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Techrights-secThe ~stack post misses the point that it is a full, general-purpose computer.May 28 03:02
Techrights-secnot a microcontroller.  However, the complaints about the exploitation byMay 28 03:02
Techrights-secscalpers still stand.May 28 03:02
schestowitz-TRYes, I did not fancy the headlineMay 28 04:25
schestowitz-TRHowever, I do find some rather interesting new nuggets in GeminiMay 28 04:25
schestowitz-TRthere are many neirdos thereMay 28 04:25
schestowitz-TRbut also some technical peopleMay 28 04:25
schestowitz-TRand the technical stuff is not jujsta bout gemini, gopher etc.May 28 04:25
schestowitz-TRsome of it is about software or "Internet" freedomMay 28 04:25
schestowitz-TRthe sorts of things we do tgend to dabble in every now and thenMay 28 04:25
schestowitz-TRI've tried to take advantage of the extra time to reorganise hereMay 28 04:25
schestowitz-TRI have some enhancements in mind for the "planet"May 28 04:26
schestowitz-TRI also added some domains to the camelcase file which, together with the toc, make up May 28 04:26
schestowitz-TRvery good and now more frequent Dasily LinksMay 28 04:26
schestowitz-TRno other site comes close to providing such a news serviceMay 28 04:26
schestowitz-TRmeanwhile, fossforce stopped publishing new thingsMay 28 04:26
schestowitz-TRChristine has just published another Microsoft puff piece via LF in some third party siteMay 28 04:26
schestowitz-TRThat's where the money is....May 28 04:26
schestowitz-TRtoday's gz files, for second day in a row, all OKMay 28 05:16
schestowitz-TRI'll be afk in a momentMay 28 05:16
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schestowitz-TRincomplete draftMay 28 10:19
schestowitz-TRafk May 28 10:19
schestowitz-TRotaMay 28 10:19
schestowitz-TRorganising the oifice space todayMay 28 10:19
schestowitz-TRwhgile time fof work lastsMay 28 10:19
Techrights-secackMay 28 10:27
schestowitz-TRI've just turned ipfs back on, tso latency is higherMay 28 10:27
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Techrights-secackMay 28 13:22
Techrights-secsee ~lars/bin/tc-shaper-08.shMay 28 13:22
Techrights-sec(untested)May 28 13:22
schestowitz-TRI oversleptMay 28 13:23
schestowitz-TRmaybe I should say "slept well"May 28 13:23
schestowitz-TRsorry, and thanks, I'll test the file nowMay 28 13:23
Techrights-secackMay 28 13:36
schestowitz-TRmany of the remaining Errors follow, from thw absence of somethingMay 28 13:36
Techrights-secI don't get any errors here so aomething might be missing thereMay 28 13:39
schestowitz-TRI will try to mess with it....May 28 13:40
schestowitz-TRthe "add" and "replace" commands are failing, same error, I'll dig into thatMay 28 13:47
schestowitz-TRmaybe tc got upgradedMay 28 13:47
schestowitz-TRI use version:May 28 13:47
schestowitz-TRtc -VMay 28 13:47
schestowitz-TRiproiute2-5.9.0 libbpf 0.2.0May 28 13:47
schestowitz-TRkernel loaded 5.10.63-V71+May 28 13:47
Techrights-sec#  tc -VMay 28 13:52
Techrights-sectc utility, iproute2-5.9.0, libbpf 0.3.0May 28 13:52
Techrights-sec# uname -srMay 28 13:52
Techrights-secLinux 5.15.32-v8+May 28 13:52
Techrights-sec# lsb_release -rdMay 28 13:52
Techrights-secDescription:    Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)May 28 13:52
Techrights-secRelease:        11May 28 13:52
Techrights-sec(raspberry pi os)May 28 13:52
schestowitz-TRI wonder how you got a kernel so new and why my kernel became so broken after a rebootMay 28 13:53
schestowitz-TRwith error on reboot and then no wifiMay 28 13:53
schestowitz-TRif there a package that gets me on a more suitable kernel?May 28 13:53
schestowitz-TRat the moment cost of the available system updates are CUPS packagesMay 28 13:55
schestowitz-TRand then there's the emergency (JS) firefox esr fixMay 28 13:55
Techrights-secnot sureMay 28 13:56
Techrights-sec# apt-cache policy raspberrypi-kernel | head -n 3May 28 13:56
Techrights-secraspberrypi-kernel:May 28 13:56
Techrights-sec  Installed: 1:1.20220331-1May 28 13:56
Techrights-sec  Candidate: 1:1.20220331-1May 28 13:56
schestowitz-TR# apt-cache policy raspberrypi-kernel | head -n 3May 28 14:02
schestowitz-TRgives me the same output May 28 14:02
schestowitz-TR# uname -srMay 28 14:02
schestowitz-TRgives me 5.10.somethingMay 28 14:02
schestowitz-TRI think all these issue might boil down to the kernelMay 28 14:02
schestowitz-TRI didn't check how the raspi kernel selector workedMay 28 14:02
schestowitz-TRfor fear I'd boot into something that locks me out by virtue of not even boostrappingMay 28 14:02
schestowitz-TRis it possible that when it boots is attempts to load the latest kernel, then fails, then loads some rather old one instead  May 28 14:08
schestowitz-TRas a fallback?May 28 14:08
