IBM’s Attack on the Community and on GPL/FSF is an Attack on Red Hat’s Greatest Asset

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IBM has no clue what it's doing (and it has lost someone who knew better, Mr. Allowhurst)

We've made centos users become IBM customers, but it didn't work because of Alma, Rocky, Debian etc.
IBM attacks what it cannot understand (or cannot control)

Summary: Ever since IBM bought Red Hat it has repeatedly attacked the FSF (in a malicious and personified fashion), looking for its own ‘copyright grab’ whilst outsourcing loads of code to proprietary software monopolisers who attack the GPL; by doing so, IBM is destroying the value of what it paid more than 30 billion dollars for (IBM is governed by pretentious fools, according to IBM insiders; they’ve already lost Red Hat’s longtime CEO and IBM’s new President), so it’s falling back on openwashing of IBM's proprietary software with help from the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation


Half the People in This Letter Are IBM Employees

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Spot the pattern: Guix Petition Demographic Data, by Figosdev (IBM wants volunteers as “slaves” of IBM)


Summary: IBM seems to be continuing its war on the FSF because IBM wants to own everything (CentOS being ‘canned’ was just part of the plan)

Crying “Wolf!” About Systemd is Only Beneficial to IBM and Systemd Developers/Pushers

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Video download link | md5sum dfb6c8618976a1acd9504672379b8cbf

Summary: Microsoft controls Systemd only to the extent that Systemd is controlled by GitHub, which is in turn controlled by Microsoft; But Systemd has long been on that proprietary platform (its developers don’t truly value software freedom) and this has long been a problem, even before Microsoft hijacked it for coercive power

THE position or stance we maintain/hold/have regarding IBM is negative enough already and it’s based on hard facts, not gut feelings and/or speculations; so suffice to say we’re Systemd sceptics. Even worse than sceptics since well before IBM bought Red Hat. For the same reasons we implored Red Hat’s software patents for over a decade (IBM lobbies for such patents) and expressed concerns/reservations regarding Red Hat’s monopolistic tendencies.

But having said that, there’s a danger that everything negative being said about Systemd will be accepted as true, irrespective of underlying facts. Falsehoods or false claims won’t help us. To make matters worse, they open up the possibility/ies of straw man arguments from people whom we criticise — in the same way Bill Gates likes to pretend that all his critics are just envious “conspiracy theorists”.

So anyway, cutting to the chase, judging by comments and articles in Phoronix (a site we support with growing caution), including this morning’s headline that starts with “Systemd/Microsoft” (it’s discussed in the video above), one might think that Systemd is some evil plot from Microsoft, but that’s clearly not the case. However, this is where discussions seem to go or eventually gravitate towards.

“I’m a lot more concerned about full-time Microsoft staff managing Linus Torvalds at the Linux Foundation and Microsoft’s Levin announcing all the stable kernel releases several weeks ago (when Greg K-H was on holiday/break… maybe ill).”I actually examined the claim more than a month ago (32 days ago) when I first saw it, but there was barely any smoke, let alone a fire. I’m a lot more concerned about full-time Microsoft staff managing Linus Torvalds at the Linux Foundation and Microsoft’s Levin announcing all the stable kernel releases several weeks ago (when Greg K-H was on holiday/break… maybe ill). Torvalds should never be bossed by people who are in turn bossed by sociopaths from Microsoft. We need to put things in perspective and check whether we risk moving adrift (and away from the legitimate and most pressing issues).

This isn’t limited to software by the way. To borrow one example, we’ve already witnessed EPO propaganda claiming that EPO critics (who condemn EPO management) are nationalists or Nazis or something totally insane. We even saw claims about “Russia” (as if Russia runs the world and is hiding behind every corner/under every rock).

Let’s not walk into unsupported territories.


The Largest Distros of GNU/Linux Fight for Microsoft Hegemony (Instead of Freedom)

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Video download link | md5sum 691de53cdee744adb0447b3d0f8f83bc

Summary: GNU/Linux ought not be reduced to merely another brand; if the goal is software freedom, then we won’t get there by relying on bigger corporations that make alliances with Microsoft and strive to ‘monetise’ everything

The Free software community is in a tough spot at the moment. Even though GNU/Linux is used more than ever before, rarely does freedom follow this trend. There’s actually entrenchment of ‘Linux-powered’ (e.g. Android) surveillance and GNU/Linux-based (e.g. Facebook, Google disservices) espionage.

