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MS on leveraging ISPs ..

From: Laura Jennings
Sent: Monday, Febuary 16m 1996 4:20 PM
To: Jim Allchin (Exchange); Bill Gates; Moshe Dunie; Steve Ballmer; Paul Maritz; Joachim Kempin
Cc: Brad Chase; Bill Veghte; Pete Higgins; Mike Deirman
Subject: RE Win98 Scheddule Update

Our current plan does a good job of leveraging new internet sign-ups from Win98 to establish portol/hotmail relationships .. In a nutshell we capture new users by changing the requirements for ISP participation in the Win98 referral servers. The new requirements are:

* ISP must maintain > 75% overall penetration of IE in their entire customer base

* ISP must use Start as their home page for all ISP customers obtained through Win98 ..

* ISP must use either OE or Hotmail as their email solution for > 77% of their entire installed base ..

We also put a quick link to Hotmail in IE ..

One potential concern: Brad mentioned to me late friday that there may be new concerns about our plan to make Start a requirement for being in the IE referral server, or at least there may be timing issues related to your appearance at Sen. Hatch's hearing?


OEM strategy - there's a lot of thinking going on right now about how we can best work with OEMs. A SWAT team is going to go out and talk with key OEMs this week and next, but the working group didn't have a firm plan before I left last week.


From: Bill Gates
Sent: Saturday Febuary 14, 1996 6:22 PM
To: Moshe Duine; Steve Ballmer; Paull Maritz; Joachim Kempin
Cc: Jim Allchin (Exchange); Brad Chase; Bill Veghte; Pate Higgins; Laura Jennings
Subject: RE: Win98 Scheddule Update

I hope everyone is agreed on the registration/signup/hotmail/MSN issues - there are the areas I know where we would hold up the product unless we have a clear plan that supports our objectives.


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