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schestowitz-TRSo many people associated with Wikileaks lose a laptop. So many. "My laptop was stolen from me on the Vienna to Frankfurt train on Saturday" ☛ | Source: Craig MurrayNov 28 06:41
-TechrightsBN/ | Electronic Grief - Craig MurrayNov 28 06:41
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TechrightssecI hope Murray had multiple backups.Nov 28 07:22
TechrightssecThe article and the day's work are of course lost but if the backups wereNov 28 07:22
Techrightssecdone responsibly it should be less than 24 hours lost.   Nov 28 07:22
TechrightssecEncryption is another matter though.Nov 28 07:22
schestowitz-TRsome days ago, when ipfs was having issues 'upstream' (nothing wrong at our end, no changed had been made)Nov 28 07:26
schestowitz-TRI turned on ipfs on the pi Nov 28 07:26
schestowitz-TRa couple of days later the lockfile got stuckNov 28 07:26
schestowitz-TRI only turned off ipfs there a day agoNov 28 07:26
schestowitz-TRand I noticed no updates in gemini since 25/11Nov 28 07:26
schestowitz-TRI deleted the lockfile, reran, but some older articles are not in geminiNov 28 07:26
schestowitz-TRI suspect it limited itself to maybe 10 latest posts -- less than the total in the RSS feedsNov 28 07:26
TechrightssecI can check in a bit, but the weak link in the current work flow is thatNov 28 07:26
Techrightssecthe links are gathered from RSS.  Nov 28 07:26
schestowitz-TRyes, but if ipfs is not running, then the weakness does not manifest itselfNov 28 07:28
schestowitz-TRafter several days of ipfs request timeouts I decided to temporarily run it on the pi, at least for older objectsNov 28 07:28
schestowitz-TRipfs worked like a charm again this morningNov 28 07:28
schestowitz-TRI suspect their hive/network/swarm had some issues with itself, maybe last week and some of this weekNov 28 07:28
schestowitz-TRit's hard to find any real news about ipfsNov 28 07:28
schestowitz-TRthere are reasons for thatNov 28 07:28
schestowitz-TRI think I narrowed down the io issues on "vonick" to quiterss and disk churnNov 28 07:49
schestowitz-TRit not only takes more ram then beforeNov 28 07:49
schestowitz-TRit would hog ioNov 28 07:49
schestowitz-TRleaving other processes on the queueNov 28 07:49
schestowitz-TRthe simplest solution, for now, is to close the applicationNov 28 07:49
schestowitz-TRit's possible that the db itself is not in a good stateNov 28 07:49
TechrightssecRunning batch processing of old, missed pages for Gemini.  Nov 28 08:19
TechrightsseccheckingNov 28 08:19
TechrightssecUpdating Gemini hierarchy and Gemini indexNov 28 08:19
schestowitz-TRjust expanded camelcase a bitNov 28 08:19
schestowitz-TRsome new sites emerge, but not as many as go offline or become inactive and barely activeNov 28 08:19
schestowitz-TRthe issue isn't so much cleaning feeds or finding enough feedsNov 28 08:19
schestowitz-TRthe issue is lack of circulation of information, a lack of journalismNov 28 08:19
schestowitz-TRwhich in turn means harder to write, rather than repeat (WSL)Nov 28 08:19
TechrightssecDone: gemini:// 28 08:38
schestowitz-TRexcellent, thank you!Nov 28 08:38
schestowitz-TRbiab exerciseNov 28 08:38
TechrightssecnpNov 28 08:41
schestowitz-TRwas afak last was "np"Nov 28 09:43
Techrightssecnothing missed   Nov 28 09:43
TechrightssecackNov 28 11:53
schestowitz-TRThe Decline of COVID-19 Severity and Lethality Over Two Years of Pandemic (Center for Health Emergencies, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Italy) 28 12:01
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » The Decline of COVID-19 Severity and Lethality Over Two Years of Pandemic (Center for Health Emergencies, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Italy)Nov 28 12:01
