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schestowitz> Hello, Apr 22 06:11
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:11
schestowitz> We’re writing to let you know that your account has been suspended––andApr 22 06:11
schestowitz> will remain suspended––due to multiple or repeat violations of our rulesApr 22 06:11
schestowitz> <>. Apr 22 06:11
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:11
schestowitz> We don’t allow the following behaviors on Twitter: Apr 22 06:11
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:11
schestowitz>   * Creating serial and/or multiple accounts with overlapping usesApr 22 06:11
-TechrightsBN/ | NO TITLEApr 22 06:11
schestowitzSo I guess they don't like that tuxmachines links to and then my personal account is also linking to 22 06:11
schestowitzBecause that is the only thing I can think of.Apr 22 06:11
schestowitzThis isn't new though! It has been like this for 8 years!Apr 22 06:11
schestowitz>   * Evading a permanent suspension by creating or using another accountApr 22 06:11
schestowitzNever did that!! False accusation.Apr 22 06:12
schestowitz>   * Cross-posting Tweets or links across multiple accountsApr 22 06:12
schestowitzAgain, maybe they allude to tuxmachines.Apr 22 06:12
schestowitz>   * Aggressive following, particularly through automated meansApr 22 06:12
schestowitzNo such thing ever done!Apr 22 06:12
schestowitz> Please do not reply to this email or send us new appeals for thisApr 22 06:12
schestowitz> account as we won’t monitor them.Apr 22 06:12
schestowitzComplete nonsense. False accusation.Apr 22 06:12
schestowitzSo I think they now use the tuxmachines account as an excuse for saying I post to tuxmachines from the official account and also from my own.Apr 22 06:12
schestowitzRidiculous!Apr 22 06:12
schestowitz> Hi RoyApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Thanks for the updates. Please inform me about their response.Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Regarding your decision about Twitter. First, I do not wish to exerciseApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> any pressure and I know that there is a lot of pressure in activistApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> work, and I speak from personal experience.Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> At the general level of discussion, Twitter is the most politicallyApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> influential social medium and the hashtags connect all interestedApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> parties. If you abandon Twitter, then the gap will be filled by theApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> known propagandists. In this respect, although your posts may be copiesApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> of your techrights posts, it is their announcement on Twitter thatApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> brings them within a centralised forum for wider dissemination,Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> readership and impact.Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> I do not currently have any serious updates on the patent front, I getApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> news and discussions from various corners and from my discussions withApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Benjamin who is based in Brussels, but there is nothing new that youApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> haven't heard in the past. But serious issues can emerge in the futureApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> and the general issue with Twitter and your posts regards the dailyApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> fight for information and impressions. If there is no pressure from you,Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Benjamin or others, on a frequent basis, then law firms, big companiesApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> and uniformed civil servants will easily sell whatever they want. YouApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> can ask the following question, that I also ask myself: if you do not doApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> what you do, who else is going to do it.Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> As I said, please do not see this email as an effort from me to exerciseApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> any pressure, as there are always personal and professionalApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> circumstances that we do not know. I just think that your presence onApr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Twitter is generally needed, especially in the current period.Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:20
