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our spy at IBM ..

From: mackm Mon Jan 27 12:58:23 1992
To: richt
Subject: FYI:FW: OS|2 2.0
Date: Mon Jan 25 12:57:38 PDT 1992

> From aarono Sun Jan 26 22:33:34 1992
To: cougar panther
Subject: OS|2 2.0

Date: Sun Jan 26 22:31:26 PDT 1992

Disclaimer: Since this info is from someone at IBM, its accuracy is of course questionable. Take it a such

I was speaking to one of my spies at IBM the other day. He said (as most of you already know) that OS| |2 2.0 is a dog in 4M and really needs 8M to run properly (sound like any other big OS's you know??). He also said that IBM is targeting sales of 2,000,000 units in the first year. If this happens they will "declare victory" and go home.

IBM has already acknowledged that they will make no money off of OS| |2 2.0 but are pushing it as art of "Corporate Strategy". (I wonder how stock holders would feel about a Corporate Strategy that involved loosing money? He also said that it will be shipped as "Cheaper than DOS+WINDOWS" (Perhaps this should be passed on to marketing?).

He also mentioned "Booting a DOS box" off of a floppy drive in order to get network support (He didn't get into too much detail on this but it seems that this method allows for support of other networks and their real mode drivers (I'm skeptical that support would be that much of a kludge)

They are also very nervous about NT (suprise, suprise, suprise, ). He kept talking about it as "that vapor-ware stuff". They may use this line to attack NT when OS| |2 2.0 starts shipping.

- AaronO



court documents in the case of Comes v Microsoft.

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