GAFAM-Funded NPR Reports That Facebook Let Millions of People Like Trump Flout the So-called Rules. Not Just “a Few”.

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, Microsoft at 5:30 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

THE GAFAM-funded NPR reports that Facebook let millions of people like Trump flout the so-called rules. Not just “a few”.

Editor’s note: Facebook is among NPR’s recent financial supporters

NPR article

This problem with NPR and their corruption is getting worse by the minute.

Facebook and Bill Gates pay so much to corrupt the news, that imagine how much worse things would get for them if we had an independent press that didn’t depend on them for money, like we did before George W. Bush defunded the Corporation for Public Broadcasting….

We’ve been hearing less about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation lately, in the wake of the publicity and the Gates-Epstein scandal (associating with the most prolific pedophile in all recorded history in pursuit of buying a Nobel Prize), but interestingly there’s been an uptick in “DuckDuckGo for Privacy” shout outs. Today, it got so bad in my car that the woman on NPR was telling me where to go download their apps.

As we’ve said (Techrights, and myself, on this blog…), DuckDuckGo has been outright lying about how private they supposedly are.

DuckDuckGo is pretty much a Big Tech honeypot to lure people into using Bing and Azure. (It also depends on Apple for maps.)

Both Bing and Azure are owned by Microsoft.

Bing is where the searches come from, and Azure is where DuckDuckGo is hosted. Microsoft’s ad network is where the ads come from. Anyone with an ad blocker is likely to notice a tracker called Improving DuckDuckGo, which you’re not supposed to see. (One pixel image.)

My guess, although I could never prove this, is that Microsoft is totally propping up DuckDuckGo, and since their finances are not public, we’ll never really be able to see any of this on paper. All we know is that at least much, if not most of their money, is Microsoft’s money. How much do you think they can be trusted?

Meanwhile, DuckDuckGo suddenly has all of this money to have ads on every major radio station in Chicago (guessing other cities) and to get hourly mentions on NPR?

It’s very interesting to me, that they have the money to do all of that, and also to corrupt various projects and organizations like the Tor Project and the EFF.

I can’t imagine what it is that DuckDuckGo actually does. Why are they hiring people? I haven’t seen them do anything that Bing doesn’t.

My main point here is that NPR can’t and won’t investigate and report on this.

If they do, the money will end. And as we all know, NPR likes money.

Despite being crooked and burning through this pile of corporate dirty money at an alarming rate (on top of what they still get from John Q. Taxpayer), they’re always out bumming more every time you flip it to their station!

But jogging back to Facebook, NPR never once mentioned on the radio, what the Oversight Board actually is to Facebook. They mention Facebook created it, and that it’s funded by “an independent trust”.

But who can set up an “independent trust”? Anyone can. Facebook set up an “independent trust”, with Facebook money, and Facebook can go back and add more money later so it’s always true that an “independent trust” funds the “oversight board”. And Facebook only has to do what this board says, because it chooses to.

This is called “Industry Self-Regulation”. And it’s been a disaster every time. In fact, it’s the reason behind pretty much every governmental regulatory board we have now, even if they are no longer performing the job they were designed to do (due to regulatory capture and sabotage).

Facebook is essentially saying that they need no review and regulation, because “We’ve got this!”.

In the mean time, everything from child pornography to your parents posting hate directed at gay people and religions they don’t like and fake political information designed to create a badly misinformed public still goes on, and pretty much nothing is ever done about any of it.

The social rot that Facebook causes and/or amplifies continues.

Oddly, someone on the far-right that I was reading made an excellent point.

Facebook had way more to do with the January 6th Trump terrorists organizing than Parler ever did.

In fact, Parler actively removed those types of posts, while Facebook was letting people vandalize Congress while livestreaming it.

They used “deplatforming” to get rid of a potential competitor. Now all of these idiots like the January 6th people are still on Facebook, and nothing happens. Something like that may happen again and it’ll, again, be due to Facebook taking no action.


[Meme] How Corporate Monopolies Demonise Critics of Their Technically and Legally Problematic ‘Products’

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, IBM, Microsoft at 6:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Are critics of systemd bigots or just opponents of monopoly/monoculture (i.e. proponents of technological diversity)?

It's bloated; It's unsafe; Microsoft proprietary trap; IBM controls it... That's racist!
Applicable to many projects, not only systemd or projects that reject reciprocal licences

Summary: When the technical substance of some criticism stands (defensible based upon evidence), and is increasingly difficult to refute based on facts, make up some fictional issue — a straw man argument — and then respond to that phony issue based on no facts at all


[Meme] [Teaser] Miguel de Icaza on CEO of Microsoft GitHub

Posted in Deception, Microsoft, Mono at 2:45 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

GitHub's dark side: What they tell you GitHub is and what GitHub is

Miguel de Icaza on Nat Friedman

Summary: Our ongoing series [1, 2], which is very long, will shed much-needed light on GitHub and its goals (the dark side is a lot darker than people care to realise)


Proof That Windows “11” is a Hoax

Posted in Deception, Microsoft, Windows at 5:15 pm by Guest Editorial Team

Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission from the original

Windows “11” was supposedly a major new version with a refreshed and sleek design.