schestowitz> Best wisheApr 22 06:20
schestowitz>> catching up with email now, will fact-check and publish something...Apr 22 06:29
schestowitz>>Apr 22 06:29
schestowitz> Everybody is asking me about itApr 22 06:29
schestowitz> Apr 22 06:29
schestowitz> As I was a mentor and administrator in GSoC and a mentor in Outreachy,Apr 22 06:29
schestowitz> ethical concerns limit what I can write or publish myself.Apr 22 06:29
schestowitz=Apr 22 08:20
schestowitzx 22 08:20
-TechrightsBN/ | Red Hat embraces Tableau Blueprint and Tableau Online, deepens data cultureApr 22 08:20
schestowitz=Apr 22 08:20
schestowitzold:Apr 22 08:20
schestowitz 22 08:20
-TechrightsBN/ | Daring Fireball: On TopApr 22 08:20
schestowitz=Apr 22 08:20
schestowitzx 22 08:20
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft enables Linux GUI applications on Windows 10 for developersApr 22 08:20
schestowitz"lots and lots of M$ hardware spam in many channels, won't link"Apr 22 08:20
schestowitzx 22 08:20
-TechrightsBN/ | [users] Noob-friendly solutions for co-writing a gemini site?Apr 22 08:20
schestowitzWTH!!Apr 22 08:21
schestowitzMicrosoft everythingApr 22 08:21
schestowitzPolluting Gemini?!Apr 22 08:21
Techrights-secHappy Earth DayApr 22 08:31
Techrights-secshall we try Mumble now?Apr 22 08:31
schestowitzyes, but very quickly, I'm at work till 9amApr 22 08:31
Techrights-secmove to the TR channelApr 22 08:34
Techrights-secI'm not getting sound nor seeing an indication that you've triggered your micApr 22 08:34
Techrights-secok I see the mic active but no soundApr 22 08:34
schestowitzI can hear you, I need to relearn the GUIApr 22 08:34
Techrights-secAre you sure your sound is on? I tried every possible combination, rechecked everythingApr 22 08:40
Techrights-secdo you have time for a soundcheck with SIP?Apr 22 08:41
Techrights-secyes, i can hear mumble making notification sounApr 22 08:41
Techrights-secI will doub;e check by logging in a second time from another machineApr 22 08:41
schestowitzseems like mumble or murmur won't pick up my micApr 22 08:46
schestowitzeven tried alsa and oss, not just LP-AudioApr 22 08:46
schestowitzI've tried dozens of combination, giving up for the day. Hoping I didn't miss anything important in ytalk all these days...Apr 22 08:51
Techrights-secok, that's probably something in the configurationApr 22 08:52
Techrights-secsound is problematic these days and I know very, very, very little about itApr 22 08:52
Techrights-secCan we test SIP ?Apr 22 08:52
Techrights-secand come back to Mumble on some other day?Apr 22 08:52
Techrights-secok I see the disconnection from mumbleApr 22 08:52
Techrights-sec(and heard the notifications)Apr 22 08:52
schestowitz> I wonder if ytalk can hang?  I see that you're connected there and haveApr 22 09:09
schestowitz> written a few lines.  I've not used it much the last few days though.Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz> Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz> "Happy Earth Day"Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz> Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz>> Mumble connects OK, I can test that later when nobody here is asleep.Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz> Ok.  Let's give it a try once noise can be made.Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz> Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz>> Regarding TM, it's a bit like cat and mouse... but we'll cope. MaybeApr 22 09:09
schestowitz>> we're targeted as (AFAIK) we're the biggest site of this kind.Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz> Biggest and probably best of its kind.  The coverage is not only veryApr 22 09:09
schestowitz> thorough but very, very fast.Apr 22 09:09
schestowitzFast with clustered updates attached to comments. No other site does the latter.Apr 22 09:09
schestowitz    <li>Apr 22 10:36
schestowitz                  <h5><a href="">PhD students willfully committed known malicious changes to mainline Linux</a></h5>Apr 22 10:36
