Ubuntu (Canonical) Will Not Help Us Get Rid of Windows (Microsoft)

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Ubuntu is Helping Microsoft
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Summary: Canonical is rapidly losing its dominance among desktop/laptop GNU/Linux users (it’s still doing OK in servers); but adding insult to injury, it’s now boosting Windows instead of GNU/Linux, perhaps failing to grasp that this is in part the cause of the exodus (of Ubuntu engineers, too)

THIS is a truly sad story, but it’s not the first time, i.e. it’s not unprecedented. It’s quite a tragedy considering the first bug report in Ubuntu. It was meant to replace Windows. But Canonical is trying to appease Microsoft and spy with Microsoft. As a result, Ubuntu’s community has been reduced to nothing, users flee to other distros (many reports to that effect lately), and the power of the brand “Ubuntu” is withering away.

“Canonical is yet again promoting the competition, but we’re meant to believe that Canonical/Ubuntu is truly the alternative to Microsoft/Windows. It’s not.”I’ve decided it might be easier to cover the topic in the form of a spontaneous video as I would regret sending traffic to the pages in question (we’ve already included some in Daily Links regardless, along with critical editorial comments).

Canonical is yet again promoting the competition, but we’re meant to believe that Canonical/Ubuntu is truly the alternative to Microsoft/Windows. It’s not.

“The company’s “Product Manager” (first post Oct 19 2021) keeps shilling Windows and other Microsoft stuff.”When Ubuntu had a new LTS release (only a few weeks ago) there was “IPO” murmur/talk in Microsoft media (predicted for next year), but that might simply mean that the founder wants to exit and put the liabilities in shareholders’ hands. The interview in question was with a longtime Microsoft propagandist, so it’s hard to say what motivated it.

In any event, today and yesterday Ubuntu’s official blog promoted Windows and products with Windows. The company’s “Product Manager” (first post Oct 19 2021) keeps shilling Windows and other Microsoft stuff. About a quarter of his posts are Microsoft promotion and Microsoft isn’t even described as a competitor. But remember that more than a decade ago the person managing the desktop of Ubuntu was someone who had come from Microsoft (Spencer), spreading Mono and other problematic things.

“Canonical hired for WSL promotion instead of GNU/Linux promotion and now there’s endorsement of a laptop that comes with Windows (an HP debacle we’ve covered in a past video).”As noted in the video, many of the original high-calibre developers of Ubuntu have left. Not only have many left; some of them now “disparage” Canonical’s products, including some managers. Canonical hired for WSL promotion instead of GNU/Linux promotion and now there’s endorsement of a laptop that comes with Windows (an HP debacle we’ve covered in a past video).

What is Canonical trying to tell us? To buy a Windows machine instead of one with GNU/Linux preloaded?

“Ubuntu is losing its lead very rapidly and it knows it. Maybe that’s why so many people leave.”Incidentally, that same “Product Manager” keeps promoting proprietary software (most of his posts) and the rest include Steam (DRM). He wrote about Steam after the media had noted that gamers are on Arch or other distros. Ubuntu is losing its lead very rapidly and it knows it. Maybe that’s why so many people leave.

In any case, see the video; I prefer not to link to the Microsoft promotion in Ubuntu.com. Instead I just show that in the video. The CEO whose surname I forgot is Jane Silber, who worked for a weapons company prior to Canonical.


On the Cusp of Widespread Adoption of GNU/Linux in More Countries

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China and GNU for Domestic Control
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Summary: It looks like China may soon migrate 50 million PCs to GNU/Linux, according to the corporate media controlled by an American oligarch

THE GNU/Linux operating system is a global project. It’s neither a country nor a company. This means that corporations struggle to just extinguish the thing; they try to shoot down people, instead. They prop up front groups like the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation to achieve that. It’s all about control.

“It’s all about control.”The video above concerns an extended interpretation of a paywalled wall of text from Wall Street-leaning media (the parts about GNU/Linux are sheltered away behind a paywall). It looks like China may soon migrate 50 million PCs to GNU/Linux.


