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*Topic for #techbytes is: Welcome to the official channel of the TechBytes AudiocastJun 08 00:01
*Topic for #techbytes set by schestowitz!~roy@haii6za73zabc.irc at Tue Jun 1 20:21:34 2021Jun 08 00:01
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schestowitz[TR2]  <li>Jun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">A look into Ubuntu Core 24: Your first Linux-powered Matter device</a></h5>Jun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Jun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>In this third blog, Farshid Tavakolizadeh, engineering manager from our Industrial team, will show you how to build a Matter lighting device with a Raspberry Pi. </p>Jun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p> With the release of Matter 1.3, it is now easier than ever to create interoperable home appliances. The standard now supports devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, ovens, robotic vacuums, and electric vehicle chargers. Smart appliances can use the internet to gain added features, such as remote management and maintenance, but this comes with additional risks and seJun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2]curity burdens. Ubuntu Core provides a secure and reliable foundation for running smart home applications that are responsible not only for home appliances but also for critical infrastructure powering smart door locks, garage doors, surveillance and security systems. </p>Jun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Jun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Jun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                Jun 08 08:16
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-A look into Ubuntu Core 24: Your first Linux-powered Matter device | UbuntuJun 08 08:16
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Jun 08 08:18
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Edward Brockelsby: how expelled hacker took over Debian's SSH2 package</a></h5>Jun 08 08:18
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Jun 08 08:18
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>This was a long time before the Reproducible Builds project started. We have no idea if the binaries uploaded by Brocklesby correspond to the source code. At the time, people were simply trusted to compile the binaries on their home PC and upload them to the archive for everybody else to use. Scary, but true. </p>Jun 08 08:18
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p> More scary, when they realized he was up to something they made no investigation into these binaries whatsoever. Looking at their discussions in hindsight, it didn't even occur to them, Debian people are so mediocre about security. They are obsessed with looking down their noses at people but don't understand what they see in front of them. </p>Jun 08 08:18
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p> It looks like he was simply watching for other maintainers to lose interest and then he would take over their packages. Not every package though, only the packages that were really security critical like SSH, compilers and shells. </p>Jun 08 08:18
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Jun 08 08:18
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Jun 08 08:18
-TechBytesBot/ | Edward Brockelsby: how expelled hacker took over Debian's SSH2 packageJun 08 08:18
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schestowitz[TR2]"Wipro: Wipro bags $500 million deal from US communications provider"Jun 08 08:45
schestowitz[TR2]x 08 08:45
-TechBytesBot/ | Wipro: Wipro bags $500 million deal from US communications provider - The Economic TimesJun 08 08:45
schestowitz[TR2]   <li>Jun 08 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">BT Group and Canonical deliver 5G to UK stadiums</a></h5>Jun 08 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Jun 08 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>To address this challenge, telco providers have begun to roll out network upgrades at large venues like concert halls and stadiums. Connect-World reports that 94% of network operators in Europe intend to deliver new 5G services to sports event organisers that want to improve the fan experience and deal with the thorny issue of network congestion in high-density areas. Recently, Canonical had the pJun 08 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]leasure of assisting BT Group and its consumer division, EE, in achieving better in-stadium connectivity across the UK as part of a larger 5G roll out strategy. In this article, we will zoom into the story, which is now the subject of a short film aired on </p>Jun 08 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Jun 08 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Jun 08 09:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-BT Group and Canonical deliver 5G to UK stadiumsJun 08 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]     <li>Jun 08 09:10
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Raspberry Pi IPO is oversubscribed multiple times</a></h5>Jun 08 09:10
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Jun 08 09:10
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>The Raspberry Pi IPO could see the company given a market capitalization of £540 million ($686 million) amid speculation that shares may be priced around £2.80 ($3.56). </p>Jun 08 09:10
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p> According to reports, the IPO is set to raise £179 million ($228 million) from the IPO, which will give the company a valuation of circa £540 million ($686 million). The pricing would be would be at the top end of its range, according to terms seen by Bloomberg. </p>Jun 08 09:10
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Jun 08 09:10
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Jun 08 09:10
-TechBytesBot/ | Raspberry Pi IPO is oversubscribed multiple times • The RegisterJun 08 09:10
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Jun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">On D-Day, beware the ‘new axis’</a></h5>Jun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Jun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>There is a time for everything. Today, it was important to reflect on the Allied victory on this, the eightieth anniversary of D-Day. Those who died that day, in the words of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, “gave us a chance, and they bought time for us, so that we can do better than we have before.” </p>Jun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p> Now, however, the United States and its allies must turn to the clear and present dangers posed by an even more potent and more coordinated group of “new axis” powers that has emerged. It isn’t enough that leaders of Allied nations now supporting Ukraine were there on the beaches in remembrance, standing alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Symbolically absent were RusJun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2]sia and its president, Vladimir Putin, now at the heart of this new, fast-evolving, adversarial axis. </p><p> It’s time to recognize collectively, as the historian and diplomat Philip Zelikow writes in a new, must-read essay in Texas National Security Review, that the United States and its allies confront “a purposeful set of powerful adversaries” in China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. They have increased their common causeJun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2] after Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 in a manner that Zelikow reckons poses “a serious possibility of worldwide warfare.” </p>Jun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Jun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Jun 08 09:31
-TechBytesBot/ | On D-Day, beware the ‘new axis’ - Atlantic CouncilJun 08 09:31
schestowitz[TR2] <li>Jun 08 09:40
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">bye bye hosting c-ares web</a></h5>Jun 08 09:40
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Jun 08 09:40
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>Starting now, the c-ares website is no longer hosted by me. A twenty years streak is over and the website is now instead hosted on GitHub. I own the domain name and I run the DNS for it, but that is all. </p>Jun 08 09:40
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Jun 08 09:40
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Jun 08 09:40
schestowitz[TR2]                             Jun 08 09:40
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-bye bye hosting c-ares web | daniel.haxx.seJun 08 09:40
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