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making IShellBrowser internal..

From: Satoshi Nakajima
Sent: Monday, October 10, 1994 10:26 AM
To: Chicago Shell API / Intrfc Chng Notif; Ted Schiele
Cc: SYS Chicago Developers
Subject: shlobj.h delta done: Making IShellBrowser internal

Who cares: People in To line + out dev partners


Based on the recent decision, we are hiding one of shell extension mechanisms (see below for details). I marked all those interfaces and definitions ";Internal* so that we don1 put them in the SDK header files any more. Out dev. partners will receive these new headers (shlobj.h and shlguid.h) before M7 release.


Capone/Marvel - They may keep building their modules with our old public header files until M7, should use new public header after M7. Fonts folder - George(M), We need to establish a way to update those private headers that Elsware has.

We won’t change the definitions of those interlaces until M7 release so that those name space extensions (Capone and Marvel) run well. We may change those interfaces (or at least their GUID) after M7 to intentionally break those apps (please let me know if you are using those mechanism internally).


No change - remain as public interfaces:
IPropSheetPage, IContextMenu, IShellExtinit, IFileViewer. IFileViewerSite IShellCopyHook, IShellLink

Became read-only public interface (read-only means no customized implemantation):
IShellFolder, IEnumlDList

Became private (i.e, name space extension mechanism):
IShellBrowser, IShellView, IPersistFolder, ICommDIgBrowser

No change - has been private:
IShelllcon, IShellDetails, IDelayedRelease




court documents in the case of Comes v. Microsoft.

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