The Biggest Troll is the Linux Foundation, Still Looking to Provoke and Defame Free Software Communities in Order to Help a Monopolistic Takeover and to Shoehorn Tyrants Into Leadership Positions

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Summary: Contrary to what the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation is trying to say, the most toxic element is itself; it’s maligning the real community while protecting abusive and racist corporations that profit from war and tribalism-motivated hatred

THE above video is the latest of many on this topic (many of these links can be found in the IBM wiki). It’s a very important topic many are simply reluctant to even touch, perhaps for fear of being called all sorts of unflattering things. Many people lost sight of the fact that there was a hidden hand called ‘Linux’ Foundation in last month’s (and end of March) botched attacks on the founder/father of the GNU/Linux operating system, which turns 38 later this year. Foundation staff, both past and present, pulled strings behind the scenes. We took note of that. It’s obvious why they really dislike him. The sponsors can't stand him and are increasingly unwilling to coexist with him because it’s a war of ideas, not a cult of personalities. It’s no mistake or coincidence that IBM is happy to outsource its code to Microsoft, a de facto attack on sharing. To IBM, it's about overlapping interests and they want a monopoly back.

“Merely stating some inconvenient facts can get one ostracised.”A long time ago we came to the conclusion that, based on some recent hires, the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation became a bunch of corporate trolls, some of whom came from Microsoft. Those people and the corporations they front for use the word “master” a lot (the video shows some recent examples), but they have the audacity to tell real communities that it’s “racist” and bigoted (and that lack of diversity in Computer Science/STEM is the fault of such communities). Upon closer inspection of course it’s just a lie. In fact, many of these communities are a lot more diverse than the corporations which have long made such accusations.

The video above takes stock of recent articles (e.g. “IBM Founder (Watson) Gave a Nazi Salute, Admired Hitler, Said Hitler Was Doing the Right Thing” and “New Interview With Edwin Black: IBM Has Never Apologised, Instead It Hid Its Role in Nazi Germany”), it shows that rather than promoting Free software or even “Open Source” — a term they prefer for openwashing their corporate masters — they’re training for outsourcing to proprietary traps (clown computing with mass surveillance).

IBM and Ivanka TrumpAs pointed out along the lines, imagine Greg K-H responding to Microsoft’s attacks on Linux the same way he responds to UMN’s rogue patches. Novell paid him his salary for a long time and some of that money came from Microsoft, so don’t expect staff of the ‘Linux’ Foundation to bite the palm which feeds. Those people are trolling the community, the real community, which they hope to weaken if not completely destroy. The front page of Linux.com currently shows 3 times the same headline (“‘Master,’ ‘Slave’ and the Fight Over Offensive Terms in Computing”), linking to the Web site of the Linux Foundation. “Watson®” is a lot more offensive than “Whitelist” and “Master”, as we said last year, but somehow we’re supposed to focus on communities as the real problem. A year ago we published “Let’s Ban Bombings, Not Words (Corporations Taking Away People’s Freedom of Speech So They Can Bomb ’in Peace’)”, earlier this year we published “Microsoft: Nationalism As A Service (NaaS)”, “The Linux Foundation is Trying to Obscure Racism Using Microsoft-Inspired Tactics (Vouchers Disguised as Actual Money)”, and there’s also “Linux Foundation, With Zero African-American Employees (in a Country Where 13.4% Identify as African-American), Boasts About Its “Support for the Black Community”…”

It’s a recurring theme, isn’t it? Very racist corporations, or corporate bullies that bomb people, are saying to the actual, real community (people who write code) that it is bigoted and intolerant, not inclusive etc. Classic corporate trolling. They’re hijacking civil rights causes to troll the very people who cherish and protect those. They even troll the IRC channels while sabotaging GNU/Linux. It’s not limited to race either; they leverage the gender card (e.g. “Linux Foundation (Men for Monopolies) Once Again Hijacking Women’s (and Minorities’) Voices for Public Relations” as cited in the video, just before “Removing Our Leaders Because of Diversity is Disingenuous and Hypocritical”).

