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schestowitz-TRLinuxHint seems defunct. The people left to run it promote Windows.Nov 19 05:13
schestowitz-TRIt's not necessarily that Microsofters invaded to destroy LinuxMint. But that's what it looks like.Nov 19 05:13
TechrightssecLinuxMint or LinuxHint?  I'm sure both are on the hit list.Nov 19 07:39
TechrightssecThanks for posting the RMS talk, by the way. Nov 19 07:39
schestowitz-TRLinuxHint was and still is very prolific Nov 19 07:41
schestowitz-TRI wrote about the shift in topics a few months backNov 19 07:41
schestowitz-TRafter it had gotten "too much"Nov 19 07:41
schestowitz-TRthe names suggest to me it's run by pakistanis or mulsin-indians (not a criticism)Nov 19 07:41
schestowitz-TR*muslimNov 19 07:41
schestowitz-TRand I think few of them know anything about linuxNov 19 07:41
schestowitz-TRthey just write about what they know, e.g. how to use 'git' (GitHUB) in WINDOWS Nov 19 07:41
schestowitz-TRmaybe someone handed over the domain, not realising what would become of itNov 19 07:41
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TechrightssecackNov 19 09:45
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TechrightssecThe EFF had a good blog post about the Fediverse the other dayNov 19 09:49
TechrightssecHowever, they fail to take into account the hostile attacks and efforts atNov 19 09:49
Techrightssecinfiltration by m$ and related interests.Nov 19 09:49
schestowitz-TRit wrote at least twoiNov 19 09:49
schestowitz-TRjudging from kate (few paras), it was OKNov 19 09:49
schestowitz-TREFF itself is a target of infiltration by MicrosoftNov 19 09:49
TechrightssecYes it is not just targeted for infiltration but at least partially fallenNov 19 09:49
Techrightssecvictim of it.Nov 19 09:49
schestowitz-TRi will be devoting all the next 2-3 horus to writing the textNov 19 09:50
schestowitz-TRmight be miaNov 19 09:50
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TechrightssecRead a little about QUIC and that it is optimized for serving ads from GoogleNov 19 11:02
Techrightssecand to facilitate the advertising auctions which occur before a javascript-ladenNov 19 11:02
Techrightssecpage is renderedNov 19 11:02
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schestowitz-TRit takes a lot longer than I thought, miught be mia the next 2 hoursNov 19 13:23
TechrightssecackNov 19 15:59
schestowitz-TRproductive day today, but only now we resume with the site/sNov 19 16:39
TechrightssecackNov 19 16:40
schestowitz-TR"Streets in cities and towns across Italy were filled Friday with university and high school students who marched against Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's plans" ☛ | Source: Common DreamsNov 19 17:12
-TechrightsBN/ | Thousands of Italian Students Declare 'No Meloni Day' to Protest Far-Right GovernmentNov 19 17:12
TechrightssecackNov 19 17:15
schestowitz-TRTreating People Like Lepers 19 20:29
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » Treating People Like LepersNov 19 20:29
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