Open Source Initiative (OSI) Leadership Changing, Quite Likely for the Better

Posted in Free/Libre Software, OSI at 5:01 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: The Open Source Initiative (OSI) changed its public faces and judging by what we’ve been seeing in recent weeks there’s room for hope because of the new leader’s history/track record

OUR Web site is not an enemy but a friend of the OSI. For evidence, which exists, look what we wrote about the OSI about a decade ago. It wasn’t always what it became in recent years (it could barely run an election) and we expressed concerns, amicably, when we felt like the OSI was going astray.

The new leadership is, on the surface, a step in the right direction. Last month we explained why, but some people might not be happy about this. As if the OSI must crash and burn regardless; the way we see it, the OSI was becoming like Linux Foundation but wasn’t quite there (yet). There was still a glimmer of hope, just like Mozilla (need to change management urgently).

Let’s hope we can get the old OSI back. Maybe it can even work with the FSF instead of against it (as happened earlier this year).

To be clear, I’m not concern-trolling and in the above video (totally spontaneous) I take a look at the current board and a bunch of other pages, including this new sponsors page, which lists Google and IBM, then Microsoft (twice). As a reminder, the Open Source Initiative is about 95% companies-funded. That was years ago. We doubt they’ve convinced many individual members to shell out more money since then.

The arrival of Stefano Maffulli as Executive Director of OSI and, as of days ago, the departure of a back-stabbing colleague, who had raised money from Microsoft and attacked RMS after receiving an award from him, is noteworthy. The condemnation of RMS wasn’t even based on actual facts!

Let’s try a fresh start, judging with an open mind the direction of the OSI, bearing in mind the intolerance of critics from the Board’s Chair, still attacking RMS on personal/political grounds, not technical, using pseudo-ethical angles while amassing corporate money, which is the real problem.

Whether we like it or not, for historical reasons OSI still plays an important role. The same is true for Creative Commons. Let’s try to fix them, not destroy them.


Techrights Statement on Stefano Maffulli as Executive Director of OSI

Posted in Free/Libre Software, Microsoft, OSI, Patents at 8:21 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

OSI, Microsoft money
Things have not been rosy since OSI started taking Microsoft money (Simon Phipps, for example, stopped condemning Microsoft for its patent blackmail)

Summary: There are positives in today’s announcement about new OSI leadership (or full-time member of staff), but time will tell if promise turns into concrete results

The new chief/leader at the OSI (some press release/media/coverage we’ve found so far is rather shallow, as were congratulatory “tweets”) deserves the benefit of the doubt. He didn’t sign the defamation letter against RMS and over the years he was mostly decent. I’ve followed him for many years and I’ve seen no reason to question his integrity or his sincerity. His contacts/connections are also decent people. Can the OSI still be redeemed? We certainly hope so, having witnessed an influx of proprietary software interests in the Board and the management.

The OSI clearly needs to change; but not in the direction/trajectory it has been changing in recent years. Go back to your roots/goals (they amended their mission statement very recently and announced that earlier this week).

For those who rush to judge the OSI, be patient; we’ve not seen any evidence yet of the new chief doing something bad. It’s unfair to judge proactively. One reader of ours wrote to say “OSI staff driven -> dependent” (on sponsors), but that’s the sort of challenge they need to tackle. They sort of sold out in recent years as they became more than 95% dependent on corporate cash, not individual supporters, as per their IRS filings.

The salary of the new chief thus depends on the corporate sponsors (same problem in the Linux Foundation), which will be harder to challenge/criticise without risk of retaliation. But it needs to be done every now and then.

In public: Microsoft loves Linux; in private: Microsoft blackmails LinuxTo be very clear, Stefano is historically not on Microsoft’s side. Here is what he wrote last year compared to 14 years ago (responding to the FSFE). Stefano was the Italian Chancellor of the FSFE back when the FSFE wasn’t a front group for monopolies like Google with Microsoft cash on its lap. FSFE might be beyond redemption. Can Stefano correct/undo the OSI’s mistakes?

As a matter of priority, let’s hope that the OSI’s boosting of GitHub will come to an end. Let’s hope Stefano will realise that devoting more than half of the OSI’s budget to proprietary software (ClearlyDefined budget, according to Josh Simmons) is a mistake. He needs to question this misuse of funds and then change the OSI’s direction. We certainly hope he’s not falling for any of that “Microsoft loves Linux” nonsense (lie). Just to be very clear, Microsoft's patent blackmail carries on, but it is better disguised (secret deals, Azure “IP” “advantage” etc.) and journalism is pretty much dead by now, so any actual facts get drowned in an ocean of PR (like “Microsoft loves Linux”). Microsoft isn’t reviled in the Free software world because of “hatred” or due to envy; it’s reviled in many circles for its deeply criminal behaviour, which has not changed. It includes entryism and the OSI must recognise this. The sooner, the better.


When Did Diversity Become a Product Sold to Corporations and to Privileged Autocrats?

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, OSI at 6:44 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 559f8d40880af88fbacaebfe0f9b2072

Summary: The Free software community needs to get more vocal about opportunism in an ongoing corporate coup; it calls its resistors (to the coup) all sorts of “isms” while the said corporations are dishing out money to form a misleading narrative (inversion of accusations)

TWENTY odd hours ago we published this video about EPO pinkwashing. A bunch of gangsters — outright criminals (like Benoît Battistelli with his Vichy family roots) — are hijacking gay people to make themselves seem ethical.

