OSI Running Microsoft Ads (and Promoting Proprietary GitHub) Under the Guise of ‘Webinar’

Posted in Deception, Microsoft, OSI at 9:02 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

The ‘Open Source’ Initiative, or OSI for short, is basically a Microsoft front group these days

OSI: The ClearlyDefined project was invited to give an update as part of the OpenChain webinar series. I had the opportunity to share with this global community the project's mission: to create a global database of licensing metadata for every Open Source software component ever published

Summary: Microsofters are speaking ‘on behalf’ of OSI again, jointly with ‘Linux’ Foundation, essentially promoting Microsoft’s own initiatives [1, 2, 3, 4] and traps like proprietary GitHub, which abuses the GPL (the OSI’s chief actively lobbies for Microsoft — on Microsoft’s payroll — in class action litigation over GPL violations)


The Microsoft Initiative (OSI) Against Free Software, an Initiative Funded by Microsoft

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Nick Vidal is at it again

OSI promoting Microsoft

Summary: OSI‘s Web site is now composed by Microsoft staff; under the guise of “Drafting a charter for an Open Source project” there is promotion of GitHub, which is proprietary and attacks Free/Open Source software. Microsoft has truly hijacked OSI.


Duly Noted: Microsoft Front Group OSI (Nowadays Funded to Lobby for Microsoft’s Proprietary Agenda) Wants Us to Stop Talking About Freedom

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Yes, let’s focus on “code available” alone, hosted by Microsoft’s proprietary prison (notice how OSI is paid by GitHub to promote GitHub, rather than ask people to leave it)

Stefano Maffulli yesterday: I've been saying this for many years now: saying “free and open source software” makes no sense. Today the proof that it generates confusion at the time where we need extra clarity; This was sponsored by Microsoft; Half of the OSI's money (his salary) now comes from Microsoft
OSI chief Stefano Maffulli yesterday

Citing this from Simon Phipps:

Simon Phipps on The Return Of “Freeware”

2 years ago 'Simon Phipps (Former OSI President)' signed a defamatory letter calling for the removal of the father of Free Software
2 years ago “Simon Phipps (Former OSI President)” signed a defamatory letter calling for the removal of the father of Free Software

Summary: The OSI is deeply compromised; If they bothered talking to people (and also politicians) about Freedom instead of ‘Open Source’, we’d actually get somewhere (other than Microsoft’s GitHub, which is proprietary)

The OSI won’t speak for us, so make sure you do (Gemini address).


New Business Model at OSI: Running Blog Ads for Sponsors (Not Just Microsoft)

Posted in Marketing, Microsoft, OSI at 10:21 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Just hours ago:

OSI ads

Summary: The OSI is obsolete; it’s just collecting advertising money and its staff is sponsored by Microsoft to lobby for Microsoft (and promote proprietary software of Microsoft)


OSI: Let’s Repeat Microsoft Lies

Posted in Deception, GPL, Microsoft, OSI at 7:11 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Two years before bagging bribes from Microsoft the OSI published this: [PDF]

2015 OSI on Microsoft

Of course it has gotten a lot worse since then. For example, consider this overt case of OSI lobbying for Microsoft in the class action lawsuit over GitHub Copilot (GPL violations). This is MICROSOFT funded. This is MICROSOFT staff. This is MICROSOFT propaganda. All this for MICROSOFT GPL VIOLATIONS. Hosted by a MICROSOFT-BRIBED OSI. They buy the OSI’s platform and we know whose bank account nets those salaries.

Sometimes it feels like there’s no greater foe or enemy to Open Source than the OSI itself (because of the misleading name, which complicates matters; it’s a powerful lobbying instrument). It literally works against its original mission, as last witnessed yesterday.

OSI Blog Composed by Microsofters on Microsoft’s Payroll, Promoting Proprietary GitHub Using Microsoft’s Terminology

Posted in Deception, Law, Microsoft, OSI at 6:24 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Sponsored by Microsoft to occupy the OSI, serving and pushing Microsoft agenda, lobbying for proprietary software (under the guise of “community”!) and even painting plagiarism/GPL violations as benign "AI"

Nick Vidal for Microsoft

Nick Vidal at Microsoft's LinkedIn


Nick Vidal joins Microsoft

This is what OSI is advocating:

GitHub: Where everything comes to die

Summary: Not only does Microsoft besiege the OSI's Board; it also has staff on the payroll (Microsoft's money) pushing the OSI in Microsoft’s direction; the OSI actively works to undermine its own mission, having taken money from (been bribed by) its foremost foe half a decade ago


Microsoft Has Also Infiltrated the OSI’s Board of Directors After Rigged Elections

Posted in Microsoft, OSI at 4:22 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

As if it didn’t control the OSI’s agenda and staff already…

Aeva Black
Overt conflict of interest (Microsoft is attacking Open Source)

Summary: Weeks ago we warned that this would happen and for the third or fourth time in 2 years the OSI’s election process broke down; today the Open Source Initiative (OSI) writes: “The polls just closed, the results are in. Congratulations to the returning directors Aeva Black…” (Microsoft employee)


Microsoft Employees Run for Board of the OSI, ‘Forget’ to Disclose Working Full Time for Microsoft

Posted in Deception, Microsoft, OSI at 12:42 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Not even the first time. Later they write official blog posts ‘on behalf’ of the OSI. Entryism defined.

Two of them are Linux Foundation, i.e. an openwashing front group of proprietary software companies (the OSI is also a front group of Microsoft since taking money from Microsoft)

No disclosure
Microsoft not mentioned even once

Aeva Black
Overt conflict of interest (Microsoft is attacking Open Source)

Summary: As noted in the last batch of Daily Links, “OSI is a lost cause because it attacks the concept of Open Source in exchange for bribes from Microsoft. It even helps Microsoft in a lawsuit where Microsoft’s GPL violations are tackled.”

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