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harassing OEMs and getting our hands on DRI Jaguar ..

Jaguar Status Report

To: Steve Ballmer
Jeremy Butler
Bill Gates
Joachim Kempin
Russ Werner

Fr: Pascal Martin

Cc: Adrian King
Bob O' Rear


Summary: The evidence we have gathered shows that Jaguar is not a threat to the DOS business at this point. First, Amstrad will not go with Jaguar and has agreed to license DOS and Windows for all their machines. Secondly, no other OEM is seriously considering DRI, especially with a new version of DOS just around the corner. For more details see report below, We can thus go on with our DOS 4.0 pricing effort. Thank you to US/ITL OEM for the quick feedback. We need a little more info. Keep up the good work !

Remaining action item: It would great if we could get our hands on Jaguar. Joachim and Jeremy are harassing Atari and Amstrad respectively to get them to send us a copy.

1. Detailed OEM status:


Atari: Has been approached. DRI asks for $3 per copy/no commitment, $50K upfront. We are currently negotiating on the basis of $12 per system/$0 upfront or $4 per copy/$1.2M upfront. We think they are not interested in DRI mostly because (1) thy have signed per system with us and (2) do not want to cause damage to the relationship. Will be watched carefully.

Tandon: Not interested. Have heard about it. Just signed an $18M DOS/Windows deal for all their machines including 8088/8086 machines.

Tandy: HAve not heard about it at all.

Dell: Not interested. First heard about it at Comdex from DRI people.

Televideo: First heard about it at Comdex from DRI people. Not interested.

Zenith: Have not heard about Jaguar from their DRI sales rep. Would be interested only if Jaguar was a function for function replacement for DOS.


Amstrad: Was interested is not anymore. HAs agreed to license DOS/Windows on all their machines.

Other ITL OEMs: DRI is not considered a threat in continental Europe.

2. OEM info still needed

Acer (nee Multitech)L Ed Wang and Rick Tsang are in Taiwan this week. They will be checking the status of this and other Taiwanse accounts.



court documents in the case of Comes v Microsoft.

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