Crying “Wolf!” About Systemd is Only Beneficial to IBM and Systemd Developers/Pushers

Posted in GNU/Linux, IBM, Kernel, Microsoft, Red Hat at 4:50 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: Microsoft controls Systemd only to the extent that Systemd is controlled by GitHub, which is in turn controlled by Microsoft; But Systemd has long been on that proprietary platform (its developers don’t truly value software freedom) and this has long been a problem, even before Microsoft hijacked it for coercive power

THE position or stance we maintain/hold/have regarding IBM is negative enough already and it’s based on hard facts, not gut feelings and/or speculations; so suffice to say we’re Systemd sceptics. Even worse than sceptics since well before IBM bought Red Hat. For the same reasons we implored Red Hat’s software patents for over a decade (IBM lobbies for such patents) and expressed concerns/reservations regarding Red Hat’s monopolistic tendencies.

But having said that, there’s a danger that everything negative being said about Systemd will be accepted as true, irrespective of underlying facts. Falsehoods or false claims won’t help us. To make matters worse, they open up the possibility/ies of straw man arguments from people whom we criticise — in the same way Bill Gates likes to pretend that all his critics are just envious “conspiracy theorists”.

So anyway, cutting to the chase, judging by comments and articles in Phoronix (a site we support with growing caution), including this morning’s headline that starts with “Systemd/Microsoft” (it’s discussed in the video above), one might think that Systemd is some evil plot from Microsoft, but that’s clearly not the case. However, this is where discussions seem to go or eventually gravitate towards.

“I’m a lot more concerned about full-time Microsoft staff managing Linus Torvalds at the Linux Foundation and Microsoft’s Levin announcing all the stable kernel releases several weeks ago (when Greg K-H was on holiday/break… maybe ill).”I actually examined the claim more than a month ago (32 days ago) when I first saw it, but there was barely any smoke, let alone a fire. I’m a lot more concerned about full-time Microsoft staff managing Linus Torvalds at the Linux Foundation and Microsoft’s Levin announcing all the stable kernel releases several weeks ago (when Greg K-H was on holiday/break… maybe ill). Torvalds should never be bossed by people who are in turn bossed by sociopaths from Microsoft. We need to put things in perspective and check whether we risk moving adrift (and away from the legitimate and most pressing issues).

This isn’t limited to software by the way. To borrow one example, we’ve already witnessed EPO propaganda claiming that EPO critics (who condemn EPO management) are nationalists or Nazis or something totally insane. We even saw claims about “Russia” (as if Russia runs the world and is hiding behind every corner/under every rock).

Let’s not walk into unsupported territories.


Playing With Fire: The Linux Foundation Associates the Linux Brand With Proprietary Software and GitHub (as Usual)

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, IBM, Kernel, Marketing, Microsoft at 1:33 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum bba2c20a516b751008c9f77ef715f310

Summary: Racist IBM is once again using or misusing the “Linux” brand (through the Linux Foundation) to promote racist Watson (which is also proprietary software); the ‘Linux’ Foundation is now revisionism as a service (not just in service of its own mythology, e.g. the operating system starting in 1991 rather than 1983)

THE so-called Linux Foundation (or corporate ‘Linux’ Foundation or Zemlin PAC or whatnot) is trying to inspire confidence in monopolies, not in Linux. It’s a longstanding problem we’ve been writing about for years. We even said that Linus Torvalds should consider doing something to protect his trademark (also from his employer).

BobbyThe video above concerns a new example, which for the time being is a press release [1, 2] about this IBM PR stunt, mentioned here recently before the “Linux” brand was borrowed to promote proprietary Watson and some code in proprietary GitHub.

“IBM wants to be viewed as a company that saves the world, in effect compensating for a very dark past (including racism against dark-skinned people).”We expect that PR mouthpieces of the proprietary software world, including Jim Zemlin (proprietary software user), will soon add their ‘voice’ to the press release with a bunch of mindless, shallow, obligatory (to the sponsor) puff pieces. IBM wants to be viewed as a company that saves the world, in effect compensating for a very dark past (including racism against dark-skinned people).

