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MS partners with Go Corporation ..

December 4, 1987

Mr. Robert Cart
GO Corporation
1055 Lombard Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Bob:

I am sending you a copy of PC Excel. It is significantly enhanced over the Mac version and I hope you get a chance to use it. I would value your feedback. It is too bad that you never got a chance to make Framework into the mainstream product it deserved to be. In the objects we are building for the object onented versions of our languages we will have a concept very similar to your frame.

I had hoped it would work out for you to join Microsoft, and create a California development center for us. I think you are very talented and committed to doing great software , and I would have enjoyed working directly with you. Maybe next time.

In any case I am sure GO will be an exciting place. If there is anything Microsoft can do to support your efforts as an ISV, please let me know. I hope we get a chance to exchange ideas at one of the upcoming industry get togethers.

William H. Gates, III


Febuary 10, 1989
Mr. Jeff Raiks
Microsoft Corporation
16011 NE 36th Way
Box 97017
Redmond, WA 98073-9717

Dear Jeff:

This letter documents a joint project between Microsoft Corporation of Redmond, WA and GO Corporation of Foster City, CA.


* Microsoft is interested in exploring potential business oppurtunities relating to the GO netebook computer.


Bill Gates
June 1990

Dear Andy

I guess I've made it very clear that we view an Intel investment in Go as an anti-Microsoft move, both because Go competes with our systems software and because we think it will weaken the 386 PC standard.


X-iowa: court documents in the case of Comes v. Microsoft.

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