schestowitz-TRbusy with upc these weeks, very crucial timeNov 28 12:05
schestowitz-TRI responsed to the journalist after she had sent me emailNov 28 12:05
schestowitz-TRthe 'proper' way, not Microsoft 'social' 'media'Nov 28 12:05
schestowitz-TRupc is a political issue, not a technical or legal issueNov 28 12:05
schestowitz-TRseems to be widepread knowledge... over timeNov 28 12:05
TechrightssecUPC is very important and getting coverage of the problems is crucialNov 28 13:02
Techrightssecin making sure it stays dead.  The more companies which get suckered byNov 28 13:02
Techrightssecteam UPC, though, the bigger the scandal will grow and the longer theyNov 28 13:02
Techrightssecall will try to draw out the admission of its demise.Nov 28 13:02
schestowitz-TRUPC is a "monster" bigger than any one companyNov 28 13:02
schestowitz-TRbecause it is convergence of several companies, across fields,a dn their controlled regimes and policial partiesNov 28 13:02
schestowitz-TRbut we must give it a fightNov 28 13:02
schestowitz-TRsometimes we even winNov 28 13:02
TechrightssecLaw is on our side AFAIK but the largest problem over time is the Nov 28 13:03
Techrightsseclack of accountability and oversight enforcing any aspect of law there.Nov 28 13:03
schestowitz-TRyes, _exactly_Nov 28 13:04
schestowitz-TRmotto of mine (not inspired any oneone): no regrets as long as you knew you did your best at itNov 28 13:08
schestowitz-TRin the case of the upc, I did my best. whether others join in and help... not my problem. As I did my bestNov 28 13:08
schestowitz-TRto get others involved in the issue. Nov 28 13:08
schestowitz-TRwhen orgs crush the law in their path (microsoft, eu, upc), they will struggle to paint critics as "haters"Nov 28 13:08
TechrightssecIt'd be nice though to get a little help on the sw patent problem from EFF, FSFF, FFII, OSI, or others even if they operating fulling iNov 28 13:09
Techrightssecy independently from TR on it.Nov 28 13:09
schestowitz-TREFF is mostly shitNov 28 13:11
schestowitz-TRI did a 44-min video to show that it did or didn't do on EPO, swpats directive, and swpats in the USNov 28 13:11
schestowitz-TRFSF is not doing much (still better than doing evil)Nov 28 13:11
schestowitz-TRFFII 2 pres releases ina  year(and some... tweets... boo)Nov 28 13:11
schestowitz-TROSI = Microsoft front group, part time Nov 28 13:11
TechrightssecShit or not, they need to stop ignoring a problem which affects the long,Nov 28 13:12
Techrightssecmedium, and short term viability of general purpose computing and digitalNov 28 13:12
Techrightssecrights.Nov 28 13:12
TechrightssecThe FSF could stir from its dazed state this once.Nov 28 13:12
TechrightssecOSI could grow a pair.Nov 28 13:12
schestowitz-TRI'd just defer to what Pieter said about misbehaving orgsNov 28 13:14
schestowitz-TRthey won'r reformNov 28 13:14
schestowitz-TRthey will go under or keep at it (the "new" agenda)Nov 28 13:14
schestowitz-TRI've yet to see an org going bad, then good againNov 28 13:14
schestowitz-TRthere is a human flight elementNov 28 13:14
schestowitz-TRlike gillmore getting the boot (eff)Nov 28 13:14
TechrightssecRight, they won't reform but that does not mean they can't be squeezed or Nov 28 13:30
Techrightsseccajoled into doing the right thing one more time.Nov 28 13:30
TechrightssecackNov 28 13:30
schestowitz-TRI tried with EFF and OSINov 28 13:30
schestowitz-TRand nothing came out of itNov 28 13:30
schestowitz-TRthey are cajoled by others and better funded interestsNov 28 13:30
schestowitz-TRand they love their  pocket more than what the orgs stand forNov 28 13:30
schestowitz-TRcannot think of topics for articles or videos todayNov 28 15:22
schestowitz-TRalready went through lists of places to checkNov 28 15:22
schestowitz-TRi know it is extended weekend in usaNov 28 15:22
