas, is made simpler. The apply() method in pandas will be covered in this article along with the groupby() function.

        • Linux HintPandas Get Index Values

          Rows’ indexes are known as dataframe indexes, whereas columns’ indexes are known as general column names. Indexes are mostly used to retrieve the data or store the data inside the dataframe. However, we can also retrieve the index itself by using the .index property. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to get an index as a list object, how you can convert the index into a dataframe column to retrieve it, and how you can get the index by using multiple conditions and the index property of pandas.

        • MedevelFlask App Builder Is an Open Source Rapid Application Development for Flask Developers

          Flask is a strong lightweight yet simple Python framework for building fast web apps. Since it does not come stacked with full-stack options, many developers prefer Django and other framework for building their apps.

          But this is about to change with this Flask RAD framework: Flask App Builder, that speed up your project production by offering dozens of ready tools and features for building enterprise apps.

          Flask App Builder is a simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. It includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more.

        • OpenSource.comHow to use modern Python packaging and setuptools plugins together

          Python packaging has evolved a lot. The latest (“beta”) uses one file, pyproject.toml, to control the package.

          A minimal pyproject.toml might look like this…

      • Rust

  • Leftovers

    • Hardware

      • CubicleNateCalling an Expert | Three Commodore 64s Back from the Dead – CubicleNate’s Techpad

        I have had three Commodore 64 computers that were not functional. I was committed to fixing the computers to get them operational. One of these machines is my actual first computer from my childhood, the other two, not sure where they came from but were not functional. I identified on one that the CIA (complex Interface Adapter) chips. The other two machines, I was not able to determine the issue. Despite my watching of experts on YouTube, I lacked some of the tools to identify the issues as well as the skill and patience to do some of the work. I “worked” on these three systems on and off for about two years when I ultimately decided that I needed to phone an expert. If I continued at this rate, I would never finish any of this. I was also tired of pushing aside my C64s to work on other more pressing repairs.

    • Security

      • The HillSchools warned of increased threat of cyberattacks [iophk: Windows TCO]

        The advisory came after the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) announced it had experienced a ransomware attack over the weekend.

      • Hacker NewsNew Stealthy Shikitega Malware Targeting Linux Systems and IoT Devices [Ed: This malware needs to actually get there somehow, and not because of Linux]

        A new piece of stealthy Linux malware called Shikitega has been uncovered adopting a multi-stage infection chain to compromise endpoints and IoT devices and deposit additional payloads.

        “An attacker can gain full control of the system, in addition to the cryptocurrency miner that will be executed and set to persist,” AT&T Alien Labs said in a new report published Tuesday.

    • Environment

      • Energy

        • David RosenthalDSHR’s Blog: Impossibilities

          I’m starting to see a series of papers each showing that some assertion about the cryptocurrency ecosystem that crypto-bros make can’t be true. I wrote about the first one I noticed in Ethereum Has Issues, but I have since seen several more.

      • Wildlife/Nature

        • Michael West MediaBig logging company Pentarch pinged for shifty forestry practices

          In a win for conservationists, Pentarch Forestry, the biggest native forest logger in NSW and one of the biggest in Australia, has had its Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sustainability certification suspended. What was the scam?

          The scam is that such certifications are often used for ‘greenwashing’ – the pretence of being environmentally friendly in one area being used to obscure less desirable practices elsewhere. In Pentarch’s case, mixing woodchips from the uncertified native operations with the certified chips from its plantations.

          In 2017 Pentarch obtained FSC Controlled Wood Certification for its Eden, Victorian and Burnie plantation operations. This must be regularly renewed in a recertification audit. A recent FSC audit found that its due diligence system was out of date, potentially enabling regrowth native forest and plantation woodchips to be mixed together, and threatened species assessments were not being done.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Daniel PocockObituary: Peter Eckersley

        In 1998, the president of the Melbourne University Student Union, Shelley Marshall, selected two students to represent student interests in the university’s strategic decision making bodies.

        Peter Eckersley and I.

        Shelley has no IT experience so she was making this decision based on feedback from the wider community. She was not affiliated with the political groups where Peter and I found support. Somehow she put aside the day-to-day machinations of student politics and appointed these positions on merit alone. History has proven her choices to be correct.

