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Techrights-secExcerpt - The myth and fallacy that one brand is the problem.webmMay 17 09:03
Techrights-secfrom 17 09:03
-TechrightsBN/ | The myth & fallacy that one brand is the problemMay 17 09:03
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Techrights-secExcerpt A - What Is Right To Repair-RTbrXiIzUt4.webmMay 17 10:22
Techrights-secfrom 17 10:22
Techrights-secExcerpt B - What Is Right To Repair-RTbrXiIzUMay 17 10:22
Techrights-secfrom 17 10:22
Techrights-secboth are relevent to "Freedom 0"May 17 10:22
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Techrights-secboth are relevent to "Freedom 0"May 17 12:34
Techrights-sec^relevanMay 17 12:34
Techrights-sec^relevantMay 17 12:34
schestowitz__I saw this typo and corrected itMay 17 12:34
Techrights-secthanksMay 17 15:02
Techrights-secas mentioned, supposedly there will be more information about the tractors                                                     May 17 15:02
Techrights-seclater this month...May 17 15:03
Techrights-secpossible electical storm coming, may have to power down on this endMay 17 15:06
Techrights-secfor a bit if it gets closerMay 17 15:06
schestowitz__I checked if thunderbird has a new release, but nothing this morning. I wait for pgp-related bugfixes, if any....May 17 15:07
schestowitz__maybe as a parting gift to their google masters mozilla will totally mismanage pgpMay 17 15:07
Techrights-secI have strongly suspected willful neglect of the mail client in generalMay 17 15:18
Techrights-secand of some of its must-have features specificallyh.May 17 15:18
Techrights-secNotice that threading of messages is now partially broken as well.May 17 15:18
schestowitz__They already rendered obsolete many extensions I used. They could, instead, just keep newer gecko inside and leave the rest in tact.May 17 15:19
schestowitz__looks like we've made the front page somewhere...May 17 15:21
schestowitz__oh, I see. It's some Gates mansion arrest stuff from last year.May 17 15:26
Techrights-sec 17 17:05
-TechrightsBN/ | Frank (@FrankScunge): "…" | nitterMay 17 17:05
Techrights-sec 17 17:05
-TechrightsBN/ | PartOfThePuzzle (@WakkerW): "…" | nitterMay 17 17:05
Techrights-secstorm over                                  #######################################May 17 17:37
schestowitz__you said something about "lightning" and then went offlineMay 17 17:37
Techrights-secyes, an electrical storm passed over and necessitated powering just about everything downMay 17 17:38
schestowitz__I love how we get clips from video sites, if they're topical and help inspire some articles etc. re FSMay 17 17:38
Techrights-secok, I'll try to make note of any others I run across.May 17 17:40
Techrights-secIt'd be nice to have transcripts for the clips but that is work.May 17 17:40
schestowitz__around 20 hits/sec today in TR, mostly because of the Gates/SPD docsMay 17 17:40
Techrights-secGates is busy trying to distract the press by throwing out minor scandals to May 17 17:41
Techrights-secthemMay 17 17:41
schestowitz__maybe you can find some credible videos about the real scandal, I think that can helpMay 17 17:42
Techrights-secWeren't there dozens (or more) of sexual harrassment claims settled out of May 17 17:42
Techrights-seccourt at M$ over the years?May 17 17:42
Techrights-secAnyway the focus needs to remain on Software Freedom and the rest is justMay 17 17:43
Techrights-seca means to advance towards that goal.May 17 17:43
Techrights-secI've not seen any credible videos on that topic. May 17 17:43
Techrights-secThere is some common territory with RtR though and collaboration on May 17 17:44
Techrights-secthe software aspects can be mutually beneficial.  May 17 17:44
schestowitz__it is certainly under-explored. Keep digging up clips and we'll do more articles on this. You can give me witty quotes, too.May 17 17:44
schestowitz__am working on 3 epo posts atmMay 17 17:44
Techrights-secEPO behavior is a big barrier to a lot of things in Europe, May 17 17:45
schestowitz__it's a LONG and BIG fight. I don't tire.May 17 17:45
schestowitz__we also have powerful alliesMay 17 17:46
Techrights-secthat helps.  the crooks have a lot of well-placed money in the EC and EPMay 17 17:50
Techrights-secOnly a few politicians in total have any idea of software and its roleMay 17 17:50
Techrights-secin society nowadaysMay 17 17:50
schestowitz__whoa. TR traffic just surged to over 100MB/sec. Never seen this before... many requests for the right to repair videos.May 17 18:19
Techrights-secThey cover the intersection of several groups and interests.May 17 18:21
Techrights-secNext time transcripts will help, but they delay publication.May 17 18:44
Techrights-sec 17 19:06
-TechrightsBN/ | C'Burgr Young (@cheezburgrmania): "Even so, I'm sorry they outsourced Domino/iNotes." | nitterMay 17 19:06
schestowitz__ 17 21:29
-TechrightsBN/ | Vaccine platforms and limited global production capacity: what is to be done? - The IPKatMay 17 21:29
schestowitz__"May 17 21:29
schestowitz__Patents hindering production is only true for the production in a country where such a patent is valid (or applied for). That production in lower and middle-income countries would be hampered by patents is an assumption that I have not yet seen backed up by FTO studies that indicate which patents in which countries would be blocking. As far as I have experience in the patent coverage of life sciences patents, these hardly are May 17 21:29
schestowitz__filed and prosecuted in lower and middle-income countries (of course there will always be some exceptions). May 17 21:29
schestowitz__Thus, to my opinion, the problem of patent hindrance for which a waiver would be the solution, does not even exist. But even then, the current stance of the matter is indeed that -because of the pricing and limited production capacity - only the richer countries are able to provide vaccines to their people. It would be better that help programs, such as the COVAX initiative are broadly supported. May 17 21:29
schestowitz__"May 17 21:29

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