schestowitz-TRbut stillNov 28 15:22
schestowitz-TRgot lots of spare time, even slept  a  lot more latelyNov 28 15:22
schestowitz-TRand  writing or recording just "for the sake  of it"Nov 28 15:22
schestowitz-TRalways results in low-qualify cruftNov 28 15:22
schestowitz-TRso better not, better silenceNov 28 15:23
schestowitz-TR-Nov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRthanks, I will try to contexualise that with "news"Nov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRbtw, lanier is a microsofterNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRhe 'rebranded' some eyars ago as some 'guru' on harms of social control mediaNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRfter some books he wroteNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TR*afterNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRI saw an interview with him about thatNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRhe doesn't say anything too novelNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRjus rehashNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRthe media made him what he isNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRand then Microsoft hired himNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRiirc, he wrote a log in TheEdge along with Jeffrey EpsteinNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRedge.orgNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRnow he's just some very obese man who pretends to be an expert in whatever he sells a book onNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRlike vr, hey hi...Nov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRiirc, his claim to fame is some vr stuffNov 28 15:29
schestowitz-TRhis latest 'blockbuster' article is in bill's guardian 'uk'Nov 28 15:29
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schestowitz-TRstill chewing on eff and twitter etc.Nov 28 16:54
schestowitz-TRnow sure i have anything new or witty to say just yetNov 28 16:54
schestowitz-TR*notNov 28 16:54
schestowitz-TReven though about it on the way to the shop and backNov 28 16:54
schestowitz-TRwriter's blockNov 28 16:54
schestowitz-TRthe slant du jour is,Nov 28 17:00
schestowitz-TRsaying "bad" things (saying something about what's bad) is "illegal" because "privacy"Nov 28 17:00
schestowitz-TR"CoC" takes that to another level Nov 28 17:00
schestowitz-TR100 day blogging challenge: Let's get those RSS feeds going again: Dissociated Press ⚓ ䷉ Source: Joe BrockmeierNov 28 17:08
-TechrightsBN/ | 100 day blogging challenge: Let’s get those RSS feeds going again: Dissociated PressNov 28 17:08
schestowitz-TRthis is what we want! back to blogs!!Nov 28 17:08
Techrightssec:) :)Nov 28 17:09
schestowitz-TRi think I know what video to make... while afk I got an ideaNov 28 17:44
schestowitz-TRherding people from twitter to mgemini and rss/blog challengesNov 28 17:44
TechrightssecackNov 28 18:19
schestowitz-TROTA in a moment...Nov 28 18:19
schestowitz-TRdaemonfc has taken covid-19 very very violentlyNov 28 18:19
schestowitz-TRafter 4 shotsNov 28 18:19
schestowitz-TRhe is 37Nov 28 18:19
Techrightssec:(Nov 28 18:20
TechrightssecI hope he survives unscathedNov 28 18:20
schestowitz-TRDaemonFC: ^Nov 28 18:20
DaemonFC38Nov 28 18:20
DaemonFCThank you.Nov 28 18:20
schestowitz-TRyou look 37 ;-)Nov 28 18:21
DaemonFCI have a 3 PM appointment to see the NP.Nov 28 18:21
DaemonFCI chose Highland Park CVS Minute Clinic and 3 PM because I know that's usually when that NP that Mandy saw is there.Nov 28 18:21
DaemonFCShe didn't give us crap about not wanting to prescribe Paxlovid.Nov 28 18:21
DaemonFCSo you go with what you know. :)Nov 28 18:22
schestowitz-TRwho took it harder?Nov 28 18:36
schestowitz-TRyou or mandy, so far? (day 1)Nov 28 18:36
