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schestowitz 06 05:02
-TechBytesBot/ | How Back-End Devs Can Improve App AccessibilityNov 06 05:02
schestowitz"Nov 06 05:02
schestowitzFront-end developers typically “have the lion's share of responsibility for building accessible, user-friendly applications, but back-end developers also have a role to play,” says Christopher Tozzi.Nov 06 05:02
schestowitzThis article shares five ways devs can make the apps they build more accessible for all users, including:Nov 06 05:02
schestowitz"Nov 06 05:02
schestowitz> Nov 06 07:02
schestowitz> <>Nov 06 07:02
schestowitzrecording video about it this morningNov 06 07:03
-TechBytesBot/ | Patent attorney dominance among UPC technical judges leads to conflict debate - JUVE PatentNov 06 07:03
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schestowitz"Nov 06 08:14
schestowitzNo problem, hold on whilst we get one of the team to assist you.Nov 06 08:14
schestowitzGood morning! How can I help?Nov 06 08:14
schestowitzmaybe you can see the scrollback, I recently asked for my personal site to use older PHP for WordPress LTC to work correctlyNov 06 08:14 Software SolutionsNov 06 08:14
schestowitzI need two other sites of mine to also use that same PHP versionNov 06 08:14
schestowitzAh no worries, what are the other sites that need the same PHP version?Nov 06 08:14
schestowitzyou can see on my account the following domains chains:Nov 06 08:14 06 08:14
schestowitzand 06 08:14
-TechBytesBot/ | » SCI FitnessNov 06 08:14
schestowitzSCI FitnessNov 06 08:14
schestowitzthose use older but supported wordpressNov 06 08:14
schestowitzthey need older php or else I cannot access admin sideNov 06 08:14
schestowitzTaking a look now for youNov 06 08:14
schestowitzcheersNov 06 08:14
schestowitzWould you mind trying both those sites now for me and letting me know if you can log in?Nov 06 08:14
schestowitzexcelelnt! that's solved now. thanks a lot.Nov 06 08:14
schestowitzLovely stuff! You're most welcome. Is there anything else I can help with this morning?Nov 06 08:14
schestowitzno, thanks. Have a lovely day.Nov 06 08:14
schestowitzYou have a lovely day too. Don't hesitate to get back in touch if you require anything further Nov 06 08:14
schestowitz"Nov 06 08:14
schestowitz <li>Nov 06 09:46
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Not Quite Emoji Domain Names</a></h5>Nov 06 09:46
-TechBytesBot/ | Not Quite Emoji Domain Names – Terence Eden’s BlogNov 06 09:46
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Nov 06 09:46
schestowitz                                        <p>Regular readers will know that I helped get ⏻ and several power symbols into Unicode. When I do talks about this, I usually refer to them as Emoji because, to most people, Emoji are simply little pictures in text. But that is a gross oversimplification. You know the meme that real Champagne must be from the Champagne region of France - otherwise it is merely sparkling wine? Well, Emoji must come from the Nov 06 09:46
schestowitzSupplementary Multilingual Plane of Unicode otherwise they're just ✨sparkling✨ characters.</p>Nov 06 09:46
schestowitz                                        <p>Except... That's not quite true. There are a bunch of symbols stuffed in the Miscellaneous block of the Basic Multilingual Plane which are also Emoji.</p>Nov 06 09:46
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Nov 06 09:46
schestowitz                                </li>Nov 06 09:46
schestowitz <li>Nov 06 10:20
schestowitz                <h5><a href="">Fix scanned images with ImageMagick</a></h5>Nov 06 10:20
schestowitz                <blockquote>Nov 06 10:20
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Fix scanned images with ImageMagick | Opensource.comNov 06 10:20
schestowitz                    <p>Years ago while rummaging through the contents of a shelf in a used bookstore, I happened upon a booklet titled "UNIX System Command Summary for Berkeley 4.2 & 4.3 BSD," published by Specialized Systems Consultants. I bought it as a curiosity item because it was nearly 20 years old yet still largely applicable to modern Linux and BSD.</p>Nov 06 10:20
schestowitz                    <p>That amused me then and now. A booklet written in 1986 was still largely relevant in 2016, while books on the same shelf about a proprietary OS weren't worth the paper they were printed on. (Think about it: What technology do you think is going to survive a zombie apocalypse?) I've had the booklet on my own bookshelf for several years now, but it occurred to me that it's probably worth doing a little digital preservation of Nov 06 10:20
schestowitzthis artifact, so I decided to scan the booklet to create a CBZ ebook.</p><p>Scanning was easy, albeit time-consuming, with Skanlite. After I was finished, however, I discovered that some pages weren't quite level.</p><p>In printing, this is called a registration problem, meaning that the position of what's being printed isn't correctly orientated on the page.</p>Nov 06 10:21
schestowitz                </blockquote>Nov 06 10:21
schestowitz            </li>Nov 06 10:21
schestowitzDecision on internal appeals: Clock at ILOAT is tickingNov 06 10:56
schestowitzDear colleagues,Nov 06 10:56
schestowitzIn Judgment No. 4550, the Tribunal ruled that the composition of the Appeals Committee (ApC) was flawed. It set aside the decision by the President in question and referred the individual case back to the Office, resulting in further delay in the administration of justice.Nov 06 10:56