“…$6,000 is not a small amount of money when your target audience is at most a couple hundred people.”Last night we published Open Source Initiative: Pay Us $6,000 and We'll Present You as Supporting Diversity, citing similar behaviour from the Linux Foundation. They’ve literally turned gay people into a commodity to be sold while crushing online communities.

They they have the extreme audacity to gag/censor people using inflated accusations of bigotry and intolerance — the very thing those corporations do for profit! What an incredible reversal of narratives!

As we noted last month, even LibreOffice started selling keynotes (keynote talks/speaking slots) and we know who can afford these; $6,000 is not a small amount of money when your target audience is at most a couple hundred people.


Open Source Initiative: Pay Us $6,000 and We’ll Present You as Supporting Diversity

Posted in Deception, Marketing, OSI at 6:11 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

So-called ‘Linux’ Foundation does the same thing, most likely as it’s a form of corporate reputation laundering that apparently sells well

Published just now:

Sponsorship Agreement for Practical Open Source Information

The whole lot:

Sponsorship Agreement for Practical Open Source Information

Summary: You can enable overt racism for ICE and then use some of the ICE money to lie to the public and improve the corporate image, thanks to the ‘services’ just offered by the OSI; they’ve reduced “Inclusion and Diversity” into a paid-for lie


Open Source Initiative is a Corporate Front Group Looking for Money From Opponents of Software Freedom

Posted in Deception, Microsoft, OSI at 4:44 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum c6a3588f112e7222adebbac7ae5446ea

Summary: The corporate coup against software freedom has enlisted another person to deepen the coup with corporate fund-raising (more strings, becoming indebted to surveillance firms and monopolies, hiding behind the "open" banner); that person is connected to a longtime foe of software freedom [1, 2]

THE Open Source Initiative (OSI) has pushed out its very own founder and it does not tolerate critics. Because criticising corporations is “hate”…

“These are the very same people who worked overtime trying to oust Richard Stallman from his own organisation, which actually tries to accomplish something of importance.”This new press release, which showed up some hours ago in their front page, reaffirms the ‘new’ OSI’s commitment to companies like Microsoft. Most of the OSI’s budget is already devoted to Microsoft boosting.

Just as ‘new’ Freenode has nothing at all to do with Freenode anymore (it’s not even called that anymore; they just hijacked a tiny portions the users and decommissioned the network), the ‘new’ OSI has little to do with Open Source. It milks the name and its past reputation. It is about openwashing and it’s run by people who work for ICE and other forms of racism. And yet somehow they have the audacity to use “diversity” and “inclusion” as a weapon by which to demonise sceptics. These are the very same people who worked overtime trying to oust Richard Stallman from his own organisation, which actually tries to accomplish something of importance.


‘Open Source’ as a Failed Initiative

Posted in Free/Libre Software, OSI at 6:18 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 1ff48579187cd76587d121fd6d2d44f6

Summary: A closer look at the dire state of the Open Source Initiative, or OSI, which no longer protects Open Source (let alone software freedom) but instead helps openwashing, Microsoft entrapment, and a coup against the FSF

THE OSI situation which we spoke about last night [1, 2] is further aggravation of an already-fatal prognosis. Things got a lot worse (and very fast) a year ago when the General Manager left and months ago we saw the current (“interim”) General Manager viciously attacking Richard Stallman. Some even accused her of borderline antisemitism (in the mailing list).

Hong Phuc Dang announces victory on LinkedInThe latest episode in this circling-down-the-drain drama isn’t pretty. It looks like they’re once again failing to run an election and people have already noticed the creaks. Their system isn’t working and there’s nobody truly in charge. They lack technical skills and a lack of legal background is impossible to compensate for with shallow politics.

“They keep telling us that the FSF is “irrelevant”, but that’s just a case of wishful thinking and an act of projection.”At the moment the OSI is trying to sink the FSF, hoping that by taking other boats down under the OSI can somehow still maintain some relevance. They keep telling us that the FSF is “irrelevant”, but that’s just a case of wishful thinking and an act of projection. Long live copyleft. Sharing is caring, so happy sharing (and hacking).


The OSI Song

Posted in Microsoft, OSI at 8:22 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Goodnight and goodbye

Summary: The sad demise of OSI, which has become little but a front group of proprietary software companies in pursuit of openwashing services (and outsourcing to proprietary disservices looking to eradicate copyleft)

THE Oh! Ass! Aye?

It will never die
For Microsoft is can lie
Oh my!

Openwashing as a service
Making Stallman nervous
Driving their Chevies
Collecting their levies

ClearlyDefined sellout
They really needed a bailout
Proprietary breakout
Forgetting what they’re all about

Open Source has won!
GitHub prison can be fun
By Microsoft it is run
Look what we have done!

Herding communities at scale
To ensure they always fail
Dog wagged by its tail
But hey, nobody is male!

Politics of entryism ignored
Integrity is hard to afford
Dirty money they hoard
Hanging themselves on a cord

[Meme] OSI is Doing Just Fine

Posted in GPL, Microsoft, OSI at 8:06 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Free software development rep, OSI, GitHub
Don’t worry! Microsoft will save the OSI!

Summary: So what if OSI is run by someone who raised money from Microsoft (to sell Microsoft a keynote slot in a copyleft event — the thing that Microsoft attacks through GitHub!) while funnelling the OSI's funds to a serial GPL violator?

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