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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Friday, September 11, 2020

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schestowitz__>> Thank you. I shall take a look now. I have that directory opened in a>> dolphin tab to check for incoming stuff (same for /links).>>>>> Nice screenshot of TR in the third clip.>> He didn't give me credit for my LF pointers to him, but that's OK... ;-)> You did get some mentions though and monologues are linear and there is> only so much which can be covered without splitting off into tangents.Sep 11 04:05
schestowitz__Yes, I agree. Sep 11 04:05
schestowitz__>>>> I think you forgot to upload today's links (unless there's a delay).Sep 11 04:05
schestowitz__>>>> Rianne posts to TM in the meantime and I work on TR.Sep 11 04:05
schestowitz__>>> Workflow problems this time.Sep 11 04:05
schestowitz__>> Makes sense.Sep 11 04:05
schestowitz__>>Sep 11 04:05
schestowitz__>>> By the way, I notice that at the foot of each TR post there are links toSep 11 04:05
schestowitz__>>> Reddit and Slashdot.  Perhaps could beSep 11 04:06
-TechrightsBN/ | SoylentNews SubmissionsSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__>>> added?Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__>> That's connected to a WordPress extension and might be a bother to addSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__>> manually. I thought about removing the whole lot.Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__>>Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__>>> PS. Congratulations on the 20 year anniversary.Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__>> Cheers. IIRC, my first real friend there (uni) was a Finnish exchangeSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__>> student.Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> I read the GNU Manifesto when it was published in BYTE but was alreadySep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> what I decreed to be a human chauvanist: the computer should always workSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> for and obey the human in any and all situations.  Furthermore the humanSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> should always be the slowest component and ideally never have to waitSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> for the computer.  I designed the software and workflows around theSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> software accordingly.Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> Back then having the source was still normal and the fad of proprietarySep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> software had only started to spread.  By the time the next ten years hadSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> passed, the GPL had become recognized and normal.  Then a second wave ofSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> proprietary fads came enabled in part by ESR and his Open SourceSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> Software.  Now that OSS has gone on for a long time, people are onceSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> again starting to notice the importance of freedom.  That's why it is soSep 11 04:06
schestowitz__> refreshing that DT not only understands the F-word but uses it generously.Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__Many devs (KDE, Debian) nowadays go back to saying "Free software".Sep 11 04:06
schestowitz__x 11 09:33
-TechrightsBN/ | How Microsoft built its folding Android phone - The VergeSep 11 09:33

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