Microsoft Windows in BRICS Laptops/Desktops: Monopoly Bricked?

Posted in Africa, America, Asia, Microsoft, Windows at 12:04 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

(Not even counting Android; Microsoft Windows is only on a quarter of Internet-connected computers by such measures)

Windows market share in Brazil: (laptops/desktops only, not counting mobile)

Windows market share in Brazil

Windows market share in Russia: (laptops/desktops only, not counting mobile)

Windows market share in Russia

Windows market share in India: (laptops/desktops only, not counting mobile)

Windows market share in India

Windows market share in China: (laptops/desktops only, not counting mobile)

Windows market share in China

Windows market share in South Africa: (laptops/desktops only, not counting mobile)

Windows market share in South Africa

Summary: An “Unknown” OS (not Windows) is taking market share away from Windows; whatever is going on with these statistics, it seems clear Microsoft isn’t coping with a fast-changing world, hence so many layoffs (far more than 10,000 — the “official” number that media loves parroting without investigating; Microsoft is 42 billion dollars in debt and the debt grew more than tenfold since 2010)

“Microsoft, the world’s most valuable company, declared a profit of $4.5 billion in 1998; when the cost of options awarded that year, plus the change in the value of outstanding options, is deducted, the firm made a loss of $18 billion, according to Smithers.”

The Economist, 1999


Microsoft’s Share in China: From Web Dominance to Almost Nothing in Less Than a Decade

Posted in Asia, Deception, Microsoft at 2:56 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Microsoft has lost a lot of its power (now it just huffs and puffs about “AI” with paid-for puff pieces)

Internet Explorer (% share, China)

Summary: According to samples from 3 million sites (locally uploaded data), Microsoft is down from almost complete dominance of the browser market in China (2010) to almost nothing; even Edge is hovering at around 5% — nowhere near the past levels


In the World’s Biggest Population, Microsoft’s Bing Fell Below 1%, Down Sharply Since ChatGPT First Announced

Posted in Asia, Security at 8:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Meanwhile, Microsoft-funded ‘journalists’ insist that Google is doomed because of ChatGPT…

The data tells another story:

Search Engine Market Share India

Summary: Bing down from 1.1% to 0.9% since ChatGPT was first “unveiled” (distracting from 4 consecutive months of mass layoffs in the company)


In Taiwan, Windows Shedding Off Share, GNU/Linux Gaining

Posted in Asia, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Windows at 8:36 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Since COVID-19 broke out in China:

GNU/Linux 1% in 2019, about 4% by now
National security will improve if or when Windows is eliminated altogether. Months ago GNU/Linux rose above 4%.

Summary: The rate at which GNU/Linux is adopted in Taiwan is noteworthy; if those statistics are reliable enough, then from around 1% of desktops/laptops in 2019 GNU/Linux rose to about 4% by now


Desktops and Laptops in India: 10% for GNU/Linux

Posted in Asia, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Windows at 7:53 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Windows in a freefall, more so if one counts mobile

Desktop Operating System Market Share in India - April 2023

Summary: “Desktop Operating System Market Share in India – April 2023,” as shown above, is a positive sign for GNU/Linux in the world’s most populous nation


Windows in Asia: All-Time Lows for Microsoft

Posted in Asia, Microsoft, Windows at 12:19 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Windows on just 1 in 5 Internet-connected computers? In 2009 things were different…

Operating System Market Share Asia

Summary: The corporate media, funded by Microsoft et al, won’t say this; so somebody should, citing this latest data


Microsoft Windows in India, China, and Nigeria (Over 3 Billion People)

Posted in Africa, Asia, Microsoft, Windows at 9:52 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Windows in India

Windows in China

Windows in Nigeria

Summary: Judging by some of the world’s most populous nations (e.g. China, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and US), Windows is in a bad shape; in some of these countries Windows now has <10% market share


Among Users in the World’s Largest Population, Microsoft is the 1%

Posted in Asia, Microsoft, Search at 8:37 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Edge developers recently laid off, too (the media barely mentioned this; it’s all about chaffbot hype)

India's browsers share

Summary: A sobering look at India shows that Microsoft lost control of the country (Windows slipped to 16% market share while GNU/Linux grew a lot; Bing is minuscule [1, 2]; Edge fell to 1.01% and now approaches “decimal point” territories)

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