        This created a situation where Peter and I were both rivals and collaborators. Despite the murky nature of student politics and the fact that our association would subsequently become the biggest ever bankruptcy of a non-profit student association, I couldn’t find fault with him.

        In September of 1998, when student elections came around, we faced the most unusual situation. Melbourne University Student Union had the privilege of electing seven delegates to the National Union of Students. Out of those seven seats, six candidates won a quota. Three candidates remained: Jacob Varghese, Peter Eckersley and I in a preference battle.

        Jacob was the smoothest political operator of our generation. He took that seat and a few weeks later became president of the NUS too. Today, Jacob is CEO of Australia’s most respected plaintiff law firm, Maurice Blackburn. The fact that two students from engineering and computer science, Peter and I, came within striking distance of this hot-shot law student is incredible in itself. Had Peter and I collaborated (think John Nash, game theory), we might have had the last word.

        For a while, Peter was affiliated with the Australian Democrats. They were the third party in Australian politics. Democrat supporters had a reputation for being principled people who refused to associate with the two mainstream political parties. Principles were thrown out the window when the Democrat party imploded. Peter and I both left Australia.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • La komenco de septembro, Teixcalaan

        Things are alright; I feel like I don’t have a ton to write about, but not every day can be super exciting. I finished (printing) a 1100-piece mailing today.

      • Heat pump installed

        Today the heat pump was commissioned and brought into service. It took 7 working days in total (Tue – Fri last week, Mon – Wed this week), which was 3 days longer than promised, due to a missing part. Not ideal when there’s no heating, but the weather stayed fine, and wife + baby decamped to the grandparents for the first week, to avoid the noise.

      • Roofmounting a NetAidKit

        I bought a small USB-powered router a few years ago in the form of the NetAidKit and it’s the computer that I’ve been carrying around with me the longest. Originally it was recommended to me by people that had made their Thinkpads ethernet-only to avoid malicious firmware blobs. I got one because I was running Genode on my Thinkpad in the days before the Sculpt distro and the driver at the time didn’t support my wifi card, but ethernet worked fine.

      • Autism, the mental health professions, gaslighting, and trauma

        Firstly, there are the ongoing failures to even acknowledge the _possibility_ that we’re autistic, together with failures to recognise that we _are_ autistic. This has been (and still is) often due to failures to explore / learn about what autism can (and does) look like in people other than cis boys, with the result that it’s not recognised/diagnosed in girls, and only ends up getting recognised/diagnosed in women after many years (like me at the age of 47).

    • Technical

      • initial thoughts on stable diffusion’s dataset

        i’ve come across this little article about stable diffusion’s training dataset [2]. unlike dall-e’s openAI, stability is rather transparent about this stuff, which is great. so. i wanna talk about the dataset — or rather, the fraction of the dataset [3] that’s been organized and can be browsed. read the article first and then come back so i don’t have to paraphrase it all lmao

        the fraction we can browse is composed of 12 million image-caption pairs, or “2% of the 600 million images used to train the most recent three checkpoints”. so it’s a lot but doesn’t even scratch the surface.

      • Science

        • uni MITAI that can learn the patterns of human language

          A new machine learning model might learn that the letter “a” must be added to the end of a word to make the masculine form feminine in Serbo-Croatian. For instance, the masculine form of the word “bogat” becomes the feminine “bogata.”

        • Neil SelwynIvan Illich on computers – the need for ‘technological ascesis’ – Critical Studies of EDUCATION – TECHNOLOGY

          Ivan Illich reportedly made extensive use of a PC in his later life, and was often frustrated and disheartened that it was technically not possible for him to reprogram the computer’s operating system or core software packages to fit his personal needs (Samerski 2018). In this sense, Illich was keenly aware of the computer’s enormous power, alongside its devastating effects on the body, the senses, and social interactions. To this latter point, Illich described the computer as a ‘mindboggling’ device – i.e. a tool that stops people thinking for themselves, that demands people to not rely on their own senses but rely on technology to tell them what they feel and what they are.

      • Programming

        • Edge of the Lame day two

          Heya! Didn’t spend much time working on LZR and Edge of the Lame today, but still tackled nice stuff.

          I integrated some SDL2_gfx functions into LZR, as a result it is now possible to draw Circles and Polygons! Here are the prototypes, they’re both very easy to use and consistent with other drawing functions exposed by LZR.

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