Except that, thanks to a bug, we can see that all of the old code from Windows 10’s Exploder Shell is embarrassingly still present.

Some people reported that the Windows 10 taskbar was showing up. Microsoft claims that they fixed the issue, which means it should be hidden with all the rest of the crap you aren’t supposed to see, as of Preview Build 22000.282.

Also landed is a “partial fix” for Windows “11” completely screwing up task scheduling worse than it ever was on Windows 10, on AMD Ryzen platforms.

Microsoft claims that it fixed the cache latency problems, but that the operating system is still prone to scheduling tasks to happen on a core that’s too slow to run them well.

Windows Vista had similar task scheduling problems with AMD’s Phenom series, where it would sometimes schedule a task to run on a core that running at the lowest clock speed.

Windows is a disaster, and the fact that they’re advising people to revert to Windows 10 until the “end of November” if they’re affected by things like this, or a File Explorer bug that makes that unusable due to being slow, or any number of other things that will be “fixed any time now” (except it’s Windows, so it’ll always be rotten trash) really says it all.

Remember Vista? “The Wow starts Now!”.

Well, not now. End of November, latest. 😉 I’m sure Windows “11” will work great at the end of November.

After all, Microsoft had six years with Windows 10 to screw around and break people’s computers with crap updates every single month, and we all know that worked so well at the end because now it’s “11” and we’ve got all this stuff playing out.

But Windows is losing market share rapidly as people give up on it and move to all sorts of other things.

They try to downplay the disaster that’s unfolding on them when they now have close to zero presence in high performance computing, dwindling Web server share, and the consumers are fleeing to anything that doesn’t crash and burn all the time, including Chromebooks, Macs, tablets, GNU/Linux distributions, and phones.

It certainly didn’t help them at all that they had that idiot Monkey Man, Steve Ballmer, at the helm, completely dismissing new markets that Microsoft entered too late and then died in.

The company has had no vision an no coherent strategy in software for years except that they want to pack it full of spyware, ads, and Hollywood DRM while it crashes on you and can’t even figure out which AMD core to schedule a program on, and now they’re basically a big patent troll that’s ruining Samsung and making Samsung phones unbearable shit.

No sane person would use or stick around for more of this. The only people defending Microsoft need it so they can draw a paycheck as a shill or fixing it when it breaks down due to some oddball knowledge of when it fails like this do that, when the customer has a virus, boot it from a (Linux) live USB with an antivirus program and remove it that way, etc.

Bonus: Then they released videos like this back in the day. Although it turned out that Uncle Bill really was slinking away from his desk after about an hour each day, it was to go cheat on his wife and to fly on Jeff Epstein’s plane even though Uncle Bill had like nine planes that he had maintained meticulously, and bags with blood of his type onboard, like some kind of Mexican drug cartel boss.

Good times!

[Meme] [Teaser] GitHub an Expensive and Dangerous Trap (Also: Misogyny Hub)

Posted in Microsoft at 10:08 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: The ongoing Microsoft GitHub exposé [1, 2] will give people compelling reasons to avoid GitHub, which is basically just a subsidised (at a loss) trap


Microsoft GitHub Exposé — Part II — The Campaign Against GPL Compliance and War on Copyleft Enforcement

Posted in Deception, GPL, Law, Microsoft at 5:51 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Series parts:

  1. Microsoft GitHub Exposé — Part I — Inside a Den of Corruption and Misogynists
  2. YOU ARE HERE ☞ The Campaign Against GPL Compliance and War on Copyleft Enforcement

GitHub: Where everything comes to die
Get out while you still can…

Summary: Microsoft contemplated buying GitHub 7.5 years ago; the goal wasn’t to actually support “Open Source” but to crush it from the inside and that’s what Microsoft has been doing over the past 2.5 years (we have some details from the inside)

THE latest series we have is expected to last months, not weeks. Our in-depth investigation started yesterday as we began fact-checking and verifying claims. Some of them are quite astounding and the challenge will be splitting the revelations into separate logical bits.

As a bit of a teaser, last week we showed what Miguel de Icaza really thinks of the CEO of Microsoft GitHub (Nat Friedman, a rich spoiled boy like Bill Gates). Remember that it was Miguel de Icaza himself who more than 15 years ago worked on the wedding between Microsoft and Novell (the very reason this site exists in the first place) and it’s mostly about patents, enabling Microsoft to basically dominate if not commandeer GNU/Linux. Also, for those who are not aware, Miguel de Icaza met Nat Friedman as a Microsoft employee (intern); both still work for Microsoft and Miguel de Icaza actually co-founded GNOME after he had attempted to work for Microsoft (but failed for immigration reasons).

