[Meme] When the Patent Office Controls Kangaroo Patent Courts and Judges

Posted in Courtroom, Europe, Law, Patents at 6:50 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

All EPO-granted patents are valid

Summary: The EPO has been hijacked by industry and its lobbyists; now the same is happening to EU patent courts, even though it is illegal and unconstitutional


[Meme] Unified Patent Court Versus Judges (That Aren’t Fully Controlled by the EPO’s Junta, the Controversial Granting Authority)

Posted in Courtroom, Europe, Law, Patents at 7:45 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: The EPO is preparing to start its own (controlled) kangaroo ‘court’ to help hide the effect of patent bubbles (mountains of legally-invalid monopolies)


[Meme] Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC): ‘Doing a Putin’ on European Patent Courts

Posted in Courtroom, Europe, Law, Patents at 8:39 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Klaus Grabinski/I Should Buy A Boat Cat: are you telling me the EU is a pretext for kangaroo courts now

Summary: Desperate to overcome “legal barriers” (i.e. to break the law) and impose European software patents on the whole of the EU, Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos have worked to dismantle European patent courts, replacing them with an organ that the EPO controls and can compel to hide the surging invalidity rates (at the expense of the EU’s credibility and reputation; remember that the EPO is partly outsourced to Belarus)


[Meme] Too Many Fake European Patents? So Start Fake European Courts for Patents.

Posted in Courtroom, Deception, Europe, Patents at 7:35 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

EPO going down the toilet in pursuit of short-term profits

António Campinos and Klaus Grabinski: Madame, don't mind us starting kangaroo courts

Summary: António Campinos, who sent EPO money to Belarus, insists that the EPO is doing well; nothing could be further from the truth and EPO corruption is actively threatening the EU (or its legitimacy)


3 Months to Progress Pension Fraud Investigations in the United Kingdom

Posted in Courtroom, Deception, Finance, Fraud, Free/Libre Software at 11:01 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Fraud investigations in the era of bankers going rogue

Hey it's still better than sportwashing qatar

Summary: Based on our experiences and findings, one simply cannot rely on pension providers to take fraud seriously (we’ve been working as a group on this); all they want is the money and risk does not seem to bother them, even when there’s an actual crime associated with pension-related activities

THIS site isn’t a personal site (unlike my personal blog and personal site, schestowitz.com), but the issue seems commonplace and it impacts workers in “tech” (in my case, my former employer was an early sponsor of the Free Software Foundation).

I wanted to just post a quick update to say that 2 days ago I contacted two pension providers regarding their ongoing investigations of actual fraud. I wrote to them:

Is there any concrete progress on this yet?

This back-and-forth inquiry with your staff has gone on since January.

We’re fast approaching April and former Sirius staff does not want to be left aside as “April’s fools”.

The company is rapidly losing clients and may soon have key evidence in its shredders. Please progress this ASAP, even if there are not many of us and Sirius is not a large company.

We need action, not merely acknowledgements.

45 hours have passed and not even a reply from them!

“How long will it take for pension providers to take action? Will they wait until the company goes bankrupt?”One of the pension providers has not yet delivered what it promised it would send. The other has been mostly sitting on it for 3 weeks already. So what’s going on? Is this how Britain’s pension industry deals with fraud?

Sirius, the company, is ‘in hiding’ and it is losing customers (we kept noting escalation would follow for failure to provide a real address; it seems possible they not only squandered many people’s pensions but went even further). How long will it take for pension providers to take action? Will they wait until the company goes bankrupt? It might be too late by then. At a later stage we’ll explain why such delays can implicate the pension providers, making them partly accountable/complicit.

Sirius wasn’t always this rogue. Those pension providers too used to be more trustworthy, even putting their logos on athletes’ uniform to earn some trust (as if football is a badge of integrity). At one point Sirius had its logo on the jerseys of a young people’s football team (photo above), but that was a very long time ago. Nowadays it seems like the CEO of Sirius can barely even afford a shirt. Last time he held a company meeting he was wearing a rib shirt. No kidding.


German UPCA Ratification Was Expected, But It Does Nothing to Resolve Brexit (UK Cannot Ratify), So Unified Patent Court (UPC) Remains Illegal and Unconstitutional, Violating Several Conventions and Harming Europe’s Image, Economy, Access to Justice

Posted in Courtroom, Deception, Europe, Patents at 9:27 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The undemocratic patent conspiracy (UPC): We'll just call it something misleading

Summary: The Unified Patent Court Agreement (UPCA) was ratified in Germany, but noboby expected Germany not to ratify (in fact it happened very late after several delays) and the signature of the UK is still required, but since the UK is no longer in the EU it is unable to do so, which means that any efforts to start the Unified Patent Court (UPC) would be illegal and would be legally challenged in high courts while the EPO has several of its own crises, including a collapse in patent numbers and patent quality

Some people have asked us in IRC — and even over E-mail — about the EPO‘s statement as well as cheerleading from Team UPC (already in Daily Links).

