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schestowitz-TRAt around 4:10 I said ipfs worked ok and went to slkep. Did I miss soemthing here?Sep 21 09:45
Techrights-secNot much.  The script on your end needs some tweaking, I think since Sep 21 09:48
Techrights-secit disconnects as fast as it logs in.  Sep 21 09:48
Techrights-secThe RMS video is /still/ transcoding and will likely go another 2 or 3 hoursSep 21 09:48
Techrights-secat the projected rate.  Sep 21 09:48
schestowitz-TRthanks. It will be good to have it.Sep 21 09:49
schestowitz-TRregarding scripts, I never thought much about them until publishing them in git, so most are dirty hacks. Last night I improved the script for updating gemini index for new articles and also automated a couple of things for videos. We're becoming more efficient, little by little...Sep 21 09:50
Techrights-secThe news talks about vaccine availability in developing countries and Sep 21 09:51
Techrights-secgoes on quite a bit about costs, but none to-date have mentioned theSep 21 09:51
Techrights-secpatent burden.  Nor have they mentioned the public money origin of them.Sep 21 09:51
schestowitz-TRI thought abotu doung another response to UPC misinfo, but then ... argh... it's likr broken radio. In "other links" there are more subjects we could coverSep 21 09:52
Techrights-secWith the scripts, it is best to write something quick and get it to work.  Sep 21 09:53
Techrights-secThen rewrite it from scratch as a note to your future self so that Sep 21 09:53
Techrights-secit will be easy to read and figure out.Sep 21 09:53
schestowitz-TRyes, what I like about git now is that it maintains all the history, so no code is gone, just shelved Sep 21 09:53
Techrights-secCode is read many more times than it is written so the ROI for clean,Sep 21 09:54
Techrights-secreadable code is quite high.Sep 21 09:54
Techrights-secI can't test any of the IPFS scripts so I think I will leave them alone for now.Sep 21 09:54
schestowitz-TRipfs turns out to not scale well. also, iirc it's still alpha or similar. I want to invest in it assuming it matures further. I tried to reach the person who introduced it to us... not only is his email address not valid anymore... the domain is down tooSep 21 09:55
Techrights-sec:( I hope he's ok still. Sep 21 09:57
Techrights-secIs he available via mastodon or diaspora?Sep 21 09:57
schestowitz-TRabsolutely not, and IRC is in flux after freenode collapsed. The freenode site was offline yesterday.Sep 21 09:57
schestowitz-TRhe is too smart to use social control media and IRC he only used with proxies and pseudonymsSep 21 09:58
Techrights-secaSep 21 09:58
Techrights-secWhen was the last contact?Sep 21 09:58
schestowitz-TRalmost half a year agoSep 21 09:58
Techrights-secOuch.Sep 21 09:59
Techrights-secThe binaries have not been updated since Nov 2020.  Sep 21 10:11
Techrights-secPatching is long overdue.Sep 21 10:11
Techrights-secPersonally, while positively inclined towards IPFS, I have no enthusiasm forSep 21 10:11
Techrights-secit in its current state.Sep 21 10:11
schestowitz-TRit is extremely inefficientSep 21 10:11
Techrights-secyes   among other things it needs traffic shapingSep 21 10:21
schestowitz-TRa bitcoin of "content"Sep 21 10:22
Techrights-secmaybe not that bad.  bitcoin is only bad.  IPFS still has some good aspects.Sep 21 10:23
schestowitz-TRafter breakfast I will record a thing or two, maybe gemini stuff again, I have 5 clients of it open atmSep 21 10:24
schestowitz-TRbtw, mozilla managed to also screw up encryption on rianne's laptop. the incompetence makes me miss enigmailSep 21 10:25
Techrights-secGemini has been good so far.  Just the bug with the large file handling isSep 21 10:26
Techrights-seca major problem. Sep 21 10:26
Techrights-secYes, at least enigmail functioned unlike what Mozilla is trying.  ButSep 21 10:31
Techrights-secMozilla has been very hostile to e-mail in general for many years.  SoSep 21 10:31
Techrights-secit would not be beyond them to take the low road and be passively underminingSep 21 10:31
Techrights-secwhat's left until more people leave it.  Sep 21 10:31
schestowitz-TRno irc, no email, what will be left? zoom and whatsapp? "apps" and "clown"?Sep 21 10:32
schestowitz-TRmaybe mozilla's firefox blog can do a blog post about charlie the shoemaker, who found firefox and uses POCKET to keep links of his favourite FACEBOOK posts... with some "tweets" thrown into the blog postSep 21 10:33
Techrights-secElectron "apps"Sep 21 10:34
