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*Now talking on #boycottnovellMar 09 02:06
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: | Channel #boycottnovell for | Free Software Sentry – watching and reporting maneuvers of those who oppose software freedom :: please also join channels #techrights and #boycottnovell-socialMar 09 02:06
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schestowitzDue to a network hiccup here I lost connection for 4 hours on main machine, had to merge in IRC logs from other machines (too a while!)Mar 09 04:12
schestowitzI also had to restart the pi physically as it failed to re-establish the connection and it is headlineMar 09 04:12
schestowitzafter the reboot most things were OK, IP address was still the sameMar 09 04:12
schestowitzI restored services for what was neededMar 09 04:13
schestowitzHowever, I examined the daemon for gemini login, both at script and systemd level (service)Mar 09 04:13
schestowitzI cannot understand why it only writes to file the first bit about starting to logMar 09 04:13
schestowitzbut then nothing additional is added to that fileMar 09 04:14
schestowitzno clues in syslog, I think this is the first time we test this service/daemon after a rebootMar 09 04:14
schestowitzmaybe it's looking for input in a place whose name was changed? Not sureMar 09 04:15
schestowitzoh, never mindMar 09 04:20
schestowitzit seems to be fixed nowMar 09 04:20
schestowitzeither you did something or me restarting the daemon fixed itMar 09 04:21
Techrights-secit was probably restarting as I did not get to it   Mar 09 06:55
schestowitzupload late today or forgotten?Mar 09 10:12
schestowitzsorry, my bad, I was looking in the wrong directory Mar 09 11:41
Techrights-sectoday is the 9th?Mar 09 11:43
Techrights-secsent 142,591 bytes  received 112 bytes  31,711.78 bytes/secMar 09 11:43
Techrights-secUpload was some hours ago.Mar 09 11:43
schestowitzI made the same mistake before after losing a connection to "vonick", then inspecting local files instead of remote files (in Dolpin)Mar 09 11:47
Techrights-secno worriesMar 09 11:52
schestowitzBerzmeyer is slurping away at the capsule again, I've gotten two alerts Mar 09 11:53
Techrights-secthread :                                                          Mar 09 14:06
-TechrightsBN/ | [users] So you have a new capsule. You should let these services know…Mar 09 14:06
schestowitzI linked to that this morning :-)Mar 09 14:06
Techrights-secexcellentMar 09 14:19
Techrights-secI wonder if there is anything which can be done to further improve theMar 09 14:19
Techrights-secusability of the TR capsuleMar 09 14:19
schestowitzI thought the same, but gemtext is intentionally limited to discourage thatMar 09 14:19
Techrights-secyes, but there still might be some refinements here or thereMar 09 14:20
Techrights-sechowever, keeping it simple probably checks most of the boxes in thatMar 09 14:20
Techrights-secregardMar 09 14:20
schestowitzEvery change in layout or presentation now poses a risk of breaking something in the workflow or scripts, without us even noticingMar 09 14:20
schestowitzI'd say, if it grows beyond 1000 unique IPs per day, then it's worth the time (RoI)Mar 09 14:21
Techrights-secyes that is the weakness inherent in scrapingMar 09 14:21
Techrights-secWhat's the current rate of visits per day?Mar 09 14:22
Techrights-secFor a while there was that broken spider running amok.Mar 09 14:22
schestowitz█████████████ 3693 total requests and 322 known hosts █████████████████▉▊▋Mar 09 14:22
Techrights-sec300+ per day seems like a good startMar 09 14:23
Techrights-secGemini will have to grow for that to grow, howeverMar 09 14:23
schestowitzthe media won't help us, it's indebted to things like Google for ads and Google doesn't want http alts and it's largely dominated by Google alreadyMar 09 14:24
Techrights-secit's almost hard to call the media 'news' any more.  The terms are no longer Mar 09 14:25
Techrights-secinterchangeable.Mar 09 14:25
Techrights-secLots of propaganda though.Mar 09 14:25
schestowitzsome people I know who used to cover gnu/linux news have vanished or defected to PR/marketingMar 09 14:25
schestowitzit's important to "sell" gemini as an escape from the spam and hate machine (social control media)Mar 09 14:26
Techrights-secYes and an escape from the javascript hell/.Mar 09 14:26
Techrights-secThere are a lot of blind users of Gemini, I gather.Mar 09 14:28
Techrights-secThe simplicity helps them too.         Mar 09 14:28
Techrights-secEveryone benefits from the simplicity.Mar 09 14:28
schestowitzgetting the browsers is not always simpleMar 09 14:28
Techrights-secThe lack of browsers in distro repositories is a bottleneck at the moment.Mar 09 14:31
schestowitzi could probably fork some of the mainstream ones to be preloaded with techrights, or just branch off them, offer binariesMar 09 14:32
