Bill, Melinda, Jeffrey Epstein, and Microsoft: An Investigation is Well Overdue

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Way Past Time to Investigate Bill Gates
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: While the media got all busy rebranding Mr. Gates as “Mr. Coronavirus” or the genius trying to save the whole planet the real story (a scandal) about the Gates family had been buried; it merits not only media attention but also government action

THE press reports make it very clear that Microsoft knew all along what Bill Gates had done but chose to do nothing about it until the media found out, making the Gates family too much of a risk or a liability. The media makes it crystal clear that officials of the Gates Foundation were also well aware. They cannot pretend that what’s happening is shocking news to them. Some people study these matters quite closely.

As we noted last night, Melinda Gates Has Just Confirmed What We Knew All Along About Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates (it’s nice to be repeatedly vindicated), but Melinda was there too with Jeffrey Epstein, albeit not every time, as noted in past years [1, 2]. A Federal investigation into this is years overdue and very much needed. The video above adds some more thoughts on this uncomfortable subject. Gates spokespeople kept lying.

Gates-Epstein house

Sun and Gates

Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein


Melinda Gates Has Just Confirmed What We Knew All Along About Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates

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Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates

Summary: For anyone who is still in denial (willful ignorance over what caused Melinda to divorce Bill and the timing of it), this new article ought to suffice (we’ve been saying it for a very long time and it wasn’t about him cheating with adult women at Microsoft; he does not deny this by the way)


[Meme] Microsoft Complicity

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Proprietary software helps dictators

Russian Pushup: Vladimir pushup, Back doors for all

Summary: Microsoft’s history in Putin’s Russia is becoming a massive liability to the brand

Russia Uses Microsoft to Suppress Dissent


YouTube is Becoming Mostly SPAM

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No You in YouTube
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The “You” in “YouTube” seems to mostly refer to brainwashing YOU and spying on YOU; it’s more like a social control media outlet (in video form or multimedia as the medium) and it’s fully engaged in promotion of spammy videos, pushing products (ads) under the guise of “legitimate” so-called ‘content’ — something which Alphabet/Google increasingly “optimises” for in pursuit of higher profits

A COUPLE of years ago we wrote about Minisforum spamming "Linux" to push Windows PCs. Since then we’ve mentioned in a lot of videos that Google’s (or Gulag) YouTube (sometimes I call it GulagTube because of the way it treats and views “creators”) was doing reputation laundering for Bill Gates. He was paying Google (via shell entities) for it and also paying pertinent channels in YouTube. Same as in Twitter.

“It’s only getting worse and worse — to the point where YouTube as a platform is hardly better than television/broadcast (it probably contains a lot more falsehoods than mainstream/corporate media and it’s curated by censorship/ranking for political purposes).”Nowadays when I end up in the domain of YouTube (official domain, not proxies) I get bombarded/distracted by promotional spam. This wasn’t always so bad and it’s only getting worse all the time. There’s no real effort to show you what’s good for you; it’s about maximising YouTube’s revenue. To make matters worse, many of the remaining channels have adopted ludicrous labels such as “influencer” and henceforth promoted products instead of relaying honest information. In recent years this became like a ‘cancer’ that destroys even “Linux”-centric channels, not just in the “description” box but also the videos themselves.

The bottom line is, YouTube is an awful source for information not just because of the way Google steers people towards spam/misinformation; even those who attempt to bypass Google’s algorithm/s (or “Hey Hi”) might end up presented with covert marketing. It’s only getting worse and worse — to the point where YouTube as a platform is hardly better than television/broadcast (it probably contains a lot more falsehoods than mainstream/corporate media and it’s curated by censorship/ranking for political purposes).


My Year as a Digital Vegan — Part IV — Science or Scientism?

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A Few Little Pricks and Science 2.0. By Dr. Andy Farnell

Series parts:

  1. My Year as a Digital Vegan — Part I — 2021 in Review
  2. My Year as a Digital Vegan — Part II — Impact of a ‘COVID Year’
  3. My Year as a Digital Vegan — Part III — Lost and Found; Losing the Mobile Phone (Cellphone)
  4. YOU ARE HERE ☞ Science or Scientism?

