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schestowitz-TR"I was originally leaning towards Gopher, but exploring Gemini in the Lagrange browser reminded me just how much I love it. Rather thanDec 01 04:17
schestowitz-TR boiling the ocean, I might try running my own server with some basic stuff on it first." 01 04:17
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @ )Dec 01 04:17
schestowitz-TRd-gopher/ Dec 01 04:17
schestowitz-TRend of month tasks are now doneDec 01 04:18
schestowitz-TRwe've just donated to the elepahants againDec 01 04:38
schestowitz-TRstill giving to the blind every monthDec 01 04:38
schestowitz-TRtoday i think I can pick up publication pace againDec 01 04:38
schestowitz-TRinvested much of the past fortnight Dec 01 04:38
Techrightssecack      Dec 01 04:50
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TechrightssecThe handling of the EA sw patent, especially how the press is mishandling it,Dec 01 05:29
Techrightssecwould be a relevant topic: 20220362677Dec 01 05:29
schestowitz-TRi've put that in the list for videos to do todayDec 01 05:29
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schestowitz-TRearlier today I got caught up in distraction and some bad feelings over the footballDec 01 07:59
schestowitz-TRand maybe some other news I sawDec 01 07:59
schestowitz-TRI really need to find a better way, but this reminded me of twitterDec 01 07:59
schestowitz-TResp. before I started ignoring it ("write-only")Dec 01 07:59
schestowitz-TRit's a sea of fast-changing topics and noiseDec 01 07:59
schestowitz-TRalmost desighed to not just overwhelm the brain but also provokeDec 01 07:59
schestowitz-TRit was getting really bad some years ago when they curated instead of letting the feeds and stuff workDec 01 07:59
schestowitz-TRin a neutral way based on who or what you actually "followed"Dec 01 07:59
schestowitz-TRi'm going to finish links around 9am, then feeds again, then videosDec 01 07:59
TechrightssecackDec 01 08:25
TechrightssecRob Braxman's most recent video toed the m$ line to a certain extent.Dec 01 08:25
TechrightssecWhile in some way's knuckling under like that may seem "pragmatic" on theDec 01 08:25
Techrightssecsurface, it is 1) wasting your time with m$ junk, methods, and quirks andDec 01 08:25
Techrightssec2) limiting your future options by 2a) not spending time learning real methodsDec 01 08:25
Techrightssecand 2B) feeding market share to m$ instead of squashing itDec 01 08:25
Techrightssec^ topic ?Dec 01 08:25
Techrightssec 01 08:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Patent Detects in-Game “Collusion” by Tracking “External Connections” - SoylentNewsDec 01 08:25
Techrightssec^ topic ?Dec 01 08:25
schestowitz-TRthanks, I have that latter one alreadyDec 01 08:27
schestowitz-TRso 3 in totalDec 01 08:27
schestowitz-TRlinuxbuz is a dead site. never publishes anything. but today it posted LINKSPAM for clown computing. Fake 'article'. 01 08:34
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Pointers for Picking a Cloud Hosting Provider - LinuxBuzDec 01 08:34
Techrightsseclinuxbuz or linuxbuzz ? the former might be a scam Dec 01 08:36
schestowitz-TRng-providerDec 01 08:36
schestowitz-TRnot the sameDec 01 08:36
schestowitz-TRand this one did publish on topic in the pastDec 01 08:36
Techrightsseclinuxbuz or linuxbuzz ? the former might be a scam by typo squattersDec 01 08:37
Techrightssecthe latter seems still on topic but has not published in nearly a monthDec 01 08:37
schestowitz-TRI follow both, IIRCDec 01 08:38
schestowitz-TRwe might need to 'hunt' for more RSS feedsDec 01 08:38
schestowitz-TRsome exist that we don't know about but not many are activeDec 01 08:38
schestowitz-TRsome are not worth adding because you might get one iterm in 3 yearsDec 01 08:38
schestowitz-TRor nothing since 3 years agoDec 01 08:38
schestowitz-TRso you are wasting bandwidth at both endsDec 01 08:38
TechrightssecTrue, but I've been keeping some around anyway on the off chance thatDec 01 08:56
Techrightssecthey do publish again.  They don't take space in the compact view and thatDec 01 08:56
Techrightssecis the important thing.  Otherwise it would be too inconvenient to wade pastDec 01 08:56
Techrightssecthem each time.Dec 01 08:56
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schestowitz-TRCryptome ☛ | Source: ScheerpostDec 01 09:45
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Cryptome Founder Asks to be Indicted With Assange - scheerpost.comDec 01 09:45
schestowitz-TRI've longer wondered what happened to CryptomeDec 01 09:46
schestowitz-TRbrought that up in IRC and prior years in social conntrol media tooDec 01 09:46
schestowitz-TRCryptome was sparedDec 01 09:46
schestowitz-TRafaikDec 01 09:46
TechrightssecackDec 01 09:54
