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Techrights-secWhat was the last day with the Gemini links in the IRC posts?Sep 13 08:26
schestowitz-TRI think about a week agoSep 13 08:26
Techrights-secI see them in the older posts.  I'll dig into what changed.  Sep 13 08:32
schestowitz-TRat one point you needed to change the script to get an earlier (missing) dateSep 13 08:33
Techrights-secOk.  The script is repaired and today's IRC post has been updated.  Sep 13 08:41
schestowitz-TRexcellent, thank you. I made further improvements to the gemini stats page and some of the git portalSep 13 08:42
schestowitzAs Prison Staff Try to Erase Queer and Trans Folks, We Assert Our Right to Exist  "X" Isn't Enough: We Must Abolish All Gender Markers on IDs Sep 13 09:31
-TechrightsBN/ | As Prison Staff Try to Erase Queer and Trans Folks, We Assert Our Right to ExistSep 13 09:31
-TechrightsBN/ | "X" Isn't Enough: We Must Abolish All Gender Markers on IDsSep 13 09:31
schestowitzSo now biology has no right to exist?Sep 13 09:31
schestowitzThese people have a right to existSep 13 09:31
schestowitzwhat's challenged is the ideology, not the people themselvesSep 13 09:32
schestowitzor rather, the idea that gender is still a thingSep 13 09:32
schestowitzsorry that biology offends some peopleSep 13 09:32
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Techrights-secOn the main page for Gemini, the "Latest Articles" ought to be muchSep 13 10:43
Techrights-sechigher up and closer to the beginning.Sep 13 10:43
schestowitz-TRI thought the exact some thing and daemonfc said the same. Also, ipfs and syndication should be level 2 headlines. fancy shuffling? We're still in the stages of improvement. 6.6k requests in first 10 hours today.  I added a cron job to show top requested pages. It is run as 'pi'.Sep 13 10:45
Techrights-secOk, I'll move the menu around slightly.Sep 13 10:46
Techrights-secAll, set, I think.  Try now.Sep 13 10:48
Techrights-secShould that cron job not run as ~gemini instead of ~pi?Sep 13 10:52
schestowitz-TRgemini would need to be in sudoers for that (I don't think it is)Sep 13 10:52
schestowitz-TRthe structure of the front page makes a lot more sense now. thanks! it was well overdue too, but I wasn't sure how to get about doing the reordering best.Sep 13 10:54
Techrights-secNPSep 13 10:56
Techrights-secI wish there were an easier way to generate the lastest feeds.  Sep 13 10:56
Techrights-secThe current method is a braindead shell script which looks for the lastSep 13 10:56
Techrights-sectwo calendar days.  It would be nice to have the latest, regardless of date,Sep 13 10:56
Techrights-secbut that would requite a lot of work in perl or rakulangSep 13 10:56
schestowitz-TRI can relate to the date thing. Between 2:30am and 6am I cannot post anything in wordpress without it being dropped from the daily bulletin, mostly because of timezone settings and workflow in those hours.Sep 13 10:57
Techrights-secYes, some of the timezone are still not on UTC.Sep 13 11:06
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schestowitz-TRjust tackled a lack of git pull from -- this resulted it the capsule not showing the very latest changesetSep 13 14:13
schestowitz-TRfunny side story: I was going to test this thing after the cron job at 12pm, then forgot that I was supposed to do this, did not even know I was planning to (it slipped my mind, but I knew I was SUPPOSED to do SOMETHING), took a one-hour nap and it came back to me as soon as I woke up with a fresh mindSep 13 14:15
Techrights-secclearing the mind works like that oftenSep 13 14:24
Techrights-secfind  Desktop-Utils/ -type f | grep -v index.gmi Sep 13 14:24
Techrights-sec->Sep 13 14:24
Techrights-secfind  Desktop-Utils/ -type f -not -name index.gmi ...Sep 13 14:24
schestowitz-TRyes, it was very quick and dirty, we'll probably make many improvements over time. I'm trying to 'sell' this idea that geeks should use gemini for a lot more things and this is one...Sep 13 14:25
schestowitz-TRthere is lots of room for 'innovation' in gemini while it is still young and many gaps existSep 13 14:25
schestowitz-TRsomeone made a chat client in geminiSep 13 14:25
schestowitz-TRthe git pull line can be taken out of the conditional statement, turning two identical line into just one...?Sep 13 14:27
