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acer-box__ 27 03:33
acer-box__"wind power has a design flaw: increased fatality of flying creatures."Dec 27 03:33
-TechrightsBN/ | PleromaDec 27 03:33
acer-box__ 27 03:34
acer-box__" Could not agree with this more!!!!'Dec 27 03:34
-TechrightsBN/ | PleromaDec 27 03:34
acer-box__ 27 03:34
acer-box__"clearly your geese are different birds than ours.  Ours you don't want to meet in a dark alley"Dec 27 03:34
-TechrightsBN/ | PleromaDec 27 03:34
acer-box__ 27 03:35
-TechrightsBN/ | PleromaDec 27 03:35
acer-box__"Dec 27 03:35
acer-box__dont let a company spy on a public project?Dec 27 03:35
acer-box__that isnt spying lolDec 27 03:35
acer-box__"Dec 27 03:35
acer-box__ 27 03:35
acer-box__" there are plenty of good reasons not to use github (even before microsoft's acquisition), spying aint it"Dec 27 03:35
-TechrightsBN/ | PleromaDec 27 03:35
acer-box__it is  proprietaryalisedDec 27 03:36
acer-box__it is  proprietary and centralisedDec 27 03:36
schestowitz"look at the fucken whatever they are, not sure they are men"Dec 27 03:44
schestowitz 27 03:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Understanding Thierry Breton: “Oh, Dem Golden Slippers…”Dec 27 03:45
schestowitz 27 03:45
schestowitz"whaaa? hello dear."Dec 27 03:45
-TechrightsBN/ | "Show us your tax returns," say so-called Democrats to a man who violates laws in vastly worse ways, endorses Nazis, puts minorities with dark(er) skin in #concentrationcamps etc. Like gypsies demanding Hitler be held accountable for tax-related infractions...Dec 27 03:45
schestowitz 27 03:45
-TechrightsBN/ | ImgurDec 27 03:45
schestowitz"haha. a vegan cat."Dec 27 03:45
schestowitz 27 03:46
-TechrightsBN/ | 27 03:46
schestowitz"that was funny. Lol"Dec 27 03:46
schestowitz"that was funny. Lol"Dec 27 03:46
schestowitz"Dec 27 03:46
schestowitzWell I've helped start a movement to fix the problem! Dec 27 03:46
schestowitz 27 03:46
schestowitz"Dec 27 03:46
schestowitz 27 03:46
-TechrightsBN/ | PG&E is a profitable disaster. California deserves a utility run for people, not profit. The solution is to take it out of the hands of investors and, put it in the hands of the public and PG&E's workers. Let's bring Pacific Gas and Electric into public ownership, making it democratically accountable to the people of California and its workers. Public ownership will also help secure the priorities that bankruptcy puts up in tDec 27 03:46
schestowitz"No. Responsibility belongs to ALL of us."Dec 27 03:46
-TechrightsBN/ | Early PG&E Blackouts Forewarned Later ProblemsDec 27 03:46
schestowitz 27 03:47
-TechrightsBN/ | ‘Responsibility for This Crisis Belongs on the Corporations That Have Created It.’Dec 27 03:47
schestowitz 27 03:48
schestowitz"but sharia is a choice ....."Dec 27 03:48
-TechrightsBN/ | #Kubuntu #GNU #Linux Focus Laptop Announced 27 03:48
schestowitz"ohh no ,,,whats gonna happen...they gonna lose they identity ,,,,,wonder who will they become...."Dec 27 03:48
schestowitz 27 03:48
-TechrightsBN/ | Millions of Children-Tracking Smartwatches Are At Risk Of Being Hacked -- Security TodayDec 27 03:48
schestowitz 27 03:49
schestowitz"SUPERPOWER 2020!"Dec 27 03:49
-TechrightsBN/ | 100 million Indians, no hope and futureDec 27 03:49
schestowitz 27 03:49
schestowitz"even golunov don't care...."Dec 27 03:49
-TechrightsBN/ | Putin announces felony charges against ex-cops who arrested ‘Meduza’ reporter Ivan Golunov in June. The case was launched yesterday. — MeduzaDec 27 03:49
schestowitz 27 03:50
schestowitz"We tried to tell you; if the Senate isn't on board impeachment, you can forget it. Now Democrats have plunged head first into Trump's trap"Dec 27 03:50
-TechrightsBN/ | Mitch McConnell Has No Interest in a Fair Impeachment TrialDec 27 03:50
schestowitz"Also, you can get the memorabilia for this defining and historical moment through a newspaper I'm selling on Ebay:"Dec 27 03:51
-TechrightsBN/ | USA today weekend trump impeachment december 20-22 2019 president history | eBayDec 27 03:51
schestowitz 27 03:51
schestowitz"Sounds like "rebel-Statistism""Dec 27 03:51