GNU/Linux turns 38


[Meme] Linus Should Reassert Control of Linux

Posted in Kernel at 1:25 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Bossing everybody, Bossed by Zemlin; We do not use Linux!
Don’t let the most widely used kernel be controlled by monopolies

Summary: Linus Torvalds needs to quit being at the mercy of monopolies (or monopolists who sent him to see therapists as if he was mentally ill); at the moment the development of Linux isn’t steered by people and thus not for people (but large corporations that work with states and armies)

Remember That the ‘Linux’ Foundation is Working Against You (Unless You’re a Monopoly)

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, Kernel, Microsoft at 1:01 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 74d7505e92de6460a5f0f9ad8ddc0f91

Summary: The corporate siege by a certain so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation (a siege against people and against their authentic communities) carries on; of course they try to disguise it as the exact opposite of what it really is and it is therefore essential that we all understand how and why they do this (these tactics are borrowed from dirty politics and contagious cults)

The racist Linux Foundation (yes, it’s racist [1, 2]) or the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation (some prefer calling it the “Corporate Linux Foundation”) shows no remorse for its smear campaigns against — and its exclusion of — the community. Yes, exclusion. They’re all about exclusion of people (because corporations and magnates are what brings more money and power).

Many of its people participated in the attack on the FSF earlier this year (they’re no fans of copyleft, either) and it’s not because they hate — or deny the existence of — GNU. They even reject and deny the value of Linux, the kernel, which they barely promote. The people who run this marketing agency (misusing the brand "Linux" to attract members, i.e. money) are generally rejecting Linux (many examples of that, including recent ones and one from the video above because Windows, Visual Studio and GitHub are proprietary software, not “open”). They produce their reports and videos with proprietary software and not even on Linux.

“They produce their reports and videos with proprietary software and not even on Linux.”2 days ago they announced upcoming keynote speeches from Microsoft employees who build proprietary software whose purpose to entrap Free software projects (steering them towards non-reciprocal licences, censoring them, manipulating them and so on). It’s just so poetic a testament, isn’t it? Planning an “Open Source Summit” with keynotes from enemies of “Open Source”…

“Planning an “Open Source Summit” with keynotes from enemies of “Open Source”…”This Jim Zemlin-led PAC is just a farcical marketing operation that seeks to compensate for its inherent corruption by propping up a fake ‘ethics’-themed PR ploy (like racist IBM saying it would resolve racism by banning rather innocuous words). In the video above I use English football for analogies (racism as a surrogate for an otherwise-legitimate focus on substitutes meant to be well trained for a penalty shootout).

Don’t fall for those malicious tricks. They’re borrowed from the world of corporate-led politics. They’re controlling people by shame (like the Church does with “original sin”) and this whole tactic goes well over a decade back in the context of Free/Open Source software. It has been weaponised like this even before the Linux Foundation existed. Another one was painting Free software proponents as Hippies and Marxists looking to take down society… (a straw man argument of course)

“Don’t be easily misled by the “Linux” mark.”As a matter of fact, there are many sectors in industry/society where particular races and genders (sometimes even male) are grossly under-represented, but there’s no corporate panic over the issue or an attempt shame groups, holding them accountable for alienating or supposedly rejecting some group/s (male nurses, for example, are rather rare, especially in certain countries).

The so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation is an extremely unethical organisation looking to paint its critics and opponents as the actual problem. Some people simply fail to see through (or past) the veil of PR. The so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation isn’t our ally; it’s fronting for monopolies (check all the board members of the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation and their corporate affiliations). Don’t be easily misled by the “Linux” mark.


[Meme] Not All ‘Linux’ is Equal

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, Kernel at 12:58 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Tree Swing Story: GNU/Linux, Linux, Systemd, ChromeOS, Android, LineageOS, 'Clowd', Serverless, RHEL, CentOS, Marketing, Microsoft vapourware

Summary: As Thomas Grzybowski reminds us, Free (libre) software freedom is not Linux

Jai Chiranjeeva: Free as in freedom; freedom? That's right!