Techrights-secyes, it is redundant when preceeded by clonewSep 13 14:46
Techrights-secI've made a tweak, is esktop-Utils/index.gmiSep 13 14:46
Techrights-secthe right output still?Sep 13 14:46
schestowitz-TRdespite the clone, it did not get the latest changes until I ran pull. maybe my git fu is just far too awful, but it took me a while to realise how to get around it...Sep 13 14:47
schestowitz-TRIn desktop utils something went wrongSep 13 14:49
schestowitz-TROk, will compare.Sep 13 14:57
schestowitz-TRWorking.  Sep 13 14:57
Techrights-secOk, will compare.Sep 13 14:57
Techrights-secWorking.  Sep 13 14:57
schestowitz-TR 13 15:07
-TechrightsBN/ | Christine Hall (@BrideOfLinux): "Linus says, "While this is not up there with some larger releases, it's actually been one of the messier merge windows": Linux 5.15-rc1 | Tux Machines" | nitterSep 13 15:07
schestowitz-TRI have noticed some requests for 13 15:11
schestowitz-TRI am guessing those come via web proxiesSep 13 15:11
schestowitz-TRand those return an error pageSep 13 15:11
schestowitz-TRone simple fix would be to cat, for each year, all the monthly archives and this can be automated. any thoughts?Sep 13 15:12
schestowitz-TR(for most years it's about 1000-2000 posts in total, so not too much for a single page to load OK)Sep 13 15:13
Techrights-secIs there a way to fix the error instead?Sep 13 15:14
schestowitz-TRNo, because the proxy has a breadcrumb trail that includes year. I can tackle this for all past year quite fast. I shall do this now..Sep 13 15:15
schestowitz-TR*yearsSep 13 15:15
Techrights-secI think it is only a matter of enabling directory indexing for the server.Sep 13 15:16
schestowitz-TRI've decided a better solution would be to copy index of first month of year (january for all except 2006) to the dir one level up, as at the end it has "next month" link alreadySep 13 15:17
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schestowitzgemini:// 13 15:19
schestowitz-TRI noticed that from yesterday's stats the yearly archives page (which does not exist) gets accessed enough to reach top 20 (top result was 300+ views for the day)Sep 13 15:20
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Techrights-secThat's just the one month in there.  Maybe it should list the months onlySep 13 15:21
Techrights-secand not the contents of the actual days.Sep 13 15:21
schestowitz-TRthat would be a better approach but require more code?Sep 13 15:21
schestowitzgemini:// is currently hand-craftedSep 13 15:22
schestowitz-TRfor some reason I thought you had automated it, but then I noticed it was not changing, so kept adding one month at a timeSep 13 15:23
schestowitz-TRdesktop-utils sems to be fixed now :DSep 13 15:24
Techrights-secstill working on it -- refactoringSep 13 15:26
schestowitz-TRam backing up the whole pi in the background over rsync to laptop, which is in turn backed up to magnetic disks in case recoveries will be neededSep 13 15:37
Techrights-secOk but at the moment I am changing /home/gemini/bin/git-update.shSep 13 15:55
Techrights-secRefactoring of /home/gemini/bin/ is now complete for now.Sep 13 15:55
schestowitz-TRlooks good. regardless, I rsync it across arround once a week, even more when we made big changes just in case it refuses to boot or the sd card is fried or something...Sep 13 15:56
Techrights-secThanks.Sep 13 16:09
Techrights-secRegular rsync backups are important.Sep 13 16:09
schestowitz-TRwhat to do about domain/year/   ? They're wrongly access, to quick-and-dirty ad hoc is copy january index.gmi one level up and leave it at that...Sep 13 16:10
schestowitz-TR*accessedSep 13 16:10
Techrights-secIs there a redirection action possible in the Gemini protocol, can Agate do thatSep 13 16:13
Techrights-sec?Sep 13 16:13
schestowitz-TRThe closest thing is softlinkingSep 13 16:14
schestowitzSep 12 22:37:54 raspberrypi agate.armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf[27376]: [2021-09-12T21:37:54Z INFO  agate] [::ffff:]:1965 - "gemini://" 51 "Directory index disabled."Sep 13 16:20
schestowitzSep 12 23:08:06 raspberrypi agate.armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf[27376]: [2021-09-12T22:08:06Z INFO  agate] [::ffff:]:1965 - "gemini://" 51 "Directory index disabled."Sep 13 16:20
