Support the Founders of GNU and Linux, Besieged by People and Corporations That Hate Development Communities and Seek Oppressive Monopoly Over Everything

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Summary: The founders of GNU and Linux (Stallman and Torvalds, respectively) want to give us free (as in freedom) software by which to control our destiny; the forces looking to demonise and marginalise both of them don’t have the same objectives (to whom they’re antithetical)

THE OLD monopolists (IBM in the mid-twentieth century and Microsoft in the later part of that century) don’t want people to control their computers and be in charge of their computing. What’s the surprise here? There’s no business model to it. They’d rather keep people perpetually dependent on corporations and, via corporations, dependent on governments too.

The brave new world... They called it LinuxworldThere’s a rarely explored theme in society and in civil society’s history, as seen in the antiwar movement and fights for a vote, for a fair salary, sick leave etc. What corporations want is very often the exact opposite of their workers’ needs. In the EPO, which nowadays acts like a for-profit corporation, Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos have treated patent examiners (i.e. people who do all the actual work) like disposable junk.

“Don’t let these career lobbyists dictate what we want or need. They don’t represent people (corporations are not people), they represent or front for the interests of money and power.”In the video above I express my thoughts about the current situation, seeing that the war on Stallman has mostly calmed down (for now) and Torvalds barely gets to make big decisions in his own project. There are several recent examples of the latter. Rust (funded by Google, developed by Mozilla, hosted by Microsoft) is a prominent instance of corporations/monopolies making the big decisions through front groups called “security” something while the corporate media portrays issues like weak passwords as a “Linux” problem (we shared several examples of that in our Daily Links this past week).

Remember that we’re stronger together and some groups that only claim to represent communities (e.g. GNOME Foundation and Linux Foundation) may in fact be partly or fully captured by monopolies. Don’t let these career lobbyists dictate what we want or need. They don’t represent people (corporations are not people), they represent or front for the interests of money and power.

Of note (from the video): How To Sign the Letter in Support of Richard Stallman Without GitHub


Reality is Warped When You Pay for ‘Perception Management’ (or: Bill Gates Pays Twitter for Propaganda)

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There are Gates-sponsored “tweets” (paid-for cruft) added to my timeline today

Public relations and Reality of Microsoft

Posted just over an hour ago:


Update: Two days have passed and it’s still happening. Screenshot below.



[Meme] The Real Gates Scandal is About Connections to Sex Trafficking (Epstein), Not Infidelity

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Bill Gates and Epstein; Gates divorce; Can we interest you in infidelity tales?

Summary: Some media is still trying to shift attention (some of the very same media that misdirected focus to Richard Stallman when a Gates-Epstein scandal unfolded at MIT), but people aren’t gullible enough


Bill Gates Exposed

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Published this week: Bill Gates known for ‘womanizing,’ naked pool parties, biographer says (a day after the same publisher commented on the reason/catalyst for the divorce being Epstein)

Last year: Bill and Melinda Gates Employee Took Photos of Young Boys at the Beach | Detectives Found That Bill Gates’ Engineer Took Photos of Latino Boys at the Beach. His Child Pornography Files Included Similar Material.

Bill Gates nude

Bill Gates on nudists

Summary: While publishers like ZDNet worked hard (on Microsoft’s budget) to distract us from real scandals many nefarious things were happening; are we witnessing the fall of Gates?

Welcome to ZDNet’s ‘Linux’ Section…

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About an hour ago: You Look for Linux News and Instead It’s Microsoft Noise and Openwashing

ZDNet's 'Linux' section...
Mary J. Nichols

Summary: ZDNet, which defamed RMS to help distract from Bill Gates scandals, is doing what the sponsors (IBM, Microsoft, Linux Foundation) pay for


[Meme] Bill Says, Bill Saves

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Bill Gates and not the wife

Gates saves

Summary: Bill Gates seems more likely to be indicted than to win a presidential election/term

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bill Gates’s Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein Caused the Bill-Melinda Divorce (While the Media Deflected to Dr. Stallman, Using a Phony ‘Scandal’)

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 1:44 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Related: Mansion of Pedophilia – Part II: Dr. Stallman Defamed in the Media One Day After Request Made for King County Sheriff’s Office to Divulge Information About Pedophilia in Home of Bill Gates

