The New Microsoft? No, the New IBM.

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IBM and race
IBM and the “German efficiency”

Summary: Microsoft GitHub and IBM: a strategic alliance between a monopolistic duo

SHINY new init system on GitHub

Pioneered by a German mob
Init system they dub
It keeps expanding in our lab

“$2,000 a year for a pile of Red Hat voyeurism”1.5 million lines of code
A new cargo cult, a new Depeche Mode
On a high horse they rode
Even Debian gave it the nod

One way, one choice, or else it’s “Communism”
$2,000 a year for a pile of Red Hat voyeurism

International blacklists masterRacism fought, they don’t say whose side
Wherever there was money they came for a ride

IBM forever… until the bailouts run out
Defecting to the United States, only when it’s an utter rout

The Biggest Troll is the Linux Foundation, Still Looking to Provoke and Defame Free Software Communities in Order to Help a Monopolistic Takeover and to Shoehorn Tyrants Into Leadership Positions

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Video download link

Summary: Contrary to what the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation is trying to say, the most toxic element is itself; it’s maligning the real community while protecting abusive and racist corporations that profit from war and tribalism-motivated hatred

THE above video is the latest of many on this topic (many of these links can be found in the IBM wiki). It’s a very important topic many are simply reluctant to even touch, perhaps for fear of being called all sorts of unflattering things. Many people lost sight of the fact that there was a hidden hand called ‘Linux’ Foundation in last month’s (and end of March) botched attacks on the founder/father of the GNU/Linux operating system, which turns 38 later this year. Foundation staff, both past and present, pulled strings behind the scenes. We took note of that. It’s obvious why they really dislike him. The sponsors can't stand him and are increasingly unwilling to coexist with him because it’s a war of ideas, not a cult of personalities. It’s no mistake or coincidence that IBM is happy to outsource its code to Microsoft, a de facto attack on sharing. To IBM, it's about overlapping interests and they want a monopoly back.

“Merely stating some inconvenient facts can get one ostracised.”A long time ago we came to the conclusion that, based on some recent hires, the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation became a bunch of corporate trolls, some of whom came from Microsoft. Those people and the corporations they front for use the word “master” a lot (the video shows some recent examples), but they have the audacity to tell real communities that it’s “racist” and bigoted (and that lack of diversity in Computer Science/STEM is the fault of such communities). Upon closer inspection of course it’s just a lie. In fact, many of these communities are a lot more diverse than the corporations which have long made such accusations.

The video above takes stock of recent articles (e.g. “IBM Founder (Watson) Gave a Nazi Salute, Admired Hitler, Said Hitler Was Doing the Right Thing” and “New Interview With Edwin Black: IBM Has Never Apologised, Instead It Hid Its Role in Nazi Germany”), it shows that rather than promoting Free software or even “Open Source” — a term they prefer for openwashing their corporate masters — they’re training for outsourcing to proprietary traps (clown computing with mass surveillance).

IBM and Ivanka TrumpAs pointed out along the lines, imagine Greg K-H responding to Microsoft’s attacks on Linux the same way he responds to UMN’s rogue patches. Novell paid him his salary for a long time and some of that money came from Microsoft, so don’t expect staff of the ‘Linux’ Foundation to bite the palm which feeds. Those people are trolling the community, the real community, which they hope to weaken if not completely destroy. The front page of Linux.com currently shows 3 times the same headline (“‘Master,’ ‘Slave’ and the Fight Over Offensive Terms in Computing”), linking to the Web site of the Linux Foundation. “Watson®” is a lot more offensive than “Whitelist” and “Master”, as we said last year, but somehow we’re supposed to focus on communities as the real problem. A year ago we published “Let’s Ban Bombings, Not Words (Corporations Taking Away People’s Freedom of Speech So They Can Bomb ’in Peace’)”, earlier this year we published “Microsoft: Nationalism As A Service (NaaS)”, “The Linux Foundation is Trying to Obscure Racism Using Microsoft-Inspired Tactics (Vouchers Disguised as Actual Money)”, and there’s also “Linux Foundation, With Zero African-American Employees (in a Country Where 13.4% Identify as African-American), Boasts About Its “Support for the Black Community”…”

It’s a recurring theme, isn’t it? Very racist corporations, or corporate bullies that bomb people, are saying to the actual, real community (people who write code) that it is bigoted and intolerant, not inclusive etc. Classic corporate trolling. They’re hijacking civil rights causes to troll the very people who cherish and protect those. They even troll the IRC channels while sabotaging GNU/Linux. It’s not limited to race either; they leverage the gender card (e.g. “Linux Foundation (Men for Monopolies) Once Again Hijacking Women’s (and Minorities’) Voices for Public Relations” as cited in the video, just before “Removing Our Leaders Because of Diversity is Disingenuous and Hypocritical”).

IBM is not BLMAs we put it a few months ago: “The problem is, as we’ve noted before, this is a distraction from racists and bigots who profit from war. They don’t get a job at the Foundation by participating in protests but by cheering for billionaires.”

If we’re not citing a broad range of different sites, it’s mostly because there’s reluctance to touch the topic. Many who know this to be true don’t want to say it out in public. With concepts like “safe space” and “code of conduct” the ramifications might simply be too great. Merely stating some inconvenient facts can get one ostracised.


