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enabling Exchange through detailed anaysis of Notes/Domino and DECS ..

From: Eric Lockard (Exchange)
Friday, December 18, 1996 10:42 PM
To: Bill Gates
Cc: Kurt DelBene (Exchange); Jeff Teper Exchange); Gordon Mangoine
Exchange); Mike Tuchen Exchange); Nat Bellou (Exchange); Darren Shakib
(Exchange); Chris Larson (Exchange); Alex Hopmann (Exchange); Malcolm
Paerson; Eric Rudder; Jim Allchin (Exchange); Bob Muglia (Exchange);
David Vaskevitch (Exchange); Paul Flessner; Brian MacDonald; Paul
Maritz; Jon DeVann; Russell Stockdale (Exchange); Dave Malcolm
Subject Storage for Office


With the Platinum store, we are on the verge of achieving an
integrated storage and application development environment, clients
and server, in 1999, which would allow us to compete efectivly with
Notes and Domino as well as bring tremendous advantages to Office and
Windows users and developers. I also believe we could totally screw
this up, lose momentum and lose years if we make the wrong decision at
this crossroads.

Outlook, PKM, NetDocs, VSS and other groups have done the analysis -
Platinum is fastest, safest, best way to get the right storage for
Office and beat Notes which insures the value proposition of Office/
Windows over thin clients. We can make this happen in 1999. The Storage
+ alternative has merits but it has the same risks our previous
strategic storage efforts faced. Lets bet on the thing that we know
has been optimized for the scenarios we must address and do a great
job of deve

Focusing on the right requirements

As a company, we need to make sure we focus on competing with Notes/
Domino. Too often in the storage debate, we get off track on what are
the most important and immediate goals for storage unification.
Running SAP on the same storage system as that used by Office or
provided natively in Windows, while certainly important long-term, is
not helping and potentially hindering competing with Lotus and
providing server-transparent, caching local storage system which
seamlessly uni

I would argue that reducing operlapping efforts within the company is
not the prime motivator for storage unification. Competing with Notes,
making Office and Windows the premier application platform, providing
a unified storage paradigm for the Windows user for all their data,
these are what we should stay focused on.

Notes/Domino R5 is very scary. We all saw the demo. Exchange has
worked with teams around the company to put together a very detailed
analysis of the R5 betas and the hints they've exposed on their future
direction. We now have a fairly good understanding of what they are
doing and where they're going. Lotus's goal is nothing less than to
become the new OS - to provide the environment applications are built
upon and users live in without ever needing to leave. They threaten n




court documents in the case of Comes v Microsoft.

>From the MICROS'1 dictionary of technical terms

'enabling', verb ..

Clone something and copy it into your own apps

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