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schestowitz 07 00:12
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@Count58368003: @schestowitz As many as it takes for Arab parents to keep their teens at home.Nov 07 00:12
schestowitz 07 00:12
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@glynmoody: if you want to be gobsmacked, read this story... 07 00:12
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@schestowitz: ● NEWS ● #Techdirt #police ☞ #Austin Homeowners Association Pitches In To Help Cops Kill A Guy Over Uncut Grass 07 00:12
schestowitz 07 00:12
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@0xFreak71: Καλά, πάρτε τα @@ μου προς το παρόν :P 07 00:12
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@schestowitz: ● NEWS ● #TorrentFreak #copyright #copyrights #dk #denmark ☞ Digital Textbook Sharer Handed Suspended Prison Sente… 07 00:12
schestowitz 07 00:13
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes- ( status 429 @ )Nov 07 00:13
schestowitz 07 00:13
-TechBytesBot/ | zoobab "NO Software Patents" (@zoobab): "Interpretative Declarations can be used when the treaty is unclear, which is not the case here. This is a gross abuse of the VCLT. They were used in CETA, but nothing to overhide the treaty itself @PaulMagnette" | nitterNov 07 00:13
schestowitz 07 00:14
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@glynmoody: good film about a really bad situation... #climatecrisis 07 00:14
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@schestowitz: ● NEWS ● #TheEconomist #Environment ☞ This is what 3°C of #globalwarming looks like 07 00:14
schestowitzRe: About the Mastodon stuffNov 07 00:36
schestowitzHi xxx, mind if I posted the response and did a video response to it?Nov 07 00:36
schestowitzRegards,Nov 07 00:36
schestowitzRoyNov 07 00:36
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schestowitz> Nov 07 06:59
schestowitz> Sure, no prob. I trust your criteria, as usual.Nov 07 06:59
schestowitzAs usual, thanks for your amazing and tireless work Roy.Nov 07 07:02
schestowitzxxxxx.Nov 07 07:02
schestowitzPS: my wife suggested me to use what's possibly my favourite meme for this. I couldn't resist, so it goes attached.Nov 07 07:02
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schestowitz   <li>Nov 07 09:16
schestowitz                  <h5><a href="">The 10 Best Debian-Based Linux Distributions</a></h5>Nov 07 09:16
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes- ( status 404 @">The/ )Nov 07 09:16
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Nov 07 09:16
schestowitz                    <p> The standard Debian and its popular offshoot Ubuntu are great, all-around choices for a Linux system, but if you have more specialized needs, you might want a Debian alternative. </p>Nov 07 09:16
schestowitz                    <p> Here's a list of the best Debian-based distributions that offer robust features and a stable environment to Linux users. </p></blockquote></li>Nov 07 09:16
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schestowitz 07 14:49
-TechBytesBot/ | BREAKING: Mercer Review on UK patent attorney exams released - The IPKatNov 07 14:49
schestowitz|Nov 07 14:49
schestowitz"Some clients just file patents to cover their own products, building up a massive defensive portfolio and could not care less what competitors do."Nov 07 14:49
schestowitzThis is a contradiction in terms. A "defensive" portfolio is necessarily one that is infringed when someone tries to use the subject matter that is "defended". They most definitely should care when their competitors do that.Nov 07 14:49
schestowitzIt is of course true that some portfolio managers misguidedly, and without realising what they are doing, favour excessively narrow claims that are very unlikely under any circumstances to be infringed, with the idea that this saves prosecution costs. As external counsel you should of course give the client what they ask for - but this is still done with the goal of having something that under the right circumstances is infringed and valid.Nov 07 14:49
schestowitz"I don’t have the stats to hand but the majority of patents are not enforced."Nov 07 14:49
schestowitzNo portfolio manager can know for sure which of their patents, if any, these are. Maximising the chance that any one of them will be useful is the goal.Nov 07 14:49
schestowitz"In the real world, a patent has to be valid first. An invalid patent is useless for infringement. Plus, you can’t just claim whatever is infringed and hope for the best."Nov 07 14:49
schestowitzWhich is great, because the ability to do this is what P6/FD4 aims to test, and tests in a way that is not excessively expensive or requires excessive amounts of time off work to attend various university courses. It tests it by presenting the examinee with prior art and a patent to be avoided or maintained in an infringing form, something no other exam that UK attorneys take actually tests.Nov 07 14:49
schestowitzI really am confused by people who say that since they only handle EP work, I&V is not relevant. Just what do they think opposition work is ultimately about? Why do they think people oppose patents if not primarily, most of the time, because they are worried about infringing them? And what is the typical goal of the proprietor who is aware of an infringement normally other than to, most of the time and if they can, maintain claims that are infringed?Nov 07 14:49
schestowitz I think most EP attorneys in reality do (or should) keep in mind potential infringements when drafting, e.g., ARs, and as such are actually doing I&V work whether they accept it or not.Nov 07 14:49
schestowitz'"Nov 07 14:49
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schestowitz 07 16:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Carpmaels & Ransford sued for missed appeal deadline - The IPKatNov 07 16:53
schestowitz"Looks like Carpmaels can breathe a sigh of relief:"Nov 07 16:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Carpmaels escapes €1bn claim in BASF patent row | Managing Intellectual PropertyNov 07 16:53