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 400 @">PhD )Apr 22 10:36
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Apr 22 10:36
schestowitz                    <p>So their work at to be reverted with 190 reversions so far. It also means future commits from the University of Minnesota will be rejected from mainline Linux by default.</p></blockquote></li>Apr 22 10:36
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Techrights-sec 22 16:21
-TechrightsBN/ | zoobab "NO Software Patents" (@zoobab): "Sen. Tillis Asks Biden Administration to Oppose WTO Waiver Proposal [Ed: Tillis is a front for the patent cartel and litigation 'industry', so of course he's willing to cause the deaths of millions of people just for the sake of patent profiteering]" | nitterApr 22 16:21
schestowitzlupa hammering on gemini today, but thats OKApr 22 18:06
Techrights-secIt's good that TR gets into the index.Apr 22 18:08
Techrights-secI hope that the search engine soon allows more than 10k-1 pages in theApr 22 18:08
Techrights-secindex.Apr 22 18:08
schestowitzworking on some code/coding, my tuxcode scripts today, to better automate some stuff related to that site. I now know better which reqs to block to restrict ddos impact... but it's far from complete, I just hope to leave that mess behind and focus on what mattersApr 22 18:08
Techrights-secYes, the articles, especially on either EPO or sw patents, are why (IMO) theApr 22 18:10
Techrights-secDDoS attacks are aimed at TR.Apr 22 18:10
schestowitzBTW, I cannot think of a way to integrate mumble and webcamoid if that ever became a route for doing multi-participant video. Not just mumble but anything audio like SIP.... I think JACK can do mixing, but I lack experience with those sorts of things and letting the microphone pick up someone's voice would have terrible resultsApr 22 18:14
Techrights-secI know nothing about JACK or ALSA or PA or really any audio.  I just Apr 22 18:16
Techrights-seccargo cult it until it works and then hope for the best and tryApr 22 18:16
Techrights-secnot to change anythingApr 22 18:16
schestowitzbut having said all that, my experience doing techbytes is that when you have more than 1 participant, it's a burden to set up, sometimes edit, and the more participants the worse... waiting, choosing time etc.Apr 22 18:16
schestowitzwe used mumble a bit for techbytes towards the end and it was generally good. I think Gordon did too (the Scottish podcast he did with cavey). It's very solid software, I just need to think of use cases, over time...Apr 22 18:18
Techrights-secscheduling is exponentially harder, among other aspects, when havingApr 22 18:20
Techrights-secmultiple participants Apr 22 18:20
Techrights-secWith people far away, the latency can vary so it is *very* importantApr 22 18:20
Techrights-secto have each participant on a separate audio track and then mix theApr 22 18:20
Techrights-secaudio separately.  That more or less precludes video unless the sameApr 22 18:20
Techrights-secis done for the video feeds.  Otherwise some or all participants Apr 22 18:20
Techrights-secdo not have synchronized audio with video.Apr 22 18:20
Techrights-secGoing audio-only makes that worlds easier.Apr 22 18:20
Techrights-secI haven't looked into recording with Mumble.  It woul be essentialApr 22 18:24
Techrights-secfor it to do multiple channels/Apr 22 18:24
schestowitzIIRC, Tim recorded us on it a few times and it worked okApr 22 18:25
Techrights-secDownmixing might be the most practical option at the moment.  As mentionedApr 22 18:38
Techrights-secI gave multichannel a try and it was able to put each participant intoApr 22 18:38
Techrights-secFLAC files.  Apr 22 18:38
Techrights-sec The metadata included is quite minimal, it just includesApr 22 18:39
Techrights-secthe handle nothing more. Apr 22 18:39
Techrights-secThe file name includes the date and time tough.Apr 22 18:39
Techrights-sec^thoughApr 22 18:39
schestowitzmumble would be good for web conferences and office work that involves collaborationsApr 22 18:40
schestowitzI know you are a private person, but if you choose to we can occasionally record discussions about breaking/recent/hot newsApr 22 18:40
Techrights-secYes, it would be excellent for collaborative work.Apr 22 18:41
Techrights-secIt's also designed to be easy to split groups up into subteams andApr 22 18:41
Techrights-sechave some able to talk to all the subteams without the subteamsApr 22 18:41