GNU/Linux Advocacy Over the Years (or Why You Should Advocate GNU More Than Linux)

Posted in Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Kernel at 5:48 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Direct link to video

Summary: Linux is nowadays controlled by vicious monopolies trying to sell proprietary operating systems and proprietary Clown Computing (such as GitHub or Azure); for those who value freedom there’s still GNU, which is generally bigger than Linux

THE latest batch of Daily Links contained some of these links (more links will be added to this page as they arrive) about the Linux Foundation pushing Windows and other Microsoft proprietary software over at GitHub. It’s no laughing matter and it’s not too shocking either, especially given the recent track record of this so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation. We’ve already urged readers to contact Linus Torvalds about this (he does read his E-mail, even if he rarely replies), politely expressing their concerns about the demise of Linux as a brand. It’s a brand that he still fully controls, at least on paper.

“The shallow PR cannot compensate or fully make up for all the EPO’s crimes.”For nearly 8 years we’ve covered EPO corruption, showing how Benoît Battistelli exploited the good name of the institution to basically milk it to death. As the EPO turns about half a century old António Campinos continues to milk it, again capitalising on the name or the brand recognition. But judging by the decrease in patent applications (tucked away in the EPO report), applicants are catching up and waking up. They can see European software patents perishing in European courts; they can finally accept the demise and likely death of the UPC. Nothing good is coming out of the EPO anymore. The shallow PR cannot compensate or fully make up for all the EPO’s crimes.

Going back to Linux, later this year it’ll turn 30. Actually, as a Free software project it’ll turn 29. As for GNU, it’s turning 38 this year (or 37 if one counts development, not just the announcement).

Microsoft puts pedal to metal, joins Rust FoundationIf readers feel a tad baffled by all those Stallman videos we’ve been posting here lately, make no mistake; we think it’s imperative that we go back to the roots of the operating system and the movement. Nowadays, judging by the latest news about Rust, Linux increasingly means monopolies, not freedom. In fact, it doesn’t seem like Torvalds is even in charge of his project anymore. He’s there like a phantom, maybe he even believes he’s in charge, but behind his back decisions are being made in defiance of his personal preferences. In 2018 they showed him who’s the real boss by sending him to therapists (like he’s demented or defective or something).

For those of us who pursue software freedom rather than the triumph of some brand (if it was all just a “branding war”, why not just buy Apple?) GNU is the way to go. Copyleft is the way to go. Sharing, protecting users (see Audacity fightback) and all those meaningful values (not mere brands) should be our primary focus. Join the pursuit of what matters; and that ain’t branding…


The Media is Trolling Linus Torvalds Again… But Torvalds Responds

Posted in Deception, FUD, GNU/Linux, Kernel at 4:28 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: Linux kernel 5.13 is now officially released, but hostile media is trying to brew unnecessary panic or scandals, spicing up with drama an otherwise banal and mundane situation

ALTHOUGH we have been critical of him for a number of years if not decades, Mr. Linus Torvalds is nowhere as problematic as the Linux Foundation, which is abusing his trademark and handing over control to corporations which dislike the GPL, don’t really care about Linux, and basically view that kernel of his as a zero-cost commodity to be exploited.

“Official messages about the release of Linux 5.13 are totally innocuous, technical, and one might say not interesting.”The way the media treats “Linux” remains very frustrating, aside from the lack of attribution to GNU. It seems to be thinking that Microsoft (e.g. GitHub/NPM) sending malware to GNU/Linux servers is in fault of “Linux”, it pretends that Microsoft loves Linux, and it misuses the term “Linux” to promote Vista 10, WSL, and Vista 11. It’s grotesque. But the video above deals with another kind of negative slant.

Last night, just before midnight, Torvalds released Linux 5.13, as expected. We kept track of media coverage in [1, 2] — pages we’ll keep updated as more media coverage arrives.