-TechrightsBN/ | We're unwittingly raising a generation with zero social skills -- a phenomenon which is actively encouraged and makes people only more miserable, with no real friends, only "facebook 'friends'" They won't rise up against oligarchs or even VOTEDec 27 03:51
schestowitz 27 03:51
schestowitz"Linux Mint Tricia v19.3 Cinnamon x64"Dec 27 03:51
-TechrightsBN/ | The Best Linux Distro for 2020Dec 27 03:51
schestowitz 27 03:52
schestowitz"Religion should be something private and personal. If someone waves around a sign flaunting their religion, something is wrong in my view. I take a more Kierkegaardian perspective on Christianity, if I am in a reverent mood."Dec 27 03:52
-TechrightsBN/ | The Christian Right and Left Share the Same Faith But Couldn’t Be More DifferentDec 27 03:52
schestowitz> Roy I just got bloody food poisoningDec 27 04:07
schestowitz> Please go alone sorry and we will all go out in a week or 2 okDec 27 04:07
schestowitzOK, no problem, we shall do that.Dec 27 04:07
schestowitzGET WELL SOON, my friend....Dec 27 04:07
schestowitz 27 04:09
-TechrightsBN/ 2015Dec 27 04:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- Photo by 27 04:09
schestowitz"seems like only yesterday... :-)"Dec 27 04:09
schestowitz 27 04:10
-TechrightsBN/ ● NEWS ● #corporatemedia (like in 2015-16) ☞ "If We Win They Can't Act Like We Don't Exist": Bernie #Sanders Supporter Blocked From TV Interview in Live Example of #BernieBlackout Dec 27 04:10
schestowitz"Dec 27 04:10
schestowitzDec 27 04:10
schestowitzBernie Sanders Supporter Blocked From TV Interview in Live Example of #BernieBlackout This was Bernie's single biggest problem in 2016. Wikileaks helped to explain that the DNC was at the bottom of it...Dec 27 04:10
schestowitz"Dec 27 04:10
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | "If We Win They Can't Act Like We Don't Exist": Bernie Sanders Supporter Blocked From TV Interview in Live Example of #BernieBlackout | Common Dreams NewsDec 27 04:10
schestowitzSame thing nowDec 27 04:10
schestowitzRe: FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION> obvious typo is obvious:Dec 27 04:17
schestowitz> Dec 27 04:17
schestowitz> "Smart" means it does....Dec 27 04:17
schestowitz> Dec 27 04:17
schestowitz> by way of apology, here is the attached, corrected version.Dec 27 04:17
schestowitzOn it now...Dec 27 04:17
schestowitz[root@techrights httpd]# git --versionDec 27 04:55
schestowitzgit version 27 04:55
schestowitzI am going to tidy up what I have in old project directories and add to it over time. For the time being this git setup is private, as should be (for now).Dec 27 04:55
schestowitzold scripr:Dec 27 05:04
schestowitz[root@techrights ~]# pwdDec 27 05:04
schestowitz/rootDec 27 05:04
schestowitz[root@techrights ~]# ls web-watch*Dec 27 05:04
schestowitzweb-watch  web-watch.origDec 27 05:04
schestowitz> 36C3 starts today.  Also, the grauniad has finally tried to sneak in aDec 27 05:34
schestowitz> correction on some of the lies it was spreading.  Unfortunately only RTDec 27 05:34
schestowitz> is covering that and during the holiday at that.Dec 27 05:34
schestowitz> Dec 27 05:34
schestowitz> M$ seems to pay enough bribes to stay out of the lists of companiesDec 27 05:34
schestowitz> Washington plans to maybe get around to scrutinizing.Dec 27 05:34
schestowitzI saw and added that RT articleDec 27 05:34
schestowitz> Wow.  I did not realise that was so old.  Is it still in use?Dec 27 05:38
schestowitzNo, but maybe one day it will (be)come handy again.Dec 27 05:38
schestowitz> I'm brushing up on Git now.  I've only used it previously to checkoutDec 27 05:38
schestowitz> code from read-only repositories.Dec 27 05:38
schestowitzWe should probably set up another user account for git if more people get involved (who don't have root).Dec 27 05:39
schestowitz[root@techrights ~]#  git init --bareDec 27 05:39
schestowitzInitialized empty Git repository in /root/Dec 27 05:39
schestowitzI've just cleaned up some cruft in /root/Dec 27 05:39
schestowitzThe VM was never so tidy, partly due to several migrations. I will check /home/ also in a moment...Dec 27 05:39
schestowitz> I often use "x" as a temp file name when redirecting data or errors.Dec 27 06:00
schestowitz> They can be deleted.Dec 27 06:00
schestowitzI have just deleted X Dec 27 06:00
