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schestowitz>>>>> I'm finding the red marks and the space they consume adding no value andJan 06 01:46
schestowitz>>>>> actually distracting from the second column by drawing the eye to theJan 06 01:46
schestowitz>>>>> third column.  While they may look like they are marking importantJan 06 01:46
schestowitz>>>>> notices, in actuality they only denote the date-time stamp.Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz>>>> I spent quite some time putting them in place and adjusting, so wouldJan 06 01:47
schestowitz>>>> rather keep them. Should we just make these smaller?Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz>>> I don't subscribe to the sunk cost fallacy but if one must then smallerJan 06 01:47
schestowitz>>> and not red would help.  Maybe hide them with a ::hover pseudo elementJan 06 01:47
schestowitz>>> as well.  But they've bothered me with no respite every day since theyJan 06 01:47
schestowitz>>> first appeared, so I would prefer them at least hidden.  May I ask whatJan 06 01:47
schestowitz>>> is their intended purpose?Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz>> The images may be spurious, but it's a matter of taste.Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz> Hmm.  For me, they add visual clutter and do not add to the function ofJan 06 01:47
schestowitz> the page.  I'd say they violate usability principles a bit, the idea isJan 06 01:47
schestowitz> to keep things visually simple and functionally streamlined instead.Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz> Furthermore, the date and time shown in the two icons are stuck and notJan 06 01:47
schestowitz> showing the right date or time.Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz>Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz>> My initial goal was to 'flatten' this column so that it fits one line,Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz>> compacting the whole log. Each used to be 3 lines long.Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz> That has worked successfully.Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz>Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz>> The functional purpose is to allow deep linking to lines. I sometimesJan 06 01:47
schestowitz>> use that.Jan 06 01:47
schestowitz> Useful.  The icons are not needed for that, however.Jan 06 01:47
schestowitzMy computer died/froze while I was asleep, which is rare. I had to merge in from logs on other machines. I hope today's logs will work as intended, I had to do some steps manually...Jan 06 01:47
schestowitzheavy load on tuxmachines, I am looking into itJan 06 05:50
schestowitzHigh load, site became unresponsive to commandsJan 06 06:02
schestowitzrebooted, repairedJan 06 06:03
schestowitz 06 06:21
schestowitz"Count me in."Jan 06 06:21
-TechBytesBot/ | Thousands Take to Streets Across US to Protest Trump's March to War Against IranJan 06 06:21
schestowitz 06 06:21
schestowitz""Jan 06 06:21
-TechBytesBot/ | Trump, Troll-in-Chief, Wags the Impeachment Dog By Going to War WithJan 06 06:21
-TechBytesBot/ |Jan 06 06:21
schestowitz 06 06:22
schestowitz"Yet, Leftists like Yang love centralized control,... like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Mao. Those 4 killed something like 100 million -- nearly 1/3 of the United States for their lust for power. Centralized power -- collectivism -- sounds so "logical" until you add human ego into the equation."Jan 06 06:22
-TechBytesBot/ | Andrew Yang ( 06 06:22
schestowitz 06 06:22
schestowitz"Nope! Not in name only or any other way, shape or form. Democracy is a much HATED form of government which means the majority abusing the minority -- even the minority of one. The founding fathers built into the democratic Republic many checks and balances to PREVENT the majority from such abuses. One of those genius mechanisms is the Electoral College. A pure work of art -- to prevent L.A., Chicago and N.Y. from running the entire country."Jan 06 06:22
-TechBytesBot/ | America Is a Democracy in Name OnlyJan 06 06:22
schestowitz 06 06:22
schestowitz"Good! Congress should've done that when Obama went crazy with war lust. And Congress should've done far more investigation under Bush before starting 2 wars. Afghanistan begged to stop the war, offering to hand over Bin Laden to a third party if Bush could supply proof of Bin Laden's involvement. I don't know which is more frightening -- that Bush didn't have evidence, or preferred war to peace.'Jan 06 06:22
-TechBytesBot/ | Sen. Tim Kaine Files War Powers Resolution to Stop Trump FromJan 06 06:23
schestowitz 06 06:23
schestowitz"What is killing your mother earth is evil men and women. That is what is killing her. That is what must go. The economics can all be sorted out. But without God nothing will be fixed."Jan 06 06:23