The release of Linux 5.13 was very calm and normal, but once again, just like years ago, a certain writer from 'El Reg' (whom I confronted over his sensationalist coverage of kernel releases just a few years ago), decided to publish a provocative headline. It’s also worth noting that around the time of the release, maybe just minutes apart, an anti-Torvalds article was republished (yes, just minutes apart, yet again). It’s obviously timed to cause damage to Torvalds, who was likely ‘entrapped’ by a hostile interviewer, a journalist who slants a technical project as some sort of political endeavour where gender diversity is more important than technical excellence (gender diversity in Linux kernel development is actually a lot better already… compared to the average Free software project).

All those straw man arguments and personal attacks need to be pointed out if they’re ever to stop. In my personal take, the video focuses on the ITwire article. Sam doesn’t write there so much anymore (not this month anyway), but this article is appreciated. It’s very much needed. Last night’s 81-minute video response to the a new article about Mr. Torvalds and about Linux isn’t related to the latest from a British tech ‘tabloid’, but in days to come we might see loose connections. These people have long been trying to cause instability and maybe weaken the leadership of Linux (making ways for corporations to fill up a vacuum of ‘cancel culture’ and/or fatigue).

Official messages about the release of Linux 5.13 are totally innocuous, technical, and one might say not interesting. What’s a lot more interesting is how a certain large publisher has published with the headline “Profile of Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux Operating System” an actual ATTACK on Linus Torvalds. Then they REPUBLISHED it, only minutes apart from the Linux release (to coincide with the Linux 5.13 release! No way the timing was a coincidence; it’s a Sunday and a holiday!). As noted or alluded to in the video, the same person who is attacking Torvalds right about now (behind paywall; maybe the intention is to sell subscriptions) also boosts the illusion of Microsoft Azure ‘success’ (even amid Azure layoffs that Microsoft is trying hard to hide). With promotional Microsoft tweets and headlines such as “Microsoft is closing the gap with Amazon’s cloud” (basing it on “a survey of 750 professionals,” which isn’t scientific at all!) one might as well assume that Rosalie Chan’s objective is sinister. She waited until the day of the Linux release (this happens only once in 2-3 months), and then hours beforehand she published the ‘hit piece’ (and again minutes after the actual release!). They pushed out a misleading headline, “Profile of Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux Operating System” though it is not a profile at all but an ATTACK on the guy, starting with a list of vulgarities from Torvalds (to cast him in a negative light on a Sunday and a holiday).

The corporate media (whose real owners are known; it’s in the public record) won’t be happy until Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman (RMS) are dead or at least retired, leaving their projects at the hands of corporations like Microsoft and Google (that's what happened to Python). Torvalds is only 51. By the time he’s flirting with retirement (a decade and a half from now) the age threshold for pensions might be 70. RMS is already in his retirement age and he still works tirelessly. But Chan has decided to write Torvalds off as a dead or dying horse! At 51. How very nice and polite…

Young Linus Torvalds


Holding Linus Torvalds Accountable for Things He Has Nothing to Do With

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Kernel at 6:04 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: An 81-minute video response to the a new article about Mr. Torvalds and about Linux; there are problematic claims inside this article, which merits a rebuttal of sorts

THIS post will deliberately omit links and won’t be discussing in written words the topic covered in the video. Why? Because text is easy to take out of context. As often happens, too.

“A few hours ago, an article with a problematic headline showed up concerning Linus Torvalds. It appears to retread issues from nearly 3 yours ago without any sort of provocation such as new developments.”The short story is, a few hours ago an article showed up with a problematic headline. It’s about Linus Torvalds and it sort of brings back from the grave issues from nearly 3 years ago, not because something new happened or because there was some sort of provocation. It doesn’t appear to have been commissioned by the Linux Foundation or anything of that sort, but it grossly exaggerates matters to make it seem like Linux has an impending crisis. Paywalled clickbait or something more profound? The coming days may reveal the impact. The time of publication is a tad unusual.

Postscript: The above video is my first reading of the article (I only did selective and preliminary skimming for ~2 minutes prior to recording). The source of the article has earned quite some notoriety for these sorts of topics. The opinionated interjections are my personal views, which may not be shared by some who are involved in Techrights. The goal was to put out a response as soon as possible.

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