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schestowitz 07 17:36
-TechBytesBot/ | Are diagnostic methods patentable? - The IPKatNov 07 17:36
schestowitz"Nov 07 17:36
schestowitzFascinating stuff, on how different statutes and different courts find different ways to delineate their boundary to patent-eligibility. Stuck with the words of their respective patent statute, courts are proving quite inventive in their efforts to deliver BOTH reasonable legal certainty to competitors AND a fair scope of protection to inventors, while honouring the basic premise of any functional patent system, namely to promote (and not hinder) Nov 07 17:36
schestowitzthe progress of useful arts. Can there be any doubt that society needs mechanisms (I'm thinking here of patent rights) to promote the progress of methods of accurate diagnosis?Nov 07 17:36
schestowitzThere is much musing, currently, on whether an AI tool can devise and enable a new solution to an objective technical problem. With the reminder above, that "careful drafting" is a sine qua non, when it comes to discovering and defining a patentable invention in diagnosis, I'm thinking that it might still be quite some time till an AI serves up a functional embodiment of an invention but certainly it will take a good deal more time till the AI can Nov 07 17:36
schestowitzdiscover what is the inventive concept that requires to be defined in the claim. Nov 07 17:36
schestowitzIn other words, even if when it becomes routine to name an AI tool as one of two or more inventors, I am sceptical whether we shall ever get to the point of naming exclusively as inventor(s) one or more AI's. Perhaps what will come first is the stage when AI's routinely draft our patent statutes?Nov 07 17:37
schestowitz"Nov 07 17:37
schestowitz 07 17:39
-TechBytesBot/ | BREAKING: Mercer Review on UK patent attorney exams released - The IPKatNov 07 17:39
schestowitz"Nov 07 17:39
schestowitzNo contradiction - defensive patents are to stop your competitors asserting it against you. You are assuming patents are only used offensively. Nov 07 17:39
schestowitzThey key word is “aims” to test this. I am yet to hear how the current exam is doing this in a satisfactory way, as backed up by the Mercer Review. The burden of proof lies with those making this claim. 2018 changing pass mark after setting poorly thought out paper, 2020 one of the highest pass rates when candidates had more time. Doesn’t seem like IV understanding is the deciding factor. Nov 07 17:39
schestowitzWe are in agreement re. EP and hearing point, which doesn’t help your argument since there is no requirement to pass an infringement exam to do contentious work at the EPO, yet so many attorneys, including non UK EPAs and non-qualified UK EPAs can do this!Nov 07 17:39
schestowitzFor the record, I am dual qualified and work on I&V.Nov 07 17:39
schestowitz"Nov 07 17:39
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schestowitz> But my message wan't about that. I wanted to clarify a small detail onNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> your comment about free speech.Nov 07 22:22
schestowitzMy bad. My mistake. This isn't the first time that my unscripted, unprepared videos end up leading to a misunderstandings. With text I can slow down a bit and rephrase for clarify, but not with video, where I also become conscious of my face being on camera. My last video was so lousy that I forgot to turn on NoiseTorch, which meant there was background sound; heck, you can hear my wife eating with the fork. LOL!Nov 07 22:22
schestowitz> I know "free speech" is older than XVII century. "Free speech" isNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> actually kinda the reason Socrates was condemned, so the thing reallyNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> goes way back in time.Nov 07 22:22
schestowitz> What I wanted to say is that today's concept has its history, and it'sNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> not some ex-nihilo natural happening, nor any great idea of a singleNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> nation/people/country/etc.Nov 07 22:22
schestowitzI didn't mean to suggest you don't know history, just to clarify that this is like an eternal issue, which probably applies at some levels to other primates, like monkey alphamales.Nov 07 22:22
schestowitz> When I mentioned science and its relationship with the church, it wasNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> just to point some origin with consensus. But history is actually aNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> proccess, and making cuts to it is always arbitrary: there's always lotsNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> of details left out, because of different reasons.Nov 07 22:22
schestowitz> Nov 07 22:22
schestowitz> But I'm also aware I write long texts for internet standards, that evenNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> mix up several different issues: my texts are more likeNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> worldview-building tales rather than short to-the-point articles. EvenNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> if it was an email for you, It feels wrong to ask others to read thatNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> much from me, as if I were some VIP writer with oh-so-big ideas: I'mNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> not, I just wanna say things I believe are not being said frequentlyNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> enough (in this case, in the free software community). And englishNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> doesn't makes it easy for me, to be honest. So, I didn't want to makeNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> the text longer and longer by rambling just to be more precise on theNov 07 22:22