schestowitz> If we have everything in Git, we'll probably need a hiearchy.  I guessDec 27 06:00
schestowitz> that means moving what I have into ./Links/ so the IRC scripts can beDec 27 06:00
schestowitz> added in ./IRC/Dec 27 06:00
schestowitz> Dec 27 06:00
schestowitz> 'git mv' will do the renaming.Dec 27 06:00
schestowitzI have temporarily set up git on my machine (it was already installed for my work), but we should configure it outside root (eventually) and figure out what belongs where...Dec 27 06:00
schestowitzQuestion: if we attempted a full system update of centos, would that make https setup easier? Window of opportunity around the new year when things are quiet.Dec 27 06:00
schestowitz 27 06:03
-TechrightsBN/ "For $150 you can pick up a #FreeMesh #WiFi router and 2 nodes that run an open source operating system based on #OpenWRT ." #gnu #linux 27 06:03
schestowitz"Dec 27 06:03
schestowitz 27 06:03
schestowitz tomgrzDec 27 06:03
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | FreeMesh is a $150 open source mesh WiFi system (1 router + 2 nodes) - LiliputingDec 27 06:03
schestowitztomgrz - 12 days ago Dec 27 06:03
schestowitz^Thanks for the link!Dec 27 06:03
schestowitz"Dec 27 06:03
-TechrightsBN/ | Setting up an Ad-Hoc Mesh Network with Raspberry Pi 3B+ using BATMAN-AdvDec 27 06:03
schestowitz 27 06:34
schestowitz"Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzNo need - did you not see the part about NoScript right there in my post?Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzIf you're worried that a *small, very limited* allow list will really harm your privacy, then you should care enough to better educate yourself about what tools are available to you and how you can use them, rather than just copping out and considering that an adequate response to every scenario, even when a site that you care about is suffering for it and a VERY SMALL amount of effort on your part would allow both sides to come out on Dec 27 06:34
-TechrightsBN/ | After 3,600 Original Articles This Year On Linux/Open-Source, Let's Have A Holiday Special - Phoronix ForumsDec 27 06:34
schestowitztop. (To be clear, that's "You" and "Michael" - the industrial ad complex can go f**k themselves :P).Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzYes, it's a pain in ass to do it, but it should only take you a few minutes and you get more than that much value out of the site, I'm sure.Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzYes, you DO have a genuine right to be concerned, and to object to the morally-bankrupt determination to grab what SHOULD be your personal information and nobody else's business.Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzBut it's not an all-or-nothing game, and being upset (however understandably) by the ad industry's practices to use those as an excuse to just block everything is LAZY. We are TECHNICAL people, dammit! If we can spend hours getting GPU Passthrough working on our patched kernels running on our custom-built PCs, how do we justify just going "meh, can't be bothered" to spending 5 minutes allowing a domain to show you an ad that unless you Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzactually click on it will gather none of your precious secrets and not leave a trace on your machine tomorrow? THAT'S the part I'm objecting to.Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzBesides, the way I see it, it's MUCH better - and certainly much more satisfying :P - to have those assholes pay Michael but still get none of my data that they were hoping for than it is to just block them out entirely. And THAT is a fair and equitable arrangement: they get to show me an ad - and THAT'S ALL, and they pay Michael for the opportunity to do so, and I get to read the site for free. We ALL win. Your current position though is Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzsimply "Screw everyone else, I'm getting mine and you can all suck it". Which, yeah, I'm fine with wrt to the advertisers, but is very much not cool wrt Michael.Dec 27 06:34
schestowitzSo, what do you say - are you willing to fix your browser setup and help him out? AND get the added bonuses of Moral High Ground (+1) and Outsmarting The Assholes (+3)? Come on, you know you want at least that second one... :PDec 27 06:34