IBM is not BLMAs we put it a few months ago: “The problem is, as we’ve noted before, this is a distraction from racists and bigots who profit from war. They don’t get a job at the Foundation by participating in protests but by cheering for billionaires.”

If we’re not citing a broad range of different sites, it’s mostly because there’s reluctance to touch the topic. Many who know this to be true don’t want to say it out in public. With concepts like “safe space” and “code of conduct” the ramifications might simply be too great. Merely stating some inconvenient facts can get one ostracised.

“The Lolita Express” and Prince Bill

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 2:18 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: “The Lolita Express” scandals return to haunt pool old Bill, as it turns out his wife was upset and it’s quite likely the reason for their divorce

AS we have just noted, the Gates Foundation is facing new challenges because there’s no “Bill and Melinda” anymore and it turns out Melinda is “furious” at Bill’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (which he sometimes kept secret from her and the foundation). The media was happy to deflect for years, but more questions/concerns arise in light of the divorce.

“Contrary to what many people were led to believe, many of those questions hadn’t been answered. “The video above seeks to illuminate the importance of reports published earlier this week and even hours ago. We hope that the media will find a backbone or enough of a spine to carry on investigating like it's supposed to (answering simple questions like, why did Bill go abroad Epstein’s notorious plane, “The Lolita Express”?).

No comment. Ask my spokesperson.Contrary to what many people were led to believe, many of those questions hadn’t been answered. Bill likes to pass the queries to creative lawyers and spokespeople, as he fears answering them all by himself (he already got caught lying several times about his relationship with Epstein).

“The Lolita Express” passengers log:

“The Lolita Express” passengers log: Stop asking me questions!

Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Gates and Prince Andrew
Those are real photographs by the way (and not too old, either)

The Latest Reports About Bill Gates Serve to Confirm or at Least Reaffirm Many People’s Suspicions

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception at 12:01 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Related: Mansion of Pedophilia – Part II: Dr. Stallman Defamed in the Media One Day After Request Made for King County Sheriff’s Office to Divulge Information About Pedophilia in Home of Bill Gates

After Epstein and before Epstein

Summary: So, just as many people suspected, Melinda Gates did not appreciate [1] her husband sneaking behind her back to meet someone who had trafficked thousands of underage girls for sexual exploitation and there are high-profile calls right now [2] for greater transparency, seeing the impact [3] on the world’s biggest tax evasion vehicle

  1. Melinda Gates Warned Bill About Jeffrey Epstein

    Melinda Gates met with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein alongside her husband Bill in New York City and soon after said she was furious at the relationship between the two men, according to people familiar with the situation.

  2. The People v. Bill Gates

    Bill and Melinda Gates have asked for privacy after their divorce announcement, but a storm of attention seems more likely. Interest in their marital arrangements isn’t merely prurient. They are public figures and their personal lives have political ramifications. The urgent question in global health circles is what will happen to their powerhouse foundation in the wake of their split. Large amounts of funding hang in the balance.

    Even before the divorce, public opinion was shifting. A year ago, many people were sympathetic to Bill Gates, and even outraged on his behalf, when he became the target of conspiracy theories spread by QAnon and other groups, suggesting the pandemic was all part of a secret plan to implant microchips in people. More recently, though, as his opposition to waiving patents on vaccines has become better known, it isn’t only the conspiracists who are angry with him.

    People are once again asking – as they did when he was at the helm of Microsoft during its anti-trust legal battles – whether it’s right for one private individual to wield so much economic and political power. For two decades the question seemed to have gone away: after all, how could anyone dislike the world’s most charitable man?

    But as I argued a few years ago in No Such Thing As a Free Gift, Gates has long deserved more critical scrutiny than he has received, especially since a lot of the Gates Foundation’s money is channelled to western researchers and pharmaceutical companies, exacerbating inequality between the global north and global south. Gates has also long refused to concede that current patent protections on drugs and vaccines are unfair and biased against the interests of poor nations, making it legally difficult for them to respond to health emergencies even when they have the scientific knowhow.

