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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Thursday, April 29, 2021

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-TechrightsBN/ | N.Shenley- Tweets by @miserablesatire from 130121 (@NormanTShenley): "#GatesGate" | nitterApr 29 00:22
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-TechrightsBN/ | N.Shenley- Tweets by @miserablesatire from 130121 (@NormanTShenley): "#Gates #RickAllenJones #Pedo #Paedo" | nitterApr 29 00:23
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Techrights-sec2"Google, IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft, and even MIT coming along for the ride aboard the cyberbullying train attempting to derail RMS and the Free Software Foundation."Apr 29 05:33
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-TechrightsBN/ | Ingmar S. Horn (@vaxima): "…" | nitterApr 29 13:28
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schestowitz__added and updated, also manually in geminiApr 29 15:07
Techrights-sec2jsut catching up nowApr 29 15:14
Techrights-sec2thanksApr 29 15:14
schestowitz__trying to improve my productivity today, but the challenge is 3 days of employment like mon-weds this weekApr 29 15:15
Techrights-sec2store up for retirement?Apr 29 15:32
schestowitz__while the job is not too hard and corrosive, yes...Apr 29 15:32
Techrights-sec2Which methods for that are best in the UK?Apr 29 15:36
Techrights-sec2In order to retire early, several methods must be used concurrently. Apr 29 15:36
schestowitz__assuming worry is a killer, and tough jobs can also kill one before savings/retirements reach fulfillment, I think it's important to have peace of mind and the economy has been so erratic since 22 years ago, so you cannot plan ahead at allApr 29 15:36
Techrights-sec2definitely.  some years it is hard to plan even hours at a timeApr 29 15:41
schestowitz__if you have another 30 years left 'in the tank', with feeble years of incapacity to return to a workforce, that can lead to stress (I know from my dad, who hardly has a pension). Right now even looking 3 years ahead is hard, not just because of COVID by shift to automation, East etc.Apr 29 15:42
Techrights-sec2I know some that lost most of their pension because of the banskters actionsApr 29 15:46
Techrights-sec2in 2008.  Others gambled that they could sell their house and downsize atApr 29 15:46
Techrights-sec2the right time.  Both couples are getting by.  Others, not so much.  Some Apr 29 15:46
Techrights-sec2of the others will have to work until they drop.  Apr 29 15:46
schestowitz__yes, I know people who lost everything and went into debt in 2008-09. Right now I cannot even assume the NHS will stay, or for how long...Apr 29 15:46
Techrights-sec2 I know of one person, Apr 29 15:47
Techrights-sec2in their late 80s who is driving and working.  THat's just cruel and dangerous,Apr 29 15:47
Techrights-sec2even if they are sharp witted for a nearly 90-year-old.Apr 29 15:47
schestowitz__we saw that in singapore, physical work too, like cleaning tablesApr 29 15:47
Techrights-sec2The equivalent of the NHS here has been undermined for years.  The currentApr 29 15:49
Techrights-sec2administration has not yet had time or opportunity to fix that.Apr 29 15:49
Techrights-sec2Until that is fixed, people that need treatment from the deliberately Apr 29 15:49
Techrights-sec2underfundedd and understaffed health care must turn to privatized servicesApr 29 15:49
Techrights-sec2rather than see a real doctor (or dentist).Apr 29 15:49
Techrights-sec2Then the pundits can smugly report 'increased demand'.  Apr 29 15:49
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-TechrightsBN/ | LXer (@lxer_feed): "Defending Concepts, Defending Free Speech, Defending Society From Oppression" | nitterApr 29 15:50
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-TechrightsBN/ | zoobab "NO Software Patents" (@zoobab): "EPO went to Spain to lobby for the UPC #upc" | nitterApr 29 23:30

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