schestowitz> issues. That's why I ended up saying something in the lines of "look,Nov 07 22:22
schestowitz> free speech comes from science in the XVII century, period". I know it'sNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> not like that, and I didn't wanted it to sound like that.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitzEnglish isn't my best language either; but I use it the most and it is expressive enough. The wife speaks 5 languages. In the home we mix lots of languages.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz> However, I did wanted to link actual concepts with that period in time.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz> Renaissance, followed by French and Industrial revolutions, are part ofNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> the core historical events that gave place to what we call Modernity,Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz> and we're deep inmersed in its rationale. That's why I picked XVII century.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz> Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz> Whatever, I'm about to begin rambling and mixing everything again, soNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> I'll get to my points of this message:Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz>   - Didn't tried to make a revisionist history, but a critic ofNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> present-time concepts. I went to history to point out that this is notNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> just something I'm making out for the sake of the argument, and it'sNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> stuff that affect us all in different ways.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz>   - Wanted to explicitly expose free speech as we know it as a modernNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> ideological trait, clearly closer to liberalism (in its historicalNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> sense). Free speech doesn't have the same value (or form) in otherNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> ideologies. This context matters.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz>   - For the ideological contrast, added marxism to the equation, becauseNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> it came from the same age (Karl Marx has a response to Adam Smith barelyNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> a generation later) and has cultural opposite points to liberalism. ThatNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> gives perspective, both historical and philosophical.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitz>   - But most important of all: I tried to state free speech as a crucialNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> tool to fight dogmatic thinking, in contrast to a malicious "I sayNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> whatever I want" rationale I see proliferating over all Internet underNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> the banner of "free speech". "Whatever I want" is about me, and has moreNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> to do with consumerism, colonialism, and several other neo-liberalNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> traits, rather than "empowering users". "Dogmatic thinking", on theNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> other hand, is about our standards of truth as a group (to nobody'sNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> surprise, a concept today in crisis). This are radically differentNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> things, and both are crossed by the "free speech" concept. The "freedomNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> of speech" from science is VERY different from the one neo-liberalNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> societies do (the "free speech" from Gab), and free software communitiesNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> needs to understand this differences: which are not comprehensive (asNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> your own points illustrate), and can't be submitted to simple andNov 07 22:23
schestowitz> generic ideas of freedom.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitzNot everyone on Gab is evil, based on what I saw when I quit the site. But the loud majority is what makes Gab... GAB.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitzTo me, these sites became a straw man to autocrats looking to also silence people like me. They like to equate people "too far" on one wing to the other. Nov 07 22:23
schestowitzEarlier today this was mentioned along the way in 07 22:23
-TechBytesBot/ | Interview with a Communist - YouTubeNov 07 22:23
schestowitzThat's near to us (a mile away); I disagree with them, but saw this an hour ago.Nov 07 22:23
schestowitzNotice how openly people can do this; I think in the US some thugs would harass them because of their divisive culture wars. Here? People just walk by. Manchester is very tolerant. Racially, religion... you name it. Sometimes we help disabled people in the street. I think London is equally tolerant.Nov 07 22:24
schestowitz> I believe I've failed miserably in making such points. But I'm used toNov 07 22:24
schestowitz> it, so no big deal. Yet, I didn't wanted you to keep that "churches andNov 07 22:24
schestowitz> kings" idea from what I said about free speech.Nov 07 22:24
schestowitz> Nov 07 22:24
schestowitz> Regards,Nov 07 22:24
schestowitz> Daniel.Nov 07 22:24
schestowitzWe still have "churches and kings" but they swap names and labels ;-)Nov 07 22:24
schestowitzFor us, in TR, we walk a narrow rope, seeing the attempts to scapegoat and to stigmatise free speech.Nov 07 22:24
schestowitzSo far we've managed OK.Nov 07 22:24
schestowitzGreetings!Nov 07 22:24
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