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schestowitz-TR2turns out 3 days ago the gemini lockfile got stuck there and I didn't notice till nowNov 01 00:56
schestowitz-TR2trying to refresh it all from rss, not sure it goes back far enoughNov 01 00:56
schestowitz-TR2i really need to manually check this every day, just to be on the safe sideNov 01 00:56
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techrights-sec1tldr; ipfs blocks disk i/oNov 01 07:41
techrights-sec1Lost in the scroll back was a lengthy analysis of the ipfs problem.  Nov 01 08:00
techrights-sec1One work-around would be to have the Gemini script turn off the IPFSNov 01 08:00
techrights-sec1stuff for the duration of the task and then turn it back on at the end.Nov 01 08:00
techrights-sec1Additional, but insufficient alone, would be to ionice and nice the IPFS  Nov 01 08:00
techrights-sec1tools upon startup.  Nov 01 08:00
schestowitz-TR2sorry, scrollback was lostNov 01 08:01
schestowitz-TR2I made a habit of backing it up to text editorNov 01 08:01
techrights-sec1There needs to be a way to turn off IPFS on demand by the Gemini script. Nov 01 08:17
techrights-sec1I looked but there seems to be no systemd unit files for it.  Nov 01 08:17
techrights-sec1Also the ipfs binary is from 5 Aug, I think there have been updates sinceNov 01 08:17
techrights-sec1then.Nov 01 08:17
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schestowitz-TR2ipfs has not behaved correctly latelyNov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2running multiple processesNov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2looking into it atm,Nov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2ok, I _think_ gemini is up to date nowNov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2maybe it missed some older pages outside the range of the rss feedNov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2The problem was that ipfs had slip out of control againNov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2I'll monitor to see if that happens againNov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2Im am adding to myn morning routine checking top to see if ipfs works correctlyNov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2and also checking gemini pages are created properlyNov 01 08:47
schestowitz-TR2ipfs was being a resource hog because it was spawning additional processesNov 01 08:47
techrights-sec1I re-ran the script which fetches the pages manually so that the the Nov 01 08:48
techrights-sec128th onward were converted from HTML to Gemini.  It was the indexingNov 01 08:48
techrights-sec1which choked due to IPFS hogging the disk continually.Nov 01 08:48
techrights-sec1Did you restart IPFS with ionice?Nov 01 08:48
schestowitz-TR2i've just stopped it it and rerun it with ioniceNov 01 08:52
schestowitz-TR2also added to the scriptNov 01 08:52
techrights-sec1Is IPFS running the latest version?Nov 01 08:52
techrights-sec1The gemini scripts won't work unless either IPFS has a lower i/o priorityNov 01 08:52
techrights-sec1or is temporarily off.  Maybe there will be a better situation with Nov 01 08:52
techrights-sec1a newer version.Nov 01 08:52
techrights-sec1Can you please add a means for the scripts to turn on and off ipfs?Nov 01 08:52
techrights-sec1Thanks!  ionice will helpNov 01 08:52
schestowitz-TR2remember ipfs was NOT working correctly latelyNov 01 08:54
schestowitz-TR2caused a few issuesNov 01 08:54
schestowitz-TR2that's aside from the server, which works OKNov 01 08:54
schestowitz-TR2it looks like round robin now lets ipfs in and then puts it aside if it chokes ioNov 01 08:54
schestowitz-TR2sorry, it does seem like a suisance sometimesNov 01 08:55
schestowitz-TR2*nouisanceNov 01 08:55
schestowitz-TR2but www is not the futureNov 01 08:56
schestowitz-TR2I think it makes sense to experiment with other transport protocolsNov 01 08:56
schestowitz-TR2some people nowadays come to irc through gemini Nov 01 08:56
schestowitz-TR2one important contrib of TR (and TM, in tandem) is that it helps people assess the newsNov 01 09:00
schestowitz-TR2in Linux/FS and in generalNov 01 09:00
schestowitz-TR2and that has a knockon effect as many who read TR also run their own sitesNov 01 09:00
schestowitz-TR2a bit of a domini effetcNov 01 09:00
schestowitz-TR2the 'nuisance' protocols are investment ahead of transition, methinkgNov 01 09:00
schestowitz-TR2*methinksNov 01 09:00
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schestowitz-TR2the "yield" in phoronix has not been good lately; then again, news seems slow, but also less anti-linuxNov 01 09:53
schestowitz-TR2venom in it, so all in all an OK thing; I'll post daily links now, seeing merged-links are not ready yetNov 01 09:53
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schestowitz-TR2thanks for the links, great stuff. btw, mqtt has said connection refused since last nightNov 01 10:22
techrights-sec1checking the mqtt stuffNov 01 10:46
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techrights-sec1I'll make some new mqtt client certificates with a longer expiration date, Nov 01 11:20
techrights-sec1I thought I had done that last month.  Nov 01 11:20
schestowitz-TR2education ☛ | Source: Common DreamsNov 01 11:20
-TechrightsBN/ | Opinion | Teacher Exodus Proves We Are Willfully Destroying US Public Education | Steven SingerNov 01 11:20