In Spite of All the AstroTurfing, ‘Microsoft’ Edge (Ripoff of Chrome) is Falling Every Month So Far This Year (Along With Windows)

Posted in Microsoft, Windows at 9:04 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Raw data as OpenDocument Format (ODS)

Browsers by use

Summary: Based on StatCounter, Microsoft’s Edge market share fell every month this year. Microsoft Edge’s share, all versions combined, from January to May: 4.12%, 4.06%, 4.05%, 4.05%, and 4.04%.


On Desktops/Laptops Alone, Windows Market Share Estimated to Have Fallen About 10% Since the Pandemic Started (According to StatCounter)

Posted in Microsoft, Windows at 8:30 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

From 80% to 70% in 2 years
Screenshot from the latest statistics

Summary: The media hardly mentions such things (what’s left of the media gets paid by Microsoft to hail Windows and create ‘buzz’ for Vista 11), but the common carrier known as Windows is going nowhere fast

Windows Starts May 2022 at 24% Market Share (Less Than a Quarter!)

Posted in Microsoft, Windows at 3:21 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Windows is the blue curve (as a function of time

Windows %24

Summary: Today, taking a new month’s snapshot/check at StatCounter, Windows seems to be down even further as Android climbs to nearly half of all Web requests. As we enter the month of May it becomes more apparent that Windows isn’t recovering and Vista 11 was just a waste of billions of dollars in false marketing.

Update: If one counts the desktop alone, Windows is down from around 80% to almost 70% since the pandemic broke out.



Windows Has Never Been So Small (Updated)

Posted in Microsoft, Windows at 8:30 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Windows small

Summary: As we enter the month of May it becomes more apparent that Windows goes nowhere but down, even months after a new release/version

Update: Now it’s showing up even lower. See below:

Windows at 29

In Picture: Windows Falls Below 30% Market Share as April Ends

Posted in Microsoft, Windows at 2:27 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Windows below 30

Summary: This is the latest from the waning OS, whose latest version was the biggest disaster and by far the biggest failure in the history of Windows


Microsoft Aggression and Deflection (Against Linux)

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Microsoft Loves Linux FUD
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Summary: Today we wish to take stock of a bunch of misleading, sensationalist coverage about “Linux”; as usual, Microsoft is connected to that, even more directly than one might expect…

THE TECHNICAL sabotage by Microsoft is easily demonstrable, e.g. in Mesa and in Linux (the “contributions” by Microsoft are to Microsoft, not to Linux, and they promote proprietary surveillanceware, not Software Freedom). In the video above I discuss NTFS in Linux (indirect link to bypass sites we boycott).

“Nothing Microsoft does benefits anyone else,”Ryan said moments ago in IRC, “except for a few odd cases that were usually less than 100 lines anyway. Which someone else probably would have done regardless at some point…”

“They try to minimize the usefulness of their “Linux” work to anyone else, because they don’t want to make “Linux” work better except in shackles under their Azure crap.”

More importantly, however, so far this week I’ve seen many Linux-hostile headlines, usually in Microsoft-friendly and/or Microsoft-connected sites which have historically been Linux-hostile.

Ignoring deliberate holes in Microsoft products, such sites would have you believe that Linux is the least secure thing on the entire planet!

As we put it in the latest batch of Daily Links, “while CISA admits Microsoft is full of holes that are actively exploited Microsoft and its faithful media operatives try to shift attention to “Linux” [as we demonstrated a few days ago, linking directly to CISA's site]…”

So what on Earth is going on here? “Microsoft concern-trolling Linux while putting NSA back doors in Windows,” to quote our editorial comment? Speaking of actively exploited holes, two months after a patch had been made widely available we see this article. “This was patched a very long time ago,” we noted this morning, and “meanwhile, there are dozen of zero-day flaws in Windows that are remotely exploitable, not local privilege escalation…”

So it seems like there might be distraction going on. And maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye…

Not only is it very hard for a malicious, unknown actor to actually leverage such a bug; it’s also hard to prove that Microsoft manipulates the media consciously in this case. We’d need to see leaked communications to actually prove such an assertion.