schestowitzAmfora is GPL-3.0 License, I suppose I could make the site accessible as kiosk over ssh with amforaMar 09 14:34
schestowitzdialog with guest user, linking to amfora <argument?Mar 09 14:35
schestowitzcould be marketed as read TR over ssh, similar to bbs/telnet acceessMar 09 14:35
Techrights-secProbably not worth the risk.Mar 09 14:36
Techrights-secThere are a lot of mitigations which can be deployed but they Mar 09 14:36
Techrights-secare time consuming to set up.Mar 09 14:36
Techrights-secThose that are comfortable with SSH are going to be able to get their ownMar 09 14:36
Techrights-secGemini client anyway, distro repository or not.Mar 09 14:36
schestowitzI suppose the pi itself could be used for this, directlyMar 09 14:37
schestowitzset up guest account, kiosk mode, ssh, then it goes directly to amfora... downside being security risks (priv escalation or jailbreak)Mar 09 14:38
Techrights-secMaybe work through an existing BBS with an existing community? Mar 09 14:39
Techrights-secOtherwis there supervision and maintenance invovled.Mar 09 14:39
Techrights-secEasy, but it depends on the resilience of Amfora Mar 09 14:39
Techrights-secAmfora is not yet in the repository.Mar 09 14:39
schestowitzBBS is harder as many distros lack telnet by defaultMar 09 14:40
Techrights-secYes, that supports the probability that those familiar with SSH (or telnet)Mar 09 14:42
Techrights-secwill be able to deal with getting their own Gemini client.Mar 09 14:42
Techrights-secWeb gateways are rather pointless and not an alternative IMOMar 09 14:42
schestowitzI looked into self-hosted web proxies/gateways, inc. the new (alpha) one-file php one that's advertised in the mailing list. That would sort of miss the point (still need browser)Mar 09 14:43
schestowitzand the output of those is still crude and 'ugly'Mar 09 14:43
Techrights-secAmfora is rather nice and I am almost used to the key bindings.Mar 09 14:46
Techrights-secIt is necessary to set up alternative colors though, that andMar 09 14:46
Techrights-secTR's use of the small circle arrow before nnon-Gemini links helps.Mar 09 14:46
Techrights-secI absolutely hate triggering a non-Gemini link.  It is way too disruptive.Mar 09 14:46
Techrights-secI wish all the clients had warning labels for the external links built in.Mar 09 14:46
schestowitzTR has that, spinning globe in CSSMar 09 14:46
schestowitzmaybe gemini need "AN APP" (sarcasm)Mar 09 14:46
Techrights-secIt's easier to read TR via Amfora than FFMar 09 14:47
schestowitzI studied all amfora settings. It lacks support for non-HTML external links, e.g. binding video files to a video player/media playerMar 09 14:47
Techrights-secThat's fine, video and other large files ought not be served over GeminiMar 09 14:48
Techrights-secThe protocol is poor at handling 'large' files. I'm not sure what size rangeMar 09 14:48
Techrights-secis the limit though.Mar 09 14:48
schestowitzNo, I mean photo/image viewers/editors can take URL a argument, as can media playersMar 09 14:49
Techrights-secIt's fine for the articles, and those are the most important resource at TRMar 09 14:50
Techrights-secOh, I had not looked.Mar 09 14:50
schestowitzI don't like loading up a dodgy browser (with 'telemetry') just to load up a video or image. IRC clients can channel requests directly to viewers/players.Mar 09 14:51
Techrights-secmaybe the WebM videos could be imported to Gemtext and labeled with Mar 09 14:54
Techrights-seca different protocol?  Right now they are keeping the http:// designation.Mar 09 14:54
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Could not resolve host: designation; Unknown error ( status 0 @ http:// designation )Mar 09 14:54
schestowitzhow would that be handled technically at server side and client side?Mar 09 14:54
schestowitznothing that passes my mind would work, at either side, unless you just translate and redirect (I already have a script in place to fetch list of all webm files)Mar 09 14:55
Techrights-secThe client would launch a different application for say rtsp or somethingMar 09 14:57
Techrights-secelse for the videoMar 09 14:57
Techrights-secEvery month that goes by adds a little more technical debt Mar 09 14:57
Techrights-secin regards to the server backlog. Mar 09 14:57
schestowitzI don't know all the gemini clients, but amfora is too simple for this, it just has two things to support, gemtext/other (shown as plain text) or external (http/s only)Mar 09 14:58
Techrights-secI haven't look into rtmp or rtsp in depth and not since a long time ago.Mar 09 14:59
Techrights-secAll amfora would have to do would be to spot the rtsp:// or rtmp:// Mar 09 15:00
Techrights-secpart of the URI and launch an extrnal viewer. Mar 09 15:00
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