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nathanm on 32 bit OS/2, preannounced Windows, NeXT Screens and VisiOn ..

From nathanm Thu Jan 05 18:53:02 1989
To: billg; carls; paulma; steveb
Subject: Re: N10
Date Wed MAr 11 09:29:08 PDT 1992


Getting IBM on line is also quite important to the strategy, but this raises the stakes. It is hard to get them involved with hardware without having the software question come up, with resulting difficulties.

The ISV question is even more interesting. I think the key word is capability. I think that we must have the capability to tell them that their investment in 32 bit OS/2 apps is a great long term bet because we will support N10. The goal is to prevent any RISC hoopla generated by Sun's SPARC PC and IBM's new RT from stalling the ISV move to 32 bit OS/2 ..

The question of when and whether to tell the ISVs is a delicate one that depends on timing and the impact our competitors have with their plans. The key thing is tp prevent any snowball effects of UNIX with ISVs .. It is possible to take the chance that we don't need to have any such product and assume right now that we'll get by on words alone.


From nathanm Thu Jan 05 18:57:04 1989
To: bobm; brucb; chrisx; ericca; henryb; neilk; nickh; robsh; virgith
Cc@ object
Subject: NeXT App Screens
Date: Wed Mar 11 09:29:15 PDT 1992

GregW has sent a neat NeXT brocher which shows several almost life size pictures of the screen with apps on it. One of them shows their interface builder, with several tear off menus up and showing lots of features - Henry you should look at it!

One if the other full page shots is of their graphical mailer - it too shows most of its commands, the use of graphics (they have face Icons like we discussed) and so forth.

Check it out!



One parting comment is that this reminds me of the Windows vs VisiOn issue. This analogy isn't perfect, but the situation was we ("we" is to ne taken lightly - I sure wasn't here) preannounced Windows, signed up the major OEMs ans showed a demo to freeze the market and prevent VisiOn from getting any momentum. It sure worked - VisiOn died, VisiOn died and Dos kept on chugging.


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