“They say a fish rots from the head down; here too, as we shall see, rich spoiled boy Nat Friedman is the mastermind.”This series won’t be focusing on aspects that we covered before, e.g. how GitHub renders Free software projects mere “slaves” of Microsoft (Microsoft is the master of everything in GitHub, no matter what it says about the word) or why it’s a huge danger (we consider it to be the biggest threat to Free software). Instead, we shall focus mostly on how GitHub is being weaponised against millions of Free software projects, especially those that use reciprocal licences. We’ll see who and what is behind that plot, based on insiders’ accounts. We don’t want to give any spoilers away. They say a fish rots from the head down; here too, as we shall see, rich spoiled boy Nat Friedman is the mastermind. He’s so vain that he’s blocking, not just stonewalling, many of his critics. He’s insecure if not paranoid because he has so much to hide.

“GitHub is another problem,” an associate of ours has explained, as “it was only half bad at first but after it got bought out / sold out then it is all bad. I figure it was a defensive maneuver by Microsoft to also gain surveillance over competitors, but more to shut them down and control them. Similar to Mojang.”

In the case of Mojang, think of the poor frog inside the warm/hot water that starts boiling and gradually kills the frog in a very cruel fashion. In the case of Minecraft (of Mojang), they stopped the Java version and made a variant of the flagship product that was Windows-only, then they went all in on that. Apparently they also require a Microsoft account to continue using the product. Bundling and social engineering [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]. In GitHub’s case, they try to steer people away from the GPL and change users’ practices; moreover, they promote a proprietary IDE, NSA-friendly hosting, and a “better” Git tool (basically pulling an E.E.E. on the original project, which was created by Linus Torvalds). The bundling increases over time. Use it the way Microsoft wants or be left behind..

Remember that ongoing scandal in .NET Foundation (as recent as this month). Microsoft constantly misuses its power in GitHub and it’ll only get worse in the future because the fist tightens. The currency is control [1, 2]. That’s just Microsoft being Microsoft. Robert X. Cringely once said that Microsoft “have the deepest of pockets, unlimited ambition, and they are willing to lose money for years and years just to make sure that you don’t make any money, either. And they are mean, REALLY mean.”

GitHub does not make money, but it gives Microsoft a lot of unjust power that it is — as always! — happy to abuse/misuse.

“They’ll never recover that money,” our associate has said about GitHub and Mojang, “but they did shut down a gateway for kids to learn about GNU/Linux and the very existence of non-Microsoft systems.”

“Microsoft itself is only about 4/5 of the problem. On top of what it does itself, there is also the fact that various nation states exploit it as a vehicle for nefarious works.”

“Hence the continued bailouts via “contracts”, like JEDI.”

“Microsoft constantly misuses its power in GitHub and it’ll only get worse in the future because the fist tightens.”We casually mentioned this in yesterday's Daily Links. Expect this series to also cover Pentagon and/or NSA connections. They do exist. Microsoft is more about politics than about technology.

As we focus intensely on the EPO we cannot promise daily or even weekly posts in the GitHub series. But we certainly expect this series to go on for a very long time.

In Part III we’ll begin to examine some verified new evidence. In later parts we’ll name some of the players (culprits) and illuminate their dark past.

How (Simple Technical Steps) to Convince Yourself That DuckDuckGo is Just Spyware Connected to Microsoft, Falsely Advertised as ‘Privacy’

Posted in Deception, Microsoft, Search at 2:02 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Recent: EFF Pushes for Users to Install DuckDuckGo Software After Being Paid to Kill HTTPS Everywhere | DuckDuckGo’s HQ is Smaller Than My Apartment | Why You Should Avoid DuckDuckGo (DDG) 2021 Edition, Now Microsoft-Hosted and With Extra Privacy Risks | The EFF Attacks Software Freedom and Promotes Fake Privacy Linked to Microsoft

DuckDuckGo scam
Read on here

Summary: In recent days we published or republished some bits and pieces about what DuckDuckGo really is; the above reader dropped by to enlighten us and demonstrate just how easy it is to see what DuckDuckGo does even at the client side (with JavaScript); more people need to confront DuckDuckGo over this and warn colleagues/friends/family (there’s more here)


In Picture: After Billions Spent on Marketing, With Vista 11 Hype and Vapourware, No Real Gains for Windows

Posted in Deception, Marketing, Microsoft, Windows at 5:52 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The hype started this past summer

Windows share
Windows market share as a function of time from 2009 until October 16th (today). Raw data [ODS] available.

Summary: The very latest figures from Web usage show that it’s hardly even a blip on the radar; Windows continues bleeding to death, not only in servers

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