Free little markers

Summary: Dr. Andy Farnell shares his experiences from this past year — a sporadic collection of thoughts that can hopefully start a dialogue about unhealthy and unethical trends in today’s increasingly regressive if not Orwellian technology; he now focuses on pandemic response and knowledge sharing, as opposed to privateering and profiteering (this includes a modest proposal/critique of some problematic aspects of patent and copyright laws)

What does Digital Veganism have to do with being a scientist? What is it’s relation to trusting technology and trusting in the expertise of others?

Years ago, I was a member of a group of Humanists 1. Their key philosophy is the celebration of rational enquiry and a sceptical rejection of superstition. That’s a hard life. Whether it’s old religion or modern superstition, most of us would rather “just take someone’s word for it”. And since ninety nine percent of everything is rubbish we spend much of our lives filling our attics with junk. But that’s still one percent better than blindly submitting to partisan suspect authority, rumour and superstition, misinformation and disinformation.

My philosophy advanced in subtle ways this year in seeing the danger not just of solutionism but of Scientism (as opposed to the practice of Science itself). Maybe not so obviously; while science ultimately converges on truth, in any epoch scientists will disagree, and the socio-political issues come about from who gets to say what is science. Who picks the experts? Since for health and safety reasons we stopped teaching all but the most tepid schoolroom physics and chemistry, actual empiricism has given way to a view most of us have of science as a political competition for grant money.

DNA markersThree doses of experimental mRNA technology entered my body this year, each left me feeling physically rotten for a day. I trusted the doctor who gave them to me, and I trusted the lab that made them. For a dozen reasons it was the right thing to do. None of those reasons are apropos here, so I won’t try to persuade or bore you with them. Still, I had to arrive at a decision. To do so, like everyone else, I had to use the same information systems. Good technology should be a tool for accessing good information. Intelligence Amplification (IA) as opposed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what I value and seek out as a Digital Vegan.

Unfortunately we don’t have much of that technology, we have the “Modern Web” (whatever that is), which Sir Tim Berners-Lee himself has thrown up his hands in exasperation at. As Marshall McLuhan mcluhan64 reminded us, content and mechanism cannot be neatly separated. So in 2021 I spent a great deal of time reading about viruses and risks, where the target architecture was not a computer but my own body. I therefore spent a good deal of time pondering the reliability of information, trust, provenance, and whether we can build reliable, benign authoritative info-systems.

Of course we need better technologists in government. Perhaps by paying more. But my point is that “Trust Is Everything”. We cannot build anything in a society lacking trust. Yet “Trusted Computing” is being used to enact betrayal, and “Trustless Systems” are taking away our capacity to trust, even in principle. What this means is hard to imagine. Will we face an assault on computational autonomy? In what kind of a world can an author no longer attest to the provenance of their own work? I think that ironically, the imposition of “instruments of trust” will sow the seeds of a colossal breakdown of trust in all info-systems when these devices are inevitably abused or go wrong.

Mentally fortified by the prospect of not dying from Covid and being less likely to kill someone I love, I say “Hooray for the biologists!”. But in the technologist’s room our view is of the £35bn elephant’s arse that was “Track and Trace”. Early in the pandemic (March 2020) I ran a workshop for students on models of contagion, percolation and dissemination. We explored how we might use dining cryptographers and zero knowledge proofs to build ephemeral anonymous contact graphs for forward and reverse tracing. QR codes, Wifi beacons and printed tokens were all ideas we played with. That exciting and sometimes heated conversation, in which we debated privacy and abuse along with Utilitarian philosophies of public health, seems a lifetime away now. It’s taken over a year, three changes of direction and a bonfire of public confidence for the “NHS app” to almost get there, and despite all my good will towards the spirit of the project its a total chocolate teapot to me as a non-smartphone user. Meanwhile Bluetooth-LE chipsets have gotten so tiny and cheap they’re being embedded into disposable test kits.

Imagine the clever, life-saving applications these could be put to if we adopted a civic utilitarian model and abandoned the authoritarian, centralised and punitive misadventure we are on. I would pay £10 for a little keyfob device that would light up if I had potentially been infected and needed to take a fresh test or isolate for a few days. That perfectly feasible voluntary and anonymous technology can’t happen in our present broken society because it doesn’t feed into the surveillance-capitalist machine.

