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schestowitzxrevan has a bridge for ssh-chat and IRC; would it be worth using to allow people to access (read and write) to our irc channel/s over ssh?Sep 12 04:27
-TechrightsBN/ | GitHub - shazow/ssh-chat: Chat over SSH.Sep 12 04:27
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Techrights-secWhere would the SSH login occur for the SSH-IRC bridge?   Sep 12 05:09
schestowitz-TRcase/scenario:  go is already on ergo/ircd container, can add ssh-chat to that, then open up openssh on localhost for access over (or other)Sep 12 05:10
Techrights-secAck.  How sound is the Go code for the bridge?  If we were running FreeBSDSep 12 05:12
Techrights-secit would be easy to fire up a jail within that container.  But we aren't soSep 12 05:12
Techrights-secit'd be rattling around loose within that container so to speak.Sep 12 05:12
schestowitz-TRthe bridge supports ssh-chatSep 12 05:12
schestowitz-TRanother think it supports is mumbleSep 12 05:13
schestowitz-TRso in theory could do conferencing with text chats bridged over ircSep 12 05:13
Techrights-secIt looks like ssh-chat would run in place of the normal SSH server, or       Sep 12 05:15
Techrights-secparallel to it on another port.Sep 12 05:15
schestowitz-TRyes, at the moment ssh works outwards over port 22, iirc. for backupsSep 12 05:16
schestowitz-TRside question (you can see more in tomorrow's irc logs), I did tons of research into git/gemini projects. A black hole or void there; would it be worth running a cron job with git on the pi, then write out the latest version for each file to a file served over gemini? we might be first capsule to do so...Sep 12 05:18
Techrights-secI'm not sure what it adds technically over the ForceCommand directive.Sep 12 05:20
Techrights-secIt'd be easy enough to have the current SSH daemon listen on a secondSep 12 05:20
Techrights-secport in addition tothe normal one and have those alternate port connectionsSep 12 05:20
Techrights-secshunted to an IRC client.  The big worry in both is about shell escapes.Sep 12 05:20
schestowitz-TRre ssh-chat, yes, security worries me a lot, as it reminds me of bbs over telnet and you give people much access without anything but a username (also irc flooding opportunity)Sep 12 05:21
Techrights-secMirror our Git repository via Gemini?Sep 12 05:22
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schestowitz-TRre gemini, mirroring is an overstatement because with gemini you cannot properly query for rich interaction, so as a compromise you can have a page or set of static pages for each file. for index, bash scripting can helpSep 12 05:23
Techrights-secre gemini - I would think that one index per directory would be fine, ithSep 12 05:26
Techrights-seclinks to the individual files and subdirectories from there.  That would be easy Sep 12 05:26
Techrights-secenough to doSep 12 05:26
schestowitz-TRwith latest version? if we write some code for it, we can make it a code that hosts itself :-)Sep 12 05:26
Techrights-secbasicallySep 12 05:28
Techrights-secHowever, the Git repository is still in the learning phase Sep 12 05:28
schestowitz-TRiirc, all the latest versions of files there do not contain sensitive things like names and initials/usernames can be dropped at the gemini sideSep 12 05:28
Techrights-secI'll have to look into how to ensure read-only access via SSH for thatSep 12 05:32
Techrights-secOr do we have the capabilities to make the HTTP server provide access?Sep 12 05:32
Techrights-secI'm reluctant to experiment on the production side.Sep 12 05:32
schestowitz-TRassuming we still speak about gemini? and now ssh-chat?Sep 12 05:32
Techrights-secGit / Gemini Sep 12 05:35
Techrights-secHowqever regarding the ssh-chat, there might be fewer moving parts to worrySep 12 05:35
Techrights-secabout using ForceCommand and a client within rbash.Sep 12 05:35
schestowitz-TRthe ipfs account already has git installed; it can run a bunch of commands each night to fetch latest versions of pages, if gemini user has access to these, then it can mirror them somewhere under /home/gemini/geminiSep 12 05:37
schestowitz-TRipfs is not good for files that keep changingSep 12 05:38
Techrights-secI don't see the IRCd container in my notes.  I'll rummage a little.Sep 12 05:38
schestowitzsudo lxc-attach -n  ircdSep 12 05:39
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Techrights-secthanksSep 12 05:43
Techrights-sec$ stat -c '%a %n' /home/ircd/Sep 12 05:43
Techrights-sec2755 /home/ircd/Sep 12 05:43
Techrights-sec2750 or 2700 might be better if the container were to share access with anSep 12 05:43
Techrights-secextra account for ssh-chat, whether via Go or via ForceCommandSep 12 05:43
schestowitz-TRI think we first need to decide if (at all) we even want or need ssh-chat, as mumble and xmmp are also options. We've ruled out matrix as worth it...Sep 12 05:44
Techrights-secIs Irssi ok / safe?Sep 12 05:45
Techrights-secOk.  Sep 12 05:45
schestowitz-TRI am using ssh-chat at the moment, it is vastly inferior to proper irc clients for the cliSep 12 05:45
schestowitz-TRwe can worry less about user access levels, branching etc. if we just mirror latest version in gemini:// and cron to updateSep 12 05:54
Techrights-secI can I will just precede the code with branch number?Sep 12 08:10
Techrights-secExample?Sep 12 08:16
schestowitz-TRworking on it......Sep 12 08:21
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schestowitz git ls-tree --full-tree -r --name-only HEADSep 12 08:30
schestowitzgit show --format=$'%H\n%aD\n' * > temp && head tempSep 12 08:30