6,600 Signatures in Support of Richard Stallman and a Decreasing Number of Haters

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All the mob does at the moment is removal of signatures of people who no longer wish to be associated with the mob

Connected to Microsoft and salaried by IBM

6,600 signatures in support of Richard Stallman

Summary: As the screenshot above shows, the milestone of 6,600 has just been reached. The graph below barely shows it, but the curve in blue actually moves downwards over time. The person who still manages the defamatory hate letter is connected to Microsoft and salaried by IBM. Interests intersect sometimes. The international community backs the FSF.

6,600 signatures for RMS


How to Kill the Brand “Linux”, Associating It With an Attack on Human Rights

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Video download link

Summary: It seems clear that the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation is just misusing the brand (“Linux”) like an asswipe or a wet tissue; by throwing the label Linux into controversial things that have nothing to do with Linux itself the Foundation basically alienates potential adopters

TODAY an associate sent us this terrible piece from Korean media, reaffirming the Linux Foundation's agenda that's undermining human rights; what does Linux stand for now? Some “vaccine passports”? What’s the connection to Linux?! Notice how this piece from the Korean publisher is referring to the Linux Foundation as just “Linux” (even in the headline!).

As I point out right from the get-go, I’m not against vaccination, but those “passports” are controversial for many legitimate reasons and as we pointed out a month ago, Richard Stallman (RMS) opposes these too, for they pose a threat to liberties, especially if they’re digital. They can necessitate the carrying of electronic surveillance devices (even for something as simple as entering a shop of ordering a cup of tea).

“It’s sad if not frustrating to see class politics and oppression using the name “Linux” even when the area doesn’t relate to operating systems or kernels at all.”A bunch of puff pieces (paid-for fluff sponsored by the Linux Foundation for IBM and Microsoft, to be filed under “innovation” rather than “lobbying” or “advertising”) confirm our suspicions. It basically boils down to a whole lot of buzzwords or hype waves.

Mozilla, a company that nowadays stands for censorship and social control (by oppressive means like deplatforming) is also not particularly impressed by this. A spying proponent, Mozilla, clarified that there’s no need for blockchain hype factor (see the official Mozilla blog, as of 8 days ago) and it seems to boil down to patents, or IBM and Microsoft profits (control over people’s lives is more important to them than the money, as that leads to political entanglements that may render them “too big to fail” and hence worthy of bailouts from taxpayers, which is why they also seek to control medical records).

It’s sad if not downright frustrating to see class politics and oppression using the name “Linux” even when the area doesn’t relate to operating systems or kernels at all.

What is the ‘Linux’ Foundation turning this trademark into?!?!

“Regarding vaccine passports,” Ryan said in IRC just a few moments ago, “we’re not going anywhere that needs one even though we’re both vaccinated. I’m extremely skeptical of the societal implications of this. For starters, closed-source software or not, and it will be, what do you store it on? A smart phone? This pressures people to get smart phones even if they otherwise have no need of them or can’t afford one. What do older people who haven’t ever used one because they can’t think of a need for it do? Go buy one and jack up Apple’s share prices just so they can show some restaurant a “passport” to get a breakfast sandwich?”


IBM: We Trust Microsoft, We Don’t Trust the FSF

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IBM and C sharp

Microsoft and IBM

Summary: It’s rather revealing that the priorities at IBM are hostile towards the Free software community, with Microsoft basically coming before the FSF (which ‘merely’ provides, free of charge, the operating system that IBM sells)

Here We Are…

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THE TIME is now

To IBM we bow
Not a question of how
It’s IBM’s scared cow

Star Trek President Warning: Wash the organisation (off the geeks); Then the 'open org' will become 'open wash'Wayland in a Ubuntu hippopotamus distro
IBM no master but maestro
Systemd was just the intro
Init system turned full bistro

Modularity down the drain
Old programs and scripts out in the rain
Opposition is hatred, not disdain
Come aboard, it’s the IBM train

“Choo choo” goes the IBM locomotive
Smile, you nerds, show you’re emotive
Vendor lock-in by no means destructive
Our software patents are ‘open’ and inventive

The Open OrgThe final destination unknown to many
Too many questions asked by the canny
CentOS reduced to a penny
Fedora is next, but it looks a little zenny

The webchats are now rebranded a “summit”
Our shares and our headcount continue to plummet
Masters of the universe, kings of the planet
Attracted to money like paperclip to a magnet

Krishna and Allowhurst man the top deck
Staff using GMail? Hey, what the HECK?!
We name our products “Watson”, homage to a dreck
While at the same time our GPL suppliers we smack

The endgame not far
We’ve lowered the bar
Patents are a guiding star
We’ll monopolise the OS, Wunderbar!


[Meme] Red Hat’s RHEL 8.4: GNU OS Rebranded?

Posted in GNU/Linux, GPL, IBM, Red Hat at 11:30 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

We don't want or need the FSF anymore BUT! Give us GNU so we can build RHEL!

Summary: There’s no Red Hat and no RHEL without GNU; but don’t let facts get in the way of IBM, which opposes copyleft any time it can get away with it


[Meme] IBM Stinks

Posted in IBM at 8:15 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

systemd vendor lock-in, CentOS exists, Devuan exists, Let's attack FSF and GPL

Summary: IBM has begun showing too much of its true face or true colours; the community is paying closer attention

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