-TechBytesBot/ | Kill GDP to Help Save the Planet - CounterPunch.orgJan 06 06:23
schestowitz 06 06:24
schestowitz"Islam loses. End of story."Jan 06 06:24
-TechBytesBot/ | The Last Decade Brought the Conflict to the U.S., and That Is ProgressJan 06 06:24
schestowitz 06 06:24
schestowitz"Wonder what wonderful plans they have together? 🤔"Jan 06 06:24
-TechBytesBot/ | KIRO 7 NewsJan 06 06:24
schestowitz 06 06:24
schestowitz"How did he do it?'Jan 06 06:24
-TechBytesBot/ | Sanders Announces 'Staggering' $34.5 Million Fourth-Quarter Haul,Jan 06 06:24
schestowitz"Surprising really."Jan 06 06:24
schestowitz 06 06:24
schestowitz"Calling voter ID laws 'vote suppression' doesn't make it so. If you don't have to prove you are a resident, and don't have to prove you are a citizen - anyone from anywhere in the world can cast a vote, which undermines legitimate votes by citizens."Jan 06 06:24
-TechBytesBot/ | The Struggle to Vote in the U.S.Jan 06 06:25
schestowitz 06 06:25
schestowitz 06 06:25
-TechBytesBot/ | 'We Will Not Change a Damn Thing': Sanders Campaign Vows No Pivot toJan 06 06:25
schestowitz 06 06:26
schestowitz"Who?"Jan 06 06:26
-TechBytesBot/ | Democrat Julián Castro Drops Out of 2020 Presidential RaceJan 06 06:26
schestowitz 06 06:26
schestowitz"Pictured are the 2 main reasons why the DNC loses. If they ran on term limits they would win.'Jan 06 06:26
-TechBytesBot/ | A New Year's Resolution For DemocratsJan 06 06:26
schestowitz 06 06:26
schestowitz"wow nice'Jan 06 06:26
-TechBytesBot/ | Take Screenshot of LightDM Login Screen in 2020 | Tux MachinesJan 06 06:26
schestowitz 06 06:26
schestowitz"Good."Jan 06 06:26
-TechBytesBot/ | Pentagon: U.S. Airstrike Kills Powerful Iranian GeneralJan 06 06:27
schestowitz 06 06:27
schestowitz"Codes of conduct are there to give the fuckwits with nothing to contribute too much power. Why does this surprise you?"Jan 06 06:27
-TechBytesBot/ | Intel Crimes and Offences - TechrightsJan 06 06:27
schestowitz 06 06:27
schestowitz"Really? Why not take over their own government and create a new one. Like America's founding fathers did 244 years ago? Flee or take responsibility?"Jan 06 06:27
-TechBytesBot/ | As Honduras Collapses, Its People are Forced to Flee - CounterPunch.orgJan 06 06:28
schestowitz 06 06:28
schestowitz"Jan 06 06:28
schestowitzWithout evidence? While that's possible, the language is illogical. It rests on an Argument from Ignorance logical fallacy. More accurate would be to say, "No evidence we know about..." and therein lies the rub. What if Trump has evidence and he's not sharing?Jan 06 06:28
schestowitzWhat if all those billions Obama gave to Iran are now coming back to bite America. Treason seems to be so much fun.Jan 06 06:28
-TechBytesBot/ | Without Evidence, Trump Accuses Iran of 'Orchestrating an Attack' onJan 06 06:28
schestowitz"Jan 06 06:28
schestowitz 06 06:28
schestowitz"how truly devastating. Can't wait to get green-light for my contracts and bankrupt Microsoft and others, making them obsolete.'Jan 06 06:28
-TechBytesBot/ | The Man Who Sold the (Linux) WorldJan 06 06:28
schestowitz 06 06:28
schestowitz"You have any of this apps PayPal, cashapp ,zelle Swagbucks and You want to earn cash with it , then hit me up'Jan 06 06:28
-TechBytesBot/ | All Technology Designed (Deliberately) to be Addictive or Give a False Perception of Social Life/Proximity/Importance is ToxicJan 06 06:29
schestowitz 06 06:29
schestowitz"Finally, that was the last piece I needed to move away from Google"Jan 06 06:29
-TechBytesBot/ | ProtonMail Launch a Privacy-Focused Alternative to Google Calendar - OMG! Ubuntu!Jan 06 06:29
schestowitz 06 06:29
schestowitz 06 06:30
-TechBytesBot/ | Consumer Data Privacy in California: 2019 Year in ReviewJan 06 06:30
schestowitz 06 06:30
schestowitz"we learned nothing because the lies will continue'Jan 06 06:30
-TechBytesBot/ | 19 Things We Learned About Money in Politics in 2019Jan 06 06:30
schestowitz"The newest version of Shotcut is pretty good. I tried an older version a few months ago, and it was fairly unstable on my laptop. This newest version hasn't crashed or lagged once in the past couple of days that I've been using it."Jan 06 06:30
schestowitz 06 06:30
-TechBytesBot/ | "Quite a few applications received updates recently. I didn't have time to post articles about all of them, so this article covers (in short summary) the new releases of #MoonlightPC 1.2.0, Monolith 2.1.0, #Flowblade 2.4 and #Shotcut 19.12." 06 06:30
schestowitz> Your chart was a beauty, sharp and easy to read.Jan 06 07:25
schestowitz:-)Jan 06 07:25
schestowitzGlad you found it useful. I tried to send something as HTML as well, but failed for technical reasons. It's tricky to do.Jan 06 07:25