schestowitzSep 12 23:38:17 raspberrypi agate.armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf[27376]: [2021-09-12T22:38:17Z INFO  agate] [::ffff:]:1965 - "gemini://" 51 "Directory index disabled."Sep 13 16:20
schestowitz/home/gemini/bin $ cat see-errors.shSep 13 16:23
schestowitzcat /var/log/syslog.1 | grep ' 51 'Sep 13 16:23
Techrights-seccd /home/gemini/gemini;Sep 13 16:24
Techrights-secfind 2??? -maxdepth 0 -type d -exec sh -c "(echo '# {}'; ls -d {}/?? | sed -re 's/(.*)/=> \1 \1/') > {}/Sep 13 16:24
Techrights-secindex.gmi" \; Sep 13 16:24
Techrights-sec$ grep 51 /var/log/syslogSep 13 16:25
Techrights-secgrep: /var/log/syslog: Permission deniedSep 13 16:25
schestowitz-TRyes, I am awareSep 13 16:25
schestowitz-TRI run it with sudo as 'pi'; Sep 13 16:26
schestowitzI assume this is in progress as the links repeat the 2021 (twice)Sep 13 16:28
schestowitzgemini:// 13 16:28
schestowitz/home/gemini/bin $ sudo ./ | wc -lSep 13 16:31
schestowitz160Sep 13 16:31
schestowitz(for yesterday alone)Sep 13 16:31
Techrights-secackSep 13 16:31
Techrights-secfind 2??? -maxdepth 0 -type d -exec sh -c "(echo '# {}'; ls -d {}/?? | sed -re 's|^.*/||; s|(.*)|=> \1/Sep 13 16:31
Techrights-sec\1|') > {}/index.gmi" \;Sep 13 16:31
schestowitznb; only 4:30pm and we've crossed 10k requests for the day already, it's not bortzmeyerSep 13 16:32
schestowitzscript changed to check today and yesterdaySep 13 16:33
schestowitzsudo ./ | wc -lSep 13 16:34
schestowitz278Sep 13 16:34
Techrights-sec        see ~gemini/bin/  Sep 13 16:34
schestowitz-TRcherckingSep 13 16:34
schestowitz-TRmakes sense, the sed line tantalises me :-)Sep 13 16:36
Techrights-secOne shouldn't parse ls, but ...Sep 13 16:36
schestowitz-TRat least python3 or python11 or python x+1 won't break ls :)Sep 13 16:37
schestowitz-TR 13 16:38
-TechrightsBN/ | Kaddour Kardio #FreeNabilMellah (@kaddourkardio): "i noticed the emphasis about "smb3 kernel driver" and "NTFS kernel driver" in the announcements." | nitterSep 13 16:38
Techrights-secshould it go into cron now?Sep 13 16:41
schestowitz-TRit is probably taking under a second to run, so even though past years need not be rerun I guess this is hardly the bottleneck. :-)Sep 13 16:41
schestowitz-TRin fact, it probably needs to be run just every month or week (to be safe), or first of each year if having the latest month listed is not crucialSep 13 16:43
Techrights-secWrong key.  Sep 13 16:44
schestowitz-TRyou said, before disconnection, that running it once a day is current plan but maybe once a month would be enough. I'm thinking of situation of powerdown on the monthly time slot, hence I said every week :-)Sep 13 16:45
Techrights-secOk, I'll set it for once a week. Sep 13 16:45
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schestowitz-TRthe more adoption grows, the more motivation I have to shift efforts to it, and what's more we have less "competition" there and can innovate thereSep 13 16:46
Techrights-sec$ crontab -l   | grep -B1 yearsSep 13 16:46
Techrights-sec# index yearsSep 13 16:46
Techrights-sec15 01 * * 1 /home/gemini/bin/gemini-index-years-only.shSep 13 16:46
Techrights-secyesSep 13 16:47
Techrights-secIt's still mostly early adopters until the clients show up in theSep 13 16:47
Techrights-secmainstream distros' repositories.Sep 13 16:47
schestowitzfor some reason these did not get converted into clickable links gemini:// 13 18:16
Techrights-sec 13 18:18
Techrights-sechas clickable Gemini linksSep 13 18:18
-TechrightsBN/ | IRC Proceedings: Sunday, September 12, 2021 | TechrightsSep 13 18:18
Techrights-seci see now.   Will look.Sep 13 18:20
schestowitz-TRthanks, I reckon better to catch that fast as it did work last week, e.g. Sep 13 18:20
schestowitzactually, two weeks ago: gemini:// 13 18:22
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schestowitz-TRI left out a key CSS classSep 13 18:36
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Techrights-secI left out a key CSS classSep 13 18:37
Techrights-secOk.  It's all set going foward.  The last week or so would Sep 13 18:37
Techrights-sechave to be updated manually though.  Perhaps let it be?Sep 13 18:37
Techrights-secgemini:// 13 18:37
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schestowitz-TRyes, it's no big deal at all; but assuming hundreds are to come, was better to have it sorted. all the other posts are usable already./Sep 13 18:38
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