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Techrights-sec2Content is missing from HTTP version too.Jul 13 05:14
schestowitzcontent or context? It is just an imageJul 13 05:15
Techrights-sec2the image seems it could represent some text?Jul 13 05:43
schestowitzbut not in EnglishJul 13 05:43
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Techrights-sec2slowly adding most of the wiki pages to the Gemini mirrorJul 13 14:16
Techrights-sec2well timed! Maybe soon we'll have better latency on it, I just worry they might not give me ipv4 addressJul 13 14:17
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Techrights-sec2I can work with IPv6 but the general public might have problems with IPv6-onlyJul 13 16:29
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schestowitz 13 19:28
-TechrightsBN/ | ILO: EPO president Battistelli abused his power in restraining workers’ right to strike - Kluwer Patent BlogJul 13 19:28
schestowitz"Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzBeautiful confirmation of the Battistelli abuses in the EPO.Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzHowever, the big question is what is going to happen next.Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzNormally the respective Circulars should be declared null and void and the office should redeem the money charged illegally from the staff. Mr. Battistelli is not in the EPO any more so he cannot be held to account but there are other enablers that could, and should be made responsible. The first matter is legal, the second one moral, so I expect at least the first one to be solved satisfactorily. I´m very curious to see how this plays out …Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzReplyJul 13 19:28
schestowitzEponiaJul 13 19:28
schestowitzJuly 13, 2021 at 3:01 pmJul 13 19:28
schestowitzGuess why Karlsruhe just rejected a complaint in the UPC proceedings by a company who claimed they could not get a “review” in court. EPO is above the Law, cannot bé brought to court, and the German judges are protecting them.Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzReplyJul 13 19:28
schestowitzCharlesJul 13 19:28
schestowitzJuly 13, 2021 at 4:55 pmJul 13 19:28
schestowitzJustice delayed is justice denied 🙁Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzReplyJul 13 19:28
schestowitzAttentive ObserverJul 13 19:28
schestowitzJuly 13, 2021 at 5:42 pmJul 13 19:28
schestowitzThat Napoleon 4th abused his power in various ways should not come as surprise.Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzHis attacks on staff representatives have also been criticised in various cases before the ILO-AT and Union members had to be re-integrated or restored in their previous salary levels.Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzYou just have to remember the way Napoleon 4th blatantly disregarded the separation of powers in that he refused a member of the boards to access the building to realise that it was not only in the matter of strikes that his influence was harmful.Jul 13 19:28
schestowitzR 19/12 and G 2301/16 led to R 12a-d and to the exile of the BA to the suburbs of Munich (lease 15 years), by which not even the perception of independence of the BA was increased.Jul 13 19:29
schestowitzWe ended up with a chair of the BA who is no more than a puppet on the strings of the president. Just looking at the saga of Art 15aRPBA and G 1/21 says enough.Jul 13 19:29
schestowitzHis successor seems even worse in a lot of aspects. He has not contributed to restore social peace at the EPO in the slightest.Jul 13 19:29
schestowitzIronically he has decided with the help of the chair of the BA that the latter BA will come back to Building VIII. But like examiners, members of the BA will not be allocated a specific room, not even a specific desk. Examiners will be pushed into open space offices in order to squeeze as much as possible the few staff members allowed to come into the office.Jul 13 19:29
schestowitzWith his New Normal he wants an EPO 2.0 without any legal basis in the EPC as it stands. But as this representatives in G 1/21 had the nerve to say that the EPC can be amended by way of secondary legislation as has been shown in G 3/19.Jul 13 19:29
schestowitzThe next planned budget provides 6 Millions of Euros to get legal advice against the staff!Jul 13 19:29
schestowitzAll this would not have been possible without the AC’s complicity. The AC should control the president and the tail should not be wagging the dog. But in Eponia everything is possible if the president wants it. But as Mao is meant to have said once: the fish rots from the head! EPO is a superb example of this!Jul 13 19:29
schestowitz"Jul 13 19:29
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