    Private philanthropy in general can be a threat to democratic accountability and a just society. Reverence for big donors implies that billions of underpaid and exploited people should be satisfied with philanthropic crumbs from a self-appointed aristocracy rather than entitled to economic justice. What’s really needed for a fairer, more equal society is not charity but justice, though Gates has long presumed otherwise.


    The rioters were wrong about cholera, but understood all too well that the economic and political system was biased against them. The disease was brought to them by a corporation that had plundered India for the gain of aristocrats and the upper-middle classes, while labourers were paid crumbs to live and die in mills, mines and factories throughout the world. Today, Covid-19 disproportionately afflicts the poor, especially women and men of colour, while the rich have the means to barricade themselves against it.

    Bill Gates, like William IV before him, sits at the apex of a global financial empire. The people who are angry with him, rightly or wrongly, shouldn’t be blamed for appreciating this reality. The blame lies with the billionaires like Gates who pretend the system works fine.

  3. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation crumbles

    Gates is like all of the tech oligarchs. They act like Republicans but, to maintain their monopolies, for protection they fund the Democrats. There is this unholy alliance between them and establishment Democrats. They give money, and Dems act like they are taxing them, all the while giving them tax breaks and deals on the side so the blue collar proletariat does not catch on.

    It is an article of faith with tech titans that you can cheaply buy your protection from Democrats, like a Third World country and the police. And from whom are they paying to be protected? From the government itself.

    This is like Northern hedge funds with their loophole called “carried interest,” wherein they can defer and not pay taxes on their management fees indefinitely. The more you know about how these guys work, the more disheartened you are.

    Bill Gates did take a meeting with Donald Trump when Trump was president. It was historic: two of the worst haircuts in the history of man in the same room.


Disregard Web Sites That Call Themselves ‘News’ and Instead Promote Proprietary Software for Companies Like Microsoft

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, Microsoft at 11:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: Publishers like IDG have long been paid-for marketing in ‘article’ clothing, sometimes with the veneer of ‘reporting’ (as if they have some inside knowledge or insight, e.g. speaking with or for the company they secretly coordinate with or market for); but sadly we’ve been seeing some so-called ‘Linux’ sites doing the same thing, in effect acting like de facto Microsoft marketers

THE so-called ‘news’ is mostly junk. Mostly. I mean, one has to watch carefully for real news sites, as opposed to spam farms and this plague of sponsored fake 'reports'. They’ve come to dominate the Web, replacing actual journalism with PR. It’s not always easy to spot them though; it helps to know and keep abreast of site names and moreover the track record of pertinent authors.

“Journalism and investigative (inquisitive and in-depth) reporting about Free software and GNU/Linux is still a small niche, a specialised area that requires trust for access to privileged sources with scoops.”In any event, this video deals with Microsoft googlebombing of so-called ‘news’ sites which claim to cover Linux but instead help Microsoft promote proprietary software, based on false pretenses (like false claims of ‘porting’ to GNU/Linux, WSL being “Linux” rather than Vista 10, or SQL Server being really available for GNU/Linux).

FOSSMint is not FOSSTowards the end I make recommendations. In the video I said “Linux 9 to 5″ but it’s “9 to 5 Linux”, https://9to5linux.com/ (I don’t edit videos or redo videos, so it’s too late to correct it in the video). Some sites are smart enough to know what’s really news and what’s just pure noise. The person behind “9 to 5 Linux” actually left Softpedia, where a Microsoft operative turned the GNU/Linux section into a Microsoft propaganda dump. What a sad loss of what used to be an invaluable source of news… sometimes there are gifts (e.g. “access”) or payments exchanging hands. They don’t disclose it upfront and they can be very evasive when caught. This may merit another, seperate, future video. This may merit another, separate, future video. As recently as an hour ago I found another new example of sponsored “articles” with Microsoft strings. They’re being clever about it, so there are several layers of indirection, e.g. so-called ‘analysts’ paid by Microsoft through the employer.

