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the Billg and Steveb priority list ..

MS Objectives with IBM

Objective	Billg's		Steveb's
			Priority		Priority
1) Beat IBM in the Windows vs OS/2 War.

a) Have IBM's seemless Windows solution for OS/w 2.0 licensed and royalties determined under the Windows agreement.

	b) Collect $15M development fee/yr from IBM during the Delivery Period.

	c) Obtain IBM's OS/2 2.0 code for purposes of
		- Competitive analysis
		- Provide to OEMs
	d) Comply with the "letter" of our IBM agreement only.

	e) Provide Windows NT under the Windows agreement

	f) Avoid giving IBM "interesting" Windows and NT code as long as possible
2) Develop good working relationship with IBM again.

a) Have IBM continue to license DOS from us

b) Have IBM port NT to RS/6000

c) Ensure that our software runs well on their systems

d) Encourage IBM to sell Windows & extensions where appropriate, e.g, MPC, PS/1, etc

e) Work with IBM on long-term distributed computing model

f) Keep RoyC and his team in Redmond

Summary of MS/IBM Issues

Issue: 1. Code Access

Status: Open - IBM presented plan covering all OSs. We responded with a proposal s/t Billg/Steveb review

Plan: ????

Issue: 2. Workplace Shell

Status: Open - IBM was receptive to "minor code" proposal but still has issue with indemnification, Cronan prepared a proposal

Plan: Hold the line

Issue: 3. WABCC

Status: Open - each side presented position. IBM suggested possibility of making compromise proposal.

Plan: Fight to the death

Issue: 4. Source for Windows DDs

Status: Resolved

Plan: Follow up on amendment of 3rd party agreements and shipment of src to IBM. IBM will pursue Novell.

Issue: 5. OS2/ DDs

Status: Resolved

Plan: We will ship them all 3rd party drivers for which we have the rights.

Status: Open -IBM proposed swapping ABIOS patches for MS drivers and remaining 3rd party drivers (binaries only)

Plan: ????






court documents in the case of Comes v Microsoft.

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