Techrights-secinterfering with each other.Apr 22 18:41
Techrights-secI don't tend to have such lively hot takes that it would be interestingApr 22 18:42
Techrights-secor time effective.  I have to think things through a lot these days Apr 22 18:42
Techrights-secto come to conclusions and I seem to have misplaced my telephone voice.Apr 22 18:42
Techrights-secIf it's not recorded I don't mind brainstorming or other discussionsApr 22 18:42
schestowitzmakes sense, just what I was expectingApr 22 18:42
Techrights-secI found a way to get audio alerts but now need to find a more powerfulApr 22 18:43
Techrights-secpower supply for the speakers so they can be heard from further away Apr 22 18:43
Techrights-secthan the deskApr 22 18:43
schestowitzhow strong is the encryption for murmur/mumble? When I checked ages ago it was strong enough to count as real e2ee.Apr 22 18:44
Techrights-sec 22 18:46
Techrights-sec OCB-AES128Apr 22 18:46
Techrights-secThe weak point might be the TOFU model, but it is not unique in that regardApr 22 18:46
Techrights-secand TOFU is a point of discussion in a lot of projects including Gemini.Apr 22 18:46
Techrights-secIt's easy enough to send the fingerprint out of band first though. Apr 22 18:46
Techrights-sec^certificate fingerprint, that isApr 22 18:46
-TechrightsBN/ | Features - Mumble WikiApr 22 18:46
schestowitzI have just attempted to remove the TM access restriction and within minutes the load went up. Reverted back to the restricted mode, so it may be premature to leave it fully exposed to any request. I found some of the offending requests.Apr 22 18:48
schestowitzThe abuse started around February but  got a lot worse in recent days, though the magnitude can be partly controlled, using means I can disclose privately and not in irc or ytalkApr 22 18:49
Techrights-secOk.  Good.  It would be great if the offending IP addresses could be blocked at Apr 22 18:50
Techrights-secthe kernel by nftables. There's a way to do it within Apache also, thatApr 22 18:50
Techrights-secmaight be a good work-around.Apr 22 18:50
Techrights-secackApr 22 18:50
schestowitz git commit Apr 22 18:51
schestowitz[master ed02280] more tricksApr 22 18:51
schestowitz 1 file changed, 51 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)Apr 22 18:51
schestowitz rewrite Desktop-Utils/ (81%)Apr 22 18:51
schestowitz git commit Apr 22 18:54
schestowitz[master ab0f9ee] still roughApr 22 18:54
schestowitz 1 file changed, 26 insertions(+)Apr 22 18:54
schestowitz create mode 100755 Desktop-Utils/preview.shApr 22 18:54
schestowitzif you want a challenge, making the latter work with command line parameter line time, duration, filename can improve workflow, as right now I edit the shell file and then run it from the cli on desktop 8Apr 22 18:56
schestowitzI've lacked the time looking for video portions in youtube since it became JS-only no-go zone and I rarely click youtube URLs anymoreApr 22 18:56
Techrights-secok I'll take a look at the script.  I'm still novice at Git though Apr 22 18:58
Techrights-secand will have to look up a lot.Apr 22 18:58
schestowitzyou only need to know about 4 commands 90% of the time... and it's similar to svn and cvs, which I used alsoApr 22 18:58
Techrights-secI think after the commit, it must be pushed tooApr 22 19:05
Techrights-secyes, I forgot to push. done now.Apr 22 19:05
Techrights-secThey should be shortened to 78 char IMOApr 22 19:25
schestowitzit's more of a hack than a program, with tons of redundant stuff in there, reused from a program it was based on (for one user only... although rianne uses a derivative of it for android leftovers)Apr 22 19:26
Techrights-secTook some preliminary looks at, tried to tweak the linesApr 22 19:35
Techrights-secin preparation for actual changes.Apr 22 19:35
Techrights-secDoes it still work?Apr 22 19:35
schestowitzAlmost all the lines would be spurious in this particular script as the only substitution is actual does is for #tuxmachines and maybe very few others, as all addresses from from the tuxmachines domainApr 22 19:36
Techrights-secI think after the commit, it must be pushed tooApr 22 19:37 has some really long run-on lines.Apr 22 19:37
Techrights-secThey should be shortened to 78 char IMOApr 22 19:37
Techrights-sec 22 22:29
-TechrightsBN/ | Ru_Dawg (@RubyRed02614435): "…" | nitterApr 22 22:30

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