Journalism and investigative (inquisitive and in-depth) reporting about Free software and GNU/Linux is still a small niche, a specialised area that requires trust for access to privileged sources with scoops. It’s becoming hard to recommend sites that aren’t compromised. Many so-called ‘Linux’ sites became spam farms, affiliate marketing, SEO opportunists, or just dead/defunct/offline. The sponsored garbage isn’t always properly tagged, either. Earlier today we explained how EPO crooks (Benoît Battistelli, António Campinos, and their close friends/former colleagues) misuse EPO budget to corrupt the media. Companies such as IBM and Microsoft do the same thing, and have done so for decades (usually without disclosures in the puff pieces, unless the payments for placements are very direct and overt). Don’t participate in their PR charade, either wittingly or unwittingly. Credibility cannot be bought and it can be lost for eternity with just one error/mistake in judgment.

“If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.”

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Europe’s Second-Largest Institution Corrupting the Media and Buying Expensive Puff Pieces

Posted in Deception, Europe, Marketing, Patents at 7:22 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: As annual reports reveal, the EPO wastes an extraordinary amount of money on reputation laundering campaigns and it pollutes the signal by paying publishers; we examine this issue using the new ‘reports’ shown in the video above

TWO days ago the EPO was kicking off the media manipulation campaigns for European Inventor Award (first wave of several, 6 weeks upfront!) — means by which Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos interject themselves into media puff pieces that portray them as some sort of champions (of science). It’s either laughable or enraging, depends on an examiner’s mood at the time of reading. People who do none of the actual work (neither examination nor discovery) take credit for it all. They serve monopolists and even Microsoft’s patent trolls (e.g. Intellectual Ventures, which is reportedly shaking down European companies with patents like EP 16 94 020, as reported a short while ago).

Is this innovation? As in “European Inventor Award”? Their finalist who was a huge fraud is responsible for patents that are used for trolling French companies looking for solutions to COVID-19. How’s that for “European Inventor Award”?

“It’s nothing to do with celebrating science or promoting science. It’s hardly about patents, either.”We’ve continued observing the ridiculous puff pieces and who’s doing them. Last night we found this press release [1] and several puff pieces [2,3], even outside Europe [4,5], sometimes localised for different audiences/languages.

Surely there’s more to come, with 1.5 months left between now and the webstreams they dub “event” (or other misleading words for grandeur). All that fluff in the media is costing a lot of money and it distracts from corruption; it’s the real reason/motivation. It’s nothing to do with celebrating science or promoting science. It’s hardly about patents, either.

URLs/articles from the video (in order of appearance)

  1. Honoring a Pioneer in Tissue Engineering: Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic Named European Inventor Award 2021 Finalist
  2. London-based entrepreneur who created leather alternative from pineapple leaves nominated for top award
  3. Dublin designer invents pineapple leaf alternative to leather
  4. The European Patent Office Announces Boston-based Microbiologists Kim Lewis and Slava S. Epstein as European Inventor Award 2021 Finalists
  5. EPO announces Indian-American chemist Sumita Mitra as European Inventor Award 2021 finalist


Lessons From Another Failed Coup Against the Free Software Movement

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, FSF, GNU/Linux at 7:10 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

An uptick this past day or two, with the hate letter only going downwards this past month (this is barely visible in the graph due to the scale of the support letter, soon to exceed 6,700 signatures)

RMS letters
The curve at the bottom is actually moving down

Summary: The coup has very clearly failed and we should prepare for future attempts (they go in cycles); the monopolies really dislike software they cannot control fully (e.g. copyleft/GPL-licensed software)

THE LESSON of the notorious letter, as we noted on Wednesday morning, is that when you base a petition on a lie people will sooner or later wake up and walk away.

“The Free Software Movement will survive this. We have a much more powerful message than the lies of corporate operatives.”The news has been admittedly slow, so Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols decided to use ZDNet to suddenly resurrect ‘news’ (not really) from last month and earlier today, perhaps due to ZDNet, It’s FOSS did the same.