Techrights-secThe after effects of the mistake of teaching javascript in the schools isSep 21 10:34
Techrights-secmaking their presence felt. Sep 21 10:34
Techrights-secwe've already seen those damaged by M$ interaction designing software interfacesSep 21 10:42
Techrights-secand in recent years we've seen those damaged by social control media's Sep 21 10:42
Techrights-sec"engagement" paradigm designing software interfaces.  Soon those that have lostSep 21 10:42
Techrights-secalmost the entirity of their formative hours to social control mediaSep 21 10:42
Techrights-secwill enter the work force.  They won't know enough to catch up nor do thoseSep 21 10:42
Techrights-secthat are slightly older.  So they'll advance chronologically to their ageSep 21 10:42
Techrights-secof responsibility empty handed in the skill and experience deparment exceptSep 21 10:42
Techrights-secfor a bucket of bad ideas and worse habits.Sep 21 10:42
Techrights-secHow many under 25 use the Internet let alone have even vague idea of whatSep 21 10:42
Techrights-secit is?Sep 21 10:42
schestowitz-TRsays that better than I ever could ^^Sep 21 10:43
schestowitz-TReven git is apparently beyond comprehension now, even though we all used cvs and svn in CS, so people are pushed to Web UIs that are going to render code obsolete and offer no real skill, just GUI memorisationSep 21 10:44
schestowitz-TRnow, sysadmin= AWS GUI "certi", and LF pushes this crap as "upskilling" for "clown"Sep 21 10:44
Techrights-secIt's been on my mind today, since I am starting to not be able to avoidSep 21 10:45
Techrights-secrunning into the effects.Sep 21 10:45
Techrights-secAWS and the others are basically proprietary and certainly non-standard.Sep 21 10:45
Techrights-sectranscoding complete:Sep 21 10:46
Techrights-secreal    317m45.967sSep 21 10:46
Techrights-secuser    918m28.874sSep 21 10:46
Techrights-secsys     3m16.311sSep 21 10:46
Techrights-secnow to double check the resultSep 21 10:46
schestowitz-TRthere's no way to compare the videos, but if you upload you can get hashes on both sidesSep 21 10:47
schestowitz-TRI partly automated this for my uploads, which happen concurrently with transcoding to save timeSep 21 10:47
Techrights-secThe beginning missed a few seconds but its too much CPU time to redo.Sep 21 10:48
Techrights-secIt's all there otherwise: see -excerpt-1.webmSep 21 10:51
Techrights-sec(uploading now)Sep 21 10:51
Techrights-secThe transcoding took about 5 h 20 m for that long a clip.Sep 21 10:51
schestowitz-TRyes, that makes sense for 2 or 4 desktop/laptop oresSep 21 10:52
schestowitz-TR*coresSep 21 10:52
Techrights-sec12 cores but I did not check to see how many were utilized.Sep 21 10:53
schestowitz-TRbetter to nice it if you also do work on the same machine and if the images in the video are high res because I think it does GPU stuff a lotSep 21 10:53
Techrights-secIt did not interfere with anything noticeably but did run the fan the whole Sep 21 10:57
Techrights-sectime. Sep 21 10:57
schestowitz-TRyes, same here, it offloads a lot to VPU or whatever it's calledSep 21 10:57
schestowitz-TRspamnil did some videos for microsoft yesterday. iirc, he spent like $15,000 on some apple crap he needs to reboot every day, just to encode his videosSep 21 10:58
Techrights-sec:(Sep 21 11:00
Techrights-secI haven't run into any of his work in ages but suppose he is still out thereSep 21 11:00
Techrights-secand still a sellout.Sep 21 11:00
schestowitz-TRrianne and I get amused watching the view counts in his youtube channel, it's really embrassingly lowSep 21 11:01
schestowitz-TRwe're talking about something like 5 views per day on the first week for most videos, maybe average 10. for first week.Sep 21 11:02
Techrights-secI'm not sure why anyone would watch him at all.  As a say-for-pay stenographerSep 21 11:04
Techrights-seche has no credibility among most of the public.  And those that pay himSep 21 11:04
Techrights-secaren't going to listen to him, since they know what he has been paid to say.Sep 21 11:04
schestowitz-TRexactly. the site onece known as muktware and themukt is not just a mildly edited press releases mill/farmSep 21 11:05
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schestowitz-TRI've taken another ircd backup/dump, zoobab has finally re-joined usSep 21 11:47
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Techrights-secexcellentSep 21 11:56
schestowitz-TRit is a one liner, copies is to the pi, which in turns gets copies into laptop, then to external disksSep 21 11:56