This shows how subtle aspects of culture have enormous effects in concert with technology. In 2021 governments have been burning trust like rocket-fuel. By trying to pass off a surveillance system as a public health measure, and involving crony consultancy with creepy data-vampire corporations they let us all down. Like so much mismanagement in this pandemic, pride, dishonesty and a fear of being forthright was our weakness. Science barely won through.

Priority Mental HealthA key component for success in a pandemic is fast uptake and participation, so a good strategy is to carefully explain systems, and get people to ‘buy in’, instead of just lying about stuff. I spoke cynically on how authorities would prefer to ratchet on power and intrusive “social legibility” rather than progress an elegant solution that solved the immediate problem. I predicted a market for forged digital “vaccine passports” nearly two years ago.

Listening back to those predictions saddens me. Low tech privacy respecting technology involving printable tokens and a good enough way forward was within reach from the start, based on the premise that people don’t want to get Covid. We lost an opportunity to genuinely change culture toward elective social responsibility because a few profiteers saw an opportunity for a data grab.

This is crucial from a digital-realist’s perspective. Tech is realpolitik and what I hope is recognised as a lesson of this pandemic is how the intrusion of perverse power incentives against the common good was a key factor in failure. With no punitive stick attached, and no kick-back for the data-brokers, our government let precious weeks and months slip past when we could have quickly deployed life-saving solutions and inspired public confidence.

All that said, it’s been a year of miraculous advances in mRNA research yielding potential jabs against HIV, Lyme’s Disease and an ever growing list. A great time to revel in science and feel proud to be a scientist! My mum had a hip replacement performed by a robot and was on her feet again in a week! All hail our surgical robot overlords.

Yet I believe it’s not that crisis engenders innovation so much as it forces down the hand of those resisting change. The Gates Foundation had to be shamed into releasing their grip (with an unknown cost in lives). The backstory of Robert and Jill Malone’s long struggle to advance a “shelved” mRNA research project seems typical of the frustration felt by scientists in so many fields who must swim against the tide of patent madness, and other rackets that constitute scientific research and publishing today. I really think we are facing 21st century problems with hands tied by an 18th century mentality.

This sad and wasteful pattern is repeated in climate science and security engineering. So this year I wrote about the helplessness and Cassandra Complex felt by many of us working within a collective delusion around cybersecurity. After educating myself more on distributed file-systems and delving into the crazy legal debacle around SciHub, I wrote a little fictional piece set in a world freed from the parasites that feed on science. I hope that 2022 will continue the trend of scientific truth triumphing over the apparatchik of petty politics and profiteering.

In the Digital Vegan book I wrote much about the need for a new wave of digital literacy. How, in the ’80s we taught programming and computer science in schools to bolster innovation and our economy, and how that was eventually replaced with a dumbed-down curriculum teaching “IT skills” like how to use Microsoft Word. Today we need something else, that I and Edward Snowden have both called “Digital Self Defence”. That really just means “sceptical thinking applied to technology” – including the free selection of benevolent tech and the rejection of malevolent systems. We need to be teaching kids as young as five. All the amazing Internet and Web we have built amounts to nothing if it’s not an Intelligence Amplifier to make a society that builds on technology but does not feebly depend upon it.



1 “Non-secular humanist” (or just a plain Humanist), which for millennia before the 19th century was the only form of Humanism in which people are at the centre of a world that includes spiritual morality.


  • [mcluhan64] Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, McGraw Hill, NY (1964).


Tor Browser Launcher on Debian is Broken and SPLC Censorship Regime Hates Tor and FOSS, Boosts Bill Gates

Posted in Bill Gates, Debian, Deception, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux at 9:22 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

TThe Tor Browser Launcher is pretty neat.

It downloads the Tor Browser, verifies that it’s properly signed, so you don’t get a fake one planted on your computer, which is a possibility if you went to the wrong Web site or were the victim of a MITM attack, somehow, and then puts launchers and a settings application in your menus.

However, Debian’s package doesn’t work properly on my computer, and when I open it, an invisible window the size of the browser that can’t be closed except from the task manager, or pkill, opens up.

Well, that’s not helpful.