Win 98 CDWe’ve decided to replot the graph (shown above), based on the latest figures. We’ve meanwhile set up a Wiki page about the GNOME Foundation, which has long been plotting a coup against the FSF (the announcement from Stallman was merely used as an excuse or a ‘trigger’; they personify things to go ad hominem), looking to also distort the meaning of Free software.

The Free Software Movement will survive this. We have a much more powerful message than the lies of corporate operatives.

Phony ‘Scandals’ From Phony ‘News’ Site ZDNet

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, FSF, GNU/Linux at 7:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols continues the coup against the FSF (trying to separate it from its founder, Richard Stallman), funded by IBM and Microsoft to engage in libel at a marketing company-owned ‘news’ site called ZDNet

THE latest nonsense from the so-called ‘cancel mob’ has landed in LXer (second from the top of the front page at the time of writing), so a rebuttal is probably worthwhile, even if it’s almost an hour long. As we said a few days ago, “The Coup Against Free Software is Not Over” because the coup plotters try to pick up the pieces and resume the slanderous attacks. They try to divide people by misleading to them, outright lying to them (read "The Practice of Ritual Defamation"). Then they wonder why their employers are increasingly distrusted if not loathed.

“The way things stand, we can expect the likes of Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols and Bully de Blanc to keep on throwing punches…”Geoffrey Knauth, the FSF’s president, is in good terms with Dr. Stallman and the GNU Project has just shown signs of health. The FSF’s Board is bigger than (or as big as) it has been in years (since 2019) with Ian Kelling added and it must be very frustrating to the coup plotters, funded by the likes of Microsoft and IBM, that the FSF is even more pro-Stallman than it was before the attacks. Oh, how badly this whole thing backfired!

The way things stand, we can expect the likes of Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols and Bully de Blanc to keep on throwing punches (well, Bully has said nothing in about a month, except once; it’s like she vanished in the defunct GNOME Foundation). The tantrums and hissy fits of monopolists with bipolar disorder.


EPO Already Wasting Money on Media Manipulation Campaigns for European Inventor Award

Posted in Deception, Europe, Patents at 11:04 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: An online-only European Inventor Award ‘event’ is being used as a pretext/excuse to flood European publishers with money they can rightly perceive as ‘hush money’; everyone out there with no spine would likely buckle at the sight of EPO euros and just produce mindless puff pieces that serve to distract from EPO corruption

THIS afternoon we saw a ridiculous (‘goodwill’ storytelling) puff piece in the Irish Times [1] after another one from Innovation Origin [2] (spotted this morning), a site with a tradition of EPO propaganda, e.g. [3-5]. In [4] they promote European software patent trolls, some of the very worst ones in fact!

“Bear in mind it’s still 1.5 months away and it’s not even an event (no travel), just a bunch of people connecting for chats over the Internet.”Moments before deciding to make this video we caught glimpse of a paid-for press releases (see [6] for an example in English; surely they do the same in other languages for other “markets”).

Why waste money on all this? Bear in mind it’s still 1.5 months away and it’s not even an event (no travel), just a bunch of people connecting for chats over the Internet. To quote the EPO itself [7]: “The 2021 European Inventor Award winners will be announced at a ceremony beginning at 19:00 CEST on 17 June 2021, which has this year been reimagined as a digital event for a global audience. The ceremony will be open to the public and held in an extended reality format.”

Notice how António Campinos is presented as some famous expert in science and patents (he’s an expert in neither; same as Benoît Battistelli).

Links from the video (in order of appearance):

  1. Dublin based designer named finalist in European Inventor Award
  2. Transferring safely from ship to rig on the high seas in no time – Innovation Origin
  3. The more patents the better, for SMEs as well – Innovation Origins
  4. Alessandro Volta should champion Italian innovation – Innovation Origin
  5. Much more innovation is needed to meet CO2 targets by 2050’ – Innovation Origin
  6. SME tech saves seabirds from death: Ben and Pete Kibel named European Inventor Award 2021 finalists
  7. European Inventor Award 2021 finalists announced (warning: epo.org link)

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