schestowitz-TReducation ☛ | Source: Common DreamsDec 01 10:11
-TechrightsBN/ | DeSantis-Backed Education Purge Begins After School Board Takeovers in FloridaDec 01 10:11
schestowitz-TRtwitter ☛ | Source: Common DreamsDec 01 10:13
-TechrightsBN/ | Evidence Grows of Left-Wing Twitter Purge Directed by MuskDec 01 10:13
schestowitz-TRthis might be the 'missing' piece for my next video+article re twitterDec 01 10:16
schestowitz-TROTAx3 (3 videos)Dec 01 10:30
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schestowitz-TRmy upstream speed is awful todayDec 01 13:06
schestowitz-TRmaybe some device hogging itDec 01 13:06
schestowitz-TRbut I've put two drafts online while videos are being sentDec 01 13:06
Techrightsseccheck nethogs on all machines and maybe iotop on them tooDec 01 13:07
Techrightssecdo you have openwrt on the router?  if so there are some utilities for it as wellDec 01 13:07
schestowitz-TRsorry, my writing style isDec 01 13:09
schestowitz-TRtype fast, then check afterwardsDec 01 13:09
schestowitz-TRso I pass you crude draftswDec 01 13:09
schestowitz-TRcorrected nowDec 01 13:09
TechrightssecIn the twitter post, the first and second paragraphs should be joined or else Dec 01 13:09
Techrightssecthe second one bridged content-wise to the first and expanded significantly.Dec 01 13:09
TechrightssecIn the condenast one, perhaps a few words about how the editorial choices areDec 01 13:09
Techrightssecpoor would be warranted.Dec 01 13:09
TechrightssecPeople might not know what Slashdot was or how central it was to tech.  Even Dec 01 13:18
Techrightssecif they do, they might be unaware about how there were whole teams dedicatedDec 01 13:18
Techrightssecto attacking it through derailing the discussions.   Dec 01 13:18
schestowitz-TRI made that a link to the wiki and added the third draftDec 01 13:19
schestowitz-TRuploads still very slowDec 01 13:19
TechrightssecTeam99 was one example.Dec 01 13:23
Techrightssecchecking third draft    Dec 01 13:23
Techrightssecs/mindframe/mind set/Dec 01 13:23
Techrightssecor world view?Dec 01 13:23
Techrightssecs/still dominant/still rather dominant/Dec 01 13:23
Techrightssec???Dec 01 13:24
TechrightssecWindows is still rather dominant in laptops and desktops, but only laptops and desktops, plus these days those are even the majority ofDec 01 13:24
Techrightssec client devicesDec 01 13:24
Techrightssec???Dec 01 13:24
Techrightssecs/are/aren't/Dec 01 13:24
schestowitzWindows is still rather dominant in laptops and desktops, but laptops and desktops aren't the majority of devices, certainly not the majority of Internet-connected devices.Dec 01 13:25
schestowitz-TRchanged as per your rephrasingDec 01 13:26
schestowitz-TRcan you give me one ujrl for team 99?Dec 01 13:26
Techrightssecnot offhand  Dec 01 13:28
schestowitz-TRyou saw a comment from "elizabeth from microsoft" in soylent news tooDec 01 13:30
schestowitz-TRthat's just when they disclose it upfrontDec 01 13:30
Techrightssecbut there are a lot of examples of m$ astroturfing against FOSS or for theirDec 01 13:30
Techrightssecown products, albiet many hiddenDec 01 13:30
Techrightssec 01 13:30
Techrightssecwhich thread?Dec 01 13:30
TechrightssecYes, that's just when they disclose it.Dec 01 13:30
Techrightssec 01 13:30
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Microsoft caught 'astroturfing' bloggers again to promote Internet Explorer | PCWorldDec 01 13:30
Techrightssec 01 13:31
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft recruits Longhorn bloggers • The RegisterDec 01 13:31
TechrightssecThey've been astroturfing nonstop before during and since Team99Dec 01 13:31
Techrightssec 01 13:33
Techrightssecfrom back when The Register was still independentDec 01 13:33
TechrightssecI guess it is to their credit that they have not deleted nor 'reorganized' awayDec 01 13:33
-TechrightsBN/ | MS targets Linux, Mac rivals with IIS astroturf • The RegisterDec 01 13:33
Techrightssecthe old articles.  The same goes for Wired.Dec 01 13:33
Techrightssecalso recall usenetDec 01 14:05
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Techrightssecthere was an awful lot of astroturfing from m$ and other anti-Freedom interestsDec 01 14:36
Techrightssectowards the end; eventually the ISPs stopped hosting it altogether and Dec 01 14:36
Techrightssecfor the average person that was the end of it;Dec 01 14:36
schestowitz-TRi suppose these days they would just dub it "illegal content" and then pressur the so-called store to banDec 01 14:40
schestowitz-TRall applications that can handle newsgrouopsDec 01 14:40
schestowitz-TRi posted maybe 70k-100k messages to usenetDec 01 14:40
schestowitz-TRbut that was a long time agoDec 01 14:40
schestowitz-TRprotocols get swapped over over timeDec 01 14:40