schestowitz-TR2i am 40, so anything prior to 2000 in higher edu is not something I am familiar with Nov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2when I had an undergrad supervisor she was overworked with teaching and marking up examplesNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2*examsNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2the latter does not require very advwance knowlkedge, it is quite mechanical, and poor use of skilledNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2staff who could otherwise do decent researchNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2clerical work seems to have increased since while pay stagnatedNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2this is why many skilled people go "to industry"Nov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2and academic attracts some overworked flunkiesNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2this, in turn, lowers the quality of "eduction"Nov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2which in context of CS seems to be shifting from concepts and problem-solving into training coursesNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2of sortsNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2to "prepare students for the world" (private sector)Nov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2i heard that schools teach "ICT" and it's basically not ICTNov 01 11:27
schestowitz-TR2they train for GUIsNov 01 11:27
techrights-sec1The "education" has become training and even that has been watered down.Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1Furthermore, the degrees in Europe have been whittled down to 3 years whichNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1is not enough time to learn a major let alone get a well-rounded education.Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1There just are not simply enough credit hours per degree to get more thanNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1a rudimentary exposure to the core material.  The schedule is so tight thatNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1no essential related material can get covered.  This has now gone on for Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1two, soon three, academic generations.  So you have the blind leading the blind.Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1In the US the situation is far more dire.  In the EU, the basic K-12 has beenNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1torpedoed too but the US lost 40% right off the bat during the Reagan        Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1administration and then has been cut every year since.  So there simply aren'tNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1any left in the work force to outnumber the know-nothings.  Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1Then there is the subversion of the universities on both sides of the pondNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1from education to half-assed training.  Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1Too much ranting, though the situation is much more dire than expressed above.Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1They train GUIs but if academia were to have always been chasing its tailNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1like it does now, we'd still be on CP/MNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1Via the Bologne Treaty the universities were turned into captive markets forNov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1failed businesses, nothing more, nothing less.Nov 01 11:38
techrights-sec1And those posing as lecturers or teachers for the most part lack not justNov 01 11:44
techrights-sec1the knowledge and the theories, but even awareness of the knowledge and  Nov 01 11:44
techrights-sec1theoretical foundation they are missing.  Nov 01 11:44
techrights-sec1Logging in Mosquitto is lame.  e.g.Nov 01 11:44
techrights-sec11667095200: mosquitto version 2.0.15 terminatingNov 01 11:44
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techrights-sec1It seemed to have stopped a while ago, but it did not give a reason for stoppingNov 01 11:58
schestowitz-TR2I stopped it at my end or rather restarted it around the time you pasted the rrrorNov 01 11:58
schestowitz-TR2I'd do a video about this tech if I knew more about it and how it worksNov 01 12:29
schestowitz-TR2how do you envision the future of "content" "consumption"?Nov 01 12:29
schestowitz-TR2rianne and I discussed it this morning in re tmNov 01 12:29
schestowitz-TR2as we see sites that grind to a halt or become webspam (too many! even pjoronix flirts with that)Nov 01 12:29
techrights-sec1I'm a little too pessimistic at the moment to forecast "content" "consumption"Nov 01 12:47
techrights-sec1but the trend of abusing the browser as a VM is not sustainable.  They'dNov 01 12:47
techrights-sec1be doing less work to come up with something pseudo-proprietary like Nov 01 12:47
techrights-sec1ChromeOS or SteamDeck but passed around as a VM image or container itself.  Nov 01 12:47
techrights-sec1However, adding in the hardware like they do makes it age out faster.  BothNov 01 12:47
techrights-sec1by wearing out and breaking down but also through scheduled cessation of Nov 01 12:47
