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Techrights-secSpoke briefly about patens with someone who used to do scientific work whichNov 21 12:04
Techrights-secwas often patented by large corparations later.  The gist was that the companiesNov 21 12:04
Techrights-secusually filed a crap application to delay the offiial granting of the patent.Nov 21 12:04
Techrights-secThe idea there is that the monopoly starts with the first application, but sinceNov 21 12:04
Techrights-secit gets rejected, the clock does not start ticking.  So that kind of delay Nov 21 12:04
Techrights-secadded two to three years to the life of the patent.  Nov 21 12:04
schestowitz-TRpriority Nov 21 12:04
schestowitz-TRdateNov 21 12:04
Techrights-secThe only part I understood clearly was that the delay was intentional to Nov 21 12:13
Techrights-secextend the life of the patent.  The rest was administrivia and opaque.Nov 21 12:13
schestowitz-TRit's an absoloute shit system, and it's getting worse every year because of the lobbying and lack of public awareness (kept in the dark by fake 'media')Nov 21 12:13
Techrights-secThere's not much to say about the media except that there is only a smallNov 21 12:27
Techrights-secfraction of journalists now compared to past decades.  Of those that remain,Nov 21 12:27
Techrights-secmost are on the payroll of conflicting interests.Nov 21 12:27
Techrights-secOne trend which we discussed briefly recently is the proliferation of fakeNov 21 12:27
Techrights-seclocal news sites.  They pretend to be local but are owned by large corporationsNov 21 12:27
Techrights-secand in particular large corporations with a very pronounced agenda.  TheseNov 21 12:27
Techrights-seckinds of sites have been posting a huge number of articles lately aboutNov 21 12:27
Techrights-secFOSS and GNU/Linux.  I don't know if the idea is to lift the credibility of theNov 21 12:27
Techrights-secsites with that or to degrade the credibility of FOSS etc through associationNov 21 12:27
Techrights-secwith drivel.    Nov 21 12:27
schestowitz-TRwait, we don't agree on this. The fake "local news" site I see are plagiarism farms, mostly run from India for ads pushing, not owned by large corporations afaict... no doubt though, between Microsoft googlebombing and this "hey hi"-generated spam it's becoming hard to find actual news on the topic in the spamfarm known as wwwNov 21 12:29
schestowitz-TR*sitesNov 21 12:29
schestowitz-TRside note: phoronix quit the microsoft spam this past week; Michael changed his tune... I think he took note of the backlackNov 21 12:31
schestowitz-TR*blowbackNov 21 12:31
schestowitz-TRside note:Nov 21 12:32
schestowitz-TRwe have amassed enough dataNov 21 12:32
schestowitz-TRand software toolsNov 21 12:32
schestowitz-TRthat I suspect we can make more tools for mining that data and deriving from it news, either archives or almost real-timeNov 21 12:32
schestowitz-TRmaybe as a future projects, I do have some ideas, but it's not our main focus anywayNov 21 12:33
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Techrights-secIt's a possibility but I'd need more details of the desired results.Nov 21 13:20
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schestowitz-TR 21 22:04
-TechrightsBN/ | Gonzalo VC (@Gonzalo_VC23): "Great one, @schestowitz" | nitterNov 21 22:04
schestowitz-TR 21 22:04
-TechrightsBN/ | Gonzalo VC (@Gonzalo_VC23): "minimicro$0ft and RedneckHat are destroying GNU/Linux (they have already destroyed the once L!nux f0undat!0n)" | nitterNov 21 22:04
schestowitz-TR 21 22:04
-TechrightsBN/ | Mae (@Mae3783): "…" | nitterNov 21 22:04
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