Fortunately, it’s available as a Flatpak too, and that works!

If all else failed, it’s downloadable from the Tor Project directly.

You can verify the bundle’s archive with the .asc key that they provide and then unpack it and then start it with ./start-tor-browser of course, but meh.

I’m lazy.

Moving right along… The Southern Poverty Law Center is probably why you can’t access the Tor Browser’s Web site.

They apparently advise libraries and schools to filter it out as “terrorist”, according to multiple sources I’ve spoken with.

God, these people….

Anyhow… If you already have the Tor Browser on your computer before you get on their WiFi, they can’t do much about that. And after you’re on, you can just use Tor…

Oddly, the library where I live lets Tor function normally even though their firewall blocks the site. I won’t tell here which library because I don’t want to give these jackbooted library thugs(?) any ideas about how to screw around with me if they’re not smart enough to do that already and happen to find this post in Google or something.

The Supreme Court ruled on the issue of Free Speech that you have to be allowed access to the Internet without the firewall in effect, _if you specifically ask for it_.

(Oddly, in Chicago, the city itself, the library doesn’t even block porn. If people are watching it and you complain, they will help you move to another computer, but they won’t stop that other person unless they start playing with themselves or something. Life in a big liberal city is just disgusting everywhere you go. Disgusting, expensive, cramped, polluted, riots breaking out unpredictably. Did I mention expensive? Glad I’m not there anymore.)

However, Tor Browser has another mode, which is intended mostly to deal with situations like the Great Firewall of China, which essentially makes it look like you’re connecting to a Web site in the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services “cloud”. Obviously, that has privacy issues of its own, but it can’t easily be blocked without a lot of collateral damage.

So hey, there’s something positive that came out of centralizing the Web into the hands of a couple of monopolists? That being said, I’d be careful to use this to evade censorship at the library, but be on guard because your traffic is being tunneled through companies that have affiliations with the intelligence agencies in the United States.

One easy thing you can try if you run into censors and use Brave is to just load a Private Tab with Tor and see if it’s good enough.

If you don’t need a lot of privacy and just need to obfuscate what you’re doing, you can leave it at this and just use a normal browser.

And if none of this works, you can try NordVPN’s obfuscated VPN servers or their browser plug-in, which is basically a proxy that looks like HTTPS instead of a VPN.

So there’s things you can do to avoid government spying at the library and your school and break through even the most pernicious censorship regime, unless they want to do extreme damage to their WiFi network’s usability.

It’s ridiculous that network administrators at a library are stifling free speech based on the SPLC, but suddenly the SPLC’s “naughty software list” makes much more sense.

It turns out that this software gives you most of the tools to bypass authoritarian censors (including those at a public library who try block selected Wikipedia articles so that you can’t read them, on their Windows PC terminals, which tells you that nothing you connect to over HTTPS there is actually secure even if there is no malware other than Windows) such as themselves and read and view whatever you want, and talk to whoever you want, on the Web.

Ironically, they give these tools free advertising by drawing attention to them.

There’s some on there that I don’t even use, even though I knew about them, because they’re proprietary. I don’t think they even mentioned Tox clients though. Those are pretty good if you need anonymous messaging.

Politicians that want to ban your privacy, such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, use Signal (proprietary), which is also on the list. I guess Borisinaro is a terrorist and needs to be moved to UltraMax immediately and fitted for a Hannibal Lecter mask. Tried and convicted by “The Southern Poverty Law Center said so.”.

Where does SPLC get their money, btw? There’s a lot of Hollywood Liberals and GAFAM money in there, but enough of it is in a web of slush funds that make it hard to figure out entirely.

They may well have started out with good intentions. I’m certainly not going to argue that fighting the actual Klan is bad (Because “I hate Illinois Nazis” as much as anyone.), but like most things liberal, they have to paint everything that’s not them as the Klan, including just normal every day decent folks who are trying to raise their kids with some morality and respect for others and for, well, what’s left of the law.

It is perhaps ironic that a lot of kids couldn’t use proprietary GAFAM software if they wanted to because it’s being blocked due to SPLC’s recommendations, and so Matrix is growing.

One told me one one chatroom that their school’s Great Firewall doesn’t know what all of the domains are on which you can use Matrix.