techrights-sec1continued support and inability to replace the OS with a general purposeNov 01 12:47
techrights-sec1system.Nov 01 12:47
schestowitz-TR2i share this sentiment and this is discussed in irc atmNov 01 12:51
schestowitz-TR2namely, all those things that will be "out of support" after onyl a few yearsNov 01 12:51
schestowitz-TR2inc. carsNov 01 12:51
schestowitz-TR2and durability of appliancesNov 01 12:51
schestowitz-TR2looking around me, I have a laptop from this year (cheap), one from 2016, one 2015, one from 2016Nov 01 12:51
schestowitz-TR2"ted" died in 2020 after a series of issues ending with a bad driveNov 01 12:51
schestowitz-TR2ted was 2009 babyNov 01 12:51
schestowitz-TR2you shared a post about how sites should remove things to make themselves easier to run in the long runNov 01 12:51
schestowitz-TR2but www itself might be a languishing protocol Nov 01 12:52
schestowitz-TR2in the tram we see some people messing about with "phone"Nov 01 12:52
schestowitz-TR2I assume they don't use them to get newsNov 01 12:52
schestowitz-TR2but pseudo-social noiseNov 01 12:52
schestowitz-TR2when the general public follows sport and gossip it keeps it out of the way of people in chargeNov 01 12:52
schestowitz-TR2"I don't follow politics, sorry..."Nov 01 12:52
techrights-sec1No, I get the impression that most people just fiddle addictively with the  Nov 01 12:59
techrights-sec1"apps" on "their" smartphones with no expectation of being informed, involved,Nov 01 12:59
techrights-sec1or enlightened.  It's a pure, empty addiction as far as I can tell. Nov 01 12:59
schestowitz-TR2ahead of us at one stage I gleaned over at a man in his 50s checking the score of the ongoing man unitedNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2football matchNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2using the billBC Web site, which I boycottNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2I told rianne later that what he did there for 30 seconds I do by just moving my eye to a corner on the Nov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2screen where the score is presented in real timeNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2whils doing actual workNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2the small device and lack of mouse, keyboard etc. means people merely get an illusion of achieving Nov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2stuffNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2even listening to the score on the radio, as we did in the 80s, is betterNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2but it's "old tech" so we're not meant to think it's relevant anymoreNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2even am radio with low-grade modulation can achieve so much more than these smut phonesNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2with their battery life of only a few meager hoursNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2my rca from the 90s lasted daysNov 01 13:02
schestowitz-TR2(on the radio the people are trained to tell you what's happening under the assumption you cannot seeNov 01 13:03
schestowitz-TR2it and need description of what's happening)Nov 01 13:03
schestowitz-TR2you could work in the garage or clean the house while listeningNov 01 13:06
schestowitz-TR2some podcasts on youtube I was using like this while doing home chores, but now with ads it wouldNov 01 13:06
schestowitz-TR2be infeasible, albeit for now invidious does a good job weeding out the adsNov 01 13:06
techrights-sec1That's an advantage for Gemini, you could run GemText through a reader andNov 01 13:31
techrights-sec1listen to the document.  Some of the programs for that are getting quite good.Nov 01 13:31
schestowitz-TR2beter than EC "webapps" for sureNov 01 13:32
schestowitz-TR2where the content is not even linear Nov 01 13:32
schestowitz-TR2so it is not clear how to f*ing read the darn thingNov 01 13:32
techrights-sec1I would guess that someone or group in a position of influence there at the ECNov 01 13:49
techrights-sec1has done their best to 1) mindlessly chase trends and along the way   Nov 01 13:49
techrights-sec12) find new subtle ways to exclude and disenfranchise large portions ofNov 01 13:49
techrights-sec1the citizenry.Nov 01 13:49
techrights-sec1Notably they have prevented linking to anything within the site, that aboveNov 01 13:49
techrights-sec1all tells a lot.  Nov 01 13:49
schestowitz-TR2this is not a new problem but it has pissed me off for a long timeNov 01 13:50
schestowitz-TR2the EUIPO's site is the sameNov 01 13:50
schestowitz-TR2cannot even see a press release without bootstrapping some bloated programNov 01 13:50
schestowitz-TR2and even then it is very slow and cumbersomeNov 01 13:50
schestowitz-TR2EPO's site is not that bad (yet)Nov 01 13:50
techrights-sec1"engagement" :(Nov 01 13:51