schestowitz"Dec 27 06:34
schestowitz 27 06:35
schestowitz"Michael, what do you think of a Patreon-like tiered subscriptions? Make it so that you'll give more weight to requests from higher tiers. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of well-off users in here that make lucrative careers staying on top of Linux/FOSS "Dec 27 06:35
schestowitz"Finally made my contribution, after ~10 years of fidelity. Thanks for the good work michael!"Dec 27 06:35
schestowitz Sam Varghese:Dec 27 08:26
schestowitzNo RSS feed for his blog alone (I checked pages source)Dec 27 08:26
schestowitzThere used to be oneDec 27 08:26
schestowitzAlso, CF is an issueDec 27 08:26
schestowitzHow can we grab/follow his posts atDec 27 08:26
schestowitz 27 08:26
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 503 @ )Dec 27 08:26
schestowitzBack in the days I wrote Dec 27 08:26
schestowitz 27 08:26
schestowitzRelated to 27 08:26
schestowitzAlso: 27 08:26
-TechrightsBN/ | HTML SyndicationDec 27 08:26
-TechrightsBN/ | Google CronDec 27 08:26
-TechrightsBN/ | Roy Schestowitz - UtilitiesDec 27 08:26
schestowitz> i dont celebrate anyway, but if you ever want to give me ten years worthDec 27 08:28
schestowitz> of christmas presents, you can crack a story that proves gnome is likeDec 27 08:28
schestowitz> it is because of infiltration.Dec 27 08:28
schestowitz> Dec 27 08:28
schestowitz> i mean there are plenty of signs. but that might not be smoking gun. iDec 27 08:28
schestowitz> mean the way that long before systemd took hold, gnome already didDec 27 08:28
schestowitz> things in a way designed to almost practically force you to use gnome.Dec 27 08:28
schestowitz> even something as crucial as the kernel doesnt do that. and they gloatDec 27 08:28
schestowitz> about it, the shits.Dec 27 08:28
schestowitzOpen the GNOME category in Techrights, then  go back the pages circa 10 years. Mono and dbus etc.Dec 27 08:28
schestowitz>> Open the GNOME category in Techrights, then go back the pages circa 10 years. Mono and dbus etc.Dec 27 08:45
schestowitz> nothing more recent? im not saying it doesnt count, obviously it still counts if its 20 years back.Dec 27 08:45
schestowitzNothing substantial has changed since and GNOME Foundation is still anti-RMS, maybe even pro-Microsoft and Red Hat-connected.Dec 27 08:46
schestowitzConsidering the roots of GNOME, however, one should not be shocked. GNU/Linux has 'factions', so we'll probably do OK.Dec 27 08:46
schestowitz>> No RSS feed for his blog alone (I checked pages source)Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz>>Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz>> There used to be oneDec 27 08:56
schestowitz>>Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz>> Also, CF is an issueDec 27 08:56
schestowitz>>Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz>> How can we grab/follow his posts atDec 27 08:56
schestowitz>>Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz>> 27 08:56
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 503 @ )Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz> I could make a custom change somewhere to the scraper, but ITWire isDec 27 08:56
schestowitz> blocked more often than not:Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz> Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz> Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz> DDoS protection by CloudflareDec 27 08:56
schestowitz> Ray ID: ................Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz> Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz> It's only very rarely available so I'm not sure when I would even haveDec 27 08:56
schestowitz> access to test something.Dec 27 08:56
schestowitzI am guessing curl/wget would receive the same response from the server, so it's a lost cause.  Dec 27 08:56
schestowitz 27 18:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@BrideOfLinux: 50? Pfft. Still wet behind the ears: Linus Torvalds Turns 50 This Saturday 27 18:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Linus Torvalds Turns 50 This Saturday | TechrightsDec 27 18:09

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