The net effect is the same and Microsoft staff now feeds the media with anti-Linux talking points. The stories are run by moles of the company, Microsoft-sympathetic ‘gurus’ who have moreover infiltrated the Linux Foundation (an organisation that nowadays ACTIVELY PARTICIPATES in such anti-Linux campaigns of semi-false talking points).

This keeps happening. We see it once in a few months, and this time it culminates in “old news” being rerun (about a bug properly patched more than 50 days ago [1, 2, 3, 4] and before it was even known to the general public).

The real problem, according to CISA, is Microsoft. But CISA’s “blog” almost never mentions “Microsoft”. It just maintains a catalogue many Microsoft flaws.

“If there is a problem affecting non-Microsoft systems,” an associate told us today, “then that is unusual and therefore news. If there is a remote exploit in the wild being actively exploited against Microsoft systems, that is the normal situation and thus not news.”

Towards the end of the video I show this new blog post from Debian’s Russell Coker, noting that Microsoft gives the NSA et al direct access to PCs, so no “security” measures from Microsoft should be taken seriously, to quote the latest Daily Links.

To quote Ryan, who is a former Microsoft MVP: “Local Privilege Escalations are bugs, yes, but they are of low concern (and do get fixed). Anyone with direct physical access to a computer can elevate their privileges eventually. And on Windows there’s a ton of them which sometimes even bypass the TPM and Bitlocker. There was one in the print spooler, for example, last summer. But it happens all the time on Windows and you don’t even see it much in “the news”. Any user on the machine could become SYSTEM and read your files, even if they were “protected”. So that’s Windows for you.”

bnchs noted that “in GNU/Linux, you would have to boot to another OS to get root.”

Quoting Ryan some more: “Becoming SYSTEM is an even bigger disaster than becoming ADMINISTRATOR, because in Windows, this means that you’re…well, part of the system. You can even patch and hook into things that are “secured” and off limits to ADMINISTRATOR. Stuff that normally requires digital signing no longer requires digital signing. So at this point, rootkit? Sure. And all it takes is someone running as a Guest or as a user with no administrator hat to run a file that knows where the vulnerabilities are. Microsoft was in the news (their news) recently for raising the bug bounty. It’s still less than Google’s, and way less than what those things are worth to nation state attackers, terrorists, and ransomware outfits. By a factor of $10,000:$1 sometimes.”

MinceR said it’s “still wasted money from their perspective [as] that could be better spent on corruption, ads and lawyers…”

Ryan continued: “Even if you get $40,000 out of Microsoft’s bug bounty system somehow, the ransomware gangs can just exploit it and make $20 million or more on one hit. So they’ll pay better each time and it’s simply up to the conscience of whoever found the problem in Windows as to what they want to do with it at that point. So the bug bounties are a ruse, a smoke screen, and the illusion of responsibility. In Linux, people find and fix bugs all the time. The code isn’t hidden. That leads, usually, to inevitable discovery, and quick patching.”

“People want to find bugs in Linux and report and fix hundreds of the same type, so they develop tools that can do things like that. Microsoft is annoyed that you reported one. Even over a decade ago before profiling tools were not as robust, not by a long shot, Coverity Scan admitted that “open source software, in general” was less than half as buggy as a comparable proprietary program. The proprietary software is sort of like the worst case situation for your security because they have little incentive to fix it unless there’s already malware out there and they just can’t hide the bugs any longer.”

“It’s like General Motors [GM] putting defective ignition switches in millions of cars for a decade after they knew they were shutting off the car unexpectedly and killing people in accidents. GM figured it’ll cost $1 a car to fix this problem, then come all of the recalls, and we’ll just grind them down with stall tactics and lawyers and stuff if they ever find out, and the settlement will still cost less. So that’s what we do.”

Update: Since we made the video above a bunch of other Microsoft boosters (with history) joined this FUD campaign. Of course they don’t mention what happened to Windows this past week (CISA reports). Left out from the video (3 examples) are:

And about half a dozen more. Screenshot below:

Microsoft- anti-linux FUD

But yes, Microsoft loves Linux…

Microsoft loves Linux FUD.

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