schestowitz-TR2maybe they should add 16x16 pixel PNGs/Gifs for each buttonNov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2and then boast about 100 "hits" per visitNov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2and also preload things as you scroll downNov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2to drive up "impressions"Nov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2the psedudo "pageloads"Nov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2to give peoople a false understanding of their so-called 'audience'Nov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2twitter fakes it further by faking these numbers some moreNov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2esp. when it pretends to mr. "gays attacks pelosi" that twitter is still relevanmtNov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2i was right about musk taking it down the drainNov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2he started VERY poorlyNov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2slow-motion LeeNodeNov 01 13:54
schestowitz-TR2or VOAT when Reddit had a "new" siteNov 01 13:54
techrights-sec1Just about anything that take twitter down for the count can't be all bad.Nov 01 13:55
techrights-sec1Reddit was always fraud and lies.  Now it is an epicenter of a corporayeNov 01 13:55
techrights-sec1disinformationn movement.Nov 01 13:55
schestowitz-TR2Broasie Robertson insists it's a good place for his "research"Nov 01 13:56
schestowitz-TR2i.e. filtered corporate junk Nov 01 13:56
schestowitz-TR2they probably ban systemd and wayland critics like they are fanaticsNov 01 13:56
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schestowitz-TR2Deaths in England and Wales Up 22.74% in Latest Week (New Figures From ONS) Compared to Pre-Pandemic Levels 01 15:05
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » Deaths in England and Wales Up 22.74% in Latest Week (New Figures From ONS) Compared to Pre-Pandemic LevelsNov 01 15:05
schestowitz-TR2problem solved then, back to work, lazy lads...Nov 01 15:05
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schestowitz-TR2"If you are that stupid, stick to Windows with a pre-installed Microsoft Web browser, I guess. But how did you get on Mastodon anyway? That requires like, registering and passwords and stuff..." gemini:// 01 15:55
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schestowitz-TR2"The barrier to entry is literally installing one of the many Gemini browsers." gemini:// 01 15:55
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schestowitz-TR2did lecturers always mark up exams?Nov 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR2the idea of doing a whoole pile of them is off-puttingNov 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR2esp. for salary levels like theseNov 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR2unlike supervising postdocs, who are sometimes used as unpaid or low paid labour for teaching tasksNov 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR2makes one wonder where all the tuition fes actually go!Nov 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR2maybe library "subscription" for the cartelsNov 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR2operating volunteer scholarsNov 01 16:20
schestowitz-TR2high-skilled labour for privatised and centralised "intellectual property"Nov 01 16:21
techrights-sec1Not necessarily lecturers, usually teaching assistants.  Those would be Nov 01 16:38
techrights-sec1masters students with job helping the lecturer or PhD students early on in theirresearch also with a job paid toNov 01 16:38
techrights-sec1help the lecturer.Nov 01 16:38
techrights-sec1For large lectures, there were usually many.Nov 01 16:38
schestowitz-TR2it works differently here, at least in recent yearsNov 01 16:38
techrights-sec1 That's how it was 20 to 40 yearsNov 01 16:42
techrights-sec1ago.  No idea about more recently than that.Nov 01 16:42
techrights-sec1Or earlier than that. Nov 01 16:42
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schestowitz-TR22019 Compared to 2022 Week 42 (Based on New ONS Numbers): England and Wales Infant Mortality Rose 13%, in Kids Aged 1-14 It Rose 50% 01 18:14
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » 2019 Compared to 2022 Week 42 (Based on New ONS Numbers): England and Wales Infant Mortality Rose 13%, in Kids Aged 1-14 It Rose 50%Nov 01 18:14
techrights-sec1ackNov 01 18:27
schestowitz-TR2as I told rianne twice today,Nov 01 18:48
schestowitz-TR2I am very sad that in such a developed place with a past of spoils (of empire) so many more people Nov 01 18:48
schestowitz-TR2die needlesslyNov 01 18:48
schestowitz-TR2but I am happy we chose to deal with the pandemic (in our home) the way we didNov 01 18:48
schestowitz-TR2almost everyone else I know got infectedNov 01 18:48
schestowitz-TR2the 2022 stats are likely not applicable to people who avoided itNov 01 18:48
schestowitz-TR2I want yo opinion on the openssl flawNov 01 18:51
schestowitz-TR2lwn has some commentsNov 01 18:51
schestowitz-TR2and I posted it very fast to TMNov 01 18:51
schestowitz-TR2it looks like it was not even CRITICAL!Nov 01 18:51
schestowitz-TR2and thought about doing a videoNov 01 18:51
schestowitz-TR2they've not even patched RHEL9 yetNov 01 18:51
techrights-sec1I've not seen *any* information about the flaw.  Nov 01 19:03
schestowitz-TR2going to record about itNov 01 19:03
schestowitz-TR2otaNov 01 19:03
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schestowitz-TR26 Days Ago the CDC Published Mortality Data for 3 More Months and It Shows a Sharp Increase in Total US Deaths 01 23:05
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » 6 Days Ago the CDC Published Mortality Data for 3 More Months and It Shows a Sharp Increase in Total US DeathsNov 01 23:05
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