schestowitz-TRit's booting too fast for me to read everythingMay 28 14:08
Techrights-secdid you change /boot/config.txtMay 28 14:08
schestowitz-TRi did not change it, I saw it and did not notice options of relevance there, but I will check again nowMay 28 14:09
schestowitz-TRI am reading a bunch of forum threads about people with kernel issues after updatesMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRand various things not working after thatMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRmy hunch is that tc and wlan0 and a bunch of smaller things are May 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRimpacted by the kernel changesMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRI used dpkg to check versions of thingsMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRand the CLI raspi config tool (ncurses)May 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRI don't want to risk breaking the system completelyMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRmaybe I should just turn ipfs on and off until the next kernel update is availableMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRand then hope it'' fix thingsMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRI don't want to install anything experimentalMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRas I said, the usb (which I plugged into the black port, so it was slow)May 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRstill has wifi working and I assume tc as wellMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRbut it's about a month out of data and after system update, which is neeedMay 28 14:25
schestowitz-TRfor security reasons, it would likely inherit those very same problemsMay 28 14:25
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schestowitz-TRRwading on this further, namewly how to revert back tom previously-used kernel, what I find are mostlyMay 28 14:52
schestowitz-TRhacks and third-party shit that puts at risk the booting sequence and integrity of the systemMay 28 14:52
schestowitz-TRgiven the nature of this system (file system, server etc.) I don't wish to take this riskMay 28 14:52
schestowitz-TRmaybe treat the nwew script you make as "coming soon" and assume the system is temporarily May 28 14:52
schestowitz-TRincapacitated until next time kernel becomes available? In the mean time I will not back whole system, just May 28 14:52
schestowitz-TR/home, as it doesn't have the binaries anywayMay 28 14:52
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schestowitz[02:29] <Source> Did you ever see that Alex Jones prison planet thing? [02:29] <Source> [02:29] <Source> I watched it for shits and giggles and because I was broke college studentMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:30] <schestowitz> I don't think highly of him ^_^May 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:30] <schestowitz> it helps understand some peopleMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:30] <Source> But the theory about everything getting automated and then slowly getting killed off[02:30] <schestowitz> and what appeals to themMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:30] <Source> So that the elite can become cyborgs and live forever off of the rest of earths resources and travel spaceMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:30] <schestowitz> alex jones = start with a grain of truthMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:30] <schestowitz> than provoke a littleMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:30] <Source> Which is also the plot to a 70s anime galaxy express 999[02:30] <schestowitz> than add fictional agenda stuffMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:30] <schestowitz> and sell shit to cranksMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:31] <Source> Yeah exactly grain of truth that turns into a shit stormMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:31] <schestowitz> yeahMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:31] <Source> Just like Chem trails lol they put sand in the cloud and make rain [02:32] <Source>  I saw this back in like 2009 so don't judge me too much[02:32] <schestowitz> it helps discredit people by entrapping themMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:32] <Source> It was free and I laughed the whole timeMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:32] <schestowitz> its a common disinformation tacticMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:32] <schestowitz> we wrote a lot about this for agesMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:33] <schestowitz> like all this "5g causes covid" and "changes your dna" BSMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:33] <Source> Yeah