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schestowitzTwo gemini suggestions (other than that email message we were sent)Apr 07 00:18
schestowitz1) "Articles from Techrights (Plain Text)" (should we change that to say "Gemtext"?)Apr 07 00:19
schestowitz2) Should we add a link to the feeds? Should we make a page with the index for all months and years? Like a full archives index?Apr 07 00:20
schestowitz"daily-feed" and "feed" also don't seem to be listed anywhere and they ought to be mentioned in the front landing page, I thinkApr 07 00:22
schestowitz'd rather ask before implementing anything; it's not my capsule, it's shared work. I've meanwhile made many improvements to and the node seems to be reachable again, most of the time without any timeouts :-D \0/Apr 07 00:23
-TechrightsBN/ | Techrights Full IPFS IndexApr 07 00:23
schestowitzI'd rather ask before implementing anything; it's not my capsule, it's shared work. I've meanwhile made many improvements to and the node seems to be reachable again, most of the time without any timeouts :-D \0/Apr 07 00:23
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schestowitz>> This particular aspect has long fascinated me. Does this related to techApr 07 06:15
schestowitz>> funding and tech research or something else? Just trying to assess howApr 07 06:15
schestowitz>> it fits in within our focus. Also, are there patent aspects likeApr 07 06:15
schestowitz>> "commercialisation" and patent sales?Apr 07 06:15
schestowitz> Yes, it is related to tech research, which is today also affecting theApr 07 06:15
schestowitz> word of the brightest mathematics students that are capable of computationApr 07 06:15
schestowitz> and implementation.Apr 07 06:15
schestowitz> Apr 07 06:15
schestowitz> There are patent aspects.Apr 07 06:15
schestowitz> Apr 07 06:15
schestowitz> Regards Apr 07 06:15
schestowitzDefinitely sounds like something we would publish :-)Apr 07 06:15
schestowitzwith the new site design ("mobile") Krebs no longer sends the title of the blog posts correctly and it defaults to 0Apr 07 09:32
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Techrights-secI'll look at the Krebs feed.Apr 07 11:46
Techrights-secOk.  Fixed.  It should work starting tomorrow.Apr 07 11:46
Techrights-secCommitted in Git, too, now.Apr 07 11:46
Techrights-secProbably the second-level headings ought to be first-level headings to match with                                            Apr 07 17:00
Techrights-secthe rest of the capsule.Apr 07 17:00
Techrights-secHow is gemini:// generated?Apr 07 17:00
Techrights-secFound it: , somehow that was overwritten.Apr 07 17:00
Techrights-secI've integrated the generation of the archive into the script                                            Apr 07 17:00
Techrights-secSomehow I just noticed that the dates in the articles are hammered.  e.g.Apr 07 17:00
Techrights-secgemini:// 07 17:00
Techrights-secIt says "11.01.20" but should have said "2020-11-01" or similar.  :(Apr 07 17:01
schestowitzThanks for automating this, I most did that with Kate search and replace, knowing it would need updating at most once a monthApr 07 17:03
schestowitzRegarding date formats, maybe that makes sorting harderApr 07 17:03
Techrights-secNo problem but I think I may look at doing a search and replace on the dateApr 07 17:32
Techrights-secformats.Apr 07 17:32
Techrights-secThe date in the path is good.  It is just that the first heading isApr 07 17:32
Techrights-secoften a date and that is in some strange order.  It is impossibleApr 07 17:32
Techrights-secto tell the date from the context unless it happens to be something obvious likeApr 07 17:32
Techrights-sec 12.29.20 or something.Apr 07 17:32
Techrights-secIt'll take some thought to figure out an approach to fixing it.  Apr 07 17:32
schestowitzI wonder why US historically chose such a formatApr 07 17:33
schestowitz> On 6 April 2021 21:57:27 UTC, Roy Schestowitz <> wrote:Apr 07 17:35
schestowitz>> This is very interesting. It didn't occur to me that screen readersApr 07 17:35
schestowitz>> struggled this much with those characters. I will ask a friend what toApr 07 17:36
schestowitz>> do... it should not be hard to correct.Apr 07 17:36
schestowitz> Apr 07 17:36
schestowitz> Yes, it didn't occur to me either before I read that.Apr 07 17:36
schestowitzWe've fixed that and beyond (today)Apr 07 17:36
schestowitz>> For navigation it might help to expand the front page to include linksApr 07 17:42
schestowitz>> to older archives and to feeds?Apr 07 17:42
schestowitz> Yes, perhaps a single link from the main page to a full by-year index ofApr 07 17:42
schestowitz> months ought to do it.  The months and days are already in place.Apr 07 17:42
schestowitz> Apr 07 17:42
schestowitz>> I'll take another look today, seeing that Gemini is growing. Leah wantsApr 07 17:42
schestowitz>> to add that for libreboot GNU project, maybe other projects will follow.Apr 07 17:42
schestowitz>> See IRC logs for details... #techrights channel around  midday.Apr 07 17:42
schestowitz> Ok.Apr 07 17:42
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