schestowitz-TRor "replaced"Dec 01 14:40
schestowitz-TRtwitter and maybe FB are now on the ropesDec 01 14:40
Techrightssecthe protocol could not stand up to the astroturfing set against itDec 01 15:07
schestowitz-TRmaybe setting quiterss to work from disk rather than from ram solved my io issueDec 01 15:49
schestowitz-TRso far ity appears to have done the trick, after 4 weeks of struggleDec 01 15:49
TechrightssecInterestingDec 01 15:53
TechrightssecQuiteRSS has not been updated for a long time so I hope the developers are ok.Dec 01 15:53
schestowitz-TRi tested many rss readers since 2003 or 2004Dec 01 15:54
schestowitz-TRquiterss is still best for guiDec 01 15:54
schestowitz-TRShusain has been flooding his site with linkspam lately. Fake articles. Spam farm. Latest examples: rotting site. Dead soon?Dec 01 16:06
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Best Streaming Cameras - LinuxTechLabDec 01 16:06
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-What is a Cross Platform (Android and iOS) App Development Company Specialized in? - LinuxTechLabDec 01 16:06
schestowitz 01 16:13
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 403 @ )Dec 01 16:13
schestowitz"The Document Foundation (TDF) was created in 2010 to steward and support the development of the LibreOffice suite, which was then a new fork of TDF has clearly been successful; unlike OpenOffice, which is currently under the Apache umbrella, LibreOffice is an actively developed and widely used project. But TDF has also been showing signs of stress in recent years, and the situation does not appear to be getting better. There are Dec 01 16:13
schestowitzcurrently some significant disagreements over just what role TDF should play; if those cannot be resolved, there is a real chance that they could rip the Foundation apart. "Dec 01 16:13
schestowitz-TRPerl should spent no time and effort cushioning Microsoft proprietary software that's a major threat to security (can quietly introduce back doors at compile time) 01 16:17
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Making GitHub CI work with Perl 5.8. | Tom Wyant []Dec 01 16:17
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schestowitz-TR"Over the last nine years I have written 300,000 words for this blog on the topics which are important to me. I am not certain that I have much left to say." 01 17:13
-TechrightsBN/ | I shall toil at a reduced volumeDec 01 17:13
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TechrightssecackDec 01 17:19
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TechrightssecBTW Gannett is cutting more staff yet again.  Dec 01 18:18
schestowitz-TRthey can go to hellDec 01 18:20
schestowitz-TRI feel bad for the real journalists among themDec 01 18:20
schestowitz-TRI hope they start something like scheer didDec 01 18:20
schestowitz-TRfirst truthdigDec 01 18:20
schestowitz-TRthen took the people (mr. fish, hedges etc.) to a new homeDec 01 18:20
schestowitz-TRvery good siteDec 01 18:20
Techrightssec  It owns quite a few of theDec 01 18:20
Techrightssecremaining US newspapersDec 01 18:20
TechrightssecGannett wasn't great but it wasn't as bad as the fake local papers which Dec 01 18:20
Techrightssecare owned nationally and rather than finding and reporting local news onlyDec 01 18:20
Techrightssecserve to disseminate national level propaganda at a local level.Dec 01 18:20
schestowitz-TRok, so Gannett is not as sisnister as I thoughtDec 01 18:21
schestowitz-TRIIRC, it was pushing trumpism for a bitDec 01 18:21
schestowitz-TRbut owns usa today and other historically important namesDec 01 18:21
TechrightssecA lot of papers pushed that crap because even though it was terrible for theDec 01 18:27
Techrightssecnation, it was good for their bottom line in the very short term.  ThoughDec 01 18:27
Techrightssecit probably led to the collapse seen now, so they probably shot their own foot.Dec 01 18:27
TechrightssecI forget what company owned one local paper but they served a left-of-center    Dec 01 18:43
Techrightsseccommunity and published matching articles most of the time, except whenDec 01 18:43
Techrightssecpush came to shove.  For example, right before the coup (of sorts) in 2000 theyDec 01 18:43
Techrightssecquietly endorsed Little Bush even though every last editorial they had previously published went against that conclusion. Dec 01 18:43
schestowitz-TRlike billg didDec 01 18:43
TechrightssecBill appeared to step down as CEO to get into politics, the timing was theDec 01 18:45
Techrightssecbig loss that m$ ran the previous year.Dec 01 18:45
schestowitz-TRafkDec 01 18:46
TechrightssecCan't find the link for that thouk.Dec 01 18:46
TechrightssecackDec 01 18:46
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