[Meme] Divine Protection

Posted in Europe, Patents at 12:32 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Mask? No need. I'm the f***ing president.

Summary: You won’t find Monopoly Tony (António Campinos) wearing a mask at the EPO because the rules of the Office do not apply to him

António Campinos and the Alicante Clique (EPO Management, Appointed Based on Nepotism Despite Lack of Qualifications) Nowadays Exploiting Kids for PR Charades

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Video download link | md5sum d4bf9bfb9a51470afb466c2c5991c77e
Campinos Wooing the Children
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The sick old habit of exploiting kids for Public Relations (PR) and marketing purposes is all too common at the EPO (they’re constantly exploiting “the children” [1, 2, 3, 4] to associate criticism of the EPO with demeaning the young and innocent), but the management — which enjoys nepotism and immunity rather than relevant skills — carries on today and it’s being called “inaugural”

“Young Inventors”. What does that even mean? When I was a teenager I saw that word being used to describe me and my friends (who were also my classmates). 20 years later I saw newspaper articles about it, mis-portraying what we did as “inventing patents” though we never bothered with patents at all*. Maybe we were used for propaganda in the media. But at age 15 or 16 I did not quite understand what was going on*.

Fast-forward to 2022 and we now see the EPO doing this too. Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos have been increasingly using the children or “girls” (young and also gender aspect; the EPO likes talking about schoolgirls) for marketing fluff, much like the pinkwashing and greenwashing [1, 2] stunts. This latest one (warning: epo.org link) is a marketing stunt and it’s currently plastered all over the front page of epo.org, nowadays a propaganda front of Team Campinos and Team UPC.

“He has no idea what he’s doing and sometimes he sounds drunk, though he casually blames “jet lag”.”Regarding Campinos (or Monopoly Tony), we previously showed how he advocated indoctrinating children for so-called “IP”. We shared two videos about that; he also did this 2 months ago in this recorded session (it’s as shallow as a desert creek) and he loves hanging out with patent maximalists and lobbyists, not scientists, as he did months ago with CIPA, the Team UPC’s biggest fanatics in the UK. He calls himself “nomad” and says he has not settled in at EPO (in 2021), though he still seeks reappointment. He has no idea what he’s doing and sometimes he sounds drunk, though he casually blames “jet lag”. This nonchalant attitude has been passed to his son.

And now, on top of the “Inventor” PR charade (waste of money and very risky, more so during COVID-19), he’s looking to leverage youngesters, not just the work of actual scientists for reputation laundering of dictators, a.k.a. techwashing [1, 2]. Sometimes there’s even posthumous exploitation. We gave examples in past years. So in other words, the EPO also exploits the dead for techwashing.
* This is a bit personal. I vaguely recall my duty as the financial manager of my Junior Achievement team (Young Enterprise equivalent), which won the national final, surpassing 210 rival teams. We consequently competed in the international final in Copenhagen. I was selected for the voiceover job used for this national Junior Achievement representation (explanation of our project). I later met the mayor. He likely used us all for political gain. Sure, we received recogniton (and gifts); but he likely sought to benefit from that politically.

[Meme] Snake on a Plane

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Antimasker on plane: I'm the f***ing president

Summary: The EPO‘s President ‘Monopoly Tony’ (António Campinos), whom you never see wearing a mask (none of the photo ops; he does not even socially distance himself from peers, he wears sneakers instead of masks) during the height of a pandemic, is the "f***ing president"; don’t tell him to wear one…


António Campinos Promotes Software Patents Using Buzzwords and Sketchy Loopholes With Dubious Legal Basis

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Video download link | md5sum 44b3419362542c356e847d6acc42261b
Campinos Rigs Processes
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: ‘Monopoly Tony’ (António Campinos) is shamelessly manipulating EPO processes at both ends (sender and receiver) to facilitate the illegal granting of invalid European software patents; we’re meant to think this former EU official and imposter (banker) is some guru in the sciences because he reads a lousy speech crafted for him with lots of meaningless buzzwords peppered all over it (he’s not good at reading it, either)

A few years ago António Campinos gave read an opening speech about so-called ‘Hey Hi’ (AI) and blockchain, clearly demonstrating a lack of understanding. Campinos has no background in science, he lacks the required qualifications to lead (or even just work in) the EPO, but he’s there for a reason — the very same reason Benoît Battistelli was there at the EPO for eight years, acting as a human wrecking ball who demolishes quality assurance while granting endless bogus patents in the name of so-called ‘productivity’.