Oddly, Matrix has a lot of kids on it because the grown ups at the school blocked “Skype” and “Facebook” and that ought to be enough, right? It’s not like there is anything other than GAFAM.

An entire generation free of Monopolysoft?

No wonder Skype is dead.

The lying bastards at the SPLC also have to lie through their teeth and accuse platforms that are not GAFAM of being pedophile strongholds.

Just a few short years ago, Microsoft Bing was the preferred place for pedophiles to go.

In at least one case I recall reading about, the police in Texas arrested a man and asked where he got it all, and he said BING. It didn’t do anything at all to filter it. Bill Gates was on the plane with Epstein a lot, trying to buy himself a Nobel Prize. And there was Rick Allen Jones, a CP-hoarder that was literally arrested in the Gates Mansion.

Where’s the warning about Microsoft and Gates?

I don’t recall there ever being one, even though it was more than a little disturbing that the biggest platform for online child sexual abuse material was the default Windows search engine and the default Windows Web browser. For years. And the police did nothing.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Gates Foundation is funding SPLC like they do to corrupt everything else.

Why else would they praise him as anything but some shyster who made good with a crap operating systems (like DOS, which was another incident, but mostly screwing Digital and IBM) called Windows NT which was actually, literally stolen from VMS (which Microsoft settled with Digital about, then betrayed shortly thereafter like they do anyone stupid enough to sign a business deal with them), while attacking his critics and lumping them all in with Alex Jones? It’s not even the first time.

Common Core is nothing more than an attack on public education by billionaires who should be in prison. One of the other promoters is Mark Zuckerberg.

Many, many parents are appalled at the dumbing down of their kids, and parents with a choice take their kids out of failing schools like the ones in Chicago which are a toxic hell stew of political correctness, gangs, drugs, guns, and fat cat public union bosses growing a big fat pension.

They demand school choice vouchers, which is the entire point, because then big business can just run those directly if you want your kids to have any hope at all.

A Chinese dissident who was hailed as a hero in Western media is now being given the silent treatment.

His mistake? Saying out loud that the US is starting to remind him of China (due to authoritarian wokeism), where if you say the wrong thing…..

Well, you don’t just get killed or disappeared….as such. Just professionally ruined.

Perhaps a better example is the concept of “dedma”, a word that Filipino people may be more familiar with, where society will “shun you” and ignore you if it becomes aware you have the wrong views.

Without going too far astray, the wrong opinions to have in America today read like something from bizarro world. If you just say criminals belong in prison and people should be entitled to keep what they earn and the government shouldn’t be throwing thousand dollar bills at people to keep the least productive the most reproductive and pretend it’s all okay for a couple more years until “Build Back Better” causes our country to collapse, and you’re in favor of the entire bill of rights, including the Second Amendment… That’s what happens to you.

They’ve gotten so good at disappearing us using GAFAM, disappearing people who are still in our right minds, that we have to stake out a new frontier and break our old habits and let companies like Facebook turn completely into an echo chamber full of crazy people with distorted thought patterns and advertising bullshit.

I’ve already started my divorce from GAFAM. I’m not replacing my Android phone when it fails, with another Android. I’ll be getting one that runs GNU/Linux.

I don’t care about “apps”. They’re dumb. They’re put there to control people and spy on them by companies who ruined the Web and yet still think its users have too much freedom.

Those companies, including Apple (which fundraises for SPLC), can pay off SPLC through slush funds and proxies to help their assault on your alternatives.

Did you know that there are 7 tracking libraries now in the text messaging app on a Samsung Galaxy phone. One of them even contacts Facebook. Even if you don’t use Facebook! That’s in addition to the Facebook stub apps and the Facebook system service whose only purpose is to wake up and tell Facebook which apps you’re signing into so their tracking libraries can associate them with you, even if “Facebook” isn’t on your phone.

Tracker Control neuters them and I pried out the stubs and disabled the “service”. But this has to be a stop gap solution.

The madness will not end until we shut them down and refuse to use their stinking products.

Oddly enough, Facebook was on SPLC’s list of platforms of concern, but I think it’s mostly to call for more censorship than there already is.


