It Almost Feels Like Battistelli Still Runs the EPO (by Extension/Proxy)

Posted in Deception, Europe, Patents at 8:49 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: The “Mafia” that destroyed the EPO is still being put in charge and is using the EPO for shameless self-promotion; it is never being held accountable, not even when courts demand remediatory action and staff seeks reparations

AN anonymous source told us and showed us that the EPO‘s staff union is planning action to compel António Campinos to obey courts and hold Benoît Battistelli et al accountable for their abuses, which remain untackled. Can a law school be managed by a criminal? Welcome to France, the true home of Campinos! Endless harm continues to be caused by Battistelli’s associates and right now the EPO’s Web site, in its latest “news” item, is boosting Battistelli’s CEIPI (Campinos and Battistelli swapped seats) as if the EPO is still being run for or by this guy from the shadows. Towards the end of the video we also show the overlapping agenda.

The EPO cannot move on until it handles or repairs the past. Shutting tightly a closet with skeletons (while occasionally adding yet more skeletons to it) is assurance that when the bubble implodes it will be truly devastating. It’s like a pressure cooker. Nothing at all has been resolved. Campinos has repeatedly shown that he’s incapable of doing so and he’s still being sort of ‘bossed’ by the fits of Team Battistelli. This is terrible, but what’s even more terrible is the grotesque silence in the media, in effect enabling the crimes and becoming passively complicit.

[Meme] Vichyite Battistelli Committed Crimes and His Buddy António Snubs Courts That Confirm These Are Crimes

Posted in Courtroom, Europe, Patents at 8:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

António Campinos builds on top of Benoît Battistelli‘s actions to euthanise the EPO for a quick 'cash grab'

I will commit the crimes; I will leverage and cover them up

Summary: Staff of the EPO is coming to realise (or reaching acceptance of the fact) that the spirit of Battistelli — not just people he left in charge of the EPO — dooms the Office and there’s no way out of this mess


[Meme] Nobody and Nothing Harms Europe’s Reputation Like the EPO Does

Posted in Europe, Patents at 2:09 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: Europe’s second-largest institution, the EPO, has caused severe harm/damage to Europe’s economy and reputation; its attacks on the courts and on justice itself (even on constitutions in the case of UPC — another attempt to override the law and introduce European software patents) won’t be easily forgotten; SUEPO has meanwhile (on Saturday, link at the bottom in German) reminded people that Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos have driven away the EPO’s most valuable workers or moral compass


For 17 Days (and Counting) António Campinos Has Failed to Respond to Call for Compliance With the Law

Posted in Europe, Patents at 11:11 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Jorge has raised a little monster/mobster

Angela scared Dwight: I'll just ignore the courts (that I do not control); EPO Staff
An ongoing assault on the Rule of Law

Summary: Team Campinos has been so arrogant and so evasive that there’s no indication (yet) that it will follow court orders (Willy ‘Guillaume’ Minnoye openly bragged about ignoring court orders and he's still cheering for the EPO's abuses); therefore, staff of the EPO takes collective action

THE EPO is governed by thugs [1, 2] who bully people far more qualified than themselves. They bully them with impunity. When courts finally rule on disputes — even if nearly a decade late — the bullies refuse to actually execute the rulings. We’ve seen that many times over the years; sometimes they merely pretend to have complied.

“Below we reproduce portions of a letter circulated among staff earlier today (someone has leaked a copy to us).”Remember that these are the same bullies who pressure judges to allow European software patents while euphemising these as “CII”, “4IR”, “Hey Hi” (AI), “simulations” and so on…

This time around staff of the EPO is organising against the bullies and today (weekend, sure!) some instructions are being circulated to increase pressure for compliance. Of note: The “Mafia” that runs the Office refuse to even speak about compliance! Just as we noted a couple of days ago. Where’s the media coverage? Why aren’t journalists applying any sort of pressure by informing the public? Has Europe’s media become a lapdog complicit with these abuses?

Below we reproduce portions of a letter circulated among staff earlier today (someone has leaked a copy to us). The introductory part contains sufficient background/context, we hope.

31 July 2021
su21022cp – 0.2.1/5.1/5.2

Applications to intervene on strike regulations pending cases

In its 132nd session, the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization (ILOAT) expressed in Judgments 4430, 4432, 4433, 4434, 4435 that the entire legal framework intended to curb strikes in the EPO is unlawful. The paper “Strike!” provides a summary of the judgments.

In a letter dated 14 July 2021 to Mr Campinos, SUEPO requested him to execute the judgments and that the outcome of the judgments is applied to all. Until now, our requests remain unanswered and the EPO communication department only offers thundering silence.

In order to safeguard your rights, we strongly recommend you to “join” other pending cases by filing applications to intervene. This paper explains how. We recommend to file electronically at the latest on 8 August.

I. Case AT-5 5167: Mr Battistelli abused his power by not organising the UNITY ballot

On 16 May 2014, the Central Staff Committee (CSC) notified Mr Battistelli of a call for strike by a group of staff members calling themselves the “UNITY initiative”. Strike actions were foreseen on 25 and/or 26 June 2014, which would have coincided with the meeting of the Administrative Council at which the extension of Mr Battistelli’s appointment was to be discussed. The initiators had clearly designated the CSC as their representative or interlocutor. Nevertheless, Mr Battistelli found reasons in Communiqué 54 not to organize the ballot within the time limit. The planned strike action never took place.

If you were an active EPO employee at the time of the relevant facts, you can join the above case by filing an application to intervene.

Case AT-5 5167 was filed by two complainants:

Complainant 1 was an EPO staff representative at the relevant time of the facts, and
Complainant 2 was an EPO staff member.


