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schestowitz 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:44] <schestowitz> those too can be interestingJan 10 09:50
-TechrightsBN/ | Pluton Proponents Working for Plutocracy (and Pentagon Agenda) | TechrightsJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:44] <schestowitz> we need to outline the seriesJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:44] <Source> the series? the chain of events?Jan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:44] <schestowitz> yesJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:44] <schestowitz> it seems too long for one partJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:45] <Source> Alex and I dated in 2019.Jan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:45] <schestowitz> right at this moment we do a 28-part seriesJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:45] <schestowitz> with 28+ long videos about themJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:45] <Source> Lots of shit happened, but the overarching theme is he's a sociopathJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:46] <schestowitz> not too shocking, as many who work there areJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:46] <Source> I was looking for something sort of traditional and monogamous Jan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:46] <schestowitz> they're attracted to power and impunityJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:46] <Source> told him I didn't want to date anyone casuallyJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:46] <Source> he took that seed and spun it into a mechanism of control Jan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:47] <schestowitz> I should askJan 10 09:50
schestowitz[21:47] <Source> over time, he broke down my self esteem and got sexually violentJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:47] <schestowitz> if any of this already public?Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:47] <schestowitz> like names etc.?Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:47] <schestowitz> (I need to know the level of sensitivity of names etc.)Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:47] <Source> yes, I've already spoken about Alex publiclyJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:48] <schestowitz> any URLs?Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:48] <Source> xxxxxxxJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:48] <Source> Alex is claiming publicly that I stalked him which is a perversion of the truthJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:49] <Source> basically he convinced me to let him cat sit for me and when I got back from vacation he broke up with me and wouldn't give me my keys backJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:50] <Source> I confronted him at his parents house about it and he told me it was all about him feeling bad because I said something about him being in AAJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:50] <schestowitz> page saved just in caseJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:51] <Source> we ended up dating another month during which the verbal and sexual abuse got worseJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:52] <Source> we broke up, argued for a few months after which resulted in him sending all those messages about how he had tricked me intentionally because he needed a not real girlfriend because AA doesn't let you date in the first yearJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:52] <Source> This was all a reiteration of things he would say and then backtrack and gaslight me onJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:53] <Source> like one time he told me that Grimes was personally slighting him because he didn't have Elon Musk's moneyJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:53] <Source> which I wasn't sure if that was a joke or not but I didn't askJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:53] <schestowitz> Grimes?Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:53] <Source> because he would have flipped outJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:54] <Source> yeah, Elon Musk's girlfriend that makes trance musicJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:54] <Source> the one with the baby named after a passwordJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:55] <Source> So, I reached out to Nat and some other people at this pointJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:55] <Source> he didn't respond.Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:55] <schestowitz> OK, let's brainstorm thisJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:55] <Source> the last time I sent a DM to Nat on twitter was March 2020 with all these nasty messages in thereJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:56] <schestowitz> and draw up an outlineJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:56] <Source> Alex was hired at Github in April 2020Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:56] <schestowitz> I'm doing a separate series about Switzerland at the moment, but your story is of high importanceJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:56] <schestowitz> why did you speak to de Icaza and when?Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:57] <Source> Aug 11, 2021Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:57] <Source> last timeJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:57] <schestowitz> OKJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:57] <schestowitz> who reached out to who and why?Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:57] <schestowitz> bear in mind he hates my gutsJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:57] <Source> first time Sep 12, 2020, Jan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:58] <Source> I reached out to himJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:58] <Source> this was before I posted to twitterJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:58] <Source> Why? I think Alex need some serious mental helpJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:58] <schestowitz> I know what they will tell the mediaJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:58] <schestowitz> to spike storiesJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:58] <Source> and shouldn't be in charge of anyoneJan 10 09:51
schestowitz[21:58] <Source> if you read the rant it contains both misogyny and elitismJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[21:58] <schestowitz> I don't have to even tell you, it's the usual list of tricksJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[21:59] <Source> he tells me to kill myself multiple timesJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[21:59] <schestowitz> I saw thatJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[21:59] <Source> that he was entitled to use me because I was "too stupid and useless"Jan 10 09:52
schestowitz[21:59] <schestowitz> CoPilot is awful for legal and technical reasonsJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[21:59] <Source> that he's the "top 1%"Jan 10 09:52
schestowitz[21:59] <schestowitz> maybe not for longJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:00] <Source> "not real programmer" because I only know JS and do UXJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:00] <schestowitz> if we explain gradually who he isJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:00] <schestowitz> that can also undermine other interests of theirsJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:00] <schestowitz> JS is programmingJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:00] <schestowitz> he's elitistJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:00] <Source> JavaScriptJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:00] <Source> what's ironic is he doesn't know what functional programming isJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:00] <schestowitz> haJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:01] <schestowitz> I did that age 15Jan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:01] <schestowitz> I've not opened email yet, but please prepare all the notesJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:01] <Source> Alex also likes to brag about being poor growing up and self madeJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:01] <schestowitz> later on we can pass them along over secure channelsJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> this is secure, except you use mibbitJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:02] <Source> his dad was a navy programmer, tech founder, and venture capitalistJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> I wrote many articles on bill pretending to become richJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> he was born ultra-richJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> but many people are conned by the false narrativeJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> his parents set everything up for himJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> both patentsJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:02] <Source> I don't really have a problem with Jeff Lindsey persay Jan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:03] <schestowitz> *parentsJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:03] <Source> but he said a lot of similar things that Alex didJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:03] <Source> his was just nicer about itJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:03] <schestowitz> let me brainstorm hereJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:03] <schestowitz> nothing confidential yetJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:04] <schestowitz> we can frame the series like thisJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:04] <schestowitz> it's about who runs CoPilotJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:04] <schestowitz> I can explain ethical issues associated with itJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:04] <schestowitz> FSF does an essay contest about it alreadyJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:04] <schestowitz> then we look at who runs the unethical operationJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:04] <Source> yes, the crux of the story is that Copilot is run by an abusive misogynist Jan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:04] <schestowitz> in turn, we introduce the pastJan 10 09:52
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> yes, that's the ideaJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> but we need to show people proofJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> a side story is,Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> the media did not wish to cover thatJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> hold onto all comms you haveJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> not selective Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:05] <Source> well, I can dig deeper on his thoughts on free speechJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> the whole lotJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> then we can name those who suppressed the victimJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:06] <Source> I can't really prove anything with the journalists Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:06] <Source> other than we talked and they rejected my storyJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:07] <schestowitz> that too is an issueJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:08] <Source> I didn't project some non-existent relationship onto him. He pursued me aggressive. I lots of boundaries around what I wanted and didn't want. Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:08] <Source> Lying about everything was natural to himJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:09] <schestowitz> did he speak to you about illegal things he had done?Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:09] <Source> drugs and stuffJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:09] <Source> which I don't really have an issue withJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:10] <Source> the drunk girl fetishJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:10] <schestowitz> which he admitted to you?Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:10] <Source> also told me that I "have the body of a 12 year old girl"Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:10] <Source> 31 at the timeJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:11] <Source> he also said that the original plan for Copilot was Alex would start a company and work with Nat behind the scenes to build it to get acquired by GithubJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:12] <Source> which sounds like securities fraud, but I'm not a lawyerJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:12] <Source> But yes, Alex has admitted to doing LSD and MDMA many many timesJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:12] <Source> which I can't say I have an issue withJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:13] <Source> he kind of stole a car while we were togetherJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:13] <schestowitz> that's a side thingJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:13] <schestowitz> we're not into all the "war on drugs" thingJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:13] <Source> he was driving a rental and they were calling him every day to return itJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:13] <schestowitz> sociopathJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:14] <Source> he also yelled at this woman at the impound when his car got towedJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:14] <Source> He kept parking in places he shouldn't and said I'll just pay the fineJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:14] <Source> this is Austin. cars get towed here all the timeJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:15] <Source> like that saying that a fine isn't a punishment, it's just the price to break the lawJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:15] <schestowitz> yes, I know thatJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:16] <schestowitz> common knowledge that they view it like thatJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:16] <Source> Alex is also suing me for defamationJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:17] <schestowitz> on what grounds?Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:17] <schestowitz> Tweets?Jan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:18] <Source> xxxxxxxxxJan 10 09:53
schestowitz[22:18] <Source> yeah, the tweetsJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:19] <Source> my lawyer thinks it's frivolous, but intended to silence me with legal feesJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> yes, that's what it is forJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:20] <Source> that thread has all my thoughts on thatJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> to prevent you reaching out to outletsJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:20] <Source> Dan Price did itJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> and to tell journalists, "I sued her"Jan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> Trump did the sameJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:20] <Source> One journalist said there was concern about the legal activityJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> I've saved the pageJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> obviously they will know who my source isJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> the key thing is,Jan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> not to give them headsup on what will be published nextJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> as they can prepareJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> element of surprise help us in exposing the European Patent OfficeJan 10 09:54
schestowitz[...]Jan 10 09:54
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Techrights-secCouncil Directive 85/374/EEC of 25 July 1985, article 6.1 could beJan 10 12:43
Techrights-secrevisited in the context of proprietary software:Jan 10 12:43
Techrights-sec 10 12:43
Techrights-sec"""Jan 10 12:43
Techrights-secArticle 6Jan 10 12:43
Techrights-sec1. A product is defective when it does not provide the safety which a person is eJan 10 12:43
Techrights-secntitled to expect, taking all circumstances into account, including:Jan 10 12:43
-TechrightsBN/ | EUR-Lex - 31985L0374 - ENJan 10 12:43
Techrights-sec(a) the presentation of the product;Jan 10 12:43
Techrights-sec(b) the use to which it could reasonably be expected that the product would be puJan 10 12:43
Techrights-sect;Jan 10 12:43
Techrights-sec(c) the time when the product was put into circulation.Jan 10 12:43
Techrights-sec"""Jan 10 12:43
Techrights-secnpJan 10 12:50
Techrights-secm$ should not be allowed to abuse Art. 7b to try to dodge; any holes that existJan 10 12:50
Techrights-secare there are the time of publication, public or not.Jan 10 12:50
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Techrights-sec 10 13:24
-TechrightsBN/ | Strict liability legal definition of strict liabilityJan 10 13:24
Techrights-secavailable for some discussion in mumble?Jan 10 13:29
schestowitz-TRyes, just a momentJan 10 13:29
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schestowitz 10 14:43
-TechrightsBN/ | Stop Calling Everything AI, Machine-Learning Pioneer Says - IEEE SpectrumJan 10 14:43
Techrights-secthanksJan 10 15:13
schestowitz-TRI have improved the video code (preview originally) and pushed, maybe will do videos about itJan 10 15:22
schestowitz-TRvideo suggestions needed, not just welcomeJan 10 15:22
schestowitz-TRnews is slowJan 10 15:22
Techrights-secok, can check later todayJan 10 15:23
Techrights-secthanks for the help earlierJan 10 15:23
schestowitz-TRmy pleasure, teaches me as much as it did youJan 10 15:23
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