Patenting buzzwordsThe video above shows Mr. Campinos resorting to or name-dropping buzzwords (sometimes trasient hype waves) in an appeal to pseudo-novelty. He instructs applicants to follow some volatile tricks in drafting of patents while at the same time changing guidelines to suits these tricks. Fashion-based drafting. So he’s bypassing the law at both the sending and the receiving end — something he openly boasted about when speaking to lobbyists in the US (IPO event). Undermining the law in this fashion is, in and of itself, a violation of the law. But welcome to the bizarre world of diplomatic immunity. In the EPO, no matter how severe the crime, you’ll never be punished. To make matters worse, management figures (part of a clique of nepotism) can violate internal rules such as the Code of Conduct without ever facing consequences and, if that’s not bad enough, violating the very legal basis of the EPO (namely the EPC) is “fair play” as long as lobbyists are satisfied.

When condemning Campinos we ought not focus on superficial things. There’s no lack of perfectly legitimate issues. We should not focus on the language (English is likely his third language after French and Portuguese) but his utter disrespect for the Rule of Law. Remember where he came from and how he got there, furthermore corroding trust and integrity, mostly through cheating and nepotism, i.e. the usual in today’s EPO. The level of skill and experience at the EPO has plunged.

[Meme] Jorgotta Be Kidding Us, Campinos!

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EPC: can't patent this! Monopoly Tony

Summary: Monopoly Tony (António Campinos) runs the EPO by attacking the very legal basis of the EPO’s existence

Unified Patent Court (UPC) Relies Too Much on Lies and Mischief Without Any Basis in Law

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Video download link | md5sum 6893a11c73dd1b40d18477be9fee3452
UPC Deceit
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Today’s video runs through the typical (weekly) lies from Team UPC — lies that are very easy to debunk; Team UPC not only drafted the thing but also looks to profit from it while misleading politicians and bribing publishers to spread intentionally misleading statements (lies)

THE FIGHT AGAINST European software patents is still going on. We’re making small wins, but the war isn’t over. It’s always far from over because the lobbyists have deep pockets and endless ambition, patience, zeal. Each little battle counts and catastrophic reactions (or panic) are indicative of gains. Like meltdowns we see from EPO management and Team UPC…

We keep pushing. We need the same persistence and perseverance as those rogue lobbyists. The facts and the laws are on our side, not theirs.

Yesterday we published annotated screenshots of lies and fake news from Team UPC, an alliance that propped up Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos to lessen the quality of EPO-granted patents. Their objective is to increase the scope of patents without the required changes to law/s. Then they hope to replace the patent courts with their own kangaroo tribunals, wrongly presuming validity of European Patents, whose fast-declining quality means they’re not even compliant with the laws, notably EPC.

“When asked by Ars, the EPO’s spokesperson mentioned the imminent arrival of the unitary patent system as an important reason for revising the EPO’s internal rules…”

Article by Dr. Glyn Moody (notice that they speak of imminent arrival more than six years ago

Glyn Moody

[Meme] It’s My Working Party… And I’ll Cry If I Want to!

Posted in Europe, Patents at 2:07 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

António Campinos flipped out

You will never have such a nice person being the f***ing President!! ...for the next fifty f***ing years!!!

Summary: EPO President António Campinos is still not being held accountable for his Code of Conduct violations


[Meme] UPC is Always Next Year (and Next Year It’ll Surely be the Year After That)

Posted in Europe, Patents at 9:38 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Dr. Robert 'Goodyear' NextYear; Team UPC, LLC

Pointer pack; I'm the f***ing president

Summary: The UPC will come “next year”, just like every year (since almost a decade ago) just because the lunatic promises so and crushes the law, quite frankly as usual, cusioned and protected by the UPC lobby

António Campinos fronting for Team UPC
António Campinos for UPC

Monopoly Tony fronting for ‘Team UPC’ only 3 days after he became EPO President. (Source)

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