schestowitzAnyway, I made a full copy of all your files and database. For safety...Jan 06 07:25
schestowitz> I was happy with my traffic and if my health, enthusiasm and dedication hold up, i feel I can increase the figures in 2020.Jan 06 07:25
schestowitzI think you must be  one of the world's oldest bloggers. Many bloggers of all ages call it quits because social control media (FB etc.) eats up their traffic. You endured all that reasonably well, as did Rianne and I (we also have our sites).Jan 06 07:25
schestowitz> Best regards to your sweet wife. I hope you guys get an opportunity to come the U.S. someday in the near future. I would love to meet the lovely, charming, Rianne.Jan 06 07:25
schestowitzWe recently spoke about that possibility. This year we plan to  go to Asia, but maybe after that we'll have plans to go West.Jan 06 07:25
schestowitz 06 07:29
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@kappenberger: @schestowitz Didn't you know that in Iran pro-Government rallies are called for by Government, while the opposition… 06 07:29
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@kappenberger: @schestowitz Didn't you know that in Iran pro-Government rallies are called for by Government, while the opposition… 06 07:29
schestowitz"Jan 06 07:29
schestowitzDidn't you know that in Iran pro-Government rallies are called for by Government, while the opposition's brutally dealt with?  worse than China treats the peaceful Hong-Kong protesters!Jan 06 07:29
schestowitzThat, if allowed, rallies of opposition to Government would be very much larger & spontaneous?Jan 06 07:29
schestowitz"Jan 06 07:29
schestowitz 06 07:29
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@TechButthead: I See Dead Windows by @schestowitz #androidJan 06 07:29
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | I See Dead Windows | TechrightsJan 06 07:29
schestowitz 06 07:30
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@fleshwounded: I See Dead Windows by @schestowitz #linuxJan 06 07:30
schestowitz 06 07:30
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@aspfrt: @schestowitz Like your pathetic posts, do you even read?Jan 06 07:30
schestowitz\Jan 06 07:33
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@stautistic: @schestowitz Microsoft is a religion with a software problem.Jan 06 07:33
schestowitz> downloaded, and*is being reviewed for any redactions**** At this time,Jan 06 07:43
schestowitz> we anticipate having a response/installment to you on or about 1/8/2020.Jan 06 07:43
schestowitz2 more days :-)Jan 06 07:43
schestowitzYou're still well, right?Jan 06 07:43
schestowitz 06 07:47
schestowitz"Jan 06 07:47
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Bill Gates Dumps His Microsoft Shares and Buys Shares Of Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and Exxon Mobil | TechrightsJan 06 07:48
schestowitzHM HR RHONDA SUZANNE BELCHERJan 06 07:48
schestowitz"Jan 06 07:48
schestowitz[08:00] <zoobab> did some epomustgo yesterdayJan 06 08:04
schestowitz[08:00] <zoobab> $ ./epo hello.epoJan 06 08:04
schestowitz[08:00] <zoobab> Hello WorldJan 06 08:04
schestowitz[08:01] <zoobab> $ cat hello.epoJan 06 08:04
schestowitz[08:01] <zoobab>  corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt orrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt corrupt tcorrupt corrupt corruJan 06 08:04
schestowitz[08:01] <schestowitz> a site?Jan 06 08:04
schestowitz[08:03] <zoobab> still WIPJan 06 08:04
schestowitz[08:04] <schestowitz> thanks for the flood :-/Jan 06 08:04
schestowitz[08:29] <zoobab> sorry, I should have used a pastebinJan 06 08:43
schestowitz[08:30] <schestowitz> it probably makes a pictureJan 06 08:43
schestowitz[08:30] <schestowitz> like a figletJan 06 08:43
schestowitz[08:30] <schestowitz> but irc won't show thatJan 06 08:43
schestowitz[09:24] <zoobab> $ ./epo hello.epoJan 06 09:30
schestowitz[09:24] <zoobab> Hello WorldJan 06 09:30
schestowitz[09:24] <zoobab> if I can transpile for example python code to Brainfuck, then I can transpile to epomustgoJan 06 09:30
schestowitz[09:26] <schestowitz> but it's better to code something that does something other than sligansJan 06 09:30
schestowitz[09:26] <schestowitz> *slogansJan 06 09:30
schestowitz[09:35] <zoobab> it was a cheap oneJan 06 09:37
schestowitz[09:36] <schestowitz> better to post in the main irc channelsJan 06 09:37
schestowitz[09:37] <schestowitz> the notifications in openbox are breaking my thought...Jan 06 09:37
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schestowitz 06 11:03
-TechBytesBot/ Games: Steam's Secrets and More #games #gnu #linuxJan 06 11:03
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Games: Steam's Secrets and More | Tux MachinesJan 06 11:03
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