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schestowitz 15 11:44
-TechrightsBN/ | kio-extras/ at master · KDE/kio-extras · GitHubNov 15 11:44
Techrights-secOk.  There are a lot of them lying about.Nov 15 11:44
schestowitz-TRthat's meNov 15 11:45
schestowitz-TRKDE kio / fish://I think it holds a connection openNov 15 11:45
Techrights-secYes, it is supposedly some kind of ftp serverNov 15 11:45
Techrights-secNot sure why there is one in /home/links though.Nov 15 11:45
schestowitz-TRI used to use dolphin to check for new files there, now I use a CLI script for thatNov 15 11:45
Techrights-secJust looking at the containers at the moment.Nov 15 11:46
schestowitz-TRgood to check those sorts of things. AS FAR AS WE KNOW (and that might not mean much), TM and TR never had any security breaches. 15+17.5 years.Nov 15 11:46
Techrights-secAn OS upgrade / migration would be good nonetheless.Nov 15 11:47
schestowitz-TRdefinitely, technology is movint oo fast IMHO, with little consideration for aspects like environment and cost of shNov 15 11:48
schestowitz-TRifting data, modernising software to keep up etc.,Nov 15 11:48
Techrights-secYes, and that's just the server world.  The desktop is far worse.  KDE, forNov 15 11:48
Techrights-secone example, is a terrible hog and a worse mess.Nov 15 11:48
Techrights-secSome parts are like they are designed by separate developers who don't get alongNov 15 11:49
Techrights-secby the way, commit a38007ec51555361846f5098014ecc5571a7c431 Nov 15 11:49
Techrights-secmake the kill less ham handedNov 15 11:52
schestowitz-TRvie-irc works better now, doing nowNov 15 11:55
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schestowitz-TR 15 12:07
-TechrightsBN/ | Aral Balkan, a screeching voice of the minority (@aral): "What we have in Ireland cannot be compared to the NHS. The NHS – which has been under constant sabotage by over a decade of conservative rule in the UK – is a shining example of what we must protect instead of following the greed-based insurance industry model of the US." | nitterNov 15 12:07
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schestowitz-TRthanks for improving our toolset, much appreciated! Still on line in phone (1.5 hours!)... just finished the GitHub installmentNov 15 12:23
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schestowitz-TR4 hours onlineNov 15 14:41
schestowitz-TRI will file a complaint Nov 15 14:41
Techrights-secwtf??? Definitely. 4 hours is not queueing it is having been abandoned.Nov 15 14:42
Techrights-secMight be appropriate for compensation or legislative changes to the Nov 15 14:42
Techrights-secgovernenance.  However, keep in mind the bad service is there to drive Nov 15 14:42
Techrights-secpeople to sell off stuff or borrow money to go to private services instead.Nov 15 14:42
Techrights-secIn that way they can show increased 'demand' for the privatized servicesNov 15 14:42
Techrights-secand cut the NHS further.  Thus feeding a vicious cycle.Nov 15 14:42
schestowitz-TRI am writing about this for my personal site and will quote here and there, without names...Nov 15 15:07
schestowitz-TRcan you check draft for tyypos?Nov 15 15:56
Techrights-sec 15 18:30
-TechrightsBN/ | GyroWaveGen(TM) (@GyroGen_TM): "Will have to go higher up! The PTAB is a sham! It's not an 'independent' judicial body! It's part of the same 'racket'. If they want a PTAB it has to be truly independent, involve independent experts in each field & be paid for outside of the USPTO. Also has to be 'almost free'!" | nitterNov 15 18:30
Techrights-sec" On the call she acknowledged that they are having technical problems with calls, ..." Nov 15 18:35
Techrights-secWindoze TCO?Nov 15 18:35
Techrights-secOr just blaming incompetence and mismanagement on "technical problems" ?Nov 15 18:35
Techrights-sec 15 18:35
-TechrightsBN/ | » Blog Archive » Seemingly Defunct and Surely Unfit to Operate: YORKSHIRE HEALTH SOLUTIONS LTD (Updated)Nov 15 18:35
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