II. Case AT-5 5179: strike deductions of 1/20th are unlawful and punitive

Since the entry into force of CA/D 5/13 on 1 July 2013, the existing Articles 63 and 65 ServRegs were amended by setting deductions for unauthorised absence and strike at 1/20th of the monthly net remuneration per day. Until then, a deduction of 1/30th per day had been applied in both cases.

If you were an EPO employee on strike during the period of July 2013 until April 2016 and suffered from strike deductions of 1/20th per day, you can join the above case by filing an application to intervene.


III. Case AT-5 5244: the SUEPO called strike of 2 July 2013 was lawful

Back in 2013, on 27 June, after a favourable ballot1, SUEPO published its “action plan for the summer 2013”. One of the actions planned by SUEPO was a picket strike which would take place on 2 July 2013 if the Administrative Council adopted the proposal2 of Mr Battistelli for a new legal framework governing the right to strike The proposal was adopted by the Administrative Council on 27 June 2013 in decision CA/D 5/13, which was to enter into force on 1 July 2013.

In his Communiqué of 28 June 2013 the Vice-President of DG4 (Mr Topić at the material time) announced that as from 1 July 2013, any industrial action which does not fulfil the conditions laid down in the aforementioned new provisions will not be considered as a strike, with the result that participation in such action was liable to be considered as unauthorised absence.

On 2 July 2013 the strike announced by SUEPO took place. Employees who did participate received a threatening letter from Principal Director Human Resources (Ms Bergot at the material time) shortly afterwards informing them that, as that strike did not comply with the new rules, they were considered to have been absent without authorisation and a deduction from their pay would be made accordingly.

If you were an EPO employee who went on strike on 2 July 2013 and your absence was considered as unauthorised, you can join the above case by filing an application to intervene.

1 “Results of the four ballots on the continuation of the industrial actions”, SUEPO paper of 27 June 2013 (su13091cp)
2 GAC/DOC 10/2013 rev. 1

The required evidence is:


SUEPO Central

The publication entitled “Strike” was included here and we did a video about it yesterday.

Raw: Elodie Bergot Breaking the Law by Threatening Against the Exercise of Fundamental Rights

Posted in Europe, Patents at 10:26 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Over the years we saw a number of rude letters from Elodie Bergot, the grossly under-qualified spouse of a friend of Vichyite Benoît Battistelli; most of these we never published (we already have these and can always publish if the need arises), but those paranoid and insecure “Mafia”-like ‘cabal’ need to be exposed for the mobsters they are; for nearly a decade they’ve illegally bullied EPO staff in clear violation of the law (and for over 3 years António Campinos has kept those bullies on board); why does Europe do nothing and why is it never holding high-profile abusers accountable (only low-level facilitators)? Is it because the EU too is being infiltrated by them?



European Media Does Not Care About Europe’s Second-Largest Institution Crushing Basic Laws and Fundamental Rights

Posted in Europe, Patents at 8:44 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum b06946faf234209d775cae7a0e798f21

Summary: New video about the latest publication from SUEPO (the EPO’s staff union); it was published yesterday, seeing that the “Mafia” (what EPO staff actually calls the management!) hasn’t done anything to comply with a wide-ranging set of court rulings from ILO-AT; why has the media said nothing about this and what does that say about today’s media? The material is all in the public domain, in widely understood languages, and SUEPO spoke about it more than 3 weeks ago.

THE bribery and intimidation by EPO management may pay off. They even tried that against me several times. Just like they're lawyering up/aggressing against staff they do the same against media, even bloggers. They’re an aggressive “Mafia”. Ask the original “Kats” (remember the real Merpel?) or my lawyer, who warned me that the EPO had escalated to a notoriously aggressive/combative law firm in London (after the original law firm repeatedly tried — but failed — to silence me). Since then the entire PR team of the EPO (bar one person at most) has left the EPO. Maybe that was too disgusting to them as well! They were taking orders from a Mafioso with nazi-esque family roots and a bunch of military veterans who somehow found their way into a patent office (with no relevant experience). It was like the Office became a battleground rather than a place of the sciences.

“It was like the Office became a battleground rather than a place of the sciences.”"The Deafening Silence of the Media," as noted here back in April, enabled Benoît Battistelli to carry on with his crimes. Today’s media continues to pretend that drunkard António Campinos is a nice guy, no matter all or any evidence to the contrary. He landed at the EPO (with no prior experience there) enjoying presumption of innocence, but he lost the trust of all staff a lot faster than Battistelli had lost it.

Now, with a major situation on his lap (for nearly a month as we've just noted in a meme), he doesn’t show any intention to actually comply with the law. This authoritarian loser is rigging courts in a Trumpian fashion while pretending that other courts (those he does not control) lack legitimacy. Staff is losing patience and a PR blitz won’t change their minds. They’re not gullible.

[Meme] Enforcing ILO-AT Rulings…

Posted in Europe, Patents at 6:55 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

ILO-AT asking EPO to comply; 2 months pass... Team Campinos be like...
“Remind me later…”

Summary: We’re still waiting for a statement — any statement (direct or indirect) — from EPO management, seeing that almost a month has passed

[Meme] Rowan and António Sittin’ on a Tree…

Posted in Courtroom, Europe, Law, Patents at 4:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Have they climbed up some tree? Behold; they need to come down… off their high horses or the 10th floor… sooner rather than later… because the silence and inaction contribute to the perception of non-compliance with court rulings (except fake courts which they control).

ILO-AT issues ruling on strike regulations; May-June, Late June, Early July, End of July

Summary: How much longer can Team Campinos keep issuing tons of noisy and self-congratulatory puff pieces to (perhaps) distract from the elephant in the 10th floor of the Isar building (EPO HQ)? Staff won't wait for eternity.

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