Video download link

Summary: It’s becoming rather obvious that there’s real substance to accusations that Mr. Gates was in some sense enabling Jeffrey Epstein; while Gates-funded media told us that he was saving us from climate change and a pandemic (PR stunts for empathy and sympathy) Melinda worked really hard to distance herself from him, the father of her kids

BACK in 2019 it was emerging that MIT had taken money from Bill Gates through his close friend, Jeffrey Epstein. But media was making a fuss over Richard Stallman, with help from Murdoch-owned sites/channels/papers (as we showed at the time). The same media that has just published this piece. That same media now says (in the headline) that “Melinda Gates Was Meeting With Divorce Lawyers Since 2019 to End Marriage With Bill Gates” — a subject we already mentioned the other day following the news about the divorce.

Bill Gates Paid MIT Through Jeffrey EpsteinIt certainly feels like there’s not much left to say, but the main development is mostly of a confirmatory nature. It serves to confirm what we’ve been saying for years.

David Enrich wrote: “Our 2019 story about Bill Gates’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein appears to have been a key catalyst precipitating the Bill-Melinda divorce, according to @WSJ…”

And to quote: “The philanthropist had discussions with lawyers in October 2019 around when the Microsoft co-founder’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein became public…”

An associate sent us two new examples from two large publishers (including New York Times) that very clearly serve to distract from this. We’re omitting links to these. The other day we saw some British tabloids doing the same thing.

“An associate sent us two new examples from two large publishers (including New York Times) that very clearly serve to distract from this.”“NBC is running interference,” Ryan, wrote in #techrights some hours ago. “They had an article saying nothing unusual about the divorce because many people that age are doing it. That has not been my experience. If a marriage can last into your 50s it can usually last until one of you dies.”

Maybe their best hope is that nobody will notice or only a few people will notice (or get confused, uncertain about the whole thing). For a very long time the corporate media used the typical news slant to distract from this very scandal that caused the divorce itself. Are they still doing that? What does that say about such media? Some people comment on this in other languages, but will international media finally report this far and wide? We now have permanent copies of some articles [1, 2], in case the wording changes later (or the articles get completely removed).

If it led to an actual divorce, then Melinda certainly knows it’s not some phony scandal but there’s something really troubling there. People in that age group don’t typically divorce (if they make it that far). Ryan notes that “calling antimaskers nudists is pretty bizarre,” referring to Gates calling people “nudists” while he himself was hanging out with Epstein.

“It’s very clear that Melinda has been trying to distance herself from her own husband while the media celebrated and hailed him as if he was champion of the universe.”“Why would the media suddenly feel the “courage” to report on the Gates/Epstein connection,” Gordon asked, “2 years after the fact?”

Ryan noted that “for at fault divorce, they have to have done something really bad. Like infect you with an STD, convicted of a heinous crime, tried to murder you or have you murdered, or you need to prove they were having an affair. It’s so hard to get an at fault divorce that many people who have been wronged agree to a no fault to avoid more court proceedings.”

“Melinda knows what’s up,” Ryan continued, “but it would humiliate her and possibly make her open to prosecution to out him. Some jurisdictions have a “know about a crime and don’t report it is a crime” on the books.”

As I note in the video, this serves to vindicate Richard Stallman in several ways, especially considering the timing or the timeline. It certainly does seem like events of the past two years (like greenwashing by Gates) were planned in the context of something a lot bigger, maybe even an impending indictment. It’s very clear that Melinda has been trying to distance herself from her own husband while the media celebrated and hailed him as if he was champion of the universe. If he’s such a genius and an international hero (like media insisted, sometimes because it was paid to print/say that), why is the wife so mortified and eager to run away from him?

[Meme] Bill, What’s Your Opinion?

Posted in Bill Gates at 1:26 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Bill says

Way to distract from science; Way to distract from Epstein (interjecting oneself into a disaster)

Summary: While it’s ludicrous to insinuate that Mr. Gates somehow “started” COVID-19 he certainly “rode the wave” for reputation laundering purposes, profit, and distraction from scandals that precede the epidemic in China (and caused his marriage to break down)

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