The video deals with this new (this morning’s) example of Red Hat pushing (promoting but with drug-dealing slant) Microsoft’s proprietary software (check the licence, as it’s legally and technically proprietary software). It’s malicious software, a potential keylogger, which is also monopolistic and a piece of spyware in the “telemetry” sense. The sad thing is, Red Hat under IBM’s leadership is becoming barely better than SUSE. Meanwhile, Canonical too bends and jumps all over itself to appease Microsoft.

We need to change the flag bearer of GNU/Linux to something else if we want to promote (or preserve) software freedom.


[Meme] IBM is NOT a Friend of Free Software

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“IBM is proud of its patent portfolio, and the fact that they produce patents at a rate of 10 a day. With such an extensive arsenal of patents, backed by unlimited legal funds – what chances are left for the VC backed company? This is like the US going to war against Micronesia.” —Daniel Cohen

IBM in 2018 and 3 years later: Remove Torvalds! Remove RMS!
Torvalds was sidelined by IBM-connected media around the time IBM had put a bid on Red Hat

The commits in the anti-RMS letter
All the latest changes to the anti-RMS letter

Summary: People must not forget the role played by IBM in the attacks on the FSF (they still try to take away copyrights from the FSF; many of the 'GNU rebels' or coup leaders are IBM employees, both in 2019 and in 2021)


Jim Whitehurst Was Always Very Optimistic and Positive But With IBM in Charge He No Longer Is

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Video link

Krankie Sturgeon: Red Hat, Big blueSummary: The independence of Red Hat isn’t being respected anymore (it was a false promise; see Scotland and Cataluña); instead of fighting on, in order to maintain his promise to his staff, Whitehurst has ejected himself from the new "master" of Red Hat

YESTERDAY MORNING we wrote and recorded a 44-minute audio about Jim Whitehurst's departure, only after we had spent several hours studying the situation and the events leading up to it (there are many rumours about it, albeit facts are harder to find).

Since then we’ve spent nearly 2 more days reading lots of newer (and more in-depth) articles about the subject, so it seems clear that he left without any pressure put on him to do so (he was certainly not sacked and he’ll continue to advise/consult from afar, according to IBM’s CEO).

Whitehurst was a nice person and an amicable CEO. He comes from the south (US), he studied in the south (he studied computer science and was in Germany at one point), and many from Red Hat — de facto IBM employees now — view his departure as a big red flag.

Whitehurst was always respectful and relatively nice to me (Novell’s CEO only ever sent me threats), so I will miss him. If Whitehurst lost faith in IBM (he was IBM’s president!), why should anybody else still have faith? He was a positive person by nature. Goodbye, Whitehurst, and thanks for all the fish.

Video credit (except taken from): Red Hat Support Stories: Calls with our CEO

Red Hat Staff in 2018 and 2021
Photo: Independencia-Cataluña


Investigation Needed Into the Full Story of Jim Whitehurst’s Departure From IBM

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One decade ago: Techrights Interview With Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat’s President and CEO

Jim Whitehurst

Direct download as Ogg (44 minutes, 32.8 MB)

Summary: No matter how deep one digs, based on publicly available information and even rumour mills of IBM insiders/pensioners, it is exceptionally difficult to understand what happened inside IBM’s top-level boardroom/management, resulting in many departures, including Whitehurst’s

Due to technical issues, the video I had recorded about this didn’t work out well (focus on wrong part of the screens), so I’ve converted it into audio (not much was lost, it mostly showed the contents of the articles below, in turn). The short story is, it’s difficult to know what exactly happened… and we dare people to tell us with certainty, rather than just speculate. We’re all ears and we welcome any insider account, though we recognise that it likely requires high-level access (the ordinary Red Hatter won’t be told the full story; shareholders are told face-saving stories/narratives).

The pages/articles the audio above (it was a video originally) being alluded to are:

As embedded (HTML5):


Ogg Theora


[Meme] The Collapse of IBM

Posted in IBM, Red Hat at 5:12 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

IBM in May 2021 and June 2021

Voluntary redundancy plan in France - Update

Summary: Compare IBM promises (May) to IBM layoffs (June), with many more ‘voluntary’ redundancies (to reduce panic and negative press associated with layoffs) — the latest example of which posted 6 days ago (it’s not limited to France)

IBM cutting 84 jobs at Fountain Plaza tech hub that is part of Buffalo Billion

Red Hat exec: 500 new jobs to focus on expanding its cloud computing punch

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