schestowitz-TRdifferent genetics, same vaccinationNov 28 18:36
DaemonFCI got it much worse.Nov 28 18:41
DaemonFCI couldn't move last night to get water and a pouch of Tylenol pills sitting right next to me.Nov 28 18:41
DaemonFCI had to dial him on my phone using my nose because it hurt too bad to move anything other than my head.Nov 28 18:42
schestowitz-TRso there might be long-lasting damageNov 28 18:43
DaemonFCThen once the Tylenol kicked in, I got up and drank some hot mint tea and gave my throat a few blasts of Vick's numbing spray.Nov 28 18:43
DaemonFC<schestowitz-TR> so there might be long-lasting damageNov 28 18:44
DaemonFCToo soon to tell.Nov 28 18:44
DaemonFCHopefully, they give me Paxlovid and it works.Nov 28 18:44
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, The COVID is much worse at night.Nov 28 18:44
DaemonFCIt hits you hard at night while you're trying to sleep. This is the second night it did that, and then it lets up a bit during the day.Nov 28 18:45
schestowitz-TRdon't know what PaxlovidNov 28 18:46
schestowitz-TRjust the brand, "Paxlovid"Nov 28 18:46
schestowitz-TRwhat chemical it is and what it doesNov 28 18:46
schestowitz-TRthere must be SOME side effectsNov 28 18:46
schestowitz-TR"chilling man, start upping your antibodies"Nov 28 18:47
DaemonFCIt's an antiviral drug.Nov 28 18:48
schestowitz-TRhow does it work?Nov 28 18:48
DaemonFCThe other one is Merk's Molnupiravir, but they don't use that much because it's not as effective.Nov 28 18:48
DaemonFCPaxlovid is a protease inhibitor and a medication booster that causes the protease inhibitor to stay in your system longer.Nov 28 18:49
DaemonFCIt basically inhibits viral proteins from coming together in a way that they can invade more cells.Nov 28 18:49
schestowitz-TRso it's for survivorNov 28 18:50
schestowitz-TRwon't prevent infection eitherNov 28 18:50
schestowitz-TRhence, masks, distanceNov 28 18:50
schestowitz-TRstill most effectiveNov 28 18:50
schestowitz-TRif you can afford toNov 28 18:50
DaemonFCMom thinks she's coming down with COVID again.Nov 28 18:52
schestowitz-TRcongratsNov 28 18:52
schestowitz-TRmaybe she though it's a one-trick ponyNov 28 18:53
schestowitz-TRmany love to think thatNov 28 18:53
schestowitz-TRmy mom got it thrice alreadyNov 28 18:53
DaemonFCSays symptoms began today. But she thinks it was that nurse's aid that goes around with her mask hanging down.Nov 28 18:53
DaemonFCCame to speak with her for 15 minutes that way last week then tested +.Nov 28 18:53
schestowitz-TRI asked if a fourth one is there already, she through it was a mean wishNov 28 18:53
schestowitz-TRbecause she likes to socialise like a superspreaderNov 28 18:53
schestowitz-TRand covid minimiserNov 28 18:53
DaemonFCI wasn't near her long enough ago that it would be from me.Nov 28 18:53
schestowitz-TRbut got 4 shotsNov 28 18:53
DaemonFCYes, church, work idiots. Nov 28 18:53
DaemonFCWork is the Catholic church even though healthcare.Nov 28 18:54
DaemonFCSo they get COVID in there all the time because religious bullshit on top of hiring idiots.Nov 28 18:54
schestowitz-TRsuperstitution can be lethalNov 28 18:55
DaemonFCChurch people aren't brilliant, you know.Nov 28 18:55
schestowitz-TRlike cancer patients who threw away the pillNov 28 18:55
schestowitz-TRand relied on teleevengelistsNov 28 18:55
DaemonFCGerms become "God is punishing that person for some sin in their life.".Nov 28 18:55
DaemonFCYes, like cancer.Nov 28 18:55
DaemonFCSame exact thing there.Nov 28 18:55
schestowitz-TRrepent!!Nov 28 18:55
schestowitz-TRand heal! HEEEEL dog!Nov 28 18:55
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, I think I'll recover but I sure wasn't trying to get it.Nov 28 18:56
DaemonFCAnd I know you can get it 5-6 times in rapid succession.Nov 28 18:56