They basically pretend that a German ratification means that the UPC is about to start, but nothing could be further from the truth. The original expectation was German ratification last year, but this did not happen. And the German ratification is a bit of a red herring, though one that’s wildly spun by the lying lobbyists, including António Campinos and Benoît Battistelli‘s cronies.

We’ll say a lot more about it in the coming days as European software patents are at stake.


How Carbon Accounting Became a Cover for Fast-Languishing Sirius Open Source Ltd.

Posted in Courtroom, Deception, Free/Libre Software, Law at 9:33 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Just two days before the witch-hunt began:

Address change at Sirius

Summary: Sirius ‘Open Source’ is what people in the UK would likely consider/deem a “dodgy” company; today we revisit some aspects of that

IN many screenshots and PDFs shared here before (see the wiki for index) we’ve shown that Sirius changed its address many times before the witch-hunts. We also habitually present evidence that this company is too broke to be worth suing as it can take 12 months for a decision to be handed down; by then, the company might be bankrupt already, unable to pay. Apropos, regarding Microsoft layoffs, some anonymous employees say that the layoffs started last week and some people aren’t being paid severance. We’ll wait and see if more verifiable accounts can be found.

“We’ve used those document to show it’s getting worse over time as unbearable debt makes Sirius incapable of continued operations.”Over the past few years I occasionally downloaded documents (didn’t know years later we’d end up presenting and uploading them!) from what’s known here as “companies house” — basically a companies’ registry with PDFs hosted in AWS (millions of documents about British companies outsourced to another continent, which is ironic!). We’ve used those documents to show it’s getting worse over time as unbearable debt makes Sirius incapable of continued operations. We moreover hypothesise that the company is running away to dodge litigation and maybe dodge payments to the two ex-wives and 4 daughters, especially the young ones (early teens at this point in time).

It doesn’t look good, does it? It would be very difficult to sue or take this to court for dispute resolution. It’s not clear who to even sue because the company is registered at the address of Carbon Accounting and the UK ‘CEO’, whose own business is also registered at the address of an accountancy, is hiding his home address. He literally sends us letters without a return address. So it’s not only unclear where the company is actually based but also where its managers are based. You cannot simply sent legal letters to Carbon Accounting. It would make no sense. Carbon Accounting would turn the bailiff away.

“This is especially upsetting because as far back as 2019 I insisted on getting some answers. But managers were mum; they were beyond evasive. The “cabal” had a sort of conspiracy of silence, as obviously the Office Manager and Support Manager who sat there in the contract-signing knew what was going on but did not tell the staff.”Putting aside the fact that the company is registered with the accountants (Carbon Accounting) — a subject that I confronted the CEO about back in October (over the telephone!) — the address in the US may be an apartment and the addresses there seem inconsistent. The absent boss is also “sleek like an eel”, to use a term we mentioned the other week. Basically, the company now advertises itself as American (despite having at most one American staff member, a relatively recent recruit), it is playing legal tricks (and not following British law, even here in the UK), it tricked us all into signing of contracts we had not even seen (we’ll cover this later this month), and it keeps tricking people by storytelling, hiding the true story and the true state of the company.

This is especially upsetting because as far back as 2019 I insisted on getting some answers. But managers were mum; they were beyond evasive. The “cabal” had a sort of conspiracy of silence, as obviously the Office Manager and Support Manager who sat there in the contract-signing knew what was going on but did not tell the staff. I asked about the whole “US” thing and got no answers at all.

Lying to staff is about as bad as refusing to answer questions when asked. Something was being signed by the company with the Gates Foundation under an NDA.

In the next part we’ll explain how a “training and workshop” invitation turned out to be a trap, based on sheer deceit and obfuscation.


Microsoft and Its Media Partners Are Rebranding Plagiarism as ‘Hey Hi’ (AI) to Trivialise the Abuse

Posted in Courtroom, Deception, Law, Microsoft at 1:20 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Published 5 hours ago to highlight how Microsoft moles inside the media have covered it (e.g. Gralla):

Summary: “A video covering my concern with the way news stories are written about Microsoft and its blatant attack on open source code and the theft of open source code. Please take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.”

Also see: Open Source Initiative is a Shameless Megaphone and Advocate for Microsoft’s Proprietary Software (GitHub). It Also Encourages Copyright and GPL Violations (Plagiarism Disguised as ‘AI’).

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