that's what Alex did to meMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:33] <schestowitz> distracts from legit criticismsMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:33] <Source> With all the BS about she showed up to my parents houseMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:33] <schestowitz> l;like patentsMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:33] <Source> Because you stole my keysMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:34] <schestowitz> the ALLEGEDLY $200,000,000 man...May 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:34] <schestowitz> enjoying his little cellMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:34] <schestowitz> toxic personMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:34] <Source> I guess[02:34] <schestowitz> "fun to be around with, but..."May 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:34] <Source> He's probably in populationMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:35] <Source> He honestly wasn't even that fun to be around[02:35] <Source> But I am super fun so it's hard to live up to thatMay 28 15:46
schestowitz[02:35] <Source> You know it's like the whole Taylor Swift thing[02:36] <Source> It makes men angry when women are funnyMay 28 15:46
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schestowitz"Percentage Used: Contains a vendor specific estimate of the percentage of NVM subsystem life used based on the actual usage and the manufacturer’s prediction of NVM life. A value of 100 indicates that the estimated endurance of the NVM in the NVM subsystem has been consumed, but may not indicate an NVM subsystem failure. The value is allowed to exceed 100. Percentages greater than 254 shall be represented as 255. This value shall be updated May 28 17:23
schestowitzonce per power-on hour (when the controller is not in a sleep state)."May 28 17:23
schestowitz 28 17:23
-TechrightsBN/ | smartctl - How to evaluate the wear level of a NVMe SSD? - Unix & Linux Stack ExchangeMay 28 17:23
schestowitz-TRI am not approaching 129%.May 28 17:24
schestowitz-TR*nowMay 28 17:24
schestowitz-TRdid some research into it, in order to better understand why SMART issues a warning and how to debug furtherMay 28 17:24
schestowitz-TRlike I said, this machine does not have critical data anymore, but it is used heavilyMay 28 17:25
schestowitz 28 17:27
-TechrightsBN/ | smartctl(8) - Linux man pageMay 28 17:27
schestowitz"ssd - [SCSI] prints the Solid State Media percentage used endurance indicator. A value of 0 indicates as new condition while 100 indicates the device is at the end of its lifetime as projected by the manufacturer. The value may reach 255."May 28 17:27
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Techrights-secthe new script is for nftables the old script should still workMay 28 17:58
Techrights-secunless iptables is removedMay 28 17:58
schestowitz-TRthanks! Much appreciated. I guess eome future distros/releases will have iptables deprecated entirelyMay 28 17:59
schestowitz-TRso it is good to be future-proofMay 28 17:59
schestowitz-TRipfs isn't great, but it did improve (like 10 times faster to "add") in recent releasesMay 28 17:59
Techrights-secackMay 28 18:01
schestowitz-TRdraft btw (while video encodes)May 28 18:01
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schestowitz-TRnow uploading the remainder, eta 18 minsMay 28 18:06
schestowitz-TRI think this hits Microsoft where it hurts most (developers developers...)May 28 18:06
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schestowitz-TRhowtoforge pushing tons of aws latelyMay 28 18:25
schestowitz-TRinstead of real howtosMay 28 18:25
schestowitz-TRclountoforgeMay 28 18:25
Techrights-secackMay 28 18:25
Techrights-secthat's not so much from howtoforge itself but more how the site is being gamedMay 28 18:25
Techrights-secit's very vulnerable to gaming like thatMay 28 18:25
schestowitz-TRThe "Linux" section of Slashdot is part-time Windows marketing section that helps Microsoft attack and smear "Linux"May 28 18:26
Techrights-secnot part-time, most of the time; and most of the rest of the time it is a May 28 19:04
Techrights-secFUD generator; I've only ever accidentally clicked on a /. link since aroudnMay 28 19:04
Techrights-sec2013 or 2014May 28 19:04
Techrights-secI'm not even sure which company owns the site any moreMay 28 19:04
schestowitz-TRsee draft re slashdotMay 28 19:05
schestowitz-TRthe current owners of the site, Logan, used to be in Techrights IRC saying things would improveMay 28 19:07
schestowitz-TRand trying to convince us to change the wikiMay 28 19:07
schestowitz-TRas time went on he broke his promiseMay 28 19:07