DaemonFCImmunity is not durable to this. You've got a few months, perhaps.Nov 28 18:56
schestowitz-TR1)it still mutatesNov 28 18:56
schestowitz-TR2) it mutates faster when more people contract itNov 28 18:57
schestowitz-TRand (2) is why the current strategy is inaneNov 28 18:57
DaemonFCYes, "breakthrough" infections.Nov 28 18:57
schestowitz-TRthey will never stop itNov 28 18:57
DaemonFCLots of them, you know.Nov 28 18:57
schestowitz-TRpeople will just get more ill over timeNov 28 18:57
schestowitz-TRand fatalities will be higherNov 28 18:57
schestowitz-TRnot per capita fatalitiesNov 28 18:57
schestowitz-TRbut fatalities overallNov 28 18:57
schestowitz-TRthey likely deal with a biolological weaponsNov 28 18:57
schestowitz-TRlikely leaks by ACCIDENT in the Wuhan labNov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TRand they can't put the genie back in the mottle nowNov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TRbootleNov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TR*bottleNov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TRand it keeps mutatingNov 28 18:58
DaemonFCYou'd think a biological weapon would be more deadly than this, though.Nov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TRanother incarnation might hit young people hearderNov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TRlots of dead babiesNov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TRgovernment: no,no, it's milsdNov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TRit's OK, let it do its thingNov 28 18:58
DaemonFCUnless maybe it's just to harass another country so they can never get their economy to work right again.Nov 28 18:58
schestowitz-TRbiological weapon need sto spreadNov 28 18:59
schestowitz-TRcheckNov 28 18:59
DaemonFCIronically, this is happening TO China now, where the government was experimenting on it.Nov 28 18:59
schestowitz-TRneeds to be hard to combatNov 28 18:59
DaemonFCPeople want to rip Xi's head off and shit down his neck.Nov 28 18:59
schestowitz-TReasier to denyNov 28 18:59
DaemonFCTheir government is destabilizing.Nov 28 18:59
DaemonFCDon't be fooled.Nov 28 18:59
DaemonFCIt did to them perhaps what its job was to an "enemy country".Nov 28 18:59
DaemonFCAnd now it's time for a sneezing fit, apparently.Nov 28 19:13
schestowitz-TR:(Nov 28 19:13
schestowitz-TRdon't suppose you do blog posts atmNov 28 19:13
DaemonFCShould I?Nov 28 19:13
DaemonFCNear as I can tell, I'm getting this as hard as most people do who aren't vaccinated.Nov 28 19:14
DaemonFCIt's pretty crazy.Nov 28 19:14
DaemonFCI'll be back in a few hours.Nov 28 19:15
DaemonFCOh, I was looking at the clock I didn't turn back an hour.Nov 28 19:17
schestowitz-TRshould you? maybe laterNov 28 19:24
schestowitz-TRtake notesNov 28 19:24
schestowitz-TRor use irc logs for pointersNov 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRyes, people who get the shots take it harder than any shots i ever tookNov 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRi don''t feel anything after taking themNov 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRall of them get the RealThing laterNov 28 19:25
schestowitz-TRand all of them feel it VERY wellNov 28 19:25
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR, They couldn't prescribe Paxlovid because it's dangerous if you have high blood pressure and it interacts with 3 of my other meds. One potentially life threatening.Nov 28 22:45
DaemonFCSo I asked the Nurse Practitioner "What about Molnupirovir?".Nov 28 22:45
DaemonFCShe goes, "What's that?". I said, "The Merck pill. It has a different mode of action. Can we try that?".Nov 28 22:46
DaemonFCSo that's what I'm on now.Nov 28 22:46
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