[Meme] Fake Valuations With Patents and Bubbles

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, Finance, Microsoft at 6:18 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Some people think Microsoft is worth trillions; and that a vaccine dose costs $25 to produce. Here, have some patents on publicly-funded R&D

Summary: Things aren’t always worth what companies claim them to be worth


GAFAM-Funded NPR Reports That Facebook Let Millions of People Like Trump Flout the So-called Rules. Not Just “a Few”.

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, Microsoft at 5:30 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

THE GAFAM-funded NPR reports that Facebook let millions of people like Trump flout the so-called rules. Not just “a few”.

Editor’s note: Facebook is among NPR’s recent financial supporters

NPR article

This problem with NPR and their corruption is getting worse by the minute.

Facebook and Bill Gates pay so much to corrupt the news, that imagine how much worse things would get for them if we had an independent press that didn’t depend on them for money, like we did before George W. Bush defunded the Corporation for Public Broadcasting….

We’ve been hearing less about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation lately, in the wake of the publicity and the Gates-Epstein scandal (associating with the most prolific pedophile in all recorded history in pursuit of buying a Nobel Prize), but interestingly there’s been an uptick in “DuckDuckGo for Privacy” shout outs. Today, it got so bad in my car that the woman on NPR was telling me where to go download their apps.

As we’ve said (Techrights, and myself, on this blog…), DuckDuckGo has been outright lying about how private they supposedly are.

DuckDuckGo is pretty much a Big Tech honeypot to lure people into using Bing and Azure. (It also depends on Apple for maps.)

Both Bing and Azure are owned by Microsoft.

Bing is where the searches come from, and Azure is where DuckDuckGo is hosted. Microsoft’s ad network is where the ads come from. Anyone with an ad blocker is likely to notice a tracker called Improving DuckDuckGo, which you’re not supposed to see. (One pixel image.)

My guess, although I could never prove this, is that Microsoft is totally propping up DuckDuckGo, and since their finances are not public, we’ll never really be able to see any of this on paper. All we know is that at least much, if not most of their money, is Microsoft’s money. How much do you think they can be trusted?

Meanwhile, DuckDuckGo suddenly has all of this money to have ads on every major radio station in Chicago (guessing other cities) and to get hourly mentions on NPR?

It’s very interesting to me, that they have the money to do all of that, and also to corrupt various projects and organizations like the Tor Project and the EFF.

I can’t imagine what it is that DuckDuckGo actually does. Why are they hiring people? I haven’t seen them do anything that Bing doesn’t.

My main point here is that NPR can’t and won’t investigate and report on this.

If they do, the money will end. And as we all know, NPR likes money.

Despite being crooked and burning through this pile of corporate dirty money at an alarming rate (on top of what they still get from John Q. Taxpayer), they’re always out bumming more every time you flip it to their station!

But jogging back to Facebook, NPR never once mentioned on the radio, what the Oversight Board actually is to Facebook. They mention Facebook created it, and that it’s funded by “an independent trust”.

But who can set up an “independent trust”? Anyone can. Facebook set up an “independent trust”, with Facebook money, and Facebook can go back and add more money later so it’s always true that an “independent trust” funds the “oversight board”. And Facebook only has to do what this board says, because it chooses to.

This is called “Industry Self-Regulation”. And it’s been a disaster every time. In fact, it’s the reason behind pretty much every governmental regulatory board we have now, even if they are no longer performing the job they were designed to do (due to regulatory capture and sabotage).

Facebook is essentially saying that they need no review and regulation, because “We’ve got this!”.

In the mean time, everything from child pornography to your parents posting hate directed at gay people and religions they don’t like and fake political information designed to create a badly misinformed public still goes on, and pretty much nothing is ever done about any of it.

The social rot that Facebook causes and/or amplifies continues.

Oddly, someone on the far-right that I was reading made an excellent point.

Facebook had way more to do with the January 6th Trump terrorists organizing than Parler ever did.

In fact, Parler actively removed those types of posts, while Facebook was letting people vandalize Congress while livestreaming it.

They used “deplatforming” to get rid of a potential competitor. Now all of these idiots like the January 6th people are still on Facebook, and nothing happens. Something like that may happen again and it’ll, again, be due to Facebook taking no action.

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