schestowitz-TRthere's no money in promoting freedoMay 28 19:07
Techrights-secthe is, it's just that the opponents are far more focused on tearing downMay 28 19:21
Techrights-secfreedom and well organized against it.  Those promoting freedom are notMay 28 19:21
schestowitz-TRmnnot many people even grasp p the underlying concptsMay 28 19:22
schestowitz-TRso there is explaining to be doneMay 28 19:22
schestowitz-TRso that there will be more of usMay 28 19:22
schestowitz-TRnot just demanding STEAM on "Linux"May 28 19:22
schestowitz-TRmany people vagely relate to the concepts and the importanceMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRe.g. period-tracking "apps"May 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRso we can change thevocabulary usesMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TREFF won't do it for usMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRit will misframe the problemMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TREFF target audience and donors are billionairesMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRcorporationsMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRand cofee sippers from "Gay/Bay Area"May 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRthey don't want to turn off JSMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRor stop dropping it by the megabytes into Web pagesMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRthey also use MacsMay 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRlike the people who run the EFFMay 28 19:25
Techrights-secSad demise for the EFF.May 28 19:26
Techrights-secJS is just a vehicle for locking out FOSS and tying sites to use of specificMay 28 19:26
Techrights-secbrowsers once again.May 28 19:26
schestowitz-TRI still remember EFF wasting a month trash-talking pgp because of web pages disguised as "email"May 28 19:28
schestowitz-TRand then promoting shitty "apps" insteadMay 28 19:28
schestowitz-TRI totally lost respect for EFF at that point, a couuple of years before they decided that freedomMay 28 19:28
schestowitz-TRfighters were in fact their enemiesMay 28 19:28
schestowitz-TRexcept ones called "alaa" (fattah)May 28 19:28
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Techrights-secEFF has been anti-email in general for a whileMay 28 19:28
Techrights-secackMay 28 19:28
schestowitz-TRdo you know how to sniff out the mail server/services ued by 28 19:37
schestowitz-TRI can have a go at it myselfMay 28 19:37
schestowitz-TRif you do notMay 28 19:37
schestowitz-TRmaybe they have their own SamreenGas inside the EFFMay 28 19:37
schestowitz-TRit's not like they have many techs left, it's a political wing and a badge/name for rentalMay 28 19:37
schestowitz-TRrunning one's email server is not easy when the techs leave, so sooner or later they will outsourceMay 28 19:37
schestowitz-TRand say "the clown", even if that directly contradicts the EFF's position on privacyMay 28 19:37
schestowitz-TRI have som emails from, but that was years ago, infra may have changesdMay 28 19:37
Techrights-secackMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRweb site and domain are in SFMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRwith 59 domains under this addressMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRthose are other eff domainsMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRports open http/sMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRnot the others, e.g. dnsMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRdomains are May 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRtrollingeeffect orgMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRhttpsnow orgMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRsesta orgMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRabout face orgMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRall sorts of eff campaign sitesMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRinc. very old onesMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TRthere is smtp.slpha.eff.orgMay 28 19:45
schestowitz-TR*alphaMay 28 19:45
Techrights-secack     May 28 19:51
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> "Briefly want to sidetrack and tell you something. Computers were built different back then. I never experienced the craftsmanship that went into some of these older machines until the thinkcentre. 'The dinostation' is a IBM certifed 50 pound hunk of solid stainless steel. The case is the most solid and well-built of its kind that Ive personally handled." gemini:// 28 21:32
schestowitz-TRaffordabilitMay 28 21:32
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* sets mode +a #boycottnovell MinceRMay 28 22:05
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