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schestowitzgit ls-files . | sed s,/.*,/, | uniqSep 12 08:32
Techrights-secby the way, I think I have read-only access set up for the gemini account. try:Sep 12 08:42
Techrights-secgit clone ssh:/ssssss/home/git/tr-git/Sep 12 08:42
Techrights-secThe forced command should allow only cloning / pulling.Sep 12 08:42
schestowitz-TRdo you already have it cloned somewhere on the pi? I checked numerous accounts and found nothing.Also, is this address/host/alias already configured?Sep 12 08:43
Techrights-sec/tmp/Sep 12 08:46
Techrights-secit's in the ~gemini accountSep 12 08:46
Techrights-sec^the configurationSep 12 08:46
Techrights-sec$ whoamiSep 12 08:46
Techrights-secgeminiSep 12 08:46
Techrights-secSee ~gemini/.ssh/config for the shortcutSep 12 08:46
schestowitz-TRfantastic!Sep 12 08:47
schestowitzgemini:// 12 08:52
Techrights-secI figure it can run in a cron job once a day and then a script can indexSep 12 08:52
Techrights-secthe files for GeminiSep 12 08:52
schestowitz-TRevery beginning is very rudimentary. Are you OK with me putting one file for each directory in git, listing the files in turn? Only latest version as metadata can be a privacy issueSep 12 09:15
schestowitz-TRI guess so.  Perhaps this script is too much:Sep 12 09:20
schestowitz-TR~gemini/bin/git-update.shSep 12 09:20
schestowitz-TRIf autoindex were turned on for those directories then no additionalSep 12 09:20
schestowitz-TRscripting would be needed.Sep 12 09:20
schestowitz-TRloooooking ......Sep 12 09:20
schestowitz-TRI see 10:12am updates in cronSep 12 09:23
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Techrights-secyesSep 12 09:34
Techrights-sec12:10 utcSep 12 09:34
schestowitz-TRyes, my bad :DSep 12 09:34
schestowitz-TRby keeping it gemini-only (or web proxy) we might be first to have a go at these sorts of things and also we can attract more people to gemini. The video intros I made last night give the gemini address. later we can publish a video about this, add to front pages/menus..Sep 12 09:35
Techrights-secShould the .git directory remain in the clone?  I presume there is noSep 12 09:36
Techrights-secsensitive metadata there but that is just a presumption based on ignorance.Sep 12 09:36
schestowitz-TRonly index/gmi files will be accessible anyway. are you still making further changes to or can I add lined to it?Sep 12 09:37
schestowitz-TRI see it is not in git yet, I might make my own file (bash), later hook it (external system/bash call) off from yoursSep 12 09:39
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Techrights-secYou can add to it.Sep 12 09:40
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Techrights-secI don't think it will be in Git because it references SSH keys.Sep 12 09:42
schestowitz-TRjust remember it's a crude first iteration, we can do lots of things once the basics are in place. am testing it with lagrange, telescope and amfora nowSep 12 09:59
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schestowitzgemini:// 12 11:37
schestowitzdoes this look remotely OK? All generated by cron job, except the index of categoriesSep 12 11:38
schestowitz-TRin lagrange the bookmark splits and lets them be navigatedSep 12 11:45
Techrights-secall the files are concatenated into one per category.  Sep 12 11:45
Techrights-secI'll have to think. Sep 12 11:45
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schestowitz-TR 12 12:06
-TechrightsBN/ | Ruby R Lee (@RubyRLee): "…" | nitterSep 12 12:06
schestowitzmaybe jumping the gun a little, knowing that commit history isn't visible, only the latest versions. Added (also in top of page menu), will show up shortly in gemini capsule also. I've not caught any faux pas yet.Sep 12 12:08
-TechrightsBN/ | Techrights Git (Self-Hosted) | TechrightsSep 12 12:08
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schestowitzI've only just realised two things; I wanted to check 3/+ update of the front page, seeing it did not update after midday, so I checked syslog. No clue in there, I will check after 3pm again. But in the process I found that gate logs to it and also includes full URL included, which means we can get stats by URL. Sep 12 12:31
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schestowitz-TRis it OK to do a blog post about this or not yet?Sep 12 14:40
Techrights-secI guess, but I haven't had a proper look at the current results yet.Sep 12 14:48
Techrights-secI'm also still wondering about all th efiles, but I guess if we planSep 12 14:48
Techrights-secto allow read-only access to Git eventually might as well start now viaSep 12 14:48
Techrights-secGemini.  The code is primitive though.  Sep 12 14:48
schestowitz-TRbased on my research, we're first in the world to do this, so it's partly proof of concept-y and I will clarify upfront, we'll make improvements. leah seems very interested in gemini and also does some coding for technical docs, I'm told, so I think 'git over gemini' (at any form/capacity) would be attractive to geeks.Sep 12 14:50
schestowitz-TRI will choose my language carefully and choose an intro video with the gemini urlSep 12 14:50
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schestowitz 12 21:42
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@fawnsfeign: What a nice way to put it! It simply means… Greed is at the core of politics. 12 21:42
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@schestowitz: Common misconception: large corporations try to cancel right-leaning developers. Reality: large corporations love t… 12 21:42
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