schestowitz-TRbut main blidn spot of the backups is the sites, esp. the file system Sep 21 11:57
schestowitz-TRsorry about many typosSep 21 11:57
Techrights-secI back up the data from TR, but have not tested the restoration for a fewSep 21 12:01
Techrights-secyears now.  Sep 21 12:01
schestowitz-TRsometimes I get copies of the latest TR-WP and TM DBs, just in case of disaster, but file system backups are few a year and exclude videos. With my connection it does not scale well. One GB takes hours.Sep 21 12:02
Techrights-secIt takes a few minutes here.  Sep 21 12:04
schestowitz-TRI'm preocessing a new video now, I think we can also be first to post the RMS talk in a free formatSep 21 12:04
schestowitz-TRthe video shows only the gemi url in intro and doesn't involve web browsers. the goal is to show you can get stuff without wwwSep 21 12:07
Techrights-secIt'd be an improvement if more sites used free formats by default.Sep 21 12:08
Techrights-secIt seems to be going the other direction even though it hurts the sitesSep 21 12:08
Techrights-secpushing the proprietary formats.  I suspet that many top managers cannotSep 21 12:08
Techrights-secget their minds around the idea of royalty-free formats and actuallySep 21 12:08
Techrights-sechate the idea of not paying.  zero-sum-gamersSep 21 12:08
schestowitz-TRremember how those who built their stuff with adobe flash ended up...Sep 21 12:08
Techrights-secYep.  The same will / is playing out with the other proprietary formats.Sep 21 12:16
Techrights-secIt's costly all the way around but that appears to be the goal of many,Sep 21 12:16
Techrights-seceven if it self-harms.Sep 21 12:16
schestowitz-TRthis is also why many old news sites are online nowSep 21 12:16
schestowitz-TR*offlineSep 21 12:16
Techrights-secUnfortunately I saw one site that converted /to/ Adobe Flash alreadySep 21 12:17
Techrights-secafter the EOL was announced.  The victims had outsourced the development Sep 21 12:17
Techrights-secto M$ Accenture...Sep 21 12:17
schestowitz-TRthey bleed themselves to death and only the vampires enjoy thatSep 21 12:18
Techrights-sec/media/TechRights01  932G  476G  52%Sep 21 12:20
Techrights-secNear as I can figure it is that they seem to expect that by intentionally losingSep 21 12:20
Techrights-secnow they will somehow through that be maneuvered into a position to win later.Sep 21 12:20
Techrights-secMagical thinking.Sep 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRnow with covid there are many unemployed, redundant suits. Let's hope it lasts a while longer and weeds them out as an occupationSep 21 12:21
Techrights-secOne can hope, but the suits tend to proliferate even as they bleed a company Sep 21 12:23
Techrights-secout. 21 12:23
Techrights-secxSep 21 12:23
-TechrightsBN/ | Why the world is full of bullshit jobs - VoxSep 21 12:23
Techrights-sec 21 12:23
-TechrightsBN/ | The Bullshit-Job Boom | The New YorkerSep 21 12:23
schestowitz-TRmozilla is a pool of bloodSep 21 12:23
Techrights-secAnd still stabbing itselfSep 21 12:24
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Techrights-secThe CEO still pulls an obscene compensation package out of the budget each year.Sep 21 12:56
schestowitz-TRtechrights covered this before mozilla staff and the media spoke about itSep 21 12:56
Techrights-secYes.Sep 21 13:07
schestowitz-TRah, my two improvements to the video script worked, it discards mp4 at the end and gets remotely, over ssh, the hash for comparisonSep 21 13:09
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schestowitz-TRis the rms video still being uploaded?Sep 21 14:29
Techrights-secIt should be there by now.  It's got a similar name as the old one -except1.webmSep 21 14:38
schestowitz-TRthanks, that's published now and we're first to put that in free formats afaikSep 21 14:48
Techrights-secFull-Talk-Richard-Stallman_Free-Software-and-the-GNU-General-Public-License.webmSep 21 14:54
Techrights-secis not quite the full talkSep 21 14:54
Techrights-secIt's the main part but not the fussing at the beginning or the TED videoSep 21 14:54
schestowitz-TRyes, it's very good that this was left off and even rianne found it a tad off-puttingSep 21 14:54
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schestowitz> Your login script is broken and logs out the same second it logs in soSep 21 17:57
schestowitz> there is not time for a connection.Sep 21 17:57
schestowitzShould I increase the delay in the loop?Sep 21 17:57
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