schestowitzWe are not sure whether the Tribunal will draw similar consequences in other cases and whether other appeals / complaints currently pending will also be affected. On the other hand, it seems that the Office is now contacting some staff affected and inviting them to “refrain from filing a complaint with the Tribunal at this stage”, announcing that they would be contacted regarding the impact of Judgment No. 4550 on their case “as soon as Nov 06 10:56
schestowitzpossible”. The assessment seems to take time…Nov 06 10:56
schestowitz"Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzDear Colleagues,Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzWe initiated a *petition to the Members of the Administrative Council of the EPO to call for a Conference of Ministers of the Contracting States under Article 4a EPC some time ago. The petition shall be sent to the Administrative Council soon for its meeting on 13 October 2022.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzAlready more than 500 colleagues support the petition, for which we would like to express our sincere thanks.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzIf you have not yet signed the petition, please do so here[1] to help us to send a strong signal to the Administrative Council.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzWhen the petition was launched, compelling reasons had already been published as to why such a Conference of Ministers of the Contracting States is necessary and, in fact, overdue. Since then, more events have occurred that speak for such an external review of the organisation and thus for the support of the petition, which are:Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzThe production demands for examiners are to be increased - increases of up to 10% are in the air - and this despite the fact that quality has fallen further;Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzThe office’s practice concerning patentability of business methods under Article 52(2)(c) EPC has become unclear again; andNov 06 10:58
schestowitzMore embarrassing ILOAT Judgments showing the EPO's violation of fundamental rights were issued three months ago and while implementation could be smooth and easy, it has yet to occur.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzIn more detail:Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzIn the meantime it has been announced by senior managers and line managers that examiners will be required to produce more and that production pressure will be significantly increased for the coming year. This is even though staffing levels in core tasks are alarmingly low, examiner productivity is at its limits and at the same time the quality of issued patents has further deteriorated to below 75% compliance rate. In team meetings the figure of an Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzincrease of up to 10% of production has been mentioned (see also the corresponding CSC publication[2]). It seems that management no longer has any meaningful answers to manage the office’s workload.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzConcerning the assessment of patentability of business methods in substantive examination (Article 52(2)(c) EPC), a recently started debate illustrates that this issue still seems to be very unclear. A clear guidance at the level of the Contracting States of the EPC seems to be necessary.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzIn early July the ILOAT issued inter-alia the Judgments no. 4550 and 4551, the latter clarifying that again the EPO has violated fundamental rights of staff freedom of association for roughly a decade. With the Judgment, the ILOAT lifted the presidential ban on Staff Committee sending mass emails to staff.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzHowever, even after repeated requests by the Staff Committee and SUEPO, the President has not yet removed his technical restrictions on Staff Representation in the office’s email system that were put in place to enforce the ban. Currently, it looks like the Office continues to refuse to comply with the court's ruling and allows the illegal email ban to remain in place. It seems that the ILOAT will have to be called again in this matter, this time Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzsimply to obtain the enforcement of its judgment.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzThus, not only has the fear that further embarrassing ILOAT Judgments will be issued against the organisation been confirmed, but it is compounded by the lack of willingness in the office leadership to recognise the highest court having jurisdiction over the organisation and to comply with the EPC. This procedure could put the existence of the organisation, and thus our own, in jeopardy. It is unclear whether the Administrative Council can or wants Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzto put a stop to this.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzIn view of the above, an external review of the situation of the EPO by the Contracting States has become even more urgent.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzThis external review is claimed by the petitioners to the Members of the Administrative Council of the EPO to call for a Conference of Ministers of the Contracting States under Article 4a EPC.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitz"Nov 06 10:58
schestowitz"Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzProvide quality education to EPO childrenNov 06 10:58
schestowitz Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzDear colleagues,Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzWe would like to call your attention to the ongoing SUEPO TH petition to support our colleagues with children attending the European School of The Hague (ESH).Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzALL staff please sign the petition, to help raise the awareness and ensure that ESH, the educational institution promoted by the EPO administration for the children of EPO staff, is able to provide adequate teaching to their students.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzWe, the staff of the EPO, parents of children at the European School of The Hague (ESH), note that the ESH is not providing quality education at the level required for an European School, due to - inter alia:Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzShortage of teachers. Teachers are overbooked, absent or were simply not recruited.Nov 06 10:58
schestowitzInadequate timetables. Some students have blocks of up to 4 same subject consecutive classesNov 06 10:59
schestowitzB-exam: No/ not sufficient preparation for specific mandatory exams.Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzESH is incapable to manage children with special needs.Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzInadequate understanding of COVID Curfew learning impact and lack of learning catch-up programs.Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzA high rate of staff turnover is reported.Nov 06 10:59
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schestowitzLack of administrative and support staff (reception, security, etc.).Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzBilling problems, such as the definition of miscellaneous costs.Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzAs the EPO management, supported by the education and childcare reform, promotes the ESH as the educational institution for the children of EPO staff,Nov 06 10:59
schestowitz Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzwe hereby ask immediate action from the EPO management to:Nov 06 10:59
schestowitz Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzi) Request the EPO to invest into the educational infrastructure of the ESH, andNov 06 10:59
schestowitz Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzii) Extend the transitional measures to all EPO children, to attend a school of their choice, until the ESH is at the standard of a category I European School.Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzWe believe that everyone deserves a quality education. We strongly believe that education is a right, not a privilege.Nov 06 10:59
schestowitz"Nov 06 10:59
schestowitz"Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzDear SUEPO members,Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzAs already announced in the invitation to the upcoming Annual General Meeting, which will take place next Wednesday, November 9, 2022 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the following *documents are available for your information:Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzThe SUEPO Financial Report 2021Nov 06 10:59
schestowitz**The SUEPO Annual Report 2021 (available soon)Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzThe Auditors Report 2021Nov 06 10:59
schestowitz Nov 06 10:59
schestowitzThank you for taking note of this information.Nov 06 10:59
schestowitz"Nov 06 10:59
schestowitz"Nov 06 11:00
schestowitzDear SUEPO members, dear Colleagues,Nov 06 11:00
schestowitzWe are happy to invite you to a weekly coffee meeting of SUEPO this Friday, 4th of November.Nov 06 11:00
schestowitzSUEPO committee members are looking forward meeting you.Nov 06 11:00
schestowitzWe would like to chat with you informally on the outlook for the coming timeNov 06 11:00
schestowitzEverything which is in your mind for sharing or asking!Nov 06 11:00
schestowitz­exchange on the office in general, AC, 2nd term of Campinos.Nov 06 11:00
schestowitzWorkload staffing.Nov 06 11:00
schestowitzQuestions to the SAP for this year.Nov 06 11:00
schestowitzEducation allowance problems – legal routes.Nov 06 11:00
schestowitzBut above all, we want to listen to you. SUEPO is nothing but its members, and your point of view matters very much to us.Nov 06 11:00
schestowitz"Nov 06 11:00
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schestowitz <li>Nov 06 11:15
schestowitz                                            <h5><a href="">NSA on Supply Chain Security</a></h5>Nov 06 11:15
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-NSA on Supply Chain Security - Schneier on SecurityNov 06 11:15
schestowitz                                            <blockquote>Nov 06 11:15
schestowitz                                                <p>They previously published “Securing the Software Supply Chain: Recommended Practices Guide for Developers.” And they plan on publishing one focused on customers.</p>Nov 06 11:15
schestowitz                                            </blockquote>Nov 06 11:15
schestowitz                                        </li>Nov 06 11:15
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schestowitz"Nov 06 12:58
schestowitz 06 12:58
-TechBytesBot/ | The UPC - Hopes and Headaches - Kluwer Patent BlogNov 06 12:58
schestowitzTravelling tomorrow, but that would be fun